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BrtaNteM AafaM IX, IM4
PakUaM tr*r» Afuraaaa
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at It Taaag !(■•*<
FVNRY A DBNKIB. Prea, and MUor
y L FINCH. Soc-Treaa and But. Mgr,
tutorial Off lea *W
B laty Editor •}•
I> .wltoba Oft tea •**
the Henderson Dally Dispatch la a
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Kast Wacker Drive. Chicago; Walton
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S' Louis.
Entered at the post office in Hender
* N. C., as second class mail matter
ro" rcr csP.br
1 nLLOWSHIF oi>k -wee: coun
-•together and w liked unto the
h .-e of tiod company Psalm
' u gm
*1 J A M E^ASWELLl 1
New York. Dec. 1 Incidental Dra
nas Max my taxi-ma" whoso stand
i on the corner near where I live
! a New York anomaly. Ho wont
ri.arge his clients for waiting time,
ur.d he won t take t:jvs. from h:s fav
customers Naturally, he has a
g .id mam applicants for the status
The other tiny he turn- d as we halt
» t for a ted lich' a"d brandished an
rt-ernoon papet at me. The sheet
v. as folded back to th»- radio column
v. hich contained -i stor yabout the
1 aswell Sisters.
They <1 hail a rah and practiced a
Tow song al! the way uptown. Once
t: ty’d stuck on a choru-. couldn't re
member how it went The driver
terned round and gave 'hem the miss,
log line.
"That was me.' Max said proudly.
"But bow'd you happen to kknow?
“Ho. I studied to be a dramatic ten
fr for five years, know all thp gang
around th.- Met. I saw it was no
Fa so I deckled to gc’ something else
Mien there are my pet cabinetmak
r ' a couple of lads located in a two-
I V-four Third avenue shop who turn
< .’t magmfieiently finished pieces for
bout a third what the raised eyebrow
< owd charge. ;
They rou'ei hardly wait to deliver a
small table I'il ordered to tell me. the
• ’her night, what htey considered a
»w of. a story a true yarn gleaned
.'i line of *duty ffrom the grab-bag of
They have a customer, a fiuttery
tie atin. who has 1;: cn having some
Id room furniture mad.p sleek hard,
•.vood vanities, ehests of drawers with
• bony handles and silver trim, chairs
upholstered in silver fabricokl. Know
ing the ma" to h,- a bachelor by hist
own admission, thpy were curious.
And they wereir timid. Few New-
Yorkers are. Who. ;tn English
tilor of'i-n goes years without know
ing how many rooms air in a patron’s
Pat. the enter delicatessen dealer here
always knows thp maiden name of a
clien' 's first wit. a Per the second pair
of gloves have been handled. The
• arpo"ter lads n>knl how come.
The customer came clean Twelve
years ago he lived, for a s..mm«-r. In
.Spain ~nd the*re feu m lcvp The sen
oilta wouldn t have honie Ivcausp her
mother was ill. «
But the romance continued, thrived
With the lovets' separation.
month the mother died There w«,
no reason now— t
All this time the fiance, who is
Trench, had been faithful to his dream
girl, who is nearing 10 now. as he is.
He became one of the better com
mercian artists of the town, and if I
t!d you his name it might click.
When she made a new dress, she
sent him samples of material and he
picked the one he liked be»t. When
he finished a layou' of which he was
particularly proud he had it photo-'
started and dispatched it to Spain.
Day befor e yesterday she arrived, by
nir via Havana. The artist’s best
friend went down to meet her in Ha.
vana. since the prospective bride
groom couldn't get away. It cost him
around $2,000, altogether, to bring his
iweetheart to New York.
“Just imagine." commented on*. o fl
the carpenters racconteur3. "what a*
girl he could have got In this country
for that much money. Why. he could
have had any wife he wanted."
192,1—The I»camo secury itpacts
signed at London.
1714 -Samuel Klriclnnd, missionary
to the Indians of New York, born at
Norwich, Conn. Died at Ollntdh, N.
Y.. Feb. 28, 1808.
1792 -Francis Granger, noted New
York political leader of his day, bom
in Sufflekl, Oflim. Died In Canadia
ns. N. Y.. Aug. 28. 1868.
1798 -Albert Barnes, noted Philadel
phia/ Presbyterian clergyman and
writer, bom at Rome. N. Y.J Died in
Philadelphia. Dec. 24, 1870.
1862 William Muhone, Confederate
Commander, railroad president, U. S.
Senator Irom Virginia, born in South
hampion Co.. Va , Died in Washing
ton. Oct. 8. 1895.
1830 Matilda A. Heron, noted Arne,
i lean actress, born in Ireland Died
i > New York City. March 7. 1877.
INI2 Archibald Grade, noted Con
federate soldier, born in New York
City. Died on th e battlefield. Dec 2
1847 Christine Ladd Franklin, scien
•ist. psychologist and mathematician,
bet" at Windsor. Conn. Died in New
York. March 5. 1930.
1879 Robert Spencer landscape
pttlnterr. born at Nebr. Died
at New Hope, Pa., July 11. 1931.
1783 A J A. C. Charles ascended
from Paris In a balloon infflatcd with
hydrogen gns the first so filled
1866 TV S Minister Bigelow, in
Paris, received a gold medal for the
widowof Abraham Lincoln thegift of
-'.0,000 French citizens.
1916 Troops of seven nations engag
ed in gigantic battle along a 600-mile
glft&l RDERH t*€ft£NJS
|L%(SK> Charles Winfield Smith
1?P.4 D THIS rtKST:
Richard Baiiev, flhn director, to
murdered, shot to death, 4a Ms /lolly-]
u ood bungaioic. Jcre Kane, student
nt criminoloov. lends his aid In solu
:no the mystery. He first turns his
attention to Nanette I.eßoi, Bailey’s
.'atesl "find" irko. he discovers. Is
none other than a iraman ichom he,
Kane, had aided la dearing of a
rharrjc of murdering her hushand. A
facial operation has changed her ap
ftearance and she is now on the
threshold of success in the films. She
tells him that ihe iro.i at Bailey’s
house hut departed at 9 o'clock, 1
which has been set by police as the
hour of the murder. Lucy H’iibur,
Lillian / full and Weldon, all of
n horn had been visitors at the Bailey
bungalow that night are questioned
later. As the questioning takes ptaoe
the news comes in that Nanette l.e-
Roi has been shot also and Kane
\urries to her home accompanied by
police and Lillian Hull, tcho asks to
go along. They find Nanette wounded,
not seriously. Kane questions her
again and she tells him of -a qsfarret
u ith Bailey in which the struck him
and in falling his head hit on a table,
knocking him unconscious. Then she
test the house. Nanette tells the itory
of her men shooting to Kane also.
Apparently the shot had been fired
Through an open idndore as she and
Rodolt Holmes, an actor friend, sat
and talked in the living room. When
Lillian and Nanette meet there is a
scene and Kane ascribes this to jeal
ousy over Bailey. MJeamchile at the
Baitcy house, the sergeant left to
guard the irremises, fnds Chiiington,
the butler, sneaking through the
house with a gun in his possession.
Kane learns of this in the morning
and goes out to Bailey's to question
him. On arrival there, however, he
makes an inspection of the murder
room and runs aero* • a diary I*
w hich Bailey has alluded to a trowan
who apparently ts demanding mormy
from him constantly, lie refers To
her as "Buddy’'.# Kane immediatety
v<t*s to the. coroner and argues wtth
him over the possibility of the mur
derer having pressed the gun againot
Hatley s temple without leaving potto
der burns. The coroner disagrees but
Indicates Ije trill ro-eftami ne the
wound. Later the coroner calls KaHC
at police headquarters and bear* out
this theory. He says that Baitdy rests
shot at close range despite she fuH
that there were no powder lumk.
ifcantrhile Nunette Leftoi ties reew
teuig from her wound in her home.
With her is her secretary. f>orotkk
Leone, an attractive blonde. Borot\lt
makes a mysterious phone call rrh#P-
Nanette sleeps, and later breaks 4)t
engagement to drive Nanette to fb
party. Kane then goes to quextldh
Chii ington and learns from the old
man that he picked up the gun hr was
carrying through the house in the
driven ay while, running after a
prouder, a rather alnmsy young uaftt
siho wore a ct»p pulled stir dot dn hvtft
h[s ryes. Chivingtdn reveal » that his
hrte master tea s fn bad flnamdmt
straits. Kane then discovers tßv
marks of a ladder beneath the teindbn
fit BdHey's den opd 7ilL*r thit Uwidet
fit self in the garagk. Hie sets oht ffn
Ipoliee headquarters b*rt Ot s itvarbii
street intersection a speeding PM»-
ehine bears down on hlftt. He hekrs
a woman scream.
WHEN HE saw that ft wag incvtt
able that the machfng would gtrtkc 1
him Kane put al) his effort into
last lear>. A.fender struck him apdf
baWled him over. Aa he rolled towrffiflf
heard a gutters) oath.
"Wii l#ii the car whtetej Into High
land awnne and disappeared.
Bo quickly dtd It a1) happen that
Kahe had no tlma to at* Who rile
octAipants were or ta kacertath the
‘license number of the car. AH he
kitew Whs that tt Was h black nfc
chine </t the dMaverflhle type no cobi
iron In Callforhta »
<. Fortunately, he was not madly In
jured. thanks to hla final supreme
effdrt to encape death under those
speeding a heels. However, he was
considerably bruised and a large hole
had been tom In one leg of Ms
trousers. j
A passing motorist who had wit
nessed the "accidept" drove up tod t
offered help Wryly, Kafir surveyed
the condition of hfb clotfcea and ac
cepted tbs proffer'd aid. after he
ted asitied bffefelr bebHh «be drWhr.
h«nt on the Eastern front.
Robert P. Latnont of Illinois, pres
ident of the American Iron and Steel
Institute, fortner Secretary df Com.
met-ce, bom ft Detroit. 66 years ago.
Oertrd Swope, prsldmt of the Gene
ral Electric’ Company, born In St.
•Louts. 60 years ago.
Dr. William T. Hornaday, the rr
tfcrd drector of the New York Soolo
glcal Park, borrn at Plalnflold, Ind
f 8 years ago. \
Dr. Vernon L. Kellogg, Secretary
of the Natiohal Research Qouncll,
born at Emporia. Kas., 65 <yeara ago.
Dr. William A. Pusey noted Univ
ersity of Illinois dermatologist, born
in Elizabethtown. Ky., 67 years ago.
Elmer J. Burkett, noted Nebraska
lawyer and onetime U. S. Senator,
fctorn in Mills Co., lowa, 83 years ago.
The disposition of the native of to
day Is enthusiastic, possibly inspira.
tional. very- impulsive and headstrong,
but having an idea in view that ts
con!nually kept sight of. These per
sons may be very successful. If the
concentration is properly directed; but
in any case it will carry with it its
share of (rouble, due principally to
excess of zeal.
(Continuea from Page One.7
were postponed because of the ill
ness of Dr. A. T. Allen. State super
intendant of public instruction.
Bids on the new textbooks will be
opened by the board tomorrow morn
ing at 10 o'clock. The board has the
iu ainmij£ little matt of perhaps sixty
I years ot age, be said:
, “A pretty narrow squeak "
The other turned serious eyes to
ward him. “The way some people
drive In this town Is a crime," he
asserted. "It's a wonder you weren't
killed." He asked solicitously if
Kane wanted to be taken to a hos
pital but the amateur detective de
clined and said that he was going to
his hotel.
"Ry the way," Kane asked sud
denly. "did you notice the occupants
of that machine?"
The driver’s countenance contract
ed In puzzlement. After a moment
lie said. "1 saw two persons In the
front seat. There was somethin?;
huddled In the back seat. Tt m«v
have been another person."
“Did you see a woman?”
“No, I didn’t." quickly. "Both of
them In the front seat were men
But.” he added doubtfully, "that
might have been a woman in the
back seat."
Kane did not say anything imme
diately. He had distinctly heard a
woman’s scream as the roaring ma
chine swerved toward him. Was ii
possible that one of those two “men"
had been a woman disguised in a
man’s clothing?
On the other hand, the dusk of
late evening had ratten and It was
entirely possible that. In the twilight,
his companion might not have been
abfe to distinguish the occupant of
the rear seat. The woman may have
been riding behind the two men.
At last he said. “Did you have an
opportunity to catch the license
number of that car?"
The man shook his head, “i was
too interested in getting to you." he
returned. “I couldn't see how you
could escape being seriously hurt. If
not killed."
Tkfc driver asked where he was go
ing and upon being told said hr
would drive Kane to the hotel. Fif
teen minutes later, he deported the
criminologist at the automobile cn
trance and drove away.
Kane went to his room, stripped
off, bathed, treated his bruises as
best he could *nd then brought out
fresh clothing. As he was transfer
ring his things from the pockets he
came upon the diary. Thoughtfully
he considered it.
Slowly he turned the pages until
he came to the entry which pad
caused him such excttehient when lie
found the little volume this morn
ing. Almost unconsciously, ijc
dropped into a chair and began rears
ing. carefully, analytically.
Perhaps, he thought, he find
a clna In this (hat .dYiight lend him
to the door of the murderer. The
entry which had brought the cry of
exultation to his lips Was the work
of a mah suffering untold tortures
of his soul.
"I can sec the end of everything
(this w-as the first real reference to
Ills troubles and was written In a
smooth flowing hand). Buddy's de
mands on me arc becoming an un
bearable burden. I am In debt. My
incumw has ktopped because of a long
lay-off at the studio. Unless 1 can
find some decent toy of getting some
money I will be forced to rehort to
some other way. I wonder If 1 could
stage H perfect crime and get away
with It—of course (here the honrt-
W’rltlng became Jerky and almost
illegible as if Written by an eagVr
hfend) there Would have to he con
siderable money in it for me."
OP n date tw-o days later was this
: “I found Buddy In the tien today.
She had foiitid this diary and was
reading it. Hhe was furious and de
manded to know %vhy i had men
tioned her on me in 'my en
tries. Os course she wanted] 'more
money, but 1 had none to give her.
She told file I would have to get setne
: <rtue*’h#ns. WTiat can 1 do?”
There was a more hopeful note in
hte Untry on the following day:
"Things art looking brighter. The
studio sent for me tftday. Bcrnle
wants an •xtrbvagtoza Wffct will out
do anything Dbttlffb Nhve,
ever done and ff»W Me to tea con
fident l am the Man toho can pro
duce it. I know 1 can ft 1 can get
the opportunity to work unhampered.
If 1 «’#'i just hold Buddy off until 1
cn>. v : that work started, perhaps I
. can •>, II her to the studio Tor « good
part. That's what she wants more
than anything else. It Is a fetish
* With but. Row, to eoi to work on a
Fbr the text two weeks Bailey had
writ tan oi nothing In his A&ry but
hla work to tte otrturc mt WtW -
r -power to accept any bid It may ap
t*ove, or to reject all bids and order
the continuation of the present text
books now in use In the schools.
For several days a score of more of
representatives of the various text
book companies have been here, to
gether with prominent lawyers and
politicians they have Employed as
counsel. Indications today were, how
ever, that the board erf education was
not going to give some of these high
powered lawyers as much time to ar
gue for the new textbooks as they
desired, since it placed a limitation
6i 45 minutes on the time granted
each of the publishers to be heard.
The school forces of the State are
Arging the adoption of the new text
books on the grounds that the books
now in use are obsolete, encyclopedic
and uninteresting and that newer
teaching methods demand newed
books. The State Textbook Commis
sion, composed entirely of county su
perintendents and school teachers, re
fused to recommend the adoption of
the present book and instead recom
mended the adoption of a series that
will require one book to each grade,
or four books, instead of a series that
will require only one book to two
grades, or two books in all. such as
the series now in use. It is generally
agreed that a change in textbooks
Would cost the parents at least 300,-
000 next year.
(Continued from Page One.)
cnce of $1,(8)3.161. On the basis of this
shrinkage in collections of highway
fund revenue which so far has aver
aged about $200,000 a month, it is es
timated that the total shrinkage for
the year will amount to at v?st $2,-
onces were almost childish In their
enthusiasm. Then came this cry of
"Uernie refuses to let me use
Buddy. What will I do? I can't go
on like this, giving her everything
1 enrn. everything I hr.ve. I have
got to stop it—somehow. Brrnia
seems interested in my 'foreign im
portation’. [f I can put over that
fraud—lt has been done before in
Hollywood—l will be on top of the
world again. Once more the gods
will smile on me and call me 'Richard
Bailey. Star Maker, The poor little
fool! She's witling to give me halt
hhr fortune to put her over."
Kane read that entry over and
over. It shed a new light on tha
whole affair. Nanette willing*to pay
sot a chance at stardom In tha
If Jere Kane could only have read
between the lines of that entry hla
work would have been at an end. Ha
pur-zled over It; he felt that her*
was something of vast Importance,
but for the life of him he could not
figure out what It was.
Hut who was the "Buddy" Bailey
continually referred to? Was ft any
one of the characters he knew to be
participants in the tra?ric drama? Or
was it some other phantom creature
who had escaped him*
The next entry proved equally in
teresting :
*'l hod to tell Buddy today of
Berthe's refusal to use her. She
stormed and raged. She said that If
I insisted I could sell her to the Bt*
Boss, but that 1 just didn't want to.
What can you do with a woman like
that? KHI her? I wish I had the
nerve, ft would end all my troubleb”
Hut after that outburst he strncM
an egotistic vein. He continued:
“I will shoMr the world that l am
the greatest director that ever lived.
And then I will quit the business
c6M. I'll disappear and live In a
manner winch b°flts me. I will make
them come to me and plead wtth me
to come back again (how inconsist
ent) and 1 will laugh at them. And
t will make them like it."
Fascinated by this story of a matt'i
soul, Jere Kane read on and on.
sctm-Hy noting the swift -passage of
the hours. He had never dreamed
tha 1 3. man Mho lived such a prosaic
:nie as that of a motion picture di
rector could harbor such tragedy,
sue!) torture in- liis being.
fijfwt rgl days later there was an
ottjk,!' 1 try which caught his fancy.
Ile.jnwelt on )t. digested it. puzzled
oVcr tt.
"Men are queer creatures. I sup
pose’ that they arc bigamists by or
dination < f Hod. What other ex
planation can there Ik> for their un
holy deeds7 Hut. being bigamist*
there always comes *nto their lives
one woman whom they would [dace
upon a pedestal and worship as they
would their Ood. Man will tight to
her. to guard her welfare, to
fctt'p her clean. He looks upon her
ns a creature of gold and alabaster.
Then when he finds her feet art
ino lc of clay—what happens to him"*”
That was all What was In the
man s mind when he wrote that? To
whom was lie referring? Had some
woman come into his life who hud
Chastened him? Hud cleansed his
Turning the pages, his eye fell
upon a short paragraph whic h caused
him to spring to his feet, his far*
#ltish'*d with excitement, anticipa
tion. He read it:
'•lf anything ever happens to m*
five everything that Is left to Chlv-
Mtyton. He knows everything. Ha
has been a faithful friend. He de
serves all that I have."
And following it was the last eri
tfy in the diary, the reference 'whlqlk
Kune had read that morning. Onde
More he read:
"I can t go on any longer. I have
tome to the end of the road. But
before 1 go I want to make one great
■picture I toht to leave it as h me
morial to my work, f am going to
beat her tb Tt ”
Richard Bailey planned to end bia
<rtrn Hfe. The persecution to which
had been subjected by the mys
terious toman he calleq “Buddy”
was too much for him. He had
broken under the strain.
Once more Kane read the preced
ing entry. Three words caught his
«Ve. held him enchanted:
"Chivlngton knows everything."
Chiviogton! Hastily, he got Into
his dbthto stuck the diary In hla
pocket and started for the home on
tte MU
smo ot mmwmveoj
Aftking The ImpOMible! —-
—-■-•—-■• - * ■ ■ ■ - —•—
Getting back to the general fund
revenue, it is agreed that so far this
year this revenue has stood up re
markably well with collections thro
ugh November of $6,419,032 as com
pared with collections for the same
period in 1931 of $6,806,763, a differ
ence of only $388,731. It is also gra
tifying to Commissioner Maxwell and
the Department of Revenue that
$598,818 was collected in November
this year as compared with collections
of $54,942 in November a year ago.
But it is the amount collected from
the income taxes in March that us
ually affects the total amount collect
ed more than anything else. Commis
sioner Maxwell points out. And while
collections of income tax so far have
been very close to those of last year
$464,176 for the first five months
thLs year as compared with $477,303
for the same period last year - it is ex
pected that there will be a shrinkage
of about $1,000,000 for the entire year
in income taxes alone. Last year the
total revenue from income taxes
T. f 1* pH
a “ io - —4—|
” “““
2-4 25 as" —— ■ |gg"
Es 30* , r
w pp m ~ —■ ———
j 35 —harj
V-fJ , Lb m 1 I I <1
I—Biblical pronoun
S—Washing device
€—Barium (abbr.)
B—To loiter
10— Chafes
11— A large tub
12— To plunder
14—A meadow
is—state of equality
1 6 —Obligation
24—A small donkey
26—An anaesthetic
£9—Brazilian cuckoo
so—True doctrine
*1 - Compass point
32—River in Chink
• 34—common place
W—A boarding school
39 Dreadful
40— Flat bottom boat
42—A legendary bird «f
4®—Measure of length *
**—a short sleep
—iHah "arm”
W — A precious stone
51— Printer's measure
52 Used in phrase to -*TSlani i
day of ranting (BrehA
*t—Good (abbr) ( >
I—Chemical autflx
amounted to $7,153,738 and this year
the total is expected to drop to about
‘'On the whole however, revenue
collections for the general fund nave
held up better in most of the divisions
than we had expected and we are
fairly well satisfied with the showing
we have made so far in this fiscal
year," Commissioner Maxwell said.
Wednesday’s Sale
On Tobacco Market
Is 127,046 Pounds
* Wednesday’s sale on the Hender
son tobacco market amounted to 127,-
046 pounds, which brought $15,881.42
for an average of $12.50, it was an
nounced today by C. F. Tankersley.
Br., Bupervisor of sales.
"The cold weather has cut the
breaks considerably in quantity and
quality,” Mr. Tankersley said, adding
13—'An alcoholic liquor
35—An agreement
33—A sheet of blotting pater
it —A Sooth African antelena
20— Ancient Greek garment
22—Grains in the hourgtasa
*•—Pertaining te puntahiueut
*4—Flying mammal
25—The main vein of a tear
27—Female fowl
2* l —Relative (abbr.)
R—A heroic poem
22—Being m want
**“T 1 ** Mohammedan religion
J-TO put an, ae a ftnMt t
S=a w
JJ— M«aae%*Wu* personal name
Jr - ®?* 11 Poiatad wooden pin *
JT-Irtn .(abbr.)
to Pr»s lane *aeele
w m i I- w°|
ffMHEsIjQ Kty|BJ
iQIMAjHi 11 ißfc yßA>li
r j that “nearly all is or. th, . * „, K
t| very little top nde fm the-*. i,,.
| There is no change n. p. :r( . j.,
, I breaks will be small wr.'i. •>>,*
el change in the weathn
5 j
e ~~
1 Default having Ih-*-i. 7,
payment of those b»>nd- .-ec m *o :
that deed of trust dated tl,, ;,-h a,
of December. 193 n. exernied h\
M. Bullock and wife. Allean Hu
recorded in the office of the K,
of Deeds for Vance County. N f
Book 162. page 247 and at the
j : of the holder thereof. Ha ur.rtsr-.st
ed Trustee will offer f.u *.•»]«. art i >r
Ito the highest bidder fm < t »h ,■ :h*
' j Courthouse door in Hendrt><>;. N c
t at 12 o'clock middav. on
‘j the following described real s-m.'.
■ 1 Ist: 215 acres known (ii’ber Hu
] Lock tract, bounded on ihe Ea- b
; t Hope Bullock; on the North h\ Jame
; Plummer; on the West E. O. Tavi-r
I and South. Charlie White
j 2nd: 57 acres purchased front L Y
Bullock and wife July 12th lf'Ji B**4
114 page 001. Adjoining Towns- jt
Bullock corner, being same i«nd (<■’
veyed to L. M Bullock by Join Bn
lock the 26th dav of Aug;i-i. lfl"
3rd: 180 acres more nr Je—. pur
chased by Moses Bullock from il !’
Burweli and W. N. Boyd Ext-eut-rv
under the Will of Wm H Boyd th*
15th day of December. I!*17 r»gi-tnra
in Book 79. page 369 The -ort 'V
comprising three smaller tract- k- »t
a.s Nos. 12. 13 and 14 ..f H,e It ::»•
The above tracts contain t‘C i*~
I and is aJI of the property ■ ■ wi,«-«l •'
! Moses M. Bullock upon which *h>r
'' are encumbrances anmm.M.u '
| $1500.00 as follows
$1,000.00 to Charles Hat-rev a-t
$500.00 to The Citizen- Hank uni T:o
- acre ti.-.c* Hi. ; , .-
fijWcdin* Andau.
This the 17th ‘lijjA- of November If
• k-
The Federal Land H >rsk -f
Columbia. Pl.«.n':i*
Mrs. Dora Ellio'.t, imLvidn *i!y 'Tai ,s
adminlstrarrix <.f H U E : •
tate. D. P. McDuffr- mi'" u
E. Walker, R. A Walk*: >: *
H. Marsteller. the Board of
Commissioners of Vance
and any other person ri.unnnj: ,r >
Interest In the land which tie- ls)
ject matter of this action PO’-nd*
The defendants Mr- 1.
and J. H. Marstellr;. and •<!
persons claiming ;.ny :n-•
land, which is the .-üb>Tt m >
‘he above entitled action will '
tlce that an action entitled •'*'
has been commenced in th* Sup*.-'
Court of Vance County. North c '■
line, to foreclose a mojtgage
ly given by P. L Ea-tw".»l ' " '
to the plaintiff, which »>•*’ ,! r '
was later assumed bv Mr--
liot and her husband. th*
J. H. Marsteller is m»de * '
cause he Is a judgin'»” cred- ■ '
late husband of Mi- I**»>-* ’ ,V t
ihe said defendant.- will f‘- "" '
notice that they are require..
pear at th e office of :h< < ’!*
penor Court in v un*‘* t'-ei" ' n
Court House at Henderson '■
•he Jnu day of January 193.‘-
wer or demur to the e-mp
action, or the plain’d* w:i
the court for ralPf d»-nnnJ* •
Thh 7th day of Nov. n I
henry f*n ,
C*!»rk of Superior Com ' '
Pony end Kitirell. A

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