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The Firing Line Os The American Legion
Quality Meats
At Lmwest Prices
At all times we carry a complete line of choice
Weeter* wui Native Beef,
Pock ud 1 nmh
Ami .leiuon-trate that frood meats can 1m» sold at low prices.
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We Offer A Complete
Building Service
Mil t»*rials mid const ruction <>T the best quality and type.
Before you build or buy building material, get our
Patterson-Carter, Inc.
952 S William Bt. Phone 57i Henderson, N. C.
Your Post
Needs Your Support
Pay Your Dues Promptly.
It’s Plowing Time
Full line of plow castings, plow
lines, back bands, traces, hames,
horse collars, Avery cotton plant
ers, hoes, rakes and all kinds of
Hardware for every need at
Reasonable Prices
Daniel Hardware Co.
Phone 50 Henderson, N. C.
Little Details
Not the least advantage of our service is
the thoughtfulness and consideration
shown in small matters. Patrons find that
their every need has been foreseen, their
every wish anticipated. Such
while not expected of the funeral director,
are greatly appreciated.
Asa A . Hardee
Funeral Home
Henderson, N. C.
Day Phone 138 Might Phone 126
Your Cheapest
Your fire insurance dollar pays for in
demnity—for immunity against financial
loss when calamity overtakes you. But
that dollar buys so much more than the
indemnity it pays for that it ranks as one
of the most effective dollars you spend.
Citizens Realty & Loan Co.
Joel T. Cheatham, Pres. Henderson, N. 0.
To Launch Legion Round-Up April 4
Ten Reasons For Joining
The American Legion
1 The blue and gold button of The
American Legion testifies honorable
service for God and country in war,
and service to community, state and
na{inn in time of peace. (Real-Time
2. You are making it possible to at
tain objective of every diasbled ex
service man and his dependents take
care of by our government,
3 By belonging you are helping to
carry out the great Child Welfare pro
gram that the Legion is sponsoring.
(Child Welfare.)
4. You are backing the greatest prin
ciples of Americanism by combatting
un-American principles, supporting
patriotic education among the chil
dren and our citizens and making our
communities better places in which to
live. (Americanism.)
5. You will help teach sportsman
ship and higher Ideals to the youth
of America through the Legion Junior
Baseball, Boy Scout, Oratorical Con
tests and School Medal Awards pro
gram. <Jr. Education.)
6. You will hedp in the Legion’s
great National Defense program for
adequate materia) protection and
This. Stale Raw
Going Ahead In
Big Legion Race
It rained all night the day I left,
The weather it was dry,
The. sun so hot I froze to death
Susannah, don'i you cry.
-—On the Oregon Trail.
The American Legion department of
Nprth Carolina is forgoing ahead in
the naitional membership race along
the Oregon Trail, having passed the
7b per cent of its 1932 quota wrhioh is
the starting point (Independence, Mo.)
and progressing toward Porttand, Ore ,
oi. 100 per cent. Each advance in per
centage of quota attained sends the
covered wagon and ox team of this
state that fliuch farther along the
trail. Its percentage in the March 18
tabulation at National Headquarters
is 80 92.
It truly is a race for gold, as in the
days of old. because there are thre»
sets of cash prizes to be awarded to
the winners.
The department* having a 193)
membership of 35.000 to 86,000 have a
chance for a first prize of $75. To win
it must be the first of its class to
reach Portland, or 100 per cent of Its
1932 membership quota. The second
department to arrive will he award
ed SSO.
Similar cash prizes will be awarded
the departments having a 1931 mem
bership of from IQ 000 to 35,000; and
similar cash prizes to the class of de
partments having 1931 membership
under 100.00.
The American Legion Auxiliary also
is taking part in the race, and with
the national organization of the Le
gion has a stake of SIOO, the Legion
agreeing it must arrive at least a
month ahead of the Auxiliary with at
least 10 per cent in excess of percent
age of quota as compared with the
Auxiliary percentage.
Chapel Hill, April 2--Howard Mum
ford Jones, former professor of Eng
lish at the University of North Caro
lina, now at the University of Michi
gan has been awarded one of the forty
two Guggenheim M«nvorml Fellow
ships given selected American articts
and scholars for work abroad during
Delaware is 110 miles in length and
35 miles in breadth.
The Jewish population of California
is about 131,000.
YOO DokT ♦-**.«> l*v ooc.Toft
*\-V. YOv)MK <Sk>T i*
WTfbiCK oF riVOCNPiccn*
lovt tkkc. a coofa-ra
s fty»a.is fiooi.4t.TS
*. ** a#*' * *
* 1
through co-operation with the R. O.
T. C. and C. M. T. C. programs. (Na
tional Defense.)
7. Practically every piece of legisla
tion beneficial to ex-aervice men has
found the American Logion right be
hind it. The success of the entire leg
islative program of the Legion this
year depends upon early and complete
re-enrollment for 1932. (Legislation.)
8. You become a member of the
most democratic organization ip the
World. No rank In the Legion, no race,
no creed. Honorable discharge and
service during the World War, the
only requirements. (Non - Partitan
9. You joln-up with a real bunch of
•‘he-men" who served side by side
with you, through thick and thin;
whether you were a millionaire or not,
you were their buddy. Friendship
made on the battlefield and in the
service endure. Friendships made in
the American Legion likewise endure.
10. Individually you and I can do
little; collectively In the 10,000 Poste
with over a Million members we can
accomplish anything that is worthy.
Tiny tiur4 —Big Jkb
* * f
f : ■ J
*■ A
To this four-year-old littJe girl
has been intrusted the task of
starting the anr.ual campaign for
the sale of “Buddy Poppies” this
year. She is Betty Christian, who
will journey from the Veterans
of Foreign Wars National Home
for Widows and Orphans of Ex
service Men, in Eaton Rapids,
Mich., to present the rtm poppy
to President Hoover. Betty is a
member of the heme.
life in mm
While There He Demon.
$ tested Qualities That
Have IfeoMght Honor*
Ohapel Hill, April 2- The story of
Henry Stevens’ undergraduate days at
(he University of North Carolina,
where the 35-yeer-old national com
mander of the American Legion dis
played qualities of leadership that in
dicated the trend of his later career,
are told in an interesting article in
the February issue of The American
Legion Monthly.
The story, a graphic word picture of
the youthful Legion head, from cradle
to date, was written by Philip Von
Blon, managing editor of the Ameri
can Legion Weekly, who made a spe
cial visit to North Carolina, in De
cember to secure first-band material
for his subject. Mr. Von Bk>n spent
some time in Ftaleigh Chapel Hill and
“They wUi point out to you today
at Chapel HiU the ground floor room
in Old East Hall, built in 1793, which
was the first home of Stevens end his
room mate. Judge Jemep R. IVUon
Jr., of Durtiam.” records the Legion
article. !
“Judge Patton will tell you how his
room mate bought with traditional
eagerness the property rights of oer
tain pictures which had adorned the
walls of the room for a generation;
how. likewise, he with other freshmen
made a handsome contribution toward
the preservation of the Davie Poplar,
to the gustatory delight of the sopho
mores who had appointed themselves
the tree's unofficial guanbana, in
keeping with the UolvraMty tradi
“Later. Mr Stevens and Mr. Pat
ton moved to the old Kappa Sigma
fraternity house- Today the univer
sity has $.090 students; the® it had
eight hundred. Mr. Stevens know
fully Bve hundred of Me Mtpw stu
dents well enough to oaJU ahem by
their find names. He mm a leader
in almost every university activity.
“We ditto* pp out a»r a crest many
campus jobs" Judge Patton relates
‘but he always got atoat be wont after
Urged To Listen In Monday
Nigbfc; Membership
Campaign to Begin
Tarboro. April 2 J. M, Caldwell.
State adjutant of the American Le
gion, today announced that the le
gion’s State-wide Round-Up is sche
duled to be officially launched on
Monday, April 4, by two radio pro
grams. State Commander Henry C.
Bourne will outline the eplans and
purposes of thq 'Legion’s Round-Up
from State WPTF (Raleigh) from
7:15 to 7:30 p. m. The department ad
jutant will likewise broadcast the plan
and purposes of the Round-lJp mid
the Radio Roll-Call from Station WKT
(Churlotto on April 4, from 7:30 to
7:45 p. m.
All commanders of Legion posts in
North Carolina have been requested to
urge all former Legion post officials
to listen in to these programs, as both
programs will include a special mes
age to all the pioneers in Legion ser
“This State-wide Legion Round-Up
is part of the Legions’ preparation
which is being made in North Caro
lina for the gigantic Victory Mem
bership Broadcast to follow on April
18, when 10.40 U Legion posts (every
Legion post in America) will hold
simultaneous meetings," stated Ad
jutant Caldwell. “Victory Membership
Broadcast is so called because on that
night 10,400 Legion Posts in America
will be assembled In simultaneous le
gion Post erne tings to celebiate the
victory which the Legion will win Ire
tween now and April 18th by going
over the million mark in membership
-by that date.’’
To each Simultaneous meeting un
out-of-town legion speaker will be
sent by the Slate Commander, ac
cording to the plans. In addition lo
the address by tire out-of-town speak
er at each simultaneous meeting, an
ntert&inment program is to be provid
ed by the local Post, and all Legion
naires assembled will also listen in to
the Legion's gigantic radio program
from 10 to 11 p. nr. on April 4th. This
.program to include a speciul address
by National Commander Stevens to
the more than a million legionnaires
of America.
“Detailed plans of both the National
and State Legion organizations have
been snt to every legion Post,” ex
plained the Adjutant. “Every Post is
striving now to succeed in shattering
Its former highest past membership
record between now and April 18th, os
a fitting and proper preparation for
the greatest Legion nation-wide Cele
bration In the whole history of the Le
gion-Victory Membership Broadcast,
the Legion s big night. The entire Le
gion is looking to North Carolina. The
Posts in this Stale are determined
to come through.
Legion Post To
Meet on Monday
The regular monthly meeting of
the American Legion msU here will
he held in the Legion hail Mon
day evening at 8 o'clock- Buslnee*.
of Intorewt to the members Ip to
come he for the meeting, and ail
members are urged to attend-
Raleigh, April 2. Hundreds and
perhaps thousands of geese are be
lieved by officials of the Department
of Conservation and Development to
have been saved through a program
of feeding inaurguraled rnote than a
week ago on the Hones-Lassiter State
Game Refuge on “the banks” in Car
teret county.
Federal and State investigators
found many of the birds i na greatly
weakened condition as a result of
buffeting by winds of recent storms
on the coast following a scarcity of
natural food believed to have fol
lowed injury to aquatic plant growth
by an abovenormal degree of salinity
of sound waters in the vicinity.
And he load the faculty of stirring up
enthusiasm in whatever cause he en
listed. He wasn't tihe sort who would
go out for Phi Beta Kappa, but there
wasn’t a better campus leader in
school and he shone on social actiwi
“I remember distinctly how he won
the victory that made him leader of
the German club dance. The honor
was claimed by the old hierarchy, but
Stevens defeated the organization can
didate by a coalition between the
fraternity and non-fraternity men—
this q, a day when feeling between the
two groups wasn’t always as friendly
ae it is today. I remember also how
he, led, as Chief ommenrement Mar
shal. the annual academic procession
lo Old- Memorial Hah.
“At iapt came that .spring to Chapel
Mill that brought the war. They have
measured Stevens’s chest; he has done
hie coughing; his reflexes are good.
Goodbye. Steve! And his cheery ana
wee: ’’Goodbye, boys, it won'4 be long
betom I'll be having dinner witii okl
General Pondting himself-!”
Alex S« Watkins
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stantly cleansed. Only melting ice'can protect your
Home lee Co.
Phone 166 Henderson, N. C.
Your Post
Needs Your Support
Pay Yeiir Due* Promptly,
Radio Service
Through the cooperation of the
manufacturers of Airline Radios
we are equipped to service and
repair them.
We are also equipped to service
and repair all makes of radios.
Courtesy aßd Professional Service
Drugs-Radio Phone 82..

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Courteous Service.
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