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Drastic Steps Taken
Limit Upon New Levies
As July 1,1934, Removed;
Rates To Be Permanent
Eliminate Five Dollar Ex
emption Previously Voted
In Two-Cent Bank
Check Tax
Applicable to Each SIOO
Face Value; Rate Same at
Set for Stock Transfers;
Putting Tariff Rates Into
New Revenue Bill Is Now
Washingion. Mhv -I. (API In
(jrviif mood for new revenue legis
la'inr the Senate Finance Committee
votwi far teaching changes today in
th» Heuse tax bill.
The July 1. 1934. limitation given
I* the House to the life of the mul
titudinous new excise levies was re
oiHtil and the rates made perma
The $5 exemption previously voted
bv the ommittce for the two cents
tax on hank checks was eliminated,
addin* moie than J 35.000.000 to the
A fist four cents levy on bonds
tnn.-;frr . applicable to each SIOO of
fare value was agreed upon. The tax
>? expected to’produce $10,000,000.
A flat ra»e of four cents a share on
bond enles was voted today by the
Senate Finance Committee. The rate
*a.- the same as set yesterday for
th* jt.K-k sales. The House had fixed
i’t t»n*l sales tax at two cents a
t-hafo or not less than one-eighth of
en* percent of the selling price.
Th» rommittee disposed of this pro
hl»m before plunging into another
dt pij'e which appeared impending,
putting tariff rates into the revenue
Public Defender
Strangely Missing
In San Francisco
'an Fnncjsco. Cal.. May 4 <AP>
Mv.tprv today shrouded the disap-
V l 'ir^T\a- of Frank J. Egan. Ran Fran
c,rn public defender. He vanished
M«.nrtav night after Charles Duller*,
raptam of detectives, had received a
telephone call supposedly from Egan
Th»cc man have got me captured."
I'epuiy Poroncr James Walsh re
'»,Hle<i Kgnn had been named chief
beneficiary in the will of Mrs. Jessie
Hn*he. widow, whose body was
hxind in a .dteet gutter several days
Huey Long*s Independence
Appeals To Progressives,
Who Now Lack Leadership
Ontrml Preaa Staff Writer
"’mhlngton. May b.--Is politico
economic orthodoy's high command
•’ may be or it would see the
menace in Senator Huey P. Long of
Louisiana and be doing something
beotic to ctinguish him.
Y *' here we have the press of the
e’>untry referring to the southerner’s
teceni encounter with Democratic
Leader Joseph T. Robinson in the up
per congressional chamber merely a*
* clash between Long and Robinson
<>r *s a row or a rumpus or by any
°f half a dozen other equally in
*'tc'(iiate designations.
seems impossible that anyone
tan f, »t* ot recognize it as having been
an event of major importance. To be
-one U was only a preliminary to
*hat evidently is to come but a pre
liminary of approimately such rela
,,v** significance as the World war
Pieliminary of Germany's attack on
k'S* in August. 1914.
Certainly no one will dispute that
'Ji content is widespread in this coun
tr> However it is the subject of com
ment ftom every quarter that it is a
discontent which hitherto has lacked
'eldership. Now com«s Huey Long
w,:h an offer of leadership »nd there
can be no question in the umida of
Utenitersmt Hatly ißignatrfi
77, -^r——^^ AILY NEWSPAPE R published in this section of north Carolina and viSinia.
China and Japan
I o Sign Tomorrow
Shanghai. May 4.—(AlD—lnfor
mation from official circle** tonight
•said that an armistice officially
terminating the conflict between
( him- and Japan in this area will
he signed at Hi o'clock tomorrow
Mam ora Shigemlsu. the Japanese
minister, and General Kenklchi
lye da will sign for Japan, al
though they Ktill are In the hos
pital with serious wounds inflicted
by an assassin last week. General
Tal Chi. the Chinese defense com
missioner for Shanghai, will »|g n
for his country. Other signatories
will he the American. British,
French and Italian representatives
who participated in the armistice
Agents of Textbook Makers
Appear In Raleigh Since
Campaign Became
Unusually Hot
Estimated the 14 to 18 Rep.
resentatives in State Cost
ing Publishers $250,000
Year, Which People Pay;
Maxwell Wants State To
Rent Books
llnll.r Ol.pnteh florenn.
In the Sir Uniter Hotel
Raleigh. May 4.--The textbook pub
lishers are becoming worried at the
stinging attack which A. J. Maxwell
is making upon what he terms the
"textbook trust” tn his campaign for
the Democratic nomination for gov
ernor and his charges that 40 per cent
of the present prices paid for school
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’hose who have followed his career
:uul observed him in action to date
that he has it to offer.
Plenty of folk will denounce It as
lemogoglc hut it is leadership.
I»ng has courage and stamina and
tbsoliite poise. The full measure of
his ahitity remains to be gauged ‘bOt
he has the personality to make what
ever of it he does possess count to the
limit it generally is agreed that Hit
ler has not much. Nevertheless, he
has caused a deal of anxiety in Eu
rope. Parenthetically, this is not to
compare Long with Hitler, but solely
as a reminder to those who deny any
thing but rabble rousing qualities in
Long that does not necessarily de
tract from his leaderlike potentialities
It is clear that Louisiana conser
vatism took fright at Long’s political
rise some time ago and tried to kill
him with ridicule. He proved to be
foo genuine a character to be. laugh
ed off there but the issue still was
open: ,
How would he 3how up in national
Since his arrival in Washington he
has made a few short speeches. There
was punch behind them. He damaged
senatorial feelings here and there.
The galleries filled whenever he start
ject of.interest. His fellow senators
(ConUcuad oo Page Pive.)
By Senate Finance
Hu..' J
SBBflgsMaJMp tS
2 iK t B P
HpmpnH n
Power, turned jovial, is represent
ed by this group, snapped on the
steps of a Paris hotel, just before
leaving to attend a session of the
world disarmament conference at
Postponement Tax Sales
Violation Os State Law
But Nothing To Be Done
Secretary Johnson of Local
Government Commission
Silent on Action
Counties Took
Can Be Exercised, However,
Only In Event County De
faults in Its Payments To
State; Position of Commis
sioners Fully Recognized
Unity lli*|intrli
111 Ike Sir Uniter Hotel.
nr j. r. nASKKitviM..
Raleigh, May 4 Although there is
no doubt that the postponement of
the sale of property for taxes from
the first Monday in June to a inter
date is clearly in violation of the law
and likely to seriously affect the
Credit of the counties that postpone
thebe sales, according to both Di
rector of Local Government Charles
M. Johnson and Attorney General
Dennis G. Brummitt, Director John
son declined to Intimate or indicate
today whether or not he intended to
do anything about the matter. Al
ready some 14 or 15 counties have
postponed the tax sales from 30 to
90 days and it is likely that a good
other counties will do the same
Johnson today declined to comment
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Kreuger Aide Held
fllk' v
a* ■
•.. .
One of the intimate business col
laborators of the late Ivar Kreu
ger. match king, arrested in
Stockholm, Sweden, and charged
With falsification of documents it
L&ri Lan^e 4 - —'
Geneva. Left to right, Ramsay
MacDonald, British prime min
ister; Chancellor Heinrich Bruen
ing of Germany; Premier Andre
Tardieu of France.
Fall Will Leave
Prison This Week
Washington. May 4 (Al‘) —Albert
B. Fall proliahly Will be released
from prison within the next four
By deducing the time allowed off
for good h May 8 la the ex
piration dale for his sentence im
posed for accepting a bribe while
secretary of the Interior under
President llardlng.
Serving in the New Mexico State
penitentiary, berauae of the climate
at Santa Fe was considered favor
able to his l»ad health. Fail is un
de ml nod by Washington officials
to have behaved well. Though'the
sloo,tarn fine lni|M>*ed with a year
and a day prison term has not been
paid, the sentence is not under
stood by the Justice Department to
require his confinement until It Is
paid or Fall take a pauper’s oath.
Heavy Fighting, With Many
Dead and Wounded In
Manchurian Region
Harbin, Manchuria. May 4 <API-
General Hlroee’s three Japanese bri
gades continued their drive against the
Chinese rebels north and northeast
of here today, with heavy fighting, in
which many on both sides wei’e killed
or wounded.
The revolt flamed afresh along the
Hukan-Hailun railway, north of here
where the former followers of Gene
ral Mah Ghan-Shan went into action
and dynamited a bridge. General
Muraio Japanese brigade, just return
ed from the eastern section of the Chi
nese eastern railway, set out north
ward from Hulan in armored trains to
put down this new rebellion.
General Nakamura’s foeoe, continu
ing its cautious way down the Sungari
river on a fleet of gunboats, clashed
with the rebels near MuJan. 100
e(aa» of here. The rebels fled after a
battle which 30 Chinese were killed.
The Japanese loot one killed and 16
Generally fair tonight and Thaw
day; slightly warmer tonight. .
Committee To Get Revenue
House Ways and Means
Committee Not Going to
Approve Any" Such
Idea, Leader Says
Petition To Discharge "the
Committee Couldn’t Bring
Vote Before May 23, and It
Would Never Get Through
Senate This Session That
Washington, May 4. (AP) Repre
sentative Rainey, the Democratic
leader, told newspaper men today
that the new money plan for cash
redemption of the soldier bonus
"hasn't a chance of becoming law
this session."
Commenting on proposals for the
two billion dollar outlay after over
three weeks of continuous hearings,
Rainey said "the House Ways and
Means Committee is not going to ap
prove any such idea."
"The committee won t approve any
fiat money plan, and that in what
this is." Rainey said.
The Illinois leader is a ranking
member of the revenue group. It will
hold its first closed meeting Thurs
day to discuss the bonus pavment
"The committee will not report such
n drastic and inflationary scheme
an deven if its sponsors do get it out
on the floor, it cannot become raw
this session." Rainey sard.
"If a petition to discharge the com
mittee gets the necessary 145 sig
natures, May 23 would be th» first
day a vote could eb had. under the
r ules. Then, suppose the House passed
the bill, what chance would it have
in the Senate that late tn the ses
"Personally. I wouldn't mind if they
did get the bill out on the floor for
action. It would assure the country
that, no fiat money plan is going to
become law and help business con
10 60 10 PRISON
Will Be Allowed Liberty
While Fight for Freedom
It In Progress
Washington, May 4 (AD—A bill
to give President Hoover pwwer to
pardon the four defendants in the
Hawaiian murder case was Intro
duced today Itv Senator Logan,
Democrat. Kentucky.
Washington, May 4 (APl—The
House territories committee today
unanimously veiled in favor of a
"thorough and complete survey
of the government of Hawaii," and
Intrusted its chairman. Represen
tative Williams, Democrat, Texas,
to introduce a resolution for that
purpose- , *
Honolulu, May 4. (AD Definite
assurance that Lieutenant Thomas
H. Massie and three others convicted
with him of manslaughter will not
go to prison as long as their fight
against conviction is in progress were
forthcoming today.
Both prosecution and defence coun
»el said the four would probably re
main in custody of the Navy at Pearl
Harbor, and it was authoritatively un
derstood Judgg Charles S. Davis
would commit them to the custody of
naval officers when they appear be
fore him for sentences Friday.
Raleigh Will Go
Back to Standard
Time at Midnight
Raleigh, May 4.—(AD— Ra
leigh will resume operation on
eastern standard time at midnight
The city commissioners this
morning rescinded action token
last week which placed the city
on dayligfet i time* starting last
. SWMtejE-
Texan Is Leading
Both Os Opponents
By 32,000 Margin
Reds Ridicule Morgan
r A s
By- r
*jMjU9L i
, »g? rWri '"'lrf
This daring caricature of J. p.
Morgan, world-famous financier,
carried in the New York May Day
parade, by Communists, portrays
their ridicule of his endorsement
of the “block aid” movement.
House Demand's Deletion of
Senate Amendments In
serted in Appropria
tions Measures
Washington, May 4.—(AP»— The
Democratic Hous*. leadership decided
today to send the State, Justice, Com
merce and Labor supply bills to con
ference for the deletion of Senate
amendments other than the cuts in
flat ten percent reduction in the total.
Chairman Byrns .of the appropria
tions committee, said that, while there
apparently waa no objection to sav
ings effected by the Senate, the mea
(Continued -on Pace Six.)
Farmers Who Were Given'
Government Loans Signing
Waivers On Their Cotton
Washington, May 4.—(AP>—Farm
ers who have pledged their crop a?
collateral for 1932 drought and aeed
loans are being asked by the Agri
culture Department to sign waivers
giving the department authority to
sell those commodities at will.
Those chiefly concerned are cot
ton farmers, who have given the de
partment warehouse receipts for 365.-
ISS bales of their last year’s harvest,
worth $10,954,650.
Smith Approximately 62,000
Votes Behind Garner,
With Roosevelt In
Second FMace
If Garner Holds Lead, He
Will Have Seriously Im
peded Roosevelt's Rush
and Become Serious Con
tender for Democratic
Presidential Nomination
<By (be Associated Preas »
With three-founhs of the precincts
in. Speaker John N. Garner, of Texas,
today held the commanding lead of
32.000 votes over Franklin D. Roose
velt in California's three-way Demo
cratic presidential primary battle.
Alfred E. Smith was running ap
proximately 62.000 behind Garner,
with the votes in from H. 660 precincta.
Garner’s vote was 192.249, and Smith s
vote was 128,182, while Roosevelt had
Should the remaining precincts hold
up the Texan s lead and give him vic
tory. which his forces were claiming.
Garner will have seriously impeded
.he candidacy of Rooeeveit for the
1 residential nomination. He will have
:ilso taken himself out of the favorite
•'on class, as Texas has promised kirn
her 46, With California's 44. he would
have a block of 90 convention votes*
Roosevelt, who appears to nav* cap
tured Alabama's 24 voLs in >»-st< r
day's primary, now has 313 pledged
ind claimed votes, with at least 10U
promised him fr,Gm New York and
Pennsylvania. A. total of 77u aie need-*
< d to wm the nomination.
Conservative Republicans appeared
to have wo;i another northwest vic
tory in South Dakota, where an un
iustructod delegation of 11 friendly to
/•Tesldenk Hoover wu maintaining a
good b;»d over a faction pledged tq
a "progressive.”
A rush of returns from Los Angeles,
stronghold of Speaker John N. G**r
t'Cr. today thrust the Texan into the
t -ad in California’s vital Democratic
presidential primary.
With 7.260 out of 10.271 precL*nots
reported, Garner’s total was 147.782,
as against 124.462 for Roosevelt and
1'*9.284 for Alfred E. Smith. the
Democratic presidential candidate of
1928. 4
Bank Examiner If?
South Carolina Is
Apparent Suicide
Ijaurens. S. C., May 4 (Al^> —Mer-
ton Fuller, of Spartanburg, ad •exam
iner for the South Carolina Stale bank
ir»g Department, was found in. a Imtol
room here today with a bulhjt wound
in his head and a pistol in kde band.
He died shortly thereafter.
He was still aove when found, but
was unable to speak.
Fuller, a native of thlfc county,
spent last night at the botelj. He got
up this morning, ate and
left the hotel, but returned afbout 10 30
n. m.. and sometime tatre a platol
was heard, and he waa found khot.
Fuller was formerly carrier of the
Bank of Mountvllle. in tbte county.
These waivers are n« rw coming in.
and. meanwhile, the d<ypartmenl dis
claims any Intention of forced selling
at a time when it wouAd disrupt the
cotton market.
The cotton was acoepted as col
lateral on the basis of eight cents a
pound to encourage storage to pre
vent market gluts and lower price*,
and lo enable farmer* to buy the
necessities they needed over the win
ter. A- -

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