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Police On Hand As
Committee Pushes
Hearing On Bonus
Negro Candidate for Vice-
President at Communist
Attacks “Millionaire"
Chairman Crisp Forces Him
To Change His Language;
Stevens Reiterates Nation,
al Convention Forbade
Asking Immediate Pay*
ment of Money
Washington. April 14 (APl—With
jvitirrmen standing close at hand, the
House Ways and Means Committee
t-w tv listened to for full
payment of the bonus from a delega
tion that a little oarlier had inter
lupteJ the session w:th demands to
be heard.
J U Ford, a Negro, who said he
•vi ir .1 candidate for the vice-presi
dctit;a. nomination on the Communist
ticket the veterans “get no
sympathy from the millionaire Con
of today."
Samuel J. Steuber identified him
sc f representing the workers ex
mivkc mens league. He said Henry
l. Stevens, national commander of
th*- American Legion, ‘lied when he
said the majority of the men do not
want the bonus.”
At the insistence of Acting Chair
man Crisp he amended his language
1» say Stevens strayed from the
Indianapolis. Ind., April 14.- <APi
Henry L. Stevens. Jr., of Warsaw,
N C national commander of the Am
erica a legion, in a statement today
declared action taken at the Legion’s
L 1 - r national convention “clearly re
j-fi.iin-" the organization “from ask
ing for the immediate payment of the
adjusted service certificates.”
The national commander said to
div - statement was Issued because a
pre inus statement in which he had
deVipd the posit ion of the Legion
hid been "made the basis of improper
conjecture, or assumption.”
tyiiin Celebrates
1 irst Anniversary
Os New Republic
Madrid. April 11 <AP>—Millions of
Spsni-h republicans celebrated the
f : - r anniversary of tbe> fall of the
bon ix.n monarchy and the founding
«d he tcpublic today,
Throughout the country there were
L:* A-orky. parade*, bands ds rices and
<•1 aeons. The holiday was climaxed
’h the colorful flower battles so
*’* the heart of the Spaniard.
Cotton Consumed
February Shows
Heavy Increase
Washington. April 14. (APl—Cot
ton consumed during March was re
l-.fied today by the Census Bureau
to have totalled 488.653 bales of lint
»nd Vi 229 bales of linters, compared
with 150.018 and 52.764 In February
thi vear. and 490509 and 64.003 in
March last year.
Heavy Pupil Increase
To Force More Teachers
In Schools Coming Year
Dally Di<t|ifll<*b H« '»'i,
la the Mir Wiiller lintei
Ml J. C. II AMh KK V I 1,1. .
Ualeigh. April 14. Although the or
ganization sheets for the six months
.'•••hool term for next year-1932-33—
have been received from only four
•'••unties so far. these sheets indicate
MJfh an increase in enroliemnt and
average dally attendance that a sub-
Mantia) increase in the number of
Dachera that will be needed next year
ls plainly shown, according to Leßoy
Martin, secretary of the State Board
of Equalization.
The organisation sheets have been
received from Mitchell. Macon. Jack
son snd Brunswick counties and in
dicate that an average of about six
additional teacher* will be needed in
each of these counties next year, Mr.
Martin said.
"It is too early to make any de
finite estimate, since not enough of
the organization sheets have been re
ceived to giv a definite trend, but
indications ar that from 800 to 900
additional teacher.- will be needed
next year than were allotted this
year, as a raauit of the increase in
enrollment and average daily attend
Hath} Dispatch
r or I THE A fs^. WIH » BBRVICB
. THE AB «OCIAT«D press.
In Gas Revenue
Dull* lllniMrk n*rr.i«
Itv Sir Halil.
Raleigh, April 14—Revenue from
the state gasoline tax. which Is
used entirely to maintain the high
ways of the State and retire high
way bonds, is steadily Increasing
from month to month in spite of
ihe tact that there are fully 33,000
fewer automobiles licensed In the
State to date this year than last,
according to G. A. N. Coppedge,
auditor for the Department of Re
venue. and In charge of gasoline
tav collections.
Revenue from the gasoline tax
for the first nine months of the
fiscal year, or since July I, 1931,
amounts to 11.7U5.660, while the re-'
venue for the corresponding nine
months for the fiscal year begin
ning July I. 1930, amounted to
59.374.698. Gasoline tax collections
In March of this year amounted to
$1,043,593 while the collections In
March. 1931. amounted to $869,663.
Poisoning Our National Life,
Woman Reform Leader
Tells Committee
Senator Bingham Wants Liquor ('-on
trwl Restored to Staten; Says
There Is Nothing Morally
Wrong In Drinking
Washington. April 14.—(AP> The
charge that the eighteenth amend
ment had “financed crime" and "is
poisoning our national life" was made
today before a Senate committee by
Mrs. Charles H. Stadin. head of the
womans organization for national
prohibition reform.
She joined James W. Wadsworth,
former senator from New York, in
urging repeal. Senator Bingham. Re
publican. Connecticut, another wit
ness before the committee at the start
of hearings on prohibition leVislation.
advocated return of liquor control to
the states.
The opinion that it is “impossible to
make the descendants of generations
of temperate drinkers believe there
is anything morally wrong in drink
ing" was advaned before the com
mittee by Senator Bingham.
Democrat From
Oklahoma Given
Congress Seat
Washington. Apri ! 14. <AP>- A
House elections committee today vot
ed to disallow a recount asked by
Charles O'Connor. Republican, and
declared Wesley E. Disney. Demo
crat. elected as a member of the
House from the first Oklahoma con
gressional district.
"For the school year just ending,
the Board of Equalization allotted
some 22.193 teachers. In accordance
with the State school law directing
that one teacher should be allotted for
every 31 children in average daily at
tendance the previous school year in
the elementary schools and one taech
er In each 28 students in average
daily attendance in the high schools.
On this same basis, according to pre
sent indications, some 800 to 900 addi
tional teachers will be needed next
The big problem Is, however, that
the State must run the six months
school term next year on the same
amount of money it used this year,
and that no increase in the number
of teachers is provided for. The only
way to get around this situation, ac
cording to Martin, is to change the
basis at ailoting teachers from the In
dividual school basis to a county-wide
basis. In the past, the board has al
lotted the teachers to schools, based
on the average daily attendance for
the term In each sdhool. It may be
come necessary to allot the teachers
on the basis of the total average daily
attendance in the county as a whole.
Wasted Oratory of Nazi Chief
Snappt-d in what is probably the most striking pose
be ever adopted, Adolf Hitler, leader o£ Germany’s
Nazi, or Fascist Party, is shown as he addressed a
•"'lee gathering of many thousand- of his followers
Tracing Ransom Money In
Lindbergh Case Hard Job
Hopewell, N. J.. April 14. -<AP)—
A needle in the haystack chore faced
secret service men today in the Lind
bergh kidnaping mystery.
Persons who executed a $50,000 hoax
on Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh by
falsely promising to return his stolen
baby have already begun to spend the
Crowd Sought To Persuade
Workers Not To Go To
Work In Mine
Hteuhenville. Ohio. April 11. (API
One man was killed and several
hundred persons who were alleged to
have threatened miners, and National
Guard officers cn route to l ho Somers
mine of the Goodyear Tire and Rub
ber Company near Adena, in an early
morning riot, were dispersed with
tear gas.
Walter Kimball. 50. one of the
crowd of several hundred men alleged
to have attempted to persuade work
ers employed at the mine not to go
to work, was shot, presumably by an
aide of Colonel t>on Caldwell, a Na
tional Guard observer in the field.
One worker was tossed into a nearby
creek. Two automobiles were over
About the same time the shot was
fired. Sheriff Maurice Wooster and
his deputies hurled tear gas bombs
into the crowd and It dispersed.
Eugene Meyer Tell* House
Committee of Finance
Board's Activity
Waahing-ton. April 14. -- (API
Amidst continuous activity at the
Capitol and the White House to in
vigorate business. Eugene Meyer, the
Federal Reserve Board governor, let
a House committee know today that
the Reconstruction Finance Corpora
tion had advanced loans to 1,319
In his testimony, he said 92 percent
of this cash has gone to banks in
Cities of less than 100,000 population,
and 76 percent in towns of less than
10,000. He did not name the amounts
300 Persons, Half
Children, 111 From
Mysterious Poison
Santa Paula. Cal.. April 14—(AP)
—Health authorities were making ex
haustive tests of food and water here
today in an effort to trace the source
of a mysterious illness to 300 Santa
Paula residents, more than half of
them children.
Many of those stricken are con
fined to bed. Those taken ill com
plained of extreme nausea and symp
toms similar to those of ptomaine
at Lustgarten, Berlin, during the recent campaign
for the Presidency. Despite his spirited fight,
Hitler went down to defeat before the veteran
I resident von Hindenburg, who was re-elected with
a maioritv of 6.000.000 votas over the Nazi chief.
That much is definite but tracing
the track to the criminals Is proving
most difficult.
A S2O bill turned over to a mys
terious individual in a Bronx ceme
tery by "Jafsie" came to light yester
| day in the possession of David Isaacs.
I retired clothing merchant of New
I York. He obtained it from a branch
|of the East River Savings Bank in
[ New York, where It was paid either
Soviet Plot Victim
liTf j
■Mki „ m * g.
Charging that Soviet Russia is om
to ruin him and to destroy public
confidence in his enterprises, Sit
Henri Deterding, British oil mag
nate, recently told how Soviet
agent 3 by a two-year campaign of
lip» have attempted to depreciate
fne vnhje of stock exchange shares.
At various times these agents
have caused rumors to circu'ate
shat 9fr Henn had absconded, that
he was dead and that he wa- a
bankrupt, in order to scare hi*
stocks to low levels
State Now Third
In Finding Jobs;
TotaJ Is 18,147
llait.v l>i«|iiii<-li lliarrtiu.
In (hr Sir Mn'.l.-r lliilrl
in j. v. iiAXKian n.i,.
Raleigh, April 14.—North Caro
lina went into third place today
in the American l-egion war
against unemployment for the lar
gent number of join* found during
the last 24 hours, while it still re
tains its hold on tenth place
among ail the 48 states for the
total number of jobs found since
the drive opened In February,
State headquarters of the Ameri
can legion Employment Commit
tee announced today.
To date 18,147 persons have
been employed in North Carolina
since the campaign opened, as a
result of the efforts put forth by
the various Legion posts and
other civic organizations.
The largest number of jiila
found during the past week in
any one community, was In Ashe
ville, where 1,094 persons were
placed In employment. Major M.
R. Perry, executive director of the
committee, reported.
Fair tonight; slightly cooler oil
the coast: possibly' light, frost in
central and west portions; Friday
f*k, - . ..
April 4 or 5, two or three days after
the ransom transaction. On April 4
and 5 many hundreds of deposits
were made at the bank branch -so
the discovery of the bill helps little.
"Jafsie" —otherwise Dr. John F.
Condon, retired Bronx schoolmaster,
who still hopes to get the baby back
from the kidnapers—continued mys
terious movements—and showed signs
that the strain is beginning to tell.
Four Accused In Hawaiian
Slaying Await Move
By Legal Ace
Honolulu. April 14. - (AP)— En
meshed by many threads of the prose
cution story of the lynching of Joseph
bahahawai, four persons accused of
the killing watched today for Clar
ence Darrnw to go into action for
their defense with tactics shrouded in
secrecy up to the last minute.
Except for one witness, Public
Prosecutor John C. KeUey finished
his case yesterday with testimony
that broke the frigid composure of
the accused society matron, Mrs.
Granville Fortescue.
Her shoulders moved expressively
when two neighbor women testified
to hearing a shot from the direction
of her home at 9 a. m. January 8.
when Kahahawai allegedly was killed
there to avenge a criminal attack on
Mrs. Thalia Massie, daughter of Mrs.
Fot tescue.
Delayed Until Tomorrow for
Defense Attorney* To
See Witne*se»
Raleigh. April 14, (APi—Upon mo
tion of defense counsel, the trial of
Judge John H. Harwood, of Bryson
City, charged with being an acces
sory after the fact to embezzlement
of State funds by his daughter. Miss
Lola Harwood, was postponed in
Wake Superior Court today until to
Attornerys for Judge Harwood told
the court they desired to be able to
confer with a number of their wit
nesses. especially som efrom the west
ern part of the State, and aaked for
a delay in the trial.
Raleigh. April 14. - After a period of
keen competition, two North Carolina
students were declared winners of the
Ceramic Engiheerin* scholarship
cups which,were awarded at the an
nual Scholarship Day exercise# at N.
C. State College on Wednesday of
this week.
The beautiful J. C. Steele cup was
presented to C. C. Morrison of Cherry
ville. a senior who has made a dis
tinguished record and has already
won the keys of Phi Kappa Phi, Tau
Beta Pi and Pine Bufr.
The freshman cup, donated by the
Moland-Drysadle Corporation of Hen
dersonville, one of the outstanding
manufacturers of face brick in North
Carolina, was awarded to W. R. Mc-‘
Lain of Statesville, a first year stu
dent. _
Clifford Frazier Is'
Republican Choice
For State Governor
Job Orive Strikes
At Half Way Mark
-New York, April 14 (AlM—The
United ActVm Campaign to find a
million jobs for the unemployed
was expected tu pass the half way
mark today.
Yesterday officials of the drive
announced that' reports from 28'
received during the day
brought the total to 498.859
Delay* Action On Definite
Sponsorship of The Mc-
Duffie Proposal
Hoover Expected To Advise Commit
tee During Day on His Proposal
To Stagger Employment;
Would Be Rider
Washington. April 14. —(AP)— The
House economy committee otday de
layed attempting to decide on wheth
er to continue to sponsor the Mc-
Duffie Federal wage cutting plan
pending further information from
President Hoover on his proposal to
stagger employment.
The President was expected to send
the information today, so it might
reach a decision before the House re
sumes consideration of the legisla
tive supply bills, to which it had been
planned to attack the McDuffie pro
posal as a rider.
Ilnllr Dlxpjitfh Hurraai,
!■ the Sir Walter Hotel.
HV J. C. RANKKIt\ 11,4,.
Raleigh. April 14. Organization of
a eleven farmers mutual exchanges in
the Piedmont and mountain coun
ties is reported by L. C. Salter of the
marketing division of the State De
partment of Agriculture. This move
ment. he pointed out. is expected to
result in additional cash for the farm
ere involved during the coming sea-,
son. as no credit business is done.
Each exchange is governed by a
Board of Directors, and at the end of
each season, the profits will be dis
tributed among the farmer members.
Mr. Salter reports the organization
of new exchanges at Forest City. Lin
colnton, Gastonia, Forest City. Hen
dersonville. Bakersvilie. Newland.
Winßton-Salem. Leoington, Marion 1
and Cherryville.
The exchange referred to will deal
in fruits, vegetables, sheep and lar.r.bs,
wool, poultry, eggs and seed potatoes
and will ship their produce by ’truck
to points in East Tennessee, South
Carolina and Georgia.
Car door prices will be paid for
commodities, and some as the ex
changes will handle the*r own fer
tilizers during the conr.ing season.
This feature of the -marketing ac
tivities of the department will be
pushed during the year, Mr. Salter
said, and he reported much enthus
iasm on the part, of those who or
ganized the associations.
Manager Os Roosevelt ’s
Pre-Convention Campaign
Is Enhancing Reputation
Central Press staff Writer
Washington, April 14.—Chairman
James A. Farley of the New York
State Democratic committee, who is
managing Gov. Franklin D. Roose
velt’s pre-convention presidential
campaign for him, will emerge from
the Jeffersonians’ June gathering in
Chicago with & greatly enhanced po
litical reputation if he succeeds in
landing the nomination for his can
didate with as little friction as prac
tically all signs now indicate.
Os course the two-thirds rule has
been, all along, the worst obstacle for
Farley to overcome.
No one has seriously questioned for
more than a year that the governor
will go into the (Convention with a
majority of the delegates in his favor.
Farley’s problem has been to build
this majority up to 66 2-3 per cent,
and do it without much of a fight, or.
If possible without any fight at all.
The plan of the various anti-Roose
velt factions has been to stand the
Nsw Yorker off for a sufficient
length of time to threaten a deadlock
similar to the celebrated Madison
Greensboro Attorney Chosen
By State Convention
and Newell Named
For U S. Senate
Retention and Enforcement
Pledged; State Control
Plan Hissed; Hoover Ad
ministration Endorsed;
Tax Reform In State I*
Also Pledged
Charlotte, April 14.- (AIM Clifford
Frazier, Greensboro attorney .today
was nominated for governm of North
Carolina by the Republican Stale
Convention, in session here. and. Jake
F. Newell, of Charlotte, wa- nominat
ed as the party's candidate for Unti
ed States Senator*
George W. Depriest. of Shefby. has
already filed notice of hi;- candidacy
for the Republican nomination for
the United States Senate with the
State Board of Elections in Raleigh,
and unless he withdraws, will force
Newell into the June 4 primary.
Assembled here for their (State con
vention. North Carolina republican.*
cheered lustily today a prediction the
party will take over contrjl the State
government after next fairs elections.
The speaker was Worth. D Hender
son, of Greensboro, who made the re
sponse to the address of welcome by
Mayor Charles E. Lambeth.
James E. Duncan, ofj Greensboro,
chairman of the party in the State,
called the convention Jo order, aod
W. H. Foster. State secretary, read
the official roll call. ,
George M. Pritchard, of Asheville,
told the convention f.be Democratic
party in North Caroli/na is dominated
by the big manufacturing Interest*,
which frustrates all efforts toward
cruJtable tax distribution and iU
leaders are aiding the scheme of the
liquor interests to put a wet in the
White House.
Delivering the Jreynote address, Be
“The Raleigh ring has been con
stantly borrowing money, cutting its
''yes and spending with both hands.
It has multiplied bureaus, commis
sions. offices and jobs until we have
a great army of office holders ana
the tax-paye.vs are staggering through
life bent dr.uble and groaning under
ihe load.’’.'
Piriform for Prohibition.
A plat .form pledging retention and
enforcement of prohibition was adopt
ed by the North Carolina Republican
convention today after the delegates
had IttMved and hissed a proposal for
State control of liquor.
Xfcie platform recorded the conven
tion “approval of the administration
that wise leader and profound
'statesman. President Herbert Hoov
Most ofth e platform was directed
to an attack on the policy of the
Democratic State government. It
promised tax reform, economy and
repeal of the absentee ballot law.
Jonas for Contma
Charles A. Jonaa, of Uncolnton,
former representative in Congress
from the ninth district, agreed today
to m&ke the race as Republican can
didate from the tenth district.
Jonas, who last night declined to
accept the Republican nomination
for governor, was offered the con
gressional nomination ten days ago.
but did not announce hi.- decision
until the ninth district high com
mand held a meeting here today.
Square tie-up in 1924 and then effect
mi agreement on one of his rivals as
the only means of preventing a re
petition of the catastrophe of that
The prospects of this program's ac
complishment looked fairly good un
til recent!,*/.
Today, however, the betting unmis
takably Is decidedly on Roosevelt—
maybe on the first ballot; the second
anyway, after a round of compliment
ary votes for "favorite sons."
It generally is conceded that the
changed situation is mainly Farley's
The Empire State chairman, as re-
Jated t>y students of his methods, has
"sold" the governor to hia party by
extracrinary skillful diplomacy and
He has frightened Tammany wish
hints, if it balks, of such a break be
tween its own organisation and New
York's up-state Democrats as will'de
stijuy the last vestige of its inQdeoce
at Albany and jolt its prestige even
in Manhattan as it has hardly been
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