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associated and central press service
Dispatch Subscription
Three New Members Take
Oath Following Their
Election to Office
Last Month
Jury Drawn ror January
Superior Court; Sheriff’s
Statement on Collections
Received; Old Board Has
Short Meeting at The
At the sis*»ini» of Mu' Board of
('ount> (thl* after
noon. A. V B”nil has reflected
county attorney and ->l. 11. Stone
rr-«*Vctrt! recorder priilnn. , |
S IT. «>f Townsville, wii; j
elected ch'iirn'. in • Mie Vance Buaid 1
of County Cunirnw-- 1 mess after new!
mem be rs of that body had taken the
oath of office in th.- ioienoon today
He ia a new mem bet of the hoard mvi
succeed- S. B Ilogci. of Heiulor.sun
»hn ha.- served as ohairnnn fur the
past, four years.
Thd thiee new .itemhei whose o:;*h
was administered by Colonel Her.iv
Perry. cleik of the superior couit. ate
S. H. Adams. W P Pnrrish uid \\ •
W. Grissom The three who retire*! ;
are O. L. Stewart E. S. G’ove uiv.il
W A. Newman Mr. Kos era and EL 1
Klemins wete hold-overs and were
not tip for election tin- year, still j
having two years to serve.
The old bontd met at In o'clock I
and wound up tt.- business, being
mostly routine consoling of ruadingi
." id apptoving the minutes of the I:. !
r*; guiat meeting and - tch other mat
ters- as claimed the.: attention. They
then adjottrueil. aul tl>. ~ow bond
went into executive -e-.-uon which •
held most of the remainder of the!
No action was tak“.i iti the fore
noon on the election of a conty at-!
tornev. the only o'lu-l election rr,"*.
ter In-fore flu , I at fftd.rv-. - C .-
:-ioii. and h< ! w . t.. !>• att-o lrd
to tills afieruooe A Bunn. who,
It is s. iw ' l .. a or y r u sc,a t il'
Vl 111 . W.i again a i - ululate. ,
She* r .1 I! Halide** m vet* : e
mem *,'h .i: t tor .
h cted on l'*;;.: .. • i* mo**,- hi -1.
e\ pi | ...I tod. *it |s .sigh he Wilt c sn
tinue in ofii- t St‘ ti g been t-b-cL d
*o sneered hi.-tis* if 1 • • mot ti,,
The board also had to draw a juiv
ibis aftetnooi to ejve in the January,
nnc wck term of criminal court in
thus county, and also a special venire
of td men to tet>nr* tn Franklin $u- [
perior Court .r I/outsbutg on Jan-;
uarv Is so« the select lor of a jury for;
a murder m-r ' ft*-: f A m .ss ot rou-,
tine business w . j- |s.* to be Iran - j
acted by the hoard timing the day. j
Children's Coughs
Need Creomulsion
Always get the lw«». and surest
treatment for your child's cough or cold.
I*rudent mothers nuuc and more arc turn
ing to Creomulsion for any cough or cold 1
that starts.
Creomulsion cmul-ifir* creosote with sit
other important medicinal elements which i
soothe and heal the inK.imed membrane:! '■
and check germ growth. It is not a clieip
remedy, but contains no narcotics and is
-ertain reli*-f. Get a h'.ttle from your drug
gis! tight now and have it ready for bi
stant u-c. (jdv.» i
East Coast Stages, foe.
Christmas Bus Excursion
December 15 to January 10, 1933
Save 45 Percent On Holiday Trip#
Tickets On Sale Until January ’ r ”
Final Return Limit, Midnight, January 10
Go Home For The Holidays via
FROM .lack-sonvillj Richmond Washington Philadelphia New York
Henderson Sir, Tft $4.30 $7.35 $10.90 $12.85
Petersburg iH.CO 3.85 7.70 8.80
Richmond 10.25 3 .30 7.15 8.80
Wake Forest V> 95 5.45 8.45 12.30 13.85
AUo Proportionate Round-Trip Fares From
All Stations
Travel The Way—Buse* Are
. Con»ult Ykt SHORT LINE A«*at,
No Bounties For
Crows and Hawks
Because of a luck of funds, the
Stale Department of Conttervation
and Development la not offering
bounties thin year for crows and
hawks that are killed and brought
In, tt was announced today by J.
Harry Edwards, county game war
den. He said he had already been
approached by a number of people
for Information on the subject.
Mr. Edwards said his organiza
tion wtHild enforce .the hunYmg
laws strictly from this time on,
and warned that every _ one who
g.>e« into the woods and fie’ris in
search of game to obtain their li
censrs first.
Boy Scout* Ceremony To Be
Held In The Episcopal
Parish House
The regular monthly Boy Scout of
Honor will be held at Holy Innocent*
Episcopal church, in the Parish hou.sq
tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock, it
was announced today. Rev. I. W.
Hughes, chairman of the court, will
preside it is expected that Claude
Humphreys, of Raleigh, Scout execu
tive for the district, will be presented
and aid in the rese pen tat ions.
At these Curts of honor. Boy Scots
in the Hcndeison district which com
prises the towns of Henderson. Ox-.
ford. Franklinton. l*ouisbuig and Ep
iom. come up for the awards which
they have earned during the past
It is probable, too, it was said today,
Mrit some of the out-of-town treips
will he here tomorrow night, The pub
lic is invited to attend and take pint
in s h e court, especially those yhj
are interested in the work.
.Ninth Death l« Three Years In His
Close Family Connections;
St nk> In Slab sville
Robert A. Blaylock was called tjn
Statesville Sunday on account of the
death of his sister. Mrs. .Martha
Elizabeth Swan, widow of Holmap
Bwann, who died 36 years ago. It was
the ninth death within the close fa
mily connections of Mr. Blaylock in
three years 1
Mrs. Swann died at 1:45 a m. Su«i
dn; . Funeral services were held in
Siatrsvilhi today. with Interment
there, in charge of Rev. B. F. Eller,
pastor of the Baptist church in that
city. The deceased was a lifelong
member of that church. She had lived
at her last address 50 years*.
In addition to Mr. Blaylock one!
other brother survives, H. 11. Blay
lock. cf Ralegh and the following
children of the deceased: V. E.
Swann, Gertrude Swann’ Ducie
Swann, all of Statesville; Hubert,
Swann, of Norfolk. Va.; Mis. Allte
Hr ath of Greensboro.
HrttltrrsottSlaihj Biapatrij
I _ _
! As Orientals Are Most Re.
ceptive, Church Back j
Home Most Unready
Rev W. C. MelaiughlLn. Prosbyte- I
rlan Worker In Far East. Telia
Two Congregations Os C|t»n
tUtlon* in Orient

Christianity is the greatest need of
China today, mid it can save that un- i
happy and chaotic land from its trou- j
hies if given an opportunity, it was j
declared by Rev. W. C. McLonghlin .
in a sermon Sunday night at the
First Methodist church on “China in ;
Convulsion." Rev. Mr. McGoughlin is j
a Presbyterian missionary in China. |
and has just arrived in this country'
on a furlough of a year. He spoke at i
the First Presbyterian church Bun-1
day* morning, and wjvs to have spoken
there again last night, but. because
of the heating plant in the church
failing, the service was transferred
to the First Methodist church, where
. the two congregations jointed to
i get her. The speaker was a classmate
j and a co-worker with Rev. VV. C.
j Camming, pastor of the Piesbvten ai >
, church, who Himself was a missionary
in China prior to his paattorate here,
and until his church board withdrew,
him when trouble bloke in China sev
, oral years ago.
Rev. Mr. Mclaiughlin gave what he
conceived to be the cause and the
1 cure of the Chinese chaos of today.
Among the, causes he listed Babel.
] meaning the many languages spoken
there; ballots, meaning the sale and
purchase of votes-; bigots, including
the students; bandits; bosses, mean-.
: ing military dictatorship: bootleggers
of opium and the bolshevist menace. j
; As a cure he gave the blood of Jesus 1
1 Christ, .moaning the ChtUfau n|
; ligior. He*said the League of Nations
if't 'presented ait united front, could
work miracles toward restoring or- ]
der, but that would not give the na
tion the Christian character and prin
ciples that are so essential for it.
Just as China is most willing to
accept Christianity, the church buck
at home is the most unready and the
most unwilling to support missionary .
effort there. He said China was ready
for Christianity if only- it were offei
ed to them.
Approximately 30 Percent
of List Taken In, Sheriff
Hajnlett Reports
Ta.x collections by the county slow
( ed dowui during November, ami total
| receipts in cash amounted to only $9
t 105.03. Sheriff .1. K. Hamlett irported
to the new board of county commis
sioners today. But the heavy early
collections in October, with the No
vember figure added, made a total of
$63,152.67 taken in, together with'
■ credits of I<X in discounts and
f>8.77 in rebates, all of which together!
makes $65,989.92. This is approximate
ly 30 |»erccnt of the total turned over!
to the sheriff to be collected.
The report today for November
showed, in addition to cash taxes fcol
! lectcd, credits of $56 in to thej
■salary fund; $l2B in licenses: $1.90 in]
telephone calls and $53.30 in dis- !
i !
Bad Check Charge Also
Heard In Monday Morn
ing Session of Court
] Two charges of drunkenness .and
: one of a bad che'!: were tiled in police
court today.
Robert Lassiter was charged with
being drunk, and was fined $1 and
costa, and in the event of a default,
the defendant to be confined in jail
until th£ fine and the costs are paid
or until He is discharged otherwise
in keeping with the law.
W. L. Mitchell was fined $1 and i
costs for giving a worthless checjt' to
E. C. Faris for $4.
Jim Hatch was charged with be
ing drunk and pleaded guilty, but
Judgment was continued until Tues
New members of the Vance County
Boird of Education will take office
at 'the meeting on the first Monday*
in April, rather, tha« today, the first
Monday in December, when other new
county officers assume their duties. J.
C. Cooper and J. E. Kimball are new
members elected .In November.
Mr. Edwards Improves.
John H. Edwards s s'owly improv
‘ng after undergoing an operation a 1
Maria Parham hospital and is ex
acted to return houia in a few days
, was said today. ; ,
Club Will Close Tomorrow
Your Own and a Neighbor's
Subscription Will Be
Well Rewarded
Club Will Absolutely Cbr-e Tomorrow
Night, and Office Will Remain
Open Until 9 Ot’lpck
For I-air Comers
With the Subscription Club of the
Daily- Ditpatch closing tomoriow,
Tuesday. December 6, at 9 p. m. mem
bers of the Subscription Club were
.-bowing some real activity today in
their final efforts tcv get in all the
subscriptions that were promised
them by their friencLs.
The atlractlve prizes being offered
for the subscriptions turned in by the
members ot the club are spurring
them on to n greater activity, caus
ing that friends to rally to their sup
port and give them their subscriptions
in the closing hours of the club.
One can enter at the last moment
rind secure at least one of the prizes
by- renewing their own subscription
aml calling on a neighbor, friend or
relative for another. These last few
hours cun mean much to those in the
There will be no extension of time
granted, the club will he absolutely
closed at the above time as, as ad
vertised with the Daily Dispatch of
fica remainino oppn until 9 o’clock
Friday niiht. December 6, allow the
club members all the time possible to
see their prospects and secure their
subscriptions. By puttinb forth a re
newed effort, the members can make
a great deal of headway in these clos
ing hours ttnd win one or more of the
handsome prizes being -offered as
there is no limit to the number of
ptizt’.s to be awarded or the number
each club member may win.
40 Men Will Report To
Louisburg January 18
In Murder Trial
On in-1 1 tu t ions front JinLc' N. A.
■rimlni:. tht Vance Boa id of County
Comm risinn rs this a fin to-n, t [,ow Ti
spteinl wmre ->l to men from this
couiiiv who an to rvpo; t in Franklin
tij*'. t it l l Court ■in Louisbuig Wcdnos
day . J.’uiitaiy 18, for tn,-* selection of a
,miy* in a minder case pending there,
The defendant to be tried is William
The ord a for the jury did not state
what the charge against Cook was.
but county officials understood it was
a homicide case. The circumstances
High School P.T. A.
Hears Prof. Daniels
A representative number of parents
met at the Henderson high school
last Friday night and enjoyed one of
the best programs of the year. “Ame
rica" was sung, followed by the in
vocation given by Dr. L. W. Ger
ringer. • |
The president. Mis. A. B. Noel!,
(hen mined the meeting over to Mrs.
R *('t (Jreen. who had arranged the
program as a membey of the program
committee. She exp.«fced that nearly
every one appearing on the program
was a parent or teacher,
A group of songs was beautifully
rendered by five mothers, Mesdames
B. Frank Harris. E. G. Shaw. R. H,
Duke, A. B. Wester, accompanied by
Mrs. E. F. Shaw Mrs. J- W. Jenk
ins warmly welcomed all patents, but
especially the fathers, who so seldom
can attend the meeting, and Colonel
H. A. Newell responded, pledging co
operation for the fathers.\
Under the direction of Miss Maxine
Taylor and W. B. Harrison the Girls
Glee Club sang "Gypsy Life," which
wah very pleasing. Robert B. Green.
Jr., president of the senior class, gave
a resume of a recent survey made by
the junior and senior classes under
the direction of the teachers off Eng
lish. Mrs. J. Y. Paris, on “The Qual
ifications of an Ideal Father." Next
Mrs. Parts, in a very’ charming way,
introduced the speaker of the evening.
Superintendent Paul Daniels, of the
Raleigh city .schools, who was a for
mer pupil of hers M r - Daniel spoke
feelingly of th e influence that his for
mer teacher had had on him and thein
launched into one of the best address,
es ever heard here.
His subject was “The School of the
Future.” He suggested that the first
thing needed was for all to get a bet
ter conception of what education really
is, that some still clung to the idea
that education means only the Tturee
R’s; that it had no relation to voca
tional training; that everything not
absolutely essential, such as music
and art should be done away with in
the course of study.
The progressive idea of education
was to provide for all the needs. Edu
cation was the gTand total of all ex
perience • Everything that affects our
moral; mental or ghyaicai Jiart o t
Public Exercises To Be Held
Tn Court House at 7:30
CAuMty Unit of Statewide Group To
Formed; To Hear Broadcast
I*> State Officials Speak.
>ng In Raleigh
All new officers of Vance county,
with the exception of new members
of the Board of County Commission
ers. will be instsLUed at 7:30 o'clock
tonight in the court house at the first
public ceremony of the kind ever held
in the county. Preceding the installa
tion ceremony, a local county unit of
the Institute of Government, a new
Statewide organization, is to be form
ed in this county. The public installa
tion idea was originated by that
group, and will be held in many coun
ties at various times today.
Colonel Henry Perry, clerk of the
superior count will administer
oath to the new officers.
In addition do the organization of
the Institute -of Government group,
and the installation services, the au
dience. it is said, will have an op
portunity to listen to a radio broad-,
cast of addresses made at similar i
i ervices in Raleigh by J. C. B. Ehriiig- i
haiis. governor-elect. and Clifford!
Frazier, of Greensboro, who was do- !
seated by Mr. Ehringhaus in the elec- !
tion last month. Chief Justice Walter !
P. Stacy, of the State Supreme Court,
will administer the oath to the Wake ;
The public is invited to attend the
ceremonies tonight. The three new
members of the Board of County Com
missioners were sworn in this morn
ing because of the fact that they had
to transact business and could not
wait until tonight.
Public Installation of
Officers Had Over State
(Continued from Page One.)
and Prof. Albert Coates, director of
the Institute of Government.
The Raleigh program, which will
got under way in the Wake county
court house at 7:15 o’clock, will be
broadcast by radio throughout the
Slate from 8 to 9 o’clock to an au
dience estimated at more than 2<K>.ooo.
Speakers on the Raleigh program
will outline ihe governmental pm
giam that has grown out of the cf
oits and activities of the public of
fice; .« of North Carolina during the
1 i.-t sevr’i 1 years and are now belli ;
projected through the Institute of
Gove nitre m.
out of which the order grew was not
learned, but venires from other coun
ties are ordered, as a rule, only when
difficulty is experienced in obtain
ing a jury in the county where the
case is being tried
life educates us. Inciudilig our legis
lature time experiences.
Second. We need to get a belter
understanding of the demands made
by the educational Program. These
include the Best Health program, so
cial responsibility, development of the
best types of citizens, development of
moral side or responsibility; to pro
vide courses of study that will meet
the needs of individual pupils.
Third. Our people need a higher
legaid for relative values - and ?spe
cialiy in this time when curtailment
is so necessary along so many line*
,we should be able to determine which
can best be curtailed-As an example
he mentioned that as we already have
a fine system of goo droads suffi
cient for our need*, that that phase
of work could be curtailed in prefer
ence to some other things. Those
who were fortunate enough to hear
Mr. Daniel were well pleased and ho
gave them mucht food for thought.
During his ten years as head of the
Raleigh schools he has been Ins'ru
mental In carrying forward a mag.
nificent program of expansion and
building and today Raleigh has school*
that are the envy of all who know
what good schools are both as to
courses of study, student activities
equipment and fine buildings.
w. D. Payne, principal of the lo
cal high school, spoke a few words
concerning anew high school here
which every one igrees is the great
est present need,, and he reminded the
members of the P. T. A. .that he
wanted them to adopt with him the
objective "A New High School Bj
r B4 - . ,
Women’s Pains
A Liquid Remedy Is Quicker
For relieving periodic pain, neuralgia
IT P “ n ° r noth
ing is quicker tha n Capudine because
*t is liquid and the medicinal ingredi
ents are already diwolved. Thus your
iyatem can absorb them at once with
out Upsetting your stomach. Capudine
fermga doubtful comfort. Strained
Sr£S£V‘“- Non *^;
Christmas Wreaths ilprp
To Be Placed This Week
Nearly All Stores Between Young and Spring Slreeu i 0
Cooperate In Illuminated Decorations i n Shoppi,,™ °
District; Christmas Three Weeks Off
Christmas decorations on the
streete in the shopping section of Hen
demon will be erected this week, and
by the end of the week that section
will present an atmosphere of holiday
appearances it was stated today by
J. M. Batson, secretary of the Hen
derson Merchants Association, which
group la sponsoring the decorations.
The design this .‘year will consist of
a wreath with a streamer dropping
down ifrom the rim. This is in con
trast tb the Christmas tree idea which
wa« cibried out last year, and was
adopteef* merely to bring about a
change in design.
Local Group To Go To Ox
ford, Returning Their
Visit Last Year
Duke University alumni of Vance 1
and GraHvilie counties w*ill meet in
Oxford on Monday evening of next
week in celebration of Duke Univer
sity day, which is the eighth anniver- ;
sary of the indenture made hv the !
Our Christmas
Combination Gift Offer
For ju*t two trrrkm —
This 8-piece toilet set FREE
Genuine Dupont Pyralin, in pastel shades of Es
. - aence Pearl. Set includes
Coro Miraoa Powder Box Button Hnn*
Brush Nau. Burn* Fiu: Shop flnnx
FREE when you bny this moth-proof I.4NE
CEDAK CHEST —a wonderful bargain in itself.
8em ember that the Lane Cedar Chest is the only
•W® which carries a free insurance policy againd
itioth damage! It’s a beautiful piece of furniture*
niabed * n American walnut, with genuine
wood carvings. Come early, while our slock of
chests is complete —and get the handsome toilet
set without a cent extra oust.
MEN: This is a chance to give two gffu for the price
m one. Every girl wants a Lane Cedar Hope Chest
«*d if she already has a toife* »*, „he caD
*nother for the guest-room. Two weeks only!
Henderson Furniture Co*
Henderson, N. C.
■( The wrt-alh- wili p. , (J|)
Boy scon*- win :
wreaths and W. M (\,fi r . '.
part me nt >upet intend.a a v
vise their «icction.
Christmas i only thuc w., p iM
• j and merchants are now
.! their Chri.sinia... u.aje p ”,
I that this attractivcnc-s ~, M . * ‘
’j P»ng district will enhane. '
ncs.s to sonic extent.
The wreaths w,l! ,
j front of m.el bum. (l
j Garnett -t re-.-t be; wee; y,,,.
! Spring street.. Nearly ev.i- '
i will cooperate, it ,
I late James B. Duke win. .. ,
the Duke Endowment . : ! ~ , t
versity. A .-pcakci fi..u •,,
• sity is to make tin |»ii:.;;p. ; .. t .
A larg-2 number of Vac . ~
j alumni of Duke are exje<;» : •
I tx'iid the banquet in
I win r-c held at h z o'cJork
■ ing in the dining loom «.f •v,
i rfi-l chim h thej’c Lasl y> ■.,
ville county alumni e-.m. *. u .
j son forth.- hanipiet, mid t> ■ ■
1 invited th* 1 i*ical group in -.
1 them this year, and ihu un.’ ,
D S. lolin-nn. pi.iieipu! </ .
.school at the Oxford <)i;n
| pi c ideut o' t hi- Gi inv:i *
group. H'*nry A. Demur : [ -
l and Miss Willie G* i , .-*•(-• .-*.,;.
1 the Vane** county as?nti.it.o-

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