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Lions Defeat Wall Street Bears To Hold Tie For
Loughlin and Fred Royster
Lead Lion Attack On
Bear Pitchers
The Lions remained In tie for top
pcw>Uon of The cUy loop by handing
the Wall Street Bears a 10 to 3 defeat
yesterday at League Park.
Loubhlm and big Fred Royaler let
the attack for the Lions oil Sam Wat
kins Bear piUher wr.il each getting
three hits One of Royster's hits, a
double with fhree men on. was the
high light of the game, being a
smashing drive to right center, scor
ing two runs.
Loughlin and Hight worked out th*
game for the Lions whale Watkins am
Cooper were twirling for the losers
The box.
Wall Street Ab R H f
Cogthll 3b 3 1 0 C
Bunn ss 3 11 (
S Watkins p2b 3 0 0 (
Mitts 2b 2 G 0 t
Ayacue rs 1 0 1 t
Parham lb 3 0 0 (
Cooper c p 2 11 (
Stainbock If 2 0 1 »
Turner cf 2 0 0 «
Langston rs 1 0 0
Herndon rs 1 0 0 l
W Watkins e 1 0 0 (
Totals 24 3 4 *
l ions Ab R II I
Vick 2b-3b 4 0 0
Dodd ss 4 3 2 <
o ugh bn p 2b 3 4 3 l
Hight 3b p 4 1 2 (
F Roysser cf 4 2 3 <
Faulkner lb 3 0 1
B Royster c 3 0 0 •
Mixon rs 2 0 0 <
Wearer W 4 0 1 (
Total 31 10 12 1
Score by innings T
Wall Stret 210 000 0 - :
Lions 320 140 x—l<
Oil Industry Bright Spot
On The Economic Horizon
Crude Prices Have Advanced And Securities Have Held
Well; Gasoline Demand Greater Than Supply;
Future Growth of the Industry is Assured
Copyright 1113'-, Publishers Finan
cial Bureau.
Babson Park, Mass., June 11. —Clea
signs us improvement in the oil in
(lustry are (1) A new spirit of co
operation between producers is re
placing the former excessive greed
ine-.s. with the result that productioi
has been brought under control. <2
I'nder the more stable production con
ditlons crude oil prices have advance*
117 per cent and gasoline has ad
vanced 20 per cent since the ruinous
ly low prices of last summer. (3) Re
fleeting this improvement, oil secun
ties have held up much better that
any other group during the last si:
months. As I write this the oil aver
age is five per cent below its last De
rernber low, whereas the Dow-Jone
industrial average is 26 per cent be
low. <-l j Gasoline demand is runninj
about 40,000 barrels daily greater thai
the new supply.
The troubles of the oil business havi
always been more Internal than ex
ternal It has suffered more from sel
fish and uneconomic practices withit
the industry itself than it has fron
.general business depression. The greiw
hazard has been recurring periods o
wasteful over-production with violent
price rutting, all due to greed, se!
fishness, and unethical methods. If
as seems likely from recent develop
_ merits, the industry has learned it.
lesson and is beginning to substitutr
v.und ethical practices for the forme
greediness and wastefulness, it ma;
be on the threshold of more stabli
prosperity than it has yet known. Th<
oils never fully shared In the pros
perity of 1928 and 1929 and wen
among the first to be hit in the de
pression. However, having had theii
depression first they may now be th<
first to recover.
Fundamentals Are More Sound.
The recent decision of the Unite*
States Supreme Court upholding th*
Oklahoma oil conservation law is ;
very important constructive factor. 1
means also that the Texas proratior
case will probably be decided in thi
same way, and puts the legal stamp
of approval on controlled production
The California situation ts much bet
ter. with daily output rapidly being
reduced to the quota set by the state
oil umpire. Hence, fundamentally the
industry appears in better shape than
it has for several years. Crude oil
at an average price of 87 cents a
barrel against an average of 40 cents
last July, and gasoline at 13 cents a
gallon 108 cents last year mean the
companies have much better chances
for profits in 1932 .
Recent oil mergers differ from the
general merger movement back in the
boom times in that they are being
made for sound economic reasons ra
ther than for speculative profit. The
effort in these recent consolidations
is to build up well-rounded organiza
tions, in order to maintain a good
balance between producing, refining
and marketing facilities. This leads to
worthwhile economies from which
both the industry and the consumers
must ultimately benefit. It also tends
to segregate into fewer hands the rc
aponaibility for regulating production
in accordance with the demand. It is
neither to the interest of. the con
sumer nor the producer, through reck
less overproduction, to waste our
Club W L Pci
Lions 3 0 1.000
M P Baraca 3 0 1.000
Clements 3 0 1.000
1 2 .333
M E Bara caa 1 2 .333
Wall Street 1 2 .333
KJwanos 0 3 .000
Post Office 0 3 . 000
Club W. L. Pci
Win.eton Salem 25 18 . 581
Ashen He 21 19 .525
Greensboro 22 20 . 524
Raleigh 21 20 .512
Charlotte 21 21 .500
Wilmington 22 23 .489
High Point 20 25 .444
Durham 17 23 .425
Club: W. L. Pet
Boston 30 22 .577
?hicago \ 29 22 , 569
It. Louis 25 25 . 500
Brooklyn 26 28 .481
'Jew York 23 25 479
hiladelphia 24 29 . 453
'ineinnati 24 31 .436
4e«w York 35 15 , 700
Va-shington 31 21 .596
‘hiladelphia 29 23 . 558
let roil 27 22 .551
'levels nd 29 24 . 547
U. Louis 25 25 . 500
Tiicago 17 32 .347
Vwton 9 40 .184
Raleigh. June 11. A large enroll
nent is expected for the State Co!
ege Summer School which opens
'■fonday, June 13. with the registration
f all classifications of students. Re
ular classes begin Tuesday and the
erm ends July 22.
Although the School will darw most
>f Its enrollment from teachers and
•ollege students, many high school
r raduates who are planning on en
ering college next fall are expected
o enroll
valuable oil resources, which, though
great, may some time in the future be
just as scarce as they are now plenti
Future Growth Assured.
It is foolish to suppose that even
major depressions such as the pre
sent. can permanently check the eco
nomic progress of our industries.
Moreover, the petroleum industry has
been favored by a much more stable
demand during the hard times than
have many other industries. Gasoline
consumption was only six per cent
lower in the first four months of 1932
han in the same period of 1931.
Twenty-three million automobiles con
tinue to operate on our highways.
Oil furnaces and range burners con
tinue to be installed in large num
bers. More and more steamships aa*i
equipment. As aviation continues its
amazing growth there is added an
other large consumer of oil and gas
oline. Practically every industry is
dependent for some part of its op
The wiser heads in the industry'
locomotives are turning to oil-burning
have finally prevailed, and by sub
stituting cooperative control for ruth
less and uneconomic waste of these
create natural resources are building
i foundation for more permanent
prosperity. Not only through curtail
ing operations the leading companies
have placed themselves in a much
more sound position. The period cf
heavy capital expenditures has ceased.
The industry now has a very small
burden of debt. With a comparatively
stable demand, low fixed charges, and
with prospects of inventory profits
rather than inventory losses, the oil
business is in a good fundamental
position for improvement. This, how
ever, depends absolutely on maintain
ing a spirit or cooperation on the pail
of those engaged in the industry, and
not seeking to take unfair advantage
>f their competitors or of the public.
General business as measured by
’he Babsonchart is now 40 per cent
below the normal XfY Line v compared
with 38 per cent a month.'''ago, even
with adjustments for usual seasonul
Chtpel Hill, June 11—The annual
srt of commencement dances.at the
University of North Carolina, which
were held here this week, were bril
liant events. They wee wponnord by
the University German Club.
There were dances Tuesday, Wed*-
neaday, and Thursday night*, tea
dances Wednesday and Thursday aft
er noone, and a morning dance Ttiure
Attending were many attractive
girls from this and other state*.
The Tin Gan where all tlhe events
were held, was beautifully decorated.
Paul Tremanine and his band furn
ished th* music.
Theophrastus, a native of Lesbos,
1» called the world's flriit botanist. He
died about 800 B. C., and with him
died the science of botany, for we do
not hear of a single new discovery In
that subject for over 1100 years.
Raleigh at Winston Salem.
High Point at Wilmington.
Greensboro at Asheville.
Oharkyfcte at Durham •
Washington at St. Louis.
New York at Cleveland.
Philadelphia at Detroit.
Boston at Chicago.
Cincinnati at Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at New York.
St. Louis at Brooklyn.
CSiicago at Boston. (
Lions 10; Wall Street, 3.
Raleigh 7; Winston-Salem 6.
Wilmington 5-3; High Point 0-1.
Others, rain.
Washington 10; Chicago 0.
Philadelphia 10 Cleveland 7.
New York 8; Detroit 7.
St. lx>uis 4; Boston 3.
Nr-w York 4; Cincinnati 3.
Brooklyn 4; Chicago 3.
Philadelphia 6; Pittsburgh 5.
Boston 2; St. Louis 1.
China s margin between successful
farming and famine is very narrow.
I Those who wish to subscribe or
I renew their subscriptions to the
I mw Daily Dispatch ilk. Dispatch at the special half
I One whole Year For M price rate of $2.50 per year are
I if reminded that this offer expires
I rhi. applies to both new JBr Monday, June 13, and that quick
>g|* and renewal ~
I \ , Subscription, action is necessary if they wish to
I One Whole Year for (Half Price) $2.50
Fallen Favorite at Last Jump
• V ■ .... . -. »... |
Pride cometh before a fail and Beacon Hill is shown
here as he once more proved the efficacy of the old
maxim. The horse was mighty proud at being re
garded as the odds-on favorite to win the Meadow.
Fishing Season In State
Open Again As Os Today
Unity Dlipntrk Burma,
la the Sir Walter lintel.
Raleigh, June 11.—Fishing poles
which have been idle since April 20,
will again swing into action in North
Carolina today, June 11, with the open
ing of the season on warm water
brook ati-eplaclutt-t at • . > aik, L. 1.. and every,
thing seemed rosy until io« last jump. Then Beacon
Hill took a bad tumble, injuring Jockey Smoot.
Barometer is shown ealioninir to vietnrv
species including bass bream, perch,
and others throughout the State.
Opening of these seasons remove all
seasonal restrictions on hook and line
fishing in North Carolina. First to
close will be those for trout and
smalk>7iouth bass in the mountain
counties on September L
J. S. Hargett, assistant director of
the eDpartment of Conservation and
Development in charge of inland fish
eries, called attention to the following
bag and size limits governing the prin
cipal species of game fish in North
Bag limits, not more than the spe
cified number in one day: large mouth
bass, 8; small mouth bass 8; brook
or speckled trout, 20; rainbow trout
15; blue and red bream, 25 each; robin
25; rock, 8; crappie or chinquapin
perch, 25; goggle eye, red fin, and
white perch, 25 each. Not more than
25 trout of all kinds nor more than
a grand total of 75 of all types of
w . hile p ' in «°f toi
low* Hu Play, He Doe,
Hi* Stuff
Sandwich. England June „
S*rz««, th* sawed-off ‘
lk«e professional who 4*^£<
many years of ** *■»
a record second
aobby Jonas, today added thr f
of aH golf championships— ih» " J
Wttti Ed wand of Windso, f oHfl L' n,f
«• P*ay, Saraxen streaked »
tfo« Jong and tortuoiu> Prince* ’
twice today, making the f Usl ...
70—four below par—and the
ivr 74. These two sparkling rou ,
ghve hfcn a grand aggregate J 2w f r
the 72 holes and th champions^
fresh water fish may be taken in i ßr ,
waters in one day.
Minimum . sixe limits i n in ..,,
water, are as follows: large
baas, 12 inches; small mouth b&s< «
Inches; brook or speckled “
inches; rainbow trout, 8 inche
and red bream. 6 inches; lo bir \
inches; rock. 12 inches; crappj,*
chinquapin perch and goggle *> t -
inches; red fin. 8 inchs; and v-f.
perch. 6 inch“s.
The State and anglers' law. a<y { , t( j.
ing to Assistant Director Harg-n
provides that any angler fishir.» „
side his home county shall hive 3
State license the fee for which «
*2-10. County licenses aie also ; e.
quired, the assistant director pointed
out, in about a score of countie., .
der authority of the hv

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