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Girl "8gB&
~'OU BOTH should put on mdrt
lipstick and eye make-up. You‘ll look
like ghosts beside the other girls If
you don't"
IJWirtn and Eve wire geiting
(treated to go to the tatl-dance ball
And the girl who had p*> poaefa go
ing—she said Just to cull her Sadie
sat on the couch In their rohm while
thev prepared to go
"You should wear thin drdaaes
You know, soft like, Anb without
any sieerea Hare you got anv~
" Uu cnn *'■«*■ one of mine." ]J|-
lian told
"Gosh, have you more than one?"
<isVed Sadie, surprised.
"Yes." I.lllinn answered, unstrap
ping her suit case." hut fou're not
full enough. Pm afraid, to wenr my
‘ lothe*. But If you want to try fas
tening up the skirt—"
’ N * w ~'l fcot a drees to wear. I
• mint mean that. How long vou been
without a Job?"
“Quite a while, why?"
“No* so long, 1 guess. You
would’ve hocked everything you
■ould do without or sold 'em to n sec
ond-hand place. Gee —1 did that
•Months ago."
Her little eyes roved over the con
>nta of Lillian's opened suit case.
“Say—you musta had a swell job—
!o have those duds!"
\\ hen Lillian and Eve accompan
ied Sadie to her room and saw her
"ollection of ten-cent-Store cosmetics
Lillian understood the girl's awe.
".-ay. you'll get all the business to
night- and will the old timers ho
•ore' ~
Eva and Lillian wondered what
<he meant.
“With those dresses. They're the
cat's!" She eyed the flame chiffon
Lillian wore and the black chiffon
F.ve had on. "You see. the depres.
‘ion has hit the taxi dance business,
too. The fellow-s don't spend their
money that way like they used to.
And the girls that have hern danc
ing st the same places for months
*i* out half the dances."
In Sadie's room, which was fur
r shed similar to the one assigned
te Ullian and Eve. only half ns
large. a few hooks screwed into the
no.Klen panels of the while-palmed
-liKir served as her only closet.
A blue sleeveless crepe, the type
>ou see glaring from a Fourteenth
•treet bankrupt sale window marked
"three eighty-five." hung by a
tinkled shoulder strap
Ti * dress looked much more
--•tie 1. hinging against the white
vaulted 1,.or. than It did when Sadie
Ltd it sf. tched over her knotty lit
tle fLire.
She bared dose to the small bu
r-ui n.ir*-. r and covered her thick
generously with a flaming lip
*«< k and then drew black lines at
ffi- roots of her eye Ins hen witb a
Pe.ity lead pencil. She traced the
mus cf her eye brows, nlso. Her
Social Conference
I n Study Taxation
At Durham Meeting
l»nil> Bureau,
In Ikr *>ir XYnlfrr Hnfrt
ID .1. I . II %«KKHYII.I,.
Raleigh. April 14.- In order to se
cure more light Upon the subject of
a fair system of taxation, the North
Carolina Conference for Social Sei
vice will devote two general sessions
•>f the meeting in Durham April 24-
-*’> to discussions of taxation. Leading
authorities of the State wilt speak.
W 0. Query, tax commissioner of
ufiKkfal WHY?
It is used in tfiirty«tfiree dif
fercnt states, and in 14 foreign
To The People Who Have
Not Paid Their Taxes
The law require* all prop erty on which the taxfes are
not paid to be advertised
May 2, 1932 and Sold June*, 1932
Thi jis mandatory. I have no discretion m the matter. If your
taxec are not paid I will have to advertise May 2nd.
Please keep this in mind and pay before advertising time.
Sheriff Os Vance County.
rac « took on w hafn. thtkfifft.
•xUfeaston. cidWo-lrtte.
»re pbetfy dim," she
®*h»klne<l." and a heavy nftrtt%. up
•ookb swxll on the floor"
"*** *° u *° to this place dfbinT*
»*ked Eve.
“Mr aleter ukd to be s "regular
there that’s how I know the man.
ager. But rfhe w»a too pretty, *bhte
fluy did k lot of sweet talking to Mr
on. night. And poW _ wen. she
doesnt bother about taxi-dancing
anymore. . . ;» b
- he »»»• Wed her?"
asked Lillian. Interested.
W ~i hat a,n,t wh *t I mean If
aeo . J htt tom,sh months
?hen r «tl r . ' ' but 1 d ‘ d h*t know
then what a racket life ts f or a girl*
who has to have « job.
tlm t«ht-fltting
' aboul h * r h, P s she sold:
ttlnH k « m * B W ° UW 6,681 ' wr »f »he
didn't bring home good money. He
always said he wanted me to hare
ar education, see? And sis had to
pay for keeping me In school
"But he changed his mind about
that When sin got tired of him bent-
Ing her And when he turned on me
I tod him I wouldn't let him treat
me like he had sis. And he told me
Id better get wise to nrvself—tike
She patted her hair back behind
her cars and screwed on some bead
earrings. “Well—well, maybe I will—"
As the three girls made their way
Up the windy street the chill from
Ihe Hudson swept through their
coats and thdr undernourished bod
you have any dinner?" Sadie
"Some crackers." Lillian answered
"We weren't very hungry—" •
No—l guess not." said Badle. “1
had my last meal yesterday and had
to wash two windows and clean a
room before they'd give It to me.
I M bet you’re not hungry not
much' But don't anybody tell me
that charity Is sweet'"
*'l've a little money—you can get
some coffee—“ She motioned toward
the .unch stand they were passing.
The aroma of cooking food made
their mouths water. Pans of baked
apples and rice podding in the win
dow were magnets to their eyes.
“No —thanks a lot." Sadie sounded
brave, "if we ctln get picked up I'll
get a sandwich at the Gardens.”
"Picked up?" asked Eve. surprised.
"You can't get in without an es
cort. see?" Sadie explained, “but we
ought not to have a hard time get
ting some—we can tell 'em Just so
they'll take us they don't hdve to
dance with us all evening."
They were nearing a dark street
a th- edge of the Village. It was
near the river and the sharp chill
winds came In painful gusts.
Three sailors, their dinky white
hats sitting like snow cape on their
shor* cropped heads, turned out of a
side street and came toward the
••Sailors'" said Sadie, gleefully.
"They might try us!"
The sailors* eyes roved over the l
South Carolina, will be present and
will tell of South Carolina's experi
, enee with selected commodity taxes.
“Taxation and Social Welfare" will
be the subject of the Tuesday morn
ing. April 26. session, when S. H.
Hobbs. Jr., of the University of North
Carolina, chairman of the Confer
ence Committee on Taxation, will pre
side and speak on “Wealth and In
come in North Carolina.”
I Other addresses will be as follows:
"The Cost of Government in North
Carolina.” by Dr. Clarence Heer. Uni
versity of North Carolina: "Sources
of State Revenue.' I)r. A. S. Keister,
North Carolina College for Women;
"Property Taxes and Relief," bv Dr.
Fred Morrison. Secretary of the
(n. c..) daily dt&patch, Thursday april u, urn?
glrta. “The tall one for mine." will
"Hello, sailor!" said Baffle— and
Lillian thought she would drop, her
New England conscience got such A
The sailors stopped and their eyas
were eager.
“Want to come along?" asked Sa
die. smiling friendly, us If she had
known them since childhood. Eve
and Lililah tried to seem at ease.
“Maybe.” said otie sailor.
“Dance at the Dream Gardena?"
Sadie Informed and asked, too.
The gobs looked at -each other and
then the three of them pushed In
among the girls
Dream Gardena was leas than a
block away. The bright green and
red and yellow lights over the en
trance announced: “Girls! Music!
They could hear the music. And
there were several girls dallying
around near the entrance.
As they started up the steps a big
man said to a girl with a vividly
painted face: "Scraml You can’t get
In here without an escort, see? Now,
how many times do I have to tell
you that?"
"I'll betcha, Shanghai. 1 get some
body to dance with me," the girt
suid. lifting her face defiantly to the
big man. "if you let me In."
“You ain't a regular. Rose. The
lx>B» ain't taking on no new girls.
The others Would get sore. Business
is bad."
"Say, Shanghai. I wish yon had a
place of your own. I bet it would be
a knockout—you being such a swell
bouncer!” The girl laughed at her
own humor.
"Scram. 1 tell you."
The girl shrugged her shoulders
and looked Impudently at Lillian.
Eve and Sadie as they passed her
up the stairs with the sailors. Her
• yes followed them, enviously. As
if to say. “You're good. Y’ou can go
I where It’s warm and there's mu
sic and a good time. .
The sailor with Lillian had his lit
tle hat tilted on his ear. He held her
tightly above the elbow when they
started up the steps and by the tlnle
they had taken a fetv strides h!s arm
fell about her waist.
A few weeks before she w-ould
have turned and slapped hhs smiling
red ffcce for that. But now, she Mar
velled at her own control. She wash’*
thinking so much of the sailor's
freshness, but that he was being
nice to her. So. she didn't move his
arm from her waist
it was as Sadie said joyfully to
Lillian and Eve In the tiny, dirty
dressing room, where they went to
hartg their hats and coats and put
on more make-up: "Gee. what a
break we hadl Say—have I hung
around this place trying to get some
bozo to bring me in! Whew—have
1? And Shanghai wouldn't let me
through the door—even though he
knows my sister used to be a regular
fro-be corrriKuEn)
North Carolina Tax Commission;
“Public Debt in North Carolina; In
vestments in Well-Being," by Dr. C.
K. Brown, Davidson College; "Cen
tralized administration of State and
Local Finances in North Carolina."
by C. M. Johnson, Director Local
The evening session oi ine same
day will be devoted to a symposium !
on taxation. Dr. J. M. Parrott. Set j
retarv of the State Board of Health
will preside. Speaker will he: A. !* j
McLean, of Washington, on "Income |
and Inheritance Taxes;” Frank
Coxe. of Asheville on "The General
Sales Tax"; Attornery General Den
nis G. Brummitt, on "Taxation of For
eign Corporations;" A. W. McAlister,
of Greensboro, Conference past presi
dent. will outline a tax program for
North Carolina in the concluding ad
Chapel Hill, April 14.—Robert D.
McMillan, a rising junior from Red
Springs, has been appointed business
manager of The Daily Tar Heel, Uni
versity student paper, for next year
At the same time the Publications
Union Board announced the selec-
Sales Tax Accepted
As Unavoidable Measure'
By Senate Supporters
Majority Os Those Favoring Impost Dislike It In
Principle But Want Speedy Balancing of Budget
Editor's Note: This fe the sixth
of It brief, dispatches
explaining simply and concretely
the federal government s tax phob
,m*> 4
Central Press Staff Writer
Washington, April 14 The tax bill
still has a 'long road ahead of it.
Such legislation must originate in
the house of representatives, but the
senate subsequently ea n make it over
into almost any form it chooses, and
the guess is (hazarded by many sena
tors Ibbat the present measure, over
which the representatives have work
ed for so long, will not look much like
its old self after the upper chamber
has remodeled it to its liking.
Then will begin the struggle in con
Delay Forecast
That the bill will remain unagreed
upon until late in the summer--with
a congressional recess for the con
ventions—ls freely predicted.
In the senate a far more vigorous
tion of Bernard Solumon, a rising
junior, of Wilming! m, as business
manager of the Buccaneer, student
comic; and of Robert H. otafnn. a
rising senior of Bethel, as business
manager of The Yackety Yack, col
lege annual.
Thomas C. Worth, of Raleigh, was
reappointed circulation manager for
all student publications.
Charles G. Rose, Jr., of Fayetteville,
had previously been elected editor of
The Daily Tar Heel, and George W.
Wilson, of Charlotte, had previously
been appointed managing editor.
These two have taken over their new
jobs already, but the old business
managers v. ill finish out thi.s «-rhol
astic year.
DffPfH TREAD u. s Ronh <«t m I
* morttob., Th,,*,
Bikkff.wfUrnffonttl- ■>«"
Iftfcm,. ffMv, eutu
: & •
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qualities of lh« i>b b«c*u>. of an ««clu- , . ,
a«*d an combined dv« Infrtdlcnt, w«*n
wWs »« traction end down men alowly, ■/>;&, HHBr
nifty of ru,9cd pnnrvinj th. us«, 4
rubber blocks. non-skid tread for a
much lon(«r
L * ... i j ''4m. i i i ——»^B^^r
No mes« claim, thill Tht biggest of extra miles to the long life of U. S.
t/re improvement in ten years .. . Royalt .. . increases the safety
m| m m* a vastly better, tougher, new tread of driving ;; . and is less IHrefy to
• K U .rubber, developed end used exclu- puncture. Yet the new U. S. Royals
sively by US. ... It adds thousands cost you less than ever bcforcl
A sturdy, good-looking, genuint U. S. m ■ a mm
Tire price you'// hardly believe —a * I I B
value you certainly won't match elsewhere I G # |% B IB
Master Tire Co., Distributors
Vance, Granville, Franklin, W arren and Halifax Counties
Serve-Ail Service Station City Service Station Matter Service Station
13a North William Street 135 South William Stmt 524 South Garnett Street
Senator Arthur Capper
campaign than in the lower house
seems ceitain to be waged for reduc
tions in expenditures, as a means of
effecting, .in part, a budget balance.
Nevertheless, there will be a heavy
deficit for new imposts to cover.
The senate fight, as in the repre
sentatives' branch of the national leg
islature clearly will rage around the
manufacturers’ spies tax proposition
or as much as is left of it. following
its modification by the representatives
Senator James E. Watson of Indi
ana. the Republican leader, has long
favored the rales levy, as comparat 1 '
lv painless, immediate, and affording
a "broad base" of collection.
Moat of its senatorial supporters ac
cept it only as an unavoidable evil.
Illustratively. "I have never liked H
in principle Senator Arthur
Capper of Kansas, "but the budget ab
solutely must be balanced and there
appears to be n.» other method of rais
ing the required revenue as speedily
ns It must be forthcoming.
"The greatest objection to such a tax
is perhaps eliminated under the pres
ent plan.
"I refer to the pyramiding o? price
On mum or Fays
“If the Impost is collected piece
meal. from each of the middlemen
through whose hands a commodity
losses, each is likely to add a trifle
more than the actual amount of the
tax, and the ultimate result is a much
higher price to the consumer than is
justiied by the taxation rate.
"Under the system /of collection ex
clusively from the manufacturer. 1
am hopeful thai this accumulation of
added profits can be avoided."
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turned —Adv.
Sotne authorities hove even argued
, that competition be'ween manufactur
ers will lesd ’he rr.to absorb the entire
tax. thou: ..rc consume, increase
x hatever.
"Oh. I can’t, believe th-iT." said Sen
ator Copper quickly.
"I have no doubt that the manufac
turer will |»ass the tax on dnwn
line, and ptobabiy a little more, too
ns will the middleman also, if given
the opportunity.'
Next: One Defense of "*alei« Tax
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