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m £SURD£fHiN
Cfcerles Winfield Smith i-
oh Arm? k
fHOM THE JAIL tarry \N»Job
4rore rtralrht toward Hollywood.
Ury WOtar hi teal.* him. slumptO
fcr 4m te tar *ld«> rtf tta far. wait-
Mk for tirtri to speak.
Threading his aay through the
haavy traffic he drov* slowly. care
fully. Only one* <M4 ha aay any
ikSic. and that was when be nar
rowly aeerted a rraah at a busy In
"War* rot to be careful." he nrot
ttrd "W* cant afford to have
aatytbtntr—anythin*—happen now.*
"No." Lucy arreetl.
Weldon did not speak nsrain until
ha drove up In front of the apart
ment buddin* In which he resided.
He cllaaWd out and ntotioued for her
to faUow hint. They went up in the
etoTatar to the flfth floor and pres
•ntiy they were In his quarter*.
Ha careful It locked the door. Nor
dM ha sneak until he had cone over
hla place thoroughly to make sure
that there was no chanc* of l>cinfr
overheard. Th-n:
’*Luoy," eoWly. "Nanette taFtol
fctami more aVrm this business than
bta’a lettinc on."
51m allowed a fatnt smile to touch I
bar Uy*.
‘la not ao sure of that. Larry.
I bam know a Nanette ever sin,-* she
baa bean in Hollywood.”
"I tell voo.” determinedly, “she's
hi<Un* scmiethtnr Either she killed
Xkkbard Hailey or she knows who
“Larry." reproachfully, “you’re
4Mkio* out of your head.”
"AM IT’ wtth a sneer.
*Of course you are. Why that £lrl
rrta **> cm led. “p«rtap s
rm bal know her as wen aa I do,
**W%y.* bewildered, “I don't know
•bat yam mean "
“Os course yv>u doct. Rut I hap -
fb *• knew that Nanette LeHoi is
skat atber than Judy King—or Jud>
"Jw4y luuiac? Who H she ?"
"I aopoaaa you have already far
rotten that case In Now ilrtaans
Webb Beauty Salon
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Arch 25c
Pennanent Wave . . . $2.50
Shampoo and Finger Wave 50c
Arch . ... 25c
| Facials . _ ....... __ 75c up .
Phone 197 for appointment. . >
||ogue Beauty Shoppe
Over Parker’s Drug Store
East Coast Stages, foe.
Christmas Bus Excursion
December 15 to January 10,1933
Save 45 Percent On Holiday Trip*
Tickets On Sale Until January 8, 1*33,
Final Return Limit, Midoiffct, January It)
Go Home For The Holiday* via
FHOif— Jacksonville Richmond Washington Philadelphia New Tort
HMrson sl6 70 $4 30 $7.85 slo. #o sl2 88
Prttnburg 18.«0 8.86 t. 70 8 »0
Rlrtlnond 19.28 3 10 7.« 8.80
Wike Forest 15.95 5.45 8.45 12.30 18.9(
Also Proportionate Round-Trip Fates From
All Stations
Travel The Modern Way—Buses Are
Ooanlt Tew SHOUT UHI
Jody KTng waa once a famous musi
cal comedy sftar— ”
“Yes, 1 know*
“And she married Marttn Hanning,
a millionaire no-cued us New Or
leans. I.ife with him baoMUb oubear-1
able for her and ana night She killed
"Where did yM learn thJk*" she
“Lillian Hull knew bnr. U1 dancud 1
IP the chorus us owe at Her shows
and recognised Her OM night at a
party. Hut the kid didn’t have sense
enough to keeg> her mouth shut."
l.ucy smiled contentedly. “You’re
all wet. Larry. (.IHurn's been In Hol
lywood all her fife and —”
"You forget about the three years
she took to the read She "
"That’s right!" tbe woman ex
claimed "Sha was gone from Holly
wood for three years—during those
years wh«« sha was being trans
formed front a ■§ to h young
w oman "
“Well." sarcastically, “now that
you have seen through that get this.
When we were driving back from the
beach last night you remember we
saw Nanette drivo away froso thst
cow hoy actor’s place”"’
“Y es.“
"And sha thought we were foliow
ing her?"
“I know sbu 4NL M
"Where was she going? She was
driving like a maniac When she left'
there she didn't even bother about
waiting to change from her hathlhg
suit. Where. 1 ask you. was she go
ing in such a hurry?*’
Lucy’s eyes narrowed dangerously
and the color returned to her wan
cheeks./ Her tips twkd into a sneer.
“You beHeve," sha almost hissed,
“that she was coming buck to Holly
wood to do sway with Chlvlngton—"
“Exactly!" he confirmed. “She tad
an alibi. Just as she did the night
Bailey was murdered. IT the trull
got warm she could say she was at
the beach—"
I'ucy Wilbur Smiled knowingly. So,
she thought- Nanette was caught Ift
the weh now, and ebe could not get
free. Inevitably, suspicion moot be
focused on her.
If tarry Weldon could have read
her thoughts at that moment he
might have won.lered If he was right.
after nil «*> his attempt* »o fasten
the guilt on Nanette Leßoi l.ucy
Wilbur wsa Ilka a woman trans
formed. Ttnrtda bur heart «m* nm*.
ing and kh« felt that a grunt burden
had been lifted from her al#>tilder*.
Now, she told hers Hf. If she could
}mm complete that work
“Nanette and I have boon good
frtepda." she bald, and her voice grew
cold and bard, “hut if any harm
comes to IJI over this—“
"That's Just it." Weldon exetairarfi
eagerly. "We can’t let any harSn
Coma to Lfl. We've got away to get
her ont of this."
“What do you propope to do?*
tlo to the police and tell every,
thing we know. That will clear her.'*
"And." cunningly, “that will focus
attention on us 1 don't want that.
I’m in enough trouble all ready ”
"i don’t understnud." in perplexity.
‘ Yes you do. Larry. You know I’m
taring a hard time getting work. I
don’t know why they won’t give rn«
ports —Heaven knows I have kept
myself straight enough. Rut the
studio knows that Bailey was consid
ering me. and that means something.
I’m not going to sret mixed up in this
any more than. 1 have to, because
1 have to have work If 1 don't
"Yea. but what al>oiit Lit?"
"She’ll come out or it, all right.
You can rest assured of that. Wk
know she didn’t do it—"
“Wo don’t know anything of the
kind.” he corrected her. “She left us
at the house, and you know how she
•tally felt toward Bailey, even If she
did try to be nice to him so she
could get that part.”
“I know—l guess you're light.
Larry. What.” hopelessly, “are we
'going tt> doT'
"There’s only one thing for us to
do. Lucy. We’ve got to plant the
seed where It wiH take root."
"And how," unbelievingly, "are we
going to do that?"
He stared at the floor In puzzle
ment. Finally:
“I don’t know, ♦,ucy. But we will
find away."
Lucy arose to go. "I’ll leave K te
you,” she said.
But when she arms outside his
apartment she turned and gazed
steadily at the door for a moment,
“I'll teach them a lesson." aha
(TO HE f*OVTl\7.’g|)|
Miss Langston Is
Bride Mr. Daniel
Mrs. D. 1. Langston today an
nounced the marriage of her daugh
ter, Aileen, to Julius Jefferson Daniels
The wedding took place October 17.
l£&2iti WiAiten county. Rev. R. A.
Whitten, pastor of the First Chris
tian church of this city, of which the
bride is a member, officiated at the
Mr. Dan els is connected with the
Ro.se stores in this city. The couple
will make their home here.
Miss Cawthorne
And Mr. Finch Wed
Announcement was made today of
a marriage of interest to many friends
«>f the couple, which took place at
Durham on Friday, December 9, 1932
when Miss Louise Cawthorne became
ihe bride of Clarence Finch. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. 1.. R.
Evans, after which the couple left for
the home of the gloom’s sister for a
brief honeymoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fiush are at home
near Henderson.
t Mrs, Finch is the attractive dough
ter of Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Cawlborne
of Youngsville, and the groom is the
son of Mrs. S W. Finch, of this city.
Clark StreetH as
Fathers’ Night
The Clark Street School Parent-
Teacher Association held its annual
Father’s Night last "-evening at 7:30
o'clock in the school with a laigej num
ber of the patents present.
Mrs. C. L. Finch was in charge of
the program for the evening, which
.was a very interesting one.
Rev. T. W. Hughes made a talk on
The New Theatre
iW.arian Harsh
, David Manners
w x Warren Williams
Admission 10c To All
lAftt Times Today
, With
Ronald Coleman
Helen Hayes
Comte* Thursday **■# Friday
The low down on Radio Ramaoa
David Manners—Ann Dvorak
Selected Shorts
*- .
M Mi*
Latest Beach Treat for Rubbering Romeos
i|« i ffpff px t 'K
MmiHiT f jis
Moilii i jniin 1 nil \ J > mlmmlmliim
\4. rUr jbHf /
« jf j9| Ww? mMfr*' F
BHR '-SBk at v. ■ .JUkt- * ank
{■ 9 m .iwJMK * *wr ?.
THe answer to the oid song “Mo
for a Swim?" may be changed ti
thia: “Yes, My liariing jtaughtt
to Wear Your Rubber*.’’ And rna:
"Th« Relationship of Father to Son."
Mfe. C. P. Sellers spoke on "The
Relationship of Mother to Daughter."
Miss Marine Taylor gsVe a most in
teresting and helpful talk to the par
ents on the •Relationship of Teacher
10 Pupil.”
The talks were followed by several
musical selections by the high school
orchestra under the direction of Mrs.
I. W. Hughes
The second grade. Miss Carrom,
teacher, won the membership prize,
while Miss Agnes Moore's 6-A grade
necHfved the first attendance prize
and Mrs. W. W. Parker, Jr.'s 4-A
grade was awarded eecond attendance
A very interesting exhibit of the
children's work was on display for
the parents’ inspection last night in
the halls and rooms of the school.
Fellowship Supper
For M. P. Members
‘Wedbi asday Evening at 6:30 there Is
to be a fellowship supper nt the First
Methodist Protestant church. The wo-
WKki lat-e asked to be on hand with
thdif baskets by sir o’elFck. Supper
will be served'at G:3O. All Methodist
Protestants and friends who cure to
come are invited.
There will be a few brief speeches,
which will tatfe place of the regular
mid-week prayer service. One of the
purposes of tlfis meeting is to get
better acquainted with each other. If
there are those who feel like they do
not know their fellow members, or
who feel that the members of First
church arc not sociable and con
genial. come right along and let s
see. Bring in your basket whatever
is most convenient. Do not attempt to
make it an elaborate supper. Our pur
pose is not principally to eat a "big
church supper,” but to enjoy the even
ing. get better acquainted and be bet
ter prepared for the work the Mas
ter has for the church to do this year.
Those who do not have some one to
prepare a basket for them arc invited
to come light along, b i.sket or no
basket. Repoited.
Missions, Peace
Societv Subject
The Woman’s Missionary Society of
White Memorial M. E. church met
With Mrs Henry Tucket at her home
•An Alexander avenue last Friday even
• ng.
The president, Mr*. C. S. Catlett
presided o\er the meeting and con
ducted the devotional*.
The- topic for the evening was
"World Missions and World Peace"
and much interest was shown in the
discussion of the following questions:
1. "What Have on Considered tht
work of a Missionary to Be?"
2. "Is the promotion of peace a
part of the gospel of Christ?"
3. “Ts you were a missionao r < n a
foreign country, and having a strong
conviction that war should be sub
stituted, what would you teach the
people about peace?"
4. "How does the attitude of the
United State in dealing with other
nations affect the missionary enter
Mrs. Tucker followed the discussion
with a short talk on missionary work.
Election of officers was held with
all o)4 officers being re-elected as fol-
Slows: president, Mrs. C. S. Catlett,
vice-president, Mrs. S. E. Wilson, sec
retary and treasurer. Mrs. Otis Grady
reporter, Mrs. M. T. Jessup.
The social service reports were 27
’ visits and food and clothing given
’ amounting to sl2.
Several business matters were dis
’ cussed after which the meeting ad
journed and refreshments consisting
of sandwiches fruits and hot chocoiuto
were served by the hostess. - Reported
Baptist Mission
Societies Unite
The Cortone Parker Missionary So
ciety of the First BaptisF church met
Mott4ay afternoon at the church with
Mrs. M. C. Mites, the president, pre
siding over the session.
The twines* session held the first
attention of the members with rou
tine affairs transacted and good re
porta made by gr oiJ P leaders.
The committee chosen to investi
gate the matter of uniting all the mis
sionary organizations of the church
under one head, the Woman’s Mis
sionary Union, advised >b- adoption
>of such n plan. A motion was made
dher May I Go Out j ing of footwear either, but of the new rubber bathing
o go something like 1 suits that iiave made their upjtearance at Miami
?r, but Don t . irget j Beach, I ia. Here is a bevy of bathing belles out ta
itnm won tbe speak-1 give the bova a treat. Snappy costume. What?
and adopted to thla effect.
The Maria Parham Society then
Joined with the Corinne Parker Mis
sionary Society and the program fol
lowed .
Mrs. R. M. Hawkins and Mrs. C.
M. Cooper had charge of the inter
esting program. Mrs. C. C. Shaw
led the devotionals.
Mrs. M. F. egg gave a very inter
esting paper on the “Spirit Os Christ
Mrs. C. E. Hight accompanied
Mrs. C. E. Greene in a rolo “Silent
Nighi. ’’
Mrs. W. K. Phillips' paper was
postponed to another meeting, due to
the lateness of the hour.
Mrs. Miles, the president, appointed
a nominating committee to report to
a call meeting Sunday immediately
after the morning service is endeed.
Kittrell News
Mrs. W. H. Finch, had her recent
visitor. Mrs. Frank -Stone of Route 1.
Miss Selma Waodlief, of Raleigh,
wa< the week-end guest of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wood lief, at
their country home, near here.
Mrs. Li. T. Wocdlief. had as ser
visitors on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
Hoi ace Woodlief. and son, Horace.
Ji., of Henderson.
Rev. J. D. Miller of Louisburg. was
the dinner guest here on Sunday of
j-r!-*!„T | .• ■!'■ ■ -’ ■Mii.B'jg? ■■■ ' '
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Price* n
t'Q ■
Down #;Wu
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The new Popular-Priced Hoover is UU
the most efficient machine ever , Jp W Kr J
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tended. w &
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principle that enables The Hoover
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best of other cleaners. . «„
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Carolina PbwtßtiicMtrrwiPANY
—1» 1 °tw T I * ».7« n»m KA T«
i. , M ca.b. 1 .-.’l In, cM.rn.Tio- /
11 y 9 ta *»>v autiw \
Mrs. J. B. Ellis
Miss Alice White, of the Zeb Vance
Teachcrage, spent the week-end at het
home of her parents, near Manson.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence CoghlU, anc’
little daughter. Blanche Hunter, ol
near Beorpond. were the guests or
Sunday, of Mrs. Coghill's parents, Mr.
City Beauty Salon
Announcing our Christmas Special
Beginning Dec. 14th.
Peimanent Waves . $2.50, up
Shampoo and Finger Waves . r>oc
Arch . 2‘h
\\ <* fire cqmppmi |q serve mil- patrons with tl.- -j
Only ”T.’nliiatt‘ oprrnlors with years of experience
Mrs. Helen Arnold Elsie Gay
Night work by appointment—Phone 140.
a«d Mrs A H Ple^,.
Misses Annie F UI .., y
- j: -
Middlchurg Club
" a jjs hardens
The Mddlebtirg
meet tonio; r«.w after,..i,,, . , v
with Mr, George Blum " J f
there will be , round la )r,
of garden f)k ,
scape architt 11 t, ] ,' J
norsery. All inemt,. i, . | ’
tirged to b. pi. -. nt ’ " ' 't*
Seaboard Changes
Schedule riuirstias,
On Sexerai Trains
Several changes n 1
for amt , r
trains on the main i, r ,
board Air Line ruiii v ....
nounced loday hv W k \
agent he, e The change- w,
effective ai 12 Oi Tnur-.j
this week No change i- made
trains between Hendeix.i T >"
Two new trains. Nov " >
being put on to accommodate «he
ing volume of touri=t truffle ..
from Florida and Pinehur-i r,nd -eL
resorts in the South No ? Slßr y
hound will pass here at <* ?a |, n)
No. 8. norhtbotmu will hr;,
7:08 a. m.
The on!v changes in tegular tj—, ...
are that No. 3. southbound »-,j;
here from now on ni 3 a m
stead of 3:15 p. nr ami No 1 r.<.rr
bound, will pass here :. 4 2 lit* i, u
instead of 2:."2 p. m a> hithert.

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