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J. E. Kirby, of Roxboro,
Made President At Meet
ing Last Night
Nine Towns Represented; Her. D. E.
Earnhardt Hpeaks At Banquet
of Group H«4d Prior to
Th«ir Mcrtlof
A banquet and business meeting of
the Community Cleaners Association,
an organization embracing territory
in a radiuj of 60 miles of Henderson,
were held in the basement of the First
Methodist church Thursday evening,
and attended by a large number of
men engaged in the laundering and
cleaning business, some of them with
their wives or ladles.
The election of officers resulted in
tha choice of J. E. Kirby, president.
Roxboro; J. E. Parrish. Henderson,
vice-president; D. Capeheart. Ox
ford. secretary-treasuier.
Five new mmbers were received at
this meeting, making a total of 16 dry
cleaning plants and laundries repre
sented in the association, with a mem
bership of 40.
It was docketed to hold the next
meeting in Oxford November 22, at
Which time it is expected there will
be additional memberships. Towns so
far represented In the association a r e
iHenderson. Oxford. Louisburg. Rox
bero.' South Boston. Zebulon. Wendell,
Franklintoo and Ch«se City. There
ate also some members iid a few other
towns not represented at the meeting.*
Arrangements for the banquet and
the meeting were made by J. E. Far
ri.-h. of this city who preaided iri the
banquet, and with D. P. McDuffee,
local attorney, presenting Rev. D. E.
Earnhardt, pastor of the First Meth
odist chOrch. as the principal speak
iv. The preacher urged cooperation
of the right sort as the best surety
of a successful enterprise, declaring
that the old adage that “competition
is the life of tiade" Is all wrong. He
pointed to the benefits that would be
derived united effort.
The banquet was served by a group
cf ladies of tlio First Methodist
Chapel Hill. Oct. 21—Cit-zcns oi
Chapel HIH and surrounding ter; it ary
spent 150,000 with 20 lo<v.’ merchants
including paymen s on debts undei
SSO. dur.ng the Inst four-wee* period
according to the results of h conletd
conducted by the local Carotins
Manager Carrington Smith of the
Carolina organized and supervised tIK
ccntesh under which the 20 merch
ants participating gave 100 votes for
each dollar spent with them or paid
on indebtedness, provided the latter
jjid not exceed SSO.
< '
ingredients are already
disaolved ready for thd
system to absorb. It therefore ,
gives quicker relief from head
ache, neuralgic, rheumatic and
periodic pams. Won’t upset
stomach. 10c, 30c, 60c sizes.
End your laundry worries now. Call for
our wagon and join the hundreds of other
satisfied customers who patronize this
laundry each week.
Steam Laundry
Phone 508 P”
i *i ’*■-* . * -
Reynolds Speaks Tonight
At Big Democratic Rally
Meeting Will Be At Riggan Theatre at 8 o‘Clotk; H.
T. Morris To Introduce Speaker to Audience; J. M.
Peace, County Chair man, Is To Preside
Robert R. Reynolds, Democratic
nominee for the United States Senate,
speaks here tonight at 8 o’clock In
the Carolina theatre, formerly the old
Riggan. in what la expected to be the
biggest Democratic rally held In this
city or section in many years. The
candidate was to arrive in the city
this afternoon.
It was said today that all extras not
cdnaldered essential or extremely ap
propriate, had beens deleted from the
program. J. M. Peace. Democratic
county chairman, is to preside, and
the speaker will be presented by H.
T. Morris, who was his campaign
manager during the primary fight.
Mr. Reynolds win then be given the
stage to speak as long as he wish ex
it is expected the theatre will bh
crowded to -capacity -for the event.
County chairmen in the surrounding
counties of Granville. Warren and
Franklin have been invited to the
rally, with as many as possible of their
citizens, and a large number are look
ed for from out of the county.
Henry T. Powell; secretary of the
county Democratic committee, saicj to
day all seats In the theatre had ->een
brushed off and cleaned in advance,
and that some 50 Democrats of the
county had been invited to occupy
Young Woman 111 Only Few
Hours; Funeral Will Be
Held On Sunday
After being ill only a few hours.
Miss Mamie E. Bryant. 19, died ai
the Vance county hospital at 5 a. m.
.May. tshe was born m this county
March 11, 1913, and had lived heie
Ml her life.
The deceased was the aaughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Bryant, at
whose nome the tuneral services will
oe held Sunday morning at 9 o clock,
m charge of Kev. \I. W. Warren, pas
tor of City Hoad Methodist church,
interment will be in a Wake county
Active pallbearers announced are T.
L. Moore, P. M. Porter, J. L. Pridgen,
Hubert Avery, Frank Joyner, James
In addition to her parents the
young woman is survived by one sis
ter, Hattie Bryant, 11.
New Hand Needed .
At Helm In U. S., <
Maxwell Asserts
Bayboro. Oct. 21 <AP) -Comftnis
sioner of Revenue Alien J. Maxwell,
defeated for the Democratic *3&ber
natorial nomination in the recent pri
maries. brought his campaign tour in
behalf of the party's nominees her**
Maxwell assailed “the Republican
appeal” that Hoover should be kes>t
in office “because he ha 3 a program. *
“The trouble is that It took him
nearly thre years t D get a program,’
Maxwell said, “and v-hen he did get
Hrtihergon BaUg Bfgpatcfr
I W.
••• ...
,*•• -’ v *
seats on the jTtjfee with the speaker.
The public ip invited to attend and
a big gathering is in prospect. Rey
nolds is.*very popular here, and car
ried Vgfice by large majorities in both
primaries last summer.
one it is the wrong program. *
The “one supreme indictment”
against Hoover. Maxwell sadi, was his
“stubborn refusal for 'wo years of in
creasing disaster to recognuj that
anything was wrong. ; He was not
fiddling, put piddling, while calmHy
aocunvuiated. ’’
We need a new hand at the helm”,
Maxwell asserted. “And, Franklin D
Roosevelt and the Democratic plat
form’ furnish the only sound pro
gram.” I
James McFadden And Hol
lis Davis Get Prison Terms
On Conviction
Fouf persons, two meh and twe/ wo
men. were tried in county court to
day before Recorder T. S. Kittrell on
charges of stealing T. P. Stewart’s
automobile several weeks ago. The two
men James McFadden and Hollis
Davis, were each sentenced to six
months on the roads, while the woman
giving their names as Irene McFad
den and Peggy Davis, claiming to be
the wives of the men, were discharged.
The quartette were brought back
here Thursday morning by Deputy
Sheriff G. N. Ticker and Police Ser
geant J. E. Parks, who drove to
Somerset, Penn., to get them. They
made almost a continuous drive there
and back, the town being in the
southwestern part of Pennsylvania,
and arrived at home in a Htlle more
than 24 hours after leaving here ear
ly Wednesday.
The four were traced by Pennsyl
vania State police, identification be
ing made by the license tag on the
automobile. They gave the officers a
lively chase, following an alleged rob
bery in Salisbury, Pa., where the car
was left. The four were in jail at
Somerset, the countyseat.
Undergoes Operation.
Miss Marilyn Seifert is said to be
doing nicely following an operation
today at aria Parham hospital for the 1
removal of her tonsils.
Life Is a great fact, and at the same
time a great riddle that defies every
attempt to solve it.
. - -
Returning Songster
Formerly a musical comedy star,
Grace Fisher of Buffalo, N. Y., now
a recognized opera diva, is shown as
■he arrived hi New York on the new
Italian liner Rex. after four yean
of staffing throughout European
capitals. M ins Fisher plans a re
turn to Europe on completion of •
jour in tne United •,
Sale for Day Not Expected
To Be Over Until Late
In Afternoon
Total Wm 197,088 Pounds At $11.89
Average. Wlfth Total) Money
Paid Announced Aa Sum
Os ftt.4M.94
Today's break on the Henderson to
bacco market was estimated to be by
far the largest of the season thus far,
even outdistancing that of last Tues
day, of more than 850,000 pounds, and
there was every expectation that the
market would not be cleared before
late in the day. Some even said they
would not be surprised if sales block
The good weather and the added op
portunity growers have had to pre
pare their crop for market is believed
to have worked toward the huge
quantity of the weed that made its
way to the market today.
Thursday’a sale was also a large
one, being for 197,038 pounds, selling
for $22,460.94 at an average price of
$11.39 per hundred pounm.
Two Assault Charges And
Two Others Involving
Liquor Violations
Four cases were tried in police court
today by Mayor Irvine B. Watkins.
Two of the charges involved assaults
and the others were concerned with
Eugene Parrish, white man, and
Willie Harris, Negro, were tried for
an assault, and both pleaded guilty,
judgment being suspended Cn pay
ment of the costs in both instances.
Roosevelt Alexander charged by his
wife, Jessie Alexander, with assault
ing and beating her. was discharged.
Roy Rogers, for being drunk and
disorderly in a public place, was
given 60 days in jail with leave, com
mitment not to issue on good be
havior and on condition that he stay
away from Mrs. Bettie Mills’ place of
business for two years and pay the
costs in the ease.
J. H. Ellis was fined $2.50 and costs
for the illegal possession of liquor.
(Continued trora rags One.)
rates must be lowered for renewed or
extended mortgagee.”
Springfield. 111., Oct. 21.—(AP)—
This capital city of Illinois shouted a
noisy welcome to Governor Franklin
D. Roosevelt on the arrival of the
Democratic presidential nominee in
the downtown section today to deliver
a campaign address and visit Abra
ham Lincoln's tomb.
The special train bearing Roosevelt
and members of his campaign party
arrived here at 1:05 o’clock. CST.. this
morning. The governor was scheduled
to remain here until this afternoon,
when he will leave for St. Louis,
where he will speak tonight.
Charles of Republican “intimida
tion.’’ promises of aid for the coal
mining industry and the farmer, new
pledges to seek added revenue by
legalizing beer—these were campaign
weapons of the Democratic presiden
tial nominee today.
Speeding out of Indiana, which he
hailed as “not even In the doubtful
class,” he expressed last night a de
termination. if elected, to undertake
“stabilization” of the coal industry by
“common sense” methods.
To the crowds swarming about the
observation platform of his special
train at Terre Haute, he declared he
felt “very strongely” that a new ad
ministration in this country will bring
back the level of farm prices and can
do much to aid the coal industry.”
(Continued from Page On#.|
Mr. Hoover is going ot be defeated
and indicate it plainly in their at
titude toward Democrats in Washing
ton," Mr. Pou said. “For the first time
in years a Democrat can go to the
offices of Republican department
heads in Washington and get a hear
ing and some consideration. For they
realize that after March 4, 1933, they
are going to be on the outside look
ing in. instead of on the inside look
ing out.
"An air of defeat and futility is to
be found everywhere In Washington
among the Republican officeholders,
and the old high and mighty attitude
towards the public, and especially to
ward Democrats, has disappeared en
tirely. The realize that in a few more
months they are going to be sup-;
plianls at the feet of Democratic of
ficials and that it is time right now
to get down off their high horses.”
Others who have been in Washing
ton recently corroborate the impres
sion gained by Mr. Pou, and report
that most of the Republican officials
and office-holders there indicate by
their attitude that they have already
given up hope that Mr. Hoover will be
re-elected and seem to be taking it
for granted that Mr. Roosevelt will
be elected.
With all their talk of unity and
equality, humanity falls wider aptrt
tfiaa ever,
But She’s Not a .Barmaid
* ».
.o „ijg§J I
m 1 1H |
wK Hr'-*
WBmm ' Wm WW^
Wearing the traditional wig and gown of her profession, Helena Florence
Normanton, senior practicing woman barrister of the English bar, is
shown as she attended services at historic Westminister Abbey, marking
(he reopening of the law courts. With the iady legalist is Garth Moore,
King’s Counsel. Although she is the wife of Gavin Brown Clark, Mieg
Normanton practices law under her maiden name. She was called to the
bar in 1922.
Total of $52.50 Won By En*
trieg This County
Last Week
Four Yance county girls between
them won $52.50 worth of cash prizes
at the recent State Fair in Raleigh,
itw as announced today by Mrs. Hat
tie F. Plummer, home demonstration
Miss Enid Kerley received a $25 cash
prize from Ball Brothers as first
honor for canned fruit. This is the
fourth consecutive year Vance county
has won this prize.
Miss Ada Newell Watkins won a
total of sll in cash prizes. She won
first, second and third awards in her
entiy for canned fruits and vege
tables. Her sister. Miss Rachael Wat
I best non-skid j|»
I all-weather
See how Goodyear puts big husky Other tread* come and Ho- the
keen-edged block* of rubber in Goodyear All-Weather grow,’more
tie center ro dig in, grip and popular erery year. Thu tire out
hold on slippery roads, telu ony o , w <ftc
More stop. Remember, brakes stop advantage of our trade-in allow
the wheels—but it takes tires with ance-have the world’s safest and
din or skid St ° P the “ r WlthoUt be * t ttres yo” car for f.U and
sup or skid. winter driving!
I ™‘ Goodyear built l«« g H Millionth tiro
Open 6:46 a. m. to 9 p. m.-U p. m. Saturdays
I Henderson Vulcanizing Co.
kins, won $9 for two second prizes and
a third prize, and Miss Mary Allen
Rowland was awarded one second and
one third prize for made-over dresses
and for red jelly. Her cash awards
were $7.50.
Chapel Hill. Oct. 21 —Through the
aid of a grant of $30,000 m«de by the
General Education Board of North
Carolina last spring, the University
Library has made Important additions
to its collection of bibliographical
The newily acquired works include
card indices and catalogue* of the
leading libraries in this country and
in foreign countries. Works of thi
type are considered essential lor
scholarly research.
The library expects, through the ben
eflts derived from th egrant it ie
cetived, to build up the fundamental
tooks for a graduate school in th * field
of bibliography which wMI be surpass
ed by few universfies in the natlcn.
School Fund To Be Pl
Again In Reopened Firit
National Bank
BONDS AReTurnished
Amount to* $30,000 i n All. m,*,
Securities Being North
State B.‘ids Put t p
As Collateral
A statement showing Vance com--
bank balances as of Oc?.,b«> r !
made public today by <; w
county accountant. He a! -..-
school funds would l,« ’ r
back to the First Nation;,: H, .
it has reopened, this h. *
of the Board of County
ers. The bank ha.s put up .
State bonds and s2iM»n Vanre r ,
■bonds to make up the . ‘‘ r *
In. the Citizens Bank a-i f„ is>
Company was $99,504.21. < f ,
but about $5,200 was sinking f '
other money than genet a I m-nil/
funds. School money nm<,iin>r ,‘
$13,441.05. with $1 143.37 on J
the book depository fun i ar.-i
in the Teacherage funrt The v k V,
county hospital fund showeu jj .
and the county charity fund j 0..;
Funds in First Nati.,n;t;
coming from (he old First N* a «. 0 -.'
was as showing $7,497 M* w i 3
Henderson graded sch<K,:
fbnd of $3,527.72 :tnd Mtdfll<*biirg . •
ing fund for schools. $-,.4,')9'>a p.
depository money was given as
and Teacherage fund $401.55.
Raleigh, Oct. 21. i APi S»rr*-j
the United States Forest Servsrp -
keeping down fire losses from b.;*.-
blazes in Federal lands last vear or-*
of the worst years i nthe histnn
North Carolina, illustrates the f*.
sibitities in protecting all forest ],- 0 ,
of the State, Charles M. Flory. assis
tant forester, said today.
A consolidated report of fires n -h*
State for 1931 shows only 2.274 arr--
out of protected by th®
were burned. The ana o■im
aged was less than one-half of o r »
per cent of the protected fores? i?r.i
Don’t Trifle With Coughs
Don’t let them get a strangle hold. Fight
germ* quickly. Creoauiluoo combine* tie 7
best helps known to modern science
ful but harmless. Pleasant to take. Nonars
ice. Your druggist will refund your rower if
any cough or cold no matter how loarttud
iagiaaotreltarcdbyCrcomulsion. (dr.)

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