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associated and central press service
Tobacco Acreage Placed
At Fourth Os 1931 Crop
In Farm Agent’s Survey
Actual Plantings 1,414 Acre*
, Compared With 5,204
( Last Yeai on 600
. » Farius•Here
Increase Shown, However,
• Over Original Intentions
to Plant for 1932; Figures
• Are Believed To Be Rep
• resentative of County as a
Vance county's tobacco acreage this
Mason is estimated by J W. Sanders.
County farm agent, at approximately
13-2 per cent of the 1931 acreage, fol
lowing a survey he has completed.'
Anti the results of which he announced
today The survey covers the ap
proximately 600 farms comprising
About 1.000 plows, for which Federal
drop loans were made in the spring,
Arid represents about one-third of the
farms in the county, it was said. Con
ditions of crops on those farms are
believed to be true also of the others.
In the main.
In 1931 tooacco acreage in the
county was given as 5.201 acres. Far
mers planned to plant 3,011 acres, but
they actually planted only 1,414. Acre
age * jt into cotton in 1931 was 2.478
It was planned to plant 1.783 acres
acres this year, but actual plantings
am >unted to 2.149 All the figures re
late only to the 600 farm where Fed
eral loans were hnadc. and do not in
clude all farms in the county. \
On these 600 farms it was planned
to decrease acreage by 42 1 percent,
under the 1931 total, but the actual de
crease amounted to 78 percent. Far
mers planned 24.4 percent reduction
in cotton on those 600 farms, but the
actual decrease was 20.4 percent, the
slight Increase being due to the use
of some acreage turned away from
The actual decrease in tobacco was
52 percent under what was planned
for 1932, and was actually 78 percent
less than the 1931 acreage, it was stat
ed. After taking into account the pre
•en‘ prospects, weight, etc. of the
crop that was planted, the decline
from 1931 is given as 74.8 percent,
leaving the 1932 prospective yield at
23.2 percent of last year's.
• Actual plantings in cotton showed a
decrease of 1971 percent under the
193! acreage, but. allowing for boll
weevil infestation, the decline is fore
cast at 20 4 percent from 1931. Cotfon
was increased 366 acres due to the
Joss of tobacco plants, and these were
jfut in aii a substitute for 1.597 acres
of tobacco cut down. This makes the
1932 cotton crop 80 29 percent of last
It was emphasized that the reckon-!
logs were made only on the basis of j
the 600 farms where Federal loans j
were made, but that It is believed the j
proportion is about the same for other I
farms in the county.
Criticism.” said Dr. Johnson, "is a
study by which men. grow important
and '-formidable at a very Small ex-*
| Two Important j
I Facts '
• 1 The continued strength and
successful operation of this i
I bank in the midst of a severe
period of economic adjust- i
4 ment;
2 The reasoned and well-assur- I
I ed faith of our directors in the
long future outlook for this !
I community and this bank.
■ Many authorities believe the last half of this
year will bring the first definite signs of I
4 emergence from the depression. However, we
T an ‘ not depending upon prophecy but upon,our j
1 own strong policy of preparedness. *
T Let us match our confidence and good man*
I agemeut with an equal measure of individual
| co-operation and the issue will be sure.
W. A. HUNT, President.
1 Citizens Bank 1
I and Trust Company 1
Henderson, N. C. i
1 ’ fr** l*F*niNG BANK IN THIS ftiCTIOiT .
"The Roll of Honor Bank"
... ,
# -
Representatives of Deposi.
tors To Consider New
J Plan of Opening
A committee representing depositors
in the old First National Bank has
been called to meet next Saturday aft
ernoon at 2 80 o'clock in the court
house for the purpose of considering
the plan for the sign-up of depositors
for the new agreement toward open
ing the bank. The call for the meeting
was issued by Jasper B. Hicks, who
has been named chairman of the sign
up committee.
The call for the meeting saya that
it is hoped arrangements can be com
pleted at that time for the procedure
of the neW sign-up. It is stated that
the department in Washington “has
not approved our plan as a whole, and
it is necessary to make some adjust
Meantime, blanks to be used in the
sign-up are being prepared, and will
be ready for use as soon as the cam
paign gets actively under way.
No License Issued-—-No license to
marry was issued by the office of re
gister of deeds yesterday.
Land Conveyed.—Transfer of a cer
tain tract of land next to the King's
Daughters' Park was made yesterday
by Mary Miller and James I. Miller
to Robert C&nnady for S2OO.
Police Court.—One case was tried
in police court here today, that being
Henry Henderson, colored, charged
with assault with a deadly weapon,
was found not guilty and was dis
Two Cases Tried.—Two minor cases
were tried this morning In recorder's
court. Perry Hunter and Walter
Mayo, colored, charged with the lar
ceny of chickens were found guilty
and each were given 4 months. Annie
Jarrell, white, charged with assault,
was found not guilty and the prose
cutrix. Jennie Owens, ordered to pay
the costs of the case.
Recuperating from Operation.
Luther Boyd Is at his home on Bur
well avenuer recuperating from a re
cent operation for appendicitis at
Maria Parham hospital.
To Mother's Bedside. *
John D. Cooper;-Jr... left .yeste/daji
for Philadelphia to. be at ; the. bedside
of his mother. Mrs'. John D.‘Cooper
Sr . whose condition r&rnuhS Onticii
at a hospital there.\
Rcnberßtmßathj Biapafrl)
w *‘ * fIUH ■ I ■■■■••' !
UH JP j? -
Donations of food have been arriving at the new bouvs camp in
Johnstown from various sources, much to the relief of the vet
erans and the townfolk as well. This is a five-ton tiuckload of
food pulling in from Philadelphia.
Journey’s End for Bonus Babes
jpg s
It " a-* a long lough grind from Washington to Johnstown, Pa., but these
youngsters of the Bonus Army made it. They, with children of other
Vaterans evicted from the capital, were first to be cared for on arrival at
the new B E F camp at Johnstown.
Al)out 10 Acres Offered
Fjor Unemployment Crops
Ground Is Being Broken an d Only Rains Are Awaited
for Planting; Welfare Os ,’icer Authorized To Pur
chase Seed for Fall Planting of Foods
Approximately ten acres of land
has-been offered free to county au
thorities for use in preparing garden
plots for food to be grown this fall
byway of accumulating supplies to
t&kg care of needy families during the
coming winter period. Mrs. W. B.
Waddill, welfare superintendent, and
J. W. Sanders, county farm agent,
will be in charge of the plot. Mr.
Sanders looking after the actual cul
tivation and Mrs. Waddill directing
the. workers there and apportioning
theT relief extended.
Fpur acres near the fertilizer fac
tory north of the city have been of
fered free by W. W. Parker, who is
also giving an acre near the fail
grounds. S. R. Harris. Jr., is offering
an acre and a baif on the Raleigh
roaH, and Jim Ross, of North Hen
derson, has. offered an acre and a
half near the Corbit; factory. In that
same neighborhood cL S. McCoin and
Al. B. Wester have offered several
additional acres.
Mr. Sanders said today that plows
have been at work in the plots this
week breaking it up so far as pos
<3' Uip»,S4 ‘vuptW Fob'"*
is!; ;
heck' ' ®
HcOPcsrtWuiK Ot* M'dCLF- A/w
hpiM II ■« ■ 1
With The Cameraman at the New Bonus Army Camp In Johnstown
sible, but some of it will need rain
before it can be prepared for plant
ings. Little planting will be under
taken until there is rain, and unless
rain comes within a week or so. it
may be too late to plant, even thetf.
Crops to be put in will include po
tatoes. collards, cabbage and turnips
all of which can be raised as fall
The Board of County Commission
ers has consented for funds to be
used in buying seed. When calls are
made to Mrs. Waddill she wilt offer
such individuals the opportunity to
work out in servloe the supplies fur
nished to them, an din that way as
sistance will be extended. v .*
It is hoped that the plan will yield
considerable supplies in the way of
foods for needy persons for the fall
and winter months, and good crops
are looked for if the seasons are fa
vorable after the plantings.
M. G. Poe received a telegram to
day advising him of the death at
Jack Phillips, former Henderson man,
in Atlanta, where he has worked since
he left this city some five or six years
ago. He was employed by the Sea
hoard Air Line railroad here. The
message gave but few particulars.
Mr. Phillips is understood to have died
yesterday, but the cause of his death
was not given. He was about 35 years
old and was unmarried.
covered a medicated corn pad that
stops pain instantly and for godd—
then soon dissolves sway the com.
It’s the new TIZ CORN PAD. Try it.
Parker’s Drug Steve *
Xke fiesaU Bsgj» ,
4 fc.vf mmtSm
w‘-‘t mKk£ 5
Commander Walter Waters rushes
from Washington to address his
men at Johnstown. He is shown
•peaking to them.
Meeting To Be Held In New
Hall And A Large At
tendance Is Expected
The Raymond B. Crabtree Council
562. Jr. O. U. A. M. will meet in tne
new hall over the City Barber Shop
Thursday night. August 4, at 8 p. m.
An earnest request is made that all
officers and members 6e present at
this time. The Youngsville Council of
the order will have the degree team
from their chapter to give the degrees
to the new members. Persons who
Have sent in their applications are
asked to be present at this time.
According to C. F. Tankcrsley. Jr..
word has been sent to 15 other coun
cils in the district to send men who
have not been given degrees, and in
viting members fro mthe various
units. Prospects for the meeting are
good, and will be one of the largest
initiations that the council has ever
Refreshments will be served by a
committee composed of F. M. Har
ward and Clyde L. Finch. Hedgepeths'
string band will furnish the music for
the affair.
One of Three North Carolinians At
tending Supreme Cornell Meet
ing In Kansas City
R. S. McCoin leaves tonight for
Kansas City, where he will attend the
biennial convention of the Supreme
Council of the Knights of Pythias of
the United States. He has been an
official representative from North
[Carolina for the past ten years, and
is a member of some of the impor
tant committees of the national or
ganization. He is a past grand chan
cellor of the North Carolina Grand
Lodge of Pythians. and has for some
years been chairman of the board of
trustees of the Pythian orphanage at
Other official delegates from North
Carolina are Colonel Walker Taylor of
Wilmington, and Robert L. Meares,
also of Wilmington, who is master of
the exchequer, or treasurer of the na
tional organization, an office he has
held since the deatn of his father
some years ago. his fattier having
held the office for a number of years
prior to his death. The great keeper
of records and seals, or secretary, of
the North Carolina Grand Lodge' is
also in attendance at the Kansas City
By virtue of the power contained in
a certain deed of trust executed by J.
A. Crocker and wife Portia Crocker,
to the undersigned trustee, dated
April 24. 1931 and recorded in book
156, page 446. registers office of
Vance County, N. C. default having
been made In the payment of the debt
therein secured, and on request of the
holder of the note, I shall sell for
cash to the highest bidder, at public
auction, at the Court house door in
Henderson, N. C. on Monday August
15th, 1932 at 12 o’clock M. the fol
lowing described real estate.
Begin at an Iron stake in the inter
section of Henderson-Warrenton road
(National Highway No. 1) and Kit
chen Ave, corner of lot No. 6 in
block B and run thence along said
road S. 80 degrees 15 minutes W.
130 feet to an iron stake corner of lot
No. 3 and 4, thence N. 61 degrees 45
mlmites W. 206 feet to a stake, thence
N. 27 degrees 30 minutes E. 150 feet
to iKtchen Ave., corner of lot No.
6 and 7, thence along Kitchen Avcnu<
S. 61 degrees 45 minutes E. 212 feet
to the beginning. For further de
scription seedeed from S. D. Brum
mitt to J. A. Crocker.
The above sale wifi be made sub
to a prior deed of trust to R. S.
McCoin, Trustee in the sum of S7OO.
AL. B. WESTER, Trustee.
Try The Want Ads
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3 193* ~ ~ ]
■**~ - c' Jp
Mayor Eddie McClosky of Johnstown, Pa., who invited the oonu«
army to his city, is shown, at left, holding a remnant of the vet
erans’ camp at Anacostia, D. C., from which they wera evicted.
It is a badly burned American flag.
Bobbitt News
Miss Katherine Whitaker of Frank
linton and brother. George Whitaker.
Jr., who is in training at Annapolis
military school were the guests of
their aunt. Mrs. P. C. Smith. Thurs
day of last week.
Mrs. Josie Woodlief had as her
guests last Wednesday, Mrs. H. J.
Johnson, Mrs. Robert Hayes and chil
dren. Marie and Alvin. Mrs. C. M.
Young and little daughter, Jean. Mrs.
J. T. Hlght and children, Jessie Ful
ler. Doris ana Betty and Alberta !
Renn, came and spent the afternoon. 1
Miss Helen Woodlief who has been !
visiting Miis Ladie Barnes of the
Floydtown community for the past 1
week, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Woodlief and j
little son. Gerald of Henderson Route 1
4. were the week-end guests of Mrs. 1
Josie Woodlief.
Rex Woodlief i 3 spending a few
days as the guest of Isaac King of,
near Kittrell.
Miss Mary Wynne of near Kittrell j
was the week-end guest of Miss
Crystal Wynne.
Miss Mollic Gill spent last week with j
her niece Mrs. J. B. Ellington of near i
Henderson. During the week she also ;
visited Mrs. J. B. Allen of that com- j
munity. 1
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Wynne de- j
lightfully entertained a number of j
their friends Saturday night with a'
musical entertainment.
The musicians of the evening were >
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cumbie, Johnny 1
Wynne and John Kearney. Various I
selections of music were played and I
enjoyed by all. The musicians play- [
ing separately and together on their 1
New Ywk City
Condition December SI, 1931, as Shown by Statement Filed
Amount of Capita! paid in cash SI,OOO "W
Amount Ledger Assets Dec. 31st previous ye-ir $3,266,904 39 3,266 904 3?
Income—From Policyholders, $197,764.19; Miscellaneous, $481.-
408.75; Total 679,172 94
Disbursements—To Policyholders, $63,374.14; Miscellaneous. $l
- Total 1.831,781 57
Fire Risks —Written or renewed during year, $60,752,925 Jn fore* 2.462,266 0*
AH Other Risks—Written or renewed during year, $168,969,-
736, In force ...» 2 323 974
Mortgage Loans on Real Estate $ 15.000 6?
Loans secured by pledge of Bonds, Stocks or other collateral 23.<™ ,v *
Value of Bonds and Stock 1.809.399 "7
Cash in Company’s Office 100 O -1
Deposited in Trust Companies and Bank on interest 270 669 S'
Agervts balances, representing business written subsequent to
October 1, 1931 .* 28 296 99
Agents ' balances, representing business written prior to
October 1, 1931 4 874 ''?
Interest and Rents due and accrued 651? li 1
All erher Assets, as detailed in statement 19 576 4?
Total $2,120,814 CO
Less Assets not admitted 23 33? 9'
Total admitted Assets $2 097 476 10
Net amount of unpaid losses and claim* | 106 12 • 2?
Unearned premiums 21305 11
Salaries, rents, expenses, biUs, accounts, fees, <*c due or accrued 4 164 i:
amount payable for Federal, State, county end muni
cipal taxes due or accrued 13 433 *
All other kabiW-iw, as detailed in statement .. ’ 2 6537 :3
Total amount of all liabilities except capital . 171
Capital actually pa la up in ctu&x 11 onn non nn
Surplus over ail liabilities *25^. .U
Surplus as regaids Poltcyholdera * ........ $1 925.666 5?
Total UsbiHijefl $2 09T ’
Busin cm In North Carotkm During 1931
Fire Risks written $23,134; Premiums received, $367.
AH other Risks written $81,927; Premium* received, $339.
Losses incurred—Fire $1,332; Paid $1,083.
Losses incurred—AJi other $42; Pakl $42.
President L. L. Fleming; Secretary A. E. Peterson; Treasurer W. F His ‘
Home Office 1 Park Avenue, New York Qity.
Attorney for sendee: DAN C BONtcv t— . - v ■
Insurance Commissioner Rue:#' ■'
Manager for North Carolina Home Office.
Raleigh, April 23rd., 1932.
t, DAN C. BONEY, Insurance Commissioner. do hereby ct*mr> ’h : (
bove is a true and correct abstract of the statement of the Fm»*. »
Company of New York City filed with this Department, showing ti».
ion of said Company, cm the 31st day of December, 1931.
V4tcess my hand and official seal, the day and year above written
... DAN C. BONEY, Xnaumnce Commission*r• »
violin, guitar and banjos
Those present were Misses A!:?*
Cline Smith. NaNtalie Smith I) a
Young. Crystal Wynne. Eva Woodlief
Janie Grissom and Man’ Wynne
Messrs Fores* Smith. Julian Snirh
Clude Kerley. Paul Kerley. Rairh
I Kerley. Isaac King. Rex Wrnrtl.»
John Kearney. Elvis Gusham. Bennie
Gresham. Jasper Wynne E;!i-,-*
Brown. Raymond Woodlief J H Is
lington, Edwin Ellington. Kimhaii p
lington. Vester Young, Earle CumS,«
and Dwight Rowland. Mr. and Mr-
Johnny Wynne. Mr. and Mrs j w
Cumbie. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Smrh
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pace Mr end
Mrs. Cleacy Hight. Mr. and Mrs Win
Blackley. Mr. and Mrs. Talton Brim
mitt and little son. Ries. Mr. and M*-»
I\ B. Alexander. Mrs. J A Harri«
and children, Betty and Hubert and
Miss Addie Young.
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Moss and \y
tie daughter, Ruby. |»f the Ssndv
Creek community were visiiors !»«•
week of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Moss
Having qualified as Executrix of
the estate of Mrs. Ellen W. Danie,
deceased. late of Vance Coun'y
North Carolina, th's is to notify *;
persons having claims against *J*
estate of said deceased to exhib::
them to tlhe undersigned excutnx a:
Henderson. N. C.. on or before tb*
10th day of July, 1933, or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of their ree-r
ecy. All persona indebted (o said h
tate will please make immediate pay
This 6th day of Julv. 1932.
Executrix of the Estate of

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