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harriaqes pamtdm
lov* and power were
,®'' nt, Hiwl youth potM>i«l me,
**„**!» flushed from every vine,
form* created me.
my heert In beauty's eyes,
ifelt ®v eoul grow tender;
r„rth c*n give. or mortal prise,
& mlac of refml *plendor.
to number oer what days
LLmbrsnce can dtacover.
iTurl, all that Ilf* or sarth displays
JJuld lure me to live over.
roe* no day. there rolled no
nt pi***ure unembittered:
ind not a trapping decked my power
flat fall* 1 not while It (Uttered.
aerpmt of the field, by art
I ,prlU. I* won from harming;
which cot la around the heart.
p%ho hath power of charming?
h artlt not lUt to wisdom s lore.
music a vice can hire It;
jm there It stings forevermore
rw awl that must endure It.
Ytalttiic in Trane—ee.
jjim Fannie Howell la visiting
ftWP d* in Morristown. Tenn.
Irtanw from Goldsboro.
)fl#* Ruth Buchan has returned
a visit to friends In Goldsboro.
Gwst *f Mr*. Klannagmn.
)|r«. Kffle Morris is visiting her
laughter. Mr*. E. O. Flannagan.
liunt of Barker*,
gpv. J. C. Powell, of Warsaw, will
tt the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Alter f<*r the week-end.
In IHirham Hospital,
j. *a< learned today that Mrs.
Otetfr Buchan la confined by Illness
la Wat;» hospital in Durham.
YaUting In Richmond
jlii* Ludlle Hamm and Miss Emma
ImtN" are in Richmond, Va , vlsdt-
and friends.
«eck-Fnd in Karmvllle.
gn H IV. Anderson. Mr. and Mr*.
Oof# L Finch and children, are
ijvHlv the week-end tn Farmvllle
vitl relativse of Mr*. Finch.
Tn High Point Final*.
UtM Louise Powell left today for
High Point college, where she will
attend the graduation exercises this
To Father's Bedside.
Mrs. tV. R. Aulbert has been called
to Burlington to be at the bedaide of
her father. A. R. Wllaon. who has
wffered a second stroke. It was learn
ed today.
(•neats of Mr* Parker
Mr*. C. Walter Johnson, of Astie
vjle. ind Mr* W. P Creech and
brie daughter. Carolyn, of Clayton.
•t» expected today to be the house
p«G of Mr*. W. W. Parker for
4* w*«k end.
Home from Richmond.
Mr*. M F. Legg. Mrs. J. C. -Cooper.
Mr*. J. W Cooper. Mrs. 8/H.'Wat
kin* and Mrs. Scott Parham returned
y**terd*y from Richmond. Va., Vhere
iher accompanied 8. S Parham to
»wt a plane of the Eastern Air 'Tran*
fwt for New York, where be* kill
•lend the next week.
Bridge Party For
Miss Mary Wood
The following from the Oxford
P»bLc Ledger will be of interest
kwely in every detail was the bridge
P**t> given by joint hostesses. Mrs. F.
L Hood and Mr*. H. F. Peed, on
Tuesday afternoon at the home Os
Hfs Hood. honoring Miss Mary
Vlnod. bride-elec* of June.
The home was beautifully decorated
a profusion of spring ftower*
wh;r b made a lovely setting for six
t*b!ea of bridge.
The tallies were attached to tnlnia
htfe eormge* and presented the guests
•t »h* door.
Aftar several progrewtone Mr*.
r ’ r^"d Parker was awarded high score
F* and Mrs. Marvin Glasgow aec-
high prime. Mias Wood, bomaree,
*** hko presented an attractive gift.
A delicious ice course wae served by
Hr.. James Wheeler, of Hender
**"• Ft of John L. White, the
p,y *»-’»'be attervded the party.
<yfase \KpP/ #
Birth Os Son
Hr and Mr*. Kearney Southerland
•nnounc- the birth of a atm. William
Rob *rt on May 27, ISS2.
Birth of Son.
Hr. and Mr*. John Mundy were
felicitations today for their
ght-pound boy. John Rawls, born
■ r'terday at Marla Parham hospital.
*ne mother and young son ara doing
_ r\ nicely, it was said this morning.
•■. All you’ve hoped for in a
ou « h - medicated with
,ri ’W| C KS
w Vasoßui
telephone «10 ::::::: * ; ; HOUBA 9iM.TO 12 NOOK
EIYAS RiMG - iNfe got -so
-fAUd MCI 2 iHfo V*irH If AW MOCE - MOO’LL fNO YIHAf I *- *Y)n ‘ 1 iff) T i ■ \ Vl<Z.|l
M. P. Philatheas
With Mrs. Baity
Mrs J. M Baity was hostess
Thursday evening at her home on
SouthsH street to the PhUathew chide
of the Mettvxtoa Protewtant Surwiay
school. The meeting was cwllecf to
order and presided over by Mr* Sllae
Powell. ,-»nd the devotional exercises
were conducted by hjrs Nichols
Adler the minutes, reports were
heard from various committees, and
at the eonelu.don.Of the business sea
sion. the meeting w*»a turned over to
the program committee
In the attendance content, the re
ports showed Mrs Walter Grissom's
aide to have 375 points and Miss Lucy
Tkylor’s side 175 points. Mrs. R. W.
Goodrich sang a solo, accompanied by
Mrs C. L. Flitch An Interesting
pin contest was had, in which Mrs.
W E. Wilson was the winner.
The hortesn. assisted by her two
daughters, served delirious refresh
ments .
Mrs A. E. Hager and small daugh
ter. Barbara, of San Franclaco. Cali
fornia. were guests of Mr. and Mra.
Raymond Wyche. Tuesday of last
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Garrlas. of Con
way. vtalted Mr. and Mr*. H. B.
Hick* Sunday.
Mr. and Mra. J. C. Glover, spent
Sunday in Bobbitt, as guests of Mrs.
Glover's slater. Mrs. Edgar Fuller.
Mr. and Mr*. Jimmie Marah of
Greensboro, are visiting Mrs. Marsh’s
parent*. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wyche.
for a few days.
Raymond Wyche. who has been on
the sick list for the past several days,
ta very much improved .at this wrlt-
In. and It Is hoped to he will soon be
out again.
Mr. and Mr*. Buck Ayscue and
children. Dixon. Paul and Greyham
of Epsom. were guests of Mra.
Ayscue's mother. Mra. Mlttie Clark
Friday .
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dixon of Hen
derson. were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Wyche Thursday evening.
The Dabney Grange, will play their
first game of baseball this season
Saturday afternoon at S o'clock, at
Dabney. They will play the Grange
team of Aycock community.
Mrs. A. E. Hager and daughter.
Barbara, of San Francisco, Call
left Friday morning for home, after
a weeks stay with Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Hart, on the Henderson-Oxford
Choosing Trousseau
ijSj s
N* A
w ■
■ *■ v
■ w *■ b
V m >. ■
A honeymoon thnt is 3peit in the
great out of doors is a happy
time, all other things being equal
This brown and white linen eports
dress with large buttons and scal
loped collar is smart for the ten
nis courts and is ft practical choice
when choosing the s trous
•eau. Bette Davir. «3-een piaycr,
jßcori-lj iL
1 Vjis*
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, widow of
the late president, draws the win
ning ticket for a cake at a card
party of the Woman'! National
Democratic club in the gardens of
■IA Story of Mystery and Love in The South
Keen fine »t Jittery trlflt flic <f(*-
roeerv of a 190- //cor-old ship* lop
book, fli'e vo*‘in ChUanonnn, Larry
llotmca. Tom Barry, lone Admits,
FUly Llffltfrner and Jay Bruce, icho
ted# tfte »iory, take ship for Tahiti
(n the South Scaa. .111 6kl Fitly had
gee* nc\l spaper ' trrilcrtb She is a
co-ed. Before fearing Tow and Filly
and Joy and lone are married. At
(citipls By a att an pa ffirl, a Ml*a
Wkitkey, to obtain poaßcaaion of the
top, a par them on. The top relates
the story of a crutac by a Yankee
a hip (n tke pearl trade and of an at
tempt to pet possession of a prraf
Mack pearl embedded In the head of
a Jlafw of an island pod, S’u, on the
ialand of Tarea. Some of it ia in
rode. They arrive in Tahiti and there
Miaa •Whitney turns out to be Fa»n.
an Aererfffary princess of a amall
pro up of Islands. She fit riles l.’icm to
emiae there on her yaelit. They
accept. Larry becomes in/atwofed
urith 1*0(10. Meanwhile Tom. who
knmea wirclesa code, bears wi eaaapea
heimi 7 arnt from Faso’s (s/mirt ynlnce,
indicating that an Enplialiman, named
Livingston, is also attemptinp to pet
hold of the lop. Larry photopraphs
the pages of the book and the f /irls
set out to copy the code. Then the
lop wyslerfoHsf// dtaapt»‘* )r *‘ One
wornfno Pane dors not appear for
NOW IT SEEMS strange that we
couldn’t have fowl'll the poMaihlllty
of this thing happening and taken
measures to checkmate it. Heaven
knows we had warning enough. Hut
then, tfa always easy to look back.
In the end it was Larry who first
became suspicious that all was not
%.* It should be: anil in the end it was
t arry who played the stellar part
during the hours that were to follow.
"How come you're still around here
and not out with your playmate?"
Tom asked Holmes Jovially as we
pmt through the living room tn
narhlng suits headed for the hefore
breskfast dtp in the lagoon. It was
well after 3 o'clock.
"IHiuo isn't up yet,” Larry an
That pair had fallen Into the easy
habit of eating together In the morn- j
mg. Pauo. accustomed to early ris
ing of the *roplce from childhood, gen
erally nut in her appearance shortly
after 7 o’clock, and LArry, by now
making no secret of his strong in
fatuation. had adapted his habits to
hor routine. By this time they had
generally breakfasted and started on
an excursion to Borne part of the Is
land br were out on the water.
By the time Tom and I had finished
our plunge, breakfasted and dressed,
(one and Pilly were In evidence. It
was close to 10 o'clock. Larry was
visibly fidgeting.
"She’ll jfrobably forgive you and
melt tn your artfts," Pilly told him
with a grin. "Don't get so breathless
about it True lov* never runs
“Don't be a stnoae.” Larry re
torted.. "We haven’t had a fight
"What, no quarrel T Pilly kidded
him. “Can’t be true love then. Think
-mU *he (up missing hj' QO-
Admiral and Mrs. Cary Grayson,
war-time physician to President
Wilson, in Washington. Mrs.
Wilson, indicated by arrow, is
shown drawing thewrinning ticket.
Pring itnlo to KlM> mH maK« opt* c
Lorry walked away in disgust, and
we strolled down on tho pier. Later
we wer*> sitting by the rock garden
when Holmes cainc out and an
nounced that Pauo wasn’t In her
room. Having knocked and called,
he had gone In to find iter bed had
been slept in but she was missing.
go sail that knockabout
around the lagoon.” Tom suggested.
"Oo ahead," Larry said. "I’ll wait
It was nearly lttnch time when wc
catne buck. The girls had gone up.
and Tom was sewing on a sail ring
which hnd pulled loose when Larry
showed up.
"Any of the boats out," he asked.
“Don’t seem to be,” I said looking
over the fleet.
"Something is wrong." T,arry de
clared. "None of the servants at the
lioiiko have seen Pane this morning."
Tom reached down, picked up a
knife and snipped the string.
"Come on. my good man," he said
to me, “We’ll have a bite of lunch
and finish thi* after siesta.” He
turned to Larry:
"Come on up. She'll show up for
"Maybe she Is taking a little vaca
tion from your society,” I told him
with a grin. "Couldn’t blame her
could you?”
"Nci-ts!" he snapped. "I’m going
up to the village and talk to old
Ling Fat. Maybe he knows where
she Is."
"Keep out of the sun." I cau
tioned. "or you'll get crazier than you
Blit Holmes, striding off up the
beach, didn’t answer that parting
shot. We waited lunch - for a time,
but Pauo failed to appear. Nor did
Larry show tip.
I was taking nty siesta an hour
later when Larry and Tom came in
and awakened me. Before anything
was said I sow by their faces that
something was decidedly out of order
Holmes’ eyes shown with sort of a
wild light, and the customary banter
was lacking from Tom’s voice,
"By the looks of LhlfWt something
has happened to Ihiuo.” he told pie
quietly. "Larry here has Jus*, been
up at the village talking to the old
Chinaman.' It stems a schooner
stood off here last night and a boat
put In here, according to the natives.
A little lifter la sailed."
Then I rememliered that vague im
pression of hearing a hairs, motor
running during the night, nnd what
I told them ofily served to confirm
our fears.
By now I had pulled on my
■■whites", and with Larry ahead, we
started for the Itvinc room. As Larry
went out Tom told me I 9 an under
tone: '•
"This looks bad! I can't find either
Utato or Ttno. or Havia. I wouldn’t
be surprised If this *fent plenty deep,
and hooked in some way with that old
log book!"
The girls were there when the
three of us came in. Tom and I sat
down, but Holmes was pacing the
room. , • ?
"Sit down Lffyrrv." .said
qgietly. “There ate part*' of this
picture 1 don't think you' know--"
1 “Wbat rob by thmf*
Mrs. Borden Harriman is shown
with the megaphone and Mra.
Jouctt Shouse may be seen on the
right side of the table. A closw
ud of Mrs. Wilson is at left.
flotmes snot duck at him.
"Just what I say- -"
'Then why haven't I been told?”
“Principally because you seemed so
completely infatuated with I’auo—"
"Well. 1 am. If that’s any news to
you," Larry declared bluntly.
"Yes. the signs have been apparent
1o the (rained eye,” Tom rejoined
tunor.lldy. "Which is Just the rea
son (he four of us decMed it might
be better to keep quie* A man in
love isn't quite sane on the subject
of the object of his tender passion.
Anything that might he construed as
criticism, or tend to cast reflection—"
“Now Just what do you mean by
that speech," Holmes rapped out. Ho
was angry,
"All right, Larry,” Tom told him
softly. “That's Just the reason we've
kept our mouths shut We were
afraid you would blow up—now you're
doing it. If you want parts of tMa
picture filled In. you’ll simply have
to taxe It on the chin, and take It
If you mean that this thing be
tween ratio and me Isn’t mutual:
that she's just been kidding me along
—you're crazy!" his voice was lower
pitched, hut tense.
"That happens to he one thing
we're not so sure of in spite of every
evidence to ths contrary." Tom said
"Now all of you listen to me!”
Larry came to his feet and fared us
challenging),!'. "I'm nofoo)and I know
thnt girl like T know 'he palm of
my hend! There Isn’t o double-cross
ing hair in her head!" His voice had
The nlmosphrrc around Holmes
seemed to Imi charged and simply
lacking n sinrk to set it off. Th«
Pirn M-cured lo me th,.t it might lie a
good idea to pour a little oil on the
troubled waters. T dapped my hands
and I’akat, In her flaming red pareu,
came sliding Into the room.
"Bring u* a round of orange and
lime juice and lots of Ice —”
Pilly got up and went over r(os»
to where !.arry waa atanding looking
out the door.
T,arry," she coaxed, "be a good
guy and let the boys talk to you.
Bchdve yourself, because there rWghy
are some, things you ought to know.”
“Ohey." he said taking one of.ths
glasses as the girl came back.
"Shoot!" ' *
Turn Ut S cigaret. For n few sew
omls he smoked In silence. fta
seemed to be hunting for Just th*
right thing to say.
"laury, you know this whole thing
started ns sort of a Joke." His vole*
was soft. “None of us took the ex
istence of the black pearl seriously.
Conditions In the States were bad
just at a tim* we all had wandering
feet. We simply wanted a change
of scenery.”
Larry nodded quietly and took .»
sip of his chilled Juice.-
"Fate's Invisible finger moved cer
tain angles together and here we
are nearly MOO miles from Chicago.”
Tom continued. "Wa were five when
we started and we’re now five—"
■•We are six now!" Holme* cor
rected btm with a snap, coming to his
Invitations For
Birthday Party
Invitation* reading as follows hfeve
been received in the city:
“Mr, and Mrs. Thomaa Henry Crud
up Invite you to a birthday dance
honoring Thomas Henry Crudup, Jr„
at the Went End Country Club Tues
day evening. May 31, from 8 to 10
o'clock. Please respond."
•1 Mix Cooper Returns.
Mrß. Sydney Perry Cooper returned
home last night from a few days visit
to Mrs. T. Edgar Cheek, in Durham,
State librarian of the Daughters of
the American Revolution, qf which
organization Mra. Cooper is the State
regent. Mrs. Cheek and Mi*. Cooper
and Mrs. Isaac Manning, of Chapel
Hill, attended the presentation of a
D- A. R. marker near Elisabethtown
yesterday, at which Mrs. Cooper one
one of the speakers.
How North Carolina Has
Xeduced Taxes Given In
Interview With Gardner
(Continued rrom rage One.)
Washington recently, it seemed de
sirable to ask him how he had ac
complished such a miracle, and he ex
plained his system readily. I omit
figure*; they fell too swiftly tn be
kept In nrrind. The items, besides, at
most were in eight digits- not enough
as previously to appeal to
an imagination nourished on United
States treasury reports. Anyway, the
method is the essential thing.
“For example." said Governor Gafd-
H; j r
| \$ j j \
R T' 1 edk&y' '
r 4 M
U Answer* an Age-Old Question M
\ What Is Beauty? \
The exquisite JANE KAY preparations *
(The assurance of a lovely complexion)
H . H
m Will .assist you in answering this M
H question for yourself. ' m
: Miss Kathryn Bickel :
Expert cosmetician ia giving individual connultation and
complete treatment in a private booth, teaching the new
scientific mehods of facial treatment and makeup.
[J This $5.00 Treatment Without Charge *
w To all thofic lak’fug tulvantage of this H
H unusual offer tills week. H
Call for appointment at Toil.t <sood.s Department. *
M ’ - H
: E. G. Davis & Sons Co. 3
h Henderson, N. C. 3
W a
ner "we had a network of state roetto
innintdiived by a gasoline tax. Natift
ally it was a tax paid largely by fauh
ei*, but only 35 per cent of thean lived
on the state highway*.
they had also to keep up local
roads, for whicHf they were taxed sep
arately by their respective oountieA. ;
"Today all roads are state roads
aW paid tor by the gasoline excise No
county can levy a rad tax. County
boards have been abolished, as have
•■he offices of 100 road comniieMon
"The state likewise has taken over
the county prison#-much, generally,
speaking, to the prisoner*' advantage.
All pi i son era, aerviqg more than 60
days, work on the road*. They are
kept in sanitary camp*4 scientifically
rationed and are humanely can'd for."
"County boards," continued the
North Carolina executive, "as I have
said, were abolished. In their places
there exists a local government com
mission s state organization —of
seven members, counting ita chair
“To this rotnnviHKion come petitions
for local improvement*.
“U'lusftratively, If residents In
particular section desire a new road
or the abandonment of an old one, they
.submit their requite to the local gov
ernment eorrumlf-sdon. which dispatch
es its contact representative to investi
gate and report upon it .
"Should a certain county desire to
issue bonds for a strict ly local, per
manent impovement ray a new court
house it appht 1 * to the local govern
ment commLision for the nocesaary
authority. In the event of the com
imealon* refusal rhe right remain* to
•he applicants to appeal, by referen
dum to their home county’s voter*.
"The affair* of every local govern
mental unit is subject to this rfgula
t ton "

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