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France To Pay Up
On Condition That
Discussion Is Had
Committee of Chamber Os
Deputies Passes Resolu
tion for Revamping
Debt Plan
Resolution Reaffirms
French Determination To
Respect Obligations; Un
able To Pay Without De
manded Declaration from
the American Congress
r in-. 10— ( AlM—The fur
red r<*»»inntt»*e of the
t hs'iiher of llr(MiU»r viiUml M 1o
4; thi* Mrnlnj In fp.vor of u pro
|i to recommend (Mtaii-nt of
iln* *-:o.wnn.n«o duo thr- ( (tiled
>Mt« - next on condition
lli<«f \nirrlca agree to h runtcr
hiio for rrnAikMrnilinn of IKr
dt'lit »lrm*un*
MsOungton. Uw. IB.—(AIM
l ithiianirt jfiinnl thr »»a
ti.-n* rrqitntlnj thr United State*
th<i |Wmihfr 13 war dfbt pay
-rut i«r postponed,
lilt- i-oimtry'H rirht Installment
is due a* iaterest.
r.;i ixc 10. tAP> -A resolution
■» A. , payment of the December in-
Mnent.: ,>n the American debt con
. t.'Ml upon an assurance that the
....i.i nurture will be reconsidered be
' i* ih next payment is due was araft
.* today by a Joint sub-committee of
finance and foreign affairs com
:■ tn— of the Chamber of Deputies.
It emphasizes the French conten
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K: ni- :haven. Germany. Dec. 10
iAP -I'rt.feMMr Albert Einstein and
F-si n.-.'fein sailed for the United
i i ii today ou the steamer Oakland
fc’VinJ for California, where lv» will
-un’ In- research work at Mount
V i Observatory. j
Barking Os
Dog Blocks
Baby Theft
D.n ino Abduction in
Philadelphia Plan
ned Riv aling Lind
hcrgli Case
r i.piphta. Dec. 10 lA.PV-T0 the
1 *\ l ll g of a German shepherd dog.
md 0* a nursery door, police today
•cuu’ed the thwarting of a daring
. union apparen’ly planned in ths
2.. tn tof ihe Lindbergh kidnaping
i; <: would-be kidnapers of the two
■ < -old -on of Mr. and Mr.v John
I: <; Maaire, socially prominent sub
( • ,tefled as a maid dashed to
'(•ii ,ery in respouac to the dog»
-* 1 ' K 'tig.
l- maid round a metal screen
• dow itself junmied open and a
( from the nursery window,
•‘ i' propped against the aide of
' r 'loll.-C.
h-<tid ths footsteps of some one
aero.-.-, the Iv.an. summon'd the
.xnd today a hunt is on *brough
fashionable main line *ub.
’ 1 * • n c'. c' iou.
1933 Auto Tags On Sale
Over State On Thursdayj
50 Offices Handle Them
U'C. 10 iAF>- Fifty of
• *re now ready to start selling
1 Nortu Carolina auiocbile license
- . n -very section of the State on
moor 10. L. S. Harris, director
' Ti. tr> nor vehicle bureau, said to.
1 ‘ '•)-!. u.»• of the offices will handle
1 > ‘ ' over-ihe-counter.” these being
* roiiua Motor Club offices, and
• njtoi vehicle bureau office here
ha;-.dl~ mail orders and also di*
iat.on cauls have been mafl
o vet ry person ol firm lie tod g»
‘ f f*' Jut.mtU.
ilrttiiersmt latla BtGpafrh
Swinging Along
Hi i
v gr wg j
I |B f H
BEjr f 9
A charming photo of Mrs. Curtia
Dali, daughter of President-elect
Franklin D. Roosevelt, shown as she
set out for a brisk stroll along the
bridal paths at Warm Springs, Ga„
where she was vacationing with her
distinguished dad. Mrs. Dali w»s 1
one of her father’s most energetic
supporter* during his election cam
Corporation Commission
Orders Precaution For
Property Accounting.
Os Collections
Will Discuss Supplement to
Uniform Tariffs; Instruc
tions Given As To How To
File License Applications
for 1933; Say Shippers
Have Lost
Raleigh Dw. 10 - (AT*) Thr
7orporatl<in Commission today order
. i all motor vehicle property carriers
operating ut.dcr State t xanchisc.-,
which handle “C. O. D. shipments,
to post a bond of SLOW to insure pro
per accounting or oolkcuons on such
The order is effective with the sale
of 1933 ime uses to the transportation
concerns. „ ~ , ,
At the same time. Ft. O. Self, clerk
of the commission and director of
Knoxville. Tenn„ Dec. 10.—(AP)
The Southern Conference today
voted to hold next year's *>asket
hall tournament at Raleigh, N. U
the last Friday and Saturday In
buying a IW2 plate. Th .
cut down the expense of notification
of owners, as in previous ytajj
uncancelled cards. some 300 000 or
more, were listed for the mailing of
of the 'registration notices
were dispatched Wednesday and: ap
plications for new plates fcty e alrea y
*-«^ *
operate a ear without a 1933 licence
after idnlght December 31 and no pro
vision is made for extension of the
~ (Conttnuod oa'*P*4e Kiel
he.nderson, n. c., Saturday afternoon December io, 1932
Motorist* Feel If Consolida
tion Occurs, Their Tkxes
May Be Raised
Still Higher
Would Use Money for Other
Purposes Only After High
way Obligations ' Have
Been Cared for, but That
Is Considered Very Dang
erous Precedent
ntiiir i)ii M aiiii no
111 Ike sir Uniter Hntrl.
«V J 1 lItShFKVm,
Raleigh, Dec. in. The prevailing
sentiment in both governmental and
business circles here continues to be
in opposition lo any diversion of any
of the special State funds from the
purposes to which they have been de
dicated or to the actual consolidation
of all Stale funds into a ---logic fund.
:r spite of the agitation fiom some
sources for this procedure. For white
those who ate suggesting this eon
jCiidation are for the most part
stipulating ihit none should he used
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Says Trouble Is
Ahead If Dry Law
Is Not Repealed
Washington. Dec. 10. <AI’» Rep
resentative Lea. Culifornia. Democrat
contending for wine along with beer
inthe Collier bill, counselled the House
Ways and Means Committee today
that unless Congress repeals the
eighteenth amendment and modifies
the Volstead act, “the storm that
swept this country on November 8
will have been a mere zephyr."
He followed Ma r ion deVries, sopkes
man for the Grape Growers League
of California, in advocating approval
for naturally fermented wines.
Two of Four Men
To Die on Friday
Will Be Put Off
R&lcjgh. Dec. ID.—(APi—Two of
the four men scheduled to he electro
cuted .at. State's Prison next Friday
probably will not die that diij. Tyre
Taylor, executive counsel, announced
today he would recommend commu
tation of the .sentence for Joe Stafford
! and a temporary reprieve for Ed
| Dt aver.
Taylor said he would suggest to
! Governor O. Max Gardner that Staf
| ford's sentence be changed to life im
prisonment, and that Peaver be given
a respite, so that further investiga
tion of Ms case may be made.
Uusually the governor follows the
recommendations of the executive
Will Offer
Dry Repeal
For State:
Cherokee Represen
tative To Present
Bill to Withdraw
Turlington Act
Aaheivllle, I tee. 10.—<AP) —G. W.
Cover, >lr„ of Andrews, repre
sentative-elect from Cherokee
county, said here today he would
introduce a hill to repeal the Tur
lington act at the forthcoming
session of the General Asaembiy.
The Turlington act, often call
ed “North Carolina’s Volstead
act." prohibits the manufacture
and sale of Intoxicants.
Cover said he would introduce
his bill during the early stagpa-tf •’
the legislature.
Under the Turlinrton act North
Carolina would continue as a .dry
State, even if Congress votes to
modify the Volstead act.
/ <f£ SMOJPWG ,y
Swimming in Sea of Rowers
: [liny illfyfrPmr** 1 Mli *
9 v I jIJI
Wand h Cal " whi ih f held recently at Catalina
island. Cal when fair mermaids competed in a race over a course
ei > tr C ft red B Vklth flo ''" ers - Above . »n center, is Isabelle Scott, of San Fran-
Waco, who won the unique event. With the winner are Kay Marincovic.
(rifi’nt) and Virginia FeltruD. two other conteslantA
Snow, Rain And Sleet In
Many Parts Os Country
Zero Temperatures Threatened As Winter Returns With
Fury in Many Sections; P ortions of Virginia Blank
eted by Snow, With First In Manhattan
(By the Associated Press.)
The routing of zero and below zero)
temperatures was accompanied by
snow, rain and sleet in various sec
tions cf the country today.
Light snow fell in Virginia and
Washington, S'. C.
California had snow. Children in
-?an Mateo and Burlingame frolicked
in it. In San Francisco temperatures
bit 36 , |
The southwea* fared little* better.!
Washington Is Full of Dem
ocratic Job Hunters
Looking For Pie j
P-i(« ■Xspafch llnrran,
lo I lie VI nllrr Hnlrl
nv J <•. IUM,i;i(VIU.
Raleigh, Dec. 10. The rush of so
many North Carolinians to get to the
Federal pie counter in the hopp of
getting some Democratic political pie
from the Roosevelt administration
after March 4 is becoming almost n
stampede, according to those who
have been in Washington recently.
The result is that a good many of
those in the inner political circles
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Power Commission
Member Dies From
- Attack of Heart
Washington. Dec. 10 < Al 1 ) Com
missioner Ralph B. Williamson, of the
Federal Power Commission, died at
his hotel apartment here early today
from a heart attack. He wa* 52 years
Williamson, whose home was in
Yakina, Wash., was appointed to the
commission December 23, 1930. He
was vice-chairman at the time of his
Beside the widow, two children and
a sister survive.
\7 p soys:
Law Angeles. Ca’lf., I tec. in.—
Notre Dame la here. Notre Dame
la here to carry on for Roekne.
Wouldn't It be wonderful If we
had political leaders who could
leave Ideals and systems that the
voting knew were fundamentally
right? The difference, the coach
bn* spent a life time teaching co
operation. He knows what he
wants*. White the political candi
date only knows that he wants
'em to vote for him. But from
then on he is Just guessing, im
agine a political Inspiring voters
with: “Give us one more vote
hoys, for the memory of dear old
Senator Jasbo." “Ah, honey. Who
was Senator Jasbo? And what did
he ever do?" ’But Notre Game
wiH do it for Boekne as long as a
football Is Mown up.
Yours, WILL,
'with Oklahoma reporting 16 above
zio, Nashville 24. Little Rock 26 ami
Shreveport, 22.
On the other hand Alaska, up on
toe Aictic. Circle, was enjoying com
paratively mild weather.
Week-end .snow was forecast foi
'.he Midwest and northeast.
A revenue of general snow storms
was enacted in central Illiois last
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Check Sent
On $571,000
Relief FuikJ
State Gets From Re
construction Board
Exact Amount Ask
ed for December
Dully DU|M.frh llurrna,
In the Sir WnJtrr Hotel.
my j. c . RAHkieiiriLr,.
Raleigh. Dec. 10. A check for $571.-
000 tiinn the Reconstruction Finance
Corporation was received today by
Governor O. Max Gardner to be used
for relief work in the .State this
month. A telegram was leceived by
Governor Gardnet \e.-ivrday after T
noon that the request for a loan of
this amount had been granted and
that a check was being sent for this
amount, to be used for relief purposed
through December 31.
The a,noun u. t.ie check is the ex*
act amount requested by Dr. Fred
W. Morrison. State relief director,
when he was in Washington Thurs
day to appear before the board and
present Governor Gardners request
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Warning by Hines
Os Opposition For •
Soldier Pay Plan
Washington. Dec. 10. <AP) Frank
T. Hines, veterans administrator, to-,
day warned the special joint congres
sional committee studying veterans
legislation that adoption of a new na
tional policy of ex-eoldiers' benefit*
such as he is advocating will bring
concerted objection from many,
His testimony today, a continuance
of the statement he gave the commit
tee yesterday, dealt mainly with
analyzing the structure of veterans
legislation. He pointed out that of the
$841,000,000 spent by the administra
tion in 1932, only 3.78 percent, or 881,-
741000 was given to operating ex
penses. while 86.4 percent went out in
direct payments to veterans and 10.18
percent constituted indirect benefits
suen as hospitalization.
Rain tonight and SuAday 1 ; ris- !
Ing temperature In bentrtU por- 1
tions tonight and on the const
First Money Bills
Reported To House
Carry Big Slashes
23 Known Dead In
Harl an, Ky., Mine
Harlan, Ky, f»ec. lo <AD
Four more bodies were romfixed
from the depths of the Zero mine
at Yancey this morning, making n
total of 28 known to have lietn
killed yesterday as the result of an
(AplOkion. Res<’»ir crew ■> leaders
sadd they believed all the victims
had been brought out. ,
Ten of the dead I tad been '''re
covered at midnight and rescuers
with masks protecting them; from
deadly carbon monoxide was, con
tlnucd thdi work during Ihe early
hours today. Investigation will con
tinue to determine the cause of the
Petition Given Interstate
Commerce Commission
To Make An Order
to That Effect
Objectionable Features of
Present System Outlined;
Scanty Incomes For Pres
ent Year Emphasized To
Commission In Plea of The
Washinfgon, Dec. 10.—(i* D i The
.-ailreads of the country today asked
the Interstate Commerce Commission
to continue indefinitely bevond March
t. 1933, the present freight rate isur-|
charge" without'pooThig these extra
revenues for the benefit of needy rail
roads. g
The petitiono of the carriers stated
* hat out of 162 roads operating 242.-
150 miles of track, only 32 earned
their fixed charges during the first
eight months of 1932. and that if S.V
--941,813 were allowed to cover the dif
ference between maintenance for Ihe
•first eight months of 1932 nn average
‘for the same period of 1929. 1930 and
1931 there would remain to be
ministered in accordance with the
existing plan only 55.307.257.
The income for the current year, ft
was pointed out, is really insufficient
to meet necessary expenses, and the
carriers want the commission to agree
to a plan for doing away with the
pool created through the Railroad
Credit Corporation.
New York Bank
Will Administer
Reynolds Estate
New York, Dec. 10.—(API—Sur
rogate June* A. Farley today ap
pointed the Guaranty Trust Com
pany of New York as temporary'
administrator of the rotate of
Smith Reynold*, tobacco heir,
pending the birth of a child to hie
widow. Libby Hotman Reyweido.
As a result, Reynolds’ will,
which was executed shortly before
his marriage to Miss Holman, and
did not provide for her, will not
be probated until after the birth
of the child, and the court ap
points a guardian to protect the
child’s interests In the estate.
Carelessness Evident Asi
American Statesmen Talk
About World War Events
Washington., Dec. 10.—How care
lessly expressed themselves relative to
everything connected with the World
war—even dating back to the period
•before Uncle Sam broke into .it —is
For example:
It assuredly was as early as April
1916 (for I left the British isles soon>
after that), that I had a certain in-!
terview with President Walter Runcl-j
man of the English board of trade.
The allies were not admitting then
that they wanted the United Staten
to Join hem actively against Germany 1
Treasury /And Post Office
Supply Bills Cut $32,- ’
912,3ft4 From Amount
Budget Asked
r-7 '
Existing 8 1-2 Percent Sal
ary Reductions Continued;
$194,831,236 Less Than
Appropriations In Current
Fiscal Year Placed In
Committee Bill
Washington. Dec. 10. -•AT > «- Strik
ing 532.912.30 t off the :<rtal asked t>/
the Budget Buieau. th** House Ap
,»ropiiations ComniitUe today report
ed it„s first annual supply bill for tbo
sts?ion. lecommcnding/ that SW6I.tIS,-
.7(9? be allowed ihe Tre»o«ur> and I’oti
Office Dcpartmenls Qor the next fis
cal year.
Tnc committee xtiKjredtcd continua
tion of the existing 6 1-2 percent Fed
eral p-iv ruts put iyito effect by the
economy law's fu slough pl»ti. but
made no jeference to President Hoov
eFs request in Ills budget message
for a further 11 percent salary re
Beside* being Car under budgel es
timates. the bill, which was to b®
taken up Immedl-jtely, proposed alio
cations to the two big departments
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Press Gallery of
Senate Calm After
Trouble on Friday
Washington. d*c. ItL—(API—
The Seriate presa gallery remain
ed under guard of a poUeeman to
day ur. Charlew F. Pace, financial
clerk, who yeeterday flourtahed a
revolver in the gallery in March of
a ts isorter returned to his offkw.
’ r he Senate Rules
which hae jurisdiction over the
CapitoL postponed its mooting
here Monda}-.
To Hoover’s
Plan Grows
House Sees Blocs
Forming to Oppose
Reorganizatio n Os
Washington, Dec. 10 —A stir of
opposition, particularly on. the House
side, crept up around President Hoov.
er‘* government re-group4ng plan to
day. while a Senate comxnitlec plan
ned to find out “Wtiat it all means."
Some House members t ought to or*
ganize blocs powerful eraough to pre
vent the shifting of u 8 federal ageru
cies and the eliminat ion< of 15 others
with several others openily critical.
In the Senate, where Democratic an 4
Republican leaders thought the change
would become effective., automatically,
within 60 days, Chalrmom Bingham, dt
the special economy committee. Said
today he would summon all heads of
departments and bureuug affected to
give their views of por sible economic
and Increased efficlen cy. The pres
ident did not estimate tho posalbid
I savings. |
but that was what they really dll
want and wer<* hinting at, at evet /
opportunity: ei»i in the course of m?
talk with him., the Hon. Walter ev -
dently though c be saw-a chance t >
Hlip auch a h hit into my story, in i
fashion which; would make it necer -
rary to cable it to this side of thj
“Great Britain." he observed, "wii
forced to figfe t, in defense of Be -
glum's neutraJ ity- guaranteed," he a 1
ded significantly, “under a treaty t>
which America was signatory.”
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