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UsHlq til
The Market Basket
By The Bureau of Homo Economic.,
1 " AKrtCUI,W ‘ Woman’. Mvtaioo of the
rtvoMente Kmentency Committee Employment
«M i n l\t l.t DK (OD-MVKH Oil.
.miner sunshine gone. the
. f. ..d become sa matter of
'tree than ever. The aur.-
v* m it ■ ould r.-ach the child
«' protected them
• i common disease of
Winter sunshine is no
- ni'Usth t*>r that in fh** north
- am where or at any sea
fltr .' oi the sunshtn • art
i . •‘,l l>v . moke in the air. a"J by
buildings or enclosures
it. ».">r then, and probably al;
-i’. nutrition specialties, the
■' 'houid b** supplemented
! ..r oil twice a day at lcav
• tu! each time Better still
.-poontuLs a d;.v if possible
"1 hk>- sunshine, prevents
It helps aU>. to k.-ep the
of infections. ITotection of
1 i- ..11 fh-* more necessary If
' food supply is low.
.I>> .> diet is planned of course
■ l the foods that! will keep
' iml make him grow That
one thine, bone-making
n.l milk Is the best of these
Bureau of H ime Economies
Ready and Waiting'
*'* ;,,i >" ,,r ' ,r,|,rs f'»r Hit' most fhoiro moats. p o n*t
" rr almut wlirtWt- you will ho ahl- t,, sip,) v.l.at vou
i i -Inst phi.*',
Turner’s Market
Phones 304-306.
With every pound of fresh country but
ter sold Saturday at 30c we give one
pound FREE. “ *
1 nl 1 line of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Phones 162-163.
I Our Features I
I For Saturday I
Chocolate Malted Milk Cakes
Plain Cakes and Raisin Layer Cakes
of ali kinds
A large variety of breads—
Raisin, French Rye, Whole Wheat
Danish Pastries of ali Kinds.
I Call for I
I Blue Ribbon Bread I
By name and accept no others.
Keep your numbers and get your free
groceries— also fruit cakes I
I Blue Ribbon Baking Co. I
of the U. S Department of Agricul
■ure. because of th e calcium and phos
phorus it contains. Milk Is a i So thf
t>aby & best and cheapest source „f ;h e
protein and fat he needs.
Next to milkk, however, the most
important item in the baby's winter
diet is cod-liver oil., Milk and cod
iver oil supplement e ac bother, and
piotect the child to some extent
iganist the consequences of a lack of
>ther foods. With cereals, they sup
ply protein, fat. mineral, and all of
he vitamins but one--vitamin C To
that ,he baby need
-omato or orange juice at least 2 tea
spoonfuls a day in which he" gets
vitamin A as well MS vitamin C
hough not enough vitamin a.
here fore the importance of milk and
\itjrmn A is found in milk fat
>f butte. Tor babies. i t j, fourd ~
liver It is also found ; n oranges and
omatoes hence the importance
orange juice and tomato juice for ba
bies. in addition t 0 their value for vit
train D is abundant in the yolks o'
ges and in various fish oils.
By taking cod liver oil. the baby gets
1,8 vitamin D in his food. From sun
thine he gets It through his skin The
human skin r omains a 3ljbßtanc , calJ _
trgr. r Pro i 4 This substance, it ix
T hv k , n , OWn - 15 vitamir
ind Ul,ravio,et rays of the s v»n,
a that reaction, it | S believed, pro
duced. produces vitamin D in the
Without vitamin D the baby’s bones
'll not develop properly, and h e will
have rickets causing crooked legs,
weak arms, contracted chests Even
when he has plenty of milk lo provide
Lhe bone-making materials, the babyh
o y can not use those materials sue
-sfully without vitamin D. Thus
babies who are well.fed m other re
spects may have rickets if they do no
ket. vitamin D from some source. In
wi'der. the cheapest source of eod-
Uver oil.
Hot Cereal with Raisins- Toast !
Tomato Juice and Cod Liver Oil
for youngest child
Coffee <adultsi Milk (children) !
Beef Stew with Vegetables
Hot Biscuits Jelly or Jam
Hot Tea (adults) Milk < children) \
Bread and Butier
Rice with Tomato-cheese satire
Bread and Bui ter
Apple pie (made at noon)
Milk for all.
Cod liver oil at bed time
'youngest ehildieni
Beef Stew with Vegelahfru
1 1-2 pounds beef rump or rorjul !
1.1 cup flour.
2 onions chopped.
1 quail water.
3 cups diced potatoes. •
2 cup.? diced carrots Salt.
2 tablespoons chopped parsley.
Wipe the meat and cut It m inch |
Mibe-i. Fiy out the fat ffrom the meat |
in a skillet and add the meat, which i
has been rolled in the flour, and the \
onion. Cook and stir until the meat j
has browned Put the beef in a sauce
pan. add the water, using some of tbe
wafer to wash out the tasty particle;
‘Cft in the pan. Cover and simmer
the meat until almost tender, then add
the vegetables and rook until they are
soft Season with salt and sprinkle
the top with parsley after it is placed [
in the serving dish.
Iti<* With Tomato and Clie<Ne Sauce I
• cups cooked rice"
1 No. 2 can tomato’s <2 cups)
2 tablespoons melted fat
1 slire onion, chopped fine
2 tablespoons flour
1-t to 1-2 pound sharp flavored
Sait- rmd pepper •> season. - > -
While ih? rice is cooking simmer the
t-omatoes and onion for 10 minutes.
Blend the fat and flour and stir into
the inmatoes and cook until the cause
i h.ck ns. Shave the cheese, add to i
the tomato sauce and stir over low !
hen’ until the cheese melts. Add Sait
and pepper to taste. Serve the sauce ‘
hot over the rice.
fOoctlnuec from Page One.i
calculated to bring the maximum;
tot il into the federal treasury. It I
must be high enough io yield a r!z- !
able sum. It must not be too high or
it will (iiscouiage beer consumption, j
And of course the beer must be of •
a soi t to create a demand for itself!
or its sale will tie so limited that I
Uncle Sam’s shnie will be disappoint-j
It already is recognized that one
half of one per cent is an inadequate
I alcoholic content to make beer a po-
I pular beverage.
Therefore, the ways and means
committee will have to specify a tax
upon a higher percentage than that.
Then it will be up to th judiciary
committe- to decide whether or not 1
beer of the newly-designated potency j
is, in fact, intoxicating. It must not
be intoxicating: that would be in vio
lation of the eighteenth amendment,
it is agreed on all hands that the
closer it comes to the intoxicating 1
point, the greater chances of popu
larity it will have and the better its
prospects of proving to be a good
ievenue raiser which, after all is the
Jungle Victim
W c'jtpm ■
■I ,3m
.• If >; mi? i
i W' •
A tropical ailment, contracted in
the African jungle when she played i
the heroine in the film ‘Trader I
Horn,” is said to be the cause of the I
serious illness that has kept Edwina |
Booth (above) confined to her home 1
for the past seven months. Miss
Booth’s condition was only recently
disclosed, her illness having bean
k*pt saorft, lest it hurt her film-
* v'v
M y
■ hL p
Wanita Guthrie
Wnnita Guthrie, 15-year-old Ful- i
ton, Kas., girl is the new national i
canning champion of the 4-H \
clubs, shown holding a iar of fruit .
essential eonsideration. at least with
some folk.
However, the nearer legal beer
comes to the intoxicating iimit, the
more it will grouse the jealously ui
the country's potential wine indus
try. If "real beer" is legalized, ropr
sentatives of the grape growers pre
sent now in full force at the ways
and means committee hearing are
prepared to insist immediately that
"reul wine" is legalized also.
Now. it may be that four per cent
beer will pass muster with connois
seurs. but all experts agree that eight
per cent is rock bottom of alcoholic
content for wine, and even that is
generally spoken of as two to lour
per cent below firsf-rate desirability.
For one thing, it is gravely ,-jues-
Wde Preservers
To wash spinuih (ju.vkl>!* nil
three pans with lukewarm water
and lift spinach from one pan to
another. The sand settles and stays
In the bottom of the pans
Wnaaal 5c
FLOUR Plain «°Selfri«ing24 Bag 49C
. I’ltoiiit ts | i„ ch ,. lim i 2 pi as 25c
DJIiriDDl C 1 N <» 1 ORn KahiiHS y
rwtßrrLC 0 cans ZUb Shelled lb. 55c
PEARS c7,r 19c Pccl , '-- ron lb 33c
C" , Cnllnornn Ur. 1C
PEACHES ni'„ 10c Mixed Nu*» lb. 17c
FRUITS FOR SALAD ;>.(« n g . isc
fj ar , ' '•'(•«« *L 4Q C
i a.- at ;:r ncM«ir «,
MACARQKI SP N^d^s° r 4 pkgs. 19c
WALT aar ca» 42c M 2l can 25c
PF AC lon* No. 2 4A p
r tH 3 Tendar Sweet Can *wC
BANANAS, Go dm Ripe lb. 5c
LETTUCE, Fa»cy lorberg Head 10c |j
GRAPES, f *”' 5 2 lbs. 15c
CELERY, Fancy Crtip 2 Stalks 15c M
; which she preserved. Wanita was
i awarded the championship at the
! International Livestock exposition
in Chicago
i ; tionable that an eight per cent bever
i age can get pa.st the judiciary com
mittee as a non-intoxicant.
And. even should it do so, as Lo
wine, it immediately would follow
| that the brewers thereupon would cal!
, for a higher beer content than a mere
’ four per cent, which makes :> mighty
: | thin mixture in competition witn eignt
j per cent wine, simultaneously avail
| Beat initial betting, then, is that a
t ! jam between the beer and wine sac
tions will block modification legisla
s j tion entirely at the winter session of
- | congress.
| Still, there remains the alternative
-I guess that beer proponents will keep
their percentage so low as to get it
approved say at the 2.75 figure
I which is all that some of the so-called
: wets me standing out for indepen
dently of the wine growers' campaign
and clamorings.
i What then?
i Why, it is disputed by hardly any*
| one that householders will rush out
I in throngs and order a case nr twe
[ of 2.7a per cent beer, after which, on
the testimony of scores of excellent
! authorities, the market will slump tc
I about that of the present one-half ot
| one per cent. And there may be as
much bootlegging as at present, with
; no appreciable increase in revenue.

No rice of men consistently averages
I about 5 f'-r-i 10 inches in height, and
i ll only a ttw small tribes is the ave
i i age below 5 feet.
a UK mi BBS
J. R. Wflkerson
Meat Market
Freeh and cured meats, groceries,
fruits and produce.
■ We Feed The Family at Low Cash Prices
Phone 346 Henderson, N. C.
Pork Roast, lb. 10c
Sliced Rindless Bacon, lb. ISc
Fresh Ham, lb. . . ]r><*
Pure Pork Sausage, lb. If>c
Beef Roast, lb. _ . . 12c
Round Steak, lb. 15e
Sliced Cured Ham, lb. . . 15c
Picnic Hams, lb. 10c
Dressed Hens, lb. 22c
Fryers, lb. . . . . 18c
Oysters, qt. ... 35c
Phone 31—We Deliver
Advertise In The Dispatch
I For A Hot Breakfast I
Gold Medal Pancake or Buckwheat
I 22-oz. botrie New England | |
I 1 -lb. pkg. Pure Pork I
C ISk OA Regular re
tail pnee 42c
;■ Swift J s Premium
Hams is. 14? I
Cocoa s-lb. Can 21< I
Eiig Four Brand I
I Peanut Butter v 19l I
Colonial Lima
I Beans 2 No. 2 Cans 15^1
Lovely Ha-Cha
I Malt Milk 3 io- ozCans 25^1
Bud we iter w I
I Malt Syriq) 3-lb. Can 42 1 % I
Alaska Pink
I Salmon 3 Tall Cans 25/ I
D. P. Blend - I
| Coffee is. 27/1

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