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nineteenth year
Lindbergh Baby To Be
* * * * * ********** *******
United States Airman Well Oat Over Atlantic On Flight To Europe'
Goal Is Paris In Two Stops
From Newark Airport,
Where He Left
Thursday Night
Weather Reported Favor
able Over the Ocean; i
Meets Mishap In Landing
at Harbor Grace In Early
Morning As Stabilizer On,
Plane Is Broken
Harbor (trace. N. F.. May 13 (AD
-Lmi Belchers. American aviator
eastward from Newark. N. J.
to Parly on a two-slop flight In which
he hoped to better the time of Colonel
Charley A. Lindbergh, reached Harbor
Glare this morning and took off again
for Dublin. Ireland.
r.eichcr* headed his plane out over i
the Atlantic, the most dangerous leg ]
of his flight, at 5:51 a. m., eastern
standard time. Observers at Harbor
Grace *aid the weather was favorable.
The Arlington. N. J.. speed flier,
who started from Newark at 10 02
o'r'oek last night, eastern standard
time landed at Harbor Grace at -1:25
> m. EST.. Ics* than six and a half
hours later. He was somewhat behind
the schedule hr had set for himself,
for he had hoped to cover the distance
Irt five hours He suffered further de
lay when in landing the stabilizer of
hi? plane was broken.
Rock Hill-Man Is
New Rotary Head
In 56th District
Asheville. May 13.--'AD Roy C.
Thomas, of Rock Hill, fv C . was nomi
nated for governor of the 50th district
of Rotary International at the clos
ing session of the district conference
here today.
District governors will be elected
bv the international convention at
Seattle, Wash., on June 20-24. The
convention usually elects the nominee
of the district conferences. and
Thomas' nomination U tantamount to
“It L So Good To Be Back’’
Mr*. Forlescue Say»
At Fri*co
■'in Francisco. (I*l., May 13.
(AFi smiling happily. Mrs.
Granville Pnrtrwue and I.ieute
nant and Mrs. Thomas 11. Maasle.
the central figures In Hawaii's
recent honor slaying trial, arrived
here today front Honolulu with
their chief counsel, Clarence Har
row, aboard the liner Malola.
“It Is so good to he hack In the
Falted States," said Mrs. Fortse
ciie, socially prominent mother of
Mrs. Mansie.
Her daughter showed no traces
of the harrowing experiences
which have surrounded her life
'» Honolulu during the last aeven
Convention Days Nearer
With Both Parties Split 1
On Either Men Or Issues
''"ashingtnn. Mav 13. - <APi — The
pi u*>nHon curtain raiser to the
l' l -!.’ fampaicn 1.4 ending as it began
"i’h 1 1.*' Republicans still arguing
■'•hat tr> du shout prohibition, and the
Democrats stilt disputing what to do
dtiout * candidate.
Ke, cut developments a;'pet»r to haw
deepened, if anything, the bitterness
' t eing within the parties on these
tv.j prime questions. The present
a* r J ~ " f - ’N, " llfF , r 'cfJt A
Here is the knv-ewung monoplane in
which Lou Reichera, Arlington. N. J.,
:peed flier. Is attempting a two-stop
Light fbom Newark, N. J., airport to
State Board of Equalization
Meets to Tackle Dit. j
fioult Task
Problem Is To Meet Situation With
Same Amount of Money; Based on
Attendance During The
Fast Hear
■ •ally DlapnTr* Burma,
In the air Walter Hotel
KV J. r RANKERVI 1,1..
Raleigh. May 13 The State Hoard
of Equalization is in session here to
day starting work on one of its most
difficult tasks, the apportionment of
teachers for next year on the basis of
the average dally attendance in the
schools this year. Because today is
Friday the thirteenth and because of
the unusually large enrollment in the
schools this past year, members of
the board admitted they were going
to have a haid time to provide as
many teachers as will be needed from
the amount of money available.
On the basis of the reports already
received from 6# of the 100 counties,
indications arc that about 1.000 addi
tional teachers will be needed for the
entire State, if they are apportioned
on the same basis as last year. But
the appropriation for schools next
year is no larger than It was this
year with the result that it will pro
bably not be possible for the board
to provide more than 400 additional
teachers for next year.
However. I,eßoy Martin, secretary
of the board, points out that indica
tions are that the enrollment and
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former army major
Estill. S. C , May 13. --(AD— A for
: mer army major, Alfred Marshall,
! now an Estill business man. was at
! liberty today under *5.000 bond on a
! charge of murdering C. M. Merrill,
| 2R-year-old road construction fore
' man, of Asheville, N. C.
At a habeas corpus hearing before
| Judge J. Henry Johnson, ' Marshall
■ secured bond. His attorneys submit
ted affidavits that he shot Merrill In
| self defense.
mood of the contending factions fore
shadows that neither 6f the June con
ventions can be called exactly a love
Governor Rooeevelt continues to
press strongly for the Democratic
nomination, and so do his rivals. The
Ohio primary has stiffened hope eof
wet Republicans and the resistance of
dry Republicans, and so tt go**, just
a month a day before the Wfl'two-act
convention thriller begins la Chicago.
Paris, 'hoping to better the time made
by Cofonel Lindbergh five years ago
thle month. The picture shows Relch
em in a tout flight with his plane ovet
Delay Endorsing Os
Hoover Relief Plan
Washington. May 13 (Al’)—Sen
ate Democrats ted ay turned the
Hoover compromise *l„«MI,OA<t.(Mto
relief plan over to a special com
mittee for study.
A second conference of the Dem
ocrat* failed to develop an abso
lute approval of the compromise.
The special committer was deter
Senate Probers To Hear Lot
When Public Hearings
Are Resumed
Washington, May 13— (AP)— An
nouncing that the Senate investigation
of the New York Stock Exchange had
uncovered “plenty of evidence of rot
ten practices," Chairman Norbeck
said today the banking committee
would .resume ita open inquiry next
Norbeck's announcement was made
after & meeting of the steerage com
mittee in charge of the Investigation,
at which William A. Gray, commit
tee counsel, reported the progress of
his secret study of New York Stock
Exchange and btokerage rccords.
Gray and his staff, Norbeck said,
are working on ten or twelve cases
of irregularities ,md stock manipula
“He Is uncovering plenty of evi
dence of rotten practices for robbing
the public," Norbeck said
-■ —— ■ ■ 1
Gaston Means Is
To Be Witness In
E. B. McLean Case
Washington. May 13. (AP)--Al
most simultaneous to hi» arraignment
on charges of embezzling *104,000
from Mrs. Edward B. McLean, es
tranged wife of the Washington Post
publisher. Gaston B. Mesfns was'sum
moned today to testify for McLean in
a suit to oust the publisher as co-exe
cutor of his father's estate.
Means allowed to forfeit *65 col
lateral instead of appearing for trial
on charges of assault, drunkenness,
and disorderly conduct.
Michael F. Keoeh. assistant United
States district attorney, announced in
police court this morning that Means
would be permitted to forfeit the col
lateral and the case would not be
Washington, May 13 (API—
With a tacit understanding that
President . Hoover would, under
take to carry out Its provisions,
the House coinage committee to
day passed a resolution asking the
chief executive* to call an inter
national conference on monetary
exchanges and silver.
Bmltj Bcapatrh
| (he towers of Manhattan. He left
, | Newark last night atao:o2 o'clock and
j i cached Harbor Grace six hours later.
• hoping to get to Paris in 16 hours.
> I Lindbergh's time was 33 hours.
mined upon to go over the plans.
Senator Robinson, (he Democratic
leader, whose cakf> rmcc with
President Hoover opened the way
for a compromise, will serve as a
*►l New York; Walsh, of Montana;
Other members an* Wa:gner,
liftman, of Nev ada, and Rulkley,
of Ohio, all Democrats.
Kidnap Plot at
Baptist Meeting
St. Petersburg. May 13.
(API—Two men were Imprisoned
today and March Is being made for
other • who police say shared In the
plot to kidnap the daughter of Rev.
David M. Gardner, of St, Peters
burg, general chairman in charge
of arrangements for the Southern
Baptist Convention, now In session
The authorities say they have
learned the conspiracy Involved a
plan to demand *30,000 ransom
from delegates to the convention in
the event the kidnaping was ac
Want* Appropriation* Trim
med $24,000,000 In Bill
Before House
Washington, May 13.—(AP)—Repre
sentative Wood, Republican, Indiana,
told newspaper men today that Presi
dent Hoover is strongly in favor of at
least a J24.uu0,00u cut in army ap
propriations. The bill now is .before
the House.
Standing In the White House lobby
after a conference with the chief exe
cutive, Wood said the President had
been misrepresented, and that, he had
just been given permission to present
Mr. Hoover's views. "
Sunny Vale, Cal-, Hhy 13.—(AP)
—Confronted with the necessity
of valving out more of the ship’s
helium supply in order to make
a landing, Commander C. K.
Roeendahl. of the dirigible Akron,
chose to cruise over this Far West
naval air base today, awaiting
more favorable atmospheric con
ditions before tiring up at the
mooring mast.
Fair tonight and Saturday;
somewhat warmer Saturday and
In east portion teg ght, -
Give History of
Lindbergh Case
Since Kidnaping
(By the Associated Press.l
Charles Augustus Lindbergh.
from the nursery of his parents'
Hourland Hills home the night of
March I. .
He was, killed probably Imme
diately afterwards.
The body was hurled hurriedly
just off (hr lfo|iewell-Mount Rose
road within five miles of the
Llndltergh estate.
Two truckmen entering the
wooded terrain found the body,
virtually a skeletion, at 3:IS
o'clock Thursday afternoon, 72
flays aftbr the kidnaping.
Several hundred thousand dol
lars is estimated to have been
spent In fruitless hunt for the In
fant. '
Colonel Lindbergh himself paid
a *50,000 ransom.
Mrs. Edward B. Mcl,ean, of
Washington, owner of the IH-faled
Hope diamond, paid *IOO.OOO.
The mystery of the kidnaping
and of the murder remains un
Dr. Condon Questioned But
No Implications Discov
ered and He Returns
To His Home
Norfolk Intermediary’s
Whereabouts Not Learned
by Prosecutor of Mercer
County, Where Body Was
Found; Condon Paid the
$50,000 Ransom Money
Trenton. N. J.. May 13. -(API
District Attorney Erwin Marshall an
nounced this afternoon that nothing
had been found to implicate Dr. John
F. Condon, the “Jafste" of the search
for the Lindbergh baby. He has been
released and has gone eb&ck to New
York. Marshall said.
The prosecutor of Mercer county,
where the baby's body was found,
said he had not yet seen John Hughes
Curtis. Norfolk mediator in the Lind
bergh case and did not know where
he was. «
Both Dr. Condon, who paid the un
availing *50.000 ransom, and Curtis,
who was on another trip to meet the
supposed kidnapers when the body
was found, made formal statements to
police last night and were further
questioned today.
May Agree Today
On Acquisition of i
Acreage for Park (
BY J. ('. BA “KKH V 11.1,
Raleigh. May 13.—A compromise
plan for the acquisition of the timber i
acreage owned by the Huncrest Lum
ber Company within the boundaries j
of the Great Smoky Mountains Na
tional Park In Western North Caro
lina, that may pave the way for the
acquisition of all the remaining pri
vately owned property in the park
area On the North Carolina side, is
being considered by the State Park
Commission, in session here today.
At the present time only about 11
privately owned tracts within the
park area remain unacquired by the
State Park Commission. Os these 11
tracts, only two are extenslvev—those
now owned 'by the; Sunorest Lumber
Company and by the Ravensford
Limber Company, the two traeffe com
prising about 60,000 acres. All the
other tracts are comparatively small.
One of the considerations that has
blocked;the purchase of the property
owned by the Suncrest company has
been the fact that the It wanted extra
compensation for the mineral right*
within its acreage. The mineral de
posits in the park area have not been
considered of very' great value and'
the rights to these have been pur->
chased from most of the other own
ers at a cost of about 10 cents «fi
acre, it Is understood. The Suncrest'
and Ravensford . .companies, however,
have refused to sell their mineral
rights at this figure and have also so
far refused to’ ascent the prices of
fered them for their timber lands of
, timber eights* _ _y, ...
published every afternoon
Search For
Slayers Is
Speeded Up
President Hoover Orders Unending Hunt
for Kidnapers; Funeral Plans Being
Made by Stricken Parents
Hopewell, N. J., May 13 (AP)—A permit was is.
sued at city hall in Trenton today for the cremation
of the body of the Lindbergh baby.
Hopewell, N. J., May 13 (AP)—The search for the
kidnaped Lindbergh baby was at an end today for the
baby is dead.
The search for the slayers was intensified a thous
andfold, and by order of President Hoover himself will
never be relaxed until the criminals are brought to justice.
The body was found by mere chance near the
Lindbergh home yesterday afternoon, and, though lit
tle more than a skeleton, was identified as that of the
missing child.
There was a wound above the high
forehead and the skull had been
broken by the murder*, who atol* the
ailing child from his crib on the night
of March 1.
Expectant Mother.
Colonel Charlcse A. Lindbergh nnd
his wife, soon to become a mother for
a second time, were secluded in their
home today, their unfaltering hopes
brought to an end at last by the sad
certainty of death.
Pending completion of funeral
plans, the body of the baby remained
at the undertaker s premises in Tien
ton. where the autopsy was perform
ed-which made identification doubly
Won’t 8«* Body
The broken little body of “the
eaglet" will be laid away without his
parents having seen It.
Anne and Charles Lindbergh will
always remember their lost son -is a
handsome little chap with yellow curls
and blue eyes and a radiant smile.
Frank W. Swayxe, the undertaker
In charge of the body, said today he
had been informed that neither
Colonel nor Mrs. Lindbergh would see
It will he placed in a scale ! coffin
before It is delivered to them, he
Hoover Orders Search.
As President Hoover in Washington
was ordering the Federal law enforce
ment agencies to begin relentless and
Each Specific Reduction
In Government Economy
Brings Howl Os Protest
Central Press Staff Writer
Washington, May 13. Preach, the
gospel of governmental econoj*iy in
broad, general terms, accord*, n g "to
Senator Kenneth McKellar of, Tennes
see, and every head bows in, respetful
But suggest any specific, reduction,
continues the Tennesseea n, and some
group invariably will be found to
fight to the last ditch against It.
Senator McKellar fs the solon who
argued the upper congressional cham
ber into adopting r, resolution to lop
10 per cent from’ each 'financial al
lowance voted hr/ the hduae of repre
sentative*. Ever since thbn not an in
stant’s respite has the Tennessee
statesman he'd, during senatorial work
ing hours, from the vigil he has been
compelled to maintain to prevent an
appropriation measure from getting
by without the prescribed paring
down \o Its total.
“And if you’ve sat in the press gal
lery,'" the senator remarked to me
aftbr a few weeks o fthls experienc.
*V*nd listened to the abuse I've had
heaped on my head, for trying to save
Uncle Sam a quarter of a billion dol
lars, maybe, you have a fair idea of
the hot water I got into by accepting
responsibility for that 10 per cent re
At first it was not so bad.
Senator McKellar won favorable ac
tion on his first half dozen or so of
cuts easily. To be sure, thoee of his
•mending pursuit of thp slayers. State
pnd county officials gathered in Tren
ton to plan concerted action to bring
•he criminals to justice.
The baby's sleeping suit was miss
ing when the baby was found.
A description sent out immediately
after the kidnaping said the child was
wearing a white flannel sleeping suit
a gaiment tnat would cover him
from neck t«> teet. Under it he woie
n little flannel shirt his nurse had
made and put on him late that aft
ernoon to protect him cheat and keep
him from catching dbid.
On the body yesterday there **■
no sleeping suit; only the soiled and
tattered.'remnant of the little shirt
nnd a flannel band arnunl the waleu
Tt hnd been reported several times
I hat both Dr. Condon and the Nor
folk intermediaries turned over to the
Lindberghs an article of clothing or
a piece of cloth that convinced them
contact had been established with the
actual kidnapers. , mM
Killed Inr mediately.
And. so the the.-ory had to be Con
sidered that thy kidnapers, believed
by many officiaJs to have been erased,
killed their tiny victim almost Im
mediately, stripped off the sleeping
suit, and after the body had been
cast aside in the hidden hollow where
it was foxjnd, set about obtaining
lansnm f»_>r a rhild they knew could
never be Returned to his parents alive.
fellow senators who were especially
interested in the various bureaus and
commissions directly affected howled
vociferously, but the great majority
looked on his program approvingly.
Presently it began to dawn on them,
however, that their pet
hoards, divisions and units would suf
fer. too in due course, unless they
joined forces. Realization of this peril
was the signal for the Tennesseean's
troubles to start in earnest.
The bitterest complaint la that the
McKellar economy plan will throw
thousands of federal workers out of
“Bah!" says the senator scornfully
“That's almost pure propaganda by
cabinet members .who don’t want
funds of their departments curtailed.
For example. It is represented that
the postal service will be starved
down practically to a skeletion.
“As a matter of fact, what are the
postal economies I really do propose'
“I propose to cut off *35,000.000 in
subsidies paid to ocean steamship
a T propose to cut off $10,000,000 in
aviation subsidies.
“They not only are unnecessary;
they are downright illegal.
“And I propose to cut off *25.000-
000 in virtual subsidies in the form of
inadequate rates for the carrying of
“That’s a sizable saving—*70,000,00 c,
(Conunusd on Pago Flnji * ,

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