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Bright Belt Le
oilman Promise* Import-
I a nt Announcement
About League
■ rhJ finds the Rocky
I R,Hvier> here in the city meet-
I Henderson Athletics for their
I meeting <■< s^HOn - So far.
I wndfi-n hJ:i won one by ,be BOore
■ , M and the Roofers copped the
I C fher Saturday. 9-3. The two teams
c p «*'ll matched and a re*)
JUrrM i* >" for after-
B0C “ Walkin' To Pitch
UarwC r ,m ° Hahtman will probably
u f Lm W»'kin>. .-ince he was the one
clipp'-'l Ihv ‘ Roosters* wings In
Itchy Mount la.-* Friday. 6-1. This
pretty good when he is right.
i ,t y not often when he Is wrong,
iw- had pler.iy of rent since his
cm cmrr the Naah-Edgecombe boys.
tß d 4io»ld be able to slip them by
•hem on hi* home lot. Parrish will be
bfhind the H»te with ckhec regulars
rounding <>u- the team.
\\ lead League
Th# lor als are on top of the League.
pr what is left of it since Roanoke
jUpids withdrew, and a victory this
fcftrnw* for Rocfl* Mount will push
,he locaL- into second place.
Roanoke Rnpids wkhdrew from the
I»arne on 'he opening date, saying
that it was :mpc'- ivlf for them to play
sa p»»'- r =* a week Negotiations are
bene en’-' .ed on with other towns, and
jccordinr ’>> teoul officials, some other
city may hire Roanoke Rapids' place
rr the schedule. ]
M2Tnenr Pih'tnan. of the locals,
nays th.<t h*' will have an important
sßi'ounf < ‘ni' , !it t- make for publication
tPm nrrw concerning the future of the
Bright B*»i: League.
riuh w. i_ pet.
tVinston-Salca 10 3 ,769
Wilmington ... 8 5 .615
Greensboro 7 5 .538
Raleigh 6 7 .462
High Point 5 6 .455
Asheville 5 6 .455
Purham 5 6 .455
CTnrict'e 4 9 .308
Dub W. L. Pet.
WkJh'.ngton 17 5 .773
»w York 12 6 667
Cleveland 16 10 .615
Drtro* 12 8 .600
St Lems 11 13 458
Philadelphia 8 12 .400
Chicago 6 16 .273
Boston 4 16 .200
o*6: W. L. Pot.
Chicago 16 6 .727
80-ton 13 8 .619
Cincinnati ...,.14 11 .560
Philadelphia :U 10 .524
St Loui" .11 13 .421
N>w York 8 11 .421
Brink h-n 7 13 .350
Pm burgh 7 15 .318
Charlotte. May 10 (A.P>—The Char
lotte Observer ways Guy Le'-y will be
replaced as manager of the Charlotte
Horne's of the P'edmont League with
in e ft w days “unless he picks up."
Manager I.«cy was shot in the arm
during a family quarrel at hLs wife's
home i n Tennessee test winter and
* ap s«id by the paper not to Have
'"wne around " The team is in the
cellar poshj on .
djEUjA L
**'• » ItH* great- U M K M
M* in m us B
h'l*onyj| Choose
on > you
—end come | A
*o the striking
"•w Hotel Plymouth for o tool
*o«oti<*nl 3 days of fun, intoros*,
•"toywent— all for $lO eomplat*.
* , m*i accomwilaiioiii.
'* ' ■*' ■“•ok. terved id Mold PioiflJ »ie
- * ‘qfc»i«**ee Vip prounH New YoHi
* h n MqttiQK ip (iwpin l«iy ISMke
* ** <*•> fro* beewntvt CVytler T«we».
( «? P s fTl / Wi««IM 3 Mock! 9* JO I
■«fl ltwo»r««.
XIH r>■ /U Every room
i mil •"* +~~
r‘k a i R Cv.jteting tee W«*w
*L‘* S JJR , » I *A*O IM evMBT toon
*■ ‘ KIL Aj> yew tevrint H«"0|
• • • HOTEL * * :
49* St• Jest off Ireedwey
renter of ovoryfßtOß J
Wilmington 5; Raleigh 4.
Asheville 8; Durham 7.
Winston-Salem 5; Greensboro 2.
Charlotte 9; High Point 7.
Washingiton 3; Cleveland 0.
Others postponed, rain.
St Ixnits 7; Brooklyn 6.
Boston 6; Pittsburgh 5.
Cincinnati 4; Philadelphia 3.
New York-Chicago, rain.
Greensboro at Winston-Salem
Charlotte at High Point.
Raleigh at Wilmington
Durham at Asheville.
Cleveland at Washington
Chicago at Philadelphia
St Louis at Now York
£**roit at Boston
Philadelphia at Cincinnati ,
New York at Chicago
Brooklyn at St. Louis
Boston at Pittsburgh.
State Meets Wake Forest on
Latter's Baseball Lot
Raleigh, May 10. The crucial game
in the present Big Five baseball race
is set for this afternoon when State
College and Wake Forest, the two
leading clubs, meet at Wake Forest
at 3:30.
By beating Carolina and Davidson
last week. State moved into second
place in the Big Five standing and
into a position to challenge the Dea
cons for the state title.
Wake Forest is unbeaten in the
)ptate. having won four straight
games. State holds four wins and two
losses. Should Wake Forest win to
day. ihe Techs will be practically eli
minated. On the other hand, a State
win will place the West Raleigh team
in a position where it will have a
good chance of overtaking the Bap
Aside from the potentialities of the
game as to effects on the league
standing, it will offer another pit
chers' battle between Junie Barnes
of the Deacons and John Lanning of
It will be the fourth time these two
men have faced each other In the
last two years. On the othre occasions.
Barnes has won. This Barnes, who is
left handed, has chunked his team to
all four of its Big Five wins this.sea
son. Lanning isalso« tertdited with
State's four wins and the two losses.
(Continued from Page One.)
school textbook issue into the cam
paign by advocating State rental of
textbookss to children. He was the
first to advocate safer banking re
gulations. Last week he brought out
another new issue by advocating the
support and operation of the school
buses from highway funds. Yesterday
he issued a statement that branded
the recent statement issued by the
State Textbook Commission to the ef
fect that the average cost of text
books in the elementary grades is not
more than 75 cents per child, as
nothing more than propaganda to off
set his demands for the State rental
of textbooks.
This stinging assault upon the State
Textbook Commission was interprteed
here as being little more than a thin
ly veiled rebuke to the entire State
Department of Public Instruction and
created a decided sensation in State
departmental circles here. It is also
being interpreted to indicate that
Maxwell is in the fight to the finish
for ihe nomination and that he has
Just begun to fight. It is also conced
ed that there is not an abler con
troversialist in the State than Max
Fountain was in Raleigh yesterday
and made a speech in the court house
here last night. But he failed to in
ject anything new into the campaign
from his standpoint or to do more
than generalize about side issues,
with the result that people today were
still more interested in Maxwell’s
"spat” with the textbook commission
and the Department of Public In
struction than they were In the rov
ing ratiocinations of the Rocky Mount
rambler last night.
According to the statement issued
by the School Book Commission last
week. the average cost of textbooks
in all the elementary grades is not
more than $554,262 a year for an aver
age enrollment of 738.078 school chil
dren. which would make an average
yearly textbook cost of only 75 cents.
Maxwell, in his statement, branded
the figures given out by the textbook
commission as "flagrantly mislead
ing' and intimated that it must have
been given out by an administration
appointed board to help "the heir-ap
parent (Ebrtnghaus) in the June pri
mary.” Maxwell contended that the
average coat of the basic books re
quired, to say nothing of the many
supplemental books used, la $2.20 a
year in the first grada jioius ofid t&*t
adership At Stake In
As Burgo King Gave Bradley Third Derby Win
yes**-* **
Burgoo King, with Jockey Eugene
James up, poses proudly with floral
award after winning the Kentucky
Derby at Churchill Downs, Louisville:
Fast Field Expected At
Track Meet On Saturday
Chapel Hill, May 10. —Half a dozen
schools have already sent their en
tries in. and indications are for a big
and fast, field at the University of
North Carolina's sixth annual South
ern Interscholastic Track Champion
ships here Saturday.
Teams already entered include
Stunton Military Academy, last year's
winner, and Riverside Military Aca
demy. last year's runner-up, Green
brier. Danville, and Massanutten Mili
tary Academies, and Virginia Epis
copal School.
Bulldogs To Play Last
Season Game Tomorrow
The Henderson high school's fight
ing Bulldog nine will sing its swan
song tomorrow afternoon at League
Park at 4 o'clock, when it meets the
Oxford Orphanage in the final game
of the 1932 season. The locals have
met the Orphans once before this sea
son and defeated them, and tomor
row will see them fighting hard to
close their season with another win.
The 1932 season hasn't been such a
successful one for the local high
school in the games won and lost tak
ing only two games in conference
play, but has been from the point of
boys participating in games for the
school. Coach Payne, the high school
the average for the first seven grades
is $5.75. Maxwell referred to the text
book commission's statement in his
speech last night in Wilkesboro, when
he said:
“I do not see how the .School Book
Commission, authorized by the 1931
General Assembly to investigate the
cost of school textbooks, hut which
only held its organization meeting
Friday, was able to learn to the pen
ny what elementary school books
cost. That looks like high-powered ef
ficiency to me. Their statement that
the average cost of books is only 75
cents per pupif per year is so ab
surdly low that I should like for every
parent in North Carolina who has
children in school to answer for him
self or herself whether the books for
their children have cost only 75 cents
a year. Many single books cost more
than that.
"If true, this fact constitutes one
of the most compelling condemna
tions of our public school system, and,
if true, means that our children are
being required to try to make bricks
without straw and to jspend their
time in school without tools to work
with. If true, it means the starvation
of pupil opportunity."
Balancing of Budget
Won't Solve Problem
That Faces Uncle Sam
(Continued from PHga One.)
"However, the mere balancing of
charges.” added the Dakotan, "while
it prevents us from getting deeper in
to the hole, doesn't get us out of it.
"Our national and state debts will
take longer to pay than its pleasant
to contemplate. South Dakota, for
example, undertook loaning money to
farmers, which of course it never
ought to huYi -wtt.. m<a .i. «—a
the third <hovse to win the classic for
Colonel E. H. Bradley, famed Ken
tucky racing stable owner. Bradley's
Buhave Yourself won in 1921, his Bub-
Thc prep championships will be run
off on the same program with the
Carolina-l’enn State Track Meet. The
Tar Heels romped off with their 12th
straight State championship last Sat
urday. with Farmer. Legorr. Marland,
Brown and Mullis bettering five State
records. Penn State last year gave
the Tar Heels one of the two dual
meet lickings they have suffered in
the last ten years, and the intersec
tions! leaders' showing at the recent
Penn Relays predicts a great meet
mentor, has given a number of boys
their chance to show their wares as
ball players, and many of thrse boys
were lower classmen who will be in
high school at least one or two more
years and will make good baseball
material to build future teams on,
and they have a good team to offer
next year as they lose only a few men
through graduation.
The line-up for tomorrow afternoon
shows Kearney catching and Harris
or Finch pitching, with J. Mills, lb;
Inscoe, 2b; F. Mills, ss; Polite, 3b;
Hall, If: Turner, cf; and Bill High*,
rs. and with other members of the
squad to see action.
$50,000,000 outstanding on which it's
estimated the loss will be $20,000(000.
The state has taken over immense
areas, but the land can't be sold at
sufficient prices to settle cliams for
$50,000,000. The sooner the holders of
those obligations recognize that they
have lost 40 per cent of their invest
ment. the snonrr they will get the
other 60 per cent back again. Not
until they do recognize it can the
farms he offered at. figures low
enough to attract buyers.
“I believe a similar situation, with
local variations, prevails the country
over. Until creditors accept Iheir
losses I can see no prospect of re
stored prosperity. And they're mighty
unwilling to accept them."
Winston has good
llallr m*pnrr» Rnrean,
In tfer Sir Wnltrr Hotel.
Raleigh, May 10. Winston-Salem is
carrying out one of the best coordi
nated garden programs of any city in
North Carolina, according to R. W.
Hennlnger. who has just returned
from a trip into the western and
Piedmont sections. The garden pro
gram in the Forsyth county seat is a
business venture of large proportions
and ably manned and supervised. Mr.
Hennlnger said.
The program includes the cultiva
tion of a tract of 30 acres by the
city for the production and canning
of food produce, which will be used
next fall and winter for Negro re
lief. The city has furnished seed, ma
chinery and so forth. Four of five
staple crops, such as Irish potatoes,
corn, peas and beans have been plant
ed. Negro labor Is being used on this
tract. Various neighborhood tracts,
ranging from one-half to five acres,
have been put into cultivation as in
dividual gardens for both . $ e^jose,
Oitd f
Game Here Todav
bling Over won in 1926. Lowei photo
is view of race showing Economic
loading with Burgoo King coming up
to wrest away ibe lead and tbc race,
winning a purse exceeding $50,000,
The Piedmont
Parade -
Tars Best Caps
Pushing across one run in the ninth
inning after the only Cap error had
missed putting the third Sailor out.
Wilmington ou!t Raleigh at Wil
mington yesterday. 5-4. Petty and
Bennett both were liberal with hiis
but were capably supported afield.
This was Big George Petty's third Joss
in as many starts by a one run margin.
Tourist Get Win
The Asheville Tourists got an 8-7
win over the Durham Bulls at Aahe
vitie yeistcrday after the game had
been delayed one hour and fifteen
minutes due to rain. Bulls rally in
the ninth scored three runs, one abort
of tying the score; Lajrobet'h, -pinch
ititting for Qoltrane rulled out with
two men on base.
Bill Averett Lose* to Foil lard
The Twins from Winston -Salem took
advantage of Averett's wildness aiid
breaks of the game to ge< a good lead
ovef the Greensboro Pate last 'nigh*
5-2. Three runs in the first inning
after three men had been pa-stsed spell
ed defe-at for the Patriot®.
Hornets Chase Pointer*
The Charlotte Hornets chased High
Point Pointers last night at the Furn
iture City, taking a 9-7 victory. Home
runs and errors featured the contest
with Culbreth and J, Smith, of the
Bees, and Cotter for the Pointers fea
turing at bait.
Calcutta, India, May 10.—(API
—Twenty-two guards and prison
ers were killed and 35 injured
early today in an outbreak that
occurred in Ihe jail at Mymen
slngh, Bengal, when a tornado
blew Ihe roof off the building.
Sixty-five others were left se
riously hurt and 2<Mi convicts. In
cluding many political prisoners
deseritied as dangerous, escaped.
Turkey’s first general census 'jin
history was taken in 1927.
Social insurance has existed in Ger
many since 1883.
\// )
'A thz ; y [
ow.oomos )
fa W tH tkft raj
// oclock w-uyree )
// AnO J
l*vx t otro<K
h •'ksTjES RC.c.
,rr . I ■•/ I
*** * .

State Plays at Wake Forest
In Game Having Strong
Bearing on Title
Team W L Pet
Wake Forest 4 0 1.000
State 4 2 667
Puke 3 2 .600
Carolina 2 3 .400
Davidson 0 6 .000
State College and Wake Forest meet
at Wake Forest this afternoon at 3 3
o clock in a game which will have vei-y
strong bearing on ihe 1932 college
baseball championship of North Caro
The game pits the Big Five leaders.
The Deacons are unbeaten in fotir
/tarts. State ha* won four of six
games, losing one each to Duke and
Wake Forest. A win for U»e strand
place State team today will give them
a good chance to tie or overtake 1 6hA
leaders, whereas a Wake Forest Vic
tory will put the Deacons virtually on
the threshold of ,the champioitehtp.
Junie Barnes, wniuipaw who has
pitched ail Wake Forests Big Five
wins, will he one the slab again toddy.
Coach Doak of State will pin his
mound hopes o n the r right arm of
John Lanning.
Today's contest is the find of four
Big Fivfc tilts on this week's slate, ‘
Others are Davidson wt Duke. Wed
nesday: Davidson at Wake Foreet
Thursday; Carolina at Duke Satur
day. «•
Fred Hight Not
Candidate Again
To Be Coroner
Fred B. Right, who for the past
eight years has served as coroner of
Vance county, announced today he
would not be a candidate again Ihis
year, and thanked the public for the
support accorded him in the
His statement, in full, follows:
"I take this method of saying to
my friends, many of whom have re
cently been desirous of knowing, that
I shall not be a candidate for re
nomination for coroner of Vance
county, I have held this position for
eight years, and believe my services
have been satisfactory to the public,
and it is now perfectly agreeable with
me for some one else to have this
“I sincerely appreciate the trust im
posed in me by the voters of Vance
county, and I will retire from this
office with the warmest and kindest
feeling toward all.”
Durham. May 10.—r. William Syd
ney Thayer, professor emeritus of
medicine at Johns Hopkins univer
sity. will figure prominently in Duke
university's eightieth commencement
which begins on Sunday, June 5.
The distinguished physician, who is
internationally known Jfor his achieve
ments in the realm of medicine, will
speak on the afternoon . of <Juhe 7
when the first graduating class of the
Duke school of medicine formally
plants a vine of ivy in honor of Sir
William Osier, world iflamous phy
sician. after whom one of the Duke
hospital wards is named.
There are 18 members in the Duke
graduating class in medicine, all of
whom have received appointments as
internes in various hospitals through
out the country.
Qmk relief tea keedeebe
If you he** e headache or any of the
Uttle. flattens bairn that make you feel
runk vo to the drug atore and aek to*
tan back. It will piek you at once.
Unly Ip cent*. Aek your druvrtet for
6TANBACK by name aad sat what ywa
ait tor.
By virtue of Ine power of sale con
fained in that certain deed of trust,
executed by Mr*- Lizzie Stalling*! and
Husband J. D. Ptallings, on March 2,
’929. recorded in the office of the
Register of deeds of Vance county.
North Carolina, in book 151, page 313.
Default haring been made in the
payment of the debt thereby secured
and upon the request of the holder of
the debt. I will sell by public auction
for ca«b to the highest bidder at the
court house dooi in Vanco county,
North Carolina, on let day June J 932.
at 12 o'clock noon the ful lowing de
scribed real estate, viz:
That certain tract of land lying and
bring in Vance County, North Carolina
and more particularly described and
defined as follows: adjoining tends of
R. H. Craig. Owen Davis Estate, Wil
liam Street and others, bounded as fol
lows: Begin at an iron stake R. H.
Craig's corner on Wilham Street in
Henderson, N. C. and run thence
along William Street in a Southerly
direction fifty feet to a lane or Mne
formerly belonging to Davis Estate:
thence in an easterly direction three
hundred feet more or lees to a Stake
ir, Davis eetate; thence along the line
of Davis estate in Northerly direction
fifty fee* to R. H. Craig's line; thence
in Westerly direction along R. H
Crain's line three hundred feet more or
less to William SL place of beginning.
Being the same property a a described
in deed November 18th, 1921 from R.
R. Pinkston to Mrs. Lizzie Stallings
and recorded in Vance Registry book
98 page 556 tn whtoa reference is
hereby made for a more particular
This 3rd May. 1932.
Davidson Tomorrow; Four
More Games, All at Home
On Schedule
Durham May 10- In the ftrwt of tour
games that will bring to a close their
1932 schedule, the Blue Devils of Duke
will meet l>avid**in at Duke park to
morrow aflernon at 3 15 o'clock.
Big Tim McKeHhon. Duke right
hand.*r who I United the Wildcats to
three 'hits in the first game between
the two teams this sixison which the
Devils won. 8-0. will be on the mound,
tomorrow. He will probably be op
posed by Charlie Pearce, Davidson's
Two more games ate scheduled for
the Duke nine this week. Friday
they men V. P. I. here and Saturday
(.Hiolinas Tar Heels come to Duke
park to get revenge for the 6-2 defeat
the Blue Devils handed them in their
first meeting.
The Caroltna-Duke clash win fea
ture this week's ptey in the state
Those two mound enemies. Bobby
Coombs of Duke and Captain Cecil
Longest of Oarolins are expected to
give fans anottui great exhibition of
Wake Forest’s league-leading Dea
cons will help the Devils ck*e ttoetr
1932 card when they come here Wed
nesday May 17.
PhiLidHphia. May 10 (AP)
stop Jo.. Boley. of the Philadelphia
Athletics today was unconditionally
released in a surprise move by Connie
Boley came to the Ay in 1927 from
the Baltimore Orioles. He is 31 years
Boley was rated one of the best
shortstops in basehall during hia peak
years. John McGraw credited him
with the play which turned the tide
in favor of the Athletics in the 1930
World Series. Boley Ls reputed to have
coat the As between $60,000 and SIOO.-
Raleigh. May 10. Ray Rex. N. C.
State’s 215 pound freshman athlete,
shattered two freshman track rec
ords Saturday in the State track meet
at Chapel Hill. In the shot-put he
heaved the ball 44 feet seven and
three-fourth inches to better the old
record by more than six feet. Hia
mark of 121 feet one inch in the dis
cus bettered the old mark of 114 feet
feet 10 inches held by Drewer of
Duke who also held the shot put rec
It is said that nothing is impossible;
hut there are lots of people doing
nothing every day.
Special Notice
This is to netlf) all candidate* for
office that political notlcea published
In this column or elsewhere In the
Daily Dispatch arc rash In (driMS.
Rates furnished upon application.
To *he people of Vance County I
hereby 'innounrc mysHf as a candi
dal* for the Hott*>e of Representative*,
subject la the m-lion of the Democratic
primary on June 4. 1932. Your vote
and influence will be sincerely appre
ciated .
I hereby announce my candidacy to
represent Van*e and Warren coun
ties In the Semite of the North Caro
lina General Assembly, subject to the
action of the Democratic Primary,
June 4th.. 1932.
Your support will be deeply appre
This is to say to my frien<te that I
•viII h’ a candidate for eonatable of
H«idemon township in the June 4
Democratic primary, and 1 solicit your
support, which wiM be greatly appre
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the Slate House of Refxxxienta-
Uves subject to the Democratic pri
mary of June 4, and solicit your rap
port. with the pledge that I shell en
deavor in give honest service in be
half of the people.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the State Senate from the district
composed of Vance and Warren coun
ties, subject to th' Democratic pri
mary of June 4, and will apppredeta
your support.
I hereby announce mywelf a candi
date for Coroner of Vance county sub
ject to the Democratic Primary June
4. Tour support will be greatly ap

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