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Payments Would Be AyxiL
► able To Pay Taxes If
f* Made Immediately
Dan B* Assigned For D«*bte When De
al rod; Bmk Can Get Into Opera
tion In Short Time After
Slin-l'p Fnds
Depositors in the old First National
Bank were appealed for the reopening
sign-up committee for the reopening
of the bank to come in and attach
their signatures to the new offer at
once, so that the new bank can be
opened and put into the business fife
of the community at the earliest pos
sible time.
While t;ie cornnr.;:tee is vrry much
heartened by the response they have
received, they can se no reason why
a grat many depositors should con
tinue to delay their acquiescence in
th* new plan It but that
It t* infinitely bettor than a receiver
ship liquidation of the old hank, with
Its guarantee of 70 percent to be paid
back to the depositors over a period
of *hree years, ten percent of which
-Sir —lProfil* Sacrificed on Hundreds of Items so Make More FriendsL_3Sz___J
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SFS Deliver A
Pace Powder PETROFOL
fine 55 l 'Bwcstssf Bunstssr I A iici'm poisons (hat I
Blends smoothly. I Epsom Salt Witch Hazel I o appetite. I
50c Value 39° 25< Vo,w * 19* 39c Value 33 C VaUie 49 C
tm hi un on. o, mu
I 50c Value
w,lh ,y„y purchata wi«l „., r purchtu. of
jta& fate Powder a«th for 2 Face. Powder loth for § I
Theatrical — l ——■—
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Parker's Drug Store
will be available on the openings date.
• Workers are scouring the coiiftt£r>-
side to get rural depositors lined .Up
for the proposal,, and reports from
these are to bd received at the end
of the week. Encouraging results are
looked for at that time. t
It is neoessary that 95 pen-ent-of
the depositors shall come In on the
proposal, and the plea now is that all
those who have not- been seen come
to the bank or see some member of
the working committee immediately
and give their consent to the pro
cedure. without waiting to be called
on for that purpose. Jasper B. Hfcks.
chairman of the sign-up committee,
said today th*t if the bank vould open
now it would make money available
to a number of people with which to
pay taxes, .and that certificates on
deferred payments would be negotiable
for accounts. '
The annual barbecue of Post I. Hen
derson unit of the "'raveler’v Prolr<\
tive Association, wi". he held tomor
row afternoon at 6 o’clock at the
King's Daughters’ park. All members
are invited to attend. J. M. Baity is
the president of the post and is to
be in charge of the barbecue.
.. Has Tonsils Removed.
Theodore King, of Leggett's De
partment Shore, had his tonsils, re
moved at Maria Parham hospital yes
terday and is reported to be getting
along very nicelv today.
Final Action Expected On
. Budgets And Levies At
That Time
A meeting of the Vance Board of
County Commissioners is expected to
be held next Monday for the pur
pose of fixing the tax rate for the
coming year. At that time also, and
prior to making the levy, final budgets
are to be considered and adopted, as
the law requires this action to be
taken in August.
The general county budget, exclusive
of schools, has already been before
the commissioners, and has been tern
tatively approved. It will be acted up
on in its final form probably at the
next meeting.
The commissioners this week at
tended the annual convention of the
Skate Association of County Commis
sioners at WrightsvHle Beach, and
while there had opportunity to dis
cuss with; members of boards in other
counties the methods that are being
adopted in an effort to effect econo
mies and reduce taxe.s.
Self-praise indicates that your re
putation is small.
As Libby Was Released on Bail
m ik fi viy\ * l
BRt V t JtjKm MB
: MB' l| |
Mrs Libby Holmar Reynolds is shown, heavily veiled, being assisted from
the courthouse at Wentworth. N. C.. by her father (Lett) after being
released on $25,000 hail The glamorous former “torch,singer" went
«nto seclusion and will probably not appear in public again until ahg is
tried un the charge of slaying her husband.
Holders Os Lucky Numbers
Get Free Work In
Beauty Salon
At th« formal opening of the City
Barber Shop Beauty Salon last night
several free prizes were given to the
ladifs registering at the Salon ar.d .
who were present at the opening, i
There was a registration of 200.
A very large crowd was present to |
witness the opening of the City Bar- ,
ber Shop’s new department which is j
beautifully upointed and appropriate- j
ly furnished. It occupies the mezzanine i
floor of the barber gftop and has two
experienced operators to serve milady.
The holders of the lucky numbers
and free work given at last night’s
opening are:
Mrs. D. R. Hale, first Frederick
permanent wave.
Mrs. W. H. Grissom, $5.00 perma
nent Wave.
Facials—Miss Addie Jones, Miss
Jewel Smith, Mrs. Roy Upchurch.
Hot Oil Scalp treatment Miss
Pauline Pope. Miss Roberts, Miss
Viola Geoghegan.
Finger Wave—Mrs. E. C Paris, Miss
(Hunt, fMrs. C. E. Ellis,
Mrs. M. B. Garrett, Mrs. P. D. Gup
ton. Mrs. E. L. Kittrell.
Shampoo -Miss Nell Clark, / Miss
Grace Gee White, Mrs. W. M. Coffin.
Mrs. Ralph Thompson, Mrs. W. P.
Trogden, Mrs. Paul Oakley.
Manicure Mrs. Roy C. Daniel, Miss
Ruth Finch. Miss Lillie Bodreaux,
Mrs. W. J. MacFarlane.
Amh -Miss Margaret Faria, Mrs.
Roy T. Estridge, Mrs. C. W. Grissom,
Miss Alma Grissom.
No One Has Asked
To Inspect Budget
Os City Expenses
With all the ta'k and complaint
about taxes and heavy expendi
tures for public activities every
where, not a single taxpayer, or
any one else for that matter, has
been to the city clerk’s office to
examine the tentative budget for
operation of city affairs fnr the
coming fiscal year, it was learn
ed at that office today. As Is cus
tomary. the tentative budget was
presented at the July meeting of.
the Council, and wa* ordered to
he on exhibit at the rlerk’s office
for 30 days before final adoption
at the August * meeting of the
Council. But to date no one has
come In and asked to be allowed
to see the estimates set up.
The body of Colonel W. T. Gregory,
; Granville county tobacconist, who died
' in the Mayo hospital in Rochester,
Minn., last Tuesday evening, is dub
to arrive here at 3:45 P- m. Friday
afternoon, and to be taken from this
city to the home of his aged mother
a.i Stovall, where the colonel had lived
In his later Ilfs. He was a pioneer
tobacconist of this section and helped
to introduce the golden weed in
Canada as an Important crop in the
He was widely known in tobacco
circles. Years ago he was engaged in
the warehouse business in .Henderson.
He was a native of Granville.
After the body reaches here tomor
row afternoon it will be taken to the
old home, “Sassafras Farm.’’ near
Stovall, to await funeral services Sat
urday morning at 10:30 o’clock. Inter
ment will be tn the family cemetery
on the farm* , ■
Any one In this whole wide universe’
mav become your neighbor. The point
j. for you to be willing to accept t and
”- oßt M your neighbor the man God
puts in jrour waj.
SCHOOLS $102,668
$58.60 on 12-Months Basis,
Compared With S7O
State Average
Salaries in the budget for city and
county white schools for the coming
year aggregate the total sum of $102.-
068 10, which is equivalent to $58.60
per tea«her on a 12-months basis, it
was stated today by E. M. Rollins,
city-county superintendent. This com
pares with about S7O for the State as
a whole, it was explained.
The figures are for salaries for the
146 white teachers and principals, and
do not include the colored schools.
The budgets have been prepared
and will be before the Board of Coun
ty Commissioners next Monday for
final adoption and approval.
Idrense Granted. —A license to mar
ry was granted by the register of
deeds yesterday, that going to Lucius
Turner and Lucille Plummer, colored,
both of Vance county.
Police case was tried
in police court yesterday afternoon,
that being Frank T. Hart, white,
charged with giving a worthless
check to Fred S. Royster, found guilty
and fined $1 and costs.
Two Conveyances. Two realty
transfers were registered in the of
fice of register of deeds yesterday.
Carrie T. Marrow, and husband, sold
to R. P. Watson and J. T. Thomas,
a certain tract of land at the comer
of Turner avenue find Zene street,
for $lO and considerations. T. M.
Dickerson and wife sold to W. H.
Dickerson two tracts of land in Sahdy
Creek township for certain considera
I To Depositors
I First National Bank
Y our committee wishes to report that many have re
sponded to our request to go to the bank to sign the new
depositors’ agreement.
We are however discouraged to note that so many de
positors within a few steps of the bank .h ive delayed
signing. We ane working hard, without pay, and with
loss of time from our business.
The many depositors who have signed are being delay
■ ed from day to day because of a failure of others to
sign a like agreement with them. We all owe it to our
selves and to others to take this matter up immediately.
YYc can t see all of you personally without a greater ex
pense and loss of time. Let us urge you to act today.
I Jasper B. Hicks
I Walter J. Alston
I Early R. Boyd
I Depositors Committee
♦ THURSDAY, AUGUST 11,1932 ~
Trade Day Visitors
Sensationally Low Priced Goodyear
Speedway Tires
' Tnount e(l
M * 4*Bo-21 4.75-19 Jl bJKU
EACH each /m. each UUlmi
to in tn UlllllMl H
fain Pain ■ hg, HiHiwLUM
Stogie n-M Single *9H Single |« 4> ////MSH
Per Set gag.a* PerSetgif.fg Per Set •(«.** W//9
Tube Rt« Tube RI« Tube 94*
4.75-29 5.09-19 5.90-29
\ Fain riba PaUa
Simile *4 7* Single MM Single M-ff !■■/(
* Tube RE* Tube 11*4 Tube #1.14 RW
Pain Pa?re
Single gs-Is Simile gg.ff Single *« ee
( Tube #l.l# Tube #l.#S Tube #l.l# W
t Distributors
Garnett and Spring Streets
Central Service Station
Breckenridge and Wychc Sts.

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