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associated and central nuns hbskb
Directors Approve Plan For Reopening National Bank
fteg Utr.tion* Well Abend of
Work Found and Num.
ber 250 Now
But Need For Help Is Much Slower
Tbaa Nerd focJohsjOfflce Quart
er* Read) To Lend IU
A total of 26 placements in the Am
erican legion campaign in this city
to fliut John for the unemployed was
leported today by C. S. Wester.
Trtary in charge of the employment
eff'ce. thin total dating from the open
tog of the office several weeks agq.
Since the opening of the campaign
there has been a registration of some'
•W people seeking work of various
Registration is far ahead of the gdw
available but a number of people have
bern gjveu work, and some have been
>i.ue<l in permanent Jobs, it was said:
While there are more workers than
jobs, at the same time there are calls
frequently for help by Individuals or
companies desiring help of one kind
or another.
The offices, maintained in the quar
ters of the Heiuterson Merchants As
sociation. of which Mr. Wester is sec
retary. are open each day. and the
personnel there is cooperating in every
w»y it can to make the effort a suc
A number of ticket books have been
sold as the result of recent solicita
tions. and those buying these books
pay for work done by means of the
tickets which are in turn redeemed in
cash at the employment office.
—————— •
T. < Bowie, of Wtst Jefferson. Calls
On Number of ClUsens Mere
On Saturday
Thomas C Bowie of West Jeffer
son. candidate against Senator Cam
eron Morrison for the Democratic
nomination for United State Senate
was a visitor to Henderson for a
short time last Saturday. He was es
corted about to greet friends and pros
pective supporters by W. R. Vaughan
and J. C. Kittrell. He felt encouraged
over the reception he was accurded
here- and is understood to havd •de
cided to return here at an early date
to make a public address.
On Display
Until 10 O’clock
The Beautiful New
The public is cordially
invited to call and see
this wonderful new car
Clements Motor Co.
Henderson, N. C.
Plan Is Recommended To
Stockholders To Accept
They Will Meet At Bank at 2 O’Clock Wednesday To
Give Approval Letters Are Being Mfcilefd To De
positors Asking For Their Cooperation
IMans for the opening of the First
National Bank, Which clotted hut De
cember 31. were,* approved, by the
board of directors at a meeting held
at the bank Saturday - night, and
which was attended by all members
of the old board. These were Colonel
Henry Perry, president; R.C. Gary,
vice-president; F. B. Robards, cashier;
S. T. Peace. A. A. Bunn, attorney; H.
T. Morris. J. H. Cheathant. W. D.
Burwell, U R. Gooqh, and R. G. S.
Davis. / .* ; ! .
The reorganisation plan had pro.
vlously been approved by the comp
troller of the currency In Washington,
and was endorsed at a conference with
him had by a committee from the
bank who went to Washington last
wfek. The plan will be Jald Before .g",
meeting of the XtocKttolders 'or the’
bank to Be held it 2 i m.
nesday. At that meeting h reorgantsa- 1
tion committee 13 <o be Appointed and
such other matters attpnsed' to 1 ke
rn ay require the consent and endorse
ment of the stockholders. ,; v
No Fire Loss For
City Last Month
Although a number of disastrous
and costly fires occurred near Hendfer
son during Marcb, the city proper
passed a perfect month in that respect
according to the monthly report today
by Fire Chief E. T. Shepherd. There
were six calls to the firemen within
the city limits, but no fire damage.
To date tor 1932 the fire loss for
Henderson is 316.935. as compared
with 341.960 for the same period a year
ago. In March last year the fire loss
was 3310.
Two city lots changed ownership In
deeds filed Saturday with the register
of deeds.
W. R. Carroll and wife sold to R.
C. Falkner and wife for 3900 .a tract
in the western suburbs of the city.
Joshua Ward sold to Citizens Realty
and Loan Company a lot on Center
street for 31 and other considerations.
Neither amt gtapatcfr
It was said today that letters were
being mailed to the depositors asking
their cooperation in the way of leav
ing their funds in the bank for a
stipulated period. Thoee who do not
reply hy mall will be called on by a
committee seeking their cooperation.
The plat} contemplates the charging
off of more than S2OO.OiQO of liabili
ties. Including more than half of the
original coat of tue building, which
was 3F66.900, and £he paying in of
A new capital of 3100.000 and a -3*0.-
QOQ surpluik Jn addition. 'Under* this
Arrangement the hank would be .re
stored In a good, clean condition. It
is said, the receivership would be dis
charge and the reorganized bank
would operate as though there had
been no receivership, except that a
part of its business would be to li
quidate bad paper, held,. .fvei\ though
charged off from {he lisi.qf adapts.
It is believed tttai thdre Will be a
hearty response by,Qve depositors, and
that stockholders wQI do jthelr best to
get together the necessary additional
capital with which to operate.
Rev. D. E. Earnhardt, of Mi l
E. Church, Preached
There Last Night
After having been in progress for
five and a half weeks in other chur
ches of the city, the revival was be
gun yesterday at the Methodist Pro
testant church. It will run there
through this week, beyond which time
no <feflnite information was avail
able as to further plans.
Rev. D. E. Earnhardt, pastor of the
First Methodist church, preached last
night at a union service of the Meth
odist Protestant, Presbyterian apd
Methodist Episcopal congregations.
The church was filled to capacity,
both the main auditorium and the.
Sunday school assembly room.
It was announced that Dr. H. A.
Ellis will preach tonight and Rev. E.’
R. Nelson tomorrow night, with the
sermon on Wednesday night by Rev.
W. C. Cummlng.
The public is invited to attend all
these services.
Mrs. J. B. Martin will be the ac
companist at the piano for the week,
and E. B. Pickard, of Norfolk, a
traveling man who will be In the city,
will be in charge of the music. Mem
bers of the choirs of the cooperating
churches arc invited to assist with
the singing. The song service will be
gin at 7:45 p .m.. and will last for
some 20 to 30 minutes. Those who
cannot come for the song service are
urged to attend in time for the ser
The sermon by Rev. Mr. Earnhardt
last night was on the subject, “That
Rock Was Christ."
“Christ.” said the preacher, “is the
Rock that is higher than I. He is
higher in authority. He is authority
on religion. He is a specialist on the
fatherhood of God. He is higher in
stability. Change and decay mark all
Ihe things we handle and see. but the
great Lord of our lives stands be
yond the shadows keeping watch on
the changing tides of tlmp.
“He is higher also in inspiration.
He is the source of our inspiration
and we can come to him with the bur
den of guilt and bereavement and go
away with a singing heart.
“He Is the Rock of offense. We have
overdone the ‘gentle Jesus' Idea. He
is the rock that you dare not fall
against and the mighty boulder that
will grind you to powder in case he
falls on you.
‘He is the great Rock in a weary
land. Wbep we are tired we can lean
on that Rock. When the world gives
way all around my sdul. he then is
all my hope and stay. People need
moral relation; even their religion
has become an adaed burden. Christ
is an eternal Rock for tired souls.
"He is the Rock of Ages cleft for
me. The cleeft in that Rock is for
our safety. If we are not cleansed by
Its life-giving flow, then we will die
in our sins. It is also for our home.
The highest aspiration for man is to
be a blessing and a benediction while
here and to have a home in the -Rock
of Ages hereafter.”
Residence And Furnishing* Bunted
Early Today in Carey’s Chapel
Fire this morning destroyed the
home of Graham Puckett, a few miles
northeast of the city, in the Carey's
chapel grove, together with all of its
furnishings. The fire occurred shortly
after 4:30 o'clock. The origin of the
blaze has not been learned, but It is
understood the property was largely
covered by insurance.
W. R. Trogdon and Misses Gertha
and Myrtle Trogdon went to Aahe
boro today to attend the funeral of a
brother, who died Sunday. He had
been 111 for several months,
Same Group To Attend Con.
gretsional and State
Delegates to the .Republican State
and congressional' conventions were
elected by the Republican county con
vention held in the court house here
Saturday afternoon, and presided' over
by N. A. Garrett, the county chair
man. The same slate will attend both
meetings. The same eexecuttve com
mittee for the county was designated
for another trm, and Mr. Garrett was
reelected by the executive commttte
as county chairman for the next two
Convention delegates named were
N. A .Garrett, J. F. Hicks, J. W. Cog
hill and C. P. Wright. The congres
sional convention wIU b4,heid In Ra
leigh' on ♦Wednesday, April 13, at |
which time > a candidate, will be put
into the field to oppose Congressman
Edward W. Pou, who is expected to
he the Democratic nominee, -pnd who
has served a third of'a century ih
the House of Representatives fr Wash
ington. After that ideating,: the 'dele
gation will continue on to Charlotte,
where the state cbnvefition will be
held on Thursday, April Pi. That gath
ering will nominate a full State ticket,
headed up by a candidate for gov
ernor wbo will oppose the man named
in the Democratic primary of June
The Republican county executive
committee named last Saturday con
sists of the following, by townships:
H. B. Hicks, Dabney; W. H. Finch,
Kittrell; N .A. Garrett, Henderson;
J. P. Hester, Middleburg; W. O. Ellis.
‘Bandy Creek; B. F. Wade. Watkins;
J. H. Hicks, Williams boro. Townsville
and Nutbush townships are not re
presented In the committee.
Services Held at Home on tihoksn
Avenue and Interment in Elm
wood Cemetery
Funeral services were held yester
day from the restdence'on Gholson
avenue for the late Mrs. Thomas G.
Horner, one of the city’s best known
women, who died early Saturday. In
erment followed in Elmwood ceme
tery. The funeral was conducted by
Hr. H. A. Ellis, pastor of the First
Baptist church, of which the deceased
was a member for 20 years, and Rev.
W. C. Cummlng, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church, assisted.
There were an un'Usually large
number of flora) offerings sent by re
latives and friends, and many rela
tives and friends of the family from
out of the city were in attendance.
The funeral was held at 4:30 o’clock.
Mrs. Horner, who was a native of
Hendepson. is survived by her hus
band, one of the city’s leading busi
ness men, and by her parents and
one sister, of Richmond, and another
sister of Rocky Mount. She leaves no
Out-of-towh visitors here for the
funeral were named touay as follows:
From Richmond: Mr. and Mrs. H.
T. Ramsey. Mrs. F. E. Kicngle. Mis 3
Marie Gary, Mrs. S. B. Betts, Mr. and
Mrs. M. A. Sltton, Miss Sue Gillard
Sltton, Miss Mary Mites Sitton.
From Greensboro. Mr. and Mrs. H.
P. Leake. Misses Frances, Margaret
and Agnes Mae Leake.
From Rocky Mount: Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. Britt. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ar
rington, Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Cham
bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brentine. Mr.
and Mrs. M. P. Dawson, Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Tyler. Mrs. A. W. Gill, Mrs.
W. A. May, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. L. Bell,
Hr. and Mrs. W. H. Dixon.
From Oxford: Dr. W. C. Daniel. Mr.
and Mrs. A. H. Powell. Mrs. J. G.
Hunt. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Lewis, Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Williams, Mr. and
Mrs. Lee C. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. D. K.
Taylor, Mr. C. W. Bryan. Mr. Andrw
Jameson, Colonel and Mrs. J. C. Hor
ner, Edward Horner, Miss Susan Gra
ham, Mrs. A. W. Graham,.Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. B. K. Lassiter, Mrz. W. L. Peace.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Pegce from Roa
noke Rapids.
Willis Briggs and Miss Bessie
Brown from Raleigh.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Boyd, Mrs. Ed
mund White, Mrs. W. R. Baskervilie,
Misses Lucy and Edith Burwell, from
Rev Lonnie B. Reavis, pas* or of
South Henderson BapXHA churdh and
several churches in the county, is to
preach the installation sermon tonight
at Chowan College. Murfresboro, on
the occasion of the Installation of the
new college officers for the coming
year. He will also be in Murffreeeboro
overnight to speak before tlie student
body at Chowan at the regular chapel
exercises tomorrow morning. Rev.
Mr. Reavis is a studffkt at Wake For
edt College."
Johnnie W. Beckham today an
nounced himself as a candidate for
the Democratic nomination for re
corder of Vance county in the primary
of next June 4. He will oppose Re
corder T. S. Kittrell. who is seeking
renomimatlon for the office, and thus
terse the only avowed opponent of
the Incumbent.
The development of "social psy
chology” as a distinct discipline began
.rather suddenly In the ISO’s,
1932 Tax Listing Starts
For The County Tomorrow
Lift. Takers Qet Final Instructions From Supervisor and
Are Supplied With All Credentials; Began
For City on Last Friday, April 1
Tax listing for 1932 will get under
way throughout Vance county tomor
row. Listers came here today from
all parts of the county for final In
structions from G. W. Adams, county
accountant, who is supervisor of the
listing work, and to supply themselves
with the necessary abstracts and
other equipment for carrying on their
List-takers were appointed for all
townships at the March meeting of
the Board of County Commissioners.
They were approved by that board
after being named by Mr. Adams,
$5,615 Tax In Day
Received by City
On last Friday, the last day for
settlement of taxes before an in
creased penalty was applied, a total
of $3,615 was collected hy the city
clerk on 1931 taxes owed to the
city. No compilation was available
as to the amount of taxes still out
standing on the 1931 account, but
the receipts on Friday were consid
ered very satisfactory for the day.
— ~
One License Issued. - A marriage li
cense was issued Saturday by the re
gister of deeds to Thomas Bullock
and Ellen Thomas, colored, both of
Vance county.
One Case Tried—Only one case was
tried before Mayor Irvine B. Watkins
in police oourt. Brooks Parhsim, Jr.,
and John Hill Hlicks were charged
with assaulting each other, but both
were discharged as being not guilty.
Three Defendants Tried—Three de
fendants were tried by Recorder T.
S. Kittrell today on charges of steal
ing four chickens. They were Billy
Williams, who was sent to the roads
for 60 days, and Bud Harris and Red
Rainey both of whom were discharged
Business moat ly of a routine na
ture was transacted by the Venice
Board of County Commissioners to
day. Much of the morning was taken
up in considering bills and ordering
their payment.
Henderson Vulcanizing Co.
The Super Service Station
who was appointed by the board as
All list-takers will take the farm
census in connection with the actual
listing of property, in accordance with
a State law, and following a meeting
they held here last Saturday with
Frank Parker, agricultural static
tician of the State-Federal Depart
ments of Agriculture, at Raleigh.
Listing began for the city last Fri
day, April 1, This work Is being done
separate and apart from the county
listing, and is in progress at the of
fice of the city clerk.
Enjoyable Meeting Friday
Evening Proves of Great
April Fool stunts featured the meet
ing of the Kiwanis club last Friday
night, with "Dutch” Olenn in charge
of the program.
A • letter had been received from
Coach W. D. Payne, of the Hender
son high school Bulldogs baseball
team, complaining that E. G. Shaw
and Horace Robinson had made away
with bats and balls owned by the
team, and charges were Liought
against the two members for expul
sion. A “heated" argument was work
ed up on both sides, and when this
had run for some time it was an
nounced that it was an “April Fool"
stunt, which relieved the tension con
siderably. Because of the time this
stunt took up. there was no time left
for the regular program, which was
abandoned for the evening.
On Thursday J. C. Kittrell, lieute
nant governor of the Kiwanis district
for this section, was a visitor and a
speaker before the Raleigh Kiwanis
club, and had with him a group of
local club members and ladles, in
cluding Alwyn P. Barnes, president of
the Henderson club. Mr. Kittrell ad
dressed the Raleigh club in an in
spirational talk, and complimented
them on the fine showing they have
made in keeping up their membership.
Religion is not at present in the
good books of what is commonly call
ed "culture.”
Philadelphians Greeted By
■' "Local Service Men on
Stop In City
Will Be Gueat in Capital City This
Afternoon and Tonight, Where
Special Exercises Were
Approximately 65 Legionnaires,
merribors ot the June* J. Barry Poet,
No. 83. of Philadelphia, were gueets
for the luncheon tn Henderson today
on their way to Raleigh, where they
were to be entertained mis afternoon
and tonight hy the Raleigh poet of the
American Legion and other civic
groups, with a special greeting by
Governor O. Mix Gardner.
The party arrived In Henderson
• hortly before the noon hour, and had
luncheon at the Vance bote!. They
were traveling In about 20 aidotnoblles
and were greeted at the &tate Mne. 20
mil** north of this *c4ty/by adeUtch
menl of the State highway patrol and
ccortcd here and cm to- Raleigh. They
w£re in Henderson about an hour,
and when the group had gathered in
the hotel dining loom they were given
a welcome by Dr. H. A. Newell, who
tpoke briefly, and by a number of
officials and other members of Hen
derson post who had gathered there for
the purpose. The visitors responded
by ringing their Leglo n post song, and
several of their number spoke briefly
in appreciation of the hospitality ex
tended them.
In Raleigh hti& afternoon a recep
tion was to be tendered the visitors on
Capitol Square. State College band
was to give xveral selections, and
the drum and bugle corps of the Ra
leigh post was to have a prominent
partin the program. The visitors car
i ied a letter of gretaing from Governor
Pinchrt of Pennsylvania to Governor
Major Michael A. Perry, executive
director of the American Legion Em
ployment Committee for North Caro
lina, with headquarters In Raleigh. Is
a member of the Philadelphia post,
and planned a reception for them
They were to be guests at a dinner at
the Carolina hotel in Raleigh this
W. H. Boyd
Registered Engineer and Surveyor
Office In law Building
Office Phone 198 Home Phone 10

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