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Tfc« ru*w Cfora Bate is hailed in her return to ttse screen as i. v
leading player in ‘‘Call Her Savage,*' Fox Films ‘production oi
J*if farm Thauer\ sensational hook of the same name.
Playing at the STEVENSON Last Times Today
firess Dinner May
Become an Annual
fcvent in Future
Raleigh. Doc 20 The unqualified
success o? »he North Carolina Pres
associstiars "Live at Homo" dmne
at *l3* College last Friday night
celebrating th.; accomplishments of thi
threo-yerrr old "Live at Home” cam
paign. brought forth suggestions so
making a meeting am annur
f vent. ■% ¥
FotlowiriE the huge banquet a nun'
ber of editors throughout the Stnt
endorsed the id.-n as a means of keej
tng the propos’lion before the peopl
and renewing th e enthusiasm of thos
concerned with the success of th? car
paigrt to make the State more self
sustaining as to hum*n and live-stoc!
lo<His und feeds
John A Park, editor of the Raleigl'
Times, and president of th.- associa
tion, expressed the opinion that a
annual meeting of ngricnlurnl loadei
and statesmen with he editors of th
State would go far toward a.Hsuttn
the continued success of the project
Dr. C. E Brooks, in his speech a
the dinner, extended an invitation fr
th e group to meet at Stale Coll-'g
each year >
"The importance of the ltve-at-hom<
Carolina at ieasr as varly at the perto<
principle was tecognized tn Nort’
immediately following the Civil Wat
speakers a; the banquet pointed ou
but it was not un'il thie:- years agi
whan Governor Gardner threw th
weight of the executive office behim
a concerted effort to increase the pro
duetion of crops to feed the State an
Its livestock, thnt any noticeable j»rri
gT**s was made As was pointed or
PWday night, it is only by a concerto
acid sustained effoit ’hat the full fru.
lion of the campaign may be realize*
nml it Is this that prompted the sup
Rations for an annual rally of lead
W» of the movement
Compensation Act
Wholly Justified,
Commission FeeF
Raleigh. Dec. 30. Adoption of th
Xor .h Carolina workmen's compensr
tinn act has been more than justtfie
ht the opinion of members of the h
C* Industtial Commission, who art
minister the Act. particularly to th
amployers and employees who hav
elected to be bound by the provision
the Act.
During the thre<» sass venrs in whiel
the Act effective, total bene
Sts u, fhjured workers and their dtp,
wenJFnLs is $4 957.090. they point .Off
fnder the act the minimum. pttp
m«nt is $1 00 a day as comp«rre<L'iwtl
TO cents a day being pakS**fc« mrerr
pteyed relief workers aJid. In art -of
talon by Justice Pitney, of the U. S
Sapirme Court, many employees o
thair dependents "frequently become :
burden upon public or private charity
and thtt litigation is unduly costly
and tedious, encouraging corrupt
practices" under the system existing
of a slot ta aniitlirnw rw» ,
Prgaitlent Autu«tin P Jnsto of two former and
hundreds of other .political lwiders have been seized and thrown into
prison at Buenos Aires. The jkiled ex-PresMents are Yrkown
f left) who ruled from 1916 to 1922 and from 192 S U
T. de Alvear (right), who was President from 1922 to 1925. The olot
was ravaaiad bv tha aceidaotal eg a v
>efore the adoption of the Compcnsn
ion Act.
The North Carolina courts have
teen relieved of a heavy burden in
>ersonal injury suits, the time and
xpense of court witnesses have been
aved, and taxpayers have been re
ieved of paying for many terms of
murt. the Industrial Commissioners
>oint out.
The entire costs of the Industrial
Tommiasion in administering the act
are paid for by those employers who
elect to come within the scope of the
Act ana is not a charge against the
axpayer it is shown.
The Commission expresses confident
>elief that the act has greatly ro
luced the number of persons through
nit the State who would be a charge
o charity, dependent upon community
chfestK or other forms of rolief if
here were no Compnesntion Act.
Needy Want Jobs,
Not Handouts, Says
Director Relief
Raleigh Doe. 2<i Whit the needy
ind destitute of Ninth Carolina wan*,
s employment and not a handout.
Dr. Pred W Morrison. Director of
•’edoral Relief, said today after he
»ad observed reports from field su
pervisors and county relief adminis
rators which indicated that the thou
oands who are seeking assistance doi
ng the winter are eager to work for
what relief funds they are asking.
"Nine out of every ten able bodied
nen who report themselves in need
lot only do not grumble when told
hat they must work for what they
ret. but with Tare exceptions indicate
heir desire to he placed on a job that
vill compensate the Stute for the sub
sistence which the State allows
This, said the relief director, sum
narizes the Information which comes
*rom the direct contacts between the
tounty ndministrntive units and the
ens of thousands who have qualified
*or Federal relief. This attitude pre
vails uniformly throughout the State.
Dr Morrison said, no more eveep
ional in the agricultural section
han in the industrial.
The relief agencies are. therefore,
■nsistent thnt work projects be dr
vetaped in every community suffi
cient to absorb all the relief lahoi
‘hat is available, such projects as will
Benefit the communiies in the wav of
iddlng substantial and needed im
jwovements. It is feared that the avail
able labor supply will be devolpert
more rapidly than the demand If de
stitution continues to develop daring
ttoe remaining months- the Winter
aa It came up over the
?rocbdjrte 1 ntohths.
John K. Foster, of Route 1, Hender
son, killed four fine porkers the other
day with their total weight being
19E0 pounds. The hogs weighed in
dividually 570, 505, 440 and 435 pounds
This is the heaviest reported so fat
this year since the hog killing season
j ■
\ H
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