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social ACTivirma
O'# jutkle.ily 1 »»W the morning in
, filler.
mighty ’nornlng honed of five
bloo n:
' f of the purpled Orient, lodged
o meekly.
u.jtrr** of Ulleet tower, of deepect
Ttnit the white eurt&ln’s of
rarth* humbleet room,
j know not how that glory ley #o
[ n («!»tim*l within mv vision’s there
ff\y [ instent knew i*«s descration
r , *t«nd beholding, ere entranced,
I,*: mortal bitterness breathe on
it mortal fear.
_Anne Young In New York Timee.
(iueata of Mrs. W . W. Parker.
yii»3 Hazel Mars lev and brother.
jL'ten sre -pending the week-end with
yj,. \V \V. Parker.
From Beaufort
y m Margaret Hill and Mtae Lila
fT.:. of Beaufort, are guests in the
To B- P. W. Convention.
y r « W. D. Masaee. Misses Meta
Rjokei Elizabeth Fox and Mary Mc-
E!*ee left today for Winston-Salem
’■j it!en«t the B. P. W. convention
Attend B. P. AV. C (invention,
yr and Mrs. R B. Green. Misa Car
et Draper. Mrs. Crawford Daniel and
yrt. H A Jordan left yesterday .for
Winston ;*aiem where they will at
tend the B. P. W. convention In that
Bobbitt News
Tae >oung people of the Bobbitt
tidL2v.in.ty run at Simms Bridge- on
ft R vrr Ihuisduy atfemoon to en
p ng. sw;mmang and afteTwarde
j jK3.c 3upp**t% A number of small
fx S‘ V caught. Mbw Madolyn EH
agrt catching seven which was the
number caught by any one
rs.\e enjoying the picnic were:
JLi.ti Margaret Brown. Hatlye Brown
Jliry A'.ien Rowland. Enid Keney.
Car.ce Blinks. Myrtle Mitchell. Sal
le Mitchell. Annie Laurie Rowland
»rd Marion Woodhef Messrs. Wbod
roar Hayes. D. T. Haye*. Edwin El
lington. Kmball Ellington. Paul Row
land. Paul Krrtey. Donald Mitchell.
Alex Finch. fharUe Kltt'-ell. Dwight
Rfwiand and Rudolph Rowland.
J/:* Annie I-aurie Rowland had as
fctr guts’s Sunday afternoon Misses
Madolvn Ellington. Mary Alien Row
land Mabel Leonard, Enid Kerley.
Warpr** Brown. Haltye Brown. My-
Tie Mitchell and Salhe Mitchell.
Paul Kerley- Claude Kertey.
Rviph Kerley. ElMot Brown. Bill Rowe
ud Mr and Mrs. Few Fuller.
Mr? Jcste Woodllef had as her
r:fri« Thiirwiiy. -Mrs. E. B. Mob?
jrd M'i Ckir.re Planks.
Me* rs. HFknvan Finch. Norman
Sir - h and Dorsey Woodllef attended
'he irad'jatior. dance of the nurses of
'He Park View Hospital given In the
Maarnlr hall room at Rocky Mount.
Thirdly evening.
fi/// * IS§
Tuesday k_. «ju9
•i*>. i v —\ jjSlsk
D'«mo 1
” nth '
Donald Richard “Storfi"
«"< • W| Mipyortim CM*
Mho Fmtur«'tt«> Comedy
•'bo Silly Symphony Cartoon
* nrn 'ng Wedm-vdav __
‘Wayward’ 10c
With To
? ‘ 1, '<’y CarroQ Everybody
Thunwlaj— Friday
‘ v World and
the Flesh”
TMJUPHOHi *lO : : 3 : : HOUBS Qi.eTO 12 NOOK
o I -lAjye (sett TVjE * — i' Uu£l?AH -HcVcwA M I—/ 1 , .■ - 1 , '
"lidS DANCE -I s* DANCE X MAI LOSE HEI2- uc FU.L POIS fr - HOW I Itf* GO?) -
BiSrfrVU I I ril. PHONE AND MAKE AM rlc * ,
Cte DMfel 7f Mk tteUSE SO I VJONf WW ME - (T" '
jwiivi Aer] She was - J tolAfett <- y* r \ dru/
V\ hite-Wood Wedding Solemnized In
The First Baptist Church, Oxford
The marriage of Maas Mary Wood,
of Oxford, and John Jearning* White,
of this city, ways solemnized in the
Fir*, BapUtrt church in Oxford lam
night, and was attended by a number
of Henderson people. Mr. White is
a pharma sick, with the Kerner Drug
Company, and is well known to many
friends in this oRy and county. The
following item about Che wedding was
published Friday in «he Oxford Public
Ledger, in addvance of the wedding:
“Os widespread social importance Is
the wedding of Miss Mary Wood and
John Jennings White of Henderson
which will be celebrated tonight in the
First Baptist Chur oh at eight o’clock.
“After the rehearsal on Thursday
night the bridal party and out of town
guests were entertained at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Wood,
parents of the brldeelect The guest*
were met at the door by Mra. Hugh
Peed who ahowd them to the brides
book, preaided over by Mis PVitsy
Montague Miss Lillian Chemtham in
vited them upataLrs where Mrs. S. I.
Puryear showed the guests the bride’s
numerous and lovely gifts. After
which ohe guests were Invited into the
dining room where Che cake was cut.
The bride cut Che ring, little Agnes
Clyde Harris, good news. Miss Doro
thy Parham the thimble, J. Robert
Wood, Jr., sports. Mr. J. Robert
Wood the heart,-Mrs. Tyree Currin,
good luck Mrs. F. L. Hood wisdom.
Mre. Hugh Peed, knowledge.
KSifliGiMaclilEsgißjwa iwJSli
Mk-A Story of Mystery and Love in The
THE SUN WAS will over in the
west, but the trade wind, which In
these latitudes doesn't die until al
most sun-down, was still fanning tne
Island with Its delightful breath. It
wa* most welcome as «c strolled out
on the dock 1 noticed that orders
had been earned out. The schooner
was riding at anchor a few hun
dred feet from the pier.
“Ahoy." and Toni waved his arm
to the deck watch. "Send the mate
ashore!" Th« man understood for
presently we watched ae the mate
came over the side, unfastened the
skiff and rowed over.
"We'll have to make arrangements
for guarding this place thoroughly,
twenty-four hours a day." Tom said.
Interpreting his action to me. The
mate fastened the boat and climbed
up on the dock.
"Can you round up a dozen good
men for guarding this place. Pinga?”
be asked. “Men you can trust."
The mate nodded and Tom con
tinued: “Post them on regular ship’s
watch or any way you choose. You
will be in charge and responsible for
preventing any. surprise attack. I
Jon’t think there’ll be one. but after
what has happened we are not tak
ing any chances."
“Better have them eat at the pal
ace. and t’tey can bunk either with
you on the schooner or at the boat
house." I said. “If you need blan
kets or anything else come - up and
get them."
Tom turned to the mate: “Keep a
man in the tower, one on the mam
floor *and one outside—and caution
that man not to stand close to any
corner of the building. Station the
others where ever you see fit"
"How about arms?" 1 asked. “We
only have two automatics. Holmes’
is jammed and will have to be fixed
before it Is serviceable.”
“Pauo has guns and ammunition.”
the mate said. "I’ll get those."
"We aren't expecting any trouble.”
Tom stated. "Rut we aren’t taking
any chances. Re sure those iron eef
doors are 'down on th«f boathouse' 1
astir dark. Those bosh® are our ’legs’
around here, and we cgjp’t afford to
hash.them cripplgd." ’
“*We don’t expect any trouble, but
as long as there Is any possibility
we will play safe." 1 declared. ‘"We
understand Livingston is a long wav
from here, but he might come back
and if he should happen te we’ll be
ready for him!"
“Livingston Is one bad man!”
Pinga said darkly.
We agreed with that sentiment
“Have the schooner In at the pier
and send a couple of boys up to the
palace Just before sundown,” Tom
ordered. "Have the tug rock’ and the
ropes on board."
The mate nodded understandingty.
We hag been In the Islands long
enough to know their customs.
"What about Tino?” I asked Tom
aa we four strolled leisurely back
toward the palace. "Think be has
been in ’Jail’ long, enough?"
"We’B bring him down and throw
the fear df God Into Ms heart and
turn him loose.” Tom laughed. “I
jmajtiTg £QUB£ gl|£ bag bid
"The guests tJhen sojourned into the
dining room which was beautifully
decorated with ft* table cover of Ita
lian cut. work and lace and a center
piece of sweet peas and larkspur.
Here they were nerved an ice oours,
follow'd by nuts and dcomted mints
carrying out a color scheme of green
and white by Mra. Reuben Green.
Misses Lucille Ellington, Marie Tur
lington Helen White.
"The bridal party la composed of
Mra. Keith Wade of Washington. D.
C., slater of the bride as matron of
honor: Mtae Aleise Godsey of Rich
mond. Va., maid of honor; the at
tendants will be Mre Paul Weut of
Fayetteville. N. C.. Mrs Abner Har
ris. of Roseboro, N. C., Mrs. James
Wheeler Henderson. N. C., and Mrs.
F L. Hood of Oxford, Dr. Clarence
White of Henderson will act as best
man. The ushers will be J. Robert
Wood. Jr., of Oxford, N. C.. Bill
White of Pittsburgh, Pa. Howard
White of Townsville, N. C. and Dr.
Wheeler of Henderson.
Among hte out-of-town guests pre
sent for the wedding are: Mrs. J. J.
White, Townsville, mother of the
groom; Mre. L. F. Pierce. Mr. and
Mrs. Abner Harris. Agnes Clyde Har
ris; Mre. Ernest Tyler, Roxobe); Mr.
Jafck Tyler, Mrs. Richard Walters.
Mrs. Mottle Baas. Mias Willie Cooper,
Misa Dixie J. Walters. BnanchyiUe.
S. C.: Mrs. J. Z. Godaey, Miss CaAtv
erlne Wool ridge. Miss Aleise Gtxkey.
i % tne au venture ne want®
1 *cr % ® i
*tic will have to take care cf
the boats now," lone suggested.
“You would make a good politi
cian." I grinned “Rut as long as
you have ’sent him In Tino will
probably get the appointment”
We were sitting on stones In the
rock garden a little inter when we
saw Holmes come out of the house.
He looked around for a moment and
then diecovering us. came down.
“ratio wants to talk to all of ua,“
he said quietly.'
“How is she feeling now?" lone
“Much better." Holmes answered.
We went in and grouped ourselves
comfortably around the living room.
“Sorry to have made a scene.” the
girl said simply. I couldn't help
thinking at the time that she cast
well In the role of a princess. There
was something distinctly regal in her
bearing. It was that grace of sim
plicity. The thought occurred to me
that of the thousands of people 1 had
interviewed during my years on vari
ous newspapers the really great
were always the easiest to talk to.
It was the ‘climbers’ who invariably
felt It necessary to try o impress
one with their importance.
One sees a lot of living around a
metropolitan newspaper. and it
makes us pretty tolerant, in spite of
the protective veneer of light cyn
icism. Most of us are too soft un
While I soliloquized to myself
mentally. 1 bad been studying the
girl. Her eyea were red still, hut that
smooth composure was perfect again
"Think nothing of it." Pilly had
answered her largely with a flippant
wave of her hand. ’The last few
hours would have kind of upset The
Great Stone Face!”
“Pauo thinks there are some
things we at! should know,” Larry
said breaking the way for her.
“I am going to tell you all 1 know
of the story of that black pearl
which has been so tragically linked,
foe a captury. with our
j#wel known as The SacredHGjV fit
Nu— *
"You know it is really not neces
sary to tell us anything." Tom in
terrupted. "W* don’t want to pry
Into your private affairs—"
Larry looked at Tom: “We are
six now." he said quietly, meaningly.
“I have seen that from the very
first.” Pauo answered Tom. "I ap
preciate it. But I brought you into
this —” she hesitated, turned to me
and continued thoughtfully "and
yet 1 believe that Providence was
before me. I believe that Higher
Power took yon to that book store
in Chicago that afternoon and
brought me four loyal friends, know
ing that I had need of them. There
are some things that just don’t ac
cidently happen!"
“We’B all go right through with
you." lone said quietly with a smile.
"We simply refuse to be left out
now.” Ptlly stated emphatically.
“Why, I think this Is simply too
precious for words? Ooooo!"
"Any questions that you want to
ask, as I go along. I’ll be glad to
answer," Pauo said.
X pi aw* a t bar; ’’You h*y» tour
Piano,Pupils of Mrs. W. W. Parker Give
Recital at Church; Awards Announced
Last evening Mrs. W, W. Parker
presented her piano students in re
cital in the Sunday School Audito
rium of Che First Baptist church.
The hall was beautifully decorated
with larkspur, rosea and a back
ground of pines, while the children
themselves were as radiant as the
flowers. The following pupils took
part in the program:
Ada Ruth Stanoil. Jane Thompson,
Ellen Trogden, Peggy Parker. Mary
Elizabeth Poythrese, Mol lie Bugg El
lis. Dorothy Brinkley. Rowena Daniel.
Bessie Mae Johnson. Frances Daniel,
Charlotte Weeter Bertha FutreHe.
Each piece was renderd with car
and aocurarcy. their interpretation
and teohnlc would do credit to an
aduM, which reflects credit on their
teacher. The performances showed
admfirable training In memory work
and precision.
Monthly recitals held during the year
have served to give poi»e and modest
self possession.
The toy oroheMra of the Went End
school rendered an attractive number
Its members were: Annie Mae Bruin.
Richmond; Mrs. S. I. Pur year, Rob
ert Gray - Puryear, Mrs. Keith Wade
Washington. D. C.; Mr. and Mra.
Paul West, Fayetteville; Bill White,
Pittsburgh. Mr. and Mra. Coleman
of Wise, N. C., slater of the groom,
Mrs. George Crump of Chester. Va.
| preuy expert interrogators. Pfews
j paj*.r folk are truinou In the art of
asking questions and poking into
people's affairs You have given
rather a large order!’*
’’You have never seemed to ‘poke’
into mine particularly," she laughed.
We only ’poke’ when it is our
business,” lone interjected. “Other
wise. you would be surprised how wa
mind our own affairs."
“But when on business bent—Look
out!” 1 warned her lightly. ’There
might be another surprise In store
for you. We ask the most Intimate
questions, pry, probe and quiz—why.
we would think nothing of a littla
Job of housebreaking to steal pic
tures! We would steal your dtary.
too. if we had the luck to And it!
If we get grabbed the paper will
have to ’spring’ us.”
"Go as far as you like.' - I’uuo an
swered in the same vein. “But, re
member 1 won’t expect to pick up
the afternoon editions and read all
about it. It wouldn't be correct, any
how. Newspapers never get anything
right, do they?”
Tom came in: "Usually too right.
People say • things and when they
j see them in cold print Ihev get
frightened and promptly put tha
poor scribe ‘on the spot’ by deny
ing everything. That’s largely where
newspapers get their reputation for
T>on’t worry, girl.” assured
her. “You are ’in chapel’ here and
no died-in-the-wool scribe ever vio
lates a confidence once their word Is
"It occurred to me at the time that
this light persiflage had gone con
siderable distance toward lightening
the girl’s spirits. Her eyes looked
brighter and ler smile was more
spontaneous. For the moment she
had forgotten that grim figure that
lay in the room yonder.
But we couldn't, for we hau work
to do. and so aa we talked I kept
watching the path up from the pier.
1 had purposely seated myself where
1 had a view that commanded. 4he
**, . f j ,
“Do you recall asking me if there
was any connection between my lafst
t and the name of the author of
She Skip's log,?** she allied me. ’
“Yes.’* I answered
She studied the soft pattern of the
rug at her feet for a few seconds.
"Ezra 'Whitney was my great-grand
father." she said. "You all doubtless
saw the entries in the log that place
him as a New Bedford sailing cap
tain. He seems to have been an ad
venturous sort of person. He brought
a cargo of knives, trinkets, cloth
and things that would appeal to the
people living on these islands of the
South Pacific."
Pauo’s long tapering fingers were
playing nervously with the edge of
her handkerchief as she spread be
fore us those colorful pictures of her
family history. Strangers a few short
weeks ago, she was now telling us
everything she knew of her family’s
connection with that great Mack
We had been tested, and filer* was
a subtle compliment in her confi
(TO EE coxr&tJS£t
Dorothy Brinkley, Elvyra Cheatham.
Caroline Duke, Mo lav Bugg Ellis,
Scott F erebee, Bessie Mae Johnson,
Dorothy McDuffy r Caroline Miles. Mi
riam Pinnell, Ann Poyihress. Ada
Ihge, F rances Petty, Mary Louise Bat
terson. Mary Tanner, Pertrude Tan
ner, Jane Thompson George Thompson
These showed good training in rhy
thm. They were accompanied by Ber
tha Fuitrolle and Charlotte Weaver.
Three ladies. Miss Hazel Worsley of
Rocky Mount. Miss Bertha Bunn of
Henderson and Mrs. Sturgcss Collins
of Middleburg were asked to judge the
evening’s performance. Their deci
sion was announced by W. B. Harri
rison, as follows:
F'lrst prize: Dorothy Brinkley.
Second place: Bessie Mae Johnson.
Third: F'rances Daniel.
Dur;ng the withdrawal of Ihe judges
Mrs. W. B. Parker presented an In
tel pitting article on musical education.
A medal for most improvement and
best effort during the year was offer
ed by Mrs. W. W. Parker, and was
wo n by Bertha Fulrelie. This was
presented to her by Dr. H. A. Ettts.
Prizes and awards for unfailing prac
■tice during Uhe year (i. c. required time
and more) were won by Bertha Fut
relle. Ada Rulh Stancil, Frances Dan
iel, Bessie Mae Johnson. Mollie Bugg
Ells. Mary Elizabeth Poythress and
Jane Thompson. Awards for faithful
practice were made to Dorothy Brink
ley Rowena Daniel and Ellen Trogden
Miss Marie Woody is spending the
week with her sister, Mrs. Graham
Breedlove of Oxford.
Miss Mary Alice Boyd, has return
ed to her home near Townsville for
her summer vacation. She taught in
The ability to see ahead, to visualize what the future
holds and to prepare to meet emergencies. We are not
fortune tellers nor crystal gazers. We do not profess
super human powers. We do know however, that the
wise man who looks ahead fortifies himself with a sav
ings account. An ally that stands between him and the
unforseen mishaps that cross the paths of every man
' sooner or later.
Are you looking ahead? Are you prepared to
meet and protect your future welfare?
No Depositor Ever Lost A Dollar In An Industrial Bank.
I The Industrial Bank of Henderson I
JOEL T. CHEATHAM, President. M. W. WESTER, Cashier.
Dupont Betrothal
From now on, the stately Wedding
March of Lohengrin will be th#
favorite music of thia young lady.
She is Miss Edith Du Pont, daugh
ter of Lammot Du Pont, president
of the Du Pont De Nemours Com
pany, whose engagement to Richard
E. Riegel. of Germantown. Pa., has
just been announced. The marriage
is exnectcd to take Diace in the Fall
Washington, N. C., the past winter.
Mias Allyn Taylor who has been a
patient in the Maria Parham hospital
for quite a while visited her father,
E. O. Taylor, of Townsville on Tues
day evening. Mias Taylor leaves soon
for the mountains.
Miss Judith Boyd, who has been
spending several days with Mrs. G.
W. Poindexter and Mrs. Jones of
Warrenton, has returned home. She
was accompanied home by Mrs.
Marion Taylor and Mrs. Jones.
John Rolen who has been visiting
W. B. Boyd, the past week has re
turned to his home in Spartknburg,
church sodmrni
S. C.
Mrs. Harry Whitakers and son, have
returned to their home In Rocky
Friends of Mrs'. Luther Neathery
will be sorry to learn of her illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Woody and
ramily visited Mrs. W. T. Woody ors
Sunday. r , if
Mias Panthia and Sarah Boyd kn
visiting Mrs. Flarry Whitakers of
Rocky Mount.
George Newell has returned horn*
after several days with J. H. Thomas,
spending several with heremf
Telpair Boyd of Henderson la apen
ing several days wtl\ his uncle, J. E,‘
Boyd. -
Mss Mary Grace Woody and )faa
Frances Boyd vsited friends ! In
Drewey this week.
A. L. Islery of Burlington has been
spending several days in Townsville.
Miss aKte Purcell has returned
home from N. C. C. W.
Mrs. W. D. Vaughan and son. Den
ness. have returned home from Wil
son Mills' for summer vacation. Mrs.
Vaughan taught there the past school
The baseball team of Middleburg
Grange and the baseball team of the,
Townsville Grange played a game l#k
Townsville, on Saturday afternotfa.
Middleburg defeated Townsville hy
large score.
Misses Panthia Boyd and Fannie
Hunt Tarry spent the past week-end
in Durham. The ywere accompanied
home Sunday evening by Mre. Billy
Burwell and Jack Harding.
Miss Ruby Purcell of Townsville
has recently accepted a stenographed
place in Greensboro. j-.'
When the surgeons of Edinburgh
were, in l&Ofi, Incorporated under the
denomination of surgeon* and barb era.
It was required of them to be able "to J
read and write.” ./
• «
lame focmola .. aunt price 1*
\ original tonn, too rs voa preset , *

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