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Roosevelt Special Will
Pass Through Henderson
Not Scheduled ;To
Stop In This City on
Way North How
Efforts were being made today to
have Governor Rooeevelt's special
train stop In Henderson for about five
minutes when It passes through this
city shortly after 11 a. m. tomorrow en
route from a awing through the south,
nut it was not definitely known
whether Democratic party leaders
would be successful in their under
Governor Roosevelt will be in. Ra
leigh at the State Fair grounds foi 20
minutes shortly after 10 a. m.. nnd
will leave immediately in continuing
hia trip back north. The train will
move over the main line of the Sea
bord and go directly through the city,
so that no time would be lost more
than the actual stopping. for what
ever period might be arranged. There
would be no shifting and rto backing.
Whether the train can be stopped or
not. it is expected there will be a
large crowd at the station w*»en tha
train p&jpes.' many people desiring, if
possible to- get a glimpse of the Dem
ocratic candidate for president. Ac
cording to the 9cheduld. the train will
pass here probably \ between* 1}
11 30 a. m . the exact 'time being un
certain as yet. *
Rt>b«rt Daughty and Reeve*
Manning In Crash South
of Oxford
Robert Doughty was seriously in
Jured nnd Reeves Manning les; ee
riously hurt in an automobile wtecU
a mile or two south of Oxford last
Saturday night when their car wa.-
overturned and damaged. Roth were
brought here for treatment, and
Doughty was taken in an ambulance
yesterday to Richmond, while Man
ning was still in the hospital today.
The two men were on their wa>
back home to Roanoke Rapids aftei
attending the Carolina-Georgia Tec!
football game at Chapel Hill. Little
eras learned of the details of hov the
accident occurred.
It was reported that Doughty suf
fared a possible broken neck, and wa;
taken to a specialist in Richmond for
treatment Nothing had been heard to
day as to his condition/ Manning suf
tered cuts and bruises of ale?» se
tious nature.
Henderson people returning tronr
the game brought the men to thi« city
J A. Cooper brought Manning und
B. C. Flannagan picked up Doughty
who at that tame was not though' ti
be seriouslly -hurt, ’hney preferred tt
oo brought to.. Henderson for treat
ment. Reeves Manning is a son at
Mrs. Thad R. Manning, formerly o‘.
this city, but now of Roanoke
and is a brother of Mrs. B. Finn!
Harris, of Henderson.
S. H. Johnston For Constable
In Townsville Township,
S. H. Johnston, who last week filed
his entry with the County Board of
Elections as an independent candidate
for constable in Townsville township,
haa withdrawn his $1.50 entry fee and
retired from the campaign. it was
4ated today by J. H. Bridgers, chair
nlan of the board. He had announced
ig opposition to Herman Davis, the
Democratic nominee. Mr. Johnston's
retirement leaves Davis unoppi
and with the certainty of his election
in the balloting of November 8, as
he now has an open field for the of
Children’s Coughs
Need Creomulsion
Always set the beat, fastest and surest
trsatmaiU tor your child's cough or cold.
Prudent mothers more and more are turn
mg to Creomulsion for any cough or cold
that start*.
Creomulsion emulsifies creosote with six
ether important medicinal elements which
seethe - end heel the inflamed membranes
— l d check germ growth. It is not s cheap
remedy, but contains no narcotics and is
certain relief. Got a bottle from your drag
gist right now and hare it ready for in-
I For Sale I
Best Quality, $6.50
Prompt Service— • ♦ I
Correct Weight.
Telephones M-IRW
Three. Defendants
Before Recorder
In County Court
Three defendants were tried before
R6cordtr T. S. Kittrell in cougtv court
today, two of them being discharged.
William Eaton and William Bullock
were charged with larceny, but were
found not guilty aa evidence did not
convince the court of their guilt.
Roland Wheeler was charged with
abandonment, and was sent to the
roads 12 months, commitment r.nt to
issue on payment of the costs and on
condition he support his family.
Heavy Enrollment for Pri
mary Believed To Have
Gotten Most Folks
Registration for the November 8
general election has been rather light
here since the books were opened on
Saturday. October 8, but this is due,
it is believed, to the fact that moat
voters qualified during the primary
registration period last summer. The
most of the names going on the books
at this time consist, it is thought, of
individuals who have ocme of vrting
age since the primary, or who have
moved from one ward to another dur
ing the interim and will have to
qualify in another precinct.
The registration books will be open
another week, closing on next Sat
urday. October 29. A week later. Sat
urday, November 5. will be challenge
day. and after that the books will be
closed until the election on the fol
lowing Tuesday.
The election is only two weeks away
and it is believed there will he a big
Democratic victory in the State and
nation. Party leaders in this county
*are chiefly concerned about getting
out the vote. They have no local Re
publican opposition, since the minority
party did not put a ticket in the field
at all for county offices. They will
have candidates on the ballot, of
course, for State and national offices,
but not for the county ticket.
City And Farm Propertie*
Change Hands In Papers
Two real estate deeds were filed
Saturday with the register of deeds,
one covering city property and the
jther farm lands.
William Thorne conveyed to Jennie
I’horne 3 houses and lots on Eaton ana
New streets, lor $1 and in considera
tion of the terms of a martial separa
J. J. Oakley and wife sold to J. C
Wood lief and S. H. Crews and wire 30
acres on the embank road and fc 1-i.
acres in Kittrell township, for $lO ana
other considerations.
Economy League’s
Aim to Safeguard
State’s Finances
Raleigh Oct. 24—Preparations to
prevent any attempted "raidis" on the
State Treasury through the 1933
General Assembly by organized anJ
powerful minorities are rapidly being
made through formation of local
chapters and securing members lo
the North Carolina State Branch of
thp National Economy League .Frank
Page. State chairman, said today.
Through activities us Paul N. Mon
tague. executive secretary of the State
branch and member of the national
council, chapters Lave already been
formed at Wlmington, Kinston. Green
ville. Rocky Mount and other points
while Durham and other cities are to
have chap‘er organizations this week
Mr. Page said.
Mr. Montague la spends,? most of
his time In the fled, making talks be
fore various community, civic and
taxpayer groups and arming local
chapters. Chairman Page expect p to
havp from 150.000 to 200,000 member*
in the Stale before the General As
sembly mee's, a force targe enough to
speak and have Ha voice heard Jin
the legislative balls. ;
In addition t 0 Willard L. Dowell,i
secretary of the North Carolina Mer
chants Association. Mr. *■ Pag»i anj
nounce* that W. Kerr Scott. Hew
River. Mas tor of the Nurcn Carolina
Grange and prominent ir agricultural
activities, has accspied a position rn
the advisory comnP.ttea of the Slat*
branch of th« Economy League. Mr.
Scott's advice and aid will be valuable
and constructive, Mr. Page said.
Man haa carried the trout Into the
Southern Hemisphere, where in the
riven of New Zealand tt has estab
lished itself and now flourishes a mas-
awnßßMk 9 M fßfl i I \ Jr #1 m II SJT iMfe
At * . * jJjLg MM m L w +% fjjf IT M4*
1 r- •- v t&m -I ’ If' -
i.naaiitjafcv. m
- v - v -<
Here is ah unusual shot showing
Wrt of the tremendous crowd of
100,000 cheering people who
jammed every inch of Monument
Circle in the heart of Indianapolis
Luth?r Chance, 10, In Hos
pital but Not Believed
• Seriously Hurt
Luther Chance, ten-ye&i-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Chance, was in
jured Saturday evening when struck
by a hjt-and-run driver his home
in North Hender-on. The child was
rushed'to Maria Parham Hospital for
treatment, and was still there- today,
although it was said his condition was
Th« *chi>d Was injured by a cut on
tihe head, hut s not be ievci to be in
a serldus condition.
Sheriff J. E. Hamlett said tDday a
thorough investigation was mad i by
officers, but they had no rkife and
had heen unable so far to >b;ain a
lead looking toward 'he apprehension
and ah-est of the driver who hit the
boy. H- had telephoned nearby of
ficers to be on the look-out, he said,
but he did not know th' license num
ber arid had ro adc june description
of the; oar. and that officers were more
or lc*33 wturt ng in th'.* da.-k in th - * r
\ Pavjng of the Henderson-Louishurg
highway byway of Epsom has not yet
started, although the contract was
awarded by the State Highway- Com
mission several weeks ago. Final
approval by the Federal Bureau of
Roads is being awarded, it is under
stood, since this is a Federal aid pro
ject. paid for by a F’ederal appropria
tion. Work is to be started as soon
as the approval of Washington autho
rities is given, and that is expected at
any time now, it is understood.
Some Changes From Lust Year An
nounced by Department of Con
servation, Development
Raleigh, Oct. 24 'APi -Wiith the
opening of the migratory waterfowi
season only a little more than two
weeks off, the departme.v of conser
vation and development today issued
a summary o's regulat or.s govtrnirg
the sport in which a number of
changes from last year occur.
These- regulations, Stite game war
den Charles H. England said, were
promulgated by the federal govern
ment undgr terms of t*he nugra'.ciy
bird treaty between the United State?
and Canada, and under provisions of
the North Carolina game !uv are iden
tical with the si-ate statutes covering
this subject. •
A season on ducks, geese, bran* and
coot twine as long this year as last
year has been set. year the sea
son on these waterfowl was the ahort
est on record, extending so- only 30
In North Carolina the season on
ducks, geese, brant and coot opeas
at noon -on November >4 and extends
to January 15. On other days, shoot
ing may start half an hour before
sunrise, but must close after sunset on
all days. t .
Under-federal and state regulations,
the doily bag limit on geese and brant
'is four; on duck 3 the dally limit Is 15.
except that the limit is ten on certain
secies that suffered most sever
ely from drought and over-shooting.
Those species, on which the bag limits
Is text are canvasbock, red read, greater
and leaser scaup, ringneck, teal, shove
ller and gadwadl. The daily bag limit
on elder duck is five. There Is no
Open season on wood duck, ruddy dusk
and ImfyshoarT duck- These birds ift
protected at all times.
Not more than tftrice the legal daily
bak limit of ducks or geese mag be
to welcome Gov. Franklin D.
Roosevelt in his first appearance
in the normally Republican Hoo
eier state since his nomination.
The Democratic candidate ad-
I had In possession at any time. Migra
tory game birds cannot be snaie-l or
trapped or v shot from 'a motor boat
or an automobile Warden England
said, without risk of hetvy penalties.
The wild fowl gin is Uniibfl tV> A**h
1 gauge. -'V • *'
— /
Egypt's rich soli //gives a higher
average return thas£*in
States. ~‘s- ~V
g- - y-p
i/fl : i«l 11 I /— -I'"-. -Mj&g&'i:
fe w|9 ,gt r ,
: 9b ::: ■
1m„ &*\HsjjpK
J| * ss /■ g |K||l|| *
jjw ■ ■& zWs^^^>^BE3B!&SuiS3uMßmKßi
ff By& : JB / "/Z-sL
rTIHERE’S romance in a Chesterfield—the
/ I / I A of fine tobacco* from all over
// the world - The search begins in fisrmff Turkey
where Chesterfield buyers visit every impor-
Qtant tobacco-growing section...and continues
throughout our own Southland. Year in and
year out Chesterfield gives to its smokers the
pick” of all these fields.
tester field
Irosscd the throng from a baih
ony of historic Hotel English, at
ight. It was the largest crowd
:ver to greet a candidate in the
:ity’e history.
• "•The regular monthly meeting of the
Henderson City Council for October
will be held this evening at 8 o'clock
in th; Municipal building. In advance
of the meeting, no business matters of
outstanding importance was . lenrned
as being scheduled for consideration.
Ail Warehouses Have Good
Sales For Day With
Much Leaf In Town
The largest o the season thus
far was on the Henderson tobacco
market today, with all warehouses
having a large portion of the leaf of
ferings of the farmers.
Last Friday’s break was the first
blocked sale of the season, and to
day’s activities began with the clear
ing up of that remaining tobacco.
The golden weed was here from far
and near today, with many farmers
in town for the sale, and prices were
expee'ed to hold to their recent high
levels for the day’s offerings.
Mrs. L. E. Thompson Passes Sud
denly at Her Home In Lexington.
According to Word Here
Mrs. L. E. Thompson, widow of
the late Rev. L. E. Thompson, so
many yeari a prominent member of
the North Carolina Conference of the
Mofihodlst Episcopal church. South,
died suddenly at 5 a. m. today at the
family home in Lexington, according
to advices received here. She had
not been ill, so far as was learned.
Her husband, who was four years pas
tor of the First Methodist church here,
died several years ago. He had been
out of the active ministry several
ycers prior so his death.
Surviving are four children. E. M.
Thompson, of Goldsboro; John M.
Thompson, of South Carolina; Mlsf
Edna Thompson and an other son,*
both of whom lived in Lexington. *
No definite plans for the funera’
were learned here today, but it was
understood the funeral and burial
would be in Lexington- since Rev.
Mr. 'Thonrgison te buried there. ,
George Burwell Tried I n ?<>.
lice Court; Two Other
Defendants Also
George Burwell. Negro, v. a< <(
a hearing in police court toda*
Mayor Irving B. W|atkins an (.hi r > ?!
growing out of an unusual
which he bit off a large pan 0 f
left ear of Perry L. Ellis. constable *
Kittrell township, here Saturday
the shadow of the Municipal buiidinr
The technical charge against him *is
assault, with intent to kill, mam si*
disfigure the officer.
The injury was done during a f rj .
cas said to have been started &
words spoken to Ellis after a he^ r .-*
before Magistrate F. B Might
which Burwell's son was chiig-j
with driving an automobile w.tr, u
proper license.
Mayor Watkins held there
probable cause, and bound Bun» t :
over to the January term of \"u.c,
Superior Court under bond of
which Burwell furnished.
They say it is not news when s d*
bites a man, but that it is news
a man bites a dog. In this m-'i n t
i man bit another man. and Burv t
after chopping off a part of the o'-
fioer’a ear with his teeth, turned iq*
spit It- out on the ground.
Charlie George, colored, was charg
ed with assaulting and beating R uth .
George, and was given atx mon h? ;a
Jail, commitment not to lasue o n
behavior and on condition that h*
keep peace against Ruby for two
Pwter Blackwell, colored charred
with being drunk, was fined $i »»*
OoMs. and in event of default to b»
confined in jail until he pay?
In Portsmouth Hospital.
J. W. Locke has gone to the Naval
hospital In Portsmouth. Va. where
he is to undergo treatment, it w-u
learned today.

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