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Th.rt lint no us* In thlnftlft*
T«t vou h * v- * nt t°* *
rh*i you *** ,h * eml ot y° ur rough
road in right
For there * •» »<>m* on* **«-
around th* bond.
Y« traitmu ,her * *° m-,w four bur
den »ltht
t' .
I know for I h« v * traveled
Yj,*, ron<l of dark dispalr
■ rould not even *** a ray of lifht
For l *** f»ck and hun * r y
And burdened »» with car*.
1 Ihouaht It time to just give up (be
And then God sent hi* angel.
In the gui-e of an old friend.
She brought food and clothes to me
and mine
jioon my pantry shelves were loaded
And m\ heart was light again
For I know that Ood still lived In
all mankind.
For this friend went out and can
Told her friends about my need.
And they rallied to her place to help
the poor.
Now I'm happy once again,
p„r I know I have a friend.
That will always be a light unto my
Ood bless those who help the needy
0n» them grace to carry on.
I>: them rise within the hollow of
Thy hand.
When their work on earth is done
Will thou Lord just say well done
Ar.d give them shelter in Thy holy
—Mrs. Lillie Davts.
Return from Hlrb I'ntnt.
Ur*. K C. Gaiy and little daughter
Jiidfl Thomas Gary have returned
?r ui High Point, where they have
Seen spending the past week with
Hi Gary.
( taurch Service League To Meet.
Tne Church Service League of Holy
I-r.i-cent* Episcopal church will hold
■- tegular meeting Friday afternoon
it i o'clock. This Is announced as hte
i-t meeting before they disband for
it rummer months and a large at
fSdurre i.s urged.
Given Recognition.
In the annual election of officers
fcy the Dlkeans. an organisation at
Nuith Carolina College for Women,
oternsboio. Silas Katherine Teague
, f thie city daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J R Teague. was elected as Inter
tuCiety representative.
Wins Athletic Award
Hl.*' Katherine Turner, of Hender
*“C. student at N. C. C W . Greena
has been awarded an athletic
uimogiain for distinction in athletics
anting the past year. Emblems were
p:esented ata meeting of the entire
;fi lent bodv in Aycock auditorium.
B. P. W. Reports To
Reveal Progress
Greensboro. May 18.—The courage
with which business women of North
Carolina have faced a period of pro
!u;ged economic Inclemency will be
levealed In the reports submitted at
the annual convention of the North
Carolina Federation of Business and
Professional Women s Clubs, which
'"ill b» held in Winston-Salem June
t 10. and 11.
It has just been learned from head
quarters here that the organization
hi>i shown remarkable progress In
.'•tactically every department. In ad
'titlon to promoting *h'» usual pro
jects. clubs In all parts of North Car
olina have accepted new respon
sibilities. At least one club has Won
"itionwldc recognition for Its efforts
>n coping with the emergency arising
from the general unemployment of
the pa*t year. The County Exchange
created and sponsored by the Smlth
fiejd Business and Professional Wo
ti-enV Club has been productive of
positive results in meeting a situation
In Johnston County that the estab
b'hed agencies we r r unable to handle.
Similar response to acute need in
<>• her localities have ben mdaee.
The year has also seen the mem
bership launch upon a program of
preparing Its own personnel for lead
ership. A study of economic nroblenr.s
snd their social Implications has been
made a definite part of the funda
mental program of the Noith Caro
lina Federation. The goal Is an In
formed membership.
Australia pone owes more trade
unionists in proportion to her popula
tion than any other country in the
world. * 1 ft*
Catching Col 4?
$525 Upright Piano
riw < rrdit Manajfr oi a UtF**» piano flHrt will »H1 this initntnteht
ftr the Hiuall halanoe due on leaae, rather than return It bark to
Hi.- r factory. Just continue atMAll weekly or monthly payments.
I hi> fine piano la almoat brand nr* and offer* exceptional value
»> r someone. Prompt action eddbntUl . . . must he moved within
‘en days.
Write W. L. feottd, Credit Millatti’
Broad and Walnut tkredU YbHt, __
hrn 1— "—T flit faeacli Widens _____ fly PAUL ROBINSON
l — S f ■> AW A
L SsL ,8 - A Mwori mk- _ |yi f
HAMC seen fnt QAkmc fer MontY \r%iJ l CANI C VOU SOME- 'J IvIPN’RE
OP VtMC Mj I i I MORE fa ?) l * ,*} J Ju3T JCAcO.V
m isoeguJ l^gr J R •• -• s&reg&i p
Misa Jane Culbertson.
daughter of U. S. Ambas
tador W. L. Culbertson, Is
the first American de- M
butante to make her bow ■■fc- jffifjfffffi
to Chilean society. She K
made her debut at Santi- JT'
ago. at a gala ball at the
American embassy, which
attended by President
Esteban Montero of Chile tR'
ind 600 guests, represent- - ■>
ing high officials of gov- \ .
srnment and diplomatic >^B
''Jt v V
m k
Announces Ribbons In
Flower Show Friday
The Henderson Garden Club’s flow
er show which Is to be given next
Friday In the basement of the Metho
dist Episcopal church, will offer rib
bons for the winners in the following
Finest speciman of Iris, single stalk. !
Finest collection of iris.
Finest collection of mixed iris.
Finest specimen of pink rose.
Finest specimen of red rose.
Finest specimen of white rose.
Finest specimen of yellow rose.
Finest collection of roses In any
one color.
Finest collection of mixed roses.
Finest collection of rambler roses.
Finest specimen of Peony.
Finest collection mixed peonies.
Finest collection of pansies.
Most beautiful arrangement of pan
sies. 4
Finest collection of Sweet Peas.
Finest collection of snap dragons.
Finest collection of Sweet Williams
Small, medium and large arrange
ment of mixed flowers.
Best pair of large vases of flowers.
Minature vase of flowers.
Best pair of vases of mixed flowers.
Finest arrangement of flowers In
shades of pink.
Finest arrangement of flowejrs in
shade of white.
Finest arrangement of flowers in
shades of blue.
Finest arrangement of flowers in
shades of yellow.
Children's exhibit to fourteen years
Best Penny Show made by child.
Best bird house made by child.
Econotny luncheon tables.
Dinner tables.
Tea tables.
Breakfast trays.
The citizens of the community are
urged to enter flowers and to co
operate with the Garden Club in mak
ing this a successful show. All en
trNf* must be made by 1 o’clock Fri
day judging Is to begin at 2 o’clock
by a group of Oxford ladles.
Mrs. W. B. Parham
Hostess to Club
Mrs. W. Brooks Parham was
hostess to the members of the Tues
day club yesterday afternoon at her
home on North Garnett street.
The topic, ’’Ho! For the Caribbean
and Bermuda," was carried out with
the following program:
Lecture: “Ports and Hinterland of
the Old Spanish Main," given In the
absence of Mrs. S. P. Cooper by Mrs.
B. G. Allen.
“John Bermuda’’ was given by Mrs.
Henry Perry.
“Bicycling through Bermuda.” Mrs.
Samuel Watkins.
Poem; "Bermudas,” Mrs. Asa Par
Mrs. Parham was assisted in serv
ing delicious refreshments by her two
daughters, Alma and Priscilla, and
Ann Peace.
Bobbitt News
Mia. Herman Woodlief and chil
dren, Mildred, Inez and Joyce of Ra
leigh were the week-end gueete of
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Johnson.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Poole of Ra
leigh spent the week-end with Mrs.
Poole’s parents Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Brown, Mr*.
Maggie Brown HhNye, Margaret and
Elliot Brown, and Mary Allen Row
land spent SunAy at liprtnghope as
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown.
Mrs. H P. OIK and daughter, Mr*.
James Satterwhite, have returned
from Wendell where they have been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Grts
w:Ud the past week.
Miss Kathryn Murphy of Hender
son was the week-end guest of Marion
Rev. and Mrs. Pittman of KltireM
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. GiM Sun
day afternoon.
Mrs. Etta Strickland who has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Strick
land at Loirisburg ha* returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Woodlief and
Wttle son Gerald of Henderson. Route
4. were the week-end guest* of Mrs.
Jorie D. Woodlief.
QetA rebel Ires t-r-^erlrt
gl have a headeehe or aay of <t*
upas Mini tfa«t make you feel
‘ elore aMI ui ToS
Kittrell News |
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Freeman, has
as their guests on Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey Nutt, of Oxford.
Miss Annie Laura Dickson, of Ra
leigh, came Sunday to spend some
time here with her uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Finch.
Miss Charlotte Pittman is visiting
her sister. Mrs. Wyatt Dixon, in Dur
Miss Agnes Ellis, and Little Jean
Bradley, of Whitakers were week-end
guests of Miss Ellis' mother, Mrs. J.
B. Ellis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Freeman, and
children, Fannie Mae. James, Robert,
and Benjamin, were visitors on Sun
day, of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Free
man, near Wilton.
Miss Janie Husketh. was the guest
of Miss Jessie Stewart, in Henderson
on last Friday.
Mias Wilma Singleton, of Thelma.
Is spending sometime here with her
mother, Mrs. W. T. Hicks.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Dickson, and
children, Alma, Jr., and Ben, of Ua
li'ijh. visited relatives here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Roper, who
have been residing at Daurinburg.
came several days ago to make their
home here with Mrs. Roper’? mother,
Mis. C. H. Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Husketh, had
as their dinner guest on Sunday. Rev.
J. D. Miller, of Loulsburg.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hicks, has as
their visitors on Sunday, Mr. and
Mrs. J. M. Singleton, and children.
Clifton, and Loradelle: and Randolph
Alien, and Thelma; and Mr. and Mrs.
Kirk, of Youngsville.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Woodlief, arid
children, Mary Ellen, and 11. A. Jr.,
Miss Ada Woodlief, Mr. and Mrs. E.
It. Woodlief, William Summer Smith,
and Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Perklnson.
were visitors of Mrs. Pattie Woodlief.
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Keith, near Youngsville, on Sunday.
Mrs. Woodlief ha.r been 111 for several
weeks .and her frierds will be g£ad to
hear that she t£ improving-
Woodrow Singleton, who has been
spending several days here with his
bhother, Eldridge Singleton, left Sun
day for hia home at Thelma.
Miss Etheleen Stainback, spent last
Friday and Saturday, In Henderson,
with her cousin. Miss Juanita Stain
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Husketh. and
children, were visitors of friends in
Rocky Mount and Whitakers, on
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. E. R. Woodlief, had as her
week-end guests, Misses Margaret
Brown, and Mury Alien Rowland, of
Faculty members of the Zeb Vance
high school have gone to their re
spective homes for the summer
months, as follows: Misses Rulh Hud
son, to Oxford; Willie Gee, to Hen
derson; Sue Hunt Boyd, to Towns
ville: Elizabeth Stewart, to Manson;
Mildred Murreil. to Henderson; EHz
abeth Nelson, to Henderson; Bessie
Atkinson, to Blackstone. Va.; Annie
Fuller Young, to Henderson; Wini
fred Dosler, to Greensboro; and Aiice
White, to Manson; and Albert O
Folk, to Denmark, S. C.
Miss Janie Husketh. left Sunday to
spend several days at Whitakers, with
her aunt. Miss Agnes EHIs.
Miss Helen Breedlove, of Oxford,
came Sunday to spend sometime here
with her cousin, Miss Etheleen Stain
W. P. Ellis, of Suffolk, Va.. was a
visitor here on Sunday, with hts
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ellis.
Mrs. E. E. Stainback, of Epsom, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stain
back, on Friday and Saturday. Mrs
E. E. Stainback. was accompanied
home by her daughter. Miss Mamie
Ruth Stainback. who has been here
for the past several months, attend
ing school at Zeb Vance.
Miss Ora Garrett, of Henderson,
visited her mother, and sister. Mrs.
Margaret Garrett, and Mrs. B. B
Woodlief. on Sunday.
Mrs. B. T. Woodlief. had as her
visitors on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. J.
E. Hlght, of Henderson; Mr. and Mrs
L. R. Woodlief, and Misses Louise
and Bobbie Grissom, of Route 2.
Miss Louise Grissom, who has been
teaching at Kinston, has returned
Mere and expects to spend the sum
mer months with her mother, Mrs.
Annie Grissom, on Route 2.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Coghlll, and
little daughter, Blanche Hunter, of
Henderson, Rmite 4, were the guests
on Sunday, of Mrs. Coghlll’s parents.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pledsants.
We wish to announce our apprecia
tion for the kindness and sytnpatiny
shown to us by aU our frie. de and
neighbors during the illness and
death of our behoved Mother, Mrs.
Sarah F. Wfleon and for the beautiful
floral offerings wWdh were greatly
SOUSA 9 A. M. to It SOON
Washington Shrine for LI. S.
yt. ili In
rwwMßr 'x^«SSSSSSmmS
A n l A bh | Cooß - ° L f Cooksburg. Pa., former president-general
or the U. A. R., is shown as she presented the deed to the Wakefield, Va..
birthplace of George tt ashington. to Secretary of the Interior Ray Lyman
Wilbur at the conclusion of the picturesque ceremony that marked the
occasion. Secretary Wilbur accepted the gift on behalf of the national
nark service of the Interior Department
Schaub Tells of
How State Began
Living At Home
Dully Dls|intrb lliirena,
the Sir Waller Hotel.
nr J. v. n4sKi:it\ in,
Washington. May 18. How the
Agricultural Extension Service of i
North Carolina State College assisted
In making a success of the llve-at
home campaign begun by Governor
O. Max Gardner and built up a pro
gram of balanced farming as an em
ergency measure in the present per
iod of low farm prices was the sub
ject of an address here today at noon
by Dean I. O. Schaub over a nation
wide hook-up of 58 radio stations. Mr.
Schaub was invited by officials of the
United States Deportment of Agricul
ture to take part in the land grant
college program arranged by the Na
tional Broadcasting Compnay. He
spoke from the Washington studios
of the chain.
Mr. Schaub cesci-bebd In brief de
tail the need for North Carolina farm
ers to shift from the all cash crop
system of farming to producing the
necessities of farm life. It took the
cooperation of all agencies in the
State, Including the dally and weekly
press to bring about the shift. But,
during the three years of efofrt, the
acreage of cash crops was decreased
by 541,000 acres and feed and food
crops were increased by 865,000 acres,
said the dean. Even at present low
prices of farm produce, the value of
the Increase acreage to food and feed
amounted to $42,289,000, he declared.
As a result, North Carolina is more
nearly livlhg at home than at any
Mm« In 5 OyCars. This, however. Is
inly a part of the goal toward:; which
he extension workers are striving,
'lorth Carolina is now making an ef
'ort tb further balance Its eiops and
livestock so as to use all labor and
equipment to the most profitable ad
vantage and to adapt the production
of these to the actual market de
mands. In this new effort farmers and
farm women are coh»«*r ding heattily
with Ihe extension service Mi. Schaub
Williafflsboro News
Mrs. Annie Davia, Mrs. Phil
Thomas, Miss Virginia Robards, Mrs,
John Thomas, Mra, J. R. Wortham
and daughter. Ann, of Henderson,
visited Miss Belle Thomas. Sunday
John B. Watkins, of Henderson,
spent Sunday with Jesse W. Bullock.
Miss Annie Carroll of Middleburg
and Julius Wobdward of Statesville,
vlsltkd at "Plnecroft" Saturday.
Misses Laura, Kate, Mary Ann and
John, Jr., Bullock, visited Mr. and
Mr«. J. H. Thomas, Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. L, B. Hope and fam
ily, Mrs C. C. Twiadal* and family
Mr. ana Mrs. Elmus Twisdale and
family. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Nethery
of Flat Rock, visited Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Hope. Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Buck Bullock of
Stem, visited J. W. Bullock, Sunday.
Little William Edward O’Geary,
son of Buck O’Oeary, who underwent
an operation at Maria Parham hos
pital. Saturday is reported to be get
ting on nicely.
Misses Kate and Mary Ann and
John Jr. Bullock, spent Saturday aft
ernoon With Miss Beil* Thomas.
J. A. Norwood And children, Jam#4
and Ruby of Townsville, visited Mr.
and Mrs. B. G. Norwood, Saturday.
Ml. and Mrs. Jack Claeboine of
Henderson, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mra. S. £. Wilson.
Miss Lucy Faucett of Townsville,
spent the week-end with her cousin,
Mrs. W. P. Hope.
Rev. and Mrs. Van Stephen* and
Miss Laure Stephens of Oxford and
Mrs. Lewis Shanks visited Mrs. S. E.
Wilson Saturday afternoon.
M. E. Missionary Meeting.
The Raleigh district meeting of
missionary societies of the Methodist
Episcopal church will be held in Clay
ton tomorrow beginning at 10 o’clock
In the morning. Mrs. Gurney P. Hood,
the new district secretary, wlil pre
side at the meeting ,11 is anuounced.
Beginning Today and Until Monday
Nice yellow rig>e Jumbo bananas, doz. 15c
Lemons, per dozen 17 l-2c
Long green stringless beans, 3 lbs., 25c
All Fresh Fish Priced Low.
Rhone 324-J
_ . . .
He was a for. K JjjßL ’ jR* His big worry
tune teller’s as- Vd »» Mr was dough
vistant who fe A U Ts nurs, women,
Summerville FATHER”
% Av
Added Comedy ■ ■ \f_
Paramount Talkertoon TO EVERYBODY
Jnntbr Order To Meet. An impor
tant meeting of the Junior Order will
b* held in the American legion hall
Thursday evening at 8 o’clock. Since
fire destroyed the former quarters of
the local council Ihc Arneiicnn legion
hall will be used as temporary quar
ter*. This is announced as an impor
tant meeting and it Is urged that all
members be present.
To P. O. S. A. Meeting. N. M. Jones
and O. A. Aycock left Tuesday morn
ing for High Point to attend the
State convention of the Patriotic Or
der Sons of America. W. R Fleming,
who has been a member of the State
staff for the past year, left for High
Point today.
Wife Preservers
An iisrorlm* i,t of r-nrka Is handy
to have In llie lc:l< h' n equinment.
CORN PAD ... Stc;r> pain instantly
and tor good . . . Then medicated
center at pad aoon dissolves away tb*
Cora Finest pad in the world.
Parker ’s Drug Store
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