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education week
Ch»iien«e T ° Hom * "Aa4
School To Rally to Comm
It Offered
• connection with the observance
wrek throughout the nation of
Education W<ek November
- j i*rof W 1’ Payne of Henderson
. ~r.o*’ gave out information on
et ’he home, the school
tr- child* char cter to the chUu.
r .-nt w.is -et forth as "a cbal
u home and school ot rally to
. t c.-kse of schools and education
j, * J an excerpts ftom Prof.
\.mat Child's Home
j nth.* hom r .» child lays the founds.
• r . . t id< t r r.'tabhshes proper hab-
f taring s.eeping elimination, and
tXr;% ..t Hi.< home provides him with
; 4 b.H>kx a p ace to study, muscal
rn'- pet.- a garden, play spac>
<r.’. ’’ simulating influence of in.!
• family discussion The hom e i
. ,v. i.t child in the performance I
ir.p.e chores; it teaches him the,
i, k f nun a y and gives him his first
.- m cooperation In the home
. t>.' with others, to keep
• . ». >1 ind to respect authority.
H- r. n- to be loya land to assume
■ ;-t ~’:rs With his brothers
-■ ~<> «he takes the initiative in j
• c .risiirr moments with worthy
2k - v , Most important of all he
fl : - tr.e importance of home. His
*r. tu uie home will rasemble that of
parents'. Let us magnify the
- n.r Na ional Education Associa
Your Child’s School
Lid you t vri stop to think what th?
> . t y>-u rciald would be like with- >
r.< common school? How would
-,.nd the long days, where would
: ;aj. what friendships would he
see wr.ai influences would mold hi
. £ personality, how his faith Tn
- 3,<r-.f and human nature would be
a:frG»i by a heartless wcrld. how he
w u.j mak e tht important transition
m •he simple life of the family to
—,e tr.- re complicated life outrUde,
h fWould learn no; only to read.
• w./r 3"d to cypher, but the thou,
and u - other matters that deter
-3., *•.. -ability to get on in the world?
\\ ..4 y u be willing to undertake
c_. • t.'K by yourself? Your child’s
n.'.v... trpr-sents you. It seeks to
c t. - i. the children what the best
ir£ ».-«<• parents would do for their
<-..dr*i. had they the time and the
•>-.nt National Education Assoc io.
Your Child’s Character
>od character is the supreme objec
•o 6? education an dos life. In
worthy standards of conduct
*•- »mt>hu3ized and th thot
-■ >; r -reliance and happiness are
j j v-J The school is building
c-.’ti -r ,n your chil dby helping
h.n: v h.»ve physical, mental and
fp.ritui. fitness; by training him to
fat’s correctly and to weigh evi
-4e-.c carefully; by encouraging him
>b*erve 'he standards of good be.
havtor u .. matter of irifelllgent action
ti a-r ’han because he fears punish
f-r.' The school teaches the lives
' men 'unowned for their nobility of
uti 4,'t I; offers opportunities to ■
'’«■ -"p "he lUJltties of honesty, gene. !
■’> dependability and courage I
•*r...'h it<- the glory of good men. The
• i fu.trrs faith It commends to
•t. a beleif in God and religion.—
Ni' ona: Education Association).
f»a< her* (> f America Carry On
‘ ’r:r ; e hours of depression when
n.<>r. n d are being tested.
*'- r . fa.th .n democracy and the abil
f he people to control their desti
wavering .when ’ there are
■ r>tbtiut universa leduca’ion. and:
♦’t. ■ .ur government and its activi.
- nr attacked and criticized, more
'•> uur.e million teacher sos America
■ ’ir -nr t unswerving allegiancvtto
- principles of freedorrf'm re
which ou have,
1 - bu.lt i.Joseph JtrfMer President!
!.>, Education '‘/.JBOciation. >
iCont.nued from Page O"e.>
•' 'ii.s thf* Highway Patrol to exert |
« -4>-t efforts to reduce automobile j
: i-nt- by being more strict in its i
’’ '• emrnt of the highway laws. 1
tddi'ion to bearing down on all I
'« « anvers generally, the patrol-j
Aill be ordered to give particular !
'ion (’apt Farmer said, to the |
a : g classes of law violators:
1 *ho drive in the middle of j
One Cent Sale
Thursday, Friday
and Saturday
've iarge advertisement
,u tomorrows paper.
K>g Savings For You
Drag Store
Mrs. Willie Laurel Olive, the Ala
bama Lady Evangelist will begin a re
vival at the Court House in Oxford
Sunday Nov. 13th at 2:30 P. M. Mrs I
Olive is known throughout this South
land as one of the greatest Evan
gelists of this age She is at this time
conducting a revival under her lar-e
tent at Bristol. Tenn.
We want some friends to lend us a
good light piano.
The last service she held here was
on a rainy night Dec. 13th, 1931. The
Court house was filled to capacity.
People traveled more than a hundred
miles to attend this revival. We ask
for your cooperation and prayers. All
are cordiaiiy invited.
the road and who are known to police
and patrolmen as “road hogs,” and
who constantly endanger traffic.
Those who pass other cal's on cur
ves or hills.
Those who drive into main highways
from side roads without stopping.
Those "hearse drivers" who by their
extremely slow driving create traffic
jams and impede the normal flow of
Those who do sufficiently respect 1
the rights of pedestrians.
Orders to patrolmen along these !
same lines were sent out about three
months ago and as a result mqfe and
more arrest have been made for viol
ations along these lines, Capt. Farmer
said. But now on the patrolmen will
be instructed to be harder on these
violators than at any time yet.
“The members of the State Highway
Commission feel that with the large
number of serious automobile acci
dents in the State and the heavy loss
of life and property resulting from
them, that the time has come to put
the clamps down on the reckless and
careless drivers and compel them to
obey the laws of common sense, which
are the laws of the road," Chairman
E. B. Jeffress said today. "The peo
ple have had ample time to learn what
the laws are and to learn to observe
them. If they do not observe them
from now on, they have only them
selves to blame."
Hike And Armistice Day
Parade Planned at
Troop 31 met with 25 scouts pre
sent Saturday night at the Episcopal
Parish House.
The meeting opened with the patrols
giving their yells and then all the
scout%<z-gi\4ng their troop yell. Lining
up by patrols. Scoutmaster, J. M. aßt
son inspected and chose the color
guard. Due to the tardiness of the
bugler. “To the colors" could not be
played, but the "Pledge of Alliegiance"
to the f!a gwas given anti the business
meeting opened.
On the business program, a hike
was arranged to be taken by the en-
ot Roses
Winner <> ver e n V rnthv° Edwards
sow the honor, oro^ y
(•Uval, blonde-haired. °
Cali h2^o t
•k haa be«B cboeen yueen
Pasadena ’Tournymmt g
<nma $
Number Os New Books
Now 1 Perry Library
A Library)
no non th. 5 . h * QeW faU 500113 are
rary ’^ 1V * 9 of ,he p "ry lib-
faXite ß^?*. 0 the out3tand ‘ng and
whiil 1 ““‘bora have new books.
wnter a S ° me °* * re by new
♦’Grover Cleveland: A Study In
Courage l s a m>ut ß tanding biography
by Allan Nevlna. This life
in many respeete. a wholly new por
rait of Cleveland, the man as well as
the political leader, and reveals per
haps for the first time with fidelity
and sympathy, a towering figure,
richly human, rugged and courageous.
Another biography which has been
added lo “Marbacka” by Selma Lag
erlof. Thia autobiography gives an
interesting picture of the authors
early life.
Those who read Julian Duguid s
‘Green Hell’ remember the varied ex.,
perienees which he had traveling in
South America. I n his travels he met
a native known as Tiger Man. In his
lire troop out to the cabin Friday
night. The scoutmaster then told of a
letter received from Council head
quarters, which stated that $5Oo was
needed for the council. To stimulate
interest in this city, a window is to
be decorated by the two troops oi this
city at the old Montgomery Ward
store. The last thing on the meeting
was the announcement of the Armis
tice Day Parade to be held in the aft
ernoon. Al) the scouts in town are to
march in this.
Instruction was in charge of Wal
ter Burwell and it consisted of a drill
ing contest between the four patrols.
The Hawks walked away with the
honors in this.
Ransom Duke conducted the games.
"Steal the Bacon" was played and the
Beaver patrol won but only after a
hard battle with the Hawks, and a
much easier fight with the Tigers.
The troop was then entertained by
a quartet chosen from the troop by
Bobby Davis and several songs were
sung. After this the entire troop sang
one song and then the usual closing
was bad.
The mystery box, brought by Ran
som Duke, was served as the scouts
went out of the scout room.
Jack Anderson, Scribe.
Picture Director murdered! The whole film colony is aghast.
' You‘ll thrill to the work of Jere Kane, police, reporter, when he
F *y_ jt starts unwinding this mystery in the new story.
Chinese Puzzle!
NOVEMBER 11, 1932
THis vE?I 1 V'JBll Great
Mystery! '^*^L sa
flfsiSk JO
* ■ ji
■■ m ■ &i?ilt r taMMMBHMmIB Bhb I
Ju xxxlbHL
new book ‘‘Tiger Man" he relates the
natives experiences as told to him.
Tiger Man marche sthrough the jun
gle lik e a conqt-Wlng god to the infin
ite delight of readers.
The first volume of James Adams
history "The March of Democracy"
“The Rise of the Union" is onw at the
libraiy. By means of an unusual
skill in assimilating material has
Setting a Good Example
first to enroll in this year's annual Red Cross roll call was i le.tdent
Hoover who is shown receiving the button from John Barton Payne,
chairman of the American Red Cross. Mrs. Hoover (at right) received
the second button. The presentation was made at the White House
■hortly before the President and Mrs. Hoover left on their western trip.
, been able to five the e rader a clear
' enMJy comprehensible and
i interesting account of the vast and
active history ot American life.
Norma Pa'Person has written an.
| other attractive love story ‘‘Sun
Shinees Bright". It i« » story of
i Kentucky days in which hte heorine is
I a lovely girl of nineteen who has been
left without parents and faced with
necessity of motering three brothers.
‘The First Night" by Lorna Rea is
the story of the opening night of a
• first play by Cecil Williams. His fu-
I ture depend son the success of this
: play for the girl he loves has promised
I to many him if the play goes over.
‘ Beyond th eßlue Sierra" by Honre
W. Morrow is a biographeial hlstori.
cal novel in which the element of ro
! maade to not leaking The etory ic of
Don Bautista de Anza who in 1775
mnde ttet first magnificent 2.000 mile
txsk from Mexico City to tower Cali
A love story—a story of the depress
elon, “close t o the hearts of millions
of men and women" is Warwick D«*ep
ings ‘’3mlth“.
A tyrannical Lieutenant, shortage °f
food, mutiny and plenty of adventure
are woven into the plot In Norman
Hall’s and Charles Nordhoff‘s "Mu.
tiny On the Bounty.”
Thoroughly absorbed in his literary
work. John yearned for only one thing
—a quiet place and peace'in which to
finish th e writing job on which he was i
deeply engaged. “Quiet Place" by
Wile Preservers
'Take three cups of 1< ft-ov<-r
mashed potatoes, add one-half cup
milk, one egg. beat well, put in
buttered casserole, sprinkle with
cheese and bake in a ituxlcram
oven for 20 minutes
Here's A Picture The Whole Family Will Enjoy
With Seth Parker and His Jonesport Crowd at
Stevenson Theatre, Thursday, November 10th
Other attractive features on this program will provide a thoroughly
enjoyable entertainment.
Circle No* 4 Presbyterian Church Sponsors
Regular Admission Prices
I EUxabctk Stancy Payne to a gay, ten
der and entertaining leva tewy-
Sophia Cleugh in “Anna Mntguerite”
tails the rtory of the captivating
daughter of a maid-in waiting to the
Quevn of France. Buffeted by tartare
eke le da life of extreme*— from pov
erty to wealth, high life to tow UH,
joy to despair.
‘‘Riverhead’* by Robert Hillyer la
a story In which a young man dia.
covers that the mechanics o living
have kept him from life Herif.
Peter B. Kyne’s ”Tw» . Make a
World" and Martha Osteaao's “Pro
logue To Ixjve" are two stories by
popular authors which will be en
joyed .
Wife Preservers
1. .»• .
.\n uld pump used tor
sprinkling fruit or flowers may bo
used for taking old wall paper off
the walla Fill sprinkler with
warm soapsuds containing ona-indf
<ui> of vinegar, then spray waNc
twice, and wall paper will como oC

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