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S. R. Adams Is Talked As
County Board Chairman
Commissioners Take Oalhs Monday Morning, With
Other Officers Waiting Until Public Installation
Services In Court R oom In The Evening
S. K A t.iin . t'f Tt wii v»lle, wlu>
will t*ke the n,<th .1. a member of
the Yarn— B'mml "t <*ollll'.v ('murns- ■
Wloucis next Monti.iy naunmg, is !»«•-
mg nientiotu-d a. Ihf pi«>b:ibl»- choi«e
ml the board to serve i- it.-- chair mur. i
during Ihf (vmr;;: \eat. .- urcetnfing S i
B. Rcjfer- who* in- -••t veil for four
year m th'it < ;»t .
•Mr Adant ' - I three new
members v. In> \ I! v.t.r » 1:1 Mon
day. th<* o'h. t\ VV lillOKUl
and NV 1* I *.-•»r 1 >. ,n i>t *.\h'>m were
nominated 1* Mi a i.e j li t .-um-
Oier and e • « \< vctiiber > The
—timer ‘.uii inf wait to be
Organization To4c Perfect.
ed at Gathering Next
;! Monday Evening
• A supper me'-’nig mark'll}; the first!
jAithrring new organization to be I
known hs the Y.-o'rt County School-1
Toasters Club ij u* he held next Mon- !
<lhv evening at 6.30 o'clock in the |
basement dining i» ,m of the First 1
Presbyterian church. it was announr-!
On the program aie a number of
the principals of the schools, lx>th m
the city and the county, and the d;n
cussion.s will he concerned wi’h
school problem particularly . s te-
Intca to scholarship, the aim and pin
pose of the association will be .-et
forth hv Prof. Kra’ik M. I’arrhardt. ]
principal ~f Cen’iai school, (lender
gin and Supeiintcrn'eiit K M. lioi-!
Ijrs is also on the jnogram
Officers to he elected will include f
•* presid* at. a vice-piesideiit. seer*
tary and treasurer. There will h« ,
(Music at dificreiu stages of the pio-j
g.am and the supoer will be served I
by the ladie; of the church.
The purpose of the club is set forth j
on the programs (icing “For ini-'
proving the school end advan'-ing the
Ts -lfaie of til*' leach' is of Vance 1
nnt\ "
Follow!ME 1. the full p|Of ram f,>; '
the me'-Mig :> announced today.
f Invocat son. Mi *.la:\inc Toy to:. I
Henderson hi,"l, -ij *•.I.
’I. Poind Re I ,* •. t ro<lu*'t ion-Koch !
pfvjo.it pic-enf 'and. give name. 1
Mho I and -i.' pit l;»"ght.
11l .fupj ei
. IV. T'leeii-m i,f ofiicei.-. I'realden 4 .. ■
Vice (Resident. Secretary. and Tica- j
V. Keiiinr) . ,- Ou: - Superinlei.dt.nl. * I
E M Kolliiis.
VI Voi a I .•••.do Mi Elizabeth Fox.
North H r nd< i son sehot t.
V r ll. Speeches.
tal The Va I lie and Purpose of ttv
■I-^ CES %I
This Brand New Bank
Was organized to help rehabilitate the
City ol' iiondeison, Vance County and
the : uriooiuiinK section.
New Capital and Surplus
Paid in in Cash •
Nearly 200 stockholders are now back
ing >his new institution. They are asking
you to put your money in the bank to help
bring back prosperity.
r l he strength of this bank lies not alone in
its capital, surplus and resources, but in
the character and financial responsibility
of the? men who conduct its affairs.
First National Bank
In Henderson
••worn in at the public installation
services in the evening, because their
regular monthly meeting Is held in
tin- morning, with much business to
attend to at that time
The retiring members of the board
i me O. L. Stewart, \V. A. Newman
and E. S. Glover.
All othei county officers will take
the oath at the public meeting Mon
dav evening. Thi is an affair being
ai ranged under the auspices of the
Institute of Government, a local coun
ty unit of which is to be organized
l*i ior to the installation services. The
public is invited to attend.
Schoolmaster s Club in Vance County.
1 Mr. Uaruhardl. Henderson Central
| school.
j tit* ilow can the Teachers of Vance
! County Prevent f»‘s and 6's among
; ihvir pupils'* Mr. Poe. AyCock high
<c How 1 Keep my Failures <s's
J and 6': i to a Luw Per Ccnct.
. 1 Mrs. James Y. Paris. Hender
i .-on high schoo:.
' 2 Miss Maxine Taylor. Henderson
I high school.
VIII. Round Table Discussion (15
| 1 Principals' Group, Mr Dees in
’ charge. Zeb high school..
j 2. Teachers' Group. Miss Moore in
j charge. Henderson Clark Street
! school.
Total Is $3,221.18 for Month
Compared With $3,-
, 074.43 In 1931
• i
For the fifth consecutive month the j
receipts ot the Henderson post office
showed an increase during November. I
according to figures announced today t
by Postmaster C. P. Wright Cast I
month's total was given as $3,221.18,1
which compares with $3,074.-13 in No
vember a year ago. or an increase |
of $146.75 for the past month.
This hi mgs total receipts for the J
first eleven months of 1932 to $39.-|
6f>K.B2. which is several thousand dol- j
bus te-.s than for t*»'* corresponding ]
pttiod a year ago.
P.ev. I- B. Reavis, pastor of a num- j
her of Baptist churches In this city i
end county, has accepted an invita-1
tion to address the Y. W. C. A. of
Eastern Carolina Teachers* College at
Greenville next Sunday evening. Both
students and faculty attend these ser-i
vices. Mr. Reavis wilt leave in the
afternoon for Greenville in time for
the evening services. .
"laud month Governor O. Max Gaid
ncr was the speaker. A different
-peaker is chosen each month. Friends
of Rev. Mr. Rcavis feel that the in
vitation to him to speak to thts large
1 group of college students is a dis
tinct honor and that it speaks weD
tor hi, work.
HstrlrerßOtt jQalla Siajrafrh
The 1932 poster of the American Red Cross Roll Call for members.
| pvifKY lyar, beginning with the
j Wo.li! Wnr. the Red Cross has
j issued a |> is tor calling attention to iis
roll <a!l tor membership, which is
hvld, traditionally, from Armistice Day*
in Thanksgiving Day. Many famous
artists hav* painted thes« posters.
(Continued from Page One.)
nificaut that Bowie, who has been
here in Releigh for several days, Has
not denied the report of tin forriia
! ion of a luxury sale.", tax collection
in the House with himself as the
igader of it
Nor has Junius C. Martin, of Ashe
ville. who is repotted to be (he nmn
this luxury sales tax and nnti-Khring
haus bloc will support foi speaker of
the House, in opposition to It. L».
Harris, of Roxboro, denied any of the
reports to this effect. Martin, as well
as J iniis DeDaney. of Charlotte, who
was campaign manager for Lieute
nant Governor R. T. Fountain, and
regarded ms being friendly toward this
sales tax bloc, was also in Raleigh
Tuesday, as was Bowie. It is not
known, however, whether any of
these conferred. Hut Senator Hins
dale issued his statement the follow
ing d iv
It was' I'arned. however, that, while
Martin was hex- a member of the
House in the forthcoming legislature
called upon him ami urged him not
to become a candidate Ini .-peit.-i.
To this Martin is said to have ie
plied that he was receiving so much
support from members in some east
ern counties that he could not now
decide what he would do, but inti
mated that for the time being h(< in
tended to stay in the race. This is in
terpreted by some as merely another
indication of the attempt to form this
luxury sales tax and anti-Ehringhaus
blot in the House with M.aiUn as its
candidate for speaker. Others do not
attach any particular .significance to
Marlin*:! reported statement.
The prevailing opinion in political
circles here, however, is that whoevei
has been attempting to form these
Senate and House blocs has nol been
meeting with a very hearty response
or much su' ce-s. Several members of
the next legislatin'", when que dion
ed if they had been approached con
cerning the formation of this bloc,
said they had not. Several other.-:
have admitted that they hail been ap
proached. Several have expressed the
opinion that they regarded it a.; un
wise for any members of the new
General Assembly to pledge them
selves to any definite course o f ac
tion in advance. Indications ate that
many of the members arc taking this
view and hence refraining from com
mitting themselves definitely one way
or the other on the luxury sales tax
or any other matter
It is generally* agreed hen- that in
spite of his statement, denying any
thin'/ about the formation of any bloc
tha», Senator Hinsdale will revive his
luxury sales tax bill and again do
Industrv Rewarded
9l <&;< -gP| * wm
* MM
« v- ’*%!? ,j
In recognition of his outstanding
record during nine years of 4-H
Club work, this farm boy, Vernon
Leroy Baidwin. of Alden.
was awarded a prize educational
trip to the llth National Club Con
greas, now in session, in connection
with the International Live Stock
Exposition at Chicago. In addh’on,
he was enabled to enter the Uni-
Vw-raiti ol this Falk
Usually they center nlrout the figure
of a Red Cross nurse, which carries
sentimental recollections of her serv
ice during the war, and of her service
in disasters in peace-tints, as well as
in the paths of public healllt.
The poster this year Is a timely re-
Her Leadership Wins
\iiu teen - year ■ old M a tr r i n e
Kuo use of Emporia, Kus., is the
National 4-H club girl leadership
hampion. She demonstrated un
usual ability in making clothing,
raking, food preparation, canning,
• oom improvement, raising poul
try and baby beef, to win thp
abnor in connection with the In
‘eniutional Livestock Exposition,
in Ch’- aeo.
everything jiossible to secure its adop
tion. It is aiso agreed that ho will
probably oppose any measures pro
posed by Governor Ehringhaus if
they are in any way contrary to his
own ideas of taxation and govern
ment. In fact, in his statement. Sen
ator Hinsdale said that he intended
to support Governor Ehringhaus “so
far as is consistent with my ideas and
beliefs in matters of taxation and gov
The efforts which Bowie put forth
as n lobbiest in the 1931 General As
sembly' to secure the enactment of
the luxury sales tax hill and his bit
ter opposition to many of the mea
sure, reco’oniended by Governor
Gardner, indicate that he will again
back the luxury sales lax plan and
probably extend his dislike for the
Gardner policies over into the Ehring
hius administration, many' believe.
But the success of any efforts to for m
any sort of bloc is not expected.
(Continued from Page One.)
to le,,e Warm Springs next Tuesday
so a! to ariive in Albany for the
opening of the special session of the
New York Legislature December 9.
The plans were made this morning
afttr information was received that
the call already had been made for
the special session. Governor Roose
velt had no comment to make on the
summons for the legislature into the
extra meeting. The legislature will
deal with legislation affecting the
salaries of New York City employees
and the caU was made after the New
York City board of estimates had
asked that measures be enacted to
permit pay' cuts.
(Coiivmued Irojn Page One.)
the receiver and transmitter all in
one piece, as well against the preaent
rates charged for the various typer
of telephone service. The complaints
against the extra charge for the
French type desk sets by far out
number all others, however, the com
missioners say.
“We are not only going to make a
very thorough investigation into the
extra charge made for the Frencl
type desk sets, but Into all the rate:
charged, and hope to be able to brin|
about some material reductions,*
=mid Commissioner Stanley Winborm
We hope to reach the telephone com
minder that the lied Cross needs help
if it is lo carry on helping other*.
Every one who joins as. a member ot
the Red Cross chapter in hfs com
munity will be helping this humani
tarian organization to help the needy
throughout the nation.
i panies and get an agreement on rate
| reductions by Christmas. *
The commission is not y r et ready
[ to approve the revised rate plan sug
| ge.ited by the Tidewater Power Com
j pany, but believes the changes it has
suggested will be approved by the
i power company before the end of this
week As soon as the agreement with
(his company has been reached, the
| commission can proceed with a num
i her of .smaller (lower companies with
| whom negotiations have already been
i in progress. Little, if any. difficulty
i is expected in getting the desired rate
reductions from these smaller com
] panies. it was intimated.
The rates charged for gas supplied
by the Southern Public Utilities com
pany have already been reduced un
\ der its new schedule of rates. But
most of the others are still to be ad
A suspended sentence of 60 days
on the roads was given Haywood
Suggs in recorder’s court today on
charges of assaulting his wife. On
payment of the costs and good be
havioi for (wo year.;, the judgment
wilt abate. ,
Jewell Gray was back before the
] recorder for failure to comply with a
| previous judgment, but judgment was
also suspended in this case on pay
i ment of the costs.
a a SMOOTH tires don’t hold on wet psv**
i 1 I I ment. Punctures are more dangerous
% .-' when it’s slippery. Changing tires is also
1 E m 5”! E=" |H| dangerous and disagreeable. Better put
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\W I I 11 you, saye you money on repairs nn.l
VT I I I * delays, and still be like new when spring
' \ I Jmmßß arrives *
If' f^e center —big husky blocks of rubber
MinnHHV and hold. More stop! The All-YVeather
Tread is a big reason why millions more
people ride on Goodyear Tires. Come in
we’ll demonstrate!
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your tire# here. We clean and graphite GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY Kl
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vlxcanizing car look*. 5.—-19 ».§»! ».4#| 1.14
■ Othe Sim | B Wvprtton —•
Henderson Vulcanizing Co.
Phones 408 and 409
Campaign Is Extended
Through Saturday For
Wind-Up of Effort
Many Prospect: ,«■ Contributor, ILa\e
Not Been Seen; Over 250 Mem
bers Have Been Enrolled
During Campaign
Total coni I ibut ions of $2Ol 15 had
been made t., the annual 1932 Red
Cross Roll Call to noon today. R. G.
KitLrcll general chuimian of the
campaign, announced (his afternoon.
This is a slight increase over Ihe
previous report, hut docs not icprc
sent all I hat has (a-en received, the
ch'jirrrnn said, for many reports have
not been sent to him. However, many
prospective contributors have not
been seen.
The figuie for the first wuul w r n
given as $44.50; second ward, $123.
80; third ward. ssl; fourth ward.
Mr. Kittiell today appealed again to
all workers in an earnest request for
an intensive canvass tomorrow to
reach those who have not yet sub
scribed. A surprisingly large number
of people, he said, are volunteerihg
the information that no one has So
licited them to join the Red Cross,
this failure being chiefly due to tfie j
fact that they were out when the
canvassers called. “Let's give every
reasonable prospect every possible op
portunity to subscribe,” he urged.
Due to developments, Mr. Kittrell
stated, it has been decided to con
tinue the canvass of the four uptown
wards through Saturday. He urged
that nil ward captains make their
final report by 10 o'clock Monday
So far something over 250 members
have been enrolled, it was stated, and
he insisted that every possible ef
fort be made to inise this number to
at least 300 before the end of the cam
At the regular meeting of the Mid
dleburg Giangc Wednesday night the
curing of meats was the main topic
of discussion. County Agent Sanders
was present and made an interesting
and useful tak on this timeiy sub
A nominating committee was ap
pointed to nominate the officers for
next year, the names they select to
be presented at the next meeting <wo
weeks hence and the selecting to
take place at that lime. A description
oi the events attending the conferring
of the seventh degree at the national
meeting of the Grange at Winston-
Salem last week will also be given
at that time. Alt members of the
Grange are urged to be present for
this important and interesting mee%
ORATORY contests
Public Invited To K„. ~
tour, House At
Legion Aus p i tes
Six coni,* t.,, ,
high M-houl it . \
participate n, t („.
be held in ,
evening :,i 7 :v. ~, „ , '
oration- ~|mm j
I S‘gll l!l |lO >; uj J i , .
will u-,
where tin
into the Stati-wj,,.. ,
Tile 1 n ot:/, f.. .
night is i!n ,| |( j t ,
gold Th- iibjt i •
lion in N ith <'
tc fe. I l>< | i|i,ij,- ,
and a >.m„, , .
Girl Scouts I’l.Hi
Court ol .\\\; iU k
The II ie, -c: t; ;;
have their Coin; ;
Episcopal Dari-h IP. ; ,
ing at 7:30 odork u . ,
today. An ii>\it .-«* ~.
the public lo ati.-i.-d ■ ■.
1 ohacco Mnrkci
Sale l luirsdiit
Is 115,162 I*l a
Thursday's sale on Th [;
tobacco maiket auv r t. .j
pounds, which ;,! p.i >r.i
an average of Si;;.j7 . .
pounds. i( wa- aetiou. . • . •
C. F Tankei ley. Ji
for the maiket
“AH grades s i! w ,
bleak was smith cotiq. ■
moil and medium t ■ .
side- good grade. il:e,
are in demand It *••>,. •
break changed with tli* ...i:
are looking for , u<■ • *.*
December 5.'
ingredients ar* already
dissolved ready for tVt \
system to absorb, ft therr*•'re
gives quicker relief fr.-n !gri- J
ac he, neuralgic, rheunatir sn:
periodic pains. Wo;* up r
stomach. 10c, 30c, 60c s;zcs. j
I Liquid I

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