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Mere Handful Yet Blocking
Plane for Reopening
First National
workers Continuing
V*rio«u IndvUduaJz CalUag «t Hakl-
Oita 1b IMrnatnH Effort To
Pvt Campatgm A©rows At
Earttat Ttmo
While * few more depositors In
the closed First National Bank have
aigned within the past few days, a
small number, less than a dozen. are
still holding out and thus far haw
refused to sign their deposits, and
thus are blocking the reopening of
the bank.
Every effort Is being made to per
suade these recalcitrant Individuals
to give their coopeiatlon by- pledging
their deposits, but they persist lit
not doing so. As things "new stand,
it is said, less than a ddzen Individ
uals are blocking the will and the
wishes of more than 5,000 Individuals.
Committees who have been work
ing on the campaign are contlauing
their efforts, concentrating upon ihe
hold-out group, and further efforts
to that end were planned early this
It has been stated all along thro
ugh the campaigns that * the bank
could be opened within two weeks
after the required depositors affix
their signatures to the agreement
and there had been hope that the
bank could begin business on or be
fore the day of the opening of the
tobacco market, which is September
27. or two weeks from tomorrow, but
that hope has now vanished, and no
longer is it expected the bank can
get under way by that date.
Meanwhile, the time allotted for
perfecting opening plans is rapidly !
passing, and if the bank is not put I
into operation by the final date fixed, j
the comptroller of the currency in |
Washington will order the receiver
to prooeed with its liquidation by the
national banking organization, which
It la generally agreed will be very
costly, and will return to the de
positors much less than if they sign
this agreement.
Only One Defendant U
Charged With Liquor
Law Violation
Gambling cases featured the police
court today, presided over by Mayor
Irvine B. Watkins. Os the ten defen
dants only one was charged with a
violation of the liquor laws. All de
fendants were colored.
Gua Richardson was sent to the
roads 80 days for carrying a con
cealed weapon, and his pistol order
ed destroyed. In another warrant the
same defendant was charged with be
ing drunk and possessing liquor, and
was given 60 days on the roads, this
sentence to run concurrently with
the first.
Florence Harvey. Lewis Bullock
and Helen Solomon were charged
with gambling. The Harvey woman
was called and failed and capias is
sued for her. and the other two drew
suspended judgments on payment, of
the costs.
Judgment was suspended on pay
ment of the coats also in the case
in which Andrew Harris. Perry Jones
and Ola Bullock were charged with
gambling. The same warrant named
Joe Boyd, but he was callen and fail
ed. and his bond of $7.50 was declar
ed forfeited, and capias was ordered
issued for him.
Moses Lewis was charged with
slandering Estelle Lewjs, (but was
Willie Lee Evans was fined $2.50
and costs for assaulting and beating
Napoleon Ingram.
Local People At
Averett Reunion
Held on Sunday
Among those attending the Averett
family reunion held yesterday at
Providence. Granville county. were
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Hobgood and fa
mily. of Lawrenceville. Va; Mr. and
Mrs. L. W. Hobgood and family, Mr
and Mra. G. M. Arnold. Mr. and Mrs
P. E. Culley, and family. Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Johnson and family
Miss Catherine Oakley, Mr. and Mrs.
H. O'Brien, all of this city; Mr. and
lira. Hoyt Hobgood and family, of
Durham, Mra. Robert Pirie and Mrs
George Dunkley, of this city. Mrs
Milton Averett and Miss Velma
Averett, of Dillon, S. C.
THIS reunion of the Averett clan i>
held annually at the old hone place
in Granville county, with some spe
cial feature at each gathering.
For Nervous
A headache la Nature’s warning of
high nerve strain. You can gei quick
and delightful relief from beadadbea
and other nerve pains by uaing Oapu
dlne because *t soothe* the teoee
nerves. Contains no oppdates and does
not upset the Stomach.
Being liquid, Capudtae acta atmoat
instantly—much quicker than tablet*
and powders. Bold bp druggists it
10c, 30c and 60c slzoe, also by t he
dose at founts. . . ;_ J
Welcomed to United States .
fJk *
ljm ■ i
V * Bljfe i
' §f§| ‘'
•I W Mr
Senor Ortiz Rubio, former President of Mexico, is shown as he stood to
attention during the playing of his country’s national anthem at Fort
Bliss. El Paso. Texas, wher* he reviewed a detachment of United States
cavalry Beside Senior Rubio is General Walter C. Short, commandant
of the army post At right is one of Rubio’* children. Ophelia.
Local Relief Effort Must
Precede Government's Aid
Dr. Fred Morrigon Tell* Ho w Vance Can Share In Fed
eral Donation; Calls For Detailed Data On Amounts
Expended and What May Be Expected
Vance county may share in the dis
tribution of Federal funds for relief
of destitution this winter in propor
tion to the extent that through its
own efforts, both privae and govern
mental. its citizens utilize their own
resources to this end, according to
Dr. Fred Morrison, State director of
relief, in a statement given to the
Daily Dispatch.
Federal assistance in this under
taking., declared Dr. Morrison, is not
to be substituted for local relief ef
forts. Oil the other hand, it is pro
vided only to supplement the maxi
mum that local communities do for
their own people and will be available
only when the Washington authorities
are convinced that local resources in
each community are inadequate to
meet the needs or relief.
In order, therefore, for this county
to participate in the fund which Gov
ernor Gardner will seek from the
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
for all of North Carolina, it will be
necessary for its relief agencies, putv
iic and private, to make a thorough
survey of prospective needs of its de
stitute people and then to furnish
eveidenee that it is undertaking to
meet conditions with its own resour
ces as completely as possible.
When this shall have been done in
this county, when all local resources
for relief have been depleted and the
relief needs remain unprovided for,
it is the purpose of the B. F. C to
provide supplementary funds with
which to complete the task and ade
quately take care of the conditions
of need and destitution throughout
all of North Carolina, its towns, cities
and counties.
It is important. therefore, that
every local agency and all citizens
interested in this essential program
of constructive assistance unite their
efforts immediately to forecast pro
bable needs in their respective com
munities. then to pledge every avail
able local resource toward meeting
the challenge of the needs arising
from unemployment to the end that
North Carolina may be fortified in
financial resources to protect its peo
ple from the rigors of want and the
hardships being imposed upon them
by a continuation of the economic
disorder. Dr. Morrison said.
Through the office of Mrs. W. T.
Bost, State superintendent of public
welfare, questionnaires have been for-
No Deods, Marriages.— No deeds
were filed and no marriage licenses
issued at the office of the register of
deeds Saturday the recorJs revealed
Meeting Deferred. The meeting of
the Red Cross chapter here, which
was planned for tne summer, has
been postponed until shortly before
the annual Roll Call campaign In
November, it was learned today.
Hear Iken Pound. B. H. Perry
and Colonel Henry Perry were in the
party who went to Chapel Hill Sat
urday and heard the address by Dean
Roscoe Pound, of the Harvard Law
School, who spoke at the final ses
sion of the Institute of Government.
Veterans To of
Foreign Wars, forming a chapter in
Henderson and Vance county, are to
hold a meeting tonight at 8 o'clock
m the Junior order hall. All mem
bers are urged to attend, as plana
'or closing the charter will be dis
. I
Two Tried.— Ben Ays cue and
lommle Carpenter were given 00
days on the roads by Recorder T. 3,
KJttiWt .today for jengeglng i n
arrray. commitment to Issue on pay
ment of the coats and on good be
bJine r rf E ' Hi K ki ' Wa * char *« d With
o«ing drunk, but the prosecuting
r'rz™ allowed to pay the cost
SoiTL *7 the Wardant the
action was dropped.
13 much easier to love virtu*
than to do a virtuous deed.
•** »yr
3&enagmmSa% HSfrafrft
warded to various agencies in every
city-and county In the State keeking
formal and definite information as
to conditions existing, as to what
local efforts are being made to take
care of the needy and destitute and
as to exflet details of the situation
which prevails In each community.
It is urged that every public and pri
vate agency engaged in any relief
work last winter cooperate with the
county superintendent of public wel
fare Mn compiling thU deport, be
cause the task is too big for one per
son and because it is important that
a complete picture of all the effort
of our community last winter be fur
nished the state relief office the R.
F. C.
Upon the basis of the composite in
formation thus obtained concerning
individual community needs and in
dividual community effort. Governor
Gardner will base his request to the
B. F. C. for Federal funds to sup
plement local resources for properly
caring for the needs throughout the
M y M
/ y!" /way way from
a?y \)oo? "
Wko sings it letter tlan tie Boswells ? jSSMBL
Every Monday and Thursday night . . . Connie, Vet
and Martha, in that bubbling Boswell rhythm ... as
irresistible as 01’ Man Rivuh himself! ™
And while you listen, light up a Chesterfield. Enjoy
their fresh fragrance, their mildness and better taste.
fTni 11 / 11 Ratio Oioftim — T.rrrr .i„pi Smid.,,
. t. - •• - - ; . tiw.m T.Mm-TwecoCo
/ ' I
Dr. Taylor Pleads for Strong
Faith In Almighty And
In His Plans
Bays Church Should Hold Up' Itr
Head In <luy, With God On It*
Side; Dr. Taylor Is Com
pleting Fraidiucy %
An economlo depression, ev6n
though the greatest thin nation and
the world have ever experienced, can
not thwart the will and purpose of
God in the world, and his cause will
prevail if hnd to the extent the peo
ple have faith In the Almghty, Dr.
S. W. Taylor, of Greensboro, presi
dent of the North Carolina Methodist
Protestant Conference, told a congre
gation at the Methodist Protestant
church here last night on the oc
casion of his last official visit of
the year.
Dr. Taylor did not like the attitude
of the church la this depression, he
said, and declared that of all people
and agencies in the world, the church
ought never to hang its head in de
spair or hopelessness, ‘because we
have God on our 3’.tie," and that Is
sufficient. For that reason, the church
shou'd bie cheerful and happy at all
times. •
Christian people ought to have
faith in God for the accomplishment
of the work of the church, for the
growth and development of spirtvtal
ity and also for the provision of ma
terial things. Jesus warned his dis
ciples of obstacles they would face,
and promised always to be with
them. Moreover, more than once he
referred to God’s care for the phy
sical natures of men. No good thing
will be withheld from those who love
and serve the Lord, said the preach
er. citing the reference of Jesus to
the birds of the air and the flowers
of the field, and how God cared for
them, and then making comparison
with his concern for human beings.
But there is the admonition to “seek
ye first the kingdom of heaven, and
all these things shall be added unto
Dr. Taylor deplored certain ten
dencies in political and secular life,
but assured the congregation that
faith in God to lead the way and the
willingness of individuals to follow
would more than offset these.
Dr. Taylor preached in the county
over the week-end, and last night
came to the First church here for his
final visit of the conference year.
He is now running out his fifth year
as president of the North Carolina
Conference, and expects to return to
the pastorate at the coming annual
conference In Burlington in Novera- 1
•ber. He said the five years of his j
service had been difficult but hap-1
Open Gotham’s New Subway
j JMWPjiil
- mm BSn-
u« the 1,200 foot .ution . <2„d s”nd
»•» Mttion m th. world. 2 “ ut *
py ones, but that he looked forward
with joy to his return to thi pas
torate again.
Dt. Taylor was pastor of the cturch
here five years, following whi4i he
served tbe Burlington church five
years, and followed that with the
past five years as president of the
At the close of the service, the
visiting minister was cordially gfeet
ed by many individuals in the »n
--gregation, including some from oher
denominations than his own.
Tennis Tourney
: Os Scouts Will
- Be Put Off No v
The tennis tournament sponsoied
by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scoils
of the city, lias been postponed f«r
an indefinite period, it was announc
ed today, due to insufficient entries.
It is hoped that the tourney can g*t
under way soon after school starts,
it was said.
Officers For Year Will Be
Elected At Aycock
School Conference
Officers will he elected by mem
bers of the Vance County 4-H Club.-
association at the regular meeting to
he held at Aycock school next Fri
day. September 16, from 3 30 to 5 30
p. m. A regular program will be car
ried out, and there will be recrea
tion features also.
All members are being notified to
bring a picnic lunch, which will be
served as a suppee. following the
meeting and recreational featute.-
during the afternoon. It ris hop’d
there will be a good representation
of all clubs in the county, says a
notice sent today to members gv J.
W. Sanders, coutny agent, and Mr*.
State Department Makes
Comparison With Thi,
Year and Last Year
Average prices for lobacc. .t, ,
on the seven markets--1(?; 1(?
Carolina belt in this .v.i;, UlI . 1
than last season's opening ,
spite* a sharp drop in off. , .
ficial report of the .-ton..
ing service revealed iod:i\ ’ ’
The official i*-por’ sh«.w.,i n> a ( .
age price for Augusi to b,- „ n . j; , .'
a hundred pounds as <..mp*.,' . J
sl2 38 for the sani« |.t\i..ii -
Official sales were ( . n
085,651 for th<. period < < nipurM a
- pounds a ye.i•
The figures includ. n n.
bright belt markets h
did not open un i! th:.- in. ; -
Th.. repon expressed d. ;
with the South Caioiir... i ' rt
declaring that “in consul _ j n
shortage in produrtioi; .in ; ~ , .
does not indicate nearly !,. .n<. v
in price exp.rt.-d.“ It u ,, ‘
liowevei. that although
opened high, r last sea on y
off as the season piogie.wd • r ..
the entire state it avciage.i ~ v , +
per hundred jkiunds. The •
markets follows;
Market 1932 Pei., -,|
Fairmont sll w t ; .-,
Lumberton n ,7 -*
VVhiteville 12 ,' ls
Chadbourne 13 .ts Hs'
Fair Bluff if 53 nit
Taber 11 r. 3 uj*
Clarkion 10 > \
War is supposed to !*. u ."H fnr
the sake of peace.
Hattie F. Plummer, home .1. n,.,n.. lo
tion agent.
The program for the meeting »-, (
be made public possibly Tue-.jay „ r
Wednesday, it was said today.
Wife Preservers
An iin *|. ( >; w 1;.,. 1,1,|, ~T
is a time 1a1..»r -,,v. r
not show spot-- 411 ; u ~. V( , 1, , n
easily be son. - ..! th,„., u |,
«r>d snroi-l «

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