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New Disarmament
Plan Is Approved
In French Chamber
£onscriptional Armies In
Europe With American
Accord Far as Poa- •
sibie Proposed
Short Term Conscriptional
System Would Replace
Them; Isolated Wars
Would Be Averted, and >»
In Itself a Guarantee, Her
riot Declare*
P Oc* -9 - <AP' Premier
r ,,, ir i H-i i iot today won the
of Deputies over to a new
vr. ii du.miiament plan providing
i p'. 'i .i armies in Europe and
A n’.i .it iceoid in such guarantees
• r is the United States "had
• »** - itself.*
.!>>cr;pt plan was the basis
-hj scheme and would abolish
t pr, 'e-oonal armies, such as the
G’-rman Kichswehi-. in favor of a short
• •-rr c v 'CrlpUonai system.
7h. American participation in
Kiu’ir ■•••' was one of the conditions
wh ch France would be witling
•r> i r h r.’o the conscriptional.army
p;-- It-* point was. not outlined Dy
•>>. premier ir. his. address to the
CfciTi!'«*r i
’■;y t»ef‘>re debate . closed, however,
-ti* iremier aid he had taken notes
,f nterpretation placed on the
k* i:. Hi ird pact by the American
: - r . lt> ~f -t.»te. Henry L. Stimaon.
T- - rvipreiation. he declared.
»i;.: that neutrality no longer I*
p.--p. The fact that there will be
t- -err anv isolated wars, la in.lt
:*• i i i-uantee.” the premier said.
Tar Heel Legion
Women Appointed
Ipon Committees
>i;v ip.-;.- ind. Oct-• 29 — (AP>-
T l >. Aifkerican Legion Auxiliary' na-
L’Tih. headquarters here today an- ,
■veunred 'he appointment of twfc North
Cir'hna woman to,.ltnportant national
samiUee p<ed£.* ‘ , ;•*
Kr- Heverhv J. 'Miller, of Char
*"♦ ha- been appointed vice-chair*
srn of the national child welfare
and Mrs. Henry L. Stevens.
j'i of Warsaw, wife of the former
**'.°n«l commander of the 'Legion.
appointed to the national fldac
eommrtee. which has charge of the
Auxiliary's work for better lnterna
‘ understanding.
r -''lunshia. S C Oct. 29 l AP) —
S-r.i’or S M. Waid. chairman of the
Sr-j'? finance committee, today pro
>*-“ I that the Sou‘-h Carolina legls
-a-1 « meet immediately after the the
elections to enact department
• rr f‘'Oiidauons and economies be
■ ’•» 'n- beginning of the fiscal year
Jarua.y 1.
Gets Term
L»urson Given 20
lmi\s, Maximum, in
I'riMincrs Death Iri
• HoridaCamp
~ Kla Oct. 29. —( AP)
*•'* 1 ' n,r>on convicted of man-
V-»r.. f M r ,h *' ' w ” atb <*x death of
L, k. Ipfert - New Je «ey youth.!
‘ pnson lamp last June, to
en“*/1 a new !rial - and was
* i t,, >i| vents imprisonment.
.... ’ ’ 11 Gibbs gave Coup
t.-. r, > • ' Oii.tn sentence under the
<• . ir ... -
t-.,. '" tn ' r guard at the camp,
m u-hirh" af,er a two weeks trial
<'.,m „nH ' "^ mon Hi ??'nbotham, *
"I e‘ .„ d r C " urson « wa.s exonerated
v , K lhr death of th « West
c,‘ ' ' b,,v -
' no emotion a* the
. « Jl!""' f d sentence. He aat
1 -«vued about the
*0,.. , bo,a ua of hie
th- L .\ "' Pl ' an d patted _.»m o*
'..Co .
lr ‘ ‘W-.l at v,. U ~e 500,1
’ iljtiuo wi.ich CoUrson’k
as I r n ' ' -r> '* rnitut thl#
■ " - ‘“Nttwswuta
Bmht Btsuattb
i T zpTßrsE^mi>*?sss a
-hunger Marching
Five Thousand Regular Po
lice Available For Trafal
gar Square Meet
ing Tomorrow
demonstration in
Hunger Marcher* To Protest
Against Abuses of .Dole
System; Every Possible
Precaution To Be Taken
Against Recurrence Os
Rioting Scenes
-London. Oct. 29. (AP)—Mindful of
the rioting that has wrecked London's
calm twice within recent weeks, po
lice today arranged elaborate pre
cautions against trouble when the na
tion's “hunger marchers armycon
verges on Trafalgar Square tomor
row. ' „
The marchers will stage their sec
on demonatrgtioti* tomorrow morning,
reiterating their demands for aboli
tion of what they declare to be abuses
of the dole system.
Their firsi protest came Thitrsday.
and. although the .’,OOO marchers were
absolved of blame, a riot developed,
In which 60 or more persons were in
jured, despite police precautions. The
bobbies also had fought thousands of
unemployed across the Thames river
from Parliament on October A.
Five thousand regular police will
be available \duty in Trafalgar
Square, and in addition reserves of
special and mounted officers will be
stationed in the alleys, court yards
and passages dotting the maze of
streets in the vicinity of Charint
Cross. - - ;
f *
1* Suspects Are Panted Before IS
Victims With Folic* Jack
sonville Cases
j Jacksonville. Fla., Oct. 29 (A-P)
iThree mor eio*A nverA arrested today
in a parade of 15 suspects before 13
victims and eight witnesses as police
extended their investigation, of Nog
gins administered 20 people re
cently .
Six suspects already have been ar
rested and released on JI.OUU bond
each after being identified by either
victims or witnesses.
The suspects arrested today gave
their names as Oscar Besant, Hugh
Lasker and Deslie Nettles.
Seven persons who had told authori
ties they had been made victims of
terrorists did not appear at the police
line-up of suspects today.
Sam B. Wilson, assistant State at
torney, said the grand jury probably
would take action Monday regarding
indictments. •
Secretary of Jobber* A**o
ciation In State Points
To Practice*
natty Dispatch Bareaa.
la tlrt S*X Walter Hatel,.
(tv j. e. BAnuarttL.
Raleigh. Oct. 29.—The annual gaso
line bill in North Carolina is approxi
mately SSI,IKXM)OO ft year, based on- an
average price of 20 cents a gallon and
on the of 258,000.900 gallons tn
the State In 1931. The big gasoline
companies, in their own testimony
here last week, gave this figure as the
total number of gallons sold in the
State last year.
This means vJiat the autoniobile
owners in North Carolina spend $143,-
333 a day, x>r $4,300,000 a moi.th, for
gmspiine, at. an average price of 20
ceats a gallon. It was atao testified by
the oil companies in the dealing in
Superior »urt*»herf last vjeek that
89 par eenf of all tbo gaaollhe sold id
North Carolina is sold t rtm filing Na
tions either owned by leased by or
having contracts with the 8 1*
oil eompaotee in the suit. This puit
was filed by Attorney General Dennis
G, Brumunit for the State .of North
Carolina, and 'maintains that «lm si*
JB XQoctehH
ir- f 1
. Scenes from London Hunger Riot
wmrnmmtrnmmmmm hmhmhmb,
m" f - —■ - 1 sa
■mm,.... ■■ WSmliM::'
i mm. |
HjjA - II |
m Wm Wm
P 9 9 ■ ht m
, §ma <■£. ■ jpP
h . w ' rtg gn WKKB Mi Ht'*
Here are a couple of scenes that marked the recent
disorder in London when a parade of jobless at- j
tempted to crash into Parliament Square, near the
House of Commons, in defiance of the police dead-1
Relieved To Be Preparing to
Make Concessions To
Avoid Trouble In
They Do Not Wish To Run
Risk of General A»*em
• Wrath In January*
And Hope by Satisfactory
Cut* To Avoid Digging by
v . ' V‘
Dally Uixpptch Barra*.
Io the Mr Walbf Hetet^
WtY 3. C: OAIKERVILD. ; '•
Raleigh, Get. 29. —Deplte tßte var
iemfe il| the rate schedules submitted
State Corporation Commission
•by the four larger, power qompftnies,
the rates in a number of cases were
lower than had been expected and the
feeling here is that a satisfactory rate
.adjustment i» going to be wdtked out
jand put into effect. The rates nqay not
1 be as low as the average rate for 177
northern cities, which the commis
sion asked the power companies to
approximate. But it is believed that
the rates are going to be much closer
to this average than was at first,
The factor that is going to do more
to bring about a satisfactory reduc
tion of rates at this time than any
thing else is undoubtedly the grow
ing sentiment of the public that the
utilities companies, especially the
power companies, have been feeding
out of a specially protected golden
trough long enough and that It is
time for them to begi nto have some
consideration for the public that sup
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Will Rogers V ery *
Silent As Airship
Stops In Raleigh
Dally Diapateb Bareax,
la the Sir Walter Matcl,
Raleigh, Oct. 29— Will Rogers of
Hollywood, California, and ' the man
who made Oklahoma famous, stop
ped here for about 20 minutes -Friday
aftertioon, fen rotite north in’an Etarit
em Air Transport passenger airplane
which he had boarded in Jacksonville,
jphortda? that 'morrtliw. He had just
ctx&pteted his air todr Qf £o%** Ame
rica. , < *
But Will- was nut i*A mood to talk.
Ha would not discuss jpolitios, airpteaes
Hollywood or Oklahoma. 1 He pvi
dently had had something for break
fast or runch, that did not agree with
him, was in"' 1 at emue one or else
ready eiok. Usually wllUng to talk
to any one. even newspaper men, and
filled with Jgnod humor and wise
cracks, Rogers made It very plain he
did not want to be bothered and shut
himpelf up In an ante-room of the
waiting room at «he Eastern Air
Transport ahport here.
It was not until the motors of the
transport plane had teen started and
all other passengers were aboard and
the plane ready to take off, that Hog
en finally made a run the ahtp
and got Aboard.
“Wait a minute, here comes the
cowboy.” Will sang out a* h. made his
dash for the 1 .. f 1 isrtritl
I line. At left is the window of one of the stores that
was looted by rioters following the clash with thd
“Bobbies,” during which many were hurt. At right
a woman demonstrator is shown after arrest. ' ",
Republicans, Democrats
Both Claim Critical Ohio
As Election Approaches
Washington, Oct. 29.—The air of
confidence with whieh Democrats, at
their Washington headquarters in the
National Press building, lay claim to
the state of Ohio for,Governor Roose
velt, has nothing on the confidence
with which Republicans, at their
Washington headquarters in the Barr
building, lay claim to it for President
There is this difference, however:
Democratic spokes yen tell why Gov-
York City to
Roosevelt, Farley
\ y iftlpMpo
fchffalo, N*Ty~, <Oc4 $
■ The prediction that Governor
! Fr.uklp I>. Roosevelt, Democrat
• Ic presldentfar nontioeb, and Lieu
i tenant Governor Herbect il l ]*>*-
• myT. farty for ‘gayer*.
| übr, would carry New York City
j “by entire than threcj «mi
, million, votes”
James A. Farley, chairman of
| bedh t:*e National and State Dem
• ocrattc Conui.-t'cej.
Blalock Says It Is Unusually
Good Grade, But Least
In 31 Year*
Raleigh, Oct. 29.— (AP) — U. Benton
Blalock, general manager of the
North Carolina Cotton Growers Co
epative Association, today said this
State’s present cotton crop of 519,000
bales is “the smallest in 31 years, but
that is running ace high in quality.”
Blalock said government reports
show that about three-fourths of the
cotton ginned in North Carolina prior
to October 22 stapled 15-16 or better.
■Last year only two-thirds of the gin
nings stapled as well, and five years
ago only one-fifth of the crop, he said.
The cooperative manager said thti
cotton being received by this argani
zation is averaging around one inch
staple or better.
English ‘Prof’ at
Tennessee Univ.
» Found a Suicide
Nnoxville, Tenn., Oct. 29 1 (AP) —A
bellboy entering the hotel room of
Ear! Devon, 28-year-oki English in
structor at the University of Tennessee
today found his body on the floor, a
bullet hole in the right temple and a
revolver near his hand. Coroner; J.
Ed. Garvin returned a verdict of/sui
cide. s
Devon had been an instruetor at the
University of Tennessee years.
Before coming here he was a vocal
music instructor at the University .it
Partly oiusay, sbghtty warmer
tonic**; B«u»day P*rtty dandy;
odder hi wed port-or Sunday aft
■moan. -■
ernor Roosevelt, according to their
account, will carry the Buckeye com
Republican spokesmen emphasize
certain difficulties which, they ex
plain. they are finding necessary to
overcome in order to enable President
Hoover to carry Ohio.
Inasmuch as the existence of thesp
difficulties is recognized hy G. O. P.
experts themselves, perh&pfe it is per
(Coirtji'ued on Page Four.)
—— -' - ~T ?r* *
Two Mountain Familie* 'try,
4 To Stettte Difference*
At Court- y
H t * **
ijech Said To Have dphtel Fire On
McGeoirges; C*le Lee Rccflttiy
Killed Over Wife of One
Os McGeorgea
-) ‘ —— —-
Pineville, Ky., Oct. 29. (AP) —Five
persons were wounded and several
hundred endangered as two mountain
families tried to settle their differ
ences with rifles and pistols in front
of the court house here today.
Fifteen to 20 shots were fired be
fore a deputy sheriff and chief of
Police Pearl Osborne succeeded in
breaking it up by arresting two of the
Passersby fled into stores, hid be
hind automobiles and one or two lay
flat on the pavement.
Three of the wounded were by
Stephen Lee. 58, and his son, George
17, were said by officers to have been
on one side, with Elijah McGeorge,
40, and Martin McGeorge, 21, brothers,
on the other. The men fired at each
other across a 30-foot street. Elijah
McGeorge was out on bond charged
with having killed Jim Lee. son of.
Stephen Lee, four months ago in a"
quarrel over McGeorge's wife.
The wounded were Stephen Lee, bul
let wounds in left arm; George Lee,
shot in lower right breast, and be
lieved to be in a precarious condition,
and three bystanders.
The Lee and McGeorge families,
who live in the mountains about ten
miles from Pineville came to town
today along with numbers of others
for circuit court and the usual trad- 1
ing. Officers said that as the two
Lees clad in overalls and the farmer,
carrying a rifle, approached the court
house, they were told by eye vritneftsee
that the eld#r Lee opened fire
McGeorge brothers A brief session ot
court had Just ended when the firing
aegan. s
Birmingham; Aia.,
1910 first sailor erf the United States
Navy killed in the World War will be
metnondu d here Annisttoe Day by
man 'who was head ot Ne
uron's see forces during the eoofltc*.
Josephus Dan tots of R sleigh, N. C.»
a>.-er Aary of the Ntvvy in WMaco, cab
inet, has accepted an invitation to
make the add rase. He will be intro
duced by deter H- Hanson, pufdeber
of wa 1 and Age-
Herald. Mr. Daniels is publisher of
tha and Ofcaorree*
Roosevelt Travels•
To New England Iti
Final Long Drive
Death Comes With
Storm in Wyoming
Sheridan, Wyoming, Oct. 29.
(AP)—As efforts were made today '
to identify the frozen body of a
hunter, another storm swept the
Big Horn mountains, marooning a |
party of 22 men seeking other lost
hunters. «
The body, believed to be that of
Dtllpn McKinnon. 17 year~old Grey
bull, Wyo., youth, was found on the
western slope of the mountain.
Declare* Democratic Nomi
nee'* Position “All Equ
ally Untenable" on
Big Issue*
Claim* If He Had Time He
Could “Drive** Hi* Oppon
ent “From Every Solitary
Position He Ha* Taken In
Tbis Campaign"; Speaks
From Train
r-*>- • i ’
Aboard President's/’ Special, ' , En
Route to WashingtCn, Oct.
President Hoover's campaign trai/
led hfm eastward today from. a.
Invasion'-<if the Mifddre West, in which
hdyiinick directly tnan ever
'before a?''Governor Rooftevelt* • char-' 1
actertzing the-< Democratic 1 nominee's
position on political' issues as Vail
equally untehable.* !
.The President was swinging back''
through 6hio Arid West Virginia frqm
Indianapolis,..,whei*e he told , a 'ohp
iabity audiOncd iK the 22,000 .
Butler .Field Hou—se laat nigbt 'tHat
thaA.ig' hfl ;ti*d tinrtp he.doyld ‘JdriVe**
hisopponent “from every solitary posit
tlon he has taken In this campaign.”
This statement followed an asser
tion that he had forced Governor
Roosevelt to “shift” his position on
the tariff-through cries of “Atta boy"
from the cheering throng.
Half a dozen rear platform appear
ances faced the President today as he
sped back to the capital to prepare
for his initial campaign tour of the
big eastern states Monday.
7-Inch Rain For 7
Miami, Ten Hqtlrs
FUu .Oct 29 (AP)—
Miami had more thgji seven
inches of rainfall between mid
night and 19:30 o’clock today and
it Isn't over yet,
Low lying Streets were flooded
and many automobiles were left
Strange to say no other point in
Florida has reported a drop of
rain within 34 hours.
For Library
AtN. C. C. W.
Council of State
Votes Money From
Emergency Fund,
With Other Money
Raleigh, Oct. 29.—(AP) —The Coun
cil of State today authorized expendi
ture of $13,000 at the Woman’s Col
lege of the University of North Caro
lina in Greensboro tor rebuilding the
college library, recently seriously
damaged by fire The funds will come
from tne emergency loan *ppi op na
The Council aaao authorized allot
ment at atout si,6oC to Une cocetlkO
tionai and teuboos >■»« to
meet expenses and S7O to ti e *rr
tar/ of stare to pay shipping charges
on distribution of the
ptatuoß as required I tau . ...
Nominee Ha* A1 Smith** As
surance That “Every
thing's All Right £
Over There Now** x A
•Boston Address “Wai
Great,** Candidate A**
sure* Predecessor; In Port
land Monday, Roosevelt
Will Have .Campaigned
‘Fram Maine to California*
Albany, N. Y.. Oct. 29. —(AP>—Gov
ernor Roosevelt faced into the New
England stales today with the assur
ance of Alfred E. Smith, with whom
he spent a friendly hour last night,
that “everything's all right over there
Leaving Albany about noon, the gov
ernor was on the last long swing of
his tour as the Democratic presiden
tial candidate. Monday afternoon,
when he is scheduled to be in Port
land, he will have campaigned liter
aJly "from Maine to California.”
The meeting with Mr. Smith oc
curred last night when the 1928 Dem
ocratic standard-bearer came to Al
bany on, his way from Boston, where
he made a spee:h in behalf of the
Roosevelt-Gamer ticket Thursday
night, to Buffalo, where he speaks to
Smith was met at the mansion
where he lived during four terms as
governor by the butler who worked
there during his years In office. He
shook hands with him and foand
Roosevelt in hi« study.
"That was a great speech in Boston,
A 1,7 Roosevelt remarked^
“I hope it helps,’’/Smith said,. M
Killed by driver
/ /' < • —7*“: r—. :j .
J: W. /Detsc / Under *5,000 Bond
landing Further InvdOtAgitloo
j oi'Dilll of Aidrty Griggs
fCbarHfrtte, Oct': 29.—(AP)—Ardrey
was struck and. killed near
here today by an autbosoblie driven,
police said,'» by v J 'W4 Deese, of Char*
loUe. ~ 1<; k '
flbese,. Vho/wdS placed ; $5,«
OW'bond, pending a- further investlgw
t ion, said' lt’ appeared *o him that tha
lad - broke away from his father*
hhnd as they walked by the highway
and darted across the road.
The body was carried, half a 'block,
witnesses said, before the machine
was brought to a stop.
Deeee was a member of ft' party of
Charlotte men returning from a hunts
ing trip. A
Elloree. S. C. Oct. 29 CAP)—Yegg*
blew the vault at a branch ot the
South Carolina State Bank here eariy;
today and escaped with a sum esttt
mated t obe $2,500. , |
Been Spent
— M*
Receipts Amount Toi
Trifle More Than
.That Sum, Treasury
er Reports Sg&SS: •
Washington, Oct. 29.—(AP)— The
Republican National Committee re
ported today it had expended $1,454.-
179 in the presidential campaign bo
tween June 1 and October 28.
The report was filed with South
Trimble, clerk of the Home by J. R.
Nutt, of Cleveland, treasurer, and the
Republican National Committee said
gross receipts amounted to $1,478,791.
of which $288,042 had been collected
by the national committee ae agent
for State committees.
The report said that on October 2*
the committee had an unexpended
balance of $120,284
Exp nd, iu rt*. ,oi 488?.918 by the nar
• tiortoJ committee for- administration
and other expenses were reported In
■ the period ftum September 1 to Oo*
• obc-r 2d.
• Total cot.triburions from June 1, the
• rt ron 3ii-i io O tuber 2*. an.c.anted
1 lo (SSiDL. and expenditures from
l September J *0 October 28 were Q,-

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