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formal Notice U Served By
City Demanding Re
pairs In 30 Days
Official* of the SrabMrt Air Uot
railroad have advta*d city a* he rtf lee
that materials have bean ordered for
, b( repair of the various croeelnp.
ov «r their track* in tne city, and that
the work l* to b.- Uou«* immediately
•e *oon aa that material is received
A resolution w*a p«**rd by the City
Council at its May meeting calling
upon the railroad io make proper re
pair* to tt*c eroding, and formal
nottre waa nerved on W. R. Vaughan,
u the l.iphent ranking railroad man
in the city nu* Monday. That notice
required tnat the work be done In 30
have itva the date formal notice wa>
Hicksbora News
U> Ml** KI OKBNt n H. WOODY ;
The farmer* here made good use of i
the nice season Saturday, and plant
ed all the plants they had large!
Mr and Mr*. Oscar Platt and T. I
H Hicka and family were visitors in ]
the home of Hampton Rice Tuesday j
Mu* Jennie Gill, who has been on {
t n extended visit to her sister, Mrs
Helen Bullock of Rocky Mount and!
Mrs Alice O'vfuinn of Sanford, has
returned to her sisters. Mrs. H. S. j
Woody * here.
m~ Is/?~v-' :
Here’s How!
Not through the purchase of cheaper meats, so that five tough, stringy roastb
may be had for the price of four choice roasts . . . Not at all . . . but
through the elimination of waste in cooking. In the average oven the roasting
process is little more than a drying process. No circulating heat is required
of an electric oven, however. The meat is quickly seared, the juiees and
original flavor sealed in and little or no waste is experienced in roasting.
Since this is true the difference in weight of five roasts cooked electrically, a*
compared with the weight of five roasts of equal original weights cooked by
other means, actually amounts to the same as one roast free. How- much is
such a saving-worth over a period of years? Any food shrinks learand tastfcs
better when cooked electrically. This fact, plus a saving in operating cost,
makes electric cookery worthy of you r serious consideration. Don’t wait for
a more opportune time to select an Electric Range for your kitchen.
Automatic g YEARS TO
Electric Range ►; fay balance
tarolina Power flight Company
i uawr—
_ mBBHMB «aoaa«lKflH -
Non* o * tm ■ lowttT ■SSSSr enn **** **a - (
> IgSSSi _ ijafTMfl fg ■■ J rartkma AMO Mi AT IN# f|MA<« \
yA A T tnw > (AkOllMi *— iQWff ♦ CfDTf '
City Gets Money
Out of Ofd Bank
J>wv«rlUm postal with the city
7 ”** Nation* I B«„k
“ r*"' f ~ cttv »« «•-
, 1 "* •**** l«a*»k which rlonmilut
i mhw have kfm Mil* h\ the
‘••ty imd for -nwugh (*■ rrtorn to
tlw. city nU „ f , u mMMy Ihr H«w
<’iirltlf-» s,»M for which
w*h > IRV .iO mgn. than th» uiuamt
»ha city had on <l«p*«it. jiHim th*
• rpens* of netting I hr- iimuM. That
FUH.3O ha* !«**•« ri-mrrvad f u < aah to
lhr InMvk
W T. Ww **r. of Middle burg, visit
ed friends here Thursday night
Mi.s*e.s Reb*kah Shanks and Mary
Shepard Gill are spending the weak
in Henderson with their aunt Mir*
C T. Evans.
Mrs. (lent* Gill and daughter Mar
garet of Stovall spent Wednesday and
Thursday of last week with her
mother. Mrs. C. H Sneed on Route 5.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Green. Mrs. Min
nie Satterwhlte and Miss Alma Green
spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and
Mrs. A. A Tlllottaon on Route 5
Edward Woody waa the week-end
guest of Morrow Stovall of Stovall
M,S ' T W ‘ Hicks «nd lit
tle W. D.. Jr., were guests of her
mother (Sunday night Mrs w T
Clark. *
Mrs. J. H. Knott and son. of Wll
liamsboro. visited friends here Wed
nesday night.
Mr and Mrs. Leon Gills Sunday
night guests were Mr. and Mrs. G. T
Gill. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Woody and
Mi*s Jennie Gill.
Mrs S. A. Green, daughter Alma,
and little Mary Ann, were guests of
Mrs. \V. J. Woody Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Hicks and
hendebsom, (n, a.) daily dispatch, Thursday, juhe 2, m 2.
Dorothy and Anna Leigle. were Sun
day afternoon visitors of Mr. and
Mrs Roger William. .
, J * nd Mrs. Clinton O Brien visit
ed his brother here a. C. O-Bfleo Sun
day night.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Tlllottaon. also
T* Mr * A. a O’Brien and chll
«re" 'T*' 6 Sumiav Hflhors of Mrs.
v- H. Sneed-
Miss Marv Tucker- of TdwnaviUe is
•umg Wise Aani* Tucker this week,
r Hammlt Guerrant
Pent Sunday wtth. hr* mother, Mrs
H. Averett.
/leb Clark of Route 5. visited his
r fT ., htt * Mr* T. W. Hicks Sun
day afternoon.
H. T. Gill of Stovall
in olf ,h * r h *~ 3 “ nd "'’- Mr
The baseball Kain * for Saturda
aflernoim played between Stovall and
Hicksboro scored 2<V7 in favor of
Early Vegetables
From Own Garden
.Had by Mr. Cheek
A. J. Cheek. Belle Street, was In
(he Dispatch office yea *erd*y exhibit
ing ripe tomatoee Uhat he says were
grown in hk this year. The
tomatoes were about half the average
sue of a normal one, but were ripe
and well developed Mr. Cheek al«o
.-tated that he haa been halting pota
toes from his garden since May 12.
This is considered early for toma
toes. since -they usually come in in
this section around the FVmrth of July
Mr Cheek says he planted an early
variety in the early part of April,
and that front once caught (hem. but
he sprinkled them with water to wash
the front off before the sun came
out and tfius saved them from being
For the Trotu.t-BU.
'Vtik W
■pK- ■* m
Mm «n|
mHV v'
A lace evening gown is 11 very
practical garment for the bride
on her honeymoon. This- thorn*-
ing ensemble of white lace, worn
by Groce Brinkley, stage star, haa
an unusual cape worn thrust over
the head. It is banded with white
96th Commencement End*;
Dr. Lacy Head* Alumni
of Institution
Davidson. June 2. One hundred and
nine members of Davidson Colleg'a
1932 graduating class finished their
college careers here today shortly
after noon as they stood around the
historic flagpole and lowered their
class flag to bring to a formal cloee
Davidson’s 96th commencement exer
-ises. They had shortly before receiv
ed their diplomas from Dr. W. I* IJn
gle, president of the college.
The graduating exercises, which
held the center of attention today,
were held in Chambers Auditorium.
The large hall was completely filled
with hundreds of friends and relatives
of the graduates and many returning
alumni, only a few seats down at the
front reserved for the graduates be
ing empty at the start of the organ
Rev. Ben. R. Lacy, D. D., president
if the Union Theological seminary.
Richmond, Va. was today elected
president of the Davidson College
ilumnl association, and Jos. B. John
son. superintendent of Barium
Spring* Orphanage, was made viee
'iresident. Smith Richardson. New
York, is the retiring head of the body,
Mr. Johnson succeeds Dr. Lacy as
Two of the highest awards which
can be given by Davidson College
were this morning presented to Wil
liams H. Sprunt, of Wilmington and
•n William Rule 111, of Knoxville.
Tenn., member- of the 1932 graduat
ing class of Davidson. These were
the Algeron Sudney Sullivan medal
ions and certificates.
Dr. Walter L Lingle president of
Davidson, made the presentation at
the closing exercises of the 9*th com
mencement of this Institution, and
awarded the medallions on behalf‘of
the faculty of Davidson and the Nfew
York Southern Society, which i)*s
authorised the authorities at David
son annually to chose two men who
in their estimation have demonstrat
ed in their live* a spirit of unaelfish
service, similiar to which char
acterized the life of the man whose
honor these awards are made.
Rev. George Summey, D. D.. Aus
tin. Texas, an IS7O graduate, had the
honor of being the oldest graduate at
Davidson College’s 96th Comnnifee
ment program today.
Curtis Gravely 111
r x-JHHBh
Cyrus H. K. Curtis, noted Phila
delphia publisher, has not beer
apprised of the death of his wife,
owing to the fact that he ims been
seriously ilHht a Philadeiulea bos*
pitai. Curtis will be 82 June. IS
Wilfesundboro News
Mr and Mm. Jimmy Harrl* and
c Mkm»: Domthiy aok Sugane oi Ca#y
tm* \-hWMng Ms* and Mte. E, B.
Mtow Bell* B. BuUock of CtiacteUe
spe«* tily. week-end wtth her brothers
and smera at "MuoLpekw, ’*
Bryan* Hope open* Urs* week with
his graiakneOmr Mra George Hetr
demw in Virgtma.
Mr and Miv (?. H. ElksigSon of
Dwbney Satiartay eventng with
Mr. and. Miv. J. L. Wnds .
Mm. B K Barker and Ifkaw Mag
gie and Myrtle Unsae vtetted Miawe*
!**«**► and- Kac Bulloek Thurrsfey
Mr. and Mrs. W p. Hope and
family spent Saturday wSttt her father
J A Norwood of Townsville.
J. H. ThanKiM is quite sick at Ma
lta f Yu+nam hoapiSal.
Mtuner- Belle. K*U\ Mary Ann and
John Jr.. Unhook vtatted a* "Ptne
Ttopt’ Snndey afHwtton
Mtae Anne Hoi look oi OharloUt
spent this week-end writ her brother
J«dm Bußock
Mr and Mie. W H Hope aad
_ 0+
Leggett*sDept. Store!
“Henderson’s Shopping Center” / a / 1
Week-End Specials j
For Summer Time Wear j
Get teady now for your vacation* week-end 1 or beach trip. New
stock of Summer wear for every occasion at special prices.
ts-J SUMMER SR.y j
m dresses nSw&L j
nVoile and Silk k j
/yA • *7jsj Voile dresses, all siy.es, beautiful pattern* |
yW 9Se e ""''S.9B; 2
\ I .*.*.•'l ne group of lovely silk dresses, good jv\ \\
\ ••• •4> colors and all sizes at !J \ w
f?:y[ $1.98 a,,d $2.98 j
Silk dresses in solid and figured crepes
.\ with jacket effeet; The very newest ■
*. ‘yAi *’ \ * n S * V * PR an( l fdTades at 3 -y .
k;JM $4.98 $7.95
I•I• r■ \ n<l vo^e dresses in printed k, \\
R xtr « t? QR m Jt
[ • tL ’. special at *Pdd.a7o B| ——-J Z
Piece Goods Department j
Leggett’s Main Floor r
Im ww VoikH in fast colors, solid and Swsggt-r cloth for m
hummer rbrf-t Panted pattern*, IA - Plain and figugr*d pat- •)*]
. psrd IWV terns, special yard «l V w
A wondertYul of a
aP< WhuL an hiarr Primed voil«. bright airy pat-' NVw "» "*'»**> I
LtpaTLi ‘ern*. coloro. .. f
98c $1.98 ; tic Me, 15c, 19c a
Plain whit* Panama Hats Exira high quaUty'-YOB* tn prtirt- Ladles’ silk bloomers, all shad*-* J
4Q and QQ ed figure*. a)i fast colore. W’ very special nr
" !
Boys’ sport knickers and shorts— Boys blouses, fast colors in solid and print- ■
sizes 4 to 18 years, ed patterns, sizes Bto 14. Sport and If) *
48c 98c $1.29 . open neek styles, tOC |
Ladies New Footwear I
Newest Style* for Summer
| ne group of ladies pumps, a]
ft ■ straps and ties, goml styles
V j in assorted sizes #*l; AQ
* *NfcBV. j «.!»valun.. . Men ’ t Sport |
Bi* Ladies sport oxfords, pumps Oxford*
Ladies’ beaeh sandals, all and ties, in blaek and white Black and white or tan and
I colors, low- or military heels. an4 j | )rowu ami white, ape- white, with or without |n*r- 2
- 98c ,nd $1.48 r ,hi :^ k :...,52.98 1
• ||
Visit Our Bargain Basement I
Helen Mae Norwood, spent Sunday
wttfc Mra. C. G« Tw**dalr at Flat
Hrtarai* >4 F J. Beß are worry to
lvwrn than iy. is Mck,
Mm* Blanch Wad* and Mis Daniel
two of th* nrunta* air Maria dofiun
hrt-jpttxi ape**- SMunrtay rdght with
Mins Wwie* rarer** Mr and Mr*
J L. Wad*
Mr John Hullook hnd :i» hA* diu
ner go«m ShKurday Mr and Mr*
J E. Boyd. Mr* N D Boyd, Mrs
H*rrry Whttn «nd 4 twin son*. Wain*
and Wail***. Mimm JudhUt, Am**,
Pandien and Franc** Boyd and Mary
An*, and John, Jr., Bullock.
NflaKc* Laura. KM*. Mary and
John Jr., Bullock. oAorad to Durttam
MOnday to carry Mtoara Bell* and
Ann* BulKock to take the train for
On account of its blend and
strength, it ia oaly a pound,
becjusc one pound goes aa far
aa two pounds of ordinary coffee.
Mte. C. Bl Tucker haa ieturn«d
hono* aJbar ap*«ukag tb* week-end
wtth her mother Mr*. J.. G. Saott of
Rldunond. Va.
Mi** Nellie loaen* and brothar.
George Mad Allen W.rtkln* at Hhn
demon vketed M*a* Gertrud* Tuak*r
PVkMy night.
Frank Wad* of Rox boro ap*nt th*
week end with hi* parent* Mr. aad
Mra. B. F. Wade.
Mlietce Gertrude TVk-ker Lacy Wade
TOwkna Tilky.-*m and Mewara. Jake
and- Frank Wad*. Charle* Toeker.
Hunter Evan*. Stanley Tlllotson aad
Horae* WaUaer \'i**l*-d friend* in
Townsville night.
Mr. and Mra. Mull Currin and fam
ily were vis Wore of Mr and Mra, S.
D. Knott Sunday.

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