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picked out with red of
f ba-hf.'
.^ r ~n :he fences: russet, bronze.
~f oaks and beeches; mys-
TV ,r
fft r .,oi< of water He. and edged
*h*re round
th , v f V glamour of the shallow
. 4 j-.»v white nonody of sky.
'' . Hf’f fen the heaven and earth
1 ;
/.»«• filling snow that makea
, \t:.
w v f -*-hr 'ugh you see a mystery', a
s t r.i
' onrs to s r»rfect whole
i . -hr heart with beauty ar.d
r ,. n withholden loveliness of
r„ m The Collected Poems of
Hi.-ha t t Burton."
t Mtlnt In City.
y. Mr* s D Young, of Grand
„ r 4« Nnch « <* in the ~ity vii *-
-I M •" I Mrs R E. Clements.
|ii>rar> Takes Holiday.
p. f H I e*lie Ferry Memorial L -
* be closed Friday. November
.. \~rt' ■’ ’» Pay. it was announced
*>'>uci Club To Meet.
p«» >i - Souci Literary Club will
•-n <rri>w afternoon at 3:30
:■ h Mrs. I. H. Hoyle on the
CxPrJ Hoad.
No < holr Rehcaraa..
n.r» "1 be no rehearsal tonight
,» •-» rh >:r of the Methodist Pro
•« i- - church, it was announced to
a tu -he director of the choir.
Returns to Washington.
y*« R’r.i'iM Hart, of Washington,
n c >f f *>*day after visiting her
Mr' J Y. Landis, on Chestnut
, ;r .*- Mr' Hart was formerly Miss
g,o - Furweii of this city.
Haw Shower for Crossnore.
A members of the Daughters of
•i» Amenct" Revolution attending Its
*tr.»' nv*ri;:g tonight with Mrs. T. I
i K "re on Church street at 8|
c k a r e a.-ked to remember tne l
C'ser f'r Crossnore.
Has Brunswick Stew.
T*!» missionary society and the
P j-r.et class of City Road M. E.
crr- k wi'i have 'a brunswick stew
•yr from 5 30 to 8 p. m. at T.
£ R.'k®rs Every one is invited to
Th®ie will be a small charge
!:t i. plates.
<«*i vhwl at Union Chapel.
nil b«* Sunday school at i
’* - Chapel church Sunday morn
-.i i* \" a m it was announced to
«*• Th*» pastor Rev. C. L. Spencer,
* t» a»m\ on Sunday attending the
f.-ia conference of the North Caro
.•= Me'h-'iisr Protestant church in
B-'. "g'nn
Bible Class To Meet.
The *"j'!tu"s meeting of the Wo
n-< R.b> class of the First Presby
•—in rhi.-i-h which was to have been
-• f " 'hiorr <w evening, has been post
i' - il Friday evening at 8 o'clock
- a'-c-.j * of the motion picture that
o Si .r.z -ponsored by Circle No. 4 of
,h *-hup h The meeting Friday even
{ *i . h- a' th«“ home of Mrs. W. T.
r, North William stceet, with
v ‘- Watkins and Mrs. Vldk as
r+ m —■" ■ ■
Birth of Son.
•!• *r<t Mrs L- P. Dunn announce
r 'h of a nine-pound son. Frank
• Dunn. Monday morning at 1
** Mother and son are said to
* ?»*• "_’ along very nicely.
r% i
Fewer Colds,
l««f severe colds for
ysu this winter with
Vicks Plan for better
Ccntrel-ef -Colds.
♦ don t fail to enter your baby, eight
For Our Baby Photo Contest
November 9 and 10»4i
' 1 Fro »n »A. M. to «P. M—Rain or Shine
I and Useful household gifts to be awarded. This is not
» ; v r " No baby too young to enter. We have secured the
, t f * high grade Professional Baby Photographer for this coo
■ H < '»t>xt'xiyY lnVil ' y ° U l ° talie advantage of thia SPUSNL'ID OP.
I Leggett’s Dept, Store
l Henderson's Shopping Center"
Marland Martin Pattern
•dr/ \\
/ IJ
Junior Auxiliary
Will Sell Flags
There will be a sale of flags by the
Junior American Legion Auxiliary and
its sponsors tomorrow, November 10.
To wear a flag in memory of our be
loved soldiers is a privilege that
i should be accepted gratefully by every
j American citizen and the loyal re
! sponse of the public is asked.—Re
j ported.
| Serv ice Tonight *
Honors Mothers
A special service will be had to
night at 7 :30 o'clock at South Hen
derson Baptist church for the moth
i o'-', of that community who hu/e been
Jiving there for the past 20 years. Rev.
E R. Nelson will conduct the s-rvice
The public is cordially invited t»
rilend this service in honor o* the
; older mother’s of the community. 1
Flat Rode News
Rev. J. W. Braxton, pastor of a»
i number of M. P. churches in
. county, left Tuesday'for BttrlingT&h' to*
attend the annual M. P. conference.
Miss Fay Howell of Townsville
'pent the past week-end with Miss
Elizabeth Lucille Wilßerson.
Miss Annie Mae Gardner is spend#
ing sometim* in Durham, as the guefit
of her grandmother, Mrs. Annie Per
Johnnie Neison of Oxford visited
! his uncle. W. H. Nelson. Sr.. Saturday
* J. K. Hester of Henderson spent
several days recently with Mr. and
' Mrs. C. A. Wortham and family.
1 Sunday school was held at Flat
i ,Rock M P. church, at 10 o'clock, with
the superintendent. H. E. White in
| icharge. The officers for the coming
t year were elcted as follows:
Superintendent -L T . J. Parrott.
Assistant Superintendent—H. E.
; Secretary and Treasurer —T. P. Hes
Preaching services were held Sun
day afternoon at 3 o'clock with the
•pastor. Rev. J. W. Braxton
i This was the last service of the con-
J ference year.
The Christian Endeavor Society met
' at the church Sunday night at seven
o'clock with Miss Milderd Jones as
J the leader.
| The program was as follows:
Song—Since Jesus Came Into My
I Heart.
Scripture reading—St. Matthew 8:16-
: 20—Harry Wortham.
Prayet-—Miss Katherine Reavis.
XB.EJ rsxmr ngrarcn . Wednesday, nqwiber 9 .
msphomi do
An attractive afternoon frock that is
just made for crepey silks and satins
in the exquisite new WUnter shades.
It ha skirt seamings that
Are delightfully in keeping with the
deep pointed bodice yoke. Sleeves,
puffed gracefully above the elbow are
gathered Into tight cuffs-or may b
allowed to flare as show n ln small
Pattern 9284 may be ordered only in
sizes 14 to .0 and 32 to 42 Size 16 re
quires 4 yards 39 inch fabric. Illus
trated step.by-step sewing instructions
included with this pattern.
To ge»t a pattern of this model, send
FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) In coins or
stamps (coins preferred). Please
write very plainly vour NAME, .AD
of each pattern oidered.
for a complete collection of the
smartest, most practical and easiest
to-make styles, consult the MARIAN
Include beautiful models for juniors
and kiddies, ms well a sthe best of the
new season's afternoon, evening. sporM
and house frocks, lingerie and pajamas
Exquisite items for gift sewing, too.
address all orders to The Daily
Dispatch Pattern Department, 232
West 18th Street. New York City.
What is taught in the text—Miss
Gladys Jones.
Song—Rescue the Perishing.
Discussion of the topic—Miss Pansy
Christian Endeavor Prayer—Society.
Hal Tudor of Durham spent Friday
night with Louis Davis.
Misses Delia Puckett and Mabel
Nelson spent the past week-end in
Dexter as the guests of the latter’s
sister, Mrs. C. M. Greene.
Misses Helen Bobbitt and Blanche
Wortham spent the past week-end
with the latter’s sister, Mrs. Carlton
Lavinder of Greystone.
Hugh Davis is spending sometime
in Durham .as the guest of relatives.
Mrs. Leon Harris and daughter,
Dorothy Louise, were the guests of
Mrs. Harris parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Nelson, Sr., Friday.
Mrs. Christine Gardner spent the
past week-end in Durham, as the
guest of her mother, Mrs. Annie Per
Mrs. C. M. Greene of Dexter. Mrs.
Horace Woodlief and son, Horace. Jr.,
of Henderson visited Mrs. Greene's
parents. Mr and Mrs. W. H. Nelson.
Sr.. Monday.
W. T. Davis and daughter, Anne
Laura, spent the past week-end In
Durham, as the guests of Mr. Davis'
children. Mril. Gary Richardson and
Workers s ,Council
Prbgfkm Is Given
The Workers' Council of the First
Baptist Sunday sohool held its month
ly meeting on Tuesday evening. There
were representatives fro meach of the
departments, and the reports which
were read showed very satisfactory
progress. Some substitute teachers
were appointed, and requests for fi
nancial assistance from tne depart
ments were granted. The matter of
the weekly periodicals for the school
was discussed. These are distributed
each Sunday to the sctiool, and cost
around SIBO each year. The suggestion
was made that if the matter was put
up to the young folks themselves, they
might be willing to do without these
papers and let the amount be given to
necessary missionary funds.
At the close of the meeting, various
stunts were put on by the depart
ments, that of the Cradle Roll, which
called for six men to undress and
dress large dolls being the cause of
much merriment, and being won in
record time by the Superintendent
Clarence E. Greene. Refreshments
served by the department superinten
dents brought to a close a most suc
cessful meeting.
Epsom News
Miss Mattie Sue Winn delightfully
entertained a number of her little
friends last Saturday, the occasion be
ing a party in honor of her birthday.
After playing various games refresh
ments were served, and the time for
departure came all too soon for the
Miss Vergte Ayseue, who has been
spending some time with friends and
relatives In Henderson, has returned
to her home.
The Christian Endeavor Society of
Epsom Christian church, is showing
much improvement while the contest
ig going on. The members are taking
great interest in the programs, and
also in making perfect attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. WWaldo Swain re
turned Saturday from the mountains
of western North Carolina, whem they
have been spending some time with
Mrs. Swain’s brother, Raymond T.
The young men’s class of New
Bethel Baptist church, entertained the
young ladies' class at a fish fry last
Friday evening, at the home of Mr
®nd Mis G T. Ayseue. A most en
joyable evening was had by all.
Mm. W. G. Kcan. ’y has returned
from Jackson, where attended
fisfsa las! was*. ■■
?iiw ; - Mts, Roosevelt—A. Pictorial Review
Working in her furniture shoo With family in 1920 Entire Roosevelt family *
jßnfl WM bb. fMyyßsßfi Ip
& •* IBE>. sc mam
if*■ re
Mr*. Franklin D. Roocevalt
The Epworth League of Trinity j
church was entertained last Saturday j
night in the home of A. W r . Wilson.
The community was saddened by
the untimely death of Mrs. Chester
Smith at her home on Sunday night.
Interment was at Liberty Christian
church on Monday afternoon. Her par
ents, husband and chi!dr« n have the |
sympathy of the entire community. j
“Way Back Home”
Stevenson Theatre
What though the day be dreary,
everybody's happy over the election, so
let’s go to the Stevenson theatre
Thursday, November 10. and enjoy a
good old time social gathering with
Seth Parker and his Jonesport crowd
as seen in the picture. ‘Way Back
The story is full of emotional appeal
andV° un ß an d old will thoroughly en
joy little Frankie Darrow, an orphan
boy, who has aroused Seth Parker’s
fondness. There are some thrilling
episodes in the picture as well, and
altogether, the picture promises to be
one as long remembered.
Besides the main picture there will i
be a good "Our Gang’’ comedy for the
children; some interesting travel pic
turn and scenic pictorials.
On the stage as another added at
traction will be Seth Parker's singing
class with well know local folks sing
ing old time songs to the tune of the
little organ. Effective pantomime will
accompany the singing.
The Busifiess Woman's circle of .the
Presbyterian church art spc^sOrttifr.
this evening of. wholesome
ment and will appreciate th* coopera
tion of UMTpubHc. Popular admission
£rj£tt £reYkiit— fWjiortwi,
: HOUBfI 9 ▲. BL TO 13 NOON
Confined To Home.
Luther ‘‘Luke’' Ayseue is confined to
his home on Vance street with ten
silities, it was learned today.
Dr. Charles F. Thwing, oted preri
d*-nt emeritus of the Western Reserve
University, and noted author, born at
New Sharon, Maine, 76 years ago.
Ed Wynn, noted actor and producer
born in Phdadeiphia, 46 years ago.
“Look Your Best If
• You Would Be Happy“
Says Beauty Specialist
An Interview With Graduate Beauti
cian Who Is at Teiser’s I>epL
Store This Week.
There was a time when women
dressed 3nd “pettied themselves'' in
the hope of making themselves more
attractive to some man, but that is
not quite so true today, according to
Mias Taylor, well known beauty spe
cialist who is at Teiser’s this week.
"Os course women still want to look
their best in the eyes of the other
sex,” continued Miss Taylor, "but they
value more and more the compliments
of their women friends, the esteem of
women whom they meet, and' their
own seif respect.
"The increasing education of wo
men, growing enrollments of women
at colleges ,the ability of Woman to
day to make their own way, and
meet men as equals—all these things
are responsible for this changing point
erf view. -
"The modern intelligent woman
realizes' that keeping hersetf looking
her best is a duty she owes hertelf,*'
said Mtw Taylor, ' who coittlffuetfv
"Life seems more people ap-
preciate you more when you look
fre:;h, vital, glowing with health and
charm. And furthermore, the woman
who knows she is looking well has
more confidence in herself, and there
fore gets more out of life. The mod
ern woman, whether she is the mother
of a family, or a young girl, knows
that, beauty isn't a matter of make
up alone, but of following certain
scientific principles that nature has
laid down, — which have remained for
students of scientific beauty culture
to discover.
Miss Taylor is giving private con
sultations, illustrated by a complete
•facial treatment, to all women who
call at Teiser's.
This unusual service is given with
out charge as a courtesy of the store.
Mr Teiser suggests that those who
wish to take advantage of this op
portunity make an appointment as
oon as possible, as engagements in
other cities make it impossible for
Miss Taylor to remain here after Sat
Election’s Over !
Crank up the old Ford—Hitch up the old thk ;
Hoover Cart—Come to see SETH PARKER In
■ At thft"■
Stevenson Theatre, Thursday, Nov. 10th,
Other splendid ‘attractions on the screen—On the stage to the tune pf A
little organ old time s«»ig» aUI bf sung and pantomimed.
By Well Known Local Folks
Circle No. 4 Presbyterian Church Sponsors
Regular Admission Prices
I Consult This Well Known j
j Beauty Authority j
i With Our Compliments i
5 As a special courtesy to our customers we have c
■ obtained at considerable expense the service of • I
Miss Sara Taylor, beauty expert and special rep- |
r resentative of Dorothy Perkins, who will be at X
I our store all this week.
c She will analyze your skin, advise you on your 5
personal beauty problems, give you a complete
| facial treatment and show you how to give your- J
| self the same treatment at home. X
• No charge for this service
(We will have a private booth in our store)
I For those who cannot arrange for day appoint- I
o ments we will make appointments in the evening e
i from 7:30 to 930 p. m. Phone 159.
j Teaser's Dept. Store i
C: •- JUndeivon, WC. 51
. .4*7** ‘ * • • r *
.J. -aLJ- ‘ ' . . Li ‘ fri - , - >
annum soaniiu
No More Gas
In Stomach
and Bowels
If you wish to be permanently ro-
Ileved of khi tn stomach «..d bowels,
take Baalmann'a Gas Tablet*. which
are prepared especially for stomach
gas and all the bad effect* resulting
from gas pressure.
That empty, gnawing feeling at tha
! pit of the stomach win disappear, that
: anxious, nervous feeling With heart
j palpitation will vanish, and you will
j again he able to take a deep breath
1 without discomfort.
That drowsy, sleepy feeling after
dinner will he replaced by a desire for
entertainment, Bloating trill cease.
Your limbs, arms and fingers will no
longer feci cold and "go to sleep” be
cause Baalturuin's Gas Tablets prevent
gas from Interfering with tne circula
tion. Get the genuine. In yejlow pack
age. at any good drug store. Prlco sl.
Always on hand gt

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