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n ineteenth YEAR
Opinion Expre»*ed Before
House Territories Com.
mittee by Congress
man Britten
Relations With Them As
Cordial as With Any Coun
try. But May Not Be Ten
Years Hence; Admits Nev
er Having Been In Hawaii
But Twice
Wxrihmirtnn. May 24 1 AP>—The
cf non that if the home.* of Japa
ns in Hawaii wire searched "you
.Hit! find numerous plans for the
de-t ruction of our docks, was ex
today before the House Ter
r, rr . Comnrv*«ee by Representative
Br. 'en. Republican. IMinols.
Eipfaiothd his bill to put the Haw-
uianui unde*- military control,
Bntt-n asserted he was not shaking
, ~d Hag »t Jap«n." because “our
liiittoM w th her anp just as cordial
«i*h sny country in the world "
But he added, “that condition
my mx pierail ten years front now."
Responding to a question by Dele-
Holton of Haspoii. Britten said
y »a) been in the islands twice for
j nxpV of days IS years ago." but
ttac he had heard "many of Uhe beat
m.ad3 m the government discuss the
gituaunn hour after hour and day
after diy :n House hearings."
Jap General Not
Dead of Bombing
And May Recover
Shanghai May 24 <API -Japanese'
physicians in attendance upon Gen
eral Toehlnori Shlrakawa, command
er-in-chief- of the imperial army
yesterday, said today he was still
alive, and had rallied slightly after
an operation and further blood trans
The result of the operation and
transfusion, which were carried out
at 11 a m today, was such as to give
some slight hope he might probably
recover they said. *
Raleigh. May 24. -(API —The fourth
of five prisoners who staged a sen
sational escape from State Prison by
rlimbing down a 90-foot blanket rope
early on the morning of April 19. has
t*en caught in Jacksonville. Fla.
Raymond White, who had been in
the prison only five days when he
did down the long rope from the
venereal disease ward of the prison
h'rspital, was caught yesterday and a
guard was sent for him today. He
*as sent to prison from Lenior coun
tv fer breaking .entering and larceny
to serve seven and a half to ten
Harbin. Manchuria. May 24. — (AP )
Japanese troops operating against
Chinese insurgents today swept Into
Hulan. about *0 miles north of Har
bin and captured 500 prisoners, three
armored cars and several field guns.
The insurgents fled to the north-
The battle was fought with only
winor casualties on the Japanese side.
*' v *n men being wounded
Commutation For Neyro and
Reprieve For White
Man Likely
Haleigh. May 24 (APl—Tyre C.
Tavlor. executive couneeJ today heard
attorneys r**p ( em-ntlng Plato Edney,
Henderaon county mountaineer, and
Bennie Oriffin. Negro convicted In
Grange county In appeals for cle
meocy for the two men. scheduled to
*»e electrocuted Friday. *
After th*. hearings. Taylor knll
c* ,fd would recommend a com-
Bnital, ©i» of tihe sentence of Griffin,
tuuvicted of killing another Negro to
* • Kht over whisky.
H hat course Taylor will Lake in th*
Mnay ease wag not but It la
*** * Ved Probable that he will be
*» anted a reprieve. Edney was con
i ed of the murder of Ms wife, acid
nw attorneys contend that a juror in
the case was prejudteed.
Heniterstm Hattu Diattairff
r or I THnf A SS£LJ riK * urvicb
walkerisready for seabury, *
m, BfiKkW
' m.' 1
Mayor James J. Walker of New ,
York has expressed himself as j
ready to face Samuel Seabury, !
chief counsel of the Hofstadter f
legislative committee, at the hear- \
ing in New York City, May 2a. j
Walker’s appearance as a witness i
Lindbergh Kidnap Hunt
Pushed In Five States
$15,000 Reward Offered By State of New Jersey For
Murderers of Baby; Handwriting Compared for Clue;
Dr. Condon Remains In Massachusetts Retreat
Hopewell. N. J.. May 24.- (AP) —To-
day’s episode in the tragic drama of
the Lindbergh baby kidnaping-mur
der mystery were acted out on a
broad stage. the actors being scat
tered through five states.
In Trenton. Governor A. Harry
Moore signed the bill authorizing $25,-
000 reward for Information leading to
conviction of the kidnapers.
In Flemlngton. John Hughes Curtis,
confessed hoaxer in negotiations for
twturn of the baby, remained in jail.
In Hopewell. Colonel Charias A.
Lindbergh and his wife remained in
Dr. John F. Condon, the "Jafsie,"
who paid a futile $50,000 ransom for
return of the baby, was at Becket,
Mass., apparently on a vacation, al
though he made several statements on
Board of Equalization About
Finished With Its Task
For Year
Onlly Dispatch Karen*.
In the Sir Walter Hotel,
nv J. t: UAHKKKVItt
Raleigh. May 24 —The allotment of
additional teachers to the various
counties for next year has just about
been completed, since the organiza
tion sheets have already been received
from 95 of the 100 counties and have
been carefully gone over by the Board
of Equalization, according to Leßoy
Martin, executive secretary of the
board The only counties from which
the organization sheets have not yet
been received, and without which
teachers for next year cannot be al
lotted. are Beaufort. Edgecombe,
Watauga and Wilkes. The organiza
tion sheet from. Harnett county was
received Monday but has not yet been
passed upon.
As a result of the study made of
»he enrollment in the schools in the
96 counties that Wave reported so
far. indications are that the 400 new
teachers all for which funds are
available for next year—will be suf
ficient to take care of the increased
enrollment, according to Martin.
"There is no doubt that many
schools could use more teachers than
the board will be able to allot to them
and that fully 1,000 additional teach
ers could be used to advantage,” Mar
tin said. “But since 400 additional
teachers are all the board can poe
slbly provide for next year, an ef
fort la being made to allot these so
that they will do the moet good and
fill the greatest need-”
The board has already made an in
tensive study of the enrollment and
average dally attendance this past
year In more than 600 indlvtdoal
aohools, in an effort to determine just
Continued oo P»f® 4L
| before Seabury is regarded as the
j climax of the investigator’s expose
| of graft and corruption in mu
| nicipal government circles of the
metropolis. Three views of New
i 'i ork’s dapper mayor, and Sea-
J bury, are above.
his way to New England that he was
still actively engaged in a search for
the kidnapers.
In Philadelphia, officials took cog
nizance of what seemed to be a strik
ing resemblance between the hand
writing of a rum runner and that of
the person who wrote notes demand
ing ransom of Dr. Condon.
The Bronx county grand jury re
sumed It* Investigation of the Con
don ransom and called as one of its
witnesses Morris Roarer, who early
In the case was appointed by Colonel
Lindbergh to undertake negotiations
wit hthe underworld.
Rev. H. Dobson-Peacock, who, with
Rear-Admiral Guy H. Burrage, re
tired. whs associated in the Curtis ac
tivities, continued his refusal to come
to New Jersey.
Plenty of Precedent For
Candidacy While Hold
ing Office, He Say* g
— i*
nmir Dispatch Barcas,
In the Sir Walter Hotel.,
nr j. v. baokkhvill.
Raleigh, May 24.—Declaring that he
is doing nothing unusual in running
for governor while holding a State
office, and citing the instance that
Bickett ran for governor while hold
ing the office as attorney general and
that Woodrow Wilson ran for presl
dent while governor of New Jersey,
A. J. Maxwell, candidate for the Dem
ocratic nomination for governor, last
night delievered a stinging reply to
the attack made upon him here last
week by J. C. B. Ehringhaus, one of
the other two candidates for the
nomination. - , ,
"Desperation is back of the cam
paign tactics of-both my opporieftta,"
Maxwell declared. "Mr. Fountain, feel
ing the ground slipping from under
his feet, resorts to a desperate at
tack upon the administration. Mr.
Ehringhaus. sensing the rising tide of
support for my candidacy, launches
an attack i.pon me thit has th« vic
ious quality and scope indicative of
the insecurity of his footing in the
race and of a desperate effort to stem
the rising tide of my candidacy."
"In attacking me because I am
seeking the nomination for governor
while holding office as commissioner
of revenue. Mr. Ehrin-jhaus is attsrik
ing the most popular Democratic can
(Continued on Page Fbur)
Fair tonight and Wednesday;
slightly wanner in north and ex
treme west portions tonight, and
in north portion Wednesday,
House Ways and Means
Committee Votes Adver
sely on North Caro
linian’s Measure
Chief Supporter Was Mrs.
Margaret Sanger; At Ses
sion Behind Closed Doors,
Committee Orders Unfav
orable Report Barring All
Washington, May 24.—(AP)— The
Hancock bill to legalize distribution
of birth control legislation was de
feated today by the House Ways and
Means Committee in a 20 to 4 vote.
At a session behind closed doors,
the committee ordered the birth con
trol measure reported to the House
unfavorably. This -blocked any op
portunity to use a discharge petition
to force a House vote.
Hearings were conducted on the
bill two days last week, its chief
sponsor was Mrs. Margaret Sanger,
prominent birth control advocate
R. L. Adkins, Raleigh, Kill
ed Man at Whisky Still
In Durham
Durham, May 24.—(AP)—R. L Ad
kins, of Raleigh, automobile salesman
who shot Will Warren to death dur
ing & raid on a still in Durham coun
ty on May 4, was indicted today for
A Durham county grand Jury in
dicted Adkins for second dfegree mur
der for the shooting, which took place
in Patterson township while Adkins
wss an unofficial member of a raiding
He pleaded the shooting was ac
It is improbable, court attaches
said, that Adkins Will be called to
trial during this term of court, which
ends this week.
Court officials said the salesman,
although at liberty under SOOO bond,
probably would be called Into court to
have bond fixed at another amount
by Judge Garland E. Mldyette.
Amelia Earliart
Visits Prince Os
Wales at Palace
London. May 24.(AP)— Mrs. Amelia
Earhart Putman paid a visit to the
Prince of Wales at historic St. James
palace this afternoon at the prince's
This was a signal honor for the
slim and serene young flier, who
landed near Londonderry, Ireland,
last Saturday and thus became the
first woman ever to conquer the At
lantic by airplane without the help
of a man in the pilot’s seat.
Washington, May 24.—(AP)
The House Roads Committee to
day approved the Aimon bill to
authorise appropriation of s2l*,-
009.000 for highway construction.
The Immure would authorise
*100,090,000. In Federal highway
aid to states in both the 1934 and
193 ft fiscal yean, and HAM.M9
for forest roads and trails each
Gold Star Mothers Abroad.
Paris, May 24.—<AP)—Seventy
eight gold star mothers, the first
to make a-pilgrimage of the bat
tlefield* In 19SS arrived in Fran**
today ahdhrd the Leviathan after
a plea pant crossing, whhA left
all of them In good health
New Jersey far Smith.
Trenton, N. J, March 24. —(API
—Without a dissenting voice, the
New Jersey delegation to the
Democratic National Convention
today endorsed the candidacy of
Alfred E. Smith for president.
New Jersey has 32 votes In the
i For Prohibition Repeat
Washington, May 24.—(AP)—In
a move to .get an early vote on re
submission of the prohibition Is
sue, Senator Bingham, Republican,
J Garner Relief Is
Almost Complete
Washington, May 34.—( AP>—The
92400.000,000 relief program of
Speaker Garner will be placed In
one blit and sent to the House
Ways and Mean* Committee this
week. The Texas Democrat an
nounced today the measure would I
; *** introduced as soon as completed |
by the legislative drafting service,
and that hearings will be he'd by 1
the Ways and Means Committee j
before It is sent to the House. .
I _j
| Fear of Wtt-Dry I**ue If
Reynold* Win* Causing
Some Thinking
Church People Backing Dp Dry Cause;
Workers, Denied Money From
Morrison, Cease Demands
And Blue Talk
llsllr UtnpiiT.-a Unreal,
fa the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, May 24.—Senator Cameron
Morrison at last seems to be making
some progress in his campaign for
renomlnatlon as United States Sena
tor, according to observers in political
circles here. Until last week the tide
appeared to be going against Mor
rison and it was beginning to look as
If Robert R. Reynolds, with the help
of Frank D. Grist,, Tam C. Bowie
and Arthur Simmons, the other three
canddiates. would at least be in first
place. Ardent Reynolds supporters
were even predicting that Reynolds
would win the nomination in the first
This very fact that Reynolds seem
ed to be getting closer and closer to
the nomination, however, has turned
out to be' one of the things that has
helped Morrison more than anything
else, it is agreed here. For it caused
tnAny Democrats who heretofore had
been considering their personal pre
ferences between Morrison and Rey
nolds to start thinking what would
happen In November, in the general
election. If the Democrats should
nominate Reynolds, an opponent of
prohibition, running against Jake
Newell, the Republican candidates for
the Senate, an ardent dry in both po
litics and practice.
As a result, many Democrats who
until recently seemed to prefer Rey
nolds to Morrison, have become wor
ried at what might happen to the
Democratic nominee, if Reynolds
should get the nomination. They have
recalled what hapuened in 1928, when
Herbert Hoover received 62,000 more
votes, for president tnan did the Dem
ocratic nominee. Alfred E. Smith, a
"wet." They have taken notice of the
resolution adopted at the recent meet
ing of Methodist leaders in the east
ern part of the State, urgtng the sup
port of only “dry” candidates. They
have taken notice of the arrival in
the State of a new State superinten
dent for the Anti-Saloon League,
(Continued on Page Four.)
Washington, May 24.—(API—A mil
lion dollar project for a modification
of the intra-coastal waterway from
Wlnyah Bay, S. C., to Charleston, S.
C„ to follow the coast route was ten
tatively adopted today by the House
Rivers and Harbors Commutes
veteransTo visit *
Richmond, Va., May 34.—{AP)—
After closing the! rannual reunion
here on June 24 Confederate vet
erans will visit Washington. They
will parade up Pennsylvania
Avenue, accompanied by their
sons and members of the Confed
erate Southern Memorial Associa
tion. At the/White House they wilt
be welcomed by President Hoover.
Connecticut, today Introduced a
resolution for repeal of the
eighteenth amendment and will,
seek to bring It up at the fliVt
opportunity. y
Sales Tax on Tiler.
Washington. May 24,~-<AP)—A
Ten per cent sales tax on auto
mobile tires and to*»as was sub
stituted for the rubber imports
taxes In the revenue bill todsgr by
the Senate Finance Committee.
Washington, May 24 (AP)—The
Senate Banking Qommittee today
postponed action on the Quids
boroough bill to stabilise the dol
lar, but Chairman Nertoeck, Repub
lican. South Dakota, said he be
lieved “something along tids One
will be reported favorably next
TV*™*** ", -«»*»■.'f m.u.
“Jafsie” Calls On Men
Who Took Ransom Money
To Return It To Donor
intiocent "Lifer”
, - : . r
TEN jpgjjrap
Convicted of the murder of a candy
salesman in 1929, during a holdup,
Gerald Growden (above) waa sen
tenced to life imprisonment at De
troit, Mich. Now the confession of
three men has established Grow
den’s innocence. At the trial the
convicted youth was "positively’*
identified by witnesses but stead
fastly protested his innocence.
Idle Worker May Figure
Strength to Old Order
May Help Him Most
Those Who Have Jobs Now May
Fear Swapping of Horses Might
Upset Them; Bosses in Both
Parlies Conservative
Central ’ Press Staff Writer
Washington. May 24.- -Many fol)t
unquestionably believe--some optim
istically, some it) a spirit of deep pes
simism -that present economic condi
tions foreshadow great progressive
gains at next November's election *~
not only the election of more pro
gressives than ever before, but more
radical ones.
It seems to me that the depression's
result is just as likely to be a land
slide in an uttra-oenservative direc
One way of looking at the matter
is that the average unemployed work
er will welcome any change that may
be suggested to him, hoping to benefit
by it; certain that he cannot be worse
off. enywtay. Perhaps, however, he
will feel that his best chance of get
ting his Job back lies in strengthening
the old order.
Besides, there are the voters who
have not lost their jobs ,to be rec
koned with. It is not unreasonable to
guess that the very danger of Jeo
pardizing them if they rock the boat
the least bit, will influence their votes
powerfully in favor of stability.
England had an election not
months ago. in the midst of condi
tions substantially the same as pre
vail in this country, and the conser
vatives won it overwhelmingly.
It appears, too, that the steps, taken
by the victorious Conservatir e gov
ernment have, in a fashion, ’.mproved
the situation in Britain. is to
say. from all accounts, employment
has been somewhat there
at the expense of a 30 per cent
reduction In the wrv'gjng c ) a3s living
standard. Monetary inflation accom
plished it—a car.c uflaged wage cut.
Whether or r A r>t this Is to be regard
ed as a good,.\hing for British labor,
the essentl**) fact is that desperately
hard gave the opposite of a
radical a’ant to voting sentiment in
Englary-i'g election —for whatever
y (Continued on Pago Four)
Strikers Battle
With Guards But
No One Is Hurt
Uhrichaville, Ohio, May 84.
(AP)—Hundreds of rifle and
machine gun bullets were fired
early today in a fight between
guards at the Wolford coal mines
near here and sniper* hidden on
the surrounding Mlbtdc.
Bullets rained around the mine
tripple for nearly 4ft minutes,
while the guards responded with
machine gun fire, but apparently
no one was Injured.
Ivan aad J. N. Wolford, owners
of the mine, said the snipping was
an outbreak of the wage strike ot
many former employee*.
Condon Appeal* to Myster
iou* “John’’ To Swap
Original Money For
Jer*ey Reward ff’
~ •
Want* Him To Clear up
Murder Mystery; Lind
bergh Not To Be Called to
Testify Before Grand Jury
Considering Case of John
Hughes Curtis
Flembigtun, N. J., May 24 (AF)
—Before leaving for ihr Lindbergh
home today. Prosecutor Anthony
Hauck announced that Colonel
Charles A. Lindbergh would not
be called to testify/ before ga»
grand jury when It cunuMin the
case of John Hughes Curtis, jail
ed hoaxer.
Beckett. Maas., May 84 (AD
Dr. Joh n F. Condon, who as "Jaf
sie" paid SSO.OOA to obtain the re
turn of the kidnaped son of Col
onel Charles A. Undbergh, today
appealed to the “who” received It
to return the money to Lindbergh
and collect The Uft.DM reward of
fend by the Stale of New Jersey
for the capture and conviction of
the kidnapers.
The message was dictated to the
representative of a Springgfletd
newspaper after the aged factor
had been informed »f the offering
of the reward. It was addressed
to the mysterious “John" to whom
the ransom money was given by
Condon in a Bronx cemetery.
Gangster Murder
In Harlem Found
By Police There
New York. May 24. (API-My»-
terinuH murder' with gangnter ear
marks was done in Harlem early to
Police found a sedan parked at a
curb with »/ dead man against the
steering wheel He waa John Repetti,
24. A singl£ bullet through the head
kihed hipi. . ,
Seated on the running board of the
car, bl6od streaming fro ma bullet
wound In the mouth waa Louis
(Cheeae Cake) Mileto. At the hospital
they said it waa unlikely he would
survive. He told detectives he did not
know who shot him or Repetti. and
*hat he wouldn't tell them, even If
he did.
Am.nntod u. SSJttft.OM In April and
Shonwd Decline Under Na
tional Average
Raleigh. May 24 —(AP)—Life Insur
ance busincs s tn North Carolina dur
ing April amounted to *5,920.000, and
27 percent of the companies operat
i'Tg in the State reported gains dur
c ig the period, a monthly aurvey of
r life insurance sales released today by
Dan C. Boney, insurance commis
sioner. showed.
Last month business wan 32 per
cent less than the total amount for
April, 1931. The drop was Jnrger than
the decrease experienced bv the na
tion. as the national average dropped
only 26 percent.
... ■ ,«J
Two Tried Suicide And
Third Planned It In
Atlantic City
Atlantic City, N. J«, May 24 (AP)—
Rather than return tn their homes in
Gaatonia. N. C. two of three girl* ar
rested lari, night as mcawwys by
county detect!vex. attempted to com
mit suicide by stashing their wrist
with a razor btad*> in the detention
room at city hah today.
The girl* were Emma McGill. 16,
and Thetma Quinn, 16 The third
g4ri. Minnie Johnson. 20. said ahe was
determined not to go home, but as
she did not wlnh to cut hereekf for
fear it might hurt, had deckled to wait
until she got ray. and then take gas
They treated at city ball.
Tfctrl. wounds are not serious. The
! of 4fte trio have b en notified
laud have sfrtst word tney are on their
way tutre to toko ok girls noma*.

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