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social Aonvrmi
• h of all the year. |
» t" ‘thoughts ..pace, thoughts
, .5.-1 tnt'iir »
_, < m«>'t widely forth; some to I
ti>,- month
, v ,-. met', omc to the mellow
‘tid wrinkled orchard
t, v , • . r.eart h
't* k i • like l>’ni u|H>n the English
- blow wild that, un
ue nearer from this rhilly
-k„ . *uu*t,' the white .1 nd huddling
• A : .
. i* * in w wheat that freshens
, *h * nn*i n
p ■■ ’ho hill.-Ilog milkweed dry!
. .1
p— • iigosies are launched
he gust, nr drift from hill
v ::-• *.v colonics by load and
y- rt J'oems of Fifty Yeais." by
•; t nderwtx)d Johnson.
\ isiling I’aroots.
H ...wood of New York City is
■ _ in parents on North Garnett
Ke*um to Kentucky.
i i Mi- James Cooper Smith
, . ■ have reiurued to t-wensboru. I
K • : •he tobacco season.
To Xttend \rniv-Navy Game.
M M trv Young Hunt left today
i’h. t 'e.’ihr* to a tend the Aii.iy
\ footba.l game tomorrow.
T» T'ihillmll Game.
h H Crudup left here this niorn
. • it;end the Army-Navy football
< a.. Philadelphia tomoriow
Choir Kehewrsal.
T: • gtilar rehearsal of ihe choir
•f. Fust Kaptist church will be 1
- ’he church this evening at j
ek. it was announced today
llerr from New York.
\ • n Smith, of New York Cttv. is
. ■ j.; g -ome time in the city with
• mother Mrs. C. J. Smith, on
ri,:a: >n street.
Ki'urn* To Washington.
Mr- Joe Harris and little daughter
• art e i to their home in Washing-
I* C today after spending u
1-s 100 visiting their grandparents I
i • ! Mr- C. D Harton. and other |
' • I
Kitchen Shower
For Mrs. Fuller j
Tuesday evening. Nov . 29 from i
1" »• o'clock Mrs. E. I. Fuller .
• Mr E-kor Parkinson enteriain
• k :-h,n shower honoring Mrs.
t M Fuller
Mi v <ont©Ms and games were en- j
'• 1 hv the guests
" - -tosses served delicious horn"
i-iko pickle and grape juice as I
•'" -■ .un* nto.
V’ Fuller was the recipient of J
v teautiful and useful gifts.
Fewer Colds,
lets severe colds for
you this winter with
Vicks Plan for better
| Control-of-Colds.
* j
colds SOONER !
Teiser’s Dept. Store
Our New Dresses
At Sind *4-95
Are making a hit—See these in all the
new Holiday colors and color combina-
Our Entire Line of New
( hi Sale at greatly reduced prices for
Muiek clearance.
All Toys Are On Display
will put away any toy until wanted
u ‘ith a small deposit.
Havu you seen Toyland Park in opera
?i'»n in our window? Bring the children.
Teiser’s Dept. Store
Marland Martin Pattern
\\->\. I <
'■ 3
'. fc-
THE LAWS or conti act bridge cun
jfe obtained In p: art (rally every boott
••tore. !C\ *>•> rin*> and every private
pl*yct should have a copy of these
internHlional rules of play.
Ilrtjeis unfailingly should observe
noth the letter and the splri* of the
laws, and insist fha' ether players do
i lie same. A good spv 'aißan unuoin
plalnlngly pays the i<cnaliy for any
-i nir which ho may make.
No law ict|iiir<*s a pl.iyci to sort
•! anao 0 o his cards, but courtesy to
other players requires you to son
vnur caids ;rtio suits, alternating the
suits by col :r. lo proven! revoking
\l»o arrange each suit with its cnids
n sequence, so that dummy may •■■■•
spread quickly and neatly upon fhr
iabie. if your partner becomes (he <’.e
lartr In spreading your cards i_>r
lummy, run each suit out In a line
! rom your edge of the table, toward
tour partner, and have tho smallest
•aid nearest your partner Kan out
the cards of each suit, so that every
player may obtaio a dear view of all
V>>yr hand.
•'The laws siioclfy that each p'qyer
may shuffle the cards The dealer
has the last shuffle. As the dealer
may shuffle the cards last, wired
starling a rtihlrer do not ask you'
upon your left to shuffle
the cards for you, He may do so IT
he wishes, hut club players do not
ask such a ,hing to be done. As
the dealer's partner slmlfles while the
dealer ‘distribute? the other psek.
shuffling for each deal except the first
mn Is automatically cared for.
There have been so many changes
in the laws that old players, as well
«s new one", should read through Ihe
new code. Itfclers will note that
practically eveiv former light, except
10 inquire whether the declarer is
Henderson, <n. c.,y daily dispatch Friday, December 2, 193* *
Smartest of all smart frocks design,
ea to flatter the matronly figure is
the model sketched today. Particu
larly important is th« deep pointed
vest with cowl neckline thai adds the
note of- contract. Other pointed
scannings of bodice and skirt, and nV-w
intrguing sleeves make it doubly ap
pealing. w« should like it of crinkly
crept, or satin, combining two of the
newest shades, or black and white.
Pattern 9482 may be ordered only In
sizes 36 to 46. Size 38 requires 3 3-1
yards 39 inch fabric and 1-2 yard
contrasting Illustrated step-by.step
making instructions included with thi*
To a pattern of this model, send
bIFTEEN CENTS f!sel in coins oi
stamps (coins preferred). Please
write very plainly your NAME, AD
of each pattern*oidered.
for a complete collection of the
smartest, most practical and easifst
to-make styles, consult the MARIAN
include beautiful nrodels for junior,
and kidd'es. as well a sthe best of the
new season's afternoon, evening, sport
end house frocks, li igerie and pajamas
Exquisite Items sot gift sewing, too.
address all orders to The Daily
Dispatch Pattern Department, 232
West 18th Street. New York City.
void of a suit whet he fails to fol
low, has been taken from dummy.
Hack tricks cannot be viewed, except
under the provisions or Law 24; to
settle any argument concerning who
won a trick: to cor:ect the number
of cards played to a to sub
stitute a co-rect card for an incor
rect card played to a trick: to note
whether a player revoked. If a play
er request permission to look at a
turned and quitted trick, to discover
whether he revoked, opponents mr.jf
icfuie peimisaiou for him to toon,
but this refusal deprives the objec
tors from claiming a revoke. If made.
Os course an onlooker has no right
to call attention to anv happening.
Any errors In score must bo < onected
within certain time limits. An error
in the »rick svore must be made be
fore *he next deal Is completed, or if
male on the final hand or a rubber,
before the seme i.-i? been made up
arid An error in premium
score may he corre leu at any llm«
before the final scoie of t'n» rubber
has been made up and accepted. Er
rors in addition or subtraction may
be made whenever discovered.
A player i« prohibited from looking
at any cards during the deal. If he
does so anJ thereby causes a card
to be faced bc'ore the completion ot
the deal, the player at the offender's
left may look over his own cards, and
then he may decide whether or not
a new deal shall bo made; by the
same dealer.
If you make an 'nsuttie'ent bid (as
2-Hearts, over 2-Spader.. If you cor
rect the error Lcforo on opponent
calls attention to it, your corrected
bid must be the s?.me suit (or no
trump) as the Incorrect bid if an
opponent calls altcmton to the In
sure lettcy of vour bid. > on may make
it sufficient In any suit >ou like,
but the ofender's partner cannot bid
on his nert turn.
Knows Lvery Secret
Jf: ' ■•?
3L +> !■
A jjfcgs#** Jgj|
Ulif jjgKBBBBBEKKmm -^1
Mtf|ir«t L« Hand
Facts and anecdotes enough to
fill several books dealing with
President-elect Roosevelt are
possessed by this young lady. She
is Margaret Le Hand, confidential
secretary to the governor of New
York. She now is with the next
occupant of the White House at
Warm Springs. Ga. She is ex
pected to go to Washington with
the president-elect n>xt March 4.
Aristotle considered 37 a suitable
marriage eg* for men and 18 for
WWUCA. ■ • - 'j—' —— :1 —
. • ~
rtox of talcum $ 7.75
Black velvet wrap, ermine
lining 1,600.00
Nav y cloth coat 750.00
White velvet evening wrap,
fox cuffs 325.00
Black broadcloth coat, fox
collar, cuffs 423.00
Black crepe dress 225 00
White crepe dre55......... 225.00
Navy and white suit 375.00
Gray kasha skirt and coat.
Persian lamb fur 450.00
Lapin fur coat 275 00
Red print chiffon suit 325.00
Blue chiffon gown 250.00
Beige lace gown 300.00
V w|H W Me
1 <afeiSLwg *T-*ZXA? VjH F /
1 w <
•?■ < ' sS w&t'< T
Attached to a bill of complaint in
a suit of $12,059 against former
Mayor James J. Walker of New
York for clothes allegedly pur
chased by his wife is a list of 180
items. The complaint alleges that
the $12,059 is the balance unpaid
Father’s Night
At High School
Arrangements have -been made for
the annual Father's Night of the Par
ent-Teacher Association of the high
school, to be held thi.s evening at
7:30 o'clock in the high school au
ditorium. The address is to be made
by Paul Daniel, superintendent of the
Raleigh schools with a few other
brief talks, together with several
musical numbers.
Schumann Music
-Club In Meeting
The Schumann Music club met last
Wednesday afternoon with Miss Eliz
: Jeifkintf at her home on Ghol
aon'fctieruie. usual business meet
ing was held, and it was decided that
the next meeting would bo devoted
to Christmas music, club members
playing or singing familiar Christ
mas carols.
The program Wednesday afternoon
consisted of a study of the life of
Felix Mendelssohn, the musician who
through his music spent his like mak
ing others happy. Two musical num
bers were given. “Consolation," from
"Songs Without Words." was played
by Elizabeth Jenkins, with good in
terpretation. “A Midsummer Night's
Dream," also by Mendelssohn, was
beautifully rendered by Margaret
i Candler.
At the close of the program, the
hostess, assisted by her mother, ser
ved delicious refreshments.
Bobbitt News
Miss Myrtle Mitchell, a student at
Louisburg College spent the week-end
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F.
Roger Mitchell a s’udcnt at Wake
Forest College spent the past week
end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. F. Mitchell. *
Rev. R. R. Jackson of Middleburg
visited Mrs. Josie Duke Woodlief on
Miss Madolyn Ellington had a:; hei
guest Thursday evening. Miss Natalie
Smii h.
Mr. and Mis. Robert Lassiter and
daughter. Mary Ann of Warrenton
spent the week.end with Mrs. Lassi
ter's parents Mr. and Mrs. D. W r .
Finch. >
Flat Rock News
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Moore of Ra
leigh were the guests of Mrs. oore's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Wortham.
Miss Betsy Harris was the luncheon
guest of Mrs. R. T. Britt and Miss
Mabel Britt, last Thursday.
Miss Alice Brummitt of Oxford
visited her cousin. Misses Helen and
Mabel Nelson, last Friday.
Hugh Davis .who spent last week in
Durham,.as the guest of relatives anc
friends, his returned to*-4»is home.
Miss Wortham j was the
dinner guest oL Misses Annie- jend
Betsy Hands, Friday night. 'z-i
Preaching services will be.-hg.'draf
Flat* Rock:"' -Methadiet Protwdtant
Eggshell satin lace blouse. 150.00
Tan cloth dress 275.00
Purple crepe dress 235.00
Six pairs hose, each 6.50
Six pai’s hose, each ; 7.50
Box of green soap 7.50
Two clasps 45.00
Twelve pairs of hose, each . 6.30
Chartreuse chiffon hand
kerchief io.OO
Three handkerchiefs 15.00
Two-tone bathing suit.... 150.00
Bottle of perfume 35.00
White Elizabeth blouse.... 75.00
White crepe dress anil coat 225.00
Green, blue and yellow be-
L« t 8 15 00
of $20,059 purchases from 1928
to 1931. The dress firm suing al
leges that of the 180 items listed,
13 were purchased at the Palm
Beach, Fla., shop of the concern
during the winter of 1931, when
Mrs. Walker was visiting there.:
Mink Trir?r:ccl Suit
iH x «. '■ a®
This trim and stylish suit is made
of dark green wool crepe and it
trimmed with mink. The skirt
has a slight flare at the hemline.
The bodice has a surplice closing.
Sally Filers, screen player, wear*
with this suit a green French felt
hat, brown suede gloves, alliga
tor and suede handbag, brown
leather shoe* and suntan hose.
thirty o'clock with the pastor. Rev.
J. W. Braxton in charge.
Miss Helen Nelson is spending sev
eral days this week in Dexter, as the
guest of her sister, Mrs. C. M. Greene,
and Mr. Greene.
’Mrs. Lewis Reavis will conduct the
Christian Endeavor at Flat Rock M.
F». church Sunday night, at six o'clock
Her theme will be “How CaM We
Work Christian Unity?" An ftvita
tibn is extended to all who ca*c to
A good deal of progress toward
scientific direction of education has
beten made by cooperation between
psychologists and educators.
6 6 6
CbeckiJKitarla In- 3 ta>*,Xolds flwt
day, UoMtedM* .*or' .Neuralgia. iiu4o .
minutes. 1 • -
- M<*rt Speedy -Remedies Known 1
Meeting Is Held
By Dabney P. T. A.
On last Tuesday evening the Dalb
ney Parent Teacher Association met
and held ita business and social meet,
lng in the High School Auditorium.
The attendance was very good con
sidering the cold weather at that
The meeting was called to order by
the president, Mrs. I. D. Hart and
the program was given before the
business matters were discussed. The
meeting was opened by every one
singing Faith of our Father. Mrs.
H. L. Wright gave a beautiful scrip
ture reaing ffrom the 107 Psalm, after
which the association repeat e thed
the Lord's prayer.
The program was as follows;
Recitation; It’s Nice—Helen W/iiglit.
Reading; Giving Thanks—Miss
Clarice Parham.
Reading; How t<» Sho’| we are
Thankful - Miss Anna Marshal LeMay.
Recitation: Just a Friend —Mrs. H.
B. Hicks.
After the program Ihe business
matters were discussed. The Secre
tary gave a report in full of all the
money made and all money spent up
to the meeting.
The prizes which are offered at
each meeting to the room in both ele
mentary and high school who has Ihe
biggest percent* of parents at the
meeting was won in the elementary
grades by Miss Eunice Huff's room,
i second grade with 16 percent of the
parents present. | *
In the high school it went bo the
ninth and tenth grade room. Miss
Mai-y Spear, teach* r with 26 percent
of the parents present.
As t>he time for the next meeting
came during (he Christmas holidays,
it wa svoted lo hold the next meeting
on the regular meeting night in Jan
uary. The vice president, Mrs. Julian
WVche will have charge of the Jan.
uary meeting.
After all business was disposed of
the association enjoyed an hour of
community sing The Parent Teach
er Association had bought new song
books for the school and the members
decided to try bhem out and in so
doing spent a very enjoyable hour.
During the time .several quartets were
sung by Misses Eunice Huff. Susis
Alston. Ethel Bradshew and Maud
Wn r» paw Uien A L*l-»Va 11 J 4
i “ "1
the perfect gift shade in
For the young and the elderly, the frivolous
end the practical superb Gold Stripe Silk
Stockings in Smoketone! This exceptional
shade will blend with every costume color, and
will win you considerable praise for your excel
lent taste in Christmas gifts.
Chiffons ... Semi-Sheer* ... Service
In Snoketone
75c SI.OO $1.35 $1.65
Silk Sa»kjnJ»
North Carolina made, ladies full fash
ioned pure silk, FIRST quality, hose —
48c, 59c, 75c, SI.OO
A full stock of children’s stockings
Christmas Underwear
and Negligees
Better than ever are the prices and qual
ity of our gowns, step-ins, slips and
panties with handmade lace and Porto
Rican embroidery, .
Negligees from China and Japan.
. < *
E. G. Davis & Sons Co.
Hemlenoo, .K. C.
- ■» - ■ *-
axujuxß soomxßi
Don't Trifle With Coughs
Don’t let them get a strangle hold. Fight
germ* qdicklf. Creomolnon combines the 7
best helps known to modern science. Power-'
ful but harmless. Pleasant to take. Nonarcpt
ics. Yoof druggist will refund your money if
any cough or cold no matter how longstand
ing is not relieved by Creomulsion. (adv.)
Extra! On The Stage
Movie Screen Star In Person
Who ap- '
penned in
with Chas.
Farrell and
Jane* Gay- J
Talk* i g •
Picture of J
Janat i ’ j
' Chorlas
■ ma •W ■W Note: No
»hs Change In
The Ideal Christmas Gift—
A SIOO Bonk Os
Tickets to the
On Sale Now At Our Box Office
A Beautiful H ,
Electric Clock Radio
Will be glren to patrons of the
Stevenson on Thursday,
December 23rd.
Ask for information and keys
with your ticket*
Starting December slh
Coming: Monday—Tuesday

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