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marriages PAKTHa
! . niKh«*vi when you were
~ J ‘" • ... . »iSIU.»>. i
„ ' v ,4* *«>*• in them - '" laL
such coarse and
, r* I * 1 •*''
variegated yellow-red.
( . v y,l -hey were like strong
*' ‘ r • people
pnde their fluted Sun
• heatt. with honest sun
.vr e
ve oiiijht scarf and vel
e‘ '** l-
my heliotrope and ml
- * t .dies in their gauze and
n , w . i j aie evenings by said,
k fountains
• lW Mint screcent veils a timid
P... , ;; taste in perfume it is true,
- pecint-i wear the scent of
you said
.j >. dear love in memory of
.. in my garden bed.
Ci.we Wood Shipman.
\ toiling \ irginla Alien.
1 s.* I’a.dvkvll Hoyle of Charlotte is
: t r- ~-e l ,e~ ’ of Miss Virginia Al-I
t ; ,Hr r »! reel.
\ oiling in New York.
•j rs W T Watkins returned to
> r „ Vik City with Mr. and Mrs.
• - Melver for a visit there.
\t*itur from Greensboro.
Sellars of Greens
the week-end guest of!
;j... r M.itv and Virginia Allen on
5t i , •
so \isif in Washington.
r» Strange left yesterday,
j,. V. i-r.r.etoti to spend sometime
it t w.’ti hei brothers. Doyle and
C ' :
Band To Meet.
Trr Ft > - • Meeting Band will meet
Tcrt. rr: .lig at S O ClOCk With
; - i •' iti'li in South Hender
t.ue%r of Parents
H watc I. Alien, senior at the
... Ci.i.eg.' i.f Virginia, is the
• ' patents. Mr. and Mrs
( u»ots from Greensboro.
x : Mi' W G. Blair, and G.
?. - •” ■ Gnensboro. were the
.e- I .' of their sister. Mrs.
Returned Hornet
Hr D Hit per who has been
- 'h.- pa.-t two months in
* r t with :n- father. H R. Har
:• r- . r.e l home Sunday.
Returned to Richmond.
C. ill. !•►*! returned to his
~■* li. hue :.d Va.. after spend*
* * h* weeg.. |.d the guest of his
r -•’ r: - - M: .i.u Mi H. H. Harper.
I cm- for Greensboro.
I- H Crocker, Mrs. Ed
it.i' , : p.ul Michaux. who have
* ' Mi- W T Rowland at
Mr- it rfr ve*terday for their
1 :r"f. horo.
R'l'i'i' From Mountains
-• M ? Mil Robertson, Mr.
A b-rt Robertson. Mrs.
>. • r_• r.:.• md June Robertson
'■ •'fod from Asheville, after
•tir.d r.,- i week suh friends and
>undav at White Lake.
■1 ioi Mrs. s. p. Brummitt and
Hi '.l Piunimitt spent Sunday at
Mrich. White Lake. They
* (> .•■died m P.aleigh by Mrs. Brum
: ■ '■! ’ h Mis. O. P. Fogleman,
‘Wo children.
Mrs. Sloan To Be Hoaten*.
- v D McC. Sloan is the announced
' for the regular meeting of the
j br Luncheon Club on Wednesday
- ■ r.,, the west End Country
c 11 o'clock. Members planning
i"»r.l will please notify Mrs. Sloan
1 ’ ,rr t'. as possible.
Back from Extended Trip.
\v p. Gholson and Miss
'>h Mitchell returned to the city
rifier a two-weeks trip to
2 _ J,r City New York and Canada
‘"•“v made the return trip through
"* ' N "' v England States and the Val
*■' <-f Viiginia.
Return from New Bern.
1 ' " Furqueron and children
|' 1V * from New Bern, where
l>i hive oven for several weeks on
Mrs. Kurqueron’a mother,
I Rvnnett, who returned with
•'•tn • ) -pend some time here with
r * family.
M , Announce Birth of Son.
.mi Mr-», Tucker Ivery an
“i,<" ’ hf> »*nth of a son. T. C. Jr..
J 1932.
.. Birth of Son. I
1 )• ''.' l ‘' lrs ‘ Kern *B Combs an
.' * IP i’lrth of a son, James
! '•< Maria Parham hospital.
1 J ily 30. 1932.
■ ' ?*&, VICKS
TELEpWffiOf _ T V J
ETTA KETT Worth Trrme For
Fo! 1 p E O^T,C^ e a s?Sg II I I MDU MSAN I rr“ NQ QU* VOyu. MOKB A P”” 1
/ A OOtr BAU_ Out or QOr ,T °*>l SILIN -DO I 800 TAlfcWA'f An© t OOTH ASkT&D J VCIL - MAPI&
S "me sand Yf?APS > r? LI J SnWNINCj lOU . I kOOC U<C A V YOU© DAO To MAPPf VOu —SO Hg [ r ' '
t /, Nou© HEART set OOLr \NINS NOU ! p 1 OTHta WKA at least HAVE
Townsville Garden
Club Has Meeting
The Townsville Garden Club met
with Mrs. W. B. Tarry, Friday aft
ernoon. The president. Mrs. W. S.
Ricihardwon. opened the meeting and
greeted the new members and guests
after wthloh the Secretary. Mrs. Knoti
read Che minutes of the last meeting.
After the business meeting was over,
ihe following papers were read on the
mtoject of this meeting, Potted Plants
Ferns. Miisw AUeyne Taylor; Dah
lias. Mrs. W. S. Richardson. Calla
Uly. ML-is Llzae Taylor; ahrysanthe
nvum. Mrs. Edmund Taylor; Begonias
Mrs. Judflon Knott and PwasßUs,
Mrs. Louis Taylor.
A lovely duet. "Roses of Yesterday.''
was beautifully rendered by Mrs.
F. Fox and Mrs. Sem Adams, accom
panied by Mrs. Tarry.
The hostess assisted by her lovely
BUl** daughter. Sally, servde delicious
refreshments of ice cream in caqte
loupe and mbnts to the members and
Miss Sally Bradshaw of Lynohburg,
The next meeting will be with Mrs.
Sam Adams.
Flat Rock News
Miss Martha Harris, of Macon,
spent last week with her aunts, Misses
Annie and Rosa Satterwhite.
Rev. J. W. Braxton, Rev. T. J.
Whitehead, J. K. Hester, of Hender
son; Mr. and Mrs. C. Ira Keiger, of
Winston-Salem, were the dinner
guests Mrs. T. P. Hester last Friday
Miss Hazel Peck, of Townsville,
was the guest of Miss Gladys Jones
las* week.
Lawrence Cody, of Durham was the
guest of his grandmother, Mrs. Hugh
J. Reavis last week.
Miss Pauline uckett spent several
days last week with Misses Helen and
Mabel Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Wiggins and
children. Jack, Katherine, Joe and
Maty, of Valentine. Va., spent the
past week-end with Mrs. Wiggin’s
parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wortham
They attended the funeral of Mrs.
Wiggins’ grandfather, Frank Wor
tham, Sunday afternoon.
Miss Frances Reavis is visiting Miss
Margaret Reavis.
Mrs. Susie Moore of Rocky Mount,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Wortham and family, Sunday.
W. T. Davis and son, Louis, visited
in Durham, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Nelson, and
family of Vaughan, were the guests
of Mr. Nelson’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Nelson, Sr.
Miss Annie Harris of Spring Val
ley community was the dinner guest
of Miss Mavis Hester last Friday
Miss Marie Currin of Wilmington,
Del., spent sometime last week with
Miss Nellie Reavis.
Rotary To Have
Program Put On
By The Ladies
A program to be put on by the
ladies of members of the Rotary club
& -being arranged for the weekly
meeting of the club tomorrow evening
at 7:30 o’clock at the Croatan club.
Mrs. W. H. Fleming is in charge of
the program, and Mrs. E. F. Shaw
will be director of the musical num
bers to be offered.
Members are looking forward to a
delightful evening, and the ladies are
expected to offer a noval form of en
tertainment. All members are urged
to make an effort to be present.
Another Record
Set by Library
Here Saturday
A new one-day record for books
loaned was established by the H.
Leslie Perry Library last Saturday,
when the total for the single day was
392. The highest previous record of
lendings for any one day was JTfO, set
a few weeks ago. The new record Is
;22 above the previous high.
The annual report of the library for
the fiscal year ending June 30 was
recently made public, and showed the
greatest number of borrowings in the
i library’s history.
Mr*. Cooper Unimproved.
Mrs. John D. Cooper, Sr., is said
to be holding her own, according to
a message from her bedside last
nlgfrt Mr* Cooper still remain* in
g crttiao condition.
I**. .* 1 : V • X J ■ l * 14 r - y , * • » , T s. . t
TBUpatmx ...... .
A slight increase In the number of
marriage licenses Issued was noted in
the office of the register of deeds in
July, when there was a total of eight,
compared with five in June and ten In
July last year. Last • month licensee
were sold to two white and six colored
couples. In July last year eight white
Occasional Wife^™l
Camilla Iloyt, younp amt Beautiful
art sti/tlent, and Peter Anron, a
rtrufjfjhnif sculptor, fall in lot* and
many secretly, decirfiitjp to live apart
until the time Peter can establish
himsdl. Camilla, the attopted daugh
ter of itcol/hy parents, is not to in
herit money tchcn she comes of aye.
She is prrpariiiff herself for life with
a course in commercial art, hopiny
to fret a job to enable her to support
hcrsell. She has been making the
roumis of the agencies.
l-voir <:o o.v wnu Tin: sroitv}\
' »
RETURNING HUME. Camilla was [
surprised to discover how tired she
wt-s with the day's efforts. Study and [
classes at school had been peremp- 1
lory, but there was a vast difference |
between preparation for work, and 1
work itself, or even obtaining it. she
already had discovered. While she
dressed for dinner, she reviewed m
her mind some of the truth* which
had made themselves evident to hei
that day. She always had supposed
that if you were willing to work,
there was a place for you. It was
obvious that not only was that sup
position wrong, but th«;t not even if
you were capable of doing the work
you chose, you were given the op
Gazing around at the furnishings
of the big luxurious rooms that had
• hcltored her for so long, and making
rapid calculations with the values of
her possessions, she was astounded
at the time she estimated it would
require her to earn the money they
Even if she were given the oppor
tunity to work for pay. bow long
would it take her to earn what the
clothes siie was putting on had cost
her? Her frock was an imported
model that bad cost three hundred
dollars, her shoes, twenty-five; her
stockings and lingerie another sev
enty-five. Her wardrobe and dressing
table drawers were filled with such
costly garments.
Os course, she knew that when
she earned her own living, she would
no longer patronize exclusive shop*
and wear hand embroidered lingerie.
But she wondered how many of the
women who wore such garments’
could earn the money for even very
poor substitutes. If they were obliged
to. With sudden panic, she wondered-
If she could.
Sitting before the triple cheval
glass of her dressing table. Camfite
did not see her glowing beauty. sJhe
was gazing into the vast and chaotic
abyss that gaped suddenly at her
feet —that chasm of life into which
she was about to leap. Approaches
It. she had been so confident dft<l
secure; standing now at the brftilc
and gazing Into its nbsyinal depths,
she drew bock with horror. Then
suddenly." there appeared before her
Peter's dear and earnest face, the
grave eyes sparkling with that an*lie
rlie loved, and she reached out Auf
clasped his hand, no longer afraid.
She was ready to leap into life—w*4fb
I’eter was modeling wltb tntease
Interest, striving for a new effect hh
fore the Idea should become lost lit
the ethereal confusion of escaped in
spirations that their originator* bad
tailed to capture quickly enotfeh;
His hands were gray with piadtle
'lay and his mind was projected Alto
the realm of creative fancy. A knock
in the door suddenly Interrupted tl#
summer morning stillness and d#ew
him back to reality.
His forehead wrinkled with annoy
ance. for he h«f no wish to be dis
turbed Then the reminder that It
might be Camilla who had com* to
see him. made him call quktlHy.
"Come In." He always wanted to
see Camilla, no matter how distilrtl
ing she might be.
There was an Instant's hesitation,
then the knob turned md the <feotr
opened to disclose a Strang* girl A
very beautiful stranger. She wig sb
beautiful that Peter Star ad at bet
Stupidly sot a moment. Th« girl JtMt
smiled friendly and Mtld, “May I
come In ?** •
•That is what I tokJ ydn to do," be
said. “Find a chair, pica*. As jbu
dee. i am—er —bttxy." Bdmthow. lie
felt defensive toWnrtf bar at out*,
and bis voice reflected bis atttttxks.
“Thanks." she said, crosolng (be
room with casual, lissom movemaais
and sinking Into the one tmchMe
iSm SSm r ~*S*| y
and two colored couples obtained li
For the first seven months of 1932,
total licensee issued were 74, of which
27 were white and 47 colored couples.
Ia Improving.
George Stevenson is reported im
proving at Maria Parham hospital
following an operation for appen
dicitis on Fri Cay night.
“You aren’t by any chance a detective?”
qulred, raising her very blue -eyes
that were deeply shadowed with
long, dark lashes. Their contrast
with the pale gold of her huir was
startling and effective.
“I can’t deny that," Peter replied.
“I’m Sylvia Todd." she offered.
“Miss Todd. how do you do." I
Peter Inclined his head slightly.
"What may I do for you?"
“Give me some work.” she came to
the point quickly. “I’m a mode), and
desperate for work." She took a oig
aret from her purse and fired it With
a lighter from the table beside her.
Peter daubed tentatively at the
clay figure on the turn stand. “I'm
afraid you have come to the wrong
place for that.”
“You have a model now?”
“Welt, you're a sculptor, aren't
yW? Two and two nuke four."
“Exactly. And five and five make
ten—that's two days for « model. I
can’t afford oOe.”
“And where do you expect to get
without one?”
“I manage. I did that without one."
H« indicated the grodp In (he win
dow alcove which he had made for
CamHla. Miss Todd glanced at It
casually. “Not bad. But neither wHI
that kind of stuff get you anywhere.”
"You mean nudes.”
“Sure. Symbolic stuff. That's wbat
brings In the dough that makes the
cake. And It’s my line. Want to see
my figure?”
“I noticed ft when you walked
across the room.” diffidently.
She laughed shortly. “You would,
of course. Welt, how about using It
toe inspiration. Big Boy? Gee. you’re
quite an inspiration yourself."
“No doubt you could M Chat,” be
smiled for the first time “fiot I don’t
hsppen to be doing anything that
needs It."
“Now Is as good a time to bqd»
aa any. what about the National ex
hibit I heard you were going to en
“I planned to.”
“With wbat that?” she nodded
toward the Immigrant group.
"Oh. no—that Ur Just a personal
“Weß. you suiiMli't evetr get a
look-Iff wRh that." she shrugged.
“Wbat then?"
“Why, I’ve bad several hunches,
but none of them suited me, quit*
and I'm not sure now that I Want
to enter the exhibit"
"Afraid" you mfghf lose tile eefiot-
Hmv sftefld I Might wta. if you
wm p«rdo» my eoueett”
She stared at Mm l» surprise.
“Well, are you crasy, or am I
cuckoo P*
"Neither. I nope, it just happens
that affair* twrve dbvetepoi raaffy
to ohffng* ear pMast"
Sfc* wgMW» with a eafcnlat
Mb. Newman Improving.
C. D. Newman and daughters,
Dorothy and Vashti, Mrs. Ulya Wood
lief and Fred Perdue spent yesterday
in Richmond, Va., with Mrs. Newman
who is a patient in the Tucker Sana
torium. Friends of Mrs. Newman will
be glad to hear that her condition
shows marked improvement and that
she will return to her home within
the next few weeks
ing expression for a moment. “A
girl friend?"
“You aren’t, by any chance, a de
tective?” he inquired.
"M 1 were.” she laughed, “I might
not be out of work."
”1 don't know.” Peter observed.
“The depression has hit everything.”
“Don't 1 know It? Models in par
ticular. Say. listen. Big Boy. when
there’s work enough to go half way
around, this baby has more than she
can do.”
”1 don’t dbubt It.”
"But that isn't now.” She tossed
the stub ot her cigaret into a tray
and walked across the room to stand
beside Peter. A heavy fragrance en
veloped him. and some latent mem
ory stirred. Unconsciously, he won
dered where he had been surrounded
by that same perfume before. Its
pungent sweetness denied a cheap
variety and seemed incongruous on
a girl who was desperate for work.
Os course, a girl like Sylvia Todd
spent money extravagantly alien she
did have it and therefore was the
more desperate when she did not. he
concluded. She was saying in a con
fidential voice, "Tell you what I'll
do. Mr. Anson. I’ll work for half the
regular pay. everything being on the
down and down as it is. And if I
were not hungry—you being on the
bottom, yourself—l’d work for you
for nothing," she added softly.
The word “hungry" startled Peter
and touched that responsive chord
In blit) that denied no creature hla
pity. 'Te it as bad as that?" he de
manded anxiously.
She nodded, her bead lowered, and
w hen she looked up again the bln*
eye* glistened with tears, like dew on
blue violets: But she smiled wanly.
"I wsHwe out here all the way from
seventy-fifth, so I could use my last
dime for a sandwich to have strength
to Work on."
“Wot whs* made you think I would
hire yntr?”
“I heard yon were going to enter
the exhibit, and had no model yet.
Dorft yoff think I would do?" wist
"Yon might—ts I needed a model,"
he said thoughtfully, as ts he were
coasMerttg something. Finally, “Tell
yon what I'll do—let me give you a
dollar Mr some dinner and I’ll think
it over again. If I decide that I need
you and cam afford to pay you. I*o
let you Me* tomorrow. That's (be
bear i can d& wow."
"ThaTs awfully sweet of you. Bat
I thfWk yW would b* positively gooff
not t* try fior the scholarship, f
that Was yonr first idea. Don't ONn
it up. please, and ts you can use mm,
, rll mak* the price a* low mm pogSbPa
, After aH. on* dm* a day fs better
than non*”
Young Baptist Minister
Preaches At Union Serv
ice at M. E. Church
A large congregation heard Rev. L.
B. Reavls. pastor of a number of lo
cal and county churches, preach at
union services held last night in the
First Methodist church. In addition
to thecity church people, there were
a number from rural churches.
The service had been announced as 5
especially for the young people, and
many of them were present.
"Life’s Investment” was the subject
of the sermon, and the preacher plead
ed for serious contemplation of what
the individual will do with his life
and services in a religious way.
M. I*. Picnic Tuesday.—The annual
picnic of the Methodist Protestant
Sunday school will be held tomorrow
afternoon at David Glover’s pond be
tween the Oxford road and Watkins,
it was announced today. The picnick
ers are to gather at the church at 3
o'clock and will leave there at 3 30
p. m. Transportation will be provid
ed for those without away to go.
An autobiography must, in the na
ture of things, be an apology.
New Haven. Connecticut
Condition December 31, 1931, as Shown by Statement Filed
Amount of Capital paid in caAh $1,000,000 00
Amount Ledger Assets Dec. 31st previous yvar, 53.127.599 31 ... 3 127.899.81
Income—Erom Policyholders. $453.753 54; MLiCeSbneous $161.-
856 97; Total 615,810 51
Disbursements —To Policyholders. $236,939 96; Miscellaneous,
$819.822 46; Total 556 762 42
Fire Risks—Written or renewed during year, $132 097,226
In Force 167.083 414.00
All Other Risks—Written or renewed during year, SSO 058160
In Force 77.113 301 00
Mortage Loans on Real Estate * 243,300.00
Value of Bonds and Stocks 2 707,802.17
Cash In Company’s Office 6.187.49
Deposited In Trust Companies and Banks not on interest 22 325.23
Deposited in Trust' Companies and Banks on Interest 86,878.69
Agents’ balances, representing business written subsequent to
October 1, 1931 88.418.33
Agents’ balances, representing business written prior U>
October 1. 1931 20.535.00
Bills receivable, taken for fire risks j. • 1,057.25
Interest and Rents due and accrued 28,628.50
All other Assets, as detailed in SHatetneot 10,445.19
TOTAL * 33,213.575. 90
Less Assets not admitted - 719,871.72
Total adkntlbted Assets $2,493,704.18
Net amount of unpaid losses and claims 3 40.295 52
Unearned premiums 508.931 97
Salaries, rente, expenses, bills, accounts, fees, etc due or accrued 3 000.00
Estimated amount payable for Federal. State, county and muni- {
aipa.l taxes due or accrued 35 300 Os
Contingent commissions, or other charges due or accrued .... 6.000 <*
All other b&bittUes, as detailed In statement 6 644.7$
■ *
Total amount of all MabHMtea except Capital 3 679,172.24
C&pOtßd actually paid up in ceah $1,000,000.00
Surplus over all liabilities 814 531.94
Surplus as regards Policyholders %. $1,814,631 9*
Total I4abtttV.es 1$
Fire Risks Written, $795,911; Premiums received, $3,430.
All other Risks written. $1,037,822; Premiums received, $54.
Losses incurred —Fire $1,141; Paid, $973.
Losses incurred—All dfflier $88; Paid, S3B.
President; Victor Roth; Secretary: W. A. Thomson.
Home Office 175 Whitney Ave., New Haven. Conn.
Attorney for service: DAN C. BONEY, Insurance Commissioner,
Raleigh, N. C.
Manager for North OaroJtaa Home Office.
Raleigh, March Ist.. 1932.
I DAN C. BONEY, Insurance Oommrtoeioner, do hereby certify that the
above is * tree and correct abettadt of the statement of the East and Weds
Insurance Company of New Haven, Conn., filed with thia Department, show
ia* the condition at said Company, on the Slat day of December, 1931.
' WfctMUV mgr hand and cifWnial eaal, the day and year above written.
DAN O. SONSY, Dwuraaoer Cotnataeiondr.
Raleigh. Aug. 1 <AP) Dr. L. B.
Mcßrayer of Southern Pines, presi
de n, I has announced that the fifth
annual convention of ihe United Shares
Httgihiway No. 1 association will open
in Columbia. S. C.. on August 3.
Added: Masquers All Star Comedy
Matinee 10-25 C
Night 10-35 c
This is a |*er«eiitage picture
Merchants Tickets Are Not
Also Laurel-Hardy Comedy:
Admission 10c to all

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