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Itinerary For 1,000 Mile Trip
Through 17 More States
Is Announced At
L*trr In Day Will Stop 15
Minutes In Richmond;
Schedule Will Bring Nom
inee Through Henderson
About Noon Hour; No Stop
Listed Here
\ . NY Or*. 12 iAPi Gov- j
, l.'.i today announced a
, •) ■ 4. , ; "f mile* to take
• *n*otuh IT -ta'o. including the
. , n . the harder states. The trip
v October 18 at Albany
i c New York City on Oc
. V ,! it -pt—the* will be made
i* • t fc -h (>« tuber 19 St. l.ouU
. > • •. • .’I and at Atlanta on Oc-I
. J
; .• . r. -tiv if the second long,
. i , ‘l.;* of the Demociatic!
. .t. ; i .mdidate follows:
\ h;i at 9 30 a. m.. EST. ‘
«V her lk.
v ... meter at 1:45 p. m, for!
'< uul 15 minutes atop. Ar
• •» it ,*• • <• 530 p, m for stop un- 1
• *i" . :h'
\" IVt-burgh at 9 a. m . Oc
• . : • r:> >tor to Wheeling. W. Va..
- r * i* FI 30 a. m.. and remain
:5 ; motoring back to Pitts- 1
11:i ■-. r.g thcr® 515 p. m.. and j
i [•: ••burgh at 11 30 p. m. I
V H Car a polls. 11 a. m.. on
• • for 12 hours stop.
\ Springfield. 111., at 10 30 a . j
- ,21 for four-hour stop. i
\ ->• I-ouis. at 5:30 p. m. re-j
—:i ' 2 a m. on October 22.
' I/j'iisville. at 10 a. m. on j
< 22 tor two-hour stop,
v .V * ta over Louisville and 1
• r » 30 « m on October J
VY.*rm Springs for meet
• -•»«- of Georgia Warm;
~ • y ’indation. returning after 1
I ive Alana over Souhern '
'• m 'f. October 24. I
V i'.aleigh, N. C.. over South-j
• cvr.tnued on Pace Three.) >
600 Miners
In Illinois j
In Custody
(juardsmen R n id
Hall to Prevent Pos
sible Disorders In
Mine Town Strike
" ;>>r\i!t» in. Oct. 12 -(API—-
; ' z prevent possible disorders
• M-.nsi Guardsmen early today rald
’h> h> adquarters of the striking
t> - and placed between 600 and
' ’hem under arrest.
*’ hsigers had gathered at Tay
■ for the observance of the an
-i: of Darden. Illinois mu
' ' ~his ago. and were jammed
*!!'i floor hall across, the
‘ : m the Christian county court
when 180 troopers acting un
’ 'l* rs of Captain C. Gray
1 *rn. herded tph miners to the
•••:■ of the court house. They
1 ie-t>ontd individually.
• - tnduaed those wiio did not
‘••a*('factory reasons for their
‘ >• might he ordered out of the
' 1 Merchant expressed renew
etetmination to carry out the or
*: ~<■ Sheriff Chalie Wieneke
1 ’ ‘ " v parade of miners this r.ft
•m m M.minemoration of the Dar-
Death Shadows Seat No. 16
In State Senate; Three ry *e
* Oct It <Al')—The
M ’" Mat*- who have oc
' "P'M Mai So. 16 », the upper
~f th •‘General Assembly in
"isle ( apitol here hav all
'"I withui two yt-ant after the ad*
J"" r,, ."ent „f ,he M-asion of which
«'Tp ni<-nibers.
l( Th ‘ la>i t 4, die was Senator
;‘ rr > •* f»rier. of Statesville. who
' “1 at Williamston Monday.
*'n»»k Grier, 58-yesr-oM
j“"," 'f riie (ate Senator Harry
- «Mpied the mat In th*
»"rt within a year aft*
'uJyon,iKa he died.
» ' 1 ' *
Hettiii»rsow 39atht SHspatrlt
O’Brien’* Opponent
a /■fr
f'-' Ek 9jfc
Gk 9
- Mb 9
Lewis H. Pound*
John I*. O'Hrien, Tammany’s
choice for mayor of New York,
will be opposed by Lewis 3.
Pounds, above, the Republican
candidate, at the special mayor
alty election Nov. 8. Pounds, for
mer borough president of Brook
lyn, ia 71 years old.
Harbin Greatly Excited As
Bandits Slay Tobacco
M&n't Wife
American Consul Denuuds and Gets'
PratfrltM; Mrs. Woodruuff Tried
To Save Her Two Spna
From Kidnapers
Harbin. Manchuria. Oct. 12. —(AP)
—Mrs. C. T. Woodruff, an English
woman, wife of an official of the Bri
tish-American Tobacco Company, was
shot dead today by bandits as she
attempted to save her two sons from
The crime was committed in broad
daylight on one of the principal
streets of Harbin and the ewhole city,
which lately baa been a prey to such
. aids, was raised o a high pitch of
Mrs. Woodruffs chauffeur was
wounded, but the children were un
The bandits escaped. On behalf of
the foreign consular corps, George
Hanson, the American counsul general
made renewed representation to the
Manchukuo and Japanese authorities
and weer granted police protection.
The citizens of Harbin, he said, are
afraid to venture into the streets.
Price’s Election
As Head of Home
Bank Is Approved
Winston-Salem, Oct. 12.—(AP)
—Directors of the fourth district
Federal Home Loan Bank, in
their Initial meeting here today,
confirmed the election of Julian
price, of Greensboro, as president,
and decided to open the new bank
Hla father asked to occupy the
seat In Ml.
Stttator WIHto M. Person, of
FraahUn, socuptort the seat In the
1939 Senate aa* about a year aft
er the mmotm adjourned Hue die.
h. died. ‘ r
Larry I. Moor% mhmMr to Uw
St Mato frsua the ae* enlh awlem
dialrtirt at tide tbna has haem ao*
the east for ar~u
Saaata. Qauiw ■indm** Moot*
raaoaotod wiat he bo given
place li mlantrf As his dtatrk*
to vaaUy predatotaantly Onto*
eratto ha to fifiwtod if to ** ec^
Tobacco $2 Higher In September;
Henderson Is Among The Highest
Official Government
Figures For Past
Month Are Made
Raleigh, Oct. 12.-( AP» North Car
olina tobacco grower:? in September
got $2 more per 100 pounds for the
golden weed sold in the State than
waa received for tobacco during the
same month last year.
The monthly report of the Federal
State Crop Reporting Service, issued
today, showed there were 66,600,614
pounds of tobacco sold during Sep
tember at an average of $11.57 per
100 pounds, compared with sales of
96,259,217 pounds at an average of $9.-
36 last year in September.
The Old Bright Belt average was
sll.lO for 2.798,852 pounds last month,
compared to 7.641,519 pounds in Sep
tember, 1931, at $9.52.
Greenville was shown as leading all
markets In producers’ sales, with 9,-
648,014 pounds for the month of Sep
tember. while Wilson waa next with
9.020.065 pounds. Kinston bad 8,845,-
926 pounds and Fairmont 8.522,056.
Totals Cor all markets were well be
low those of 1931. except Kinston,
where the 1931 total was 9,273,843
The rport said October 1 prospects
for the flue-cured tobacco crop show
350,000.000 pounds, compared with
665,000.000 a year ago. The composite
condition was 55 percent of a normal
crop, as compared with 71 percent a
year ago.
Henderson tobacco growers in Sep
tember sold 189,926 for an
average of $12.55, compared with 530,-
594 pounds and an average of $10.23
for last year.
Oxford this September sold 199.456
pounds for an average of $11.28, com
pared to 613.456 pounds and an aver
age of $9.98 for last September.
Durham had 503,704 pounds this
September, for an average of sll.lß
compared to 781,917 pounds and an
average of $9.91 for a similiar period
Ikdt year.
Tennessee Man Dies In Gov
ernment Hospital At Au
gusta, Georgia
Augusta, Ga.. Oct. 12.—TAP>—The
cteath of Cnarles Dickinson, of Sun*,
merville, Tenn., a patient at Federhl
Hospital, No. 62, has resulted In ar
ranigment of three attendants before
a United States commissioner on mur
der charges.
Warrants for' arrest of the three,
Leroy Brown, Aaron F. Ott, and
Walston Epps, were sworn on the af
fidavit of Colonel Soper, medical of
ficer at the hospital.
All three pleaded innocence. Colonel
3oper said other attendants had im
plicated the there men under arrest,
nr.a that an autospy performed by
associates had aroused suspicion.
Dickinson had suffered twp broken
pjtie, a punctured lung and bruises,
which were believed to have been
caused by the patient himself.
M )ie was at times violent, throwing
himself against wails, chairs, and
jumping over tables," the colonel ad
_ . - - - ■' ■ ■ —— l
Saying "Happy Returns’* With the Goose-Step
I a wEm VV
Tk. -
lhis icminisceut .of pre-war days when Mili
arism was the reigning power in Germany, was made
n Berlin recently as one of the crack corps of the
merman Army goose-atepped in front of the Presi
dential i’alar. w ne.v they were reviewed by Presi
dent Paul von Hindenburg. The occasion was the
eightv-fifth birthday of the President, who is show*
zt left (arrow) in Field Marshal’s uniform.
Mrs. Jas. A. Reed
Dies After Brief
Illness In West
Kansas City, Act. 12.— (AI»—
Mrs. James A, Kdi, wife of the
former senator km Missouri,
deid at a hospital |m> today after
a brief Illness.
Mrs. Reed was taken to a hos
pital last night suffering from
weptic sore throat, which de
veloped suddenly.^This morning
physicians announced she had
contracted pneumonia.
Membership In U. S. Now
1,150,000 in 3,700 Clubs
In 42 Stales
Dully Dispatch Rareaa,
In the Sir Halter Hotel,
nv .» I n 4 SKER YII.L, .
Raleigh, Oct. .2 The membership
of the Young Democratic Clubs of
Amedca is .now approximately
150,00 in In 3.700 clubs in 42 states
and the District of Columbia. Tyre
Taylor, president of the national or
ganization, announced here today.
The original goal of 1,000,000 members
was passed last week, reports re
ceived at national headquarters here
show and a new goal of 1,500000 mem
bers by November 8 has been set. In
cluded in the 3,700 individual Young
Democratic clubs are 350 clubs in col
leges and universities scattered all
tlje way from the Atlantic to tlfe Pa
cific and from Massachusetts to
Florida, Mr. Taylor said.
"The Young Democratic movement
is gaining in impetus in every sec
tion of the United States,” Mr. Tay
lor said. "Only two weeks were re
suired to organize clube in every
county in Nebraska. Many other mid
dle western states, including Illinois,
Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana,
Missouri, Oklahoma, and lowa are
reporting rapid progress.
"The membership of the Illinois
Young Democratic Clubs now ex
ceeds 225,000 with the largest mem
bership of any state although New
York is a close second wih its 650
clubs. A great deal of activity is re
ported in every southern state but
one, In the Rocky Mountain states and
on the Pacific coast. The California
Young Democrats conducted a survey
of those who have just come of vot
ing age since the last election and
found that only two out of each 100
were registered. As a result, they
started an intensive Campaign to get
these on the names of these voters on
the poll books and for a while were
registering niew. voters at the rate of
a day."
North Carolina Is now running neck
and neck with Virginia and Tennes
see, according to State President
Dewey Dorsett with 78 counties al
ready organized and committees func
tioning in 99 out of the 100 counties.
He eis expected to have every county
organized by November 8 witH more
than 38,000 members in the entire
State, the quota fixed by the na
tional organization. .•
Fair tealgfct and slightly colder
eat tike north ceast; Tharwtay fair
slowly rising tmperatam.
Special Levies by Last Con
gress Have Been Most
Disappointing to the
Some Opinion In Capital Is
That Sales Tax Advocates
In 1933 General Assembly
Will Have Increasingly
Difficult Task to Get Suc
Unity Dispatch Itirraa
In the Sir Walter H*vl.
Raleigh, Oct 12. - who ar ad
vocating a sales tax. espcially a sales
tax on luxuries as the only means for
the State to “get the money where
the money r 3", and as the only re
maining source from which revenue
will be plentiful, cannot justify their
claims in the light of collections from
the special taxes levied by the last
Congress, it is being pointed out here.
For the figures, just published for
August coillections on business done
in July, show that where the gov
ernment expected a total income of
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Two Women
Found Dead;
Two May Die
All Beaten And As
sailant Leaves No
Clue at ' Connells
ville, Penn., Home
ConnellsviHe. Pa.. Oct. 12.- -<AP)
Mrs. Nellie Tressler, 45.' and her
mother, Mrj. Amanda Hartman, 63,
were found beaten to death at the
Tressler ..home today. Both were
Two Tressler children, Sadie. 11, and
Billy, 8, were badly beaten. They were
taken to Connellsville State hospital,
where both may die.
The body of Mrs. Tressler, clad In
underclothing, was found in the back
yard. Mrs. Hartman was dead on a
bed. Beside her was Sadie.
Billy was fodnd unconscious tn the
living room. Police said be apparent*
iy had been struck down whilg af*
tempting to escape from the assassins.
The bousfe was disarranged and tip
floors and walls were spattered with
blood. Potiqe, however, failed to find
the instrument with which the four
were beaten. Detectives knew of ns
motive for the bedding. Neither did
they have any clue.- The fact that the
death weapon was missing led to the
' belief that the murders had been com
mitted by an outsider.
U. S. Senate Begins 1
Inquiry'As Insult
Is Free In Greece
As JimipMe Came Bacli
For the first time in 23 years lor
mer Mayor James J. Walker re- j
turned to New York as neither a
city office holder nor a candidate
for office. And 10.000 persons
led by leaders of Tammany Hall
greeted him at the pier. This rs
how “Jimmie” saluted the stately
buildings of the metropolis from
the rail of the Europa.
City School Board Defiag
State Group In Tax Levy
Slate Board Has No Authority T*>
Compel Acceptance; Charlotte
Groups May Be Subjm
To Indictment
Dallr ntaporea aarrm
I* the Sir Walter Hefei.
Raleigh. Oct. 12. Leßoy Martin,
executive secretary of the State Board
of Equalization, nas no comment to
make today on the action of the
Charlotte board of education which
Monday defied the action of the Board
of Equalization by refusing to reduce
the city extended term budget $40.-
248 as it had been directed to by the
equalization board. The board adopt
ed the original budget amounting to
approximately $347,000- which provid
ed for the supplementtation of sal
aries and other objects amounting to
about 37 per cent. The board of equa
lization allowed ail of the 57 addi
tional teachers asked for. but ruled
that no salaries should be supplement
ed more than 15 per cent. This cut
$40,248 from the budget requested.
It is pointed out here, however, that
the school board does not levy any
taxes, but that the city council is the
tax levying body, and that it remains
to be seem whether the Charlotte City
Council will levy the tax needed to
supply the funds for the larger bud
get or for the budget approved by
the board of equalization. If the city
council levies a tax rate higher than
is needed to provide the budget ap
proved by the board of equalization,
any taxpayer or the solicitor may seek
an injunction against the city coun
cil to enjoin it from this tax, accord
ing to opinion in legal circles here.
Some opinion is that the -members of
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Urban Problems Mixed Up
In Campaign In Missouri
To Handicap Republicans
(Looking over the situation In
Mhsourt, Charles P. Stewart rums
UP hla political analysis of that
dtata) \ *
'St. Louie, Mo, Oct. 12.—Political is
sues ar more complicated In Missouri
than to the more purely agricultural
states north of It.
Not much except, the farm votes is
to be frckoned with to lowa, Nebras
ka and the X>akotas. Urban problems
must bg taken info account to Missou
ri, with its major metropolitan areas
of St, Louts and Kansas City. Even
f.r S
Crash of Utilities Empire To
Be Aired By An Offi
% ~ ciaL Government
POWER i£ing~sees
Freed by Government There,
He Is In Fine Spirits,
Though U. S. Government
Moves Speedily To Have
Him Arrested and Held for
Deportation to America
Wasnlngton, Oct. 12 <Al*)—The
Ntate Department has kulnded
the American I* jU»n In Athens to
take up (he passport of Samuel
Instill Sr.
The department had no receiv
ed word this afternoon whether J»»-
sull was willing to give up hla
passport, however.
Without a passport. It would be
impossible for him to enter any
other country.
Consequently, if he surrenders
the document. State Depsrtmoit
officials believe be will be ‘—tatri
in Greece.
Officials refused to discuss what
further steps will he taken In or -
Insull refuses to yield his passport.
Without *. passport, Insull
Miould he in Greece without proper
P*pcr, and It would he possible
for Grvek officials ts deport hi—
on that ground if they saw fit.
Chicago Oct. 12. <AP)— Machinery
of. the United State? Senate was set
i'i motion today to investigate the In
sull debacle.
James E. Stewart. Federal operative
for th£ senatorial committee on bank
ing and currency, was due to taka
, charge of an investigation into all
classes of the Insul! utittlies crash.
Senator Peter Norbeck. chairman of
the committee, confirmed the Inves
tigation. and said Stewart, who had
charge of the interim investigation of
the stock market, left Washington last
night for Chicago.
The announcement of the senatorial
investigation came on the heels of
rapid developments here.
State's Attorney John A. Swanson,
after a telegraphic communication
with an undisclosed person in Wash
ington, Cancelled a planned trip to
the national capital, and said ha
would await developments to ex
tradite Insull, head of the toppled
utility pyramid.
Athens. Oct. 12.—(AP) -Samuel In
sull, entirely free following his brief
detention by the police, awoke today
In fine spirits at the Petite Palais, a
leading hotel of Athens, and said he
planned to stay here for aome time
enjoying the glory that was Greece.
Meanwhile, officials at the Ameri
can Legation said the necessary war
rant was on the way to secure his
detention again, and that as soon as H
arrived a fight would begin in tha
courts to take ths erstwhile power
magnate to the United States to face
an indictment for embezzlement with
the collapse of his utilities empire.
Raleigh, Oct. 12 (AP)—Superior
court Judge N. A. Sinclair has sell
October 24 as the date for the bear
ing on the demurrer of tb-3 Standard
Oil Company c.f New Jersey and othe*
large oil companies oo the States
complaint thcey are violating the North
Carolina anti-trust law*.
Attorney General Den G. Brunt
mi't prepared North Cuoiina's action
following a hearing on complaints of
c.l dealers that exclusive sci “ contract*
rt the big companies le-ulted in res
traint, of trade. The state j answer
to iJ>e demurrer was filyf last week.
St. Joseph Is not a negligible factor.
It is unfortunate for the G. O. P.
that this is the case, for Missouri
farmers, averaging them the state
over, evidently are not quite as bit
terly discontented as lowa’s at least.
Discontent among its city dwellers, on
the opposite hand. Is a much more for
midable proposition than In the
Hawkeye commonwealth. Nebraska or
either of the Dakotas, for the simple
rear A that Missouri has so many
more ot them And unemployment is
.rampant in their ryiks, In St. Louis,
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