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Wolf pack Set For Deacon Invasion;
Wake County Rivals To
Meet In Annual Classic
Neither Team's Goal Line Has Been Crossed This Sea
son; Devils Welcome Alumni With Old Liner Tilt
As Feature Os Reception
\ r ji ('aifhni States undefeated
V fpaek tomorrow starts its drive for
Hor.ets xltin it plays Wake For
. undefeated Demon Deacons on
R.Jd i k f.eld at 2 30 as a feature of
..... >• i>- Fair and Home Conrung Day
j s.ate College The S'age for an
n r’lng «nd close game was set
week. Wake Forest rolleu to a
v.ear cut t»-»> win over a much favor
,a of South Carolina and
> i> ivn inued is v.clorious march
,;:i i s.A'hing 13-0 wm over Clem
en H<".h \v;ns added prestige to
• IV icon? and Wolves. Wake For
, ,i>> claim to one of the strongest
iet-r.'tv- temts in the state and
- i t’ coll* gr one of the best offensive
( ah.' Neither team's goal line has
fettLng the ques'ion of
\\ ik- Fitests claim and also dis
, d- rVr.-.ve strength on part of
•i- Woifpnck State has counted 60
-, t .n ’hive games and Wake Kor
-ix r. two games. Hi* big qu-j
--: n morrow >-t will the Kapt'st line
b- sb.- to hold the 'Pack bacw^?
Durham. Oct 13 Coach Wallace
W id** .s ir.st ucttng his Blu- Di vils
wk to watch the ball and watch
• carefully when they go up against
»he Oxi l-.ners of Maryland in the
~U m n: horn?-coming gome a* Duke
odium Satutda> The Old Lint rs
w-l’ pie>ent one of the most deceptive j
offensive attacks ever seen in this
- Saturday. Using basketball
ac • - "he Maryland backfield has <i
-\-t**m -f .'hurt presses, single, double
•»r<l 'r.pio passes, both lateral and
f.r* i d and : system of single and
doub.e faking in handling ball.
Li»; year three menvbMs of Main
land.- Sou'hern Championship basket
ba.i <um were in the backfield and
the .»nie eni is in use this seasciy
Tne B at 1 Devils will be In better con
dition fr>: this encounter than they
were for the last game. Nick Laney
Dukes tripie threat halfback, will re
turn to I he team and Nick Porret:".
»nd H Amlrarws, * fine-men. will
fuve n.ui tune to heal up their bruis
.< r«. handicapped - theca against
Auburr. Pians are being niade Dy
th-- iier.ts at Duke to have tht*
;-rj;ap-meetjig In the history of
•hf -cr..«>; Friday night in pitpara
'.uc for he some-coming of the
Chap* H Oct. 13 -Worried over
the p> <iov loss of Harry Hodges,
'aek.e .vara-art. due to a twisted ankle
t’arni.na :< redoubling tts work on
pe?- and line defense, but is also
paying considerable attention to Im
pr-'Vtng th- blocking and interfer
'-.ce-run ring for the Georgia geme
b Athens Saturday.
'O dir
de vrtAs -mile* x
UjE } / seveaeo au~
(W ij/ JP. \ AwefticAo
* uiAibe puy/414- at
It i* used in thirty-three dtf
ferent states, and in 14 foreign
» countries.
I The Tar Heels' passing attack click-
I ed fairly well against Tennesje* lasi,
j Saturday. Wlhat Coach CoUlns wants
j now j* better blocking and better
i broken-lfaeld
since Georgia's 34-25 game with Tu
huic that any team that beats Geor
gia is go mg to have to do tt by th*
wide-open method of out-scoring
i Georgia
j Johnny Phipps, Johnny Daniel and
one or two of th* young-*- backs have
b,en looking much better In scrim
' mage this but Coae'n Collins will
continue to shift and uipl'rlOMtnt with
, the ball carriers this afietWon prior
to picking the combinations he thinks
will run. block and click best togeth
er against Georgia.
The Carolina line has been perform
ing splendidly and consis entiv every
game, with Underwood at center,
Barclay at guard and Walker at end
doing most of the starring. Its
strength as a unit would be much les
soned. however 11 injuries kept the
powerful Hodges out at left tackle.
West Poinf- N. Y . Oct. 13 (AP)
Maor Ralph Irvine Sesse head coach
of Army football since 1930. will re
turn t» active duty next year and will
be replaced at West Point by Lieu
tenant Garrison "Gar” Davidson,
it was announced yesterday by Maor
Phillip B. Fleming, graduate manager
of athletics.
Major Sa»?e'.s four year detail at
the military academy will end in June
and the change is one of routine order
| in th* army.
; Lieut. Davidson's designation.” it
was explained "is a continuance of
the West Point football policy of uti
lizing the services of officers on thr
active list of the regular army who
are graduates of the military academy
ard former Army playvs.”
The new head coacn was graduated'
from the academy in 1327 and was a
member of the varsity squad for three
This season he is head coach of the
j Plebe squad.
i Durham. Oct. 13.—Coach Curley
| Byrd of Maryland apparently is an
| xious to defeat Duke Saturday,
i against V. P. I. last week after the
Gobblers had made their touchdowns
early in the game, he removed his
best players to save them for the Blue
1 Devils.
Not Pleated With
Effects; Officials Thought
It Helpful
N«w York, Oct. 13 (AP)-if the foot
ball rules committee has gone farther
than necewary i* eliminating from the
1932 code features it fell were largely
responsible for the unusual toll of
and tajurtes last fall, then the
«port has the assurance of WliUam S
■Langford secrotary of the committee
that revision wiM be considered seri-
Oli&ly • |
®ut despite the fact! that an receivt
ly as two moniths ago coaches of the
hig ten by vdtfc of 9 t 0 1 asked new
"dead, hair he amen eked, it seems un
cry for revision until next February
likely that there will be any sustained
from the master minds who howled
They re ndnang the game” when the
new rules were announced last winter.
The request of Uhe big ten coaches,
opposed only by Amos Alonzo Stagg.
og Chicago, is the only direct action
that hM> come to us." Langford said
yed'etday after a. consensus of both
coaches and officials to the Associat
ed Pro* Indicated nation-wide ap
proval of the new rules* except in
minor Instances. '
“They asked that the rule declaring
tbe ball dead automatically when any
part of ithe ball carrier, except his
hands and feet touch (tie ground, even
though he is not Ln the grasp of a
tackier be amended to read ‘except
when the runner iis clearry ln the open'
Chape] Hill, Oct. 13.—Coaches How
ard and Sapp will parade Carolina's
Freshman material of 1932 and its
prospective new varsity material of
1933 in a game with Campbell Col
lege in Kenah Stadium here Satur
day afternoon at 1 o'clock. The grid
graph of the Carelina-Georgia var
sity game Will follow immediately in
Memorial Hall.
The freshmen have been looking
fairly good ln practice this week, but
little Is known of the strength of the
opposition Campbell College will af
foes respectTeft
Durham. Oct 13. —Duke foes are
finding a hard time getting over the
left side of the Blue Devil line. There's
where they run into the powerful
Freddie Crawford, tackle, and the
knifing end, Pinkie James. James has
improved as much this season as any
man on the squad. All teams have the
greatest respect for Crawford, who is
making a strong bid for All-Southern
honors this fall.
Commission Endorses "Prin
ciple 1 * and Hopes to Have
Cost Figure*
IMIlr Dlmatrk Karma,
I» the Sir Walter Hetrl.
Raleigh. Oct. 13.—The principle of
free textbooks in the elemntary
schools, provided “a satisfactory and
reasonable plan can be formulated to
pay for these books, was unanimously
approved by the State Textbook Com
mission. which met here yesterdSy
The commission did not suggest any
method for financing the plan, nor did
it refer any way in its report to the
suggestion during the primary cam
paign by Commissioner A. J. Max
well for State rental of textbooks.
No estimate has been made as >et
as to how much free textbooks would
cost the State, according to Dr. A. T.
Allen, State superintendent of public
instruction, although the commission
was directed to go into this matter
of cost and report its findings at the
next meeting. Another meeting will
be held within ten days or two weeks,
at which time it is efpected the esti
mates as to the cost will be made
public. Dr. Allen said. It is generally
agreed that the initial cost would run
Into several millions of dollars and
that the maintenance cost would pro
bably be in excess of 31,000,000 a year
for new books and replacements.
The commission agrees with the
charge made by psmmissioner Max
well that many children are befng de
prived of th/ full benefits of the edu
cational opportunity offered in the
schools because of not having and
not being able to buy the necessary
text books. t
Lee Robtasom. 19, son of Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Rotoineon, died this morn
ing at file county hospital following a
Hour day illness with high blood pres
sure. He was employed by the local
cotton mill*.
Funeral service* will be h<*ld tomor
momxw momtog at 11 o’clock from
the residence and inOeiiuefU will be
held at Poplar Creek, cemetery. Ser
vices will be te charge of Rev. J. W.
Davis, pastor of the North Henderson
baptist church.
The deceened is survived by his
parents, two brothers. Coieam and
Norman, a tod his sitter, Mary.
Pallbearers laud not been selected.
[thte - ;
Lien* is one of those massive Maryland linemen who will be seen
in action at Duke stadium Saturday as the Blue Devils meet Old
Liners in tie annual home-coming day game. He is A1 Farrell, 204-
pouiid guard.
Average Hit* Along Toward
13 Cents For Two Days
On Local Mart
Tobacco prices held firm again to
day on the Henderson market, with
74.424 pounds selling for 39,282.45 for
an average of 312.47 per hundred.
Yesterday's break .while somewhat
larger, averaged only slightly better
than today, that sale being 112,354
pounds for 314.152.40 at an average of
312.40 per hundred.
Tobacco men are looking for heavy
offerings tomorrow, as Is customary
at the end of the week.
The Henderson market is much
stronger than a year ago. and grow
ers *re pleased with the increased
prices being paid for their crop.
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mal reception or program, it was
pointed out.
It is expected, however, that Gov
ernor Roosevelt will make a short
speech from the platform of his spe
cial car and will.greet as many of his
North Carolina friends as teh etime
.will permit. It is presumed that the
special train will come into the union
station here and that hoset who wish
to see ahd hear Mr. RooseVelt will
have to' go to the station. Governor
O. -Max "Gardner,"varidus State offi- i
ciaki,' GbAljWMin J. Wallace Winborne.
EssolubeMHi/ 5
Bulldogs Face Chapel Hill High
of the State Democratic Executive
Committee, and leading Democrats of
this entire section are, of course, ex
pected to be present to greet Mr.
Roosevelt. ' *
No efiort will be made to call in
any of the candidates from their* cam
paign speaking tours, it was said at
headquarters today, although Robert
R. Reynolds, the Democratic Candi
date for the United States Senate,
may be able to be present. He is ten
tatively scheduled for a campaign
speech in Stanly county on October
25, but may come to Raleigh instead.
There is a feeling of disgppointment
in Democratic circles here that Gov
ernor Roosevelt could not arrange to
stop for more than 15 minutes in Ra
leigh. although they realize the dif
ficulty of making many stops on a
tour such as the one he will make.
Washington, Oct. 13. (API—No re
actions showing tubercular infection
were listed for North Carolina dur
ing August as 1,598 head of cattle in
148 lots were given tuberculin tests,
the United States bureau of animal
husbandry, reported today.
North Carolina is one of the nine
states in the union shown as entrely
accredited territory. There are now
670.806 head of cattle in the State
which have been once-tested-free for
tubercular infection and there are
10.619 head totally recorded as accre
dited in the State.
Ex-Manager Boyd Home.
Archer Boyd, who is a former man
ager of th? O'Neil Sluggers, returned
to the city today from Lumberton,
where he has been on that tobacco
market for the past several weeks.
Fot a hundred years Boston was a
more Important port than New York.
Bulldogs Get Scrimmage
Before Tomorrow’s Game
A stiff scrimmage session was given
the high school Bulldogs yesterday
for their final workout before meet
ing Chapel Hill Friday in the Univer
sity town.
In yesterday's workout, two new
faces were seen in the first string
forward wall. Murat Kearney, tall,
rangy lad, has replaced Grissom at
the right guard position and Colin
MacNalr is running on end in place
of Davis. In the backfield. “Geeber"
Watkins replaced "Ripper" Rogers
who was out of the drills on account
of an injured hand, but he is ex
pected to occupy his regular halfback
post In the game Friday.
During the scrimmage yesterday,
with the regulars chalking up two
touchdowns over the reserves, Wa
kins and Scoggins skirted the ends
for several nice gains and looked
111 1
L. , -Friday, Oct. 14. .....
RotlieTcdwi, 1931 Score
Dutiuesne vs. Oglethorpe....... 6-0
Geneva vs. St Vincent DNP
LaSalle vs. Gallaudet DNP
Temple vs. Bucknell 0-0
Ashland vs. Muskingum .. 1.. .0-24
Auguatana vs. St. Ambrose’ ... .0-7
Bluffton vs. Bowling Green d-0
Emporia vs. Wichita .........0-2*
Ft Hays vs. Washburn. 7-27
Haskell vs. Baker DNP
Kearney vs. Wayne 0-13
Kirksville vs. Springfield.. . 0-*
McPherson vs. Kansas Wesly. .0-47
Midland vs. Nebraska Wesly..6-21
Missouri Mines vs. Dri ry ... 13-0
Muncie vs. Oakland City ....DNP
Nebraska Central vs. Y0rk....0.&7
Okla. A.-M. vs. Creighton 20-0
Okla. Baptist vs. Edmond... .13-19
Okla. Military vs. E. OkIa...DNP
Ottawa vs. Bethel 24-0
Peru vs. Marysville J 6-12
Bt. Thomas v* St SfcLry......:. 0-0
Oshkosh vs. Platteville i 7-7
Superior vs. Stout 32-0
Upper lowa va Penn College.. .0-7
William Jewell va Central ... .7-12
Xavier va Dayton ~.7-7
Clcmson vs. Erskine DNP
Georgetown CoL va Marshall DNP
Miami va Piedmont ~... DNP
' ’ Ozarks va Jonesboro ...DNP
South Carolina vs. Wofford. ..DNP
8. W. Louisiana vs. Austin...DNP
Austin va Howard Payne ....IS-7
Daniel Baker va Canyon ....40-19
Denton va. Abilene «-o
El Paso va Simmons ...0-45
Texas Tech vs. Arizona DNP
N. Dak. State va Okla City.. DNP
S. Dakota Mines va Cbadron. .7-44
Ashland va Pacific U. .. i... .DNP
Cal. Aggies vs. Pacific 20-2®
. Idaho College v*. .Witl|a*iOttaMt-C0
- Occidental >s> -d)-Sl -
i Ban Diego va Oat OwiMttn,. 127-6
mighty good on the defense. Coward,
a new man at the local school, is
steadily improving at his guard posi
tion and looks like he will be one
of hte outstanding linesmen on the
Their week’s work will be topped
y>ff with a signal drill this afternoon
and the team will leave about ona
o'clock tomorrow for Chapel Hill.
Cincinnati. 0.. Oct. 13—(AP) —Haas
Wagner, basebadl hero of years ago,
want a to get back into the game.
Tbe great Pirate shortstop who re
tired ln 1917 after 21 years ir the
major leagues yesterday applied for
the job of manager of Cincinaall Reds
He motored here frogn Pittsburgh
with a friend, &q confer with Sidney
W'dL president of the club who took
hit? application under advisement.
Wagner, who is (rearing his 59th
year, has been called by some the
greatest player ln -th* game's hittory,
and one of the moot popular.
Durham. Oct. 13 —With Nick Laney
Captain Lowell Mason and Bob Cox
in the backfield, Duke will be able
to cut losße passes from all angles
against Maryland Saturday. AH three
of them can hurl the bait accurately.
The return of Laney after having
been out a week with an injury in
sures Duke a better running attack
than they had against Auburn last
Durham. Oct. 13,—Duke university's
annual homecoming day program has
been arranged for the throng of
. alumni and alumnae who will re
possess the campus on Saturday.
While the Maryland-Duke game in
the afternoon will be the headline at
traction. from morning until evening
a series of other events have been
planned in honor of the returning Old
Grads. The program is under the di
rection of Henry R. Dwire, director
of public relations and alumni affairs.
During the morning alumni will
gather at the university Union and
will register at alumni headquarters.
Informal groups of classmates will be
held thrpoghout the day.
Raleigh. Oct. 13.—Hundreds of for
mer N. C. State College student* are
expected to attend the annual fall
Homecoming day to be held at tha
college Friday. The principal event
of the day will be the annual Fair
Week game between State and Wake
Two of the campus honor societies,
Blue Key and Golden Chain, are ln
ohafge eof the arrangements and will
make evrey effort to insure the horns
coming alumni an-eh joyable time.

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