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Law Provides Heavy Pen
ally on Conviction In
Extortion Cases
Extortion Letht W.w* Snl To Mr>
T I’t'Hir Ijitl Week; Votlm
rllli’s Are W«»rl«ir On The
('j<y ipiiiTK
While officers amt <»ttit*i rmirrrn
ed were rnthei linn eoininil tal. it was
learned definitely today that no .st*.t»c
Was being left unturned in an effort
Uj leurn the identity «>f the wiiler- of
the extortion n itr -.ml lust week tu
Mr. S T. Waco. it. ulm li So.lXHi wns
demanded on | .on of death 01 injury
to her i»ed h*o rlul'ln n. The note was
"Chicago Cat . ' and l>ore the
double dale of lioiteike Rapid: and
Henderson Imi wa pi—t nia i knl at the
H«nder>.on po * offire.
So fill ,| ; had !.it.i teal ll**ll. noth
ing defini’i hid l«vii tinned up in
'lie in vest ignt p-ii. though county arut
city of fid - 1 -> wile working «.n tin ea.se
postal aut hoi it ie. al: o have phnto
•itatic copies of the lettpi that was
*ent to Mrs. I’eaee.
! It wa- < -called today that a severe
penalty ts by tin - Federal and
Xtxte government sot the -ending of
tbi eatenmg l-Me* Hid 'lie piini .h
meirt is a peodenl iu .• entenee. (I
»i.i -.a'd th-' iui. po able effo;.
will he made to toil':: t(»e utility to
Mrs l*e-,ee d-'.O'd riill'.O' Illpt Illy!
been going thi ion-el lint Mi Pe-i’Ce
had received tin*- •»*tiing lettei-, in
addition to the one s'i:i her. tithe:
jtotie that had g••ioed circulation
»lso were dented bv her.
The family is one • f the most prom
Inont in this city and eetlou. and the
rending of the threatening letter has
created no little interest and coitcerr.
c»n the part of the family and citi/uns
in general in H'-ndei-on.
Colds that Hang On
Tkm't let them i a Muii;!- l-U fight
g-rms quickly. ( it < muLiuu O'litbiiu.* the 7
hot helps hiiuwii tu modern science. Power
fill but harml—•*. Plrj-.mt to take. Nona rent*
ies. Your drugciit»»i!! refund vntir mrtnev if
•ny cough or cold no matter hmv longstand
ing is nut relieved Ly CreomuLiou. (adv.)
I Dclk —Doll Set Prices 1
i m
I Sce *£***s) |*£*£ y ße.t |
1 Our QuaUly 1
§ Wagons j*
5 . A W /"A at §
£ ana vpßpj ‘ L °we*t *
Tricycles <£ UTr Price* ®
$ M
5 Dull srl m i*nx with doll ___. 49e &
T-. *£
ff. Dull set hat box and doll ... $1.25 3
j£y Sm
«r Doll itunk with doll, $1.95 M
S* is
jPj :.n
6 Doll and bathinetle, complete _ . . _ 98c §
£ With soap, towel, bottle, etc. 2*
8 k'
8 “ £
8 Doll wardrobe trunks _. _ SI.OO £
2 &
£ _ £
£r “Ducky” dolls—washable rubber $
I $1.25 ANU $2.45 |
£ as
* \*
£ 27-in. largo “Libby" doll, sleeps tO QC £
and civs, a five dollar doll for ** * !•
« 5
« |
| Watkins Hardware Co. 1
K jffi
5 Phone 46 Henderson, N. C.
5 i#
£— X
See Our Complete Stock For Useful
£ And Practical Gifts jjj®
6 Mt
9L '»
Roof of Club House Partly
Burned; Firemen Check
the Blaze
The timely arrival of firemen on the
-scone probably saved the club house
at the West Knd Country Club (mm
total destruction bv fire in mid-after
noon Thursday. Harold Mixon, con
tractor. wlu win; approaching; the
building, where he was going to makr
an estimate on repainting the build
ing. discovered the blaze and made
the alarm
The blaze originated in the pantry,
it was said, and worked up through
the ceiling into the attic and was
breaking through the roof in several
places when the firemen arrived. A
hole was burned in the ceiling over
the dance hall also t’sc of the boo: ler
tank on the motor truck, after a hole
hud been cut into the shingle roof,
was sufficient to control the blaze. but
firemen said had they been a few
minutes 'later in teaching the scene,
it. would have been a total loss.
W. IT. V 1 boning. secretary of the
club, said today the loss wa- e-dimat
ed at s2f>o, thnt it was fully covered
by ri utunce. and ‘he repairs would
be made immediately. He gave the
firemen credit for saving the club
lionsTlinic TO
Approximately 100 Children
Examined, 12 Given
The I .ions club eye clinic, which
has been in progress several months
under direction of the local Lions
club, and with the cooperation of Dr.
I\. H. Patterson, optometrist, will
close December 21. it was announced
today by Sam Alford, chairman of the
clubs committee in charge of the un
dertaking. He requested that ai!
school ptineipals desist from sending
further pupils after that date.
So far. it was suited, approximate
ly 100 children have been examined
for defective eyesight since the cam
puign began in the public schools of
the city and county. It was also stftt-
I that 12 pa'i'-. of glasses have been
given and thui a number of oihet
children aie now being inve Jiyrate-i
with n. view to furnishing them with
StmiteramtJlmlij Btsjrafrl?
4,200 Bales Threatened At
Henderson Bonded
Bursting of Caps Brings l‘‘h> Under
Control; HU:r Starts *»» l*'irst
Moor and Works Upward
To Second
Approximately t.2‘>o hales of cotton
were threatened in a fire lust night
in the storage of the Henderson Bond
ed Warehouse in West Henderson, but
the blaze was quickly brought under
control when the caps on the sprink
lers melted and sprayed the fire until
it was extinguished.
F. L. Toeplenian, head of the com
pany. .-aid today the actual toss was
ten bales of cotton. with about 25
more damaged. The entire holdings in
the warehouse are insuied. and there
will he no loss on the cotton that was
burned. It. belonged to the Federal
government, which had it stoied
j there. None of th L dnnuiged cotton
was owned by any one in Henderson
l or Vance county, he said.
! Cotton it', the warehouse belongs to
'h«' government, to the North Caro
lina Cotton Growers Cooperative Asso
ciation an to numerous indi vidauls.
Mr Toeplenian said today the
! sprinkler system was what saved the
t utile wai chouse, and he was greatly
[ oiea.-ved witti Hi'- effectiveness of this
! f.re prevention equipment. He wag
i mure confident H an ever of the safety
of the storage.
The fire originated on the first floor
and worked through to the .second
story. H* ,: p that gathcird after the
blaze began quickly roiled the burn
ing bales to a window and tossed
them to the ground, and this and the
work of the sprinkler system prevent
ed greater damage. Fiiemcn respond
ed to a call. hut did not use thru
host on In.' flames.
No rulin’ Court. No se.-jion of po
iicc court was held today.
Steals a Boot. Mucy Ragland,
colored, was charged in recorders
court today with the theft of a boot
just one boot, from another coloied
man. He was given four months sus
pended sentence conditioned on ids
payment, of the costs and good be-
Jifvvinr for two years, lie went to jail
in default of the bond.
Two Kc:tUy Transfers. Two real i>s
talo tiatnter- were recorded yeslej
day at th" office of Ihc register ol
deed?. J. M Kawlaiid sold to Robert
A. Crew., a half interest in ill' acri's
in Middlebmg lown.- hip for $lO am.
! other considerations. S. S. I'ulnur
I sold to i>. i!. Wat Ivin- for slo ant.
ath* : taJir'iderathms. ltd acres, 73 in
l v.inei and 3!> in Granville counties.
tallies Officials
Arc Sentenced In
Lottery Acti\ity :
f-’ew Yolk. Dec. 0. (Al’i Concur’
H Mann, pie aileui of I lie Kansas City
Chamber of Commerce, was sentence!
today to rive five months imprison
mint and pay a fine of Stv.ndO so
| violation of the Fedora! lottery law
:n. connection with "frolics' of tin
Fiatcrnal Order of Eages.
Frank E. Herring, who was edito
of ,the Eagles magazine. was > enteric
od to four months imprisonment am
to pay a fine of SI,OOO.
Bernard C McGuire, one of the pro
motors, was sentenced to serve a yeat
■nil a day and was fined $12,000.
Mann, auditor and past president
< f the Eagles, was sentenced to fivt
months on each of two counts, the sen
fence; to run concurrently.
The three wire found guilty by a
Federal jury last Saturday'.
Matthews, S. C . Dec. 8 (APi Tht
American Cotton Association has ap
peak'd to the governor of every Stall
tn the nation in which cotton is growr
to immediately issue a proclaatiar
pointing out the fact that the world’t
production of cotton for 1932 is the
mallest of any year since 1923," Wan.
namuker said. '
“That the suyrply of world's cotton
as of this date, is 5,000,000 bales les:
han ar the same date a year ago.
“That the sale of the manufacturer
goods is much in excess for a similai
period a year ago.
"And. that all landowners, farmers
bankers, merchams nncTevery loyal cl
izen are urged to use their finance:
md influence to prevent the sale of »
bale of cotton for less than ten cent
per pound and to encourage In ever
way humanly possible non-plamtirq
nf cotton for 1933, carrying the oot
ion that would be produced in normal
seasons while it can _b& bought foi
|25 per bale less than the actual cos)
of production a»d thus save the extra
expense of production and avoid thr
rivk of adverse weather and insects.
Mystery Drama—“ The Black Camel’
7:30 P. M. WPTF
Sponsored By , 1
Standard Oil Company of New JoMy
" ■■ ■ ■ i
•* v *
Pictorial Story of Franklin D. Roosevelt
No. 1: His Nautical Side
—^————————————■ mmmmmmm ——i——————————
Irrtor of ncuticai ctrhinf*. U
«on-.Tn<Scn, 5
three i-mbnrknl
_ h. »». sent abroad on nn in- I
2, speelion tour. «ho.-rd a cruiser. N
RooteVeil p S azy —-
a smail port, Th- pre. idein-olert's favont Ci ]■ £
\|b’: a liylits wire flashing from port mil of his wife, hanging W 1 /\\7 I.
hort. Il looked a* though it on pc v.all of tin study, shows A jM •
wcre • weption, but it turned her on the shore of //// ' _/ /It
tli— o. ■ an. '
! Books For Parents Are \
Added A t Perry Library—

(Bv the Petty Library.)
There is a collection of books at the'-
Perry library now that will be of par-*
Uciilar interest to parents. The lib-!
tartans are willing ;>t all times to help
patrons: to select books op. any subject
nil with Inc books grouped loyeil'.er'
oarenlc, may look over the book - and
choose i hoSe which <!«'.) I with the
particular problem al hand. There sue
hooks , nst chai.-eto.! development,
child psychology, infant e<i«>. hy
giene. the adolescent boy and :;e i stud i
.vholesonte parent It >r ><l.
The Pal ent-' r eaehei - AssociaS ii.p ;
will he pit ft ietilai ly intere ted in
((.‘'Mttmueu liom Pag* one >
tt'ile dep- llmelit. ; lihjee to lie Sen
lies approval The e debs ..r» ha".l
*o the Ametieun | eoph wlin.-i vc-h-e ■
is Congress especially. on money
ipiestions, the Ihaise of Hepre cni;*
ives." :
"Why an .•ir.eney . houldn i !>e estmi
ished to li l*n to what oui ovi-na.i (
ebtoi s have to say.' continued the
.Volverinc colon, “1 confess l don’t;
•xact ly sc*.
"Ale we aft aid of mu elves';
ifraid we shall grant i eductions
vhcihsi* we ehoo. r to or not'.’
"I rn not afraid of anything of the
;irul when folk ask rue to make what
consider unreasonable concessions,
can sit and repeat, 'no. no. no. no.' i
ill day bin I'm willing to li ten." !
Yet it certainly is a tact that Uncle ,
turn's post-war debt conferences to
late have been pretty expensive to
"Well, the tiuth is," admitted the
enatqr, "that 1 do know of what
ve're so fcatful. If we establish an
igcncv with power in recommend
ebt reduction, we realize that the :
-ankers who want reduction will j
iring such pressure to hear on it that'
hat's what it will recommend."
“I was chatting recently." related
he Michigan lawmaker." with a
>anker, who had bee pointing out t*»
ne how much world economic coitdi
ions would be improved by a scaling
'.own of the United States govern
ment's claims against the European
nations and it occurred to me to in
*•‘lf the United States government
vould cut its claims down, as you
suggest, would you bankers consent
o a corresponding reduction in your
private claims?’
“ 'Ah.' he said, ’that would Ire prac
ically impossible: private claims are
oo numerous and widely scattered.’
"Which was true; it wouldn’t be a
iractical proposition."
The creation of a new war debt
ommission would be good policy?
“I don* like the term 'commission,’
aid the senator. “It s been overwork
d. I don t like the term 'efficiency, ’
lther, for the same reason. Or 'co
“As to an ‘agency.’ t<* hear and
weigh our debtors’ stories- I can't
;onceive of any sound objection to its
And then take what we can get?
“No, no." exclaimed the senator.;
vtth strong emphasis and some im
“That implies a reduction.
"I’m saying that we ought to be
tble to trust ourselves to listen-- and
ifter that, unless good and sufficient
eas ons for it are given. Not grant
any reduction-’’
these books ‘as 'many of the discus- *
sions which arise at the meetings are
dealt With. The bsisls Tor selection of
these particular books for the par
ruts was a list of books published in
the National Parent-Teacher M.ig
A list of some ol the books avail
able follows: "Mothers and Children"
by Dornlhv Canfield Fisher. “On The
\/\ ]vv \\-\ WT *
/(7 *-Hli ii 111 |*M *• * - 1
chant or let us help you with your
Christmas list. This will save you
these electrical stores you are sure
to find just the gift you want and
1,0 matter what your Christmas
budget may be, there are electrical
Among the larger appliances not Tal l
shown here we would suggest as
appropriate gifts 4—* an electric
t range, refrigerator, washing ma
chine, ironer, vacuum cleaner or
Give something electrical
this Christmas ... gifts that are in
tune with the times.
KnifWtMOOMIMOI... ’ ■■■■!! II
Carolina Powert,LightCompamv
I A V i C i
/R*»n in THi*e**’Ar* t" u ■ v » —7
L 1 >a * «#m*ii*a»io»< /
Yy BBmy” c*o»»w <*»mmtw <fw«
.Kfl »niw MUMS A WPK XI
* a
——— «c~ »^a— ——__
s V _
——■ -1 - u. i
! Training of Parents' bv Abbott, j
I "VVJiat Men Jave By."' by Ctibnt J
' ‘ Finding The Family, by Rose. *;T};e j
! Century of (he Child" by Rex'. 4, 50 |
Youth May Know ’ by Dickerson. I
"Youth In a World of Men" by Ma- I
rietta Johnson, and “ Growing Up" \
by De Schweinitz.
| Parents in town aiijd in the epunty j
are invited to get books from this spe- j
cial collection and ask sot any books !
which might not be included in this |
Visitor from Norfolk.
Dr. John F. While, ««f Norfolk
speni Thnisd.iy in the ritj with
f-h-nds before c-niliruiug to Atlanta!
to apetid the holidays.
Poiion To Bo P,„ out 0n
Numerous Farm ( . rcm , 5
Over The County
Occup ii.i ..r in - v i( , ,
i were rr.-i'lv t«, pi.i,
’heir premi a t.„ 5 , u ,»',. ' 1( ' ,
j CHMIJi vigil !)}
I morrow in vui, s; ,i... ,
! I ll»; (Miiefiii ); 4 ij r , . ,
.1 tv. Sand- r . f (
•b'-re h«- !>*-, . ... ,j, ,
tion in th ri'.o\» !i„ . ’'
Th- c;iriip;ngn i :
’undertakiiig that i *„
ngainsl rat jn fin - t 0,,. <() ( ,
, the It. of (i.'.p.-,»y . ,
I nienaco ti» pubij- iu r»Hii - .
j t lIH I <llll-.i s.
Flynn Is I losti j
Store hinplm o.'s
A. E. F!yni in;-i.a;.-i ..<• :
iicy Cuiiifim tm- j,, , u ,
his cniplovr— ; : .«i ,
at the Cmi.i i TVJ;.,
i tli liner. Tin -Cl :: - 1.„,
a drive nmong the - l-iU
At the -m In - i-»- j.< •; . ~
Flynn spoke hrj.fiy i, •>,
* clerk.; sip, ihei. c<u,;,i • ,•
! D. 11. Hili' vojerd *i>e
ol Ihe<l- > k So Ml h'. I. ,
i.-’-d him their eon* iim-...
A Liquid Remedy
Is Quicker
Noid.ng g:vi.s su«Ti a.
| from hifliJiitl.i r.em
l or periodic pains - < * -»,uj
lit is liquid and its m- ~,
! already Thu.-.
| tern can ab.soi l» linm ;r tl ., t
dine bring!* dcTigh’fn; .-.n/.<• . .
j rclaxatiion No Union;>< ...
I set stomach. Hu 30c, Wf- ,\; .
j dire. - (Adv.)
I For Sale
■ Best Quality, $G 50
I’riunpt Servlei*—
Correct U'elcht
Telephones i:n

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