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~vktkknth year
Campaign Plans For Both:
Major Parties Pushed At
Meetings In Washington
among democrats
Notification Exerciae* Forj
PTrsidenl Koover Will j
Be Held In Conati
ftiTTon Hall
presiding officer;
;„•!!, Head of Notification
OmrT«iitee, To Inform;
Pr«ident of Hia Nomina-'
tiop and l atter Wfl M«kc (
Reply; Will Be Broadcaat
!n U. S. and Abroad
fMhnfton. July 26. —(AP) Plan- ,
-jtnf c-'riferTicrs (or the Demo- i
cfjt presidential nominee's cam- [
sent ahead here today as the.
Hrpeil**’* National Committee an- f
-cjm4 ;u*t how their candidate
of his renomination, j
; lM i JL Farley, chairman of the j
Drwxriht National Committee, and
bf'ktr of Governor Franklin D
Rcowvrlr. extended his tour into 1
F**fcn|ton. He arranged several calls j
tr'lwtm* one with newspaper men j
Ire m the day.
And Georgs deKeim. secretary of!
the Republican group, computed
fitns for President Hoover’s notifies
yo on August 11 The cermonies srill
It* like this:
E-.» *tt grader-;. chair mr: of me
Republican N *tionalC onimHte-'. will
open *i‘h a speech at 8:10 i> in . In J
Ccn»‘Hution Hall introducing Ktpre-j
lertative Bertrand H gneli. of New j
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Many Sections of
State Clamor For
Road Fund Relief
Fa'elgh. Jiilv ift.—<AP>— The
North ( aro'lna Highway Commis
sion wso ••literally dluged" with
thio morning, Chalr
"~»n E. B. Jrtfmn «aid. hut no
a* to what roads will be
("eluded in the State emergency
•Hies building program was an
r nnred.
North Carolina may he In fln
•fflal Mrews. hut the people cer- i
hin'v sttll want good rood*." aald
W li»w as he estimated that re- i
'V'b already «n file would call
'* the expenditure of *15,006.- I
*» while only about *6.00000© I
he avallahle.
Banks Ask j
About New
Washington Gets
Numerous Inquiries
Home Loan
Bank Bill Provision
n ’?thington. July 26—fAP> A
of inquiries from national
concerning the possibility of
,15 -ir issuing currency with govern
m#nt bon ' l4 *R security. a-s permitted
r **** Glasa-Borah amendment to
j. h>m * ,o * n hill, continued today to
. ' nto office of the comptrol-
J' 1 s h» currency.
.K % : T '* rrnlta national banka to
•k« , r ’ jrr * nc .V by depositing with
r-,..-' of th e United States
?hrr r ■» a bonds bearing not more
, i rwnt interest, and pay
v*»r -nwYu* 0t percent a
'vaing * u{ wUh th « exp«nae of
Tk, , ,he m «ney.
°P®rative for three years,
'd IlJ.VirtwiL® • m4xlmum «P»n* ton
• n ° ,> in the nation's cur-
Tthli# ti..
►any,, wki u names of » number of
nf ,k m,,uir * d about the work
' ’c.-dav #«' aw made public
ar, offC of " c| ab* Ot u.e comptrol-
,»*!u twULy no ,urt ber in-
B# snc*a would be an-
, t - . HENDERSON. N. Q.
Hcniteramt Haflu Siauatrh
' stump • r. x
p v aHH
F >■ " c "F
Hgk fll H ■ Hr jbh
Mr*. Fergusee
Mrs Miriam <Ma) Ferguson, the .
nation s fin* woman governor, led the
ticket in the Democratic primaries in
Texaa last Saturday by a large mar
gin over Governor Ross Sterling, in
Mellon, Returning Home,
Denies Plan To Resign
Ambassador to Great Bri
tain, Arriving In New
York’,"Declares Report
Is News To Him
Was Lull In London And He
Took Advantage of It for
Visit Home, He Says;
Won't Discuss Political
Campaign, But Ready To
rtclp ; Returns Soon
New York. July 28. (AP) —Andrew
W. Mellon, returning today on the
liner Majestic, denied reports he in
tended to resign as ambassador to
Great Britain.
"That's news to me—mid-summer
news.'* said Mr. Mellon.
The ambassador, while on board the
boat, was not certain whether lie
would go directly to Pittsburgh or to
Washington, but said he would spend
no time in New York.
He declined to discuss the reason for
his trip home, saying only:
"There was a lull over there for
the time, and I took advantage of
He regused to discuss debts or re
parations or anything official.
The ambassador also refused to dis
cuss the coming political campaign.
"I will do anything I can,” he said,
"but I did not come for that pur
He said he would return to Eng
land within two or three weeks.
Farmer, 70, Killed
In Argument Over
Passage In Bible
Lumherton. July fAFI
Frank Pridgen, 79-year-old farm
er. was beaten to death at Mc-
Oonald. near here, today during
an agrumnnt over the Bible with
Houson Williams, who fled Imme
diately after the beating.
Police placed bloodhounds on
Williams’ trail and spread out in
a general search for him through
the section.
A coroner's jury was empanel
led Immediately after the heat
ing. and Coroner D. W. Biggs, of
Kobewon county, announced that
Pridgen was beaten to dststh by
Williams with a pair of brass
knocks. 5
It was testified at the inquest
that Williams, an employee of
Pridgen, struck the old man dup
ing a* argument over a passage
of Scripture.
Williams was ordered arrested
and held on a charge of- second «
degree murder. . --,
eunvbent, seeking re-notnination, and
who wus Khe i-unneir up. They ran
abend in a field of six candidates.
Near (nation in equivalent to election
in a Democratic primary in Texaa,
Seven Are Burned
In Fire In Hotel
Little Rock, Ark. Ju’y 28.—(AP)
—At least seven persons were
burned and Injured and one was
missing In a fire that partially de
stroyed a three-story brick hotel
here early today.
Witnesses said an ImexpiatnMl
explosion shook the building and
1 the entire structure burst Into
Firemen rescued many of the !
25 or more occupants from win
dows. while others jumped or ran
to safety.
Hag Settled Into Task As *
Snugly As Though Cre. .
ated For It
Report Is That Calvin Coolldge Sug
gested Sanders to Mr. Hosver;
He Was Coolldge’* Pri
vate Secretary
Central Press Staff Writer
Washington. July 26. President
Hoover largely directed hia own cam
paign in 1928.
He resigned from the commerce de
partment to gtv e all hia time to It,
established his headquarters in a big
house on Massachusetts avenue, just
off Sheridan circle, here in
ton. and ran practically everything.
Dr. Hubert Work held the Job of Re
publican national chairman to be sure
—A»ut rather because It is customary
for the G. O. P. to have a* national
chairman than on account of any real
reason for one In that particular in
This year presents altogether a dif
ferent situation. Mr. Hoover has his
White House duties to attend to—and
plenty of them. He not only needs a
campaign manager, but a super-effi
cient one, to reliqve him as complete
ly as possible pf political worries
jwhlß |ie concentrates on adminis
tration problems, of which it seems al
most superfluous to say that he has a
sufficiency in the midst of the pre
sent economic crisis. o > ,
The general auppoeition Is, ex-
President Coolldge suggested to his
successor the suitability of Everett
Sanders for the post.
If so, from many indication*, the
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-f' ~ t
Libby Holraan Now
At Resort in Ohio
Dayton. Ohio, July B.—(API
The Dayton Dally New* says today
that IJhhy Holman Reynold*,
widow of the young tobacco heir.
Smith Reynold*, killed hy a bullet
at hi* Winston-Salem. N. C.. home
I* staying at the Raatiey hotel at
Orchard Ihlhikl. on Indian lake,
She la registered a* I.ihhy Rich
ter, as t'lnclnnatl. Her presence at
the hotel was confirmed hy R>aicoe
Ailes, New York stage actor, and I
a friend of Mrs. Reynold*. Alin*
aald Mrs. Reynolds was necking se
clusion and rest.
Easy Payment Plan For Sav
ing Homes May Be God
send To Thousands
In This State
Laßoque Shows How Liqui.
dation of Home Mortgages
Can Be Spread Over Long
Periods of Time, Enabling
Many To Save Homes
They Have Paid On
Dally Dl»i»»1eb llxren.
In the Sir: Walter Date',
nr J ( . IIA-KKM VII.I,
Raleigh. July 28i —Thousands of
home owners in North Carolina who
have not yet completed paying for
their homes, as well as thousands.of
others who would like to buy homes
but who cannot now do so. will be
benefitted by th? home loan bank
bill passed in the closing days of
Congress and finally signed by Presi
dent Hoover. For the home loan banks
now being set up under this law with
a capitalization of 1125,000.000, will
make it possible for building and
loan associations, savings banks and
insurance companies to borrow from
them twelve times the amount of
stock they subscribe to and thus en
able them to handle more loans over
a longer period.
Incidentally, this bill was enacted
largely through the efforts of the
North Carolina delegation in Congress
as was the Federat aid road blit and
other important measures enacted by
this Congress, Senator Cameron Mor
rison twice saved this bill from de
feat in the Senate and Representative
rCont.nuea on Pfure Three 1
An Accord
With Vets
Is Likely
Order To Evacuate
Government build
ings by Last Mid
night Is Extended
Washington, July 28. (AP)
Whether some of their shelters would
fall about their heads depended today
upon the ability of bonus seekers to
»gree with the Treasury as to when
they will get out of government build
One group of veterans had a plan
ready for the Treasury, which indi
cated that the already half wrecked
building tarn down, whether theii*
occupants evacuated or not.
Police were ready, too, for a pos
sible demonstration when nine men
arrested yesterday in a general melee,
following an attempt to picket the
White House, were arraigned in police
court. Exborters of the radical wing,
soap box speeches last night, urged
the demonstration as a protest against
the arrests.
There was an order instructing vet
erans to get out of the banned area
'at midnight last night, but Pelham
D. Glassford, police superintendent,
in a personal speech to the shanty
town residents, granted a 24-hour re
The compromise plan would have
veterans leave government buildings
and grounds in a “reasonable time,'*
provided other billets ware profere4-
Estimates of what would be a "rea
sonable time” Varied from five to 90
d*y* J . , . ,
Partly cloudy tonight and Wed
nesday; probably local thunder
showers in interior Wednesday.
Ten Prominent Democrats
Talked As State Chairman
When Committee Convenes
<e v \ l,
(jjjsenator HoL
j* ML f.
• -Senator Walsh—
— *— r ' n ‘"'- 1.0r.h —— I
\ andenberg FoiJctu
Senator William E. Borah (K> of Idaho heads the senate sub e om .
mittee of the foreign relations committee named to study the St.
Lawrence waterway treaty this summer. Members of the commit
tee. shown above, represent states interested in the waterway or th«
power problem m connection. The oenator, are: Joseph Robinson
(D of Arkansas; Thomas Walsh (D) of Montana; Robert Wagner
D) of New York, Arthur Vandenberg <R) of Michigan; Robert
La Follcttc (R) of Wisconsin, and Otis Glenn <R ; of Illinois.
Strike Deadlock Still
Unbroken At High Point
As Conferences Proceed
Reynolds Not Vet
Agreed on Leader
Asheville, July 26 <AP) —Robert
R. Reynolds, Democratic United
State* Senatorial nominee, today
said he had reached no Conclusion
concerning selection of a Mew Dem
ocratic State chairman.
Reynolds ha* just reuirned from !
New York, where he conferred |
with Democratic national leaders
and said he planned to confer some
time next week with J. C. B. Eh
ringhaus, of Elizabeth City, Demo
cratic gubernatorial nominee, prob
ably in Raleigh.
Will Continue at sl, Only
25 Cents Going to Na.
tional Organization
tlillT Dt*s»*es Wares*,
fa the Sir Walter Hotel.
Raleigh, July 26—The executive
committee o f the Young Democratic
Clubs of Amertca. by its decision that
it would require only 25 cents of the
mecqbership fee to be used for the
’national, organization purposes, thus
leaving the total membership fee at
(1, of which 56 cents will be retain
ed by the local club, .with only 25 cents
each for the State and national or
ganisation. I has made a very wise
move, in the opinion of Dewey Dor
j (Continued on Pag* Six.)
Manufacturers Ln
willing To Make
Major Concessions
To Their Workers
High Point. July 26.—(AP)—Re
ports from several conferences be
tween manufacturers and their em-
I ployees today failed to indicate any
break in the deadlock between the
mills and 6,000 striking mill workers
The manufacturers were reported
willing to make no major concessions,
and the committees elected to repre
sent each mill's workers indicated
they did not feel they could authorize
resumption of wo/k until the manu
facturers are at least willing to eom-
I promise their differences.
The committees were to report back
to a general strike committee meet
ing near noon, but at this time only
a few of the conferences had ended.
The meeting then was postponed
| until early afternoon.
Tilson, Leader of
G. O. P. in House,
To Quit Congress
Washington, July 26.—(AP)— Repre
sentative Tilson, Connecticut, former
’RepubUcaii, House leader, said today
in a statement printed in the Con
gress ion Record, jhat be would resign
soon from Congress and wotild not
;run for re-electiort. • , ,
Tilson, who had served in th* House
for 22 years, was defeated by .Repre
sentative Snell, of New York,, as thf
Republican nominee for spesScer at
the beginning of the present Con
Movement Rumored T o
Keep Chairman Mull in,
Despite His Emphatic
Purpose To %
Shuping and Brooks, Both
of Greensboro, Boomed by
Friends; Everett Thomp
son. of Elizabeth City, and
J. W. Winbome, of Marion
zßeing Considered
Raleigh, July 2«. (API- Ten prom
inent Democrats today had been
brought forward in discussions about
who will be tnr next Democratic
I State chairman in North Carolina.
Rverett Thompson, Elizabeth City
.party leader, and J. Wallace Win
hotne, of Marion, retiring grand mu
ter of the North Carolina Grand
•i'Odge of Masons, have been under
consideration by party leaders, it wu
’earned here.
Either one, It was understood, will
He acceptable to Robert R. Reynolds
and John C. B. Ehringhaus. the sen
atorial and gubernatorial nominees.
Congressman E. W. Pou has come
in for a slight slice of the goesip go
ng the rounds before the executive
ommittee meeting here on Tuesday.
August 9. to name its chairman. Both
Lindsay C. Warren, of Washington,
and Frank Hancock, of Oxford, hav«
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Gardner Will Not
Make Address For
Randolph Meeting
July 28 (API Governor
O. Max Gardner today notified Dem
ocratic leaders of Randolph county
**ha: he would not be able to give th*
principal speech before vne county
Democratic convention August 6.
"The press of public business ia to
great," Gardner said, “that I feci I
should cancel my engagement. I am
sorry to have to write that I could
not make the talk, but saw no olheg
60 Missing
As German
Ship Sinks
Only 40 of 100 Cadets
Saved from Naval
Training Vessel
Caught in Gale
Kiel. Germany, July 28 (AP)—
The German naval training ship
Not hr today went to the bottsm
of the Baltic Sea in a beavvy storm
with the probable* low of M
cadets reported missing. Os the
180 cadets aboard, only 40 were
known to have been rescued.
The Noibe a three -mooted sailing
vessel, keeled over about 2 80 p. m..
when a faot-rislng full gale struck.
The tragedy occurred only a few min
utes after the giant DO-X, flying from
Trevecnuende to Kiel, had passed
over, and dippmg kuw, had signalled
a greeting.
Among those rescued from the
Noibe waa Captain Rufus, her master.
Naval craft in the vicinity mtaomi
dtateiy went to the scene and lata fids
afternoon th eat earner There se Ruff,
which had previously picked up the
40 cadets, was Standing by. The
cruiser Koeningsberg. a seaplane, and
four fast torpedoe bpats were also
in the vtcinityy. ,
Naval authorities were at a loss to
explain the disaster, but they gave It
as heir guess that the crew, uuprs
pared for the sudden wind, had hr art
unable w reach the sails in tuns.

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