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' * BkHIiUM A*wt IX *•»<>
WMtobaA Bvorv AfUrMM Ba —9<
IxMif By
»t IB Taaa« Street
■BNBT a. DBNNIfi. Pres, and Kditor
M- L FINCH. 8«c-Trea« and. Bub. M»r.
Editorial Office —r.m
Society Kditor •
•aalnoM Office <l*
The Henderson Daily Dispatch is a
■easber of the Associated Press, News
paper Enterprise Association, South
ern Newspaper Publishers Association
and the North Carolina Press Associa
The Associated Press Is exclusively
••titled to use for republication ail
pews dispatches credited to it or not
Otherwise credited in this paper, and
also the local news published herein.
All riybts of publication of special
Bispatcbee herein are also reserved.
Fayable Strictly la Advaaee.
•no Tear M.M
six Months ..... !.*•
Throe Months I.**
For Copy .H
Look at the printed label on your
paper. The date thereon shows when
the subscription expires. Forward
pour money in ample time for re-
Aesal. Notice date on label carefully
had If not correct, please notify us at
•see. Subscribers desiring the address
•a their paper changed, please state In
their communication both the OLD
Snd NEW address.
Betleaal Advertising Representatives
MS Park Avenue, New Jerk City; >6
Mast Wacker Drive. Chicago; Walton
Building. Atlanta; Security Bulldiag,
• St. Louis.
Entered at the post office in Hender
- -n. N- C., as second class mail matter
IhsuttM lay anas
ROW TO WIN: Trust in the Lord, and
do good; so shall, : hou dwell in the
land. and verily thou shall be fed.
Commit thy way unto the Lord
trust also in him: and he shall bring
it to pass.—Psalm 37; 3. 5.
This reason why women are like
newspapers, given by Mrs. Bruce
Palmer, a subscriber, won the prize,
a six-dollar subscription to the news
paper. in a recent contest held by
the Redding <Cal.» Courier Free
“Because every man should have
one of his own and not run after his
Other answers sent in were:
“Because a woman wants to know
all the news and tells us all she
“Because both are tactful, desir
able interesting and Indispensable."
‘ Because they have* forms, and it
is necessary to lock them up if you
want to go to press."
“Because they have bold face
“Because they are easy to read.”
“Because they aie well worth look
ing over.”
“Because back numbers are not in
“Because they are not afraid to
speak their minds.”
“Because if they know anything
they usually tell it.”
• "Because they always have the last
“Because they carry the news
wherever they go."
"Because they have a great deal of
“You may often disagree with them
but you can't get . along without
1758--John Armstrong. Revolution
ary soldier, author of the celebrated
“Newburgh Le’ters.” U. S. Senator
New York. Antvbassadoi, Secretary of
war., born at Carlisle. Pa. Died at
Re»d Hook. N. Y., April 11. 1843.
1758- -Noah Worcester. New Eng
land Congregational clergyman, found
er of one of the first societies for
peace, author, born in Hollis, N. H.
Died Oct. 31. 1837.
17T8- Joseph Lancaster. English.
American sromoter of popular educa
tion. whosf system of monitors was
widely’ adopted, born in England. Died
in New York, Oct. 24. 1838.
1809 Adolph E. Bone, noted Phila
delphia merchant and financier of his
day . born in Philadelphia. Died there
Feb. 5. 1880
1816 Lewis M. Rutherford, on eof
the worlds leading physicists of his
generation, bom in Morrisania, N. Y.
Died !n Tranquility. N. J., May 3.
1817 —John Bigelow, noted New York
Editor. Ambassador and author, born
at Malden. N. Y. Died in New York
City. Rec. 19. 1911.
1835 -Andrew Car negie, world.fa
mous American, steel jmanufaclurer
and benefactor of libraries born in
Scotland. Died at Lenox. Mass.. Aug.
11. 1919.
1758-The English took Fort Du
ques> t trom the French and renamed
tt Pittsburgh.
1783 —New York City evacuated by
the British and American troops un
der Washington entered city.
1922 —A liquor prohibition law pro
claimed in Turkey
1981 —Navy League charges against
President Hoover.
Albert G. Schmedeman. governor
elect of Wisconsin, born at Madison,
Wk., 68 years ago.
Judge Lindsey of Dever. Colo,
of juvenile court and companionate
marriage fame, born at Jackson, Tenn.
63 years ago.
Prof. Bills Perry, noted Harvard
■University author, born at WiWiliam,
•ton, Maas., 72 years ago.
Lawrence. * Stallings, noted New
Tor* journalist and dramtstaU born
at Macon, Ga.. 38 yean ago.
Prof. Joseph W. Krutch of Colum
bia University Schoo) of Journalism,
•utter*. be* Mt KuaacvWa,' >
hi ~ ~bl
■HBtt zWm T‘ MB-BP
MMMm inMl "Mi -
I. TjWMM ' yWMi
x 'w EMI MjM
I t ? i Byw
Jame. A. Farley Gov. Roosevelt Louis Howe
Souti.ie these foui ;‘Je- 1
men in the observation lounge i
car of a regular train ate none I
other than President-elect Koose- ■
Inconsistency in "The City of Peace”
• X X <7 ■ ' /» . -4,-
BgSd jf#
M 6 * dfcy
J ■
One might be forgiven for thinking that this picture
was made in a country that wears a perpetual chip
on its shoulder, but. ironically, it was made in what
has come to be known as "The City of Peace.” Geneva,
where international peace-makers meet in conclave
Dr. Lowel! Resigns
Msj-' ' ’’** M
||k MM QKd
Dr. Lowell
After 23 years as president of
Harvard university, Dr. Abbot
Lawrence Lowell, one of the
world’s foremost educators, has
resigned his post Nearing 7G,
Dr. Lowell leaves the oldest col
lege in the United States with an
endowment of $123,415,390, the
largest of any educational insti
tution in the country
years ago.
Myers Y. Cooper, Ohio real estate
man and ex-governor, born at St.
Louisville. Ohio. 59 years ago.
Mrs. Alice A. Winter of California,
author and woman leader, born at
Albany, N. Y., 67 years ago.
This person has a feminine nature,
very sympathetic, humane, full of good
works, and beloved by the associates.
It u a grand character for a nurse,
though its action should be spread
over a wider range, disseminating its
spirit through literature or through
social life. Friends will be numerous
and faithful and the life should be
velt and throe of his most inti
mate advisers. Loft to right,
Prof. Raymond Moley, Mr. Roose
velt's economic adviser; James A.
Country Gentleman Article
Highly Complimentary
To This State
With some twenty.fiv e or thirty
j state legislatures sweating over the
vexing problem of rural road main
| t’-nances, North Carolina’s remarkable
new highway law operative now for
; sixteen months is destined to become
the object of much scrutiny dur
png the coming winter. This is the
I prediction made by Ben Hibbs, writ
j ing in the December issue of The
| Country Gentleman.
‘The thing that has been don e in
. North Carolina is clear cut -an in-
I t erest"infr piece of pioneering,’ says
: Mr. Hibbs, who spent some time in
; that state investigating thp new road
' act. “The state highway department,
wh<x revenue is derived entirely
from the gasoline a”d motor vehicle
taxes, has tak e n over every mile °f
public roads in the state. County and
township highway boards have been
eliminated. All tax levies against pro
■ perty for the maintenance and eon.
Instruction of roads have been abolish
ed ."
Wihen th ( . new road law. which is
the creation o f Governor O. Max
Gardner, went into effect on July 1.
1931, a great many North Carolin
i ians were frankly dubious about cen-
I taring such vast authority in a state
department. But the results under
th t . first year of centralized control
hav e been so satisfactory that the peo
ple are now almost unanimous in
their praise of the new plan. Rural
mail carriers associations and boards
of county commissioners have passed
resolutions lauding the manner in
‘ wwhich the highway department Is
caring for the roads, and Mr. Hibbs
wax -bold by disinterested observers
that the voters <jf North Carolina
would probably indorse the new high
, way law by a ten to one vote W H
were put to a referendum.
Under the firs ttwelve months of
State control, the highway depart,
ment spent $6,170,000 on secondary
i roads, as compared with $8,233,280
which local officials used in perform
ing the same Service during the pre
vious year. And The
Country Gentleqym writer talked with
Farley, his campaign managerj
the governor, and Col. Louis Me.
Henry Howe, his political secr>>
tary and adviser for years.
and tell the world how wrong it is to fight. Eight
persons were killed and 45 were injured in a recent
street battle when Socialist and anti-Socialist*
clashed. Here soldiers are shown on guard in front
of public buildings to Drevent looting.
on an extended tour o f North Caro
lina agreed that the state was doing
the job mor ( . efficiently. Gaps are
being filled in and local roads are hew
ing intergiated with the primary sys
tem. A good deal of all.weather, low
cost surfacing is being done.
This wide spreading of the gasoline
and vehicl(» tax funds has of course
necessitated a slowing down of the
program of high-type paving. But aS
North Carolina's system of primary,
highways is already pretty well sur
faced, the people of the state view
this expected result with no alarm.
The reduction of property taxes
throughout the 100 counties of North
Carolina has averaged about 25 per
cent during Governor Gardner’s ad
ministration-due in a large measure
to the n ( >w road law and a new
school law which was adopted at the
same time.
"Property taxes in this county have
dropped from $1.56 to 92 cents per
Two Sisters Held
bbl ■"
Mrs. Marjorie Kathleen Yellow
Mrs. Marjorie Kathleen bellow ia
the elder of two sisters of Lon
don, England, who have been
charged with the murder of Sid
ney Manton. Marston was found
(tabbed ’■£ death outside a hodse
jn rirnungham recenUXa 1
The Asiatic “Plafrue”!
bI i
Wi.^Wtlr^^/ I
m**w— = -
hundred Dollars valuation during the
past three years,’’ a banker in one
of the large tobacco market towns
told Mr. Hibbs. "In mis region there
is beginning io be, once more, a fairly
active market for farm real estate.
And to me the reason s (> em obvious:
Taxes are getting down t o the point
where a man can afford to own a
farm. “
Redding Perry Is
Married Tuesday
Relatives and friends here were in
terested today in news of the wedding
in St. Louis last Tuesday of Captain
Redding Perry, son of Mrs. Redding
Perry, of this city, and Mrs. Con
stance Roberts, of New York City.
No particulars were received as to the
wedding, though the family had
B f T'TI P N 1 I' B
—n_r — w?
13 14- 16
SIT £3 24- SB
26 27 22> T"
29 30
B 5 37 b 8"
I—By-product of oil deposits
11 —Location
IS—Suffix meaning like
IS —A king of Ithaca
17— To exist
18— Wooden pin
—A fainting spell
Il—Large body of water
14—A soggy mass
18—God of love
18—Sharp point
M—A small worm
11—To ponder
33—Parts of the body
is— skin
40—Intoxicating beverage
tl—Small sailing boat
48—A grain
47 Older person (abbr.)
48— One of the Great Lakes
51—To break
S3— To stand agape
3 Sun god
B—An addition to a hnw
4 Exclamation of sorrow
5 L«gal claim on property
•—Belonging to it
7—Of, used in name phrases
•—Native Qf Lanbyxd
known of the groom’s intentions.
The bride has for years been a resi
dent of New York City. Captain
Perry is an officer in the United
States Cavalry. He enlisted ir the re
gular army at about the time the
United States entered the World War
in 1917. Since the war, he has been
stationed most of the time at Fort
Myer, Virginia, across the Potomac
river from Washington. More recently
he has been transferred to Fort Riley,
Kansas, where the couple will live fol
lowing a brief honeymoon stay in
Kansas City.
Ong To Virginia White Couple, All
Others To Vr»ice County
Colored Couples
Four marriage licenses were issued
just before and just after the Thanks-
11— Halt
12— A small drdp of solid matter
18—A crucifix
17— Insects
18— Small pill
21—To drivel
28—To wipe out
25—A bear
27 Before (poetic)
28— To make a mistake
31— A measure of distance
32 To suppose (poetic)
84— Relates
85— To pledge as a security
38—A plant
37 Digits
38— A period of time
41 A woman's undergarment
42—To offer invocation
45—A friar's title
48—Health resort
48—Printer's measure
50—Point of the compass
Answer to Previous Pussi*
I giving noliday here. All wet.-' V
i county colored couples except one
1 white couple from Virginia
License was issued thi> nn>ini:i; -,
Herman Duncan, of Hampden
ney, Va.. and Lois Dowdy. o f k’htm
ville. Va.. a white couple.
The three colored couple- all <>' i<j,
county, obtained their license- Wed
nesday. They were: Haywood W:-.el
and Rosanna Faster: Charlie G
Hawkins and Rosa Littlejohn.
James Fuller and Jannle Roy-tc
Ralph B. Chandler. Mob:ir A.<
newspaper publisher, born at Akron
Ohio, 40 years ago.
By virtue of the power contained ir.
a deed of trust executed by Mrs >’<»:■
nie M. Daniel and husband. H M
Daniel recorded in the office of t h *
Register of Deeds of Vance County, in
Book 140 at page 438. default having
been made in the payment of th»
notes therein secured, on reque.-t <•'
holders of said notes. 1 -h.oi ,- p • b
public auction, at the Court H'»j“
door in Henderson, North Carolina ’•>
the highest bidder for cash on
Monday, December sth. 1933, at It
o'clock, noon.
the following desciibed real pioperv.
Being Tract No. 1. conveyed tn R
H. Nethery by Mrs. M. V. learner b>
deed recorded in Book 55 at j-ak* 3
less 50 1-2 acres convewed by R H
Nethery to J. D. Nethery by deed re
corded in Book 93 at page 197 Vance
County Registry. This land i- kimwr.
as the R. H. Nethery honicpla<e and
is bounded by the lands of 1* T Har
ris. Erskine Sneed, Mary Wyche the
public road and others The tr««-t be
ing sold contains 105 1-2 acic.-. more
or less. For further description see
deed from Clarence Net her y and
others to Mrs. Nannie M. Dani?- a'
recorded in Book 139 at page 53 V < t.re
County Registry.
November 7. 1932.
188—8:48 A. M. for FUchmooC
Washington. New York, connect
ing at Norlina with No. 18 •*’*
living Portsmouth-Norfolk li:W
P. M. with parlor-dining car aer
4—2:M P. M. for Rlrhn**" 41
and Portsmouth, Washing*** l '
New York.
182—8:48 P. M. for Rich® 00 ®
Washington and New York.
8—8:28 A. M. for Portsmouth-
Norfolk Washington. Now York-
121—8:43 A. M. far Sara*"**
Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St
8—1:48 p. M. for Raleigh. Ssa
ford, Hamlet, Columbia, Ssraa
■ah, Miami Tampa, St. FHer*
187—7:36 P. M. fer Raleigh. H** -
let. Savannah, JackwnvH*-
Whwl Tampa, St. Peiervb*!
Atlanta, Mrmtngbair*
8—1:38 A. ML for Atlanta,
laghan, Memphis.
For information call oo H *
Pleasants DPA., Raleigh. N
or M C ’ Capps, TA ,
N. ©.

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