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FOR poppy SHE
Large Corps of Voluntary
Workers Being Organiz
ed For Event
The local unit o/ U>e American Le
gion is completing preparations rapid
ly for Its "lV>ppy Day efforts A
large corps of volunteer worker* ta be
ing orgnniztd to offer the little rod
flowers of remembrance to tire people
of Henderaon All money raised from
the sale of the poppies will be used j
to aid disabled veterans and their
families the bulk of the fund* going
into the treasury of the local Umt j
to be expended in relief work among 1
the needy fanwiies of veterans* in the !
city during the corain« year.
"Wear a poppy to honor the World
War dead and to aid the war dis
abled. " will _b«- the request heard by
millions of Americans from smiling |
young women of the American Legion
P . ■
■ -*' fil
A |u |

Auxil.ary im Poppy Dav." Saturday
May 2* Her* H one of !he Auxiliary
poppy workers as they will appear
when they take the streets throughout
the country % on "floppy Day" loo.ouo
strong Id her hand is a basket of
paper poppies trade by disabled vete
rans and cn her coat is the official
poppy button of the Auxiliary, show
ing that she la working as an unpaid :
volunteer and that every penny paid 1
hrr for her poppies goes to the wel- 1
fare of the disabled men and their
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-UOyjW&yS 1 ' SKETCHES ■■ - ...... -B? R^JTs^
Amkit was born at Atcnison,
Kae . in lsßk. leaving iliare
when 14— moving flrat to Clk
ooro and eventually to Medford,
Mao* , where ahe made her
home noth her mother in Med
Clark St. School
Honor Rolls For
Bth Month Given
Attendance and scholarship honor
:o.*is for the e ght month of the term
it Clark street school was announced
oday as follows:
Atlendonoe Honor Roll
Grade I Mary Belle Gary teacher
Allen Hah. Eugene Basket, Theodoi .-
tP-ddiog field. Haley Forsythe. Ray
Goodrich. Jr Billie Gupton, Will.am
Tearney. Eugene Pegrani. Mary Eli
sabeth 1 Sight, Mary Elizabeth Hob
road Billie Johnson. Bep_y Langston
Doc Parrish Ernestine Smith, Mai
lari.ind To Ison.
Grade 11, Mrs. C. G. Cowan, teach
er—Bailey Breedlove. MerMn Cash
Jerry Faulkrrer. HoUodeane Green
vay, George Hendricks Leonidas Hat
.Is. Hugh Macy Hicks, J. Lee Laasi
er. Elijah Parriuh. James White. Wll
ion Gerringer. Melvin Whitmore. Hel
m Bowen Margaret Rgggs. Rachel
ilssette. Catherine Bunn. Gracia Har
.s. Helen Herahanan. Elizabeth Ja
obs Marie Ja«obs Lucile Parham
.’helma Davidson. Ay lease Newton
Carolyn Byrd, Kaitie Gdpton. Eddie
4 Greenway. Marion Johnson. Eliza
>fth Peg ram, Mary Reran. Gladys Rob
rtaon Robert Turner. Margaret Aeg
ter. Anne Stain back, Helen Wiggins
Grade 111-A, Mrs. C. M. Cooper. Jr .
eacher —Jessie Baity. Evelyn B%ker
lelen Diamonduras. C L. Finch' Jr
•fary Gene Falkner, Joyce Forsythe
dyrile Johnson. Kenneth Johnson
iarry Keller. Virginia Loader, Vir
'inia Lassiter. Virginia Martin. Ohns
Noell. Marion Poythress. Priscilla
"hirtvam Clyde Register. Mery Charles
tmith. Dorothy Stewart. Mildred
Whitmore and A C. Wiggins. Jr
Grade III«B Frances Woodlief
eac+ver—Mary Alien. Mary Bissette
Martha Bbaeate. Marie Cash, Mabel
7kopton. Mary F Houghtaling, Dora
'lelle Roberson. Virginia Robertson
Mildred Wells Donald Ball. Nicholas
Olamondurog Warren Faucette. 9tew.
•r* Hedgepeth Vance Hedgepeth
George Wortham. O C Hamm. Ed
ward Hamm, June Bowen.
Grade IV—Helen Johnson, teacher-
Dean Carter, Hunter Dunn. Weldon
Blttsi, CHfton Edwards Lawrence
v tnch, Clarence Greenway, &qpue!
Henhman. Philip Harm. Ludn
Hicks. J T. Johnson, Jamea Kelly,
Hdw:n Lang-ton, Joseph Parham
Robert Spruill. William Walker. Doro
by Beddlngfield, Josephine Bookert.
lanie Conn, Florence Belle Colh-ne
Virginia Grimes, Carolyn Hand*?. Caro
'me Miles, Dorothy Patterson, Anne
Poytbrtva, Virginia Robertson, Lady
Byrde Sattenwhite. Florence Whaley
Grade V—Lillian S. Evans, teachsi
Maxine Adams. Annie Hyman Bunn’
Txm Butcher. Arrington Carter. Jan*
Currin. Margaret Fuller. Mary Bell/
Ht rshman. Ducile Keorney Marthp
Evn Proctor Emma Thomas
Rose. Miis Bil,L!e Rose. Emma Sui
Rideout. Gladys Mae Soronten, Doro
by Btplnback. Katie Walker Sarah
Gerringger. Virgin's Falkner, Bil>
Alston. 1 -awrence Clark, Doughie
w slkner. Herbert Hlndricks Enloh
KreuK, Victor J. U: Mar
1 n. Robert Rideout. John Henn. Guy
Gupion. James Ellis.
Grade VI-A Agnes Moore, teacher
Marie Askew. Ruth Bowen, Jane
Carter. Chares Cooper. 111, William
Cand’er. Maurice Capps. J, C Dead
'3OTXCXW , Cen T
g. VoO - HtsO< nexa
NOuJ 'TVsiXM |
idMflsT Vb tw
ibrtV 1 f BPBe- _
We-OhUL / Oon-i _T~
Mana&gfi. I —//"
Attended girls' finishing school near Philadelptoa. Be- I
catne interedtei:! in flying field on visit to Glendale Cal ,
airport and began to take lessons.
BtAumed e«rt. and studied navigation at Columbia
Harvard arvd Boston Tedh. Began her career as social
service worker in Boston.
,^^^ .—,
Above are glimpses of Amelia
Earhart Putnam, the only woman
to fly the Atlantic alone, at vuri
nxm. Billy Dunn Hayw<*od Evans.
Mildred Finch. Frank Fut-relle. Shirty
Greenway, Rosa Houghitaling. Bill
Harris. Bradford Haithcock. Burnette
Kelley. Stanley Norwich. Mabel Par
ham. Jean Rowland. Albert Statnback,
Juanita Stainbaek, Mary K. Teague,
- JR: *, ' JSI &
fl wm ML j
JSt3k She Needed Everything ...
W } f ... She Had Everything
jHF - H take j plenty of flying ikill to solo across the Atlantic, hut thatonly p.irl. It takes good
HL l wuilber, good judgment, ability, And it l.ekts an adequate
■ ml supply of fuel and oil that you knou you can depend oh. A traus-Atlantis flight takes et erythtu/p
’ Bk a tip from Amelia Earhart. enough. High octane rating (anti-
A Vou cant sit on top of the knock.) is not enough. Mileage is
world unless you’ve got everything. not enough.
Keal gasoline must have every- If your car bucks and stalls in hot
/ ¥: i pMnt thing, too. Quick starting is not weather and heavy traffic. you're
'l^l paying needless repair bills for clean
' i- in i « --i ing valves or carbon jobs, you’re not
“STANDARD" EVERYTHING! getting your money's worth. You're
Chech it* paying twice for
wHHpi < I C at the pump and again at the repair
j t/ CARBON-LESS- Spark plugs, shop.
H., mJ valves stay 1932 gasoline must have every
, Mp - ; rican Sa\es repair bill*. <■
I */ Gl’M-LFSS So Jogged mani
.... H ' folds no sinks \al\a Cuts repair Standard 1932 gasoline has
Wmß ‘WMm&k bli,i everything.
H ./ SULPHUR-LESS- No corrosion. Quick starting for traffic jams,
y&BsM&maiy * repair Smooth and silent power
k/ ANTI-KNOCK-Extra posver. need it. Added miles of low-cost,
trouble-free transportation. Head
at (he left. Check Ii spells
"%£ g/ QUICK STARTING Mini- savings. A sweet engine.
' mum use quick power and Next time you buy gasoline —buy
pick-up -- less “Standard.”
crankcase oil | t as everything a real gasoline
*/■ “BUBBLE-FREE*’ —No stalling should hav«.
“ and bucking front vapor bubbles in
gas hoe and carburetor —even, steady
%§*■■■ {* MB (low oi power in the hottest motor.
i/ ODOR-LESS—Refined "sweet" — /
AMELIA FARiiART, whose non-stop solo night , * no disagreeable swells. / \
across the AtLiUM. to 15 hours and 39 minutes, rnvvrii rx ,i... /_ AT \
broke all time records for trani-Atlantic crossings. r -stavs dear-a guarantee o( rar- HOViJolkl
She used "Standard produrts-bcanavo Aviation feet cleanliness Save* monev. JIANDARD
Gasoline and Stanavo Aviation Engine Oil. ~ _ . Lm
gS UNIFORM—Same quality and V
t >m. * result! always, everywhere. Always \ I
more miles for * our money. yi
W ” C«**- IW2, s«aad«d Uki Cu. of New Jcnry
ous stages of her career. Left to j
right, in flying garb; as a college j
■tudent: in can and gown sit her j
Ruth G. Thomas, Henry Whitmore,
Alice Whitmore.
r Grsdo VI-B— Mildred Barnes, teach
er—lrvin Breedlove, Walter Crockee.
Woodrow Hamlen, Elton Jenks. CHf- .
ton Majors, Theodore Rooker, How- I
ard Thome, Evekyra Bowen, Margaret ;
After Lindbergh's flight to Haris
sbe became interested J n such a
venture for herself. Received
an invitation to be co-pilot of
plane "Friendsihip." She quickly
accepted and made plans.
graduation; when Mte lived at
Dennison house, doing social serv
ice work, in Boston, and in the
Cash. Irene Clarke. Emily Davis, Mil
dred Fuller, Eitue Mae Gupton, Del
ph!a Pearce, Viola Robinson, Flore-nce
Walker, Elma Wortham, Marie Wor
Scholarship Honor 801 l
Grade I, Witlia Biackrwsli, Eugene
With Willmer Stukz and Lou Gordon she completed a
trucce.-sful I ransatie rvtic flightt from Trepaasey, New
fcundland, to Burry Estuary, Wales.
Achlefed fame as a pilot in fMghOs thnougihout the
United States and then married George Palmer Putnam,
York publisher and backer of her first ocean flight
cockpit of her plane. Mrs. Put
nam made her first transatlantic
hoc four years aifo as a uassenser.
Pegram, James Dfamondunos, Ray
Goodrich. Jr., P'rank Joftvu
; Harris, Joe Bill Nodi, e-ugene Basket!
Jean Candler, Rebeeca Har ward Mary
' Elizabeth Hight, Billie Johraaon, Betsy
I Langston. Frances Potaton. Lucy Cobb
Singleton. Ann Starkey. Mae Garland
Stt of/ on solo bop ovei Atunuc
from Harhor Grace Newfoui.a-
Mrad. landing near LondondaiTy
Ireland. She la the first wo.
man and second person m his
tory lo solo flight over the At
lantic .
I Totoon, Edam* Few.
j Grade II- Helen Bowen, Caihefln*
i Bunn. Mildred Cor.n. Gracia Harm
Helen Hershman, Dorothy Hagwou
, Jerry Riu>ncr. Eliza be fs j acot( ,
George Hendricks, Marwn Johtwor’
J. L. Lassiter. Wilson Gerringer
! Elijah Parnsh Margaret Ibgi.-x w
Ann Stainbick. Helen WJgginr
j vein Whitmore.
j Grade 111 Jessie Baity, Mamie L*«
Bridgarr. Evelyn Baker, JLiy i^ >u
Cooper. C. L. Finch, Jr.. Vug.n,,
Martin. Chories Noeii. PrucilL j» M .
j ham. Dorothy Stewarl. and A. c
, Wiggins, Jr.
Grade IV Dean Carter—Cl. ften Ed
j wards, J«une.» KeOly George A. Ron-.
Robert Spruill. William Walker. Dot
othy Beddingfiedd. Janie Conn. M 0 :-
enc* BeHe Collins. Caroline Mile*,
Marie Pulsion, Anne Poythresv Hor
erace Whal--y.
Grade V- Annie Hyznai: Bunn Mur
tha Baity. Dorothy Cooper. Jd fc | K< „ r ,
Fuller. Mbs Billie Itoee, Gladys R Jt
Sorffiisen, Jessie Roth SU-wait.
thy Stainbaek. Sarah Lou Gtrrin^w
Grade Vl—Myrtle Wilhamsoti hit
i died Finch. Juanita Stainbaek. Hu.'n
G. Thomas. Mabel Paihom Roa
! HoughtaUng. J. C. Deacimon Rmh
Bowen, Charles Cooper. 111, burner
i Kelly. Stanley Norwich, Alber. Set

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