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State Election Machinery
Organized Fot Primary
Chairman and Secretary and
Registrars and Judges
Selected For All
Reynolds Making Things
Hot for Senator Morrison;
Gubernatorial Candidates
Are Believed To Be About
Even, Though Fountain
Was Leading
ILtlfKh. April 16 (IAP) Election :
ewch.nery of North Carolina was or
-antttd today for the primary to be
held June 4 and for the November gen- j
ml tlection.
Ai the direction of the State Board
of Elections, the 100 county board
mu « ’.he respective court house** and
themselves. after which reg
ttrtts and Judges of election were for
every lecmrti In She State were
were named.
Political ross? ln Raleigh in recent
div. ha< been comparatively quiet
mid interest beir.g evident ln the fight
te nz waged b> four other Demo
crat upor. Unite tfSiatcs Senator
Cimeron Morn.>on.
Ki r Acvcral weeks politicians heir
hav rbeen expressing trie opinion that
Robert P. Reynolds, of Asheville. was
tnlung ir,mgs hot tor Morrison with
h.'j prchibition modification stand
ln unusually well Informed political
rirr!e> the strength of the candidacy
o' Frink D Grist. State rormrusstoner
of labor. u not being discounted, and
Tom Howie, of West Jefferson and
Arthur Simmonr. of Burlington are
•!.» seeking the tog:>
AU three DcDmocnilic candidates
for irovemr have now paid their fil
-Ins fee and are making active speak
ing campaigns. Watchers here be
l'fvf that the rice 1> about even at
(hi? time. though Fountain was gen
erally considered far ahead a few
weeks ago.
Child Workers In
Industry Showing
Decline In State
Unil) llltpnlrk llareuM,
In Ikr Sir \\ nll-r Hotel
Mt J. »’. IUXKKHI 11,1..
Kileigh. April 16. The number of
children employed in industry in
A’*>rih Carolina has decreased 70 per
cent in the last ten years, so that the
pro Diem of child labor is becoming
Jcsi of a problem every year, accord
ing to E. F. Carter, head of the Di
vi.oi>n of Standards and Inspection in
ihr Department of which has
charge of the enforcement of the
states child labor laws, replacing the
former Child Welfare Commission, of
*hich Carter was executive secretary.
The largest number of children
renified by (be State as eligible for
employment in industry, and under
lt> years of age was in 1922-23, when
I‘tl2fi children were certified, Carter
Since that time the number has
~ eased 70 per cent, so that at the
present time only 3.G96 children under
!•> of age are certified for em
ployment in industry ln North Caro
*'na - At the present time, the mt
t»iiiy of the 3,066 children certified
are between 14 and 18 years old, while
rn 1922-23 most of the 10.425 children
Perl if led then were between 12 and
11 years okl.
f oihy, Kansas, April 16. (AP>—
Th** body of Dorothy Hunter,
right-year-old Selden. Kansas.
M-hooi girl, was found concealed
•n a hay stock two mites from
Achilles, Kan»., today r»y officers
|ed to the spot hy 'tiehard Heart**,
•*•*> "ho confessed he kidnaped
»«■ killed the girl.
A' the body was discovered a mob
of Selden cit'zeru were in eetrch of
' h ” rherif' and hi* prisoner In 50
niotor e : ,rj Hc« ree of cars, had trail
|', l the party of officers and were
halted nearby as Reade revealed the
hiding place of his youthful victim.
The county coroner and county
physi C | an were summoned from At
The girl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
r! >yd Hunter, was last seen near her
home shortly after 4 p. m. Thursday.
Mftiijtsott Daily Dispatch
*W THiMßkgja, Sggl C *
ka 8 .
This is an aerial view of the new
'hlo state office building at Colum
ius. wrecked by a blast i n which six
vorkmen are known dead and 50 in
lured. The building, erected at a cost
Harwoods Begin Terms
ln State Penitentiary
Devin Permit* Former Judge To Go There Instead of To
Roads; Sought To Shield Daughter in Embezzle,
ment of $4,823 While Working for State
Raleigh April 16. (AP) John H.
Harwood, former member of the State
Superior Court bench, today request
'd Judge W. A. Devin to change sen
cnce imposed on him yesterday and
will serve one year in State Prison
■natcad of in the Wake county jail
>r on the county roads.
The jurist, after telling the court
late yesterday he could not perjure
himself, even to save hia daughter,
pleaded guilty to charges* of muti
lation of court records in an embez
zlement case against her.
Miss Lola Harwood, the daughter
at the same lime, entered a plea ot
guilty to a charge of embezzling *4.-
323 in State funds while employed by
lowa Senator Is Speaker At
National Convention
In Chicago
Chicago, April 16.—(AP)-Senator
L» J. Dickinson, of lowa, was selected
temporary chairman of the Republi
can National Convention by the ar
rangements committee of the party
today. He will deliever the keynote
With h slate of candidates for im
portant convention posts apparently
agreed on, the announcement of Sen
ator Dick»:»jon's selection was made
by Sena'o,- Simeon D. fc'ess of Ohio,
chairman of the committee, a few
minutes after the session started in
the Congress hotel.
i Lafayette D. Gleason, of New York,
| was designated secretary of the con-
I vention.
Chicago, April 16. (API —The for
rjial business of selecting a temporary
chairman and keynoter for the Re
i publican National Convention was be
| fore the county arrangements com
mittee today, with Senator L. J. Dick
| inson. of lowa, agreed upon by the
C. O. P. high command as the man
for the job.
Other details of the approaching
convention were on the docket, includ
ing the selection of a permanent chair
man. a post generally conceded to
Representative Bertram H. Snell, of
New York. Republican leader of the
House of Representatives. I* B. Glea
son, of New York, secretary of the
Republican State Committee, was re
garded the choice for national secre
] of 36.000,000 was damaged to the ex
| tent of 51.000.000 by the explosion. Al
| though the blast occurred in the
basement official- declare steel gird
| ers as high as (he twelfth story were
; twisted. , |
the Revenue Department, and was
-sentenced to two years in State’s Pri
Judge Harwood today dispatched
his resignation to Governor O. Max
Gardner, but the governor had not
acted on it .as it reached his desk
just before the office closed fdr the
Saturday half holiday. It was not
thuoght that the governor would ap
point a successor, as an economy
Miss Harwood started her term at
State Prison last night, and Judge
Harwood was committed there today.
Neither was immediately assigned
any duties, as the prison is badly
Bakersville Man Accused of
Murder Committed 29
Tear* Ago
Bakersville. April 16 (AP)-George
Presneli’s murder trial for killing bis
neighbor, Lewis Buchanan. 29 years
ago will go to the jury late today.
The 60-year-old Presneii, now a re
spectable citizen of Prayer Prather
viille. Mo., heard one of his attorneys.
George C. Gretn, argue for his ac
quittal this merning. while M. L.
Wilson and John C. Mcßee. attorneys
for the State, asked toe jury to convict
Arguments of four attorneys
and the charge of Judge Waller E.
Moore remained before the pury will
receive toe case.
Raleigh, April 16.—(AP)—Leo
nldas Polk Dixon, 48-year-old Siler
City attorney, was named Repub
lican nominee for Congress from
the fourth congressional district
by the party convention herd tin
Fayetteville. April 16—(AP*—Major
Stanley F. Ryan, of the Fifth Field
Artillery’. U. S. A., shot himself
through the heart at Fort Bragg to
Post officials said it apparently was
a suicide, but no motive was learned,
Some Gain* for Maxwell Al
so Claimed, Though Ac
tive Some Distance
From Raleigh
All Three of Hi* Opponent*
Firing At Him, andßey
nolds and Grist Are Pro
fiting by Their Advocacy
of Ihnmediate Payment of
Unity ItliiMitrk Itiic-.m,
In Ike ate W litter lintel.
•IV J V. HASH r:n\ 11.1.
Raleigh. April 16. The political
pendulum has swung to opposite ex
tremes in the State for two candi
date*. indicating substantial gain* for
J. C. B. Ehringhaus in his campaign
for the democratic nomination for
governor, and apparently pointing to
substantial loeaeii for Senator Cam
eron Morrison in his effort to win the
nomination for the United States
Senate, according to reports that have
been received here this week. The
opinion in political circles here Is
that A. J. Maxwll has also continued
to gain in his campaign for the gov
There has not been much talk about
the guebrnalorial campaign this week
probably because none of the candi
dates has been active in this imme
diate territory. Ehringhaus has spent
the entile week in the western part
of the State, while R, T. Fountain
has also been in a number of the
western counties. Maxwell has re
mained in Raleigh most of the week,
although he mad a campaign speech
last night in Sanford.
Reports that have trickled back
here the last day or two concerning
Ehringhaus. have been that he made
an excellent impression this week in
the west and that he has made sub
stantial gains in many different sec
The Maxwell *uTj#*Mters also con
vinced that Maxwell is continuing to
gain in almost ail sections of the
State and that he is slowly but sure
ly overtaking both Fountain and
Ehringhaus. Maxwell maintains that
his program, favoring a less expen
sive government, if appealing more
and more strongly to the average cit
izen and the average business man in
North Carolina, since he is proposing
to do for the Slate what all business
men and all individuals have already
been forced to do trim their budgets
to stay within curtailed incomes.
Fountain is making few speeches,
but in these is continuing to attack
(CoiiUn.in! on Page Three.)
Favorable Trade
Balance For U. S.
Shown In March
Washington, April 16 (AlM—The
United States favorable foreign
trade balance for March was an
nounced by the Commerce De
partment today an *25,006,600.
In a preliminary announcement,
the department said exports for
March were *156.066,606, compared
with *2235,699,060 for March. 1031
and Imports were *131,000.000
against *210,262,006.
Although the value of exports
and Imports shrank greatly during
the period, the favorable trade
balance wah only *667.000 less than
In the same month last year.
Few Truck Crons
Damaged bv Cold
Spell In' March
Dally Dispute* Fliirrii it.
la tkr Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, April 16 —Few of the truck
crop®, with the exception of early
May peas and atrawt>errie®, were dam
aged by the freezing weather in
March, least of as) the fruit crops,
according to the April crop report
just released by the State-Federal
Crop Reporting Service of the State
Department of Agriculture.
The tobacco crop, however, was
severely damaged by the March freez
es, the report says, and inspections
made since indicate a loss of about
25 pea- cent from the 1931 crop. Blue
mold and the flea bug are getting into
the tobacco that aurvived the freezing
weather and indications are that the
acreage of toe 193. crop may be re
duced to only about 60 per cent of the
1931 acreage, the report indicates.
Increasing cloudiness, slightly
warmer, except near Hatteras. to
night; Sunday cloudy followed
hy showers in north and west por-
About Quarter Os Billion
Saving Estimated In Plan
At Jefferson Day Dinner
h "*>- I^BMIW
Everybody » i i • in Cte Democratic I’ai’.t v. - a> or. ;i„i,u at t’nt
Wash in on, D. C., celebration to honor the memory of Thomas Jeffer
son, the greatest Democrat of them all. Above are a few of the notables
who attended the brilliant Jefferson Day dinner. Top photo shows
Governor Albert C. Ritchie, of Maryland, as he exchanged greeting*
with Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, widow of the wartime President.* Lower
panel shows Speaker John N. Garner, of Texas, apparently enjoying
” good joke. On the right is Jouette Shouse, chairman of the Demo
cratic National Committee. Center is Al Smith, who did much speak
ing as weli as eating. Former Governor Smith’s speech was the
outstanding sensation of the affair.
Huge Savings Possible
Through Consolidating
Executive Departments
Central Pros* Staff Writer
Washington, April 16. The house
of representatives' economy commit
tee under Congressman John McDuf
fie’s chairmanship arrived at one
sensible, conclusion anyway, in the
course of its recent conference with
President Hoover relative to reduc
tion in the cost of government.
An argreement was reached upon
the desirability of getting all expense
cuts together, in what legislators call
an “omnibus bill.” and acting on
them collectively, instead of trying to
deal with each one separately.
No governmental subdivision is
without its own particular group of
friends, some of them very strong
and fanatical. When that subdicision's
appropriation is attacked, the group
especially interested in it invariably
puts u pa fight in its defense, and
as the group has solidarity, generate
opposed to a scattered and not overly
resolute opposition, it holds its ground
On 46th Day Since Lind
bergh Baby Was Stolen,
He’s Still Gone
Hope-well. N. J., April 16 <APi 0„
the 46th day since the landbergh baby
was kidnaped, the latest -high lights
of the in the plot are;
Rear Admiral Guy H. Burruge, of
Norfolk, said John H. Curtis, of Nor
folk. back from a secret mission, had
made at least one contact with the
Dean H. Dobson-Peacock, third of
the Norfolk intermediaries, said they
believed the child is "alive and wetl."
Dr. John F. Condor, the "Jafsie,"
w<ho made the futile $50,000 ransom
payment, said:
"I'd be glad to report if I had any
thing to report, but I have notoing."
A young woman Who said she was
friend of Cokmel Lindbergh’s mother,
Greta Grey, of Minneapolis, and a
visited the Lindbergh home !Mt night
She emerged stating; “We're *H feel
ing better.” .
Two detectives then escorted her to
Trenton. State pohee said She was
merely “given a ride into Trenton by
two detective® going off duty.”
No Greta. Gray is hsted in toe Min
neapolis city directory. Mrs W. H.
Buckner. W. A. Butter, of Minnea
polis, aunt of Cokmel LindJjergh. said
she knew of no Greta Gray a® a friend
of toe Lindbergh fwniljr.
in a majority of cases.
As a whole, however, indications
are that the country urgently de
mands retrenchment. With this sen
timent mobilized behind a single mea
sure. and the multiplicity of groups
resisting independently of one anoth
er, thep rospect is not bad that most
of them can be steam-rollered simul
That it will prove possible to effect
a consolidation of executive depart
ments seems almost too much to hope
for. although the saving would be en
The White House objects strenu
ously. of course, since the cabinet
poitfolis within its gift are the rich
est prizes an administration has to
Nevertheless, the government slstct
e with only half its present number.
For example, unofficial estimates
(Continued on Page Five.)
Prosecution Seeks To Force
Hand of Defense, Led
By Darrow
Honolulu, April 16 'AP> Immedi
ate fulfillment of the defense promise
to name one of the four accused per
sons as the slayer of Joseph Kaha.ii
awai was sought by the prO!*ecutton
in the lynching case here today.
Exclusion of testimony relating to
wife of one and daughter of another
the attack On Mrs. Thalia Massie,
of the defendants with which Kaha
hawai and four others were charged
also wa- sought by the prosecution.
Before Lieutenant Thomas H. Mas
sie resumed the witness rftaud to con
tinue his story, thus far principally
relating to to» attack upon his wife,
attorneys prepared to argue in cham
bers the admissibility of testimony
along that Hne.
Washington. April 16. (APt-Owen
D. Young today telegraphed Repre
sentative Patman. Democrat. Texas,
that, while favoring an increase In
money volume, he does not consider
printing currency to cash the sol
diers’ bonus a "sound and helpful”
President Wants Congress
To Authorize Him To
Carry It Out By Exe
cutive Order
Borah Favors Slash In Sala
ries Instead, While Hoover
Wants Five-Day Week for
Federal Employees A *
Against Straight Pay Cut
Washington, April 16 <AP> Savings
under President Hoover's plan for re
ducing government expenditures were
estimated today ir. a White House me
morandum at nom a portable $225,-
000,000 to *250.000.000 annually.
The memorandum, as issued by J.
C. Roop, budget director, explained
the administration's plan to the
House economy committee. Hope was
rbandoned of completing a bill by-
Tuesday for introduction ill tlx-
Meanwhile, opposition to toe Hoover
proposal lo furlough government em
ployees without pay was expressed in
a statement by Senator Borah. Re
publican. Idaho. He favors a slash
in saktries.
The White House memorandum arg
ued strongly for President Hoover's
proposal for n. five-day week for gov
ernment employees as a garnet ttte
straight pay cut plan advocated by
members of (hr economy committee.
Five points In favor of the adminis
tration proposal were listed.
The House economy committee was
told today by J. C. Roop, budget d»-
jeetor, that President Hoover desired
authority to mr.ke a toorough reor
ganization of th e Federal govommeoi
In explaining to the group belaud
closed doors the admin MU at ion’s fat
reaching omnibus retrenchment Mil,
Root said Mr. .Hoover desired Con
gress to establkih a policy of eonsoli
ballon that would permit rum to
carry it out ftirough executive order*.
glasTbaHll h
Committee Endorses Mem
sure Designated To Curb
Wild Speculation
Washington, April 16. <AJ »)••--,The
i -tenate Banking Committee I oday ap
proved the Glass banking reform bill.
The measure, directed at ctirbing the
use of Federal facilities f<> r specula
tion. received almost unanimous ap
proval in its modified form.
A contest anise over thie provision
to allow national bank; to have
branch banks legardleas if,' State pro
hibitory laws against bt inch banks.
This provision was retained in the
legislation, although son .e member.®
reserved the right to opjxosc it on the
floor. j
The bill, sponsored hy Senator
Glass. Democrat, Virgil fia, was modi
fied to meet osme suggestions of the
Federal Reserve Board, and in it-,
present form is expected to receive
Republica nsupport.
The legislation represents almost 18
months of work by th /. banking com
mittee in an effort to( modernize the
national banking act. and to tighten
up the Federal Reseri e and national
banking systems for protection of the
Brummitt Ciertai n
He Could Win On
‘Carpetbag’ Bonds
RaMigti. April fs—<APl—Attor
ney General Deni tht G. Brummitt
expressed the oif’inlon today that
he could “beat"* any ruit the
State of Colored n might Institute
to attempt to flww North Caro
lina to pay repudiated “carpet
bagger” bonds.
Mr. Brummitt said that Cuba In
1916 and Connecticut in 1926 had filed
suit against the State to force pay
ment of a portion of the issue, but
that those suit® rwere later withdrawn
A group of y«i*rsuiu> is reported to
have offered ft c State of Colorado
*7OO-000 of the loond* as a gift if the
State will sue If orth Carolina for col

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