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Democratic County Convention Favors Roosevelt
Peace Wins Over Teague
For County Chairmanship
Delegates To State Convention Bound for Roosevelt;
i Four Suggested for State Executive Committee;
Crudup May Go to the National Convention
Vane* county Democrats meeting
her* today in their county convention,
adopted a resolution offered by Henry
T. Powell endorsing the candidacy of
Governor Franklin D. Rooeevelt of
New York for the Democratic nomi
nation for president, and
the county't delegates to the State
convention in P.aJeigh next Thursday
♦ o favo- delegVes to the national con
vention in Chicago the latter part us
this month who will be for the New
York candidate. The resolution was
passed enthusiastically and unani
mously after B. H. Perry bad sug
gested the delegates ought to go to
the State convention uninstructed
There were no votes against the
Powell resolution.
Peace County Chairman.
Relegates were elected to the State
convention, and after the convention
was ended, the new executive com
mittee for the county held a meeting
and elected J. M. Peace chairman of
the Democratic County Executive
Committee. The vote showed nine
votes for Peace three for J. R. Teague,
who had served as chairman for the
past four years and who was a can
didate for re-election, and one vote
for J B Crudup.
All members of the executive com
mittee. which Is made up of the chair
man of each of the 13 precincts in the
county, were present for the meeting
and all voted. Nominations were dis
pensed with and the vote was by
secret written ballot. In addition to
the election of Mr. Peace as chair
man. Miss Frances Swain was elected
vice-chairman; Henry T. Powell, sec
ret ary : and M. H. Stone treasurer.
The chairman appointed a committee
consisting of R. T. Walston, Mrs.
Alpheus Thompson and H. T. Powell
Special Communication of Henderson Lodge No. 229 Au-
A cieut Free and Accepted Masons, Sunday 1:30. All
Masons are urged to be present to pay the last tribute
of respect to Brother Charles (Red) Carroll.
By Order of the Worshipful Master.
S. 11. ALLEN, Secy.
Special Convocation of Henderson Commandery No. 15 Knights
Templar to pay the last tribute of respect to Sir Knight, Charles
Carroll. All Sir Knights are requested to attend inJuniform at 1:30
Sunday afternoon. \y
* 'V,%» >' V " V -> -.■*<* ■V. C/-’ •- 1
'By Order of‘th£ Eminent Corntnander. • >
By C. H. LEWIN, Recorder.
I Our Best Service j
| Is Always Yours 2
I The responsibility constantly I
1 rests with us to maintain our serv
ice at its highest standard. There I
f must be no slackening in our es- A
I forts to provide adequate facili-
I ties for all your financial needs. f
1 You are always welcome here .
and you may depend upon us to I
f give you our best attention when- 1
f ever you come. I
1 i V
J Citizens Bank 1
f and Trust Company I
| Henderson, N. C T
I ‘ The Roll of Honor Bulk”
to draw up resolutions of appreciation
of the services of J. R. Teague as
chairman for the past four years.
Each precinct chairman was asked to
name a oommittee to solicit funds
with which to defray the committee's
Delegatee Chosen.
The convention chose its delegates
to the State convention In Raleigh by
naming one man from each precinct,
and then these 13 met together and
selected the other members. The con
vention voted to send a delegation of
76 to the State convention, these re
presenting four delegates for each of
the 19 votes the county will have. The
same delegation was voted for the
congressional convention.
For State Committee.
!t was decided to present four
names to the State convention for
selection as members of t!te Demo
cratic State Executive Committee
from this county, one man and one
woman to be chosen. These were A
A. Bunn and John B. Crudup, and
tMr«. J. T. Alderman and Mrs. S. P j
Cooper. Later Mr. Crudup announced
he would not permit the use of his
name, though appreciating the honor,
and withdrew. The convention also
went on record as recommending
Thomas H. Crudup of this city as 8
delegate from North Carolina to thi
r*emocratic National Convention in
Today's convention was called to
->rder by Chairman J. R, Teague at
10:40 a. m. He spoke briefly on pre
ent conditions, and blamed the Re
publican administration for the coun
try’s plight, saying the Republicans
have no remedy and predicted Derao
■ratic victory in November.
J. H. Bridgers was named as tern-
fbttfcenumStttlg Btspafrl?
Democratic County
porary chairman and.J. M. Peace a£
•• emporary secretary and the tem
porary organization was made •com
plete. On the roll call, or a few min
utes later, all precincts in the epunty
were represented In the convention.
A credtentials committee was waived.
Henry T. Powell then offered his re
solution endorsing Roosevelt, and the
method of selecting delegates to the
State convention was adopted. One
member from each precinct <.wgs
named and they went out to a com
mittee room, made up an entire slate
>f 76. and brought it back, &n 0 this
vas approved. There was some argu
ment over how many delegatee should
he sent to cast the county’s 19 votes,
but it was finally decided that four
delegates for each vote, or a total of
"6. be -named. *
The committee from each precinct
•onsisted of the following: North Hen
lerson, B. H. Perry; East Hienderaon,
•V. S. Parker; South Henderson. No.
1. C. B. Beckham; South Henderson,
Vo. 2, I. J. Young: West Hender
on, M. H. Stone; Kittrell, J. D. Whil
tey; Will:ams>-)ro J. H. Rice;
"ownsville, A. R. Tarry; Nutbush, R.
P. Walston: Middleburg, R. L. Ben
<rtt; SafKly Creek, W. L. Duke; Dab
iev. R. P. Wyche; Watkins. R. G.
’’’awf borne. These and the following
make up the delegation to State con
North Henderson: S. B. Rogers. J.
V. cm T. S. Kittrell. M. H. Mat
hews. Bannie Hight. Miss Gertha
r rogdon, Henry Perry.
East Henderson: I. B. Watkins. C.
Tankersley, Sr. Mrs. S. P. Cooper.
*trs. R. G. S. Davis. Miss Fannie
’twain. R. B. Carter, A. A. Bunn, Fred
7 oyster, Henry T. Powell. Mrs. S. T.
R. G. S. Davis. C. V. Singleton.
7. S. Falkner.
South Henderson: No. 1: C. B.
Beckham. C. H. Lewln. Mrs. Alpheus
Thompson. O. L. Stewart.
South Henderson, No. 2: J. A. Coop
”r. Mrs. W. H. Fleming, J. p. Zollicof
'cr. R. S. McCoin. John D. Cooper.
I. J. Young. Mrs. J. T. Alderman. T.
W. Ellis, E. G. Watkins. J. M. Peace,
T. R. Teague. T. G. Horner.
West Henderson: D. P. McDuffee,
W. S. Corbitt. Mne. W. B.- Waddill.
R. E. Clements. F. L. Toepleman, Al.
R. Wester. John B. Crudup, G. S.
Webb. M. H. Stone. T. H. Crudup E.
T Faulkner. B. H. Hicks. C. S. Wea
ker. Dr. J. D. Muse, I. M. Petty. H.
T Morris, W. Y. Swain.
Kittrell: J. D. Whitley, J. B. Allen
M. K. Pulley.
Williamsboro: John Bullock, 3. S.
Norwood. J. H. Rice.
Townsville: A. R. Tarry.
Nutbush: R. T. Walston. W. W.
Middleburg: R. L. Bennett. E. L.
Fleming. George B. Blum, W. W. Cur
rin. '*
Sandy Creek: W. L. Duke, J. B.
Smith. W. E. Gill.
Dahney: B. P. Wyche, A. G. Par
ott. t
Watkins: R. G. Cawthorne, J. E.
Burroughs. W. H. Green way.
D. P McDuffee was made chair
man and spokesman for the county
delegation to the State convention.
Following is the resolution endprs
ing Roosevelt, as offered by Henry
*T. Powell, and unanimously adopted
by the convention:
“Whereas the Honorable Franklin D.
Roosevelt has been an outstanding
Democratic Leader for many years,
and has so lived and served bis party
as to command the confidence of all
“And whereas he has always stood
for Democratic prloipals and typifies
in his person the ideate of the Demo
cratic Party as expounded by
1 hem as Jefterson, Andrew Jackson
And Woodrow Wilson,
“And whereas we believe that he will
prove to be the leader who wIM steer
our ship of state out of th© present
stress and storm to the harbor of se
curity and prosperity,
“And whereas he more than any
other man in our land deserves the
nomination by reason of his character
and his service to the Democratic
party, and is better prepared than
any other to sympollze the aspirations
of our people and retrieve o*r country
from its present distress, and lead our
parky Into a glorious triumph,
SOLVED: That the Vance County
Democratic Convention hereby endors
es the candidacy of Governor Frank
lin D. Roosevelt in his campaign for
the Presidential nomination by the
Democratic Party, and Instructs the
Vance County delegates to the North
Carolina Democratic Convention to
be held in Raleigh to cast Vance
County’s vote for the Honorable
Franklin D. Roosevelt.
This the 11th day of June. 1932.
About 90 per cent of Haiti’s revenue
Is derived from customs.
City Employee Salaries
Cut Further By Council
Council Makes Slashes at Session Friday Night; No
Changes Made In Personnel of Any Department;
Meeting Brief and Business Is Speeded Up
Another sharp reduction in salaries,
in addition to that made a year ago.
was ordered by the Henderson City
Council at a meeting last night, held
for the purpose of fixing salaries and
Well Known Henderson
Man Had Appendicitis
Operation Too Late
Henry Charles . Carroll, for many
years a resident and well known in
tJhds city, died at Maria Partiam hos
pital at 7 o’clock this morning. Seve
ral dayys ago be underwent an opera
tion for appendicitis, but U. was found
that peritonitis had act in before the
operation, and at his age the drain on
his strength was too great. He was
about 65 years old.
For many years he had been at va
rious times connected with the anew
business, and 1 had been associated
with the LougdvUne in this city. He
had lived in this city for the past 20
to 25 years.
He was popularly known as “Red"
Oarroll. and numbered his fnendw by
th© hundred. He was a member of
Holy Innocents Episcopal church in
this city, and the rector of that
dhurch. Rev. Is W. Hughes, will be
In charge of the funeral, Which will
be held at 2:30 o’clock Sunday after
noon at th© home of Mr. and Mis. D.
C. Lougfotin, on Spring Street, where
he lived.
The deceased was a member of
numerous Masonic groups, including
Henderson Lodge, No. 229; Hender- j
son Council No. 10, Royal and Select
Masters. Chapter, N.o. £4,
Royal Arch Masons; and Hend©ison
Oommandery No. 15, Knights Temp
lar. Tt)e-'Masons be in charge of
the funeral services and the Knights
TemplaV organization af© urged--to at
tend in uniforms to -serve as an e&-
Pallbearers were announced as fol
Active: S. H. Allen, John L. Wes
ter. M. C. Miles. T. W. McCracken.
T. H. Crudup, J. B. Gee; honorary.
L. C. Kerner Col. Henry Perry, E.
C. Paris. R. M. Hester, S. S. Steven
son. J. Bailey Owen, W. S. Goodwyn.
Charles Hight. Dr. W. H. Furman,
D. T. S. Royster and H. M. Church.
Had Suffered From Heart
Ailment; Funeral Held
This Afternoon
Mrs. Elizabeth Floyd Barnes Stone,
widow of the late J. L. Stone, who
died two years ago. passed away at
her home on Henderson. Route 4. at
3:45 o'clock Friday afternoon after
an illness of nine weeks with a heart
ailment. She was 64 years old. having
been born in this county in November,
1867, and living here all her life.
Funeral services were held this aft
ernoon at 4 o'clock at Union Chapel
Methodist Protestant church, of which
the deceased had been a member
since girlhood. Interment was in the
church cemetry. The pastor. Rev. C.
L. Spencer, was In charge of the ser
Mrs. Stone is survived by two sons.
L*. E. and J. M. Barnes, both of Hen
derson. Route 4; two brothers, J. W.
and S. V. Floyd, also of the same
neighborhood; and' the following sis
ters: Mrs. Sam Rogers. Littleton: Mrs.
W. O. Cheatham, of Granville county;
Mrs. Dixie Bobbitt, of Henderson;
Mrs. W. R. Vaughan, of Henderson,
and Miss Elnora Floyd. Kittrell.
Pallbearers for the funeral were
announced as follows:
Active: S. Clifton Floyd, Carey
Cheatham, W. C. Bobbitt, Thomas
Bobbitt. Carl Coghill and W. R.
Vaughan, Jr.
Honorary: Raymond Rogers, Talton
Bobbitt, Lewis Davis, George Davis,
Clifton Edwards, Edwin Perry, R. M.
Edwards, T. T, Ellis. E. P. Stone. L.
R. Wood lief. T. J. Jackson A J. Smith.
B. B. Woodlief, E. B. Wood lief, P.
B. Finch. 8.. R. Harris, Ed Clayton.
E. R. Breedlove, W. S. Briggs, A I*
Vandyke, G. B. Harris.
Flowers will be handled by Mary
E. Floyd, Edith Jackson, Margaret
Floyd, Mrs. Carl Coghill. Mrs. Ed
ward Evans, Grady Floyd, Mildred
Vaughan, Louise Rogers, Doris Cheat
ham, Elisabeth Bobbitt.
Mra Whitten Improved.
It was learned this morning that
Mrs. R. A Whitten has been ill at
her home on Rowland street for the
past week and is now much improved.
The oloaer study of the sun by means
of great telescopes will probably lead
to • greater knowledge la. predicting
electing city employees for the year.
All administrative officials, firemen
and police shared in the reductions,
though no further cuts were made
on employee sin the waterworks de
The Council made no changes what
ever In the personnel of city em
ployees, re-electing all o fthem for an
other year. Other than these matters,
there was no business of a diffe -ent
character before the meeting.
Salary cuts were made as follows,
the first figure being the old salary
and the second the new one for the
coming year: Mayor $1,700 and $1,500;
city clerk and tax collector, $2,800
and $2,400; assistant city clerk SI,BOO
and $1,500; city attorneys, SIBO and
*150; supervisor of finance S2OO and
*180; street foreman. $2,220 and $2,-
000; chief of police, SI,BOO and $1,620;
assistant chief of police, $1,500 and
$1,380; three police sergeants, $1,380
and $1,260 each; sanitary police. sl,-
140 and $1,080; chief of fire depart
ment, $1,600 and $1,500; assistant fire
chief. $l2O and $100; two truck drivers,
$1,320 and $1,260 each; two assistant
truck drivers. $1,140, SI,OBO each.
Six hundred dollars was in the bud
get last year fpr the health officer,
and it was decided to include what
ever sum may be appropriated in
this year’s budget. All salary figures
named were listed on an annual basis.
Employees elected are to begin their
new year July 1.
Salaries in the waterworks depart
ment. all of which remained unchang
ed, are as follows: Manager, $100;
chemist. $150; day operator. SIOO and
house; superintendent of construction.
SIOO and house, cashier $lt»0; meter
reader, S9O; night operator, $75 ail
items being on a monthly basis.
Our complete stock of new, fresh, lifetime guaranteed Good
year Tires. All recently purchased, shipped direct from factory,
before the tax becomes effective.
Here’s a chance for local motorists to save money on THE leading
tire. Buy now! Don’t take chances on blowouts, accidents,
trouble and delay on old, worn, dangerous tires. Buy new Good
years now—save the tax.
I Henderson Vulcanizing Company I
Retail Outlets In Henderson
I Central Service Station I
Breckenridge and Wyche Sts.
I Gateway Service Station I
Garnett- St., and Raleigh Road (
I Aulbert Service Station I
North Garnett Street
SATURDAY, J U N E 11 193*
Winners Are Announced In
Prize Contest In Dispatch
Should Call At The Office
Winners In the priz© contents for ar
ticles on trading with local merch
ants were announced today. The win
ners are:
Firs* Prise, Mrs. F. A. Parrott,
Route 4, Henderson.
Second prize, Mrs. C. E. Page.
Second prize A. Mrs. N. F. Par
Third prize. Mrs. W. H. Stainhack.
Fourth prize, Mrs. W. H. Kimball.
Speaker Tell* Local Club of
Progress; Program of
Evening Had
The Carolinas Kiwanis district has
made the most progress of any dis
trict in Kiwanis International so far
ths year, the local Kwans club was
told at ts weekly luncheon meetng
last ngfct by Franklin Keene, of
Washington, D. C., a field representa
tive of the international organization.
It is also understood that the division
in which Henderson is situated has
made the moat advancement of any
part of the Carolinas district.
Mr. Keene happened through the
city on the night the local club held
tts meeting, and stopped off for the
visit here, and was given a rousing
The club ordered a telegram sent
to the State convention of the Busi-
Fifth prize. Edward R. Thom..
Route 4, Henderson.
Sbrth prize, Mrs. W. c. Ellina
Route 4, Henderson.
Seventh prize. Dorsey p ,
Route 4, Henderson.
Eighth prize. Mi* D. L. Hovi.
Route 2. Henderson
Ninth prize, Mrs. UHi an Hawki Dß
Winners are requested to call at 'he
office and recetv e orders for
their awards.
ness and Professional Women s cluba
in Winston-Salem inviting them t 0
hold their 1933 convention in Hender
Last night s program was in charge
of C. O. Seifert and W R. Turnei
and consisted of stories told bv »
group of members of a fishing t np
they had made the past week to
Swansboro. in Onslow county. The
members of that party who told of
their experiences were E. G. Shaw
W. C. Poe. Dr. H. A. Ellis. A p
Barnes and J. C. Kittrell.
The club was also favored with sev
eral selections by the Kiwenia quar
To The Voters of
Vance County
I wllh to express my deepest appre
ciation and gratitude to my 'friend>
who supported m© so loyally in Sai
urday'e piimnry.
J. L. Crabtree

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