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State Treasurer Steelman Resigns
Government Heads
Work Desperately
To Balance Budget
Hoover Leads Legislative!
And Administrative j
Groups In Search for
More Revenue
DEFICIT $709,000,000
Expenses Since July 1 Are>
$1,342,000,000; H o u s e
Committee To Trim Treas
ury and Post Office De
partment Supply Bills By
Large Sums
'A r * ’it Nov. 17 < A I*» Faced
• ••: : is exu aordmary efforts to
, • •‘ > budget, executive, legisla- i
• - 1 idrumistrative branches of
• . . meMt. each in its wav .today .
. k iliniMni: avenues of aid.
i. ;* H<*over. already engrossed
ii debts issue that soon must
hid an nppointment in the
with J Clawson Roop. the
• f the budget, whose office
'*• -'.tidying the situation for
•'I-- Treasury where Secretary
gathered the latest infor
i •• .iiliable to help the President
-.'•-- tnnuai message to Congress, j
; ■ 'oday showed the deficit as
N . i-mber 15 as past $709,000,000.
vrte July 1 expenditures have ap
. ..-bed 5! J 42.000.000.
\- 'he Capitol, the House Appro
rj* Committee got to work on
'% first of tba annual
r 'he government running. AII
' ! N» have to be debated in the
?h ••• -s--ion impending.
Chu :man Byrns predicted the Trea
• i I Post Office Departments.
which are reviewed
w. be allotted less than the
i'»4i allowed last yagr. ,
• Immistrative quarters l afxpiaint
• v.*h rh" fiscal outlook, it wpp M»id
r j for the year would not be
' 1 hut no figure was given &s to
i-ii.hahie amount.
\ ance Gets
81,500 Fund
For Relief
I hire) Installment Is
Mailed All Counties
In State From Ra-
Icierh Office
' < -g’’ Nov. 17. 'AP' Checks
51*7.250 were mailed to
' • 100 counties today by the
-ief organization as the third
■ no ■ r of the SBOO,OOO granted
h Caiolina by the Reconstruction
* *•• Corporation for relief'work
f'etober and November.
’ ”•* diuribuiion brought to $562.-[
' money sent to the coun- (
''h“ fourth and final distribution
' -n ole November 30. At about
• ’•in" 'hi- h'tate will apply to the
►'•mid for anotnii allotment.
• *•'• countv was given $1,500 in
••■rnents today. Granville coun
i' f'd $2,500; Warren. $1,500;
! $1250
Farmer Not Asking Fiat
Money, Poe Tells Grange
■'•m-Sa.cm. Nov. 17. <AP>
, ' ’ Amei ua is not asking
: ("’'•os money." but docs
b<»ne.;t dollar.’ Dr. Clar
! "* Raleigh, editor of the
Faimer, lold the National
• '"day.
. <,f America are ask
money, no printing
; t.-.-erted tte agricul-(
• " n-ku ; miy for a money
i/'d on t basis of the
- : ::cha-itig pow«. of a dollar
' t- 192(i-30. wht» most of
;ng burden pub
'’*■ r *rbt was created. ’
' William E. Boras. .
i"<i.n "hieh takes three!
r h m. four times as |
Six Youths Held
In Bank Robbery
Newton. Nov. 17.—(AP>— Six
young men today were under In
dictment here for the robbery of
the Hank of Madison August 2. One
of them. Ed Mauney. la the Non of
the bank's cashier.
Two of the others, Fred Winkler
and Paul Spence, are held in
Greensboro charged with murder.
Greensboro dispatches quoted
Winkler as confessing and impli
cating some of the others before
he knew of his indictment.
11,357, M SLASH
Reduction Places Rate Curve
Below Average for 177
Cities In The
United States
Charges Under New Sche
dules Will Mean Big Re.
ductions And Are Explain,
ed in State by State Cor
poration Commission In
Its Announcement
Raleigh. Nov. 17. (AP) —Reductions
in electric power rates of the Duke
Power Company and its wholly r -owned
rubsidJary, the Southern Public Utili
ties Compank, to aggregate $1,357,000
o fwhich more than $900,000 will ac
crue to the benefit of North Caro
linians. were by the
State Corporation Commission.
The reduction places the rate curve
for the Southern Public Utilities Com
pany below that found as the average
tor 177 cities of the United States
and the Corporation Commission said
the proposed schedules "will, in our
opinion, afford the maximum amount
of relief obtainable under prevailing
The Southern Public Utilities Com
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Woman Accused of
Killing Boy Freed
In East Carolina
Elizabeth City. Nov. 17.- (AP)--Mrs.
Betty Nines Lane, charged jointly
with her husband with murdering her
stepson, Woodrow Lane, on July 28, by
hitting him in the head with an axe,
was released here today on $2,500 bond
The State claims the boy was killed
to collect insurance money.
<Lane first said a tree fell on his son
and later accused his wife of the
crime. Both were arrested and lodged
in jail.
much cotton, three times as much
pork to buy as it would have taken
three years ago Is not an dol
lar”. r. Poe declared:
•We have no stable currency. We
hav» no currency ’which doej not
fluctuate in comparison with the
standard values.’ We not only Itove
no such ‘sound currency’ now but we
hav not had for years.”
The remedy, he said. be f ° un
"whenever we convince the £ni«rioa
Congress and the American President
of two things: .
“First, that we Dnow have no j* oun
currency system’-no ayatem “
fixed, stable, or honest standard ot
! values of purchasing power.
| j, (Continued on ® e * en 2. J*.
Equality To
Germany Is
British Aim
Foreign Secretary
Simon Tells Geneva
Meet Like Treat
ment Justified .
Geneva. Nov. 17.—(API- The British
foreign secretary'. Sir John Simon,
proposed to the world disarmament
conference today that the German
demands for arm;- equality be satis
fied by allowing the Reich to have
the same kinds of armament as other
The British government also pro
posed as a part of a scheme to solve
the equality problem that lal the Eu
ropean states join in a solemn af
firmation that under no circumstances
will they' attempt to resolve any pre
sent or future differences among them
by force.
Sir John declared the limitations of
Germany’s armaments should be con
tained in the same uisarmament con
vention which decides limitation on
the armaments of others.
The limitation on Germany, he said
should operate for me same period
and be subject to tho same methods
of revision as w° ? the cast- ;n other
Natchez, Miss.. Nov. 17. (APi
Emily Burn 3, Negro, boarding house
keeper, indicted by the Adams county
grand Jury late yesterday along with
George Pearls, slain Negro, for the
murder of Mrs. Jane Surgett Merrill
aristocratic recluse, last August, was
arraigned before Circuit Judge R. I*
Corban today and entered a plea of
"not guilty.”
The woman told Judge Corban she
did not have an attorney and the court
announced that counsel would be ap
pointed to defend her.
See Hoover
On Tuesday
President-Elect Tele
phones Presitfent
He Will Arrive In
Washington. Nov. 17.—(AP) —Presi-
dent-elect Roosevelt today informed
President Hoover by long distance
telephone that he would arrive at 3:30
o'clok Tuesday afternoon and go di
rectly to the White House for a dis
cussion of war debt problems.
The call from Albany reached the
White House about 12:45 p. m. but a
short while before the French and
Belgian ambassadors had .been iiv
formed at the State Department that
the government was not ready as yet
to reply To the petitions from their
governments looking toward the ex
ension of the moratorium and debt
Mr. Hoover spoke to his success on
the telephone from his desk in hiß
private offices.
Head of Grange
i i ii
■§L •;
'* \ V
Batin Bfanatrii
' ,fl3jigKj99B 4' %, ’flf
, JHHP MM mmimi i
; iIH B
£ < . Hla ■ WHMI •
vs* -
■ ■ tr x ' *' /
Em • ..a
President Hoover, Mrs. Hoover
and Secretary of the Interior Ray
Lyman Wilbur, top, are shown at
gigantic Hoover dam, Boulder
City, Npt., just before part ci the
flow of the Colorado river was di
With The Election Over,
Improvement In Business
Is Unmistakably Evident
New Grandson Born;
To The Roosevelts
New York. Nov. 17.—(AP)—On
half an hour's notice, and with $lO
borrowed from a secret service man
assigned to guard her husband, the
president-elect of the United States
Mrs. Fmnkiin D. Roosevelt left
Albany for New York today to
greet her fourth grandchild on his
arrival Into the world.
The baby, son of Elliott Roose
velt, second son of Governor and
Mrs. Roosevelt, was born shortly
before his grandmother arrived. He
is an eight pound boy and both he
and his mother are doing nicely,
Mrs. Roosevelt said.
Ehringhaus Will
Fly To Exercises
-V Kill Devil Hill
Elizabeth City. Nov. 17.—(AP) -
Governor-elect J. C. B. Ehringhaus
and Mrs. Ehringhaus will fly Satur
day from here to Kitty Hawk for the
dedication of the Wright Mem 0 !'!* 1 - 1 at
that plaee Saturday, it today.
Ehringhaus is on the program for
one of three principal speeches.
Raleigh, Nov. 17. -lAPI An official
inspection of the Wright Memorial at
Kitty Hawk will be made Saturday
before the formal exercises dedicat
ing the memorial are held.
Adjutant General J. Van B. Metts,
who will attend the exercises, acting
as a member of the staff of Gover
nor-elect John C. B. Ehringhaus who
will represent North Carolina today
was asked to arrive at Kill Devil Sat
urday by 11 o'clock to take part in the
■— " "
Cloudy tonight and Friday; pro
bably min Friday and In west por-
J Uon late tonight; slowly rising
i temperature in east portion.
verted in tunnel No. 4 and started
on its journey through a mile of
mountain. Below, the actual
blasting at the dam which divert
ed the first waters into the new
; Even Administration Offi-|
ciais Admit Upurn t As
Much as They Dislike
To Do It
Was Due Anyhow, They
Say; Democratic Rank File
Against Roosevelt-Hoover
Debt Accord; Feeling Is
Beer Would Hasten Im
provement Some
Washington. Nov. 17. With a
change in the Washington adminis
tration still a dozen or 15 weeks
ahead, hints at improved business con
ditions already are unmistakably in
the air.
There cun be no-doubt about it, for
it i.; remarked upon b\ departmental
officials of- the recently deMaSed re
j These functionaries naturally are
j not overly willing to admit that the
j mere assurance of an early transfer
I of authority from their own to other
| hands is sufficient to bring signs of
; a commercial revival. Indeed, their
i > ——
I, (Continued no Page Fo«r)
G. 0. P. Expended
J $7,(W6 In Recent
State Campaign
Raleigh, Nov. 17 (AF)—The
' l State Republican Executive Com.
' mittee reported today it spent Pc
046 durtig the remit campaign
and received contributions of $7,-
W h. Proctor, of Greensboro,
sec rotary-treasurer, filed the re.
port with the Secretary of State,
James A. Hartness The D®ma
cratie report has not yet been re
ceived.' -h _
Heads Agriculture Bank
Soon To Open In Raleigh;
Johnson To Succeed Him
British Woman Is
Halted In Flight
Dindon, Nov, |7. — (AlM—j. A.
Moll Ikon received h cablegram »4>-
day from his wife, Amy Johnson,
who is trying to lieat his record
from i.ondon to Cape Town. It in
dicated she had run into troutde.
“Force<l landing Benguela,” the
message said, “No oil pressure.
Doubt If can be rectified here, hut
wiring later. Terrthly disappoint
Captain Molllhoii answered:
“Marvelous show, Amy. Hope it’s
only the oil filters."
Shelby Pastor Elected At
Closing Session of State
Convention Held In
Selection Referred to Gen
eral Board; Memorial
Held for Late M. L. Kes
ler, Mills Home Head; M.
A. Huggins Succeeds Dr.
Charles E. Maddry
Charlotte N.ov. 17 <AF>- Dr. Zeno
Wall, of Shelby', today -was elected
president of the North Carolina Bap
tist State Convention.
Asheville made a verbal request for
the next convention. The matter was
referred to general board.
With the election of Dr. Wall and
other officers, the convention was ad*
j o^urned.
The stand of the convention on mo
ral issues of thp day wtb discussed
and reports were heard from the theo.
logical seminaries, the Sunday school
board, the relief and annuity board,
the Baptist foundation, and the His
torical commission.
A memorial service just before noon
honored the late' M. L. liesler, who
was director of the Mills Home, and
resolutions of appreciation of his work
were read.
M. A. Higgins, of Raleigh, yester
day was electe3 general secretary of
the Baptist State Convention, succeed
ing Dr. Charles E. Maddry, who re.
cently resigned for other work. He
has been serving since Dr. Maddry
Shadow Os Hitler Again
Threatens German Reich
Berlin.-Nov. 17 (AP)—The en
tire German c*Mn« resigned to
day and the mipuUion waa ac
cepted by President »n Hinden.
The resignation was not i««‘x
pected. AU da yre porta circulat
ed that, the chancellor would 'step
out, perhaps taking the whole cab
inet with him.
Berlin, Nov. 17.— (AP)— Chancellor
Franz von Papen’a cabinet, facing
determined opposition from all but
but email parties in the Reichstag,
considered its course for an hour to
day, but reached no decision regard
ing the advisability of resigning.
During the session there were con
flicting reports, some of them from
sources which usually are reliable, that
the chancellor would resign, permit
ting the cabinet to remain in office,
and that the entire cabinet would
step out, leaving the president free
W. E. Easterling Succeeds
Johnson as Head of the
Local Government
Stedman Only Last Week
Wa* Elected Treasurer for
Four Year Term, and John,
son Will Serve by Ap.
pointment Until Next Gen
eral Election
Washington. Nov. 17. (APi—John
Stedman. State treasurer of North
Carolina, today was appointed vice
president and manager of the Re
gional Agricultural Credit Corpora
tion at Raleigh. N. C.
Robert P. Holding, banker of Smith
field, N. C.. whs named president.
Besides Stedman and Holding the
board of directors will include A. F.
Copeland, farmer, Kinston, N. C..
George Marsh, merchant, Raleigh. N.
C : K. Kerr Scott, master of the Stale
Grange. Haw River. N. C.; Reeves
Noland, cattleman, Crabtree, N. C.;
W. G. Clark, farmer and merchant.
Tarboro, N. C.: R. N. Page, president
of the North Carolina Bankers Asso
Raleigh. Nov. 17.--(AP) —John P.
Stedman. State treasurer of North
Carolina. lenigned today to become
vice-president of anci manager of the
Regional Agricultural Credit Corpora
tion here.
Charles M. Johnson, at present di«
rector of Local Government Coiiini I '*
sion for the State, was appointed stato
treasurer by' Governor O. Max Gaid
ner to succeed Stedman.
W. E. Easterling, assistant director
of Local Government was advanced
to the position of director to fill (ho
unexpired term of Johnson ,03 di
Stedman last week was elected for
a four-year term to start In January
and was serving the up expired term
of the late Captain Nathan O P'-rry
It was understood Johnson will
serve as treasurer until the next gen
eral election.
Kidnap-killer In
Chicago Kills Man
And Assaults Girl
Chicago, Nov. l’fc. —tAP* ' youth
ful kidnap-killer early today sh»t and
killed the escort of one young woman
and later held up *a second rmiple, ab
ducted the girl in the automobile, at
tacked her and 'for aix hours com
pelled her to drive the car on around
the southaide as* he eluded scores o£
Just before dtaybreak. the hoodum
let the hysterical girl drive to her
home a half "block from which he
jumped out ofj the car and escaped.
The girl waa *Aise Lillian Henry’, tele
phone operator, and a niece of Chi
cago’s formerj police commissioner,
John The man slain in the
first hold-up was Frank E. Jordan.
38, a salesmsin.
to reotg'anize the government.
An official coognuiyquc after the
cabins meeting said no format de
cision. had been reached. It wa a gen
erally; believed that the chancellor now
will talk with the president before de
ciding his next move. *
Atiolph Hitler, the moat powerful
opposition leader, informed the chan
cellor by letter that he would not {lea 1
with von Papen in negotiation* for
reforming the government, and that
he would visit President yon Hlnden
burg only if he were assured that the
chancellor would not be present.
The situation is much the same new
as it was at the time Chancellor von
Paj[>en, dissolved th previous Reich
stag. which also was hostile to his ad
Since the election that followed that
dissolution, the apposition has in
creased. With the support of only the
Nationalists and the Populists, tho
government can count on onlt c n per
cent of toe Reichstag.

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