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social Aonvxna^
hoiit that rnmht. with
I h.ur
. v , • t along the Alpine
T .„l I n, rattle forth A thousand
fira| ['»* a ' "*
m . •u.i'-- ifter her across the fair
. vt , ipl.iml-* while the rosy
§■? ' . . : 'he snowv mountain
- .in Wen. and the drowsy
M , . ir. woven through the pur
___ nn°ie of this hour: she
- * lirfori- the (inrk by falling
■ . ,[ weeter song to hidden
■ r> ttit*
(• > ..H the doors of night,
I fills
A ■. .mr hells t lie music of my
I ,J|r ,m«,
I , w iiler fn among the ateep-
I i ar
_| t , V...’; Pvke. in "The White
Mr. MilLs Better.
J i ti.Kliu Milis is said to be im
.t his home on Belle street
■ ••rt illness.
Keturn* From Visit.
y K A lama has returned from
! j ■ .J iys visit to her sister. Mrs
vt . Ma-dford. in Oxford, who has
f several days.
Legion Auxiliary
Meets Tomorrow
T’. .rin:ic;in legion Auxilary will
*>• i ■ day afternoon ut 3.30 o'clock
a Ml- M A. Newell on Oholson
. - - w:h Mi'Sdames Newell, J \y.
It C Gary. F B. Roberta.
I Dickie and Miss Alliene
Aj. r - »- joint hostesses. It is le
•ho member* note the
• .1 r ,ii :he hostesses.
Grade Mothers To
Organize Tuesday
A ri.-eTmjr of the grade mothers of
\_:s v: et -chool wu.s held Tues
u t’-tnoon at 330 o'clock at the
Y I C Whaley was named chair
t.. •: 'he motheis at this meeting
•- • • - nuipose of the organization
»- Mi:nerl as that n better under
•-s as to the duty of the grade l
so" • r- might be had and that a
spirit might exist between
- '-Mi hers and the grade mothers. |
hers were asked to help teach I
• im.W ;ifter the sick and absen-I
- !• was decided at this meeting
- *h»* grade mothers would de
•i." Christmas baskets for the
Varicose Ulcers
Heaied At Home
No Time Lost From Work!
'• -nf- rred rest. No operations nor
‘ simple Emerald Oil
'••’ ■ !°atment permatg you to go
- • ir daily routine as usual—
*■ old sores and ulcers quick
• > i[< and your legs become as
i . r.ew
-'-a. .i d Oil acts in.stantly to end
■ ha •• swelling, stimulate circn
•l n- r . follow the easy directions
r - • *!• sure to be helped. Par
* • in iu- Store won t keep your
iri]*-ss you are. -Adv.
I.xtra! On The Stage
Movie sereen Star In Person
Who ap-
PrJCril i,|
Gay- i
of / ;
) mi" J
Janet j
Charles Rtl
TEJS Note: No
Th f Ideal Christmas Gift—
A SI tk> Bo >k Os
Tickets to the
•>n > ow A , our Box Office
*tter December sth .
A Beautiful
Electric Clock Radio
Will Im- given i«> patrons of .the
Stevenson on Thursday,
December 23rd.
''k f**r Information and key*
with your tlcketa
\fUr December sth
* "ining; .Monday—Tuesday
TELEPHONE ftift • a®
marian martin pattern
tu 1 I ()> II \
/?* ®: '?iTl , I \
i ‘ —'
Mrs. Furman Wins
Honor At Bridge
Mrs. W. H. Furman was winner of
high score prize at the regular meet
ing of the Bridge Luncheon Club
Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock at
the West End Country Club and Mrs
E. G. Dorsey was awarded consola
tion. Mrs. Stanley Teiser was the
hostess for this meeting, having six
The next regular meeting will be
held on Wednesday. December 7. with
Mrs. James H, Wheeler as hostess.
Mrs. Teiser served the usual lunch
eon plate to her guests yesterday.
Jr. Woman's Club
Discusses Dance
A meeting of the Junior Woman’s
Club was had yesterday to perfect
plans for a dance which they are co
sponsoring with the community ser
vice committee of the Rotary Club
here on Friday evening. December 9,
at Cooper's Hall.
At a meeting in the early part of
the week. W. H. Fleming, chairman
of the community service committee
outlined to the Rotary club the part
the club is to play in presenting th<f
dance and other minor details con
cerning the affair.
The dance is to be an
script, with ’bids’’ to be sent out in
a short while to those who are ex
pected to attend.
Negotiations are under way at pre
sent to secure a very good band for
the evening, with prospects of secur
ing ;i very popular orchestra for the
Birth of Daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Bruin an
nounce the birth of a daughter, Eliz
abeth Jordan. Monday, November 28,
1932 at Maria Parham hospital.
Mother and child are said to be do
ing very nicely.
Williamsboro News
Messrs. Jesse, aud ohn Bullock
Carl Sanford, Jim Kiribati and John
Purcell attended the Natonal Grange
Wnston-Salem last Friday.
Miss Mary Francis Norwood of
Townsville spent Tuesday night with
Mi and Mrs. B. A. Norwood.
Stephen Wilson spent Monday night
with his sistpr, Mrs. John Knott.
Mrs. Lee Wilson spent Thanksgiv
ing in Henderson with Mrs. H. Lemay
Mrs. T. H. Carroll. Mrs. Bettie Wil
son, Misses Belle Thomas, Evelyn
Simpson and Tom Carroll spent
Thursday afternoon in Durham, they
went over the Duke grounds and
through some of the buildings.
Mrs. W. H. Hope and G. R. Hope
visited Mrs. W. T. Robertson at
1 own Seville.
Mrs. C. S. Tippett of Henderson
spent Sunday with her parents Mr.
and Mrs. Lee Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas visited
the Bullocks at "Montpelir" Thurs
day right . ,
Mi*, and Mrs. George Hendeison of
Townsville visited Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
Hope Thursday
Mrs. G. L. Wade and daughter,
Nancy spent Tuesday with Mrs. H. G.
Ellington at Dabney.
Misses Rosa and Etna Thompson
and Marian Stygall of Warrenton.
were the week-end guests of Mis*
Nancy Wade. .
J. H. Bullock apent Tuesday and
PATTERN i)23!»
all Y LheT y SUre a frock that boasts
this one lmp iCity and youthfulness of
gitd th * J “ Bt F ‘ Kht for small
Thi yoke has a diagonal clns
p.e K at t s 0 w h h r h ofr ° ne P * fky but Ton
.kii , a hte u h ‘“Patching animate the
k,rt and «be full puffed sieves will
any little* heart. Lovable and oh
practical, ,>f jersey, challis. linen
lnoluded°' h r "' B '°° mrK
-•y »<■ ordered
yards 36 Inch fabric. Illustrated “step
«;n, cz,‘" B,ruc " o,w indud " l
tamps (coins preferred). Please
!! “' v a Plainly your NAME, AD
or each pattern otdered.
for a complete collection of the
smartest, most practical and easi-at
to-make styles, consult the MARIAN
Martin fall and winter
Include beautiful models for juniora
and kiddies, as well a sthe best of the
new seasons afternoon, evening, spor'r
end house frocks, lingerie and pajamas
Exquisite items sot gift sewing, too.
address all orders to The Daily
Dispatch Pattern Department, 232
West 18th Street. New York City.
Wednesday at Drewry cutting feed
for Hope Bullock.
Mrs. Tom Evans spent Sunday with
i Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Shanks.
Mr. and Mrs. F J. Beil and family
j spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Beil’s
! m other. Mis. J. a. Turetail at Cokes
( bury.
j Miss Nancy Wade visited »n Nor
| Una Friday night,
j Misses Kate, Mary Ann and John
. Bullock, Jr., spent Friday with Miss
B( lie Thomas.
j Hope Bullock of Drewry visited in
! the home of W. C. Bullock Monday
j night.
I Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Clark of Hick-s
--j boro spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
j John Knott.
John Thompson of Petersburg was
J the guest of John King the past week.
I Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Tanner and
i daughters. Mary and Gertrude, of
• Henderson visited the Bullocks at
Montpelier' Thursday afternoon.
I Mis. Dora Smith of Knoxville.
1 Tenn.. and Mr. and Mrs. Buck Wilson
of Manson spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Lee Wilson.
Mrs. N. J. King visited Mrs. Harry
Ellis of Warrenton a few days last
Miss Nancy Wade spent Thanksgiv
ing with Misses Rosa and Etna
Thompson of Warrenton.
Mrs. Mont Wade and family visited
, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Wade Thursday
■' night.
Hicksboro News
, The farmers around here killed
! hogs, the cold weather we had last
j week.
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Green of Ox
‘ ford, spent Thanksgiving with his
parents Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Green.
* Evans Stovall and family were Sat
j ttrday night guest of Mr, and Mrs.
I M. D. Woody.
Mrs. F. H. Hicks was guest of her
I mother, Mrs. Will Clark Sunday.
S Florence and Spurgeon Woody
I spent Thanksgiving with her sister,
Mrs. W. T. Woody of Middleburg.
F. E. Woody of Knoxville, Tenn.,
I visited his brother W. T. Woody, this
wet k.
Mrs. C. L. Tuckers Thanksgiving
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Claud El
liott of Williamsboro and Mrs. E. T.
J. L. Barrett spent 'I hursday night
with Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Woody.
Mrs. Carson Tillotlson spent Friday
with her aunt, Mrs. Ray Hunt.
W. T. Woody and Frances, were
i Monday night guests of W. J. Woody,
j Mrs. Graham Breedlove and little
daughter. Nell, spent the week-cml
with her mother. Mrs. W. T. Woody of
M iss Myrtle Clark spent last week
with her sister. Mrs. F. H. Hicks.
Third Story Hour
Offered Tomorrow
The third story' hour of the fall
will be held at the H. Leslie Perry
Memorial Library* tomorrow after
noon at four o’clock. Following the
plan of Young America's Book Pa
rade, stories of Revolutionary times
will be told. A treat is in store for
the children who attend, it is stated,
as Miss Elizabeth Fox will tell th«
c. m. powelTnew
C. M. Powell, long with the com
pany in various cities of the country.
| has come here from the Wilmington
| office* to be superintendent of the
large manufacturing establishment
here of the American; Agricultural
Chemical Company He has assumed
hsi new duties and succeeds L. H.
Vowell, who has been transferred to
Wilmington. Mr. Powell and his
family ar« living in one of the resi
dences of the company on the Norllna
1 road near tha plant.
Exercises Will Be Held In
Court Room Here on
Next Monday Night
organiz¥ INSTITUTE
Ijocal Branch of State Organization
T*» Be Formed at Meeting;
•ludge Hunt Parker la In
vited To Officiate
Incoming officers of Vance county
will take their oaths at a public in
stallation ceremony held in the court
room of the court house next Mon
day evening at 7:30 o clock, it was
announced today. The idea is in keep
ing -w|ith a movement inaugurated
throughout the State by the Institute
of Government, which recently came
into being at Chapel Hill.
A branch of the Institute of Gov
ernment is to be organized in this
county at a meeting that will im
mediately precede the public installa
tion of officers, and the public is
invited to that meeting also. A. A.
Bunn is making arrangements for the
gathering, and made the announce
ment today.
City and county officials will be
asked to become members of the
board of advisors of the Institute of
Govrnment in the local branch. It was
said, and heads of civic organizations
will also participate.
Mr. Bunn said today that Judge R.
Hunt Parker, who was for many years
solicitor of this district will be in
vited to attend the meeting and ad
minister the oath of office to the new
county officers. He also said liat
arrangements would be made to lis
ten in on addresses to be made by
Governor-elect John C. B. Ehring
haus and Clifford Frazier, his defeat
ed Republican opponent, and Chief
Justice Walter Stacy, who will par
ticipate in exercises in the Wake
county court house in Raleigh at a
ceremony similar to that one here.
All county officers taking up their
duties next Monday will be given
their oaths at the meeting Monday
night, with the exception of the three
new members of the Board of County
Commissioners, who will be sworn in
at 10 a. ni. out of necessity, due to
the fact that they will have much bus
iness to transact at the morning
meeting, the regular first Monday
session of the board.
Capacity Audience for Ox.
ford Children's Program
In This City
The Oxford Orphanage Singing
Class presented their concert here on
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in the
Central school auditorium before u
capacity house.
A very enjoyable program was pre
sented by the class, consisting of
songs, recitations and plays.
Rev. L. B. Reavis conducted the de
votionals at the opening of the pro
gram, and Rev. R. A. Whitten made
a talk on the work of the orphanage.
The audience was dismissed by Dr.
L. W. Gerringer.
The children arrived here Tuesday
morning and were given dinner at
the Christian church by the ladies
of that church.
The contributions were said to be
very good.
R. A. Blaylock had charge of the
program fur the evening.
Fire Loss $1,560
For Three Calls
During November
Henderson's fire loss In November
amounted to $1,560 from three fires, it
was reported today by Fire Chief E.
T. Shepherd. There were ten calls to
the firemen. This springs the total
fire loss for the year to $34,219. In
October there were six calls but only
one fire, and the damage was listed
at $5. In November last year there
were three alarms, and fire damage
listed was SI,OOO.
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Three Permit* Issued For
Work, Biggest Being
That For Theatre
New building took a drop in Hen
derson during November, with onliy
three permits issued aggregating sl,-
100, it was announced today by Ftro
Chief E. T. Shepherd. This compares
Statement For
Board of County Commissioners
Os Vance County
By County Accountant in Compliance
With Request of Chairman
This the 17th Day of November, 1932
Reflecting principal on bonds and interest payments for years
1928-29-30-31 and part of 1932, as follows:
County County County
War Bonds Retired Interest Paid Onlsiamliii*r Bonds
1928 Total $39,000.00 $20,482.83 $j>82,000.00
1929 Total 86,000.00 34,174.18 496,000.00
1930 Total . 24,000.00 29,976.65 472,000.00
1931 Total . 17,000.00 30,814.28 455,000.00
1932 Total 32,000.00 29,707.46 423.000.00
Since 6-30-32 9,000.00 414,000.00
Grand Total $207,000.00 $145,155.40 $414,000.00
State Loans from Literary and Building Funds, Paid
Principal, 1928 $12,150.00
Principal, .1929 . 12,150.00
Principal, 1930 . 11,900.00
Principal, 1931 10,100.00
Principal, 1932 8,900.00 Outstanding-
Total . . $55,200.00 Due 6-30-1932 $106,300.00
Interest paid State on Loans
1928, Included above
1929, Included above
1930 $5,521.00
1931 . 5,014.25
1932 4,579.50 ;
Total ' $15,114.75
■School Bonds retired 6-30—1928-29-30-31 and 32
1928 . - .$ 7,000.00
1929 .. . 7,500.00
1930 . - 12,000.00
1931 - 11,000.00
1932 14,000.00 Outstanding—
Total _ $51,500.00 Due 6-30-1932 . $332,000.00
Interest on School Bonds Paid
1928 _. $13,905.23
1929 - 18,710.00
1930 19,360.94
1931 17,005.00
1932 . . 17,215.00 Total Principal and
. Interest retired
Total $86,196.17 from 1928-32 Inc. $560,166.32
The above statistics were compiled from audits of Walter Cham
ley & Company of Charlotte,N. C. for years enumerated.
Respectfully submitted,
County Accountant.
Vance County, N. C.
with $4,584 in October on four per
mits, and $3,800 in November last
year for three permits. To date this
year, new building has amounted $34-
384 in 32 permits.
The largest permit for November
was one for S7OO to J. W. Horner for
the remodeling of two store rooms in
the Horner building opposite the post
office for the new theatre. Willie
■ Green obtained a permit for $250 for
a dwelling on Bridgera avenue, and a ■
S2OO per mit was taken by Citizens \
Realty and Loan Company for repairs'
to the Hawkins building from the re-
I cent fire
: i Perefction of machinery is not life
1 and may be so used to destroy life.
Fourteen real estate deeds weiV
filed in the office of the register of
deeds of Vance county during No
vember, aa compared with 10 In Oc
tober and 28 in November last year.
The total to date this year is 250 ac
cording to compilations.
... All you’ve hoped for in a
Cough Drop —medicated with
ingredients of a A.
V Varoßw

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