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(From the London Spectator)
Not all of me will die. not all at roe
Pnm benoe to unrelieved oblivion
Some quintessential spark must needs
break free
And soar and seek and touch at laet
the aun
El<e were the very breath of ||f e a
Which hath thereof, since nay firsti
sentiment hour.
Instinctive been a certitude, a star
a motive unto certain, and a pow
How otherwise could viewless poeey
Prick me to render things
Half glunpmtd through magic
phrases, how and why.
Urge me unresting, hind me with a
To echo forth, tho faiat. scarae audi
ble even.
The ultimate music of the heart of
heaven ?
E B W Chappelow.
Week-End in Reids viUe.
Robert A. Whitten. Jr. is spending
the week-end in Reidsvtlle. visiting
Returns front Richmond.
Mrs. Kate Watkins has returned
from Richmond. Va.. where she had
been visiting for the past week.
(iuisl from Portsmouth.
E. P. Ball, of Portsmouth, Va. is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Nor
ris at their home on Young avenue.
Mrs. Fenner Very r lM.
Mrs. John H. Fenner, mother of Dr.
E H. Fenner of this city, continues
extremely ill at her home in Halifax,
it is learned.
Spend Friday In Raleigh.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Parham. Mrs.
W H. Furman and Mrs. David Jack
son Cooper spent yesterday in Ra
Home from‘University.
Miss Closs Peace, of Chapel Hill, is
'pending the week-end in the city
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. T.
tiuest us ham Peace.
William Harris. & student at the
University of North Carolina, is visit
ing Sam Peace, Jr., on Andrews
Garden Club fflnnilej
The Civic Garden club will meet
Monday afternoon at 3 3d o'clock with
Mrs J Franklin Mills at her home
on Belle street.
Visitors at Cokeebary.
Miss Mildred and Clarice Garrett
h:ive returned home after spending
Easter holidays with Misaes Eunice
and Su'ie Daniel in the Cokesbory
At Home from N. C. C. W.
Miss Annie Marshall Lemay is
spending the spring holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Lemay.
near Dabney. Miss Lemay is a student
ar N, C C, MV., in Greensboro.
Returns to Louisville.
Alex Cheek left this morning for
Louisville. Ky„ after spending some
lime here in the city with his father.
A J. Cheek. Sr., while recuperating
frooi an operation for appendicitis.
Birth of a Daughter.
Mr and Mrs. Z. V. Murphy announce
the birth of a daughter. Ernestine
April Murphy, on April 1. 1932. Mother
and baby are doing nicely.
Birth of Son.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Robertson an-'
nounce the birth of a sop. William
Rdgur, Jr.. April 2. 1932. Mother and
child are reported to be getting along
very nicely.
Birth of Daughter.
Mr and Mrs. H. H. Daniel announce
the birth of a daughter. Margaret
Louise. March 28, 1932.
ulskvjck PLAN
Revenue Anticipation Notea
Sealed bids for above notes wilt be
received until 10 o’clock a. m., April
®ih 1982. by the Local Government
Commission of North Carolina, at its
office in Raleigh, for the above notes,
dated April Bth 1932 and maturing
June 30th, 1932, without option of
prior payment. There will be no auc
tion. Interest rate 6 per cent per
ennum. Notes will be awarded at
the highest price offered, not lees
ihan par and acerred interest. Princi
pal :.t»d > ay able in tihe town
of Hendersort. N C. Interest payabule
at maturity. There will be two notes
In denominations as follows: I—note1 —note
for *6.79-4 58 and I—note for *4,990 00
J?'ftd'*' vrt ptesent with their bids
a certified check upon an Incorporated
bank or trust company, payable un
conditionally to the order of the State
Treasurer for one-half of one per cent
of par value of the notes offered. The
riirht to reject all bids Is reserved.
I>oea! Government Commission,
By Ghas. M Johnson. Director
of Ivooal Government and Ex
offtcto Secretary of the Com
_ nunuu «u = : aeraa 9 a. m. to 12 noom
Oistingmsfeed Visitors to U. S.
r w%
' *' Jttt > : £MJBt
G&m ApHPf
■-v . M |
4u jhH st, NMfPNHIML jffis
granddaughter of Field 1 m' f ? r J? er Valerie French,
her husband, Lord Brougham jfnd^v**** l Ear L of Ypree, ia shown with
for a Visit. It w ill be rs »u», as they arrived at New York
the United States two years ° n Lftdy Eroi **ham , s last trip to
Martin. New York sorietv man she Q^ as w P°rt*«l engaged to Bradley
K otie Y n 2 an - . She married Lord Brougham i*
l.ondon last year. *
Two Henderson Ladies Are
Pages For D. A. R. Meeting
Mrs. Lowell Fletcher Hobart, presi
dent general of the National Society.
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion. has personaly appointed Mrs.
David Jackson Cooper and Miss cliza
beth Renfroe Cooper, both of Hender
son. to serve as pages during the 41st
Continental Congress. D. A, Ft., April
18-23, at Constitution Hall in Wash
ington. D. C.
Appointment of these two North
Carolinians is a tribute to Mrs. Sydney
Perry Cooper, of Henderson, State
regent of the North Carolina D. A. R.
(Society. Mrs. D. J. Cooper is her
daughter-in-law. and Miss Cooper is
her daughter. The latter will serve as
a platform page. Mrs. Hobart states.
•She has been a page before.
Miss Deane Van Lnndingham, of
Charlotte, who has also served pre
viously as page in Washington, has
been appointed by Mrs. Hobart as one
of the assistants to the chairman of
pastes for the congress, and will as
sist on the platform, where sit of
ficers and distinguished guests. She
is the daughter of Mrs. Ralph Van
Landingham. of Charlotte, vice-presi
Meredith Alumnae
Take Students To
Their Alma Mater
Members of the Hentlerson-Warren
ton chapter of Meredith College
alumnae today took to Raleigh 19
seniors and juniors of the Hender
son and Middleburg high schools and
eight studems trom tne vVarrenton
high school to be guests at Meredith
College over toe "hospitality week
end" observed at the college. The
girls are being entertained over the
week-end by students at Meredith,
and each visiting girl will have a
hostess to show her about the campus.
In the party from Henderson were
Misses Bertha Futrell, Sue Kelly,
Adele Powell, Margaret Brinkley, June
Hardee, Margaret Dorsey, Minelle
Rankin, Althea Perry, Pauline Pope.
Margjaret Turner, Jeannette Stallings,
Margaret Bunn. Dorothy Wester and
Jessie Rose.
Members of the club taking tbe
girls were Mrs. H. A. Dennis, Mrs.
W. H. Kimball. Mrs. L. E. Turner,
Misses Lillian and Bessie Evans and
Mrs. W. W! Parker from Henderson.
The Woman’s Auxiliary of the First
Presbyterian church will hold an exe
cutive board meeting Monday after
noon at 3:80 o'clock at the church,
and this will be followed at 4 o’clock
by a business meeting of tbe mem
bership as a whole. This is the first
meeting of the new churoh year, and
all members are urged to attend.
ETTA KETT Wait Till Dad Hear* That! —By PAUL ROBINSON
<o<> <E GaH —J HIMOPESO- 1 —v A SiWS J I QZ OWN BfcS - '(Ou L \ Me 1b HER TCeSEt
•1 HOvq IS v-lt Gtr<\NO 1 S-WE 4 \wtKif GCATN
A Along with making 1o J w^ uliC )G foGET A r TomatffpO I WAS rH& I w qecam^e
\/ DO MOUThink: r I r U y f j I-W QfeGWNIHCrO TWV.I
1 dent-general.
1 Other North Carolina pages, ap
pointed by Mrs. Cooper and confirm
' ed by Mrs. Hobart, are Miss Dorothy
Silversteen ,of Brevard; Miss Helen
Carlton, of Statesville; Miss Mary
Lindsay jLowe, (of Lexington; Miss
Martha Andrews, of Raleigh; and
Miss Ruth Lane Stikeleather. of Ashe
Members of the house committee for
the congress named by the presidnt-?
general at the recommendation of the
State regent are Mrs. F. L. Perry, of
Rocky Mount; Mrs. Benjamin Wyohe
and Mrs. Frank B. Smith of Char
lotte; Mrs. Eugene Davis, of States
ville; Mrs. D. Boyd Kimball, of Hen
derson; Mrs. T. Edgar Cheek. Dur
ham; Mrs. T. K. M&upin, Raleigh;
Mrs*, 0. Stikeleather. (Asheville;
Miss Jessica R. Smith, Washington,
D. C.; Mrs. C, R. Whitaker. Southern
Pines; Mrs. W. M. Jones, Greensboro;
Mrs. M. L. Stover. Wilmingtoiv; Miss |
Ollie Alexander. Monroe; Mrs. Charles'
S. Wallace, Morehead: Miss Jean Col
trane. Concord; and Mrs. H,* F. Sea
well. Carthage.
Chapel Hill, April 2 The North
Carolina Symphony is soon to become
more than a mere name, seconding to
the officers of the North Carolina
Symphony Society, which was formed
here March 21 at a meeting of some
75 music lovers from ail sections of
the State.
Col. Joseph Hyde Pratt, prominent
civic leader, who was elected presi
dent of the organization said today
that responses so far to this new
movement indicated that it would be
practicable to give at lea-K one dem
onstration concert sometime in May,
and maybe two.
Colonel Pratt said bhai, according to
present plans, the North Carolina
Symphony will bo the first of Rs
kind on the country.
Ohapel Hill April 2—Miss; Margaret
Powell, of Asheville a Diversity senior
has succeeded to the presidency of
the Women's A'feociaiion at the Uni
versity. W Miss Powell was vlc»-pres
iderxti' pfld automatically became pres
ident when Miss Gabriella MoColl, of
BenneUsviile, S. C., graduated and
left the University at the end Os the
winter quarter.
Spend Thursday in Raleigh.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Carroll and
Troy Edwards, of Apex, spent Thurs
day in Raleigh as the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Marshall Carroll.
Eight States have life imprison
ment as the capital penalty for mur
Lively Meetings
By Aycock P. T. A.
Past Two Months
The lasrt two meetings of the Ay
cock P T A have inspired the mem
bers and those concerned w4th the
program to strive to carry out better
and certainly wvener programs. At
the February meeting, “Father's
Night" was featured- This program
was planned foi the March meeting
and this program was planned en
tirely by the ladies of the community.
The program featuring ‘Ladies' Night
was canned out last Thursday even
ing ill t-he school auditorium
The program was opened wMh de
votional exercise? conducted by Miss
Frances Whittle, registrar of Lewis
burg College. Miss Whittle presented
her part of the progrant in an unusu
ally' interc.jl ng Dinner making it
wholly a talk centered around the
thought of one's personality.
The speaker of the evening was Dr,
A D Wilcox, president of Louktburg
College. Dr. Wilcox gave an inter
esting discussion of personality and
Us relation to our success in dealing
with others. Dr. Wilcox was follow
ed by his eon, Ward Wilcox who sang
two selections. Mr. Wilcox was ac
companied by Mrs E. W, McCullers.
of Louiaburg College.
Following this part of the program
Miss Alta Stone, a member of the
faculty gave two readings.
The main feature of the program
w«s a fashion show in which fashion
able spring and summer costumes
were modelled for the following Hen
derson shops; Leggetts Department
Store. Arlene's and the Modiste Shop
The costumes consisted of sport dress
es suits, pajamas, afternoon and din
ner dresses, and evening dresses, The
models were as follows: MUaes Eliza
beth Hoyle. Alice Hoyle. Lucite New
ton, Marie Puckett. Pauline Puckett.
BernadAjte Woodlief, Altfel Stone.
Mavis Poythresi, Marguerite Hoyle,
and Mrs Wilton Adcock.
At the close of the fashion show a
number of selections were played by
a local string band “Ladies' Night”
was equally as successful as “Fathers’
Night’’ a month ago. and the members
are proud of the ability of both moth
ers and fathers to produce a worth
while program.
A large number of patrons were
present at both meetings. The at
tendance reward for the month will be
pieeented to the ninth grade Mr.
Cline’s home room.—Reported.
Timtfer Red Jacket
9T tHWotmeS Jb§
™ 1111m. ‘
This velveteen jacket of tanager
red from Schiaparelli tops a tai
lored frock of blonde corduroy
The costume has the broad shoul
ders and military lines of the new
»st spring style-
iGoing A-Goialiii^^l’riaec?
WHSm -fi—t.
mmt* ' m&m ’•
Hr * JBBm H
■■PR *r *// .
X," -^NMnan^b
Making a futile effort to dodge the all-seeing eye of the camera, Prince
Bortil of Sweden Is shown as he made a double-quick exit from the
plane that brought him from his homeland to The Hague, Holland,
where he visited the royal family. Rumors are rife in court circles
of Europe that the handsome you i t Prince is about to become en
gaged to Europe's most eligible g. 1, Princess Juliana of Holland
(inset), to whom the Prince of Wales was once reported engaged.'
Legion Auxiliary In
Meeting Held Friday
The American Legio n Auxiliary met
yesterday at the home of Mns. J. E.
Woolard on Belle Street, wkh the
following hostesses, Mrs. J. E. Wool
ard, Mias Elsie Woolard, Mrs. E. A.
Latte, Mrs. R. H. Duke, Mrs. H. A.
Dennis, Mrs. C. R. Passavant f and
Mns. J. R. Miller.
Mrs. R. C. Gary, president, presid
ed and called for repotta from the va
rious committees.
The rehabilitation committee re
ported seven families helped, two men
examined, two men hospitalized and
four claims for compensation in pro
The Child Welfare committee re
ported nine dollars spent for clothing
and supplies.
Mrs. S. E. Jeanette announced
that the late Judge Pittman had ex
pressed a wish before his death that
his collection of foreign stamps be
given to one of the government hos
pital and said Mrs Pittman has of
fered them to the local unit to be plac
ed by them in a North Carolina gov
ernment hospital. The president ex
pressed thanks for the Auxiliary- stat
ing that she was sure that the stamps
would be very muoh appreciated by
the disabled veterans.
The third area conference of the
American Legk) n Auxxiliary will meet
in Raleigh Monday. April 4. The
conference is called for 10 o’clock in
the morning at the Carolina hotel, and
will attract a large number of Auxil
iary members from all parts of the
State, as this ie the first official visit
of the national auxiliary president,
Mrs Louise W. Williams
All officers and interested members
have been invited to attend this meet
ing to hear the national president
speak, and al»o to attend the lunch
eon |n honor of Mrs. Williams to be
triven in the ball room of the Caro
lina Hotel Immediately following the
After the business dispensed with.
Mrs. D. D. Hocirtt, accompanied by
Mias Dorothy Jones, sang, ‘lt’s Morn
ing.” and “Mistress Marquette”.
Mrs. M. W. Wester read an ac
count of the Easter service at the tomb
ot the Unknown Soldier.
Mrs. Woolard gave a “radio de-
To Arrive from N. C. C. TV.
Miss Annie Laurie Royster, a stu
dent at N. C. C W., Greenuboro, is
expected to ar'i. t Ibis afternoo n - o
spend the spring holidays with her,
mother, Mrs. Joseph S. Royster, on
Clarke street.
scrlpticua" of the Easter service at the
Walter Reid Hospital in Washington.
The hostesses served delicious sand
wiches. cakes and tee. /
3 Big Pictures
iMgl This Week
Don’t )Oh 8«w!
The l»o.v and the girl who made “Bad Girt”
—Here’s a picture with the same appealing
stars. , , ,
At Th Wedaeaday
StevensoN rai&l
Henderson, N. C. A1
Coming Soon: l^|
"Disorderly Conduct”
“1-overs Courageous”
The Two Barrymores Together
“She Wanted a For the First Time In
Millionaire” ' ARSENR LUPIN''
Middleburg Garden
Club Has Meeting
The Garden Club met at Mm John
R. Fleming’* with Mns. FI ling. Mrs.
E. P. Mollowiy and Mrs. Qeeage
Blum as joint hoetesaes.
Mrs. Blum, president, called Ihr
meeting to ostler. The Lord’s prayer
was said in uaiten. Miss Mae Ftssn-
pleased the audience lertßi bsi
singing. Mr* F. D. WoedaH read
a paper on “rtotne Flower Gardens
Mrs. C. M. Watkins presented the
planning of the work of the Garden
Club at the parsonage which is the
club project for the year. She named
the plants that had been put out and
moisted the club learn the name of
the various ahiubs. so the proper
names would always be called when
discussing; them.
Mrs. Watkins «he n made an inter
esting talk on border planting, stress
ing whwt shrubs and plants make the
mo=4 pleasing effect.
Mrs. Blum lead the business let
ters that had collected.
The president was Instructed to find
when the Raleigh Gardens woukj be
open for inspection as the club la plan
ning to see the gardens. Refresh
meat!) were served in two courses by
ttoe hostesses. The club will meet in
AprU with Mrs. Clifton Holloway.
Tbe Grange met Wednesday night
with 125 members present with W.
W. Currin. master in charge,
tho business meeting H. B. Cald
well State lecturer had charge of the
atunts. All taking part in the pro
gmm did their parts well. W. W.
White* talk on prohibition received
favorable comment.
The debate by boys and girls was
g*xxi in every part rendered. In one
af.unt a woman out-talked a man, to
the amusement of all. The Grange
will meet on April 13,_ and the hour
I changes to 8 o'clock. A delegation
L from Dabney were welcome visltore.
H«n for Spring Holidays.
Mias Katherine Turner is home
from Greensboro, where she attends.
N. C. C. W„ for spring holidays with
her mother, Mrs. R. S. Turner, on
Homer street. *4

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