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Night” Written By
Village Priest In Austria
| \,M! Salzburg. Auntrla.
| f \ _>.• known of *ll
I I - ' owes its origin to a
H ' * i-tm.i* party to which a
M^'' 1 Joseph Mohr, was »nvlt
HH s '>> : r»u«': f u wa« the custom
I 1 > Christmas tor wandfr
| ~ri' fom the nearby village
I '• • _\c crude representations
\ • - ni.is story as recounted
I P.s, A shipowner named
| , i Joseph Mohr, young aa
||l c who had recently come
itr f;oui Salbzurg, to be his
, ;.:•.e party. As a special
he pnest. Manr arrang-
H' medians from Laufen to
:-s ;sal play at his home
rl V c-.hiful hospitality of the
, .;•> and the touching slmplt
|fl - :«•> ival play so stirred the
f . that instead of going
| home, he climbed the so-
T r.hurc ‘ 'mountain of the
I .vk:r.g Obet ndorf and stood
" v •n 1 meditation.
L I - - . nee • the night, the blinking
. fce murmur of the Sal
|gl . : .ill Inspired him Quickly
H . • nued to hn parish house and
H n.ght the words to "Stille
■ we:# written.
?I *- v il.ty he hurried to nis chum
(H ( —'A ’rke: Fianz Gruber, village
ad 'v hool teacher He re
hr fsiend io write the music
-- - - c Happy at this oppor
- Gribit composed the melody
-j • known perhaps to more people
>n> other single melody
; .:m u eve in 1818 came and the
, a the teacher were ready to
for the first time Ur
t ,n.*:eiv tne organ of S» Nicola war
■omm.ssion that night. For
z n>n: it seemed as though the con
t were to be cheated out of
. ~v.< premiere But Gruber ran
- rr. jnd go’ his guitar. To its
r. mi r.t Mohr and Gruber then
•_ St tile Nacht" for the first time
T' mope: y hereinafter described
r.’ tv - n offered /or sale on the
... >; December. 1932. and bid
<; _ • "" hat ing been received, and
i v the Court, and an tncreas
. - i htvii.g been made, and the
.r :r.g ordered a re-sale: Now.
: :> in obedience to the order in
. :<>n entitled. Mrs. Hattie P
• i - vs. Elba L Parrish, et
undersigned will offer for sak
mction at the court house
Vance County to the highest
on Tuesday the 3rd day
January, 1933. the following
*» d property
> No 1 Begin on the northern
. ’>/ Garnett Street. 691 feet from
- n.- ring Street, and run thence N.
.tree- W. 227 feet to Iron stake
'• > i_iin Street; theme along
t S’reet N 30 1-2 E. 90 feet
P. Young corner; thence along
T . no S fiO degrees 22-4 feet to
St ret; thence along Garnett
•*.* ft et to the beginning, as de
-1 n Book 13. Page M 9. to M. N
Vance RegistTy.
ITth day of December. 1932
' A
i.kt s fought the
\\D get down to brass tacks.
. "iir home isn't FI LLY in
'«r*.| you rim the risk of loss.
- • worth it —considering the
'-“v extra dollars COMPLETE
"'•v-Tiige would Cost?
Janes C.Cooper
PHONE 204- J
Christmas Holiday Fares
* To Practically All Point* in the
1 United State*
! f.ir.-s. of sale return limit and other information
* •"uiuuuh'iite \\ it It auv Southern Railway repieseutati\e.
Take A Train Ride In Safety
and Comfort
Southern Railway
** * duet. •
n t ri!? e ?K the l left the church ‘hat
outlllu Wh ,° le Pari#h
to applaud and felioitate them.
wns*T* h * d touched them deeply.
Z. in thelf the two
rlends embraced on the steps of the
SjS*. S, “ oe that evening “Silent
* has become a favorite Christ
mas song around the world.
Bishop Cheshire
Said He Wouldn’t
Be Here for Long
Dear Dtontrt B« rtl .
*■ Walter Hotel
Raleigh. L>ec. 21—Ralelgh people
have been recalling today a recent
“ 81 - h »» Wh B. Che",
lot?* Z l des P®rate illness in Char
otte has had the prayers of all de
nominations here.
The bishop was always more than
a Pre ‘ ate and head of
a g.-eat church organization; he al
ays was a great citizen. All residents
of this city recall that when property
was booming and landlords could not
only whatever prices they chose; they
could command the kind of renters
they gave housing. It was in those
days tabo to have children and mar
ried couples unfortunate to have
them, were compelled to take the less
choice houses.
Bishop Cheshire did much to break
it up. He had a big family and liked
it. He had the old-fashioned idea that
houses, were in part for the benefit of
people who might wish to continue the
human race. So while other landlords
were raising rents on couples with
children. Bishop Cheshire put a pre
mium on such renters and gave them
lower rates. It made many a selfish
owner of a house ashamed of him
The bishop always loved youth and
'Tie sports of youth. He could at 80
years take a gun and tramp the wide
open spaces with anybody. And he
was deadshot in the. „ woods. He
brought back many a trophy of his
hunting and those favored of his fa
mily ate many wild turkeys at his
A few weeks ago he appeared at
one of the interminable number of
zone hearings in Raleigh wherein a
Tilling station was the contention. He
took little partisan interest in tl)e
controversy, said it meant very little
to him, “because I won’t be here
much longer.” was the first note of
death that anybody recalls from the
vibrant head of the church in North
Dr. Karr and company presenting
a “Night-In Spirit Land” is coming
to the Stevenson theatre for 3 days
starting December 22nd. Dr. Karr is
the miracle man. the only Caucasian
ever schooled in the secrets of the
Yogi, that strange sect in far away
India, whose philosophy has endured
from the dawn of human history, and
is today acclaimed by scientists,
scholars and servants as the founda
tion and bulwark of psychic and oc
cult science. Born of American par
ents in Jeyporo, India educated by
Braham priests and at the age of
seventeen admitted to full member
ship into the Circle of Yogi’s because
of the marvelous psychic perception
developed at this early age. he now
has far more than a score of years
been recoghized by the society of
physical research the only absolute
proven materalizing medium in all
the wide world. Amazing manifesta
tions are presented in the broad open
light in the aisles of the theatre be
fore our very cyew where deception is
impossible, thus proving the genuine
ness of his work.
Your *iuestron answered correctly
and to the point not from the stage
where collusion might be possible but
right out in the aisles of the theatre
face to face with you. In this remark
able demonstration Dr. Karr lays no
claim to infallibility but his mistakes
under the severest tests have proven
to be about 1 in 100. He may bring
you joy; may bring you sorrow but
whatever the consequence, will tell
you the truth.
’ On Thursday night at 6:30 p. m. Dr.
Karr will bury a man alive under two
tom- of sand in front of the Steven
On Friday lioon at 12:15 Dr. Karr
will drive a car blindfolded through
the streets of Henderson. Watch for
this sensational offering.
•The Phantom President," political
comedy featuring George M. Cohan.
Claudette Colbert and Jimmy Durante
which opens Thursday at the Steven
son theatre, will continue its run
there through Friday.
The picture marks the debut of
Cohan, for a quarter of a century a
leading figure in the American theat
er. in talking pictures.
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■ i
Phone 610 Henderson, N. C.

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