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Roosevelt Special Expected To Stop Here Tomorrow Mo mine
I r**tfSSpERSON,
Norlh Carolina To Give!
Roosevelt Big Welcome
Near Raleigh Tomorrow
Train Will Pause 15 to 20
Minute* at Fair Ground*
For Brief Speech
By Candidate
10 000 PEOPLE OR
more looked for
Elaborate Plans Worked Out
for Handling Traffic To
prevent Accidents or Con
gestion; Dignitaries Ac
company Governor To
State From Atlanta
Or* W (AIM—I-rs-e
r<uir leaden* were
|r ,<,, rP M*<l t**day that Go* fnmr
| rjnkl.n I) Bo<w»evelfs special
ir. m would Mop here ten ni»iute*
_,r 4 in o'clock loimirrew morning
n h.mt.v are planning to clonc
tlicir ' >r »hr occulon.
IMIu lU»|inlc* Rnrraa,
la (hr Mr W niter Hotel
m J i H %**•» EllVlCt
r.'.ri O.t Fifteen minuter
*l* . v '.f’ff'n minutes and a
>f time in which to wel
t m<> 'he ; e\’ president. But Raleigh
#">d »ts e--' <»n of North Carolina are
i • > rrsn: big a welcome into
, . . : of in hour as can possibly I
y j, -e when Governor Franklin D. i
p.t •. *h Democratic candidate
*-r ;rr t.l-n* ,md likely to be the next!
fops here tomorrow morn
a; The -penal train is scheduled to j
j .» .• -r>e State Fair grounds, out- i
f > R* - ;h a* 10 o'clock and to leave !
S • ivr 'ban 10 20. thus allowing
*'• t.' ,K .ir. 15 minutes for the rear I
-r>*f h Mr. Roosevelt is ex- 1
p*-.r -a mak".
M> making another careful sur-j
v. f . ’he ivailable locations both
w "i-r ,r- iu’ of Raleigh where the!
*i-fcu, aught 3top. the commit- i
•- atr-* i headed by I
Oirgr lit- pr,u. superintendent of'
S'lte Piitzain decided that the'
-» • » r.f »u M th? stretch of track :
ctpoip* ‘he State Fair grounds, about 1
'j- m ; we>* of Raleigh, on Route
Th:s particular sections forms a
'C'ht’r.’jftl on Page Flee.)
Is Greeted
In Atlanta
Thousands of School
Children See Demo
cratic Nominee Dur
ing Parade
A- Q rt 24. iAP>—Oover
. _ r F ™ r ’hlin I) Roosevelt wa v>V his
'""“‘1 hat to thousands of
m ll ’ ~ r h'>ol children who were
, 1 ” ' ft’ strategic centers today for
. s ' n Ps<* »f *he Democratic presi
s T " ur he made no stop but
* |,,,mf >hiie moved slowly past the
~ r bhdreen. who greete-* him
h '~h»-f>rs.
' '"i- nar.Hp through the main rec
p 'A’ >nta In honor of Governor
a ‘ ’ W!, ' i ,h « high spot of the
B "* Tf’etam.
’’ ,ral luncheon at his a
? conferences with Qsgnocra
• s ‘ f r..m the southeast and a
™P-«ujn address at the city auditoi-.
P 'b will complete h f /
' v,sit T he governor’s artecial
•, ' “ l“ a 'e at io o'clock tonight
1 ’> “aletgh.
Roosevelt Train Expected
Here 11:30 A. M. Tuesday
' *"*•*"« Special./ the train I*l
'ovcrnor Franklin D. Room*
„ for pro
’ll d. 'h ::r ,ln ‘ ,n th * s °®‘ h ’ «>u •*»
J l makr * |lve-m*»ute «op
r ~ :w * >n. tomorrow, O.
hrd h. f M,ffee H * ,d this afternoon ho
h ud ,id ''** d by stnt- Democratic
<h|uanrr> fl**
P » U ': “ ‘hr sute Mr (round.
» fUr ,U ' e ‘ ch ,or mlnntc mon
t, ‘ r * ,d »bont an hoar to
k,< h q ‘ lor th * «* ft®*
r , , »''*»«t*r»on Mr. BoomwoH to
*"«* a swla,
h Nrw >ork and Mlto W«t>
itpnfiprsmt 23 at lit Btauatrb
j£jrki*is&,ztz: D ?sk"
Heads Surgeons
Jk m
m- ■ m

Dr. William Haggard
Dr. William D. Haggard of Nash
ville. Tenn., is the new president
of the American College of Sur
geons He was chosen at the
annual congress of the country's
leading physicians held at St.
World 4 * Biggest Bankruptcy
Center* Interest on His ’
Power View*
Something Lik« Huge Utilities Crash
Necessary To Arouse Elctrtc Cc*i
sumers To Rate Comporl- !
non With Canada
Washington. Oct. 24. Governor
Roosevelt frequently has been referred
to as politically lucky.
He certainly has had the “breaks'*
of late on the power issue.
His position on this question look
ed hazardous for his presidential as
pirations, as recently as five months
It was a position which won him
the pre-convention indorsement, as he
has had the post-convention support
of Senator George W. Norris of Ne
braska. Senator Norris, as. everyone
knows, rates as a radical, and espe
cially In his attitude toward the, pow
er interests.
Now the approval of the Nebraska
senator and other statesmen of his
type is a valuable asset at present
in the farm belt, which normally is
ultra-p»ogreasive in spots and which
promises to be uniformity ultra-pro
gressive this year. It did not seem so
sure, however, that such backing
would not prove to be a liability to
the governor in the comparatively
conservative east.
What obviously was from
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(By the Associated Frees.)
The time for delvery of to
night’s principal political ad
dressee Is:
Atlanta Governor Roosevelt,
10:10 p. m. *
Newark—Al Smith. 10 p- m.
era >tai« and several In the Soath.
A u umber ot telegrams were sent
today to State Chairman J. Wallace
Wiaberne. in Atlanta, where he was
with Governor oooeveit, and will make
the retain tri pto North Carolina with
the oomiaoe. These telegrams. frsan
local pntiHlr urgently requested that
the special step hew *«■ flve minutes,
n -p-- naM tods afternoon Utah la
all iw oils Mill j the train would be
hailed ham in am (or the vast throng
•xpeeted at the static* 1 to (Umpse the
candidate, who appears certain to be
elected and bo the next pmtodeat of
the United States.
New Bar President
s-— —f
fi ■
mL **a
Clarence Martin
Cb.rence K. Martin of Martine
villv, W. Va. ( is the new president
of the American Bar association.
He was chosen at the lawyers’ re
cent convention in Washington.
d. a
Many Legal Technicalities
Still Block Road to The
Pen For Them ’
Leas, Being Residents of Tennessee,
Could Hide Behind Extradition
If Governor Then* Should
Side With Them
Onllr IHapstrh Bureau.
In Ikr Sir Walter Hotel
nv j i:. DAiKpaviu,.
Raleigh. Uct. 24.—Attorneys for
Colonel Luke Lea and Luke Lea, Jr.,
of Nashville, Tenn.. and for Wallace
B. Davis, of Asheville, will appear be
fore the State Supreme Court here to
morrow morning at 10 o'clock to ask
for a stay of execution of the sen
tences they are now under. Both Luke
Lea and Davis were sentenced to
terms in the State Prison here and
Luke Lea, Jr., to a prison term unless
he pays a fine of $25,000, as the result
of their trail almost two years ago
In connection with the failure of the
Central Bank and Trust Compaiiy, of
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C. M. Blankenship, At Mar
shall, Accused of “Dis
reputable Conduct 44
Marshall. Oct. 24. (AP)— C. M.
Blankenship, Medison county school
superintendent, who was asked to re
sign Saturday following a hearing on
charges of “disreputable conduct,” re
sumed his regular duties here today,
refusing to leave his position.
The county board of education,
which conducted the hearing, asked
for the resignation. The board stated
that while the charges against Blan
kenship did not lead to conviction,
the evidence did not “by any means
allay suspicions in the minds of the
Meanwhile. Miss Eluise Price, Blan
kenship's secretary- and the woman
involved in the case, was not at the
office today.
Blankenship said he would appeal
his case to the State Boprd of Equali
zation at Raleigh.
Queen Helen Baclc-
In Bucharest Home
Arid Rumors Start
Bucharest, Oct. 24.—(AP)—Former
Queen Helen of Roumania, the di
vorced wife of King Carol, arrived in
the capital today and was escorted
to her palace in the small hours of
the morning with the greatest of
Princess Helen had been in Lon
don, where her eon, Prince Michael,
visited her briefly. The visit was ter
minated after two weeks by King
Carol. Reports were that he objected
to the publicity resulting from it
Meanwhile. Bucharest newspapers
provided i. new sensation with a story
that Prince Nicholas, the exiled
brother of the king, was planning to
return home from abroad about No
vember 3 without Mme. Lucia Deletj
the woman he married in defiance of
the king. This was • unverified.
Plans io Visit Chicago And
Indianapolis In Addition
To New York City
Will Speak In New York
We\k From Today; Vigor
ous Finish of Re-Election
Drive Planned by Presi
dent; Returns From Speech
In Detroit Saturday
Wn-ihinglon, Oct. 24. (API-Preai-|
dent Hoover Is engaged with plan« for |
closing his campaign for j
with a vigorous two weeks -drive, j
which today included a speech in New j
York City and another swing inland
through midwrstern territory. i
Just returned from jhis third v.est- .
ward trip and Detroit address. Mr. !
Hoover already had settled tentative- j
ly on going a fourth time into th- in-J
terior for appearances in Indianapolis:]
and Chicago. White House i
suggested this trip for the corr/ing I
week-end, beginning Thursday * night
and ending Sunday.
For the present, this plan hinges on
completion of the address the Presi
dent will make in New York City a
week from today. If Mr. Hoovei does
not finish hia New* York speech in
time, the tentative agreement will per
mit postponement of the fourth mid
western tour until latef.
J. -
Newark Girl, 8, Taken From!
Near Home to Woods
Sunday Evening
Newark, N. J„ Oct. 2,. —(API—An-
na Kleinhandler, eight-year-old kid
nap victim, today Identified Samuel
Morris as the man who lured her into
a woods near Springfield and attempt
ed to attack her. The girl, who pre
viously had exonerated Morris, told
Chief of Police McGrell she feared
Morris wmld kill her if she identified
The girl, abducted from the vicinity
of her home last night, emerged Oom
a wooos near Baitusrol golf club early
today and knocked on the door of a
farm house. A farm hand heard her
story and took her to Springfield po
lice headquarters.
Morris is a neighbor who attempted
to cash a check at a store operated
by the girl's parents last Friday. When
Mrs. Kleinhandler refused, Morris
went away saying, Mrs. Kleinlumdier
told police:
“You’ll be sorry.”
Police Surgeon Mitchell examined
Anna and found she had been cut on
the throat with a penknife and nab
bed above the heart, in addition to an
attempt to assault her. None of her
injuries is sreious. She was token to
city hospital.

Roxboro, Oct. 24.—(AP)—Allen J.
Maxwell, unsuccessful candidate for
the Democratic gubernatorial nomina
tion, flayed President Hoover’s at
tack on the Democratic House in a
campaign speech here today.
Maxwell said If there had.ever been
& “more gr&ciou sperformance in our
political history than President Hoov
er’s vicious criticism of the present
Democratic national House of Repre
sentatives, I do not recall it.”
Hoover did not have a Democratic
House “until after two years of com
plete Republican failure to deal with
the depression,” Maxwell said “and
the program that the president now
so boastfully claims is winning the
war against depression could not have
been aet up without the cooperation
of this Democratic House of Repre
Party cloudy; sßgbtty colder on
north coast tonight; Tuesday in
creasing cloudiness, followed by
rain In was tpertton.
U. S. Supreme Court Again
Declines To Hear Appeal
From Leas And W. B. Davis
Boomerang on Henry
~ !<j Isl "Ifflß
v«^4 rder 1° co “" ter * t l lnt ’ espouse, of ihe Hoover cause u. 11 nr»
?.°:±>!!' iU>n lZ b ' 1 * ,u *B:n at <*- John T. Harriman. of Washington, D. C
U E thl * nov *! ,dea Harriman drives one of Ford's products to
pJr u * i? cked * B , t,cker bearing the legend: “This Ford Votee
for Roosevelt. Harriman s idea has caught on. and an army of Demo
cratic rord-owners are following his example.
Reconstruction Credits
Over BiUionT
Money Advanced To
Banks, Trusts And
Insurance Compan
ies For Relief
Washington. Oct. 24.—(AP)— The
Reconstruction Corporation today an
nounced that up to September 80 it
had loaned $1,016,328,228 to bauks,
trusts and insurance companies and
building and loan associations.
Loans totalling $853,496,289 were au
thorized to 4,573 bank 3 and trust com
Eighty-c.’ght insurance companies,
with 14.898 000 policy holders, received
Advances of #87,638.738 were author
ized to 736 building and loan associa
tions, with 1.544000 members.
The statement said that 3,482. cr 70
percent, of the loans for banks amunt
ing to $14,729,867 went to towns of less
than 5,000 population
British Aviator
Capt. Lancaster,
Will Fly Again
Liverpool, England, Oct. 24 (AP)
The British aviator. Captain William
N. Lancaster, the centi rl figure in a
recent Miami, Fla., murder trial, ar
rived today from fihe United States and
said he intended to make another long
distance flight.
“I am no 1 , yet decid 'd when I shaH
make my next flight." Captain Lan
caster said, “and I shall have no other
pilot than Mrs. J. M. Keith-Miller.”
He referred to another figure In that
trial who is due in London later to
day aboard another vessel.
Sees Beer
Tax About
White Sulphur Springs; Va.. Oct. 24.
—(AP) —Legal beer and a Federal tax
thereon would bring the government
as much u 754 million dotl&ra addi
tional revenue, the Investment Bank
er* Association convention was In
formed by its Federal ax&tioc com
mittee today. 'l+P*
Without giving an opinion or. pro
hibition the committee reported that
a tax up to 40 cents a gallon on beer
might readily be levied which would
bring this large sum and which is
roughly squlvaient to thrjf-fourths of
the Federal income tax collected in
the last fiscal year.
France, Germany
Continue Stalling
Arms Conference
London, Oct. 24.—(AP)— Sir John
Simon, foreign secretary, reaccal
ed today that the European doui
lock continues over the proposed
four-power emergency diaaTtna
ment conference because France
and Germany still unable to agree
on r. meeting place.
l*ressed for a statement Conor ru
ing the possible danger of German
re-arming while the disarmament
conference is progressing. Sir John
said ihee purpose of the emergencj
conference was to prevent such h
course, hut that no definite state
ment of Germany’s policy has been
Will Have Abundant Data
When Power Companies
Come Back Thursday
Dally Dispatch nareaa.
la the S*r Waiter lintel
Raleigh, Oct. 24. -The State Corpor
ation Commissioa will be well for
tified with facts and figures concern
ing the earnings, properties and rates
charged by the four larger power com
panies doing business in North Caro
lina when it confers with the repre
sentatives of these companies here
Thursday. The members of the com
mission bciieve that as a result of the
charts and graphs that have been pre
pared by Dr. Charles E. Waddell, the
rate expert that has been assisting it,
that it will be able to persuade these
companies to set up new rate sche
dules very much lower than the pre
sent ones.
It has already been revealed by the
commission that from studies made
by Dr. Waddell, the rates charged in
(Continued on Page Three.)
Hsatfcig«a«, W. V»., Oct. 24 i
(AF)—Samuel W.) Fsfrtmi. a
wealthy coal operator, and hi* wife ,
and sen, Thomas, 27, were found •
dead in their home today. A cor
oner's jury decided the path shot ■
hi* mother and father art that
started his wrist.
Attempt To Delay Action
Until Appeal Were Filed
From This State Is
Also Denied
Further Postponement of
Sentence To Be Sought In
North Carolina Supreme
Court Tomorrow by Cou i
sel For Lea; Basis For Ac
tion Is Given
Washington. Oct. 24. (API— The
Supreme Court today refused to .’s 4 -
view an appeal by Luke Lea, Nash
ville, Tenn.. publisher, his son Luke
Lea, Jr., and Wallace B. Davis, for
mer Asheville, N. C., banker, from
‘heir conviction in North Carolina
courts on cha.ges of conspiring to mis
apply bank funds. The action, in of.
feet, upholds the lower court actions.
An attempt by the three detendants
to have action , r their appeal po-t
--ooned until they could file an appeal
r from the refusal of the North Caio-
Tina courts to giant them a new trial
also failed.
The Leas jnd Davis were convicted
on r charge of conspiracy to misapply
the funds of the Centrel Bank and
Trust Company of Asheville, N. C
The proceedings against the tHo
grew out of the failure of the Cen
tral Bank and Trust Company of
Asheville In November, 1930, nv.s be
ing its president.
Raleigh, Oct. 24.—(AP)— General
Albert L. Cox, Raleigh coun*"l for
Colonel Luke Lea, Tennessee news
paper publisher, and former United
■States senator, now under prison sen
tences for violation of the State Link
ing laws, said this afternoon that he
would ask the State Supreme Court
tomorrow to stay execution of Lea'a
sentence despite refusal by the Unit
ed States Supreme Court today t > le
view the conviction of the publ*eh"r.
Cox said the stay would be asked
on the basis of an order he has from
the chief justice of the United States
•Supreme Court granting him until
November 3 to prepare an appeal from
the State Supreme Court ruling last
week in docketing and dismiss'ng a
second appeal of Lea, Wallace B.
Davis, former Asheville banker, and
iLuke Lea, Jr., who were jointly coin
victed of conspiracy.
Man, Woman
Found Dead
In A Field
Bodies of Minister’s
Daughter and Man
Father of Three Dis
Gadsden. Ala . Oct. 24.—(AP)—Tha
bodies of Miss Velma Groover, daugh
ter* of a Methodist minister, and Tom
Russell, a married man and the fatner
of three children, were found tn a
field near here today, and eloxe by
lay a gun somebody used to shoot h m
in the chest and beat her unmerci
Police believe they were “take'*, for
a ride,” slain on a nearby highway
and dragged to the field.
The gun gave mute evidence of the
killer’s fury. Its stock was shattered,
obviously as blows were rained upon
Miss Groover’s bead and body.
The coroner found fingerprints mi
the gun barrel, buL otherwise there
were no eluee of the slayer’s identity
or motive.
Russell ores 40 years old, and was
employed as s salesman. Miss Groover
was 20. Her father is Rev. W. 1,

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