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Reduction Offered
By Power Concerns
Might Be Accepted
Amounts to About $400,000
Annually Throughout
State as Whole, Com
mission Reveals
Officials Closeted With
State Board Probable Solu
tion of Demand For Rate
Cuts; Commission Wishes
To Avoid All Litigation
p , _‘i Niv l • AP« Official* of
p hm i*ublic Service Company
r in private conference
•• h on-mber* of the State Corpora
today for further ,
i-rivim n regard to proposed re
,r • :o electricity rates,
r - Mnim.jvio i. it was learned, is!
v i oblun lower electric rates I
* h r i ‘u:t action, and is also anx- j
hue the reduction reflected |
r, ii.. individual bills as pos- >
? i.- j
i\ .>.l; mainly to secure a wide!
i.Mithut; r. »f the reduction, it wan
-h. i'e , the 1 ommission was of the
,; n. - 'h.it the aggregate reduction
•t *h.- r tl'ii.ndO annually, offered by
:J>» fmt ni ijnr utilities of tne State
. r-inference last week, was about
»»v wniid oe adopted,
it- lUi.iam officials were the first
n-.e hick since the public con
s. ;it which each of the four
rr-r mimes made its proposal to
••’luce rates.
• ne lompaniea affected are the
S unhern Public t'tilities Company, a
of the Duke Power Corn
er Thi* Tidewater Power Company
>-<! 'r.e Carolina Power and Light
For Big Rally In
Richmond Tonight
Va . Nov. I. (AP)--Vlr-
F"* converged
h-i "d ’-day for what was planned as
■it* mai ■! rally of the present - cam
roni~h' Colonel HenVy Brecken
", es ~f New York, will be the prin
ft;>, -p«*aker at the meeting, during
* kh »he nine Democratic candl
t,,‘- Nr f o n (fre«s will be introduced.
A ■ rrh light parade from Capitol
’•> ’he Mosquo auditorium will
’he meeting, and at the con
c ’’ >t the local speaking program
‘h* iuienee wiil be given an oppor
’,i hem the broadcast of UnIM
Senator Carter Glass'
sp j ' n fiom Washington.
R »>ign. Nov 1 iAPi-H. O.
“-worth. 0 f New York, president
American Institute cf Electri
r* Kn* neers. will address the fall
r> " ng of the North Carolina section
r> he orginazation here November 4
a ' N r S ate College. John E. Lear
'* ' h»’ .-i Mm is chairman of the
Ceroijni section.
Mercy For
Slayer Os
Son Asked
K'lther Is Not Bitter
vgainst Convicted
Boy For Killing In
Ga Nov 1 < API—An IS
j ■ waj sentenced to prison
■ o l; >y for killing another in a
’h iu ' " il ' Urted with one calling
E:V *'‘"' , "' u tnr and attorneys for
„• .. h 1 a " r eed to the sentence
•ij . , . pl ’ Md, ‘ d guilty to a charge
t ...irdenng Troy Hand
1 iZT J uarrelled last January
S {, , Hand was »hot in th«
o. * hoepiUl unt “ hia
• Z‘ the Biain y ° uth u**-
•h , .i.,, v^ the llfe sentence rather
11 or the voung slayer.
m > boy. but he is Jurt a
• • ' ,'*" d . 1 don t wa nt to see bim
ii: e „ r| ' <l Sttia the parent. "The
’■'* to me, 1 *
% » -. .. pgRRY MEMORIAL U 6
Mttmttßtm Batin Btsnntrb
'» , ‘Tia*aßMß:„?sssfi»
Stumps for Her Dad
■ VSF m
Miss Henrietta Park, pretty daugh
ter of Judge Guy B. Park of Kan
sas City, is on the stump for hei
father, Democratic candidate for
governor of Missouri. A high
*. »efropMr*ster. ofcWmvd .
a leave of absence to travel
throughout the state in her fa
ther’s behalf. Judge Park, inset,
succeeded Franci? M Wilson as
head of the state Democratic
ticket following Wilson’s sudden
death a few weeks ago.
Shoots Girl,
Suicides, On
Main Street
Leßoy Kitchin, 28,
Dies After Firing on
Employer And Girl
Richmond, Va.. Nov. I.—(AP)—Miss
Ruth Slauson, 19. was shot through
the head and Leßoy Kitchin, 2&, died
as the result of bullet wounds inflict
ed shortly afternoon today at Main
an* l Eleventh streets in the heart of
Richmond's business district.
Clarence PhoeDus, employer of both
Miss Slauson and Kitchin, was walk
ing with her at the time, and told re
porters later that Kitchin approached
them and fired four shots, the first
in the direction of Phoebus, the sec
ond. which wounded the girl, and the
temaining anes into his own head.
Miss Slauson. who was conscious while
undergoing first aid treatment, con
firmed this account, and said she had
no idea why Kitchin shot her.
Kitchin died shortly after being
taken to a hospital.
The noonday crowd which passed
along the street adjacent to the Rich
mond post office, where the shoot
ing 'occurred, was thrown into wild
confusion by the tragedy and milled
around, blocking traffic during the
brief period before the dying man and
wounded girl had been removed.
Picking Jury For
Casey’s New Trial.
; In Lenoir County
Kinston, Nov. I.— <AP>- Herman
Casey, ‘convicted once of murdering
J. C. Causey. Suffolk. Va.. lumber
man, and who has seen the date of,
his electrocution changed five times,
went on trial for his life again in
Superior court here today.
Jm court opened, selection of a.
Jury from a special venire of 225 was
begun, but as the names were drawn
it appeared the task might take some
time. The venire was ordered ymtei
day when Casey pleaded not guilty a*
he fus gjrnlfMd, , „ T '
Women on Board Rumored
To Have Outvoted Men
. , jU Favor of New Text
• For Schools
\ FORJTHE present
h That Action lg Being
*ktpt Secret Until After
Election in Fear of Effect
on Voters, Who A>«
Known to Oppose Changes
in Books
Dallr Dlnpiitrh Sams.
- *» Sir W.ltfr Hold
nv J. t. RASH Kit VI LI,.
Raleigh, Nov. 1. —TL* State Elemen
tary Textbook Commission, which
held a aecret meeting In Greensboro
a week ago, has declined to make pub
lic what action it is going to recom
mend with regard to the adoption of
new geography texts, evidently de
ciding It is better not to make any
report until after the general election
on November 8. All efforts to even !
get an intimation of what the com
mission did have failed until today,
when it was learned from sources close
to the commission that it will pro
bably recommend the adoption of a
new geography series when it makes
ts report to Dr. A. T. Allen. State
superintendent of public instruction,
and the State Board of Education,
after the election.
It is also understood that while some
as the members of the commission
opposed any recommendation for a
lew book adoption at this time, that
hey were outvoted by the women
members of the commission, all of
vhom are school teachers.
There Is little doubt here that the
commission has purposely decided to
postpone its action until after the
slectio nto prevent this action being
used in the campaign. Even the an
nouncement that the meeting was to
be held brought forth a vigorous pro
test from‘Algernon L Butler, of Clin
ton, the TteputUiqan candidate for
Vtate superintendent of public instruc
ion. who maintained that any move
toward another textbook adoption
low would only be another move to
"take care" of the textbook publish
Ing companies and help them filch at
least 2300,000 more out of the pockets
of parents the first year the new book
adoption went into effect.
A book adoption at this time is not
a direct issue in the campaign, of
course. The talk about it has already
proved irritating and it is no secret
'hat the Democratic political leaders
wish the matter had not been brought
up at this stage in the campaign and
would like to have it all "shushed"
antil after the election.
Some opinion neie la that the text
book companies knows that any move
(Continued on Page Eight.)
Johnstown Mayor
Offers Glassford
Police Chief Job
Johnstown. Pa.. Nov. I.—(AP)—■
Mayor Eddie McCloskey announced
today that Pelham D. Glassford, re
signed head of the Washington police,
will be offered the post of chief of
police of Johnstown. The power of ap
pointment lies wholly with the mayor.
McCloskey is an admirer of Glass
ford. He lauded his handling of the
situation in Washington during the
occupation of the capital by the
“bonus army.”
MoCloekey invited the “army” to
Johnstown after it was evacuated from
Washington by Federal troops. For a
week the "routed army” encamped in
an amusement park on the outskirts
of this city.
Candidate For House And
Former Recorder Has
Heart Attack
Durham. Nov. I.—(AP)—Paul C.
Graham, former recorder’s court judge
here, and a Democratic candidate for
the State House of Representative*,
died at bis home here today of a heart
He was 62 years old, and a brother
of A. H. Graham, of Hillsboro, can
didate for lieutenant-governor and a
former speaker of tne Mouse.
Graham was the son of the late John
W. Graham, a former State treasurer
and attorney for the North Carolina
railroad. He moved here 36 yfeara ago,
and engaged in the practice of law.
He Was a graduate erf t be/Uni versify
of North Carolina
Funeral serricas were tentatively
arranged to be held here tomorrow,
with Interment to fuhow et HUlsfcaro* -
A Gargoyle View of New York
fkJ*.£ ne ° f t i*tiEi teSqUe fi ? ures th* l saw down upon the world from
i^imnld S aM? n *? t tll eme,lta k 0f °® thic «™etures, this workman
u.T” the grey heavens high above myriad flickering lights of
Manhattan. He m balanced on a steel beam of a new skyscraper in
Rockefeller Center while the Enioire Stale Buildine looms at the left.
Democrats Might Capture
Jersey, Pennsylvania And
Maryland; Hardly Delware
(hi New' YofW^rtty To analyze
the political outlook there, Char
les P. Stewart considers the trend
In four eastern states through
which he has just passed.)
New York, Nov. I.—One passes
through four political zones, travel
ing here from Washington—the Mary
land zone, the Delaware zone, the
Pennsylvania zone and the New Jer
Woman Near
Death After
Bold Plunge j
Miss Belle Pollard, 25,
Washington, N. C.,1
Woman, Is. Injured!
In Capital
Washington, Nov. I.—CAP) Miss,
Belle Pollard, 25, of Washington. N. i
C., walked through a rain storm to
the middle of the Taft Memorial.
Bridge early today and then plunged |
more than 100 feet into the Rock ’
Creek ravine It spans.
Jesse Ward a taxicab driver, told |
police he saw her walking hatless
through the driving rain at about
2:80 a. m.
Her fall, broken by a tree, Miss Pol- i
lard was still conscious when Ward j
reached her. To all his questions, how- 1
ever, he said, should would only reply: I
"Woudn't you like to know?"
Emergency hospital physicians said ■
Miss Pollard suffered many broken |
bones, and that her condition was
“critical.” She was visiting her sis- i
ter, Mrs. R. L*. Blalock, who lives on |
Connecticut avenue, just a few blocks i
from the bridge, in one of the capital's
fashionable residential sections. Mem
bers of the family could not explain
Miss Pollard's action.
Hertford, Nov. I. (AP>—A special!
venire of 100 persons from Beaufort
county waa summoned today for pos
sible jury duty to try Bennie Lamb,
charged frith murdering three per
sons. ™
Fair and odder; probably frost
In Inertor tonight;. Wednesday
fair, rising temperature In extreme
i- est portion.
or Hhe« pfrisd sskllng at noon
today; Highest temperature, S;
Imwl, SI; fainted*JA of as lank;
sey zone.
io begin with Maryland, squinted at
from Baltimore—
There is no doubt about the “Free
rftato" this year.
Maryland, while unreliable, is basi
cally Democratic anyway. At present
the only betting is on the si2e of its
Democratic majority in November.
Senator Millard E, Tydings’ re-elec
(Contlnued on Page Five.)
In Pitt County Tonight, He
Will Be Among Former
Strong Critic*
nniir n«r««a,
la the- sir W alter Ho««l.
Raleigh, Nov. I—A1 —A tremendous
ctx>wd is expee'ed to greet Governor
O. Max Gardner in Greenville, Pitt
county, tonight, where he will make
the second of four campaign speeches
scheduled for this week, according to
Demociatic headquarters here. Gov
ernor Gardner spoke yesterday after
noon in Roxboro. He wg 1 not make
any speech Wednesday, but will speak
Thursday night i n Oxford and Friday
night, in High Point, on the same pro
gram with Governor Russeli of Geor
g a He Is scheduled for any
speech Saturday.
W. E. Hooks, of Greenville was in
Democratic headquarters here Sat
urday and said that they were plan
ning to have one of the largest crowds
(Continue* rc Page Five.)
Toronto, Canada, Nov. I. (AP>
Delay of at least two weeks in ex
tradition proceedings against Martin
J. Insult seemed assured today when
counsel for Cook county. Illinois, said
he would Interpose no objection to a
postponement sought by InsulP* #oun
F. Lammont Beilin, of Pwfuytteb,
Appointed "to Diplomatic Office
In Poland
Washington. Nov. I.—“-( AP)—■ Ap-
POinttnent of F. BelSn, of
Washington, D. C-, and Waverty, Pa.,
as nmWaaarlor to Poland was mad*
today by President Hoover. |
Beilin, a career man In the dip
'omatic service, wiH succeed John N.
Willy*. Toledo, Ohio, automoW* menu
factursr, who recently resigned in or
der to devote more time to bußines*
affairs. ; ; - 3 . • - •
Otfc ." - ,y* ;
PuaugaxD ivist Ajrra&woon
■xchpt Sunday.
Hoover Indulging
In “Personalities, ’*
Roosevelt Charges
Bound for Moscow
Mr,. Mary Mooney, mother of Tom
Mooney (San Quentin prisoner), is
ahown with Carl Hacker, secretary
of the American delegation to the
world congress of the International
Red Aid, as she sailed from New
York on the S. S. Europa. Mrs.
Mooney will’ be an honorary dele
gate at the Red Congress, which will
be held in Moscow from November
10th to the 25th
Will Speak In Springfield,
111., and St. Louis Friday
on Drive for Re-
Charged Democratic Cam
paign Proposals Would
‘'Break Down Our Form
of Government;'* Attacks
Roosevelt's Idea “For A
New Deal" In U. S.
Washington. Nov. 1. (API - Re
turning to the W’hite House today
with plans for winding up his re-elec
tion in the west, President fcfoover
left behind him in Mew Yorir an as
sertion tha. Democratic campaign
proposals would “break down our
form of government.”
Arrangements for a western trip be
ginning Thursday, which probably
will carry him to the west coast for
election day, wv e under preparation
as the President's train reached
Washington at 7 a. .m.. where he told
a Madison Square Garden rally last
night that Governor Roosevelt’s pro
posal “for a new deal” would "destroy
the American system" of life.
'A pouring rain drenched the city
as the President and Mrs. Hoover left
the train soon after Its arrival to drive
to the White House for breakfast.
In two days they again will board a
special train for a fifth westward
campaign jaunt before the votes are
cast a week from today.
The Republican National Committee
announced that the chief executive
will speak in Springfield. 111., Friday
afternoon and In St. Louis Friday
night. Presidential aides said he also
might possibly make an address at
Indianapolis, and one of the chief
executive's closest friends on the train
assarted he had virtually decided to
go on to his home at Palo Alto in
time to vote election day.
Rebel Leaders In
Brazil Are Exiled
From the Country
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nov. J. —(AP)
—Police revealed the names of lead
ers of the recent reVolutlon -who are
being sent into exile today, Including
prominent generals, editors and other
The deportations are probably an-,
paralleled in South American history'
in bbth the number and prbmicnce
of those exiled.' They left here Sun
day nMt on the steamer > Pedro:
Prime to, most pf them bound for Por
t - -^l—i
Says President Ha t at Last
• -Came To. Realize Ho Has
y Opposition For
Even Further In New
York by Abandoning “Arg
uments for Personalities";
Nominee ' Reiterates 'My
Respect Fop His Person
and Office"
With Governor Roosevelt. Boston,
Maas.. Nov. 1. (AP> -Governor Roose
velt. in the last major speech of h s
presidential campaign, told a Boston
audience last night that President
Hoover abandoned arguments for per
A few minutes after Mr. Hoover
finished speaking last night in Ne-v
York City, the Democratic presiden
tial candidate said “at first the Presi
dent refused to recognize that he was
in a contest, but as the people have
responded to our program with en
thusiasm, he recognized that we were
both candidates."
“And then," Mr. Roosevelt adde’.
"dignity died. At Indlanapai s he
spoke of my arguments - misquoting
them- and he went further at Nrw
York. He abandoned arguments for
The nominee declared. "I shall nit
yield to the temptation to wh3ch the
President yielded. On the contrary, I
reiterate my respect for his person
and his office.”
Did Gov. Gardner
V ote Full Ticket?
He Didn’t Miss It
Raleigh. Nov. I.—(AP)—Gover
nor and Mrs. O. Max Gardner to
day dispatched “absentee ballots"
to their Shelby home to be coast
ed in the general election next
"Did yoa vote the straight Dem
ocratic ticket?" the governor was
asked jokingly.
“I didn’t mis*,’* warn the quick
Hertford, Nov. 1.- <AP>—George
Lane, whq first said a tree fell on
his son July 28. killing him, who later
was jailed In connection wi»h the
death, and who last week accused his
wife of murdering the boy. was in
dicted himself for murder today a
PerqiHmans county grand jury.
He has been in jail since a few days
after the death of Woodrow Lane. 17,
and was accused when first jailed of
slaying the boy in order that be might
collect fI.OOO life Insurance.
Later Lane repudiated his statement
that a tree fell on Woodrow aa th*
two cut wood here, and after bta
wife had been lodged in jail In con
nection with the death, signed an. af
fidavit saying he saw his wife hit thg
boy in the head with an axe. L
- v :
Head Under
Arrest Now;
Hannin/gton, Known:
As Communist, Is
Taken In Raid On
London Quarters
Lon dor., Nov. 1.- (AP) —The poiiM
raided the headquarters of the nar
tlonal tinemployed workers movement
today and arrested W. A. L. Haa
ningtjT.n, organizer of the "hunger”
army's march on London, which has
precipitated two bloody riot* within
a week.
’/Twenty detective* raided Hanning
t'jn’s office and arrested him while
■ye was talking to e reporter. The of
ficers immediately took charge at the
room where clerk* end typists were
preparing for tonight’s demonstra
Han f»ington was taken to Bow street
in a taxicab. The organizer of the
hunger army has long been known to
police is a communist and be claims
responsibility for the naval mutiny at
Inerctyde last year. He organised a
similar march on Ldiuion in IMO.
Other leaded of the unemployed de
clared that the demonstration sche
duled for, tonight would be carried
out despite. Hvmington’s arrest.

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