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EalaUUktd Al(Ul IS, I*l4.
FvMtakH >'v»rT A(t*rMM Eu*»l
Saa4«r B7
at I* Vaatg Street
HENRY A DENNIS. ITes. and Editor
M L* FINCH. Sec-Treas and Bua. Mgr.
Editorial OfCice 703
Society Editor 010
Business Office •><>
The Henderson Dally Dispatch is a
member of the Associated Press, News
paper Enterprise Association, South
ern Newspaper Publishers Association
and the North Carolina I’ress Associa
The Associated Press is exclusively
entitled to use for republication all
aews dispatches i redited to it or not
other* ise credited in this paper, and
also the local ne* s published herein
All rights of publication of special
dispatches herein ure ul>o reserved.
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Psr Copy 05 |
Look at the printea label on your I
paper. The date thereon shows when j
the subscription expires. Forward
your money in ample time for re- |
newal. Notice date on label carefully (
and if not correct, please notify us at |
once Subscribers desiring the address i
on their paper changed, please state in I
thair communication both the ODD
and SEIV address.
National Adwtlsla* Kr prevents!!* es
tIO Park Avenue, New York City; 25
Ea?t Wacker Drive. Chicago; Walton
Building. Atlanta. Security Building
St. Louis. I
Entered at the post office in Hender-
Bon. N C., as second class mail matter
CnSisT ros ron cwsisr
jbwinia —a«a«t«Bi—ai t fnnaßß
thy burden upon the Lord, and he
shall sustain thee; he shall never suf
fer the righteous to be moved. —Psa.
bb S 2.
Captiin Stratford, of the Salvation
Army, who came to Henderson seve
ral weeks ugo to take over the work
of the local coips. has made a good
impression upon those with whom he
las come id contact, and so com
pletely convinced the Advisory Board
Monday afternoon of his determina
tion to make the best of a difficult sit
uation that they rallied to his cause
It may be that some people have
stalled on their obligations on the
ground that their money was tied up
in the closed bank, when In reality
they had no mo.icy in the bank but
the Salvation Army is not one of that
number. It had nearly 1300 on de
posit there, and by being forced to do
without that money has been serious
ly hampered in can-ying on its work.
The condition neceasatates emergency
measures, and the Advisory Board con
reived the idea of a dollar olub. Mem
b«rs of the board and probably others
are working on a solicitation to swell
the membership of that club to the
point where it will net something like
SSUO for the work here.
That is a good idea, and those who
take a hand in the campaign, either by
working or by contributing, may be
ensured that the;r assistance will be
for a cause that is whoUy meritorious
It deserves all the Henderson com
munity will do for it.
Captain Stratford made a personal
financial sacrifice in going into the
Salvation Army work, and any man
who goes as far in that direction as
he has merits ell the encouragement
a sympathetic city can give him. He
will do a great work here if given the
cooperation that is necessary, and
those inclined to help should not. be
unmindful of the spiritual service he
t* rendering, as well as the ministra
tion to the physical wants and needs
of so many families and individuals.
The dollar club is desei-ving; Infs
rut it over with a bang and in away
that it ought to be done.
tnurr the general heading "Way of
Life." and a sub-heading "We Rich."
the following article was recently pub
lished In The Montagorda County
tTexas) Tribune, and was handed to
this newspaper for publication:
A young man. who is vice president
of a New York bank, told me that he
dined recently at a fashionable resort
"All the other guests were very
rich," he said “They were older peo
ple. many of them retired. They were
shaking in thelt boots. They are
afraid there will be a social upheaval
and that their money will be taken
I I old him I though those people
had a right to worry.
"The social order will not he over
turned." I said, "nor will people like
your friends be stripped of their pos
sessions. But I do believe that, when
this depression Is over, the rich will
be poorer and the poor will have a
degree of comfort and security that
they have never possessed before.
And this will be better for everybody *'
In saying this. I am taking a posi
tion which Is contrary to my own
selfish Interests, tor, while I am not
and never shall be rich, I have an In
come that is much above the average.
If taxes are higher, mine will go up
v.ith he rewt.
But shouldn't they? What have I
done to deserve as much as I got out
of life?
You may answer: “You have work
ed hard. You have bean ambitious and
intelligent. Any man who wiH apply
himself In this country can do wall.”
Thia Is not a complete answer. To
be sure, I have worked. But where
did I murk the hardest? On a farm
one summer il still ache when I think
about it). And in Montana in a con
struction camp. The hours, in each
case were more than twelve a day,
and at night we were too weary for
anything but bed.
On my farm my income was one
dollar a day; in phe
camp it was aixXy-five dollars a month
If I have increased my Income it
is not because I have worked harder
but because I happened to get out of
these tough jobs but into one that Is
much easier and much better paid.
If I have used intelligence. H Is not
greatly to my credit. I happened to
have been bom into a home of cul
ture. I was sent to college, and my
expenses were paid.
Many rich people, who are worried
for fear they will have to bear a lar
ger burdiTi in the future, have hud all
these advantages plus the added ad
vantages of inherited wealth. When
! they grumble they give me a pain
| Surely we who have had the best
| luck in this country are going to be
! wise enough to recognize it and to as-
I sume cheerfully our full share of the
J load.
By Central Press
New York. April 13—" Why don't
you scram out of Manhattan in to the
fiee-and-easy country?'' I asked a
man tagging the New York American
bread line the other uight.
"Not me!" ho shot back. "I'd soon- I
er starve in the
big city than just
get along outside"
After a pause he
added: "Whatt a
you mean, ‘fi-ee
and-easy country’
There ain't no
lines like this in
Jennesy. Missouri
mm 9 1 U
where I hail from. And it’s country.”
So the lure of this stony bedlam
is strong enough to entice folk into
its breadlines, even’ As for me. I
think I’d see kmy handout in some
greener, lazier place. It may be I’m
in just the opposite fix from the man
in the line: Id starve, most likely
rnyw+iere else but New York.
Bela Loblov. Imported from Sacher’s
anciently famed hostelry iu Vienna to
appear in a Broadway show and play
.or d;ners at the Waldorf, let me peck
a note on his n ew musical instrument,
the Magycord. whict^J like a mid
get piano and sounds hke a cymtoalum.
They are laughing at one of the big
mid-town motion picture laboratories
over the kid who breezed iuto the ex
ecutive offices the other afternoon and
asked to see the president. Through
.tome mix-up of instructions he actu
ally got admitit-d to the sanctum.
) he big man, annoyed asked what the
11-year-old wanted. The reply was
instantaneous: "Here's a roll of film,
mister. I want il developed quickly!"
Owners of copyrights on songs have
been writing hot letters to radio execs
protesting against the frivolous man
ner in which the credit line, "with the
consent of the copyright owners.” Is
being reeled off before the mikes.
They don't like the kidding...
Ward Greene, who wrote “Weep No
More" talked o\er the air the other
night at WJZ. and managed to in
ject his dog's name into the speel.
The pup. who wai, listening, was much
excited. ..
Department store people report a
strange new metropolitan phenome
non: "Goods hoarding." Buyers ask
foi gross lots of towels, glassware and
' h:na. apparently stocking up with
things which depreciation can't hurt-
And making good times more certain,
incidentally, by the spending.
T have met iny tirst publicity agent
lor a cemetery. He says he has had
a bad year. too.
An anecdote along the Rialto relates
.low two young bandits invaded a
Times Square haberdashciy during the
height of a price-smashing sale, ex
amined the tags and sighed: "Guess
we'll let you off. We can come back
and buy the stuff and save money."
The moat amazing coincidence I’ve
ever heard claimed by a friend oc
curred when a reportorlal “leg man"
tor an evomtig paper called the cor
ner cordials and beverages shop snap
ped Send me a quart of gin" as soon
as a voice he tlnmght he recognized
.••nwwf'red. and added: “This Is George
Blank " It turned out he had been
given the wrong numlber--and was
connected with his managing editor
a violent opponent of drinking on the
Believe that one/ Well, I’m a llUle
okpplical myself. But here’s another
I wist: The i»t*w.smaii. scared by what
he took to be hii omen, swore off tip
pling with great serlouaneMa only to
he fired a week later on some pretext
oi other.
The answers-to-qiiestions editor of «
nationally known movie magazine toki
me tlmt several letters a month de
mand autographed photos of the sage
in charge, instead of movie Otars!...
The sage is a girl, and a looker.
M. E. of Hollywood, wrltea; "My
ten-word descrlpUon of New York: *A
painted wooden chorus girl on a steel
?tage clogging/ ” That’s kinda harsh,
but vivid. What's yours?
The Antarctic has the most severe
climate of any part of the earth's
1710—Jonathan Carver, early Ameri
can traveler and explorer of the
region beyond the Mississippi,
born at Stillwater. Conn. Died
in England. Jan. 29. 1780.
1743 -Thomas Jefferson, third Presi
dent and author of the Declara
tion of Independence, born at
Shadwell. Va. Died at Monti
cello. July 4, 1826.
1795- James Harper, one of the broth
er-founders of the famous pub
lishing house of that name,
born at Newtown, N. Y. Died
In New York City. March 27,
1824 William H. Beard, noted artist
of his day. born at Painsville,
Ohio. Died in New York City,
Feb. 20. 1900.
1825—Thomas A'Arcy McGhee, noted
Canadian journalist and politi
cian born in Ireland. Died at
Ottawa. April 7. 1868.
1852 —Frank W. Woolworth. who de
veloped the chain-store Idea and
thereby increased an originul
capital of $50.00 to as many
millions, born at Rodman, N.
Y. Died at Glen Cove. N. Y.,
April 8. 1919.
j 1859 Henry T. Allen, who command
ed the American Army of Oc
cupation on the Rhine, born at
Sharpsburg. Ky. Died at Buena
Vista Spring, Pa., Aug. 30, 1930.
1598 Famous Edict of Nantes.
Fiance, ending the religious
wars of the country.
1808 One of the first of American
temperance societies formed ut
Moreau, N. Y.
ISIS Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany organized.
1925—Ford airplane freight line be
tween Detroit and Chicago start
Ray Lyman Wilbur. Secretary of
; the Interior, president of Stanford
University, born at Boonesboro, lowa,
57 years ago.
John Hays Hammond. Jr., among
America's greatest of inventors, son
of the great mining engineer, born
in San Francisco. 44 years ago.
Charles H. Sherrill, the new Ameri
can Ambassador to Turkey, born in
Washington, I>. C.. 65 years ago.
Dr. Anson Phelps Stokes. Canon of
Washington Catheral. born at New
Brighten. N. Y., 58 years ago.
John W. Davis, noted New York
lawyer, onetime Solicitor-Genera! of
the U. S. Ambassador, 1924 Demo
cratic candidate for the Presidency,
born at Clarksburg, W. Va., 59 years
Dr. Fred H. Albce, noted New York
physician, born in .ivina, Maine, 56
years ago.
This day brings a tendency to
search in uncommon paths and to
seek after strange things. There is a
little lack of the power of selection
in the character of the work, but the
life generally falls into the proper
channels and ends in success. The
thing to be particularly avoided is
evil associations, for the influences of
the day lead toward loss through the
envy of others.
Visiting Sleuth
Combining business with pleasure,
Gilbert Carmichael, official of
Scotland Yard, famous British
police organization, is shown as he
arrived at New York. He denied
rumors that he is in the United
States to investigate the Lindbergh
kidnaping and said he will make a
'.study of traffic systems in various
American cities.
Awarded Prize
Awarded the i ,<)*%• prize of t».»
American Chemical Society aa tie
most promising young chemist
man or woman, in North America
under 80 years of age. Dr. Oscar
K. Rice, of Harvard University,
just comes within the age limit, be
ing 29. The award was made in
recognition of Dr. Rice’s accom
pliahments in the research field of
juice chcau*Ua»
$25,000 Gin FOR
. 1). N. G. LOAN FUND
Donation By Mrs. Jessie Ke
nan Wise Brings Total to
$55)000 Now
Chapel Hill, April 13.—A gift of
.$25,000 by Mrs. Jessie Kenan Wise,
prominent Wilmington woman, to the
Emergency Student Loan Fund being
created at the University of North
Carolina, was announced tonight by
President Frank P. Graham.
Mrs. Wise is a member of ihe
Kenan family that has been so prom
inently identified with the University
for generations. She made the gift
sometime ago. Dr. Graham said, but
preferred that no announcement be
trade, letter, however, “she yielded
to the realization cf the value that
such an announcement at this time
might have on the fu-ther progress
of the loan fund appeal ard on Uni
versity morale." it was said.
This $25,000 gift carries the student
loan fund total to $55,000. a little
more than one-fourth of the $200,000
set as the goal for the student loan
fund between now and July 1, 1933.
An annoymous gift of SIO,OOO was
announced yesterday by President
Graham. A total of $20,000 had pre
viously been contributed by some 2,-
500 students, parents, faculty, trus
tees. alumni and friends of the Uni
College Students
To Attend Meeting
On Social Service
Dally DlMpatfh Itarenn,
In Iht- Sir Walter Hotel.
•tV J. «'. BANK Kit VIIX.
Raleigh. April 12. A large attend
ance of undergraduate college stu
dents is expected at the North Caro
lina Conference for 'Social Service
to be held in Durham April 24, 25. and
26. conference officials announced to
day. Such headliners as Dr. Frank
'P. Graham, president of the Univer
sity of North Carolina. W. C. Jack
son. vice-president of the North Car
olina College for Women, Dr. Howard
W. Odum, director of the Institute for
Research in Social Sciences. Univer
sity of North Carolina and others
have been obtained to speak to them.
Only a year or two ago, college stu
dents formed a student group to be
affiliated with the conference and
meet at the same time, and since then
interest has grown. Conference offi
cials feel that it is a fine thing for
the college boys and girls to become
acquainted with social problems as
presented through the conference and
to enroll themselves in movements for
social progress eagly in life.
Registration of ft&udcnts will take
place Sunday morqjpg, April 24, at the
Duke Memorial Church, fol
lowed by a special students’ service
at 11 o'clock. The address will be de
livered by Dr. W. A. Stanbury, pastor.
T WAI |3 |4 I 5 |6 [7 la |9 ggglcT
Il 12 13 14
i 5 mib it mis
fi H
it 20 |p ai Ip 22
23" “ HI |p 25
“W 29 Up HP 30 ~32" 35“
34 m 35 36 m 37
—HI ill
38 HP 39 40 41
m m
42 43 44 45
Bri lI I 'I I J
2—A make-believe
6—To deal out sparingly
11—Inducement to action
13—A fruit
15— A malt beverage
16— Expunge
18— Part of a shoe
19— Misrepresented fact
21— Prior
22 A fruit
23 Went at an easy gallop
25 Bipeds
26 A West Indian aquatic
27 Under
30—An instant
84— Reclined
85— A color
87— To pack away
88— A division of a drama
89— A tree gum
41— A form of to be
42 Masticated
; 44—A kind of moth
46 Steeps
47 Remain
1— Restricted
2 Precipitous j
B—A hailing exclamation
4—Abbreviation of a thor
oughfare, j
“The Man Higher Up”
YjfgvV/ I gUmr
A students' meeting will be held at
three o'clock in the afternoon at the
(.same church. Mr. Jackson will discuss
the history of social legislation in
North Carolina. Dr. Graham will
speak on "Economic Change and So
cial Adjustment." A forum discussion
relating to an outline of an adequate
program for expressing student in
terest in social welfare of the state
will follow.
The students will meet in conjunc
tion with the ministers at 10 o'clock
Monday morning when sessions of the
affiliated groups of the conference
will eb held.
Scholarship Day at State.
Raleigh, April 12.-For at least one
day this year at N. C. State, college
athletics, politics and other extra-cur
ricular activities will take a backseat
and scholarship and scholars will hold
the spotlight when the seventh annual
Scholarship Day will be held at the
College. Wednesday. April 13.
5 Such and no more
6 Portion of medicine
7 Native metal
8— -A note of the seal*
9 Penetrate
12—A melange
14 —To incite to action
17—Row of arches
20—An evil spirit
24 The jackdaw
25 Stake
27 Ebon
28— All, distributive!/
29 Metric measure of content
31— A country of Europe
32 Heart
33 Jugs
35 Measures of length
36 Obscures
39 To soak
40— Insect egg
43—A pronoun
45—The Creole State (abbr.)
Answer to Previous Pustlo
|m| I |N|u[SpaME^S|PlA|p|E
O P » *PW R A 1 L
|P|E [TjE | R j S^ A |clolrJn 6
km* H«1
The idea of social or political equal
ity is closely connected with the con
sciousness of individuality.
( ‘
Food /'/
l rr vecy
Vo*!* 7 ** c0 L.
APRIL 16-17TH.
See The Champion Philadelphia Athletics
Play At Washington, Sunday, April 17th
Round Trip—
Reduced Pullman Fares in Special Sleepers
Round Trip Fare Including Pullman
Lower Berth One Person $9.00 —2 Persons $7.25
Upper Berth One Person $8.25 —2 Persons $6.75
Tirlirls On Sale For Trains and Hatch Slwwn Itcluu
April Ifith April llilli.
Train 192 Train 6
Hamlet fi:o2 l*. M. 10:55 I*. M
Aberdeen «:3H |*. M. I i :33 I*. M.
Southern Fines r,:4H I*. M. 11:15 I* M
April 1 Till
Train fi
s *nf , >i‘d 7:29 |*. M A. M
Wake Foreirt 2:3* A . M
Franklinton tm A M
Henderson 9:48 p M 3:2Jt A. M
Norlii, “ 4:05 A. M
No Stopovers Allowed —No Baggage Checked
Returning, Leave Washington 6:40 P. M. or 11:59 P. M.
April 17th
Fcr Information See Ticket Agent
Raleigh, N C Phone 2700 or 270
505 Odd Fellows Building
Dr. K. H. Pattkhson
fcyr Sight Sprat hit
HrifoniNoy, V r,.
Having qualified as administrator of
the estate of Mrs Margaret D. Flem
ing. kite of Vance County. N. C.. this
is to notify all persons having claims
against the estate of the said deceas
ed to exhibit them to the undersigned
on or before the 6th day of April.
I 1933. or this notice will be pleaded in
bar of ttietr recovery. AH persons in
debted to the estate will please niak<
Irrmnediate sett lement.
W. H. Boyd
Ilcgihtered Engineer and Kiirteyor
Office in law Building
Office l’hone 198 Home Phone 10

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