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lXt . . .ittie game l pwiv.
j " hc . t ,»'lii’S Hoops around:
f*. . | t."' -phi-res of lovely hues
v i hiriMi. timeless sound.
fj„, q.hettea Is have rainbow tints
• .iv,i about like birds
r' n> weight but t«> the ear
, . be silken words.
T,t... I toll around -
)■ i teeming green:
[ h • .r 'ii- bright equator's tune
A i •i ll winds blow liei ween.
• * purest blue:
j; . iie of far-off fire
Th likes with a frosty light
A'.. .'Hi- unknown desire.
; - *he blue celestial.
A.«. ind -tram and swerve.
A [•.. • -vns-r among far spheres.
-w irg the ultimate curve.
I.it tie Buy Keco\ertng.
!..f e Thomas Hunter Howell is re
evw.i! _ '-ty nicely from several op
rrj'i r it wa> learned today.
Mrs. \nderaon Improved.
Mr- H W Anderson, who has been 1
.. a it influenza for the past week,
> .a.| i-oed it was learned today.
Kclurns to Srhuul.
M. Mary Charles Smith is able to
rr . ••• her school work following
jr i i *•! * * ion for tonsils and adenoids
Mud) ( Laws To Meet.
'be >t id> Cla-s sponsored by the
V. ir...•. - Club, will meet in the home
■Mr II M. la-ckte tomorrow aft
er* ••!. s 33d o clock, it was att
r. r.’fd t...i iv
I i|H>rtant ( hu r Rehearsal.
Tb-re will he a very important ic
.! ..f the choir of the Methodist
Pr-ite-t.,’.r i hutch m the church tie
t l ' at sjn uclock. it was announc
A., members uic a-skfil to be pre
’ * till on t line
I‘liilalhea Clash Meeting.
1-• SI it hodi-t Protest ant Hhiluthca
" w" w i.l meet m the borne of Mrs.
"A x.rei Grissom Thursday evemng at
■>" k. with Mrs. Grissom. Mrs.
\.”iu Ntickles and Mrs. .1. H. Hur
hr: . hostesses.
Junior Auxiliary
Has Regular Meet
T - • Jut ior Girl s Auxiliary' of the
F Kaptist church held its regular
■ ’ l .:*r Monday with Mrs. A. J\ Bvrd
Mr- It I*. Griffin, leaders, at
Mr- Griffin s apaitment in the Vance
*He meeting was called to order
V' the president. Juanita Ptainbaok.
Aii-riea." was sung by the group.
'lcnaLs were led by Mary Tan
iter which sentence prayers
w-r. offered.
abject was introtluced by Jane
•hoiup'on. "Thanksgiving Around
The World." Interesting reading!
fci-iV given on tljts subject. These
•anjr.g part were Dorothy Stainback.
M .r, C Teague. Lois Candler. Ada
P-_- i’.owena Daniel. Nita Allen
M r.itu Pmnell, Jane Thompson. Re
■ . Patterson and Becky John
L"-- tall and minutes of the last
h.'--*!i.g were tend Personal service
••P'-i'- were e'peciallv good. Seven*
members were present and four
' * tnemoera.
Die i : ext meeting will be held at
Mr I.vnde Griffin's, Vance hotel.
L~ifiu her 19 Reported.
Epsom News
' > of !he most enjoyable social
• li| ' "f the Thanksgiving season
v m thr form of a surprise party
Mi" {Elizabeth Wilson, who was
i-'.iu*- from E. C. T. C. for the holidays
Mu r and entertaining: games made
• evening pass all too rapidly, and
•’* 1 Wilson's delicious and candy and
fr o' ,iddi*il t<> the enjoyment of the
'"•* Those present were: Misses
il.i.r> Ivrnell. Angie I-ourie Rowland.
Mitchell. Ida Fuller. Marcella
i .riiMi Elizabeth Wilson. Helen Gray
Krimry Messrs. Cat I and Talmade
l-dw.nd j Fuller Parrish. William
M J W. Wilson. Walter Fuller
a ’ d Tho'. Wilson.
■Mi Elizabeth Wilson. Mary
• i* iii-iland. Pauline Finch, Grace
d I>>ui.<e Ayscue, of E. C. T. C
-* ■! Mary F. Grissom of Campbell
1 ' ,l ' -pent Thanksgiving at their
1 ’tor m the community.
i:-nn*-tt Macon of U. of N C.. W. H.
'ue and Edwin Smith of State
.. All you vC hoped for in a
Cough Drop medicated with
ingredients of a jg
V Varoßub
Christmas Cards
\ irkotypml with your name. It costs no more.
25 Beautiful Card* Engraved With
Your Nam*, 95c
Select yours while my stock is complete.
Alford's Print Shop
Phone 62.
- HOW U 0 * • e S 5 B S : : : BOOBS •A.ItTO 13 HOOF
G ni.™£m,
j)i\ 4
94 A3 JF \l J
IN CtjNSIIJEHING what consti
tutes a biddable suit, we must con-
S’.di r ihe number of trump tricks
that average to be won by a de
clarer at a suit make, and we also
must consider expediency, including
the fact that modern bidders show
thilr own suits over partner, instead
of following the ancient custom of
letting him play a suit of which they
hold only three small cards.
in general, ability to win five tricks
total justifies considering any of the
following suits as biddable: A-Hi
y.\ or better: K-Q-X-X; K-J-10;
t.i-X-\-X-\; J-IG-X-X-X: any suit
of six cards. You may at times
be justified in bidding even weaker
suits than the above tuinimums, pro
vided outside strength is very great.
As A, I recently opened the bidding
with 1-Heart, on the hand shown.
♦ 8 4
¥ A Q 10
Q 10 5 4 3
♦8 7 4
♦ 62 ♦ A K J
9H54 3 - 9 5
*> ■ V 7
♦A K J A 0 4k072
♦AQJZ ♦ K 10 •
♦ Q 10 7 3
4k 8 6
♦9 & 1
My partner overcalled me with 1-
Fpade. I shifted into 2-No Trumps,
and my partner ended bidding with
3-no trumps. The opening lead was
the fourth-best club. Dummy played
low. V. put up bis 8. My J won the
trick. What was the use of bother
ing with the hand. 1 took my three
club tricks, my four diamond tricks
and two apada tticks, giving rue
Collegd, and Yarborough Fuller of !
Miss Hardbarger's School of Raleigh
came home for the Thanksgiving
holidays. j
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Grissom of
Western North Carolina -spent sev- .
era I days during the past week with
their father. M. L. Grissom.
Perry Smith* ors Va., .
spent Thanksgiving with his parents. '
Mr. and Mrs. J C. Smith.
Sam Jones, of ohn Hopkins Univer
sity, Baltimore. Md., spent the holi
days with his mother, Mrs. A. M. !
Miss Virgie Ayscue charmingly en
tertained a number of frienfls on
Thanksgiving night in honor of her
sister, Miss Grace Ayscue. who was
home from college for the holidays.
Numerous games were played, after
which the hostess served delicious
gelatin and cake. Among those who
enjoyed Miss Ayscue's hospitlaity
Th e truly new air of smartness.
a< hieved by the close-!o-th._neck col
and its pert bow. the lovely puffed
s eeves. the unusual seaming, and dash
ing buttons on bodice and sleeves will
niake you want this frock Os satin,
'idvi.t. or crepey silk touched off by
a collar of contrast, will be juM the
tiling to wear on all informal occa
sions .
Paiiern 9483 may be ordered only
In sizes H to 20 and 32 to 42. Size 16
requires 3 7-8 yards 39 inch fabric and
5.8 yard contrasting. Illustrated step
by-step making instuctions included
with this pattern.
Toge" a pattern of this model, send
FIFTEEN CENTS i 15c) i n coins or
stamps (coins preferred). Please
WTite very plainly your NAME. AD
of each pattern otcored.
for a complete collection of the
smartest, most practical and easisst
to-make styles, consult the MARIAN
include beautiful models for juniors
and kiddies, as well a sthe host of the
new season's afternoon, evening, sport*
ynd house frocks, li igorie and pajamas
Exquisite items foi gift sewing, too.
address all orders to The Daily
Dispatch Pattern Department, 232
West 18th Street. N?y York City.
(game. YV. were wel< . ,o the re
j mainine four nicks. Had I attempted
to establish dummy's spades I could
! not have cone g inn; aaainst perfect
defense, ns inv m.pnnenta could have
won at least uni spade tri< k and four
j he ut i m U s
Opening Two Bids
An opening b'd of two demand?
partner’s response. There is no ns*
making titl.’s unless you intend liv
ing ut> to them. As ordinarily bid.
j jii opening hid of two shows a rnint-
I mum of nine definite tricks "at a
I major suit make, oi ten at a minor
' suit muk< —jusl one trick short ot
j ?:ame—w hen only a single biddable
! suit is laid. If two biddable suits
I are held ordinarily you should hold
| within two tricks of game with the
i suit the better supported by partner
las t rum ns. When three biddable
suits arc hrld there should be five
quick tricks and seven sound playing
tricks held. Each of the hands
shown below is worth an opening bid
! of 2-Spades.
I ♦ ¥ 4k ♦
!A K Sa I A.l <i A K 7 2
KQ.I 10C AK<} S 3 . . AC 4
\ K 7 2 K < l .1 H 4 A K 'J i
Some players wish partner to lake
' out the opening two bids with any
I biddable suit, regardless of whether
* or not any quick trick strength is
! held. Tins is a dangerous proceed-
Img as almost overwhelming quick
‘ trick strength in the opening bidder's
' hand will probably result in his mak
j ing a slam bid which will go down.
| The safest procedure is for the
opening bidder's partner to respond
with 2N'o Trumps on a bust (a hand
lacking one quick tricki, and show
a long suit inter. Four small trumps
‘or three including one high trump
i honor, plus one quick trick, justifies
lan immediate raise of the two bid.
; Three small trumps and one quick
j trick with other Intermediate honors
justifies a response of 3 No Trumps.
were: Misses Virginia. Madolyn and
Ruth Journegan, Margaret Winn,
Louise Ayscue. Mary Nellie and
Buelle Eaves. Gladys Ayscue, Cath
erine Macon. Grace Ayscue. and
Messrs. Bteeee Grissom. Hugh Brodie
Winn. Dwight Rowland, Billie and
Curtis Staiaback and Bennett Macon
Misses Elizabeth Wilson and Helen
Gray Kearney were guests of Miss
Mary Pernell during the week-end.
Miss Edna Peele. of the high school
faculty, spent the holidays at her
home in Pikesville.
M iss Jewel Clark spent Thankzgtv-1
ing at Greenville, S. C.
Miss Sue Bokkie Macon spent
Thanksgiving with her aunt in South
Miss Gladys Ayscue had as her
! guest for the Thanksgiving holidays.
Miss Lucille Lassiter of Warrenton.
Drewry News
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stabler had as
their guest for the holidays. Mr. and
Mrs. George Anderson of Lake City,
; S. C.. parents of Mrs. Stabler.
Miss Alice White spent Thanksgiv
ing at her home near Drewry.
Mrs. Frank Fleming and Mrs. Alvin
Fleming of Norlina spent Thursday
afternoon with Miss Nena White.
Herbert and Robert Lee Holloway*
of Richmond spent several days last
week at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Fleming.
Misses Juanita Hester and Pauline
Pruitt of Henderson, were the guests
'of Miss Elizabeth Holloway Thanks
j Perry Wilson of State College spent
! Thanksgiving at his home near
| Drewry.
; Misses Luna Mae Fleming of Nor-,
: ana and Rebecca Rea vis of Maneon.
' spent several days last Wtilt With!
ldiss Elizabeth Fleming.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Robinson anfl
•son, Horace, of Henderson, and Miss
Helen Kimball of Richmond, were
guests of their parents. Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Kimball Thanksgiving.
Henry’ B. White, Jr., motored to Ra
leigh Wednesday afternoon for Wal
ter Boyd. John Bolen, Mrs. Bolen and
Miss Natalie Boyd who spent Thanks
giving with the Boyd’s near Towns
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stabler and,
guests Mr. and Mrs. George Ander
son spent the week-end at Enfield
with Rev. Henry’ Anderson.
Miss Olive White, who spent sev
eral days last week with Miss Nena
White returned to her home in Ra- !
leigh Sunday’.
Miss Lizzie Brewer was the guest
of Mr. and Mis. H. E. Brewer last
Hugh Paschall is in Durham this
week attending Federal court.
Club Also Told About Char,
ity Ball Planned For An
Early Date
Learning at the last minute that the j
program arranged had to be abandon- I
<d. the Rotary club devoted much of I
its time at the weekly luncheon meet- (
ing ’"uesday evening to a discussion
of the Red Cross campaign which is
now in progress, and which is being
sponsored by the club. Comments
were made on the urgecnv of the need
and every member present who had
not already given to the fund did |
so. giving the club 100 percent con-’
tributors to the campaign. (
W. H. Fleming also told the club
of plans that were under way for a I
charity hall to be given soon, definite!
details of which will be announced at
an early date.
Large Quantity of Cigarettes
Taken By Front Door
One of the boldest and biggest rob
beries here recently was that last
night when the StaSe Grocery Com
pany wholesale houje at, the corner of
Montgomery and Court streets was
entered and a large quantity of cig- 1
argettes stolen. It was said by offi
cers that 23 tft 30 cases of cigarettes
were taken. No definite clues had
been found today, so far as had been
learned, though officers expressed
the opinion they had a good idea as
to the robbers.
Entrance to the building was made
in the front door facing Montgomery
street, and directly across from Coop
er's Warehouse, where for at least
a part of the time tobacco was being
brought in for sale today. One theory
was that the door was forced and the
merchandise desired was gathered at
the door, and when this had been
done a truck was backed up to the
place and loaded.
Crack Florida Flyer Halted
One Hour By Defective
Cylinder Packing
One of the Seaboard Air Line rail
road's crack fast passenger trains
was delayed here last night between
8 and 9 o'clock for nearly an hour on
account of the packing in a cylinder
giving way, permitting steam to es
cape and leaving the train with prac
tically no motive power.
It was said last night by the fire
man)on the locomotive that the first
indication of trouble was ohserved
about the time the train was crossing
the Roanoke river bridge. 20 miles
north of here, but the train came In
to Norlina on time. Heading out for |
Henderson from that junction point
with little difficulty, they reached
Ridgeway, where the packing gnve
way entirely, and the train came into
Henderson on one cylinder, making
a terrific noise with its blasts of
It was only with difficulty that the
train got away from the passenger
station here, and stopped at the water
tank in the lower end of the yards at
the site of the old coal chute. The
train was unable to get away again
under its own steam, and was forced
to stand there until a relief engine
could be sent from Norlina to tow the
heavy train Into Raleigh.
Prayer meeting will be held this
evening at 7:30 o'clock in the First
Methodist Episcopal church with'the
subject being: “Is The Book of Jonah
a Fish Story.”
This Is the first meeting of the new
year at the church and the pastor,
Rev. D. E. Earnhardt, will have
charge of the service.
I The farmer's work is the same
everywhere, in every clime, and ar
ranges the face of the earth in the
same straight regular i
Screen Prodigy Visits Hero
~ f Henderson
mm = ; : I Mi.Sy
f j to one of til,-
KJU rnlrn^
r C T. .1 "Hlig.-v! of 111.'
wti MiHit* \’allic.

f Stevenson
and Friday.
R . \Wk
mk i|k
88. I
In- Str-vonson
in ring tin- four
V'dt's lie lias '"Whilst
V fc'
Youthful Movie Star ;
Billie Vallie, In City
Unheralded and unsung, little Billie’
Valine, youthful screen star, is paying
Henderson a two day visit.
Billy is only <> now, which means
that he was only a little more than 2
years old when no first broke into
screenland. Since that time he has
appeared in some 27 feature produc
tions. a host of specialties a"d a num
ber of comedies.
He was accompanied to Henderson
by his mother. Mrs. Belle Vallie, who
has chaperoned him back and forth
across the country a dozen times in
connection with his movie work and
in conjunction with his personal ap.
pea ranees.
Os all the productions in which he
has appeared, he is perhaps best
known for the part which ho himself
liked best, the youthful ma-stdr of
ceremonies in "Sunny Side Up.” in
which he played with Janet Gaynor
and Charles Farrell.
Billie’s first movie was “Lucky
Duck. " In his child's memory that
was so long ago that he does not even
remember the part. Then came a
string of comedies, the Snooky series
and the Our Gang pictures His first
feature was "Niagara Falls.” Then he
Books By Noted Authors
A ddedA t Perry Library
Among the new books at the H.
Leslie Perry Memorial Library there
are a number of novels by authors of
note, several non-fiction of interest
particularly some new science books.
Lloyd C. Douglas whose first novel
"Magnificent Obession” has been ex
tremely popular since it was publish
ed in 1929 has a new novel "Forgive
Us Our Trespasses.’’ It is a similar
story although not a sequel to "Mag
nificent Obsession.”
"Flowering Wilderness” by John
Galsworthy is the continued story of
many of the characters who first ap
peared in "Maid In Waiting." Dinny
Cherrell is the heroine and into her
love story come many of the emotions
and passions of the present day. It
depicts the attempts of the English
aristocracy to survive a great world
Again Booth Tarkington calls ro
mance from the periwigged pages of
the Seventeenth Century in a light
hearted, hot-blooded adventure of
hearts and swords - "Wanton Mally.”
A Lively, fast-moving, decidedly ori
ginal story is Therese Benson's
“Fourth Lovely Lady." Thret lovely
ladies put their heads together, but
they reckoned without the fourth.
They gasped when the fourth calmly
announced, that she was going to be
come an adventuress.
■Sir Philip Gibbs' “Anxious Days"
deals with the contrast between the
.poet-war generation and the staid co
horts of traditionalism and deals with
| was in A1 Jolson's "Mammy.” Since
! then he has appeared in the “Bishop
j Murder Case. " “Salvation Nell" and
i many other.;.
i His latest work was performed in
i (he illustrated talking picture "Grow
ing Up", made for commercial pic
tures. t
Billb-, who is as mentally alert as a
20-yrar-Dld youth, takes lo acting nat
urally. He played in the legitimate
itheatr. in Angeles last spring, ap.
; pearing in “Enemy." and has made a
long series of personal appearances in
theatres all over the country.
He and Iris mother arc now driving
I to Hollywood, where they will take
| several contracts into consideration.
J They are taking their lime, allowing
Billy to make personal appearances
! from time to time.
I The hoy’s biggest thrill, despite the
I intimacy with the host of movie stars
with whom he appealed, was the oc
; casion granted him to act as master
I of ceremonies in At!antic_Cily during
j the summer when he introduced some
j fampd athletic characters. For truth
i to tell. Billie would rather be Babe
■j Ruth than he would Clark Gable or
any of the ohter heroes of the screen.
it in particular reference .tq 1l»e pre
sent economic crisis. *
‘ Long Knives Walked” story
of the tumult of California In the mod
and thrilling days of the Gold Rush.
Man,’ Louise Mabie has. written of the
Trail of the Covered Wagon with
freshness, vigor and charm.
James Barrie gives us "Farewell.
The Ideal Christmas Gift
A BOOK OF i : *
(Exact Reproduction of Cover)
& Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
& —SL
m w . This book entitled holder to $1.20 worth of admissions
Price SI.OO £
Regulfettoo* g»v«hi«| use on back cover £j£
ptmcBABE now at otnt box office
oscxmoß socnzTm
Miss Julie Logan" the first story he
has written in almost thirty rears.
It is his account of how Miss Julie
Logan, that "long stalk of loveliness"
who talked with such "a beloved
huskiness that she should be made
to say everything twice," came to ap
pear in the pnges of the diary of
Adam Yestreen, minister of u tiny
kirk in »he snow-bound Scottish glen.
"Chairman. Lady Vibart" is a novel
declaring with many of the characters
made famous b yjeffery Fa mol in
"The Board Highway." and the action
takes place twenty years after the
final episode ot that book.
In the manner and melhod of "Hot
Countries" in which personal narra
tive and opinion are woven together
with fiction. Alec Waugh travels thro
ugh a period and brilliantly pictures
the post-war times and tries to ex
plain what hid happened to the war
generation in his "Thirteen Such
"The Journal Cf Arnold Bennett,
1911-1920" will be enjoyed by those
who read the earlier volume of his
memoirs and have been anxiously
awaiting this volume.
The new science books are publica
tions of the University and ate a few
of a series which will cover the en
tire field of science. Each volume is
by some specialist in that particular
field and written in simple enough
language for the average reader to
comprehend i>- The subjects covered
in the new books are botany, astro
nomy. zoology, physical ant hropol igy
biology and genetics.
"Radio Up to Th<> Minute” by Nil
son is a gift to thi* libraiv from Mt
J. T. Aldeiman Mrs. .1 II Hicks re
cently gave two of Glace Livingston
Hill’s books "Out of The Storm" and
"White Flower."
A Liquid Remedy
Is Quicker
Nothing gives such quick relief
from h< adache. neuralgic, i hrumatic
or periodic paino as Capudine because
it is liquid and its ingredients arc
already dissolvid. Thus your sys
tem can absorb th*-m a> onre. Capu
dine brings d' lightful comfort and
relaxation. No naicolics. Won’t up
set stomach. 100. 30c. bOc Also single
dose. -- i Adv.)
Warner Baxter—
John Boles —
Miriam Jordan
Added Comedy
Admission: Ha- In All
Extra! C»» The Stage
Movie Screen Star In IVn*on
Who ap
peared in
Side Up”
with Cbas
Farrell and .
Janet Gay- 9
nor. and . f
sang: “If
E%S Note: No
of the Change In
Hi* Mral Christmas Gift—
A XI HD Bosk of
Tickets to the
On Hale Now At «Hir Box Office
A Beautiful
Electric Clock Radio
Will be given in patrons of the
Stevenson on Thursday,
December 23rd.
Ask for Information and keys
with your ticket*
Coming: Monday—Tuesday

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