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Ticket May Be Roosevelt And Gamer
Governor George White Os
Ohio Second In Gossip,
With Governor Byrd
As The Third
First of These Big States To
Break to Pie w York Gover
nor Would Almost Put
Him Over and Win Vice-
Presidential Nomination
For Its Man
Chicago, June 30 (AP) —-
A flood of vice-presidential
candidates were being put
forward today by various
delegations, and in many
quarters sentiment was cry
stallizing on Speaker John
N. Gamer.
The Roosevelt headquart
ers is remaining silent, but
friends of both the New
York governor and the vete-!
ran Texas legislator are
booming Gamer.
Governor Oeorge White, of Ohio,
ranked second choice in the talk,
while Harry Flood Bvrd. of Virginia
itemed to be running third. Melvin
C Traylor, of Chicago. was next. Any
of these would throw added atrenth
to Roosevelt, going far toward at
taining the necessary 70 votes for
nomination. ,
nv conferences are being held
among friends of the possible eandi- '
dates and supporters of Roosevelt, j
with indications that the first big fa- |
vorite son state to break for the New
Tork governor would receive most
consideration In the naming of the
running mate.
Adjournment of
Congress Again j
. To Wait A Week j
Washington, June SO.—(API
I Teal dent Hooter waa informed
today b\ congressional conferees
*n the unemployment relief bill
that they would not complete their
agreement until next week. This
Wf >rd ended all cluance of adjourn
ment of conference Congres* by 4
Members of the conference com
mittee told the Prealdent that - j
* v en If they completed their ten- j
tative agreement today. It could I
not he drafted until next week.
Mistrial In
Curtis Case
Is Refused

remington. N. J . June 30—(API—
A defense motion for withdrawal of a
Juror and declaration of a mlatrtal In
Trial of John Hughes Curtla, al-
, e*«d Lindbergh baby case hoaxer,
was denied today
Hyman Herr, one of Curtis 'attor
n«ys, made the motion on the ground
that Curtis' case had been prejudiced
- an article in the local weekly naws-
P®Pcr which credited the prosecution
with stating that the defendant was
u Rood aa convicted already.”
The motion came as a surprise and
immediately followed a statement by
Herr that he intended to make a mo-
Uon fo r a directed verdict of acquittal
sfter the prosecution had concluded
case this afternoon. He gave no
hint that he intended Immediate ac
Wh«n court was convened after the
’**• caused bv argument on the
motion, which was made in chambers,
before coon was convened for tbs
Captain Jot.n J. Lamb, of the
sut * POliee, Awstercto> a final wlt
n, **< resumed the stand.
_•«.. I ‘ ' * i
Hetthpramt Batin Btanatrh
full '
or ™*s»cSSS,?gj|ip.
frame planks for platform of democratic party
Here are the platform framers of
the Democratic party, the commit
tee which has been molding the
planks for adoption by the con
vention. at work in Chirasro Left
State Ends Fiscal Year
. With Deficit Amounting
To Total Os $3,475,000
General Fund Revenue Collections $4,152,162 Below
1931 General Assembly 'i Estimates; Actual Re
ceipts Far Below Esti mates of Last April 1
Raleigh. Jane SF»~(AP)— The
> State of North Carolina c lowed it a
fiscal year today with a deficit
of approximately 53,475,000 expect
ed to be shown for the period, and
with general fund revenue collec
tions $4,152,1(1? below what the
1931 General Assembly estimated
weald be received In 1931-32.
During the fiscal year collections ag
gregated $16,661.838 08, and defrred in
< w* tax payments totalling $203,000
a J listed. This total was $788,002 be-
Tfc a the April downward revision es
* '(mates of receipts, which was $17,-
, 6*8.900.
! Henry Burke, assistant director of
the budget, said he saw “no reason"
Cuts Government Expenses,
$150,000,000 But, Hoov
er Wanted More
Washington. Juno 30.— (AP)
President Hoover today signed in
to law the much debated and bat
tle-scarred national economy bill,
estimated to save around $150,000,-
| 000 in government expenditures.
I * In signing the measure, the chief
executive said he did so with
“limited satisfaction.” He added
the measure “falls far short of the
economies proposed" by the ad
ministration. He objected also to
tiie measures Lack of authoriza
tion for abolishing and consolidate
Ing government bureaus.
The measure, Mr. Hoover said*
“imposes unnecessary hardships
on government employees in minor
matters of little consequence eco
He advanced a promise, how
ever, that every effort would be
made to alleviate the difficulties
and hardships to Fderat mepioyes,
upon whom the estimated saving
is asadeu
Committee Holds
Insurance Should
Be by the States
Washington, June SO.— (AP) ‘A
3peciat Senate committee which has
spant much time studying unemploy
ment Insurance systems repotted to
day to the Senate that “Federal un
smployment insurance is impractical,
If not undesirable.” ■
Coupled with this statement was the
conclusion that “utimately at least the
states ghould formulate some pro
grwtL." It was recommended that this
♦ r a. the form of "compelling Indus
tries themselves to establish reserves,
hut apt in *n£ particular waj.”
Only daily
ati6ns Being Made
to right, above, Senator Carte-
Glass, of Virginia; Senator David
Walsh, of Massachusetts; A.
Mitchell Palrrvjr, District of Co
lumbia: Senator Burton K.
to change the estimated deficit figure
from that of April. $3,475,000, until a
final accounting of the finance* is
Allen J. Maxwell, commissioner of
revenue, in reporting the collections,
said that, considering conditions, he
thought the report was very creditable
and that "there was a remarkable
showing as to income taxes.”
Income tax collections, due in part
to increased rates and changes in the
laws, aggregated $7,153,738 this fiscal
year.’ compared with $5,914,396 last
The total general fund collections of
$16,661,838 compared with 1930-31
totals of $12.950.821.39.
Tar Heels Oppose
Dry Law Repeal
Chicago, June SO.— (Ah— The
North Carolina delegation to the
Democratic National Convention
here is opposed to the prohibition
repeal In the party’s platform.
There was a surprisingly large
vote among the Tar Heels, how
ever, in favor of the extremely wel
declaration when the vote on the
plank was taken on the convention
floor early today.
The North Carolinians cast IS
votes for re-submission and eight
for repeal and immdiate modifica
tion of the Volstead taw.
Conservatives and Liberals
Will Come in, LaGuar*
dia Declares
Washington. June 30.—“ We are on
the eve," says Congressman FioreHo
H. La Gtardla, "of the last Repub
lican-Democratic election.
"Which party wins next November
will be immaterial In 1936.
1 "If the Republican triumph of
course we shall have four more yean
of G. O. P. conservatism.
"If the Democrats come Into power
there may be a slight trend toward a
perfunctory so* - of liberality, out
nothing fundamental Every conserva
tive interest wl : l rally to the new atl
mlnlstration’a support, in order to re
tain control over the country
“ Real Republican and Democratic
liberals will unite of necessity.
"Too few conservatives of the beat
en old line groups will be left to
msitnain an organization. They sim
ply will be absorbed by the dominant
conservative body.
“Thus we shall be re-aligned—as
on Page Pott} aL
Wheeler, of Mvntgnu; Joseph
O’Mahoney ; Senator Cordell Hull
of Tennessee; William G Me-
Atloo, California; William A
Comstock. Michigan.
Desperate Efforts Os Morri
son Have Not Stopped
March of Sentiment
In *Sta£e
Bnt Reynolds Folks Sary
Their Claims Are Not Ex
aggerated, and Em* Is Ex
pected To Give Him Larger
Majority Even Than In the
First Primary •
Dully Dispatch
In the Sir Wnller Hotel.
* v J r. nv<KKßvn,r,
Raleigh June 30,- All of the usual
political indications, as well as the
opinion of moat of the impartial po
litical observers here, point to the
nomination of Robert R. Reynolds for
the United States Senate over Cam
eron Morrison. For In spite of Mor
nson's expensive and extensive cam
paign organization and the almost
hurculean efforts it has been putting
forth the past three weeks, the op
inion is prevalent here that nothing
short of a political miracle can pre
vent Reynolds from winning and give
(Continued on rage Four.)
Expect Brummitt
To Rule Early On
Morrison Expense
Daily Dispatch Rarr.n,
la (he Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, June 30 —An opinion by At
omey General Dennis G. Brummitk
as to whether or not the statement of
campaign expenses filed by Senator
Cameron Morrison on June 22 listing
his campaign expenses is only two
items, compiles with the corrupt prac
tices law. Is expected cither today
or tomorrow, according to John Bright
Hill, State campaign manager for
Robert R. Reynolds, who contends
that Morrison should have itemized
his expenditures instead of lumping
Hill yesterday wrote Attorney Gen
eral Brutmnittt and personally deliv
ered the letter to him, asking him for
a formal ruling on this point, also ask
ing him far an oipipkm before the pri
mary Saturday. Mr. Brummitt agreed
to give a ruling as soon as possible,
HMI said. This opinion Is
either today or tomorrow. The ofoly
items listed In the statement filed by
Senator Morrison were payments to
Colonel Don Scott, hie campaign man
ager, one of $3,000 on June 6 and an
other of $2,500 qn June )6.' , • „
Hill first asked Secretary of State
James A. Hart ness for an opinion a*
to whether the statement by Morrison
compiled with the law and Hartnees
replied that K did.
Fair tonight; Friday cloudy; not
much change in tesapsoatarc.
Roosevelt’s Name Is First
Offered To The Convention
Victory Os Wets Greater
Then Even They Expected
They Had No Idea Week Ag o of Such Far-Reaching
Triumph; Platform Goes Full Distance for Repeal
of Eighteenth Amend ment in Landslide Vote
Chicago, June 38. (AP)— The
Democratic party wrote repeat of
prohibition of ft* candidate, with
Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt,
of New York, pressing his advan
tage against a scattered field of
In a turmoil of debate, which start
ed early last evening and surged thro
ugh tempestuous seas until the early
morning, the national convention ac
cepted in a landslide a plank which
said directly "we favor the repeal of
the eighteenth amendment,” and end
ed with a pledge of immediate modi
fication of the Volstead law.
It was an anti-prohibition triumph
of proportions which even the most
Insistent opponents of the dry statutes
never dreamed of a week ago. In a
Offers Roosevelt |
Jqi rfC* |
■I w 1f - /fl
■I vm
■E Ah" m "
m Wm 1 ■
Here is former Justice John E.
Mack, of tne Now York Supreme j
Court, who today placed ir. nomi *
nation Governor Franklin D. Rouet
velt of New York for the presidency
of ‘.he Democratic National Conven
tion in Chicago. Mack is an old
friend and political associate of the
Won’t Get Him Anywhere,
Ehringhaus Manager De
clares In Statement
Dully Dfapareb Barena,
la the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh. June 30. -Although the
friends of Lieutenant Governor R. T.
Fountain maintain that he has made
big gains within the last week by his
attack on J. C. B. Ehringhaus as the
"machtne candidate” and by his ef
forts ito show that Ehringhaus Is real
ly in! favor of * general sales tax, the
Ehringhaus forces insist that these
last-minute efforts by Fountain to in
ject new issues into the campaign are
merely signs of desperation on his
part and that they have failed utterly
to weaken Ehrtnghaue.
"The attempt which Mr. Fountain
has been making to misrepresent Mr.
Ehringhaus’ stand on the-sales tax,
after Mr. Ehringhaus has repeatedly
declared that he is unalterably bp
posed to both the general and the
luxury sales tax, is nothing more than
an effort on the part of Fountain to
muddy the waters and to try to •raise
up false Issues," Majr 1* P. McLen
don. State manager for Ehringhaus,
said ttdp (afternoon*. *Tn fact, Mr.
Fountain’s last-minute efforts to
climb on the platform advocated by
(Ooptinuod o« Page m Q.
; sudden surge of enthusiasm, amount
ing almost to a stampede, the re
pealists rolled up a vote of 934 3-4
against 213 3-4. They were urged to
their victory by a speech in which A1
Smith, the nominee of four years ago.
summoned all his old-time fervor to
! (he condemnation T tt the prohibition
j regime.
Weary after hours of oratory, in
! terspersed with a succession of as
i | wildly swilling demonstrations as any
, convention has seen in recent times,
the delegates recessed in the small
hours until noon. They had before
(hem then completion of the plat
i form and the beginning of the last
■; af, t of the drama, presentation of the
presidential candidates in a series of
. •’ nominating speeches.
Bingham To Press For Four
Percent Beer Before the
Present 3ession Is
Says He WilTVote for Sub.;
mission Unless Texas Re-;
ferendu mOpposes; Rainey ;
Says In House He Does
Not Expect Further VotCj
This Session I
Washington. June 30. i AHi
ator Sheppard. Democrat.
author of the eighteenth
said today in a statement
vote to submit a repeal
unless his party referendum Texas ]
In July decides against it.
Sheppard's announcement waa made)
in commenting on the repeal plank j
adopted by his party last night in
It was simultaneous with annonnee
ment from Senator Bingham, Repub
lican. Connecticut, that, in view of
the Democratic platform, he would
seek to amend the Volstead act to
permit four percent beer before Con
gress adjourns.
Bingham said that as soon as the
Democratic delegates return from
Chicago, he will move to take off the
Senate calendar and consider his bill
which has been reported unfavorably
by the Senate Manufacturers Commit
(Continued on Page Four)
Bilk Passes Senate and Sent
To White House For
Hoover To Sign
Washington, June 30. (AP>— The
Senate today passed and cent to the
White Ho.pse a hill reducing from 4
1-2 to 3 percent the rate of interest
on loans to veterans on. World, War
, adjusted service certificates.
The bill also provides that loans' be
made immediately after issuance of
the certtfieatee instead of waiting two
years, as now provided
Senator Norris, Republican, Nebras
ka, sponsored the interest reduction,
and Senator Copeland, Democrat, New
York, the other feature. They agreed
to oombin the two measures; and they
were jpesed as one. ,
Every Amendment to Plat
form Killed But One on
Child Welfare Offer
ed by a Woman
McAdoo Unable to Get
Across His Idea To Guar
antee Bank Deposits, Op
posed by Senator Glass;
Nominations To Last Until
Late in The Day
Chicago Stadium, Chicago
June 30 (AP) —Plunging
along with a rapid succes
sion of almost unanimous
decisions, the Democratic
convention completed ap
proval of its platform today
and turned to another inter
lude of pratory as a long line
of speakers took up the task
of putting nine candidates
formally in nomination for
the presidency.
Wi*hout roll calls and with roaring
bouts of disapproval, the convention
refused to write into the platform
ilongsidc me prohibition repeal plank,
adopted earlier in the day a single
■ »ne of the major amendments sent up
from the floor.
One of the planks voted down wan
immediate payment of the soldiers
• »onus. It waa smothered under an
overwhelming rush of "Nos. 1 its spon
sors being unable to muster even tha
number of seconds needed to injure a
roll call,
The 'Scotoh bank" plan of Gover
nor William H. Murray, of Oklahoma,
together with all of his other econo
mic proposals, went out in rapid and
seemingly overwhelming votes by ac
clamation. t>o did a plank by William
G. MeA<ic>r> proposing that Congress
consider, methods to make safe tha
deposit? in banks which are members
of the Federal Reserve System.
The McAdoo plank alone stirred up
a Teal flurry of debate. McAdoo him
self took the platform *o espouse It.
declaring It "In the Interest of tba
people," and Senator Glass of Virginia,
who. like McAdoo. had served Wood
row Wilson as secretary of the trea
sury, argued In opposition that stKh
a proposal would greatly undermine
the faith of the banking community
T tntinued on Page Six) '
Germany Is
Not To Post
Large Fund
Lausanne, Switzerland. June 30
(AP)--Germany refused today to ag
ree to a suggestion by France that
she deposit a six billon marjt fund
with the world bank in lieu of repara
tions annuities, pending negotiation
of revised debt agreements with tbe
United States.
Baron Konstantin von Neurath, tha
German foreign minister, comjnunicat
ed the negative reply to Prime Min
ister MacDonald of Great Britain
after having consulted with the rest
of the German delegation and his
cabinet colleagues in Berlin.
One-third of tbe amount warn Id have
been Germany's contribution to a gen
eral fund for the econlmic reconstruc
tion of Europe. Tbe remainder would
be set aside pending negotiations of
at revised debt agreements with the
United States.
Under the safeguard elstuse, Ger
many would still be bald liable for re
parations in the event that the Unit
ed States refused to reduce the deh|
owed her by the World V^ar

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