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EarksOf The Bulldogs
"T A P -- r P€dic,t, l t lgi^»moti. n Os > <tt , r High lor
v^ l ~ mSNDERSON, N. (J. april n. 1923 NO 19
Th,- offh’Jal organ of the Ben tor CWes
. n*>ixler>"n High School . A pop«
*L oi , f U <** the P™ o ** loo » better
*huui lor Henderson.
** kditokial. staff
ftittur-n-chief Nick Chavaase
editor ... Elizabeth Polston
gpr.s Tom Powell
g£ ie:y Katherine Faulkner
joke* Frieda Hayes
ne» s Mildred Poythreea
jUumf-tf n *'" J Margaret Bunn
Elu.itMh Singleton Olive Hight
jp-n.-or M” Maxine Taylor
We thmk Chat the Juniors should be
on the success of theii
lirle pW> rt * el ' ms everything
wen: i>ver a*vth a ban*. A great deal
v [ credit should go to the teach
tr> Mus Kyle end Mfe» Bryant, who
helped nuke the play a success. Wi
t*> assure the Juniors that their
f.nciK'v jntt experience in this pla>
will help ihem immensely in their
pH) next year, cud we hope that thre
pLay next year will be as much of a
juceeis their pk»y this year turn
ed ou tto be.
The Literary Diget* Prohibition
jYH jiiuwly but surely bringing the
Prohibit io a Quivtaon again to the
iron: Suonei or later the motrt like
h.- sooner the question will have to be
decided The poll in the Digest shows
i decided favor to the wet*; which
fact means one of three things:
Mi That the dry* are not taking
any interre: in the poll and are there
fore not voting.
i2> That the people of the United
States favor the repeal of the 18th
(3> Or that a vote representative of
American opinion has not yet been
One of the most interesting things
about this poll I- that the women who
succeeded in having the amendment
passed aeconl.nu to Ihe vote 9cot in.
are overwhelm mgiy in favor of the
repeal of the 18th Amendment. There
jive an interesting insight
into the opinion of the cKdsens of (tie
United States and should give us
something to rhink about.
At rhf beginning of the 1932 base
bail sea.'on in llt-nderson High proe
pecti for a successful -season were not
very bi u;bt Os course the team has
already coir.ributed a lot otwarcis mak
ins ihL- a one in every re
spect except financially. Next Year
the 193.1 basaball .squad should start
the s*a-<>n with the brightest prospects
a t**am of the school has ever stalled
with Only one member of this year’s
Miuad will he lost to the 1933 team
through graduation.
La.<t year five first .irtng men grad
iwted The team suffered another
h's-s this year before the season even
started. That was due to the fact
that at Smith, second string oaicfries
last year, moved out of town and as
Dirk Carter first string catchher last
>nr was among those five who
Hal was expected to play the
of first string catcher. Charles
'ffht and James Hight, hurlers on
aj ' years team, both graduated to
lease this year's tea mwtth no experi
enred p : r r hers Scot Boyd and Cap*t.
»'jly Brewer both left places bard to
■'•exf years team will not he facing
arty unfilled gaps left through grauua
a° wa *> this years team Most
t,e s 'iuad is composed of sopho
rr" rfs an d freshmen and a Jun
'"t- and only one Senior. Thus the
whie of th e first team with only
<n exc< ’l>*ion will be back next yemr
,hrc, d?h the experience gained
■' >ear should set up a recoixl hard
to beat.
”r»e n She Say* shp wl , 1; she wt| ,..
"•zing u(»on the Senior class 1 spy
f ,r y studious, young girl with light
I S° %n hair a "«l grayish brown eyes.
ot 0,1 ly i» she studious but she Is
capable of doing other tilings. She
T on the basketball team for a
thT ' VW * rs as a ?ood guard. She took
*“ *y*s of every one when sdie played
1 , P of Mrs. Bates Ln the Senior
P*y She has been keeping com
bany with a boy who lives on Andrew®
’enue and who drives a Dodge Sedan
r a f>°ut two years now. We under
stand she is to have a part in t>hr
r day exercises. Ending up. ah**
'■ a fnendly. jolly, dependable mem
**r of ihe Class of ’32.
Whitten—The photographer
n,v * r did me Justice.
Faulkner You wan*
ni, ’ r (. , y. not justice.
wSiEibi WHY?
It's a rich man’a coffee at A
P 0 P™*-
Katherine Faulkner. Editor
Section A of the Sophomore English
Class had as their visitor Thursday
morning. Miss Katherine Hilliard of
Oxford, aunt of ourjiwn Miss Hilliard.
Mi*, Hi I hard was former instructor
of English in Omaha. Nebraska, aft
erwards teaching in Oxford.
She chose as her subject. Nathaniel
Hawthorne, which was most fitting as
we are now studying the background
of American Literature. Miss Hil
liard depicted Hawthorne as being one
of America's greatest writers, if not
the greatest' and in her eotlmatton
Pile Scarlet latter it, the greatest
single piece of literatuie an Ame»ri
■an author has ever produced. She
described Hawthorne as a man of
great emotions, although a deep an
clear thinkyr. and illustrated through
nis books how these characteristics
had their effects on his writings. By
his vivid imagination, which is ever
present in his work, she described him
is a poet although he is not a poet
Mi« Hilliard whs able to add a per
sonal touch to her talk, as her grand
ncOhcr was a friend of the Haw
hornes in Connecticut.
The class was held spell-bound and
when she finished we expressed our
lesire for another visit from Ml»
Hilliard in the near future.
The Glee Club, for the past two
/ears, has taken part its the State
Music Contest in High Schools. hrtd
n Raleigh. It has entered again this
vear and will go to Raleigh on FV»-
fr»y- April 15th. The selection they
are using this year U “Ave Verum"
by Mora rt. Only twenty girts can
take part in the content from Grade
B schools. There are twenty-four
dills in the High School Glee Club
eligible by passing three subjects, to
Kirticipate. Some dhole* had to
bade so eight girls were selected to
Iraw straws in order to select fairly.
- bjs since b< en decided that aH
wenty-four are to go, though they
will not sing.
The club must be in Raleigh at 10
• clock Friday morning. Care will
ie furnished by the P. T. A. The
dirls making the trip are: Mary F.
Jhavasse. Jeanne Dunn. Ada Bell El
lington. Katherine Faulkner. Effle L.
Flannagan, Helen Fogleman. Bertha
Marjorie Gerber. Olive Hlgtvt
“>orothy Hunt, Katherine Hunt, Lil
ian Kearney. Anne Mills. Catherine
Vekson. Margaret Nefaon, Emma L.
Voel. Louise Powell Elizabeth Single
on, Margaret Shaw. JeanKte Stai
i.ngs. Emily hompson, Charlotte Wee
ler. Carolyn Polston. Helen Whitmore
The senior class has made its selec
ion of mascots for the class. Betty
Wihjun, little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. K. H. Wilson of Henderson, was
'hoaen. She is not related to any
member of the class, but was chosen
because she is so attractivve. Billy
Hight. little son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Hight, was chosen because he is
in attractive child. He is the nephew
>f Louise Powell a member of the
senior class.
he two children are red heads, Bet
ty having curly hair, and Billy having
straight hair. The class has* already
taken the children as its own with
every senior being proud to have them
as mascots. They will have ieading
parts in class day and will take part
in all the commencement exercises.
Luther Boyd Sick
Luther Boyd was unable to attend
school from Thursday until Tuesday ou
aceounl of sickness. He suffered
from a slight case of influenza.
On Wednesday morning Miss Bry
ant's home room, presented the sen
iors and Freshman with one of the
most enjoyable chape! programs of
the year: a one act play entitled “The
Initiation”. The setting was an at
tic in late evening with eight girl*,
hidden, huddlre in a group ti-ying to
be brave he hoys in the neighbor
hood. who had organized a club and
were going to initiate the girls, had
placed everything in readiness for the
initiation. But these frightened girls
crept from their hiding place and
turned the tables on the boys. Alt (his
afford'd the audience much enjoy
ment. The characters Billy—ELtard
Yow, Wally Clyde Scoggins. Jim—
Lyman Fogg I e man. Al—Al Wester.
Joe Tom Parham, John Butch
Peace Jean Leona Knight. Betty—
Emma Hicks, Bertha - Charlotte Har
dee, Marjorie Juanita Hester, Jes
sie—Maria Ellington. g u e— Elizabeth
Beard. Rose Mury Hamlet. Wilde—
Lucille am, were well suited to their
The Junior Class of Henderson high
school presented a most entertaining
program m the auditorium of Central
school laitt Thursday evening. Under
the direction of Miss Lily Kyle and
Miss Emma Rose Bryant, class upon-
*>r, two one-dot playys and a group
of miscellaneous numbers were given
DvH.qadug tycFs bye «6 (erYWuJ.v
The program opened with a spirit
ed tap dance by four of Mias Wil
liam's pupils, accompanied at the
piano by Mm elen Kimball. Thoee
taking part were Jessie Roth Stewart,
Margaret FOrts Sylvia Loughlin, and
Janie Husketb. Following this, Mary
Harrison sang several popular songft,
accompanied by George Harrison.
These were well received by the audi
ence .
One of the most attractive num
bers was a dramatic interpretation of
"An Old Sweetheart of Mine” by Riley
read by Miss Lily Kyie. and portrayed
by G. W. Knott, Jr., Misses Margaret
Turner. Eethel Tyler. Anne Stevenson
and Dorothy Hunt.
The first of the one act comedies,
"Say It with TaJfyy," had for its
theme t.he romance of two young peo
ple who bring their uncle and aunt
sweethearts in the past, together."
Marjorie Gerber as the aunt was par
ticularly good. Others taking pan
were: Betsy Cooper, the young niece.
Dean Bunn, her fiance. Edwi n Wat
kins, the uncle, and Charles Roth, the
mousing French caterer.
Between the lwo plays. Margaret
f Rris gave a military joe dance. Mrs.
F. M Barnhart. accompanied by Miss
Dorothy Jones, pleased those present
with two vocal selections. "Somebody
Loves Me" and "Don’t Be What You
Another one Ret play, "The Mouse
Trap," concluded the well balanced
program. Tho action . centered
J round the fright of a group of women
over a pretended mouse. Leading
parts were well taken by Jessie Rose
and James Cobb Mills. The other
characters were Mineiie Ranking,
Evelyn Garrett, Dorothy Wedter,
Lucy King, and Dorothy Thompson.
During the evening, Ruth LoughUn
expressed the appreciation of the class
to Hughes-Smaw Furniture Co.
Roses 5 and 10c Store, and Whitmore
Bakery 00. tov the use of properties.
The annual Recitation and Decla
mation Contest of the High School will
be held on the night of April 22nd, at
Cential School. The preliminary con
test for the girls will be held on Thura
day, April 14t»h There will be no
boys’ preliminary conjfes* as there
are only five boys contesting.
The Judges' report form has been
made out. The studenlte will be judg
ed as foBowe:
Interpretation, 30 points.
Stage presence. 20 points.
Choice of selection, 20 points.
Familiarity with selection, 20 points
Voice, 10 points.
The girls taking part are: Juanita
Hedt«r_ Margaret Hannon. Nancy
Parham. Dorothy Thompson. Virginia
RogtM-s. Penelope Watkins. Ruth
Finch, and Catherine Nelron. The
boys are: Richard Norvelle. Elden Du-
Priest, erbert Crawford. James Mills
and Archibald ow.
The annual spring concert of the
higti school music organization hold
at the Central school was well attend
ed in Spit of Apfil other
attractions. The orchestra under tihe
direction of Mrs. I. W. -Hugtieo and
the Ctrl Glee Club directed by Mr.
W. B Harrison. assisted by Mien
Maxine Taylor, rendered a dellgWful
and most enjoyable program.
The manner ln which the partici
pants entered into the spirit of the
selections added to the zest of the oc
casion. The variety of selections—
sentimental, religious, military, and
pastoral fitted every taste. The pro
gram rendered follows:
The Orchestra
Melody of Love Engleman
Alita Looey
The Girls’ Glee Club
Allah’s Holiday Frimfl-Rcigger
What The Chimney Sang .. Griswold
Four-Leaf Clover Brownell
Out In the Fields Bliss
The Orchestra
Charm Waltz Rolfe
Assembly March Lake
Cavalry Coming Cramonond
The Girls’ Glee Club
To a Wild Rose . McDoweH-Ambrose
Mother_ My Dear Treharnc
Just a Baby's Prayer at
Twilight Jerome
Where ’Ere You Walk freighter
Ol Car'lina ... Cooke
The orchestra’s first fealured
five violins in two particular melodic
and lilting selections. In their otiher
group the entire group rendered two
marches and a waktz. The trumpet
solo in "Charm Waltz" was very ef
fective. The mLlitary air of the last
two nuiribers captivated the audience
The work of the accompanist Was par
ticularly outstanding. Mm. Hughes,
who has worked with the orchestra
five years, has certainty done a notable
piece of work this year.
The selections of the Glee Club were
especially dharming and we*H executed
“Four Leaf Clover" a capable number,
and the familiar “Juat A Baby’s Pray
er at Twilight" were enthusiastically
received. "Mother, My Dear” and
"Where 'Ere You Walk." two of the
more difficult numbers, deserve espe
cial approbation. The enunciation and
feeling expressed in the rendering of
these were the high spots of the pro
gram . V
At the close of the program. Mira
Louise Powell, president of the Glee
Club presented to Mr. Harrison, with
a few words of appreciation a gift
as token of their love and esteem.
Then the club sang an original song
to him. The club is indebted to Mr.
A. M Fountain of The* State CoHege
Faculty for the words and music of
this song.
The personnel of the G-fee Club
wliici* has dout _uch rork
Headed for Geneva Parley
mat / mm JH
1 j■ J§ ;JgpjN
r *M ■
' . - ’ " Si **'■>&*'* /AgWWw
Going abroad on a mission where he will combine business with
pleasure. Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson ia ahowh with his wife
just before they hoarded the liner lie de France at New York. In
Europe Secretary Stimron will be one of the moving spirits at the
Geneva Disarmament Conference.
under the direction of Mr. Harrison
and Miss Taylor is as follows;
Louise Powell. Katherine Faulkner.
Hetlen Fogleman, Olive Hight, Eliza
beth Singleton. Bertha Futrelle, Jcan
jorle Gerber. Charlotte Wester Mar
ettc Stallings. Dorothy Hunt, Mar
garet Shaw, Catherine Nelson, Mar
garet Nelson, Lillian Ki»arney, Effic
Louise Flanagan, Anne Mills, Jeanne
Dunn. Ada Belle Polston. Ruth Finch
Mary Frances Chavasse, Emma Lou
Noel, Emily Thompson, Helen Whit
more, Margaret Candler, and Kathryn
Hunt. ,
The members of the oreheslra are:
Morris edgepoth, Archibald Yow, Eric
Flanagan, Stewart Finch, Clarence
Page. Ransome Duke. Mark S4wne.
Robert Cunningham, and Marie Cupps,
The ushers, selectrd especially for
the occasion, were: Betsy Harris, Mary
Parham, Robert Whitten, and Roger
Well, here comes our Chevrolet again
with the proprietor in the head lights.
She is tail with brown eyes, light com
plexion and biond hair. She just
came to Hendeison tart fall yet she
has won the heart of every member
•with her striking personality. She has
been riding the “most sought after
boy in school, around veiy much
lately and we understand that two
other girls in the Senior class are g**i
ting very jealous of it t 0.,, so tnis Ls
r hint for her to be careful.
In the mirror I sec the reflection of
a very tiny member of the class of
'32. She is very thin and has brown
eyes and black hair. She ba.<w the
habit of coming in a ffew mimMes
after the bell rings, yet her good char
acteristics are so many thai we can
Uribe : ....... „ Otwuic I
•yusr “Utllac i
%llliP I Special
1-2 pint can Utilac . 45c
This price is for 1 Brush, 1-inch 10c
this week only
Regular value . . 55c
During This Week Both for 251
Use Benjamin Moore’s Paints and Varnishes—
Watkins Hardware
■ 1 *?»■ A • j Incorporated
Unm Phone 46 Henderson, N. C. UTliyC
V *hnr era*®*' ksu*&
<Wk DrrW ■HHnHMMHM fetch Drffc*
overlook that. She is a good student,
especially ia geumotry. -She i» the
clinging vine typ» which was ao clear
lp shown on the senior play stw
played the part-of- Henrielta. -
(We are all— We hear all —WV toU all)
Dear headers, our informaition is a
little sedree this week due, primarily,
to depreasion in the scandal business.
Next week, however, should bring
some intereating developments. There
will be t)he Junior-Senior Banquet the
Lst of this week, you know, and every
boy will bis taking his secret passion.
We wonder how some of our dear
friends will be paired off? We'll try to
let you know by next week.
• Note: This iuteredling bit of news
was handed in late last week. It
seems to be Che life Kiotory (or should
we *»y the love history) of a certain
Sophomore damsel. What do you
think of it?)
"Dark-haired mom be r of staff—acts
a little like a Tom Boy—is tn tho
Sophomore Claes home room No 5.
She lives on the corner of Garnett and
Young . 3he moved here from Apex
a few years ago. and not long after
ward she started going with a Sopho
more boy who has black hair. Is very
fall, and belongs to Boy Scout Troop
No. 30. She went with this boy un
til about two or three months ago,
and then she started going with a red
bead.'d boy whose nickname ls "Big
Poy”. He, also, is a member of home
loom No. 5; is tall for his age. and
is very popular with everyone. She,
recently, broke up with No. 2 and
11 ied to regain her former lover, but.
sad to relate, his heart has turned to
Who is our Big. Silent, man from the
Wert? Oh surely, you know him. He
o*me to H. H. S quite a while ago
and has proved a good addition to th«
senior class. Al first he was ao quiet
that we concluded that he was scandal
proof. Ju* recently, though, a f«w
rumors have reached our ears which
lead us to believe that our ooaciusioM
are wrong. We hear that Mr. West
erner hoe all the giTls in the Senior
Ciaas on the fence (ao to speak). He
hasn't dealared himself yet. however,
and so only time can tell who his
dream girl really is. e’ll let you know
High School Fun
Frieda Hayes Editor
Robert returned from school with
hte report card for him mother's in
“But dear." she said, “what's the
trouble? why have you such poor
grades this month?"
“There’s no trouble Mom”, was th
quick reply, -you know ybureeif that
things are always marked down after
the holidays."
"I don't know how to fill out this
"What is it?"
"It says, who was your mother be
fore she was married? And I hod no
mother before she was married.
Miss Bethea —"Fred, pay attention.
Your mind is a thousand miles away.
Turner W.—l thought he didn’t have
it with him.
Miss Kyle —ls you have six apples
and I ask you for six, how many would
you have left?
Sidney S, —Six.
Robei* Watson—ls you send me
away I'H buy a rope and commit sui
Louise Well don't be hanging
around here.
Intellectual and large-minded per
sons are dreaming of a wider pa
triotism that shall embrace the whole
of humanity. , t
Default having been made in pay
ment of the indebtedness secured by
that certain deed of trust to me as
trustee for Jefferson Standard Life
Insurance Company by John W.
Smith and wife, Emma B, Smith, oi
July 1, 1930, and recorded in the office
of the Register of Deeds of Vance
County in Book of Deeds 55 at Page
350. I will, under and by virtue of the
power of sale contained in said deed
of trust, and at the request of the
cestui que tr\ist > and for the purpose
of discharging the debt secured' by
said deed of trust, proceed to sell to
the highest bidder, for cash, at the
court house door In Henderson, Vanoe
County, North Carolina, at 12 o’cHifk
noon on Wednesday. May I, 1932, the
following described land, to-wlt:
Begin at a point formed by the in
tersection of Chestnut Street with the
Southern side of feurwell 'Avenue in
the City of Hehdertloii, N. C., and run
westerly along the side of Bur
well Avenue 61 8-10 feet to the line of
W. H.j Goodrich,.then South parallel
with ojiestnut Street 130 feet more or
Mrs. J. Y. land is' Hue; then
eaifjgrbly para).el to Bin-well Ave
nue 64 8-ls) feet to Chestnut street,
then along-Chestnut street 133 2-3 feel
to the .beginning point, being pert of
the a«4ie lot conveyed to J. W. Smith
by MrS. C. L. Macon. See Book 133
Page 123. '
This'the 31« t day of March, 1932.
* JULIAN PRICE, Trustee.
Brooks, Parker, Smith and
Wharton Mty?., - w -
Greeiwbbro, w.“*<3. '
On of the recent gifts to the library
which ia appreciated very much is a
"Historical Map of Old Granville
County.” John E. Buck, who drew the
mop. presented the library with one
which he had colored. This has been
framed and hung in the library fur
aJI the patrons tD enjoy. From an his
torical standpoint this Is considered a
valuable addition to the library. Old
Granville county is the county from
Which Granville, Bute. Warren. Frank
lin and Vance counties were made.
In ithls world there are ao few
voices and so many echoes.
Speaking your mind is an extravag
ance that has ruined many a man.
Get Results
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kins Produc'd in Roanoke Rapids.
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vancement for rig)* man. Write
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fuel and fire the furnace. Also for
rent to gentleman one steam heated
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nagan. Moo. Wed. Frl. ts.
up time! TYiat’s the way to keep
thing's clean and protect the health
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hardware and hiatreiels f».i making
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Poultry Market

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