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Meeting Has Been Called
1 For Saturday Afternoon
I At Court House.
flw Twowkly Otta Md Four Lot*.
WHS Om Exactly tea* ot 1931; ,
AO gkow Lots Lb PiraoMi
i ~
A eountysride oomting of the local
ohaptcn of the National Grange has
been called for 1 JO o'clock next Sat
turday afternoon at the court house
tor the purpose of discussing the new
tax rate and county expenses. J. W.
Sanders, county farm agent, end mas
ter of the county-wide Oranjre or
ganisation. issued the call today at the
request Am »wJ4 of a number of
Subordinate Grange units.
Mr. Sanders said that "the Grange
as a whole feels like the offjei*# Hn
charge of preparing the budget are
doing everything to hold down this
levy." but nhe necessity for an in
creased levy cannot be plain to those
who have not gope into* the plotter
and studied each item thoroughly sck
as to have firsthand infotpoatlon.''
The Grange, Mr. Sanders 'said *
“does not stand for destructive pro
cedure.” The meeting is called, he ex
plained. no have the facts presefttfc
In concrete forth by those charged
with the adminstration of the affair*
of the counfy."
A committee of the Grange la tc
meet previously, he said, with a com
mittee from the county commissioner?
and the County Board of Education
to prepare a report and present i*
at the meeting. It was said furthei
that the Grape “is sponsoring thi:
meeting with An open mind, and &ls<
that this meeting shall not be takei
advantage of as -an opportunity t<
engage In peraoimilties of any
Following Is the full statement b>
Mr. Sanders as master of the county
wide Grange organization:
"At the request of a number of
subordinate Granges the master o.
the Vance County Grange is calling e
countywide meeting of tavpayers t(
be held at the court house on Sat|ur
day. August 27, at 1:30 p. m. for th<
purpose of studying the propose*
county tax levy.
“It is evident from reports tha*
there will be an Increase in the ta.'
rate in the county this year. Thi
naturally causes much apprefiensior
among the tax payers during sue!
stressing times as we are experienc
ing when numbers of people are un
able to pay their taxes at the presen'
rate. The Grange as a whole feel
Uke the officials in charge of pre
paring the budget are doing every
thing to hold down this levy. How
ever, the necessity for an Increase*
levy cannot be plain to those wh<
have not gone into the matter an*
studied each item thoroughly so as tr
have firsthand information.
"The Grange has at heart the in
terests of the rural taxpayer. Mean
while, it emphasizes community bet
terment and the enrichment of rura
life as a whole. It does not stand fo
destructive procedure. With thes<
facts in mind, this meeting is calle'
to havt the facts presented in con
erett form by thoee charwtd with th
adtqlnlstraion of the alfalfa,of th<
county A committee appointee) by th'
Grange will meet previously with i
committee from the bodnf, ctf AOuca
tlon and the Board of County Com
missioners to prepare a report an>
present it to the meeting, after whlcl
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nr Isfswflto Bee Agent or Write
ft# OM reUetoe Bldg., Bnleigk, N. C.
JCagßgfuW ■ ■ 'mS~
j dStcutshfif will be in order, hot It to
I to be distinctly understood that the
‘Grange is sponsoring this meeting
with an open mind, and also that this
meeting shall not be taken advantage
of as an opportunity to engage In
personalities of any nature."
W. FlolMß, IS
Funeral at Home Tomorrow
And Body To Be Inter
red At Vaughan ,
After an illness of ten months with
’ heart .trouble and complications, Wal
ter F Browne, for the past 19 years
a resident of Henderson, died at 3:25
. a. m. today at h*s home at 132 Carolina
avenue. He was 43 years old. He was
employed by the Seaboard Air Line
railroad as assistant ticket agent and
telegraph operator at the passenger
station here during his residence In
Henderson and until his health failed
: ast winter.
Funeral services will be held from
the residence' here at 2:30 o’clock to
morrow afternoon. In charge of Dr.
L. W. Gerringer. pastor of the Metho
dist Protestant church. The body will
hen be taken to Vaughan for Inter
ment. «
Mr. Browne was bora at Vaughan
September 23. 1884, but for the last
19 years had lived In Henderson.
The deceased is survived by his
widow, Mrs. Effle- Browne, and two
.‘hildren, Wllborn and Margaret
Browne, all of this city, and the fol
lowing brothers and sisters: W. A.
. irowne. Norfolk; Clinton and Fred
. Irowne. Vaughan; H. E. Browne, Kit
; rell; Ridley Browne. Wood. Frank
; m county; G. V. Brdwne,, Raleigh;
Jiss Whilheipnina Browne, 'Norfolk;
j\irs. Joe James, Norfolk; and Mrs. B.
; lartrigg. of New Jersey.
Mr. Browne was a member'of th®
baptist church at Vaughan for 30
! lames Abbott and Mrs. D. B. Abbott
Reported Resting Comfortably
After Being Injured
| Mrs. D. R. Abbott, James Abbott and
Morton Edwards, victims of an &uto
nobile wreck Sunday, were reported
o be resting very comfortably today
t Maria Parham hospital. The other
►ersons injured in the wreck have
>een discharged by the hospital, it
/as said.
Mrs. Abbott and James Abbott, who
'ere the most seriously Injured, had
«. very comfortable night latot night,
t was stated, while Edwards is said
o be in good condition. His arm was
The accdent occurred on the Hen
‘erson-Epsom road at a point where
he road to Mt. Carmel Methodist Pro
estant church crosses the highway.
?en .of the 13 occupants of the two
’ord cars were injured in the mishap.
Hicksboro News
G. Van Stephens held regular
lonthly services at Island reek on
laturday and Sunday. Baptizing on
aturday afternoon. Preaching at 11
'clock Sunday morning. Subject.
Bearing one another's burdens.”
Mrs. Clarence O’Brien and children
re spending several days with Mre.
-. C. O’Brien near Wllllaamsboro.
Mr. and Mrs. Genie Gill and daugh
er. Margaret, were the pleasant
uests of her mother. Sunday after
oon, Mrs. £■. H. Sneed.
Mrs. W. J. Woody’s Saturday n}ght
• uests were Mr. and Mrs. Hammet
luersant, little son, Bruce, and Mrs.
-i&rence O’Brien and children.
J. C. Hicks and family, of Hender
" on attended services at Island Cnaak
'.unday. and were dinner guests of
lis brothers here, F. H. and Genie
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Woody were
Sunday visitors of Leon Gilt and ta
Miss Nellie Bess Stovall who has
►een visiting her uncle, near Baaker-
Ille, Va.. returned home Sunday.
Miss Margaret and Mary Hunter
lice of Halifax, Va., who has been
urned home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Van Stephens and lit
■ le daughter, Frances, were the plea
ant guests in the home of Mr. and
i -Ire. C. L. Tucker Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Woody ware
/isitors in the home of H. T. Gill near
Itovall Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. S. A. Greene, and daughters,
lima and Minnie were guests of Mrs.
1. M. Greene on Oxford Route 5, Sun
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Shanks and
'aughter, Katherine of Henderson, at
ended services at Island Creek Sun
Little Burden Buchanan of Clarks
ille, Va.. spent last week with h|g
:ousin, Mrs. Evelyn Guersant.-
Miss Pearl Vaughan of Oxford, was
Tuest of Miss Julia Clark, the past
Mr. and Mrs. Macv Straus of Notv
oik, Va., are spending sometime with
its uncle, Jesse Knott nerc.
What seem to be one of the plea
santest feature of the season here,
was as the sun began to lower last
Wednesday evening & crowd of boys
with the big pot gathered on the
spring boards at the home of Edward
Woody and began to fix good thing*
suitable for a Brunswick stew.
The party consisted of Edward and
Spurgeon Woody, Bob Shanks, Billy
Willard, Gordon, Marrow and Thorn
ton Stovall.
They reported the best Brunswick
stew, that was ever cooked.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Woody and.
Swanson Averett were their visitors.
The Chinee* are natural artisans.
Culturally, Pennsylvania wsa mor*
German than English until Revolu
tionary days. _
_* * t • •• • - 'T •' ■.*’ ’
y f 4 * ■■ . **■
v £ \ w ft
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dramatic and historic moments in
thp history of the young German
t republic, snapped as Adolph Hit
t ler, leader of the Nationalists, who
Uj making a determined bid for
f IBBy
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« /
Personal Property Lots This
Year Given As Total of
Not Occasion for Venting of Person
alities, But Full and Frank Discus
sion of County Gov
ernment Costs
Both real anc personal property
values In Vance county show a decline
In this year’s assessments tabulation.
It was revealed In a statement today
by G. W. Adams, county accountant.
The personal property loss is given as
$607,521 and that on real estate, which
is much less, in $52,006, making a
total decline of $650,526. This does not
take Into account foreign corporations
nor corporation excess.
Four townships show a gain and
four a loss, and one remains the same
In real estate values, but all town
ships show a loss in personal pro
perty values. The largest loss in both
items is In Henderson township, with'
more than $400,000, or almost two-
thirds of the total.
Townships showing a cam
estate values ar e Kittrell
Watkins. $2,715; Dabnev.
Hams boro. $2 302. Nutbush ,* , ’ *“■
values remain exactly th* * %U[ *
Township showing a 10.5. ; ai< w' 4 ?*
son. $57,868; Townsville. sr t --y,
d|eburg, $14,995 Sandy Creek ,
689. ** 911-
All townships had a loss ir. im
properly values, a, follows H
son, $351,761; Kittrell $47 va * T '
■kins, $10,930; Dabney. s4*7-' u
Uamsboro. $31,167; Townsv,'-- , ‘ i '
195; Nutbrush. $7717
$4..393; Sandy Creek. $33*2*57 Ur *
Even as late as the .
ocean liners cameo sa„ a?
Wife Preservers
§m 11 m
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a *w un

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