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marriages PAkra
~t i - talk introgues me" wrote
<tnokland Gillian. "I once
, . ,v,- -i.-titl ‘lnterest me,’ but
„ . ~t stuff. It means the same.
has it over ‘interests'
• And here Is something I
n r ibout when I saw all the Eu
. l<; bjnkiuptcy and beer, running
; t U .a neck, and yet heart! the
V t :. America for beer as- a
-inrcja ,
vie;many in trouble? **
rhe hi- beet.
\vh ha- England (tot it double?
-r.r h »- beer.
• ( « . i'.elgium in distress?
uch a mess"
\\ f.t w pesos less and less,
‘li-.tit ■ here's beer?
u „ld think there d be no »or
[ ,'W
\\ I’.ere theie s beer.
71-, mi.lemum d come tomorrow
,>e there beer.
Vt he countries that have brought
7 • e buck where now you spot us,
i> t bogies that have got us—
O «»«'* fc ** er!
isi. yse :hat panacea,
l ..r.’ beer;
j. v ..f-.e there would be heaven
Were there beer—
g. ... grieving is the deepest
Wr.ce :i‘.e staff has been the cheapest ,
c ‘ solvency seems steepest
7,‘r.i .e there s beer!
\\. h»‘ btew the magic token—
: er? beer ;
7 : - r. • word should soon be spoken ;
0 e: nere.
v <* frantic demonstrations - ■
i . < ....His ..d rations
I. hcfudcied nation*—
\\: ; s mv dear! ,
Home from Baltimore.
•«' Rosa and Ruby Day have *
rue after spe- l several |
K<.‘..more w m ith re’atixet.
\ (siting Sister Hero.
1:- ita’.k Neely, o' Raleigh, Is!
, -i time w.’ hi' l - sister.
- V- A'c..rk. O't \V»;st Garnett
Mu» Southerland Here.
M.js jtt.iae Southerland, of Union
M s ? -pending some time with
a':.- kt. f. Robertson near
- - - i
Guests o f Mrs. I. B. Watkins. ]
U:> F.jv u .tman and little daugh-;
s’- , i L.. u of Baltimore, are i
s Mi- lrvme B. Watkins on
t -tteet.
Visiting Tncle.
\'<’“.r- Williams, of Raleigh,'
• - ‘ne the week as guest of her |
-• : F H Giil. She is also visiting i
t* , it. the eommuatty. I
Iriim Western Carolina.
■ •: M: George T. Robertson
H>• " .i‘h-1 .and have returned
: rc.tr -pending a few days at
A-i.e; e...” : t hminey P.ock.
Return to Box boro.
- ; ir.e Herzog. of Balti
r• ' • r.*i Miss Nell Smith, oft
R s- .’-turned to Roxboro today
r ae<t* of Miss Helen
-tu . Andrews avenue.
Mte ..f Mr. and Mrs. GIIL
: H. S. Hardcastle and
'!’■■■ -t r. Jane and Howard, Jr..
: ■ c \a. me spending the
; 'a A igust vacationing at the
• r ’ -T.e f Mt uid Mrs. John E. Gill.
M: 11 udcastle is pastor of the 1
‘-'•■'•G ■ ’’hatch in Suffolk.
l’la> makers Club To Meet.
it- i'l.tvmaker.s Club of the H.
Ft-.- Memorial Library will
f- ‘ w ii,.v morning at ten-thiry :
■ ■: tty. .Mr.:. John Lee Wester
>. ‘h - toties to the children.
:c ...h, ; -■ are urged to attend as .
•<..* ia t regular meeting of
Mrs. D. NIcC. Sloan j
Hostess At Bridge!
■ - if MeC Sloan was hostess at !
r ’ ■ - of bridge at the regular
■r.f th- Bridge Luncheon Club
’ !av m >rr.ing at 11 o'clock at I
r ' •• ‘ End Country Club.
V.' H. Furman was winner of!
- • .ts prize. Mrs. R. G. Young
'* ' ninred as hostess for the
s, i. meeting which will be j
r ’ • v Wednesday morning, Au
~ at 11 o’clock.
- ...h, erved a delicious plate
i.f.-iilier: of the club and sev
■c •' t town guests.
Flat Rock News
" ( hariotte ane Wright of Ra
*■ ’he guest of Misses Dorothy
Wortham last Wednesday.
A:.me May Gardner is spend
.' ‘ gtandmother, Mrs. Annie
i i * *
Helen Nelson spent several
w,. k with Miss Alice Brum
“ ; ‘ Oxford.
_ '** Annie and Rosa Satterwhite
‘' al days last week in Dur
guest of relatives,
lioher son and Cordle of
‘ “ pnt the week-end with
act Riehardson.
Biummitt of Oxford is
‘■'•• rtil days this week with
“ and Mabel Nelson.
1. f-i,. Ki nc h of Durham is
amazing relice
Summer colds Iff A' fl
etta Rett w
nl II —ITbov-^ a hi 77 Nhw O s Never By PAUL ROBINSON
i*6 CoO '$ _ C II l) \ EESm I I USHW-WOU KNOW ww-rns ] I
a MILC - \NCLL F uaSS <CS /(•••/ G r? i? Vi MAfCH MGANS-I peoMlSco 1 Tk.<L
I DUBS His SHOT* im BE CPkvK \ dad p Givtup tvacoon who /ast
nvuvL v Sr SV 1 c 4 r7u ' t roi«: a t x ioseG- 30 if Nou Oont Plam rru
n.fu l ' 5
This charming dress worn b>
Gloria Stuart, screenland fuvorit. ,
i* made of imported white wool
lace. It has a plaited skirt and a
blouse with short, puffed sleeves
A bolero jacket with scarf collar j
pull-on gloves, white hat, shoes
and bag arc accessories.
visiting her aunts, Misses Annie and'
Rosa Satterwhite.
Miss Mavis Hester is spending the !
week In Raleigh, as the guest of her J
cousins, Misses attie and Lena Flem-'
Miss Richardson of Townsville spent
last week with her cousins, Misses
Pansey and Mildred Jones.
Miss Watkins of Henderson was
the guest of Miss Mary Lee Twisdale !
over the week-end.
Misses Blanch and Ethel Wortham
were the week-i»nd guests of Miss
Mabel Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Moore of Ra
leigh were the guests of Mrs. Moore’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wortham
several days last week.
W. H. Nelson, Sr., spent several 1
days last week in Vaughan, as the |
iguest of his son, M. D. Nelson.
Miss Katherine Paschall of Drewry
spent last week with her aunt. Mrs. j
\V. J. Parrott.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hester spent
Sunday afternoon in Raleigh.
J. T. Nelson and daughter Mary;
Shannon of Dexter, were the week- j
end guests of Mr. Nelson's parents, .
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Nelson, Sr. j
Mr. afHl Mrs. Gary Richardson and ,
children, Elizabeth and Gary, Jr., of j
Durham were the guests of Mrs. j
Richardson's father, W. T. Davis over’
the week-end.
J. K. Hester spent Sunday with
his aunt, Mrs. Solly Pleasants.
Rev. L. B. Reavls is spending sev-1
■ W
%-. g > ||| »S|
Cititens of Joliet, 111., may not be
superstitious but they’re mighty
curious over the mysterious chant
ing that has been heard in vari
ous parts of the old prison ceme
tery, near the women’s wing of
the Illinois state prison, in the‘
telephone eio
eral days this week In the home of
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Eleanor.
Miss Jessie Davis has returned to
Greensboro, after spending her vaca
tion with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Arch Davis.
Miss Katherine Wiggins of Valen
tine. a., was the guest of her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wortham
last month.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and family
of Rocky Mount are visiting H. T.
Britt and family.
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out against At Smith In 1928, but it
is known that they counted more on
his religion than on his wetness. The
two candidates for major office Clif
ford Frazier for governor and Jake
Newell for United States senator, are
as dry as anybody has been. They
are pressing their point. If they are
losing any Republican support it does
net appear from anything that comes
to Raleigh.
There will be no attacks on Demo
cratic members of the lower house in
Washington. Mr. Hancock, of Gran
ville, is not a wet, though he favored
submission of the eighteenth amend
ment. No other member went his
length. The Anti-Saloon League will
therefore have only Mr. Reynolds to
fight. Centering on him will be for
tunate for them. Republicans say.
They don't think Democrats will be
in a hurry to take on outside trouble.
By attacking Mr. Reynolds the league
can avoid the appearance of politics,
by voting 11 of the 12 Democrats of
fered in the election they can make
themselves passably Democratic and
that is what they appear to be doing.
Mr. Reynolds alone is under the lea
gue's condemnation.
(Continued frem Pag® One.)
tion of $300,000,000 which is loaned
to the states at three per cent is ap
portioned according to needs and not
by population. There is a limitation
about the acmount which any state
may receive. It is 15 per cent. New
York is said to have called for $30,-
000.000, which is just 10 per cent. Un
til North Carolina’s returns are all in
and the elaborate questionnaire has
been completed the State's needs will
not be known. Frank Bain, state com
missioner of Virginia, an-! secretary
to the national organization of wel
fare superintendents, has told Gover
nor Gardner that the North Carolina
questionnaire is very comprehensive
and the best that he has seen.
The old council of unemployment
and relief has expired and it will not
be set up again. Governor Gardner's
purpose to use State agencies without
increasing salaries or providing any
new ones will leave the fund intact.
The State appropriated a small
amount, about $20,000, for the purpose
of helping the unemployed to find
work- but the good that it may have
done was partially off-set by the po
litical assaults made on it. The old
council never purported to find jobs,
but sought to stir individuals and
communities into action in behalf of
people who have no work. Lieutenant
Governor R. T. Fountain made the
governor's council on unemployment
and relief an Issue before the public
In the campaign for governor. Mr.
dead of night Hundreds have
been keeping a nightly vigil re
cently. Photo shows Lillian Dun
ley, one of the many who claim
to have heard the eerie singing.
The “ghost” later was proved to
be a night watchman at a pump.
She’s a Doctor Now
■/? '■ , • -2W
Miss Joan MacDonald, second
daughter of Prime Minister Ram
say MacDonald of Great Britain,
is shown at Edinburgh just after
she received her degree of bache
lor of medicine and surgery at
the University of Edinburgh. She
ia about to become the bride of
Dr. Alai-tair MacKinnon, who was
a fellow student in the wards of
the Roval infirmarv at Edinburgh.
Fountain had quite a lot of fun de
riding this organization, which he
said spent $19,000 and found employ
ment for only a pair of stenographers,
a college teacher, and a press agent.
The council, however, was acquainting
the people with the needs and was in
no sense a job-finder.
It is an odd turn in politics that
the two state agencies which will
disburse these millions will be the
organization which Mr. Fountain most
often mentioned with adversions. The
State Highway Commission's chair
man handles the workers who get em
ployment under this act, and the wel
fare department regiments the needy
and helps them. Mr. Fountain as
sailed the highway management con
stantly, He made attacks, not on the
welfare department, but on its mar
ried kinspeople. But these State agen
cies will take on the administration
of these funds.
Governor Gardner says that xyhen
needy and able-bodied workers can
get positions with the highway com
mission they will pass from the list
of dependents and the funds will be
available for others less fortunate.
The calls for this money vary in their
immensity. Some counties have as
sumed that they do not need their
regular relief |levies, ibut Governor
Gardner urges the people to under
stand that the Federal funds are
merely supplementary to the regular
city and county provision.
Failing crops will make North Car
olina's needs greater this year than
usual. Governor Gardner has written
Washington. Foods and foodstuffs
raised in great quantities have failed
on account of dry weather. His ex
cellency expects a loss of about $lO,-
000,000 this year on that account. A
Y< • »* A V -T('MORRO tV
NINON >w wtmti miiNv |
Added Comedy:
Matinee 10-Ssc
Nirtit 10-85 c
This Is a percentage picture.
Merchants Tickets Are Not
Coming: Monday—Tuesday
HdUBS 9 i. i to 12 NOON
live-at-home program for four years
has relieved the State of much hun
ger and need which will have to be
cared for this year.
Anton Bree®, Just Back From Europe
Will Play At Duke Uni
versity Today
Durham, Aug. 4 The first of a se
ries of summer carillon recitals will be
ployed at 9 o’clock tonight on tihe
Duke university chapel carillon by
Anto n Brees, famous carillonneur who
has just returned from Europe.
Mr. Brees is rendering the recitals
complimentary to the Duke summer
school and the cdtizens of this state.
He played the Inaugural recitais on
the Duke carillon at commencement,
and since that time the university
bells have bene 9ilent excepting sev
eral reoitale early during the first
summer school term.
At 4:30 o’clock on Sunday after
noon Mr. Brees will again play the
Duke bells. Tonight’s and Sunday's
programs will be composed large-ly of
well known classical and popular fa/-
orivte songs.
P ROSE’S s, 10 & 25c STORES jj
f Offers Some Week-End Specials \
P That Are Worth While ”
►< M
L Just received Infants’ Hand Children’s Flop Hats, *
»Made Dresses, r an( j va M
25c and 49c ° C lUC h
U t,ox - Children’s Ruffled Voile *
P Little Fellows’ Sleeve- 25c Dresses, Pastel Shades, 25c H
r less 2-Piece Suits, Regular 59c Values "
L Children’s Rayon IQ C Ladies’ Extra Size 25c M
L Bloomers Rayon Bloomers, M
P Full Fashioned Silk Hose
y h
£ 45 Gauge Chiffon, Beau- 4Q C I Men’s Rayon JQ C *
t tiful Quality, at | Hose *
r r
P *
fc Men’s Ties A Mow Attractive ;
t Assortment .... IQ/ ;
£ Extra large size 10c “Save a Tube 10c ti
~ Waste Paper Containers Repair Kits q
y Brooms —Special IQp lee Cream 98c M
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[ Canning Supplies At Lowest Prices |
H Jar Rings, 5 C Jelly Glasses with 5c u
H dozen tops, 2 for u
R Jar .Tops, 5 C Jar „ - 5c U
M 2 for I—. Fillers, Lj
U_ft■■ ■ - H
U n . M
| Mat, Drink and Be Merry |
H Extra Large Ice Cream Sandwiches 5 f u
| Vsttilla Wafers 10c lb. Fig Bars ... 10c lb. |
| Ice Cold Drinks 5e |
SfgitmnfTTYtm imHtmmxxixxxiiii
Farmers Who Are In Position To
Take Advantage pf New Prices
Should Prepare For It
Raleigh, Aug. 4.—(AP)—Though
there has been a decided jump in the
price of hogs since last May. the gen
eral price index for all farm com
modities is still too low for North
Carolina farmers to make any quick
shift to large scaie porK production,
J. F. Criswell, agricultural economist
at State College said today.
During July the price for hog®
soared above the five dollar mark
compared to a record low of $3.19 last
"The North Carolina farmer In a
position to take advantage of the in
creased pork prices should prepare
to do so but great changes should not
be made without considering the risk
involved,” Criswell said.
“There Is still the low price for all
farm commodities to be considered
as well as the fact that veal, mut
ton and beef can be substituted for
pork and vegetable oils for lard if
pork products go too high in price."
: She Says:
“1 Am Slender”
Men Say:
“A Bag of Bones”
Men like to hold a softly rounded
1 form—not a skeleton.
| If she only knew it. she could quick
! ly pad those bones with adorable flesh
1 and have the feminine figur*. men ad
! mire.
I One skinny girl did It—gained 14
pounds in 3 weeks! Just by taking a
! tablespoonful of mentha pepsin with
| her meals. (It acts like gastric juice
j to draw out the good of what you eat.
j so you don't have to stuff on heavy
j foods you don't like, or lake ton ice.-
■ Cost her only $1 00 for a b;g bottle of
: mentha pepsin. Now she's got such
! a lovely form, all the me n are running
| after her.
Be sure to get genuine mentha pep
j sin by asking for Dare’s. Parker *
! Drug Store and other first-class drug
> gists always sell it with a guarantee
jof money back if even one bottle
doesn't help.—Adv.

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